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Supergirl S5E4 and S5E5 Review A Series of Poor Choices - Super Tuesday Recap


welcome to the MTR network. We are back for another super girl Super Tuesday and we are talking talking about episodes five. Oh four and five zero five implant site in dangerous liaisons which I are these all names of of movies this year. Yeah it seems I think so. Yeah because there is. The ones coming up are Dr tremors the raft of Ramakand like. They're all plays on movie type. Yeah you know go for them. They got it beam. I appreciated the theme So I'm I'm here with the doctor and yeah we're going to just just quickly go through these two episodes probably faster than the show is because we've noticed that people feel like is dragging. We're we're GONNA get through this together though. What did you think of these two episodes Dr? They were her. It was not that it was boring but I did drift off a little bit. It was fine Our people aren't being smart and five seasons. Then that's bugging me. I like how they wrote Jimmy Out. Though that wingman that that makes way more sense it was fitting for the person in a character that they've developed in him a I love that they allowed him to reclaim his little nickname that he tended to shy away from he is once more. Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy and I haven't read it but I know that they are doing a Jimmy Olsen comic right now are they. Yeah like a recent one which I think is hilarious. So you know like Jimmy Jimmy out here get sunshine and it's called Jimmy Olsen then so not James also because you know even though trying to be all like greedy and adult James Olsen boy detective reporter won't be so gross. Yeah yeah I really liked it. I mean we had lots of theories. I had lots of theories I thought Jimmy goes to Washington Eh. Jimmy Jimmy runs a museum. I like that he said too. He was like you know she might be able to stop me from writing for her paper but she can't stop me from owning a paper one and she didn't think about that she she probably think. Oh He's a plea he ain't got the money You thought you and you know what if felt a little heavy handed at first when they light winds this town in like. Oh there's a prison here. Oh people are being unfairly jailed else. What is happening in our small quaint? Hamlet I was like okay laying on a little thick there. Kelly but speaking of Kelly has Allah Kelly. They have a telephone happenings visions. Oh I gotta go back or and say with one this is. You're supposed to be staying clear. You can pick up the phone and call. That's also an option Kelly. It's not like workflow tower. There's no landlines or cellphones service. What are you doing I Kelly? I feel like I'm a little frustrated we wear. They're going with Kelly because Kellyanne Alex Alex their relationship went from. You know friends to like together very quickly and we were both Kinda like other just put in the two lesbians together but at the same time it was like okay no versus developing a friendship and did it and then went from like zero to like we're in love Very quickly and now Kelly has this whole lake PTSD. I don't know if I can be with somebody who's constantly putting their life on the line and I'm like I five episodes in by the way did not call it. The Jimmy will be gone after episode. Five How Tom it's it's just too much is too much too quick and like I so I get really upset? Because they're doing a similar. They did a similar thing on Chicago. Fire where this couple have been dating and like they literally met when he saved her life in another incident Ellen like they're getting serious and he proposes as she says No. Oh she's like I just don't know I can be married to a firefighter. Always worried if he's GonNa come home at night and did it and I'm like but you knew what it was when you signed up. They am I wrong like this is not what a surprise i. I don't know like I get it and I get like people. Don't feel it until they're in it or whatever but I'm just like Kelly. What do you expect to Redo? It was what I was afraid of honestly honestly so yeah so and and also at this point between like I mean they kind of have have well. They think they've solved monolithic thing but they have it but not to trust there but but my thing is like so. They think they've solved them outfit thing but even with that. It's like kind of like Kelly. You're like you jumped in the gang now. Lake y'all risking all the right. I don't know what to tell you. This is your life life now. You chose the being. You gotta be right you got jumped in. That's it with your gang now. The thing I hear has also watching another episode of Chicago Med. Last night it was about a girl getting jumped in a game. I've been catching edging up on my Chicago's okay. So Lena a wait before we get into Lima though they did bring film. Lamar GonNA I was waiting for you to get we. We were right reform. He's about ten inches shorter. The voice acting. I just thought after the flashback episode. Like when they did the casting of the young they did the casting of the young vic and they quote Unquote de age. David Harewood by giving him a different haircut. Who is moving out some wrinkles so I just thought that actor was going to be our older malefic as well So I was really pleasantly surprised. You Know Mala if it's been through some things. He got a little gray hair but you know he he out here so they come up with this whole way to find mouth fake and trap him and Lena figures out the Phantom his own situation and tell employers that motherfucker right to her lab for she did because of course and it's so petty and it's so