ACS (Part 1): Brad Williams


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This is the Adam Corolla show Adams guests today Brad Williams with Gina Grad on news fall Brian on sound effects a Bollywood review of once upon a time in Hollywood and day damage to your good sports and now he didn't watch watch the democratic debate but he did do something that ends in faith Adam Karol on Yeah Yay get it on get it on their choice but again he mandate you get it on man the tune in thanks for sharing. Thanks for letting us. Do you love to do for a living good day gene you handballed Ryan Lazy usually wins in this half of the show brought you by rocket mortgage dot com so I shampoo Tommy John Dot Com as well and castrol edge <hes> things to talk about <music> out got some data and some numbers some things that may surprise people even bald Brian from New Quentin Tarantino stuff and I love to hear it all also we'll. We'll get into it when we get into <hes> Bollywood also I could use my feeling with spell. Check is is <hes> it needs to be a little more universal meeting. When you go to rotten tomatoes is I go to rotten tomatoes and I just go <hes> ooh? I'm wondering what or I want to know what the score of reservoir dogs out. She said and I go how many Z. W. R. E. E. S. raise. If there's if res- If Resist R. E. R. E. S. I v I o our dogs and it's like nothing. Nothing and I'm like I get it. It's not spelled right but nothing nothing nothing close to reservoir dogs movie decide. What what could I be looking for? Keep me some options for my almost reservoir dogs my phonetic reservoir dogs that has thirteen thousand reviews by people who are on your site Beltran linked to University of Phoenix. Now I was looking up my version of reservoir and God's version of reservoir and it was just the I in the that was screwed up. I just want it's it's R.. E. S. E. V. O.. I. R. and I went I B O I r and dogs Gosh that I got right part. It's so there's there's there's eleven letter. One of them is wrong. They got nothing for me museum predictive attack. It's just if nothing where we've not found any any matches. No dogs yeah like okay. Let me type in Quentin Tarantino. You know seasons with you. Hugh Cake Quin job. You know cute. I ah nothing there's nothing because I spelt Tarantino like I went tarrant. I think I went T. A. R. E. INSTEAD OF A or whatever it is Israel. We have other family members to get this right like I. I'm sorry it's not a thing it's it's. It's it's a name people know the name but if you stop most people on the street and you go the correct spelling of Quentin Tarantino right on through there's a crisp hundred waiting for you now. Many people would collect indeed again. It's not Google every search available in the world. It's a movie site. There is a finite number of things people movies they got it. Maybe plot oh then then I went onto Django now J. shocking it is like now it's like come on you. GotTa give me something I got other part wiser. Now why do you have we have no thown like whatever you were speaking to somebody in your spelling it out. Would they not have some thoughts and again. There's a context it's movies and if you go to Django or reservoir four dogs. I don't know the people that voted twenty six thousand times here now that it's in the criterion collection election parise bastards that was ironically nailed that one intentionally misspelled glorious also. Did you know that that's probably nail that one point. Is this a big enough website. There's enough movies movies with enough weird names like there's some horror movie out now called Sumner something that's super summer. Whatever are people going to just screw it up right midsummer? I got now. Sorry never heard about what you're talking about. There are computer right isn't it. They use computers explains explains by Jamiroquai never sold any around. I think the Internet has figured this ever rotten tomatoes. No quarter you either nail this shit. It must be run by a twelve year old Indian girl well fuck you. You can't fuck it. Smell it right. Get your on my site. I don't need need your traffic because you can't nail it with the country of origin. Yes I mean there's like there's movies like lucky numbers Levin or something how many people this right lucky number seven. We got that bullet. I never heard of it yeah then we got nothing or you aren't many movies. Having many titles happiness was our aren weird and it's not all just up seven with the number seven stylized yeah kid you help shaping other out a little here with that AH reservoir dogs there was one letter that was wrong still now no help and not an obscure movie. No how many how many reservoir reservoir dogs like how many audience reviews reservoir dogs and again Max fat just type in reservoir do with an eye and see you see what comes up what comes up is nothing but audience reviews. There are four hundred forty five thousand seven hundred towel my God okay so it exists on your site. Why why why is this and why in a world where this is taken care of four you in so many different places blazes or they go? Did you mean or here's here's the five closest you can go to some car auction site in misspell Ferrari and it'll still pop up with a bunch of junk like this. Are you looking for this. If you're texting and one of US just mashed five random letters it would find the closest combination of letters amid word so you don't spell Django unchained or you don't spell Quentin Tarantino's name exactly right you get nothing kind weird rise pulp fiction and four rooms all you got. That's right so anyways looking up Random House Carl share share you guys with that later in luck obviously it highlights my moronic ship but I would argue. No one is born knowing how how Quentin Tarantino spells his name Tarintino and all and this is not something that most Americans would would nail the first try out. Why why are we making it tough? Why