passive aggressive. Where car and Lena are? Were cars like you're a part of the team. Now like Yay Buddy so excited and lead us like yeah. We're doing it cool. Love you buddy. I'm just like Lena. You so you so shady eighty it hurts and I get. She's doing it but it still hurts to see her going on this role. It's so bad I mean we knew from the beginning of the season when she was like I am not the billy here and it's like girl that's exactly what villains say we knew we're going but yeah those seeds crack because it just God Lena can't even tried and not be Shit right and the question is like is she really mad just a Kara. No I she like. It's demanded John. Is She mad at brainy. WHO'S GONNA be? The person she believes mad at is raincoats. Like he's made I think she's most mad at Kara but I do think she's mad at everybody and and I do think I think overall this idea of MHM making things better making things right. It's I think what she wants like ultimate which ultimately ultimately what. She wants to do what she hasn't really acknowledged that she's doing is she. Wants to eliminate pain. She wants to eliminate people. Oh hurting people. Because she's been hurt so much hurt. Yeah we hurting her like she know in her like the best thing in her mind and her justification. I'm a Lib eliminating hurt because it's wrong. That people in the world her each each other but really what it is is I have been hurt too many times and she thinks she's not being she thinks it's not personal. Oh she's thinks she's doing a greater good but really it's. I've been hurt too many times and so that makes her sympathetic. 'CAUSE 'cause you're like okay is like literally hurt. People hurt people that is really what's happening but but at the same time it's just like you in danger girl lay back So she she fucked up eve of ways from Sunday a now. She's used obsidian tech to create this mind. Mind Control Power and then that's also like because remember last season she was talking about creating superhumans right and we the dude any attempt And we also said the whole thing of like the issue when you have things like this obsidian tech and the ability to create superhumans and all this stuff is that who gets to decide like you are now using mind control to make quote unquote make people better. But what you're doing is making them the way you want them to be. That's not okay. Coming back to game of thrones. Isn't that what Dan job before. He killed her They choose. I know what's good. There's a whole theme of that this year. Yeah and that's and that's essentially. What makes it villainous? It's the same thing with the LEX. Luther like lex Luther things. He saving the planet from Aliens. So he's doing the greater good but no what you're really doing is I want to be the the one with the most power because you lean is not offering this technology up for somebody else to figure out. What's what's good for the planet or for a Council of decide there's not a consensus And even with that too like I I always get like well. Who's WHO's the the people on the quote Unquote Council you know? Why do they get to make the decision? That's what I always think when we talk about any of these things you know who who are the people who are in the room who are the people who are not in the room and right. Now it's like Lena is making all the decisions positions like girl. That's what makes you a bill in doing. You're the one who thinks you know best for everyone. So Yeah I love her I get it. I understand where where she's coming from and how she got to this point. But it still doesn't make your rate at all not at all so brainy Imia Nia Aro I was like MIA MIA come. From Aro- brainy India are like managing the work through it. Brady's crazy there were and I did like that. She said she was like I was just telling him how I felt I did. I wasn't trying to tell him that he could it be him. I was just trying to tell him how I felt. And that we can work on it together and he immediately took it to like well she does want to be with me is oh how she phrased it in the situation which he phrased it. Yeah she string he was upset and she said it in anger in a way that I took it as. Oh she's breaking up with him already. Ready Yeah I mean yeah I said the same thing I was like. You know the issue is that she let it get to that point where she just blew up so but you know I really appreciate that she was like no. I want to work on this with him. Like I want us to L. figure it out together. I don't want to not be with him. He's just really he needs to just take it down and they're not born in a notch. Yeah but you know those crazy kids. They'll oh make it. I mean I don't know I was GonNa say something problematic I actually went would someone who adored me like that and I would find a better way to them. It's a little. It's a little overwhelming You'd think way let maybe the Halliburton justice. Mooch this niche which you think up there is a fine line between leg it. It's a thin line between love and crazy and sometimes you gotta call it out. Just say the last at least car ran new guy We finally get his story. Williams de Hey I am gives you a man com. I'm not saying that's where it's going but I could see going that way and I can see you going that way I do and I have to say I just feel. It was all laid on a little too thick for me lay. He went from like sneaky. Sneaky around to like what. I just really respect you car and I just don't want anything to happen to you car and like you're so smart and you're such a amazing when I write facts you you're writing is art car. I was I was literally. I didn't call her writing art. I wouldn't go to show No no