once I get through Quinton and I start doing a team? Why doesn't this whole world this come up all right anyway? <hes> I had a lovely discussion with my mom on Sunday which was hot muffin talk hot muffin now we we talk about the gravity is at some point. My stepdad explains the change a tire on the station wagon and then we get we get into detail about how that works. I said I did something I've never done before which is I should've asked a follow up question which is why no follow up questions or my my questions and I said so I was I have well. I don't know you guys tell me I I have a sort of obsession with people when you say to them they go up there and you go. I just finished a documentary and they go oh okay. Hey the got seven layer dip at the table. You want a scoop like you. You don't ask what it's about like documentary cursory follow. What is it all on like? There's a lot of that I think what was that like something yeah. The follow up question part it always makes me think they think you're lying because if they finish impress you want a documentary kind of got to know what the subject of the documentary anyway I come from a group of those people and I was but I finally said to my mom and my Stepdad so I said I said. I said they said what you've been up up to. I said I haven't been doing a lot of stand up and I've been bringing sunny with me. Having a good time and coming coming into Monterey GonNa do a show at <hes> the Golden State Theatre August seventeenth unprepared with anime and I said we're we're like we're going to Monterey. We're going there for the car weekends so do my next show out Outta town and we'll we'll do a show over there in Monterey in sunny he works emerge table has a good time Blah Blah Blah and then there's the pause and the <hes> nothing and then I go yeah the Monterey car weekend. It's it's it's a big. It's a big deal probably get one hundred thousand thousand plus people at the track and so we'll tow the car in on like Wednesday night and then we'll set up and then we'll then that's racing then we'll do the race all weekend. Okay Yeah Okay so then you know we get the car prep then we all the equipment and there's like a little weird stuff like I said you know. There's an airport in Monterey but we drive up. We have a truck with a trailer. The trailers got the race cars. Got All the equipment to guys drive that we get another car. We drive up separately then you know qualifying on on Friday race race on Saturday okay so at a certain point about ten minutes later I said and I think I've been able to now. I figure out my entire childhood. I said any questions about the race. <hes> what kind of car are you driving in this race or how does it work any comedy. People are expensive any questions about like what kind of car I'm driving and my mom goes well. You know I don't know anything about cars. He's not why you ask questions. They thought that is kind of why you don't know anything about anything because you don't ask questions but I know you're offering this up as a reason as to why you're not asking anything but we just said I'm doing a black powder rifle shooting tournament and then you said to me any questions I you know I don't know we'll we'll isn't this now time to ask you about glints Lintz in powder in Moscow and things of that. Is this an opportunity and perhaps at the end. You might know a little bit about that subject well. I know there's a danger of knowing something that your son is interested in and that's a very slippery slope to rescue me. You'RE GONNA find out about the grandkids and then where would we be but it is funny and it reminded me I started thinking Oh i think this is just her in a nutshell which is getting defensive about not not asking questions but her defense is is the reason she shouldn't be asking questions ignorance. I don't know anything about cars okay. Let me tell you about the car. Are you drove a car to my house so that there's a baseline a little card baseboard baseline of Car Knowledge Loyd now. If I said it was a porsche you'd go I've heard of a poor minimize said L.. Neumann's Porsche you. I've heard of care for him. He's okay he didn't miss so we could work. We got 'em base out but we never get to that point but it kind of reminded me of when we had DAMASEC call in his mom call in and take my mom on on the Trivia and Kurla Show Trivia via my mom's reasons that she kept offering up for not knowing anything about the morning show that was in her town was was. How would I possibly know that which was pastored? I know which is well again. They're both kind of halves of a different horse costume one is I don't know anything about cars so I'm not GonNa ask you anything cars and don't tell me anything about cars which is like right you don't own anything about cars ars but you could know something about cars and then the other part is how would anyone possibly know who the name. Your black intern is well if you haven't. I know that hat if you ask me questions about the show the wire I couldn't do that but if my son was in the show the wire and presumably watch show the wire then I could tell you the name of the guard who is in the show the wire trivia holstered so so weird disconnect that she kept saying. How would anybody know our how could anyone of course it was comical? Cause damage mom from beaver falls Pennsylvania would immediately chime in with the answer because she would listen online right because her son awesome show dial but it struck me. I thought okay I guess we'll just never talk about anything because you don't know uh-huh about anything and you don't ask questions about anything and then you get defensive about people asking you about things so we'll just sit here. There's also a social decorum forum through the end of this thing I will at least you know cursory engage them in conversation about it. It's not important to me but supported them so let's have a