EST went. Oh it's it's a no for me dog going to say that I mean love is face. You know beautiful gowns but I don't know about this relationship and so then it also turns out that his whole thing was his. BFF got caught up in something with us. I'm assuming that add Leviathan. Chose him because he was close to Andrea. Probably but you know what I call that shit the minute he said my friend went missing and we saw a speech of his friend. I'm like Oh that's four. Reveal it on like look you look at the facial hair look at the land before and that's where the patient hand as someone who did not know any of these potential villains or characters. Okay and I was like this Shitty name for a supervisor or even a spy I mean the live with what he does the roaring. Good time happening but I do. Yeah I did like him. I mean they tried to tip us off with that whole. He's going to a food kitchen to volunteer. Whatever but I just still? There's something about him I just don't try and it also didn't work you do that. They gave him lines at fill like they were ripped straight from season one season one. An script writing right there and it just feels like they're trying too hard to make him like very good like it's very clear that Lake Andre is the a bad one and he's very good in all of his like Dushi nece was just an act. He was too good at being a dish. I'm saying do you WANNA comment. Sure I do okay. Do we have emails. I did not end. Okay let's watch me. I know he's tired. He's over it so from episode four on the facebook page. Greece is just a question. Am I allowed all to say. She looks so much better in the pants. Yes you are. Yes you are as she. Does I really love the pants. She looks great. The sieges looks so good and then high boots which for some reason when I was in I was in Texas last week. Everybody's really into that. Look like the high boost. Look which I thought we had moved past that as a society by okay. I'll say okay. We all wearing boots out to the club okay. I think I haven't done that. You know since the mid two thousand housing this man I know we. We lost our three listeners in Texas assist. I am celebrating that you guys do your things. No I really I really really loved Texas but Woah. Okay Surat I was. I was a bit worried about Alex in John for a moment there John Feeling some remorse for what he does. Still wonder if Jimmy leaves before crisis. Well you he does. We may have three episodes left and Jimmy left before crisis that being said I still think that doesn't eliminate him from being in crisis. Because I I feel like they have managed to find space for everyone who has ever done a DC related role minus dean. Cain so who by the way. Yeah so I think I mean Jimmy might show up. I'm pretty sure they definitely announced that emily. She is because she's not in the final season of Arrow. But I think they did announce that she's coming back for the final episode and I think the way that's going to work is that the crisis finishes and then there's one more episode of Arrow after like their. Their finale is isn't crisis official finale afterwards afterwards so you know who knows. I'm like that. Don't count him out for crisis just because he's gone. The Alex Johnson was really. That was really lovely. I 'cause when she did go off on him it did feel like one of those the the the person you love the most saying all of the worst things but they're all of the worst things 'cause they're the things you already think about yourself. It felt like she was is truly truly felt betrayed which had he responds that way she had a right to feel exactly and now is the thing I I understood John when when she was like. Why did did you like you really thought that I would say those things to you? And it's Kinda like he thought you would say those things because those are all the things he's feeling about himself not necessarily early because he thought you would say them right and you know. And that's her daddy and since again Dean Cain is never coming back then I never fucking ever. That is her daddy who haven't picked up on it already although by now you should've Dean and Kane along with his Fox News. Cronies re tweeted the name of somebody. They accused being a whistleblower which wasn't the whistleblower however now that person's getting death threats because Dean Cain is fucking trashed and go straight to hell and that's that on that you can kill him on screen Polo Shonda Allah Harris via scandal. Kill his ass green fucking or somewhere suggested on twitter to me or you. Just bring Tom Willing back. After Christ through love that with Erica durant. Yeah with Eric occurred the plan. Mom Yes let's let's you're like the actual Nina leaks gift gift right now like I said I said I really okay. Oh I got Jesse says Andrea went rogue on Leviathan right and they taught her a few lessons kidnapping making her boyfriend into a backup. Like like literally not doc ock because also like his name is just this is he doesn't even have a good name then trying to wipe out her business probably to get her to come willingly back to them. Glad to see Lena the hasn't boundaries about not helping MALFA kill John and that's what I meant about issue truly angry at everybody but I think even I well I think she can be angry at them and not what them dead because her whole thing is you know again while she's doing bill villainous things. She has fashioned herself as I am doing the right thing. I'm doing the good thing so of course she wouldn't WanNa hurt people because her whole thing is I'm not a villain even though she's doing very villain mm light things. Also crisis should be higher because the effects today looper cheap down to John not fighting in March informed so they must must be scraping together every time they have although I did fill the marketing hammer time and not just wasting. What's interesting? Is I posted in the group for the a quarter crew. They talked with these after from for Black Panther they actually did a breakdown of good and bad. CGI effects and the episode that. They're referencing that Jesse's referencing. They analyze it and talked about how to make it better but it was A. I don't know if they cut financial corners or people quarters but yeah Just a couple more tweets and this would have been fun sometimes. It just comes down to money you know. Sometimes you just got pushed that budget in a different uh-huh Jonathon says. I have absolutely nothing to value to add. I'm just tuning in for the Knicks Sugar Russell Rogers Thirst Britain Hager who I was because I call them sugar he he is really good looking. I ah look honestly. Maybe this is the thing to will doesn't do it for me. Not that I would kick him out of bed but he doesn't do it for me. So that's why everything he says comes off service to me. Who Will? Yeah but but his this brand you're saying by his friend I met him and I was immediately like I get why you go to the mat for this friend friend. I get why you try and find out what happened to the sprint. He just seemed like really chill and not. I don't know maybe he's just not as there's something about little things off. He looks too much like a kindle it he is very bronzed and shiny. I will give you that the jaws how to square. I don't know look I'm trying to be good you I was about to get Raunchy. Stop Okay Anyway. Titus says back the actor who voiced Martian manhunter just eliminate is inhumane former Mala thick yet. We already touched on that. In the the last couple episodes thanks a money. So how many episodes until car let's we'll visit for Camonte my dog I love you. Two Three R girl is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist issues over here texted about covert meetings five feet from from the office. I run it up. Oh boy for not responding to tax girl is his ass working at a food. Shelter wasn't enough but he shows a half decent cover story and she's dragging dragging him to meet the family and involve with him is already and everybody talks about folks not looking up on their phones. zombies you just put a VR Islas. On I'm on in public and walking around game we talk about that. It getting so I I. This technology seems very lovely and I'm sure the applications locations could be great but we would just walk around looking at fake worlds. That are not real world buying in into the street and Mani brought radical circuit. A doctor who do you want Cyberman. Because that's how you get Cyberman. That is exactly how you get Cyberman. Thank you so much for the amazing views. Always it's a pleasure in titus ass Carla's visit. Let's will visit. Her fortress of solitude is at a double entendre. Yes it is my love of it is the Douglas of Entendre. Real though the recap page because then we put it there too. I don't know Might be who knows. I would also like to say that I'm really enjoying everything that's happening on supergirl and I I see. I see where they're going to season and Leviathan seems like a great villain villain. I love a good villainous organization organization to have to go against but the the lead up to crisis I'm just not getting and since Arrow and flash are so focused on that and even like I told you it's weird because bat woman is doing this thing where they're basically have gone back in time from when we met her her in the last crossover so that show has no zero crisis mentions either it just feels like while I'm excited for the crossover event and this whole crisis on infinite errors and all the superheroes coming together and all the guest stars. I'm not getting the VIBE that urgency from the other shows and so I'm just if feels like it's going to be the flash and Arrow show with the the other heroes tacked on a maybe does what people are struggling supergirl for. I think you know how all the other shows did Kinda see the Crossover this last past season. Maybe that's what people are struggling with. Is that supergirl is not and I. Just you know like we all all know what's coming so it's just weird that it's not being referenced in any way or like hey and noticed a thing happening on earth for just something so we'll see how it plays Anything else before we head out not. That's it thanks for listening by all right and we'll be back very soon with another soda supergirl of five. Oh six six and I you know. Let's see where this whole thing goes with Lena. 'cause I think basically we're just GONNA be getting like Lena leading up into the crisis do you think like maybe 'cause it feels like Leviathan. Is the big bad guy. Hi this season. Do you think we get a turn back from Lena. Halfway through the season or people figure out what's going on with her. I think some kind of way. Okay what she's doing even know right now. Nefarious ends up turning the tide for them against Leviathan. Okay okay so there's theories bar going to be very forgiving her because they don't trust you anymore. It was kind of like when she was making superhuman people in killing guys. Yeah yeah and it and it helped but also was not a good thing. I don't know Lena. Maybe that's why they don't trust you lovey. Lena do I do I actually really do I. I used to be mobile while all right. That is all we have for this week. We'll see you again soon. ooh and yeah excited for things to progress. Taty later by yeah

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