pleasant conversation for five minutes and move on right. It doesn't skip a generation. She's not just obsessed with sunny in Italian anyway who now now so everything about four nights there is <hes> there was that I had a <hes> head of my first. I sort of weird social media shame dream. It's a few days back I I hadn't had one of these dreams Exist or I wasn't familiar with or whatever and then I had to like repeat it and I and I said like in the <hes> anyway so and such and such green allowed I said the Markelle and then like a voice from up in the hill or back in the crowd went. It's not Mark Micra gone and and I yelled Oh shut up on like I was just like ignite. Stop fucking correcting me and it was this tall black female basketball player and everyone is like you mold her Khan hunt and I was like I wasn't even really looking up. I just yelled out like shut up and everybody's heard like the village was turning on me and everyone wanted me out of the village and everything and it was like my first weird social media village dream I imagine nightmares used to be the floods and tornadoes and Boogie men and ghosts and monsters but there must be a fair bit of social media dreaming going on your outcast yes did did you stand your ground. Did you run. I think I just had to take a piss so I woke up to stand up but it was like a weird social media <hes> and I was like no. I don't think black women are just I've just yelling out like shut up like stop correcting me but she was sort of she was a black female sports kind of a hero in people like you've just attacked one of the Williams that's right. That's what it was that was that was interesting. She got her on the soda. I should hey Max Pat. I I did write down. Where were we <hes> Saturday night? When Mike ordered a full? Stay Day at the Club in Pasadena you you understand that when we're playing the Canyon Club in a Gora Gora all those years ago after the twenty exchanges about going with Nixon Torah Mastro's. Mike ordered a steak that night well there are twenty more emails about going to Mastro's in thousand oaks before the Canyon club show in Gora and this isn't quite as bad but it's pretty pretty bad so mike and I were like Oh. We're going to meet Nick. We'll meet at Mastro's. We're going to eat eat poor poor <hes> poor cetera we invited centered or go to eat with us. <hes> started the first half hour of the conversation. What do you what what's up with the up to nick? He literally pitched US Four T._v.. Shows that had all been picked up and at a certain point nice run or you're paying I. We invited you to come out the but once you're four show got picked up. We're going house these three yeah yeah I said Mike Building a patio at his house and that's about all he's got going so but anyway with knowing we're going to MASTRO's for steak. Take the night before Saturday. Mike ordered full steak meal backstage Pasadena and then announced it was inevitable edible but anyway thank you also ordered a lasagna tapes. She's the table. What are we share the lease for the table? I had observer maybe Jalapeno poppers LASAGNA. The Majesty of Mike is the last time we went with Nixon Torah to Mastro's he ordered a steak that night and announced it was a horrible steak because these are bar honky tonks eat steaks the drinks and helping offers and you ordered a rare to just like they always overcook these so I got order. Rare didn't learn this lesson at all because then the next time we did it. He just ordered a steak the night before at the same place yeah all right so there there. There's what you need to know about Mike. He's still ate a lot of it though he wasn't happy about it but he take it. You got to sticks. I know Mikey to sink all right. Let's see I got this. <hes> EOS clip which bothered me. Oh we got our poll our poll which is uber sticker on the car R._V.. Versus Ralph's Club medallion on the key chain now. I don't know Ralph's Club is everywhere in the United States but whatever the version of tapings Hart is visible on the key chain who how did the lady stink now for guys like Brian. It's like this is an easy you want what on right but women are much more nuanced indeed and when I mean nuance I mean they make no no fucking sense so this can be one of those things. It's a deal breaker went to the super pragmatic guys it's like so so this person saves money and shop. What's the what's the big deal? She had a look on her face. Not Hot I know and I'm curious. The lift of glowing light it is well. I'm curious. What what the have we put it out there? We got got Scorpio well. Let's not put it up yet. Let's let's let's guess <hes> now now. The question is is which one's how I was afraid so someone tells race which is less attractive less attractive attractive and this is aimed at the ladies which is more negative and ladies. What's more unattractive right or however you do it but either way would would you rather date go on a date with the guy with Uber sticker or go on a date with a guy with the rouse clubs saving now? If you would've asked Brian this a few days ago just one hundred percent percentage zero why bother posting the question Gina has weighed in and it was my impulse when I was crafting this my impulse was ooh. This one's easy easy for me and Brian but I don't know for lady. Now you're GonNa die in this helmet. Pray that it's the Uber sticker the when it starts to bow and it's kind of that bubbled Ralph's car that he pulls on his community and it's good for a long term relationship human fecal matter on Ed Swat stickers been carved with a with a buck nine. Come on this is your pie versus cake the average average and you know when the guy's is got uber sticker but it's a fully loaded mercedes-benz c-class yeah. You're not allowed to do that gene. It's the car in the car yeah. This sticker ain't now. I know all right. I'm praying the overstocks. Give me a percentage stick. Sti Forty Sixty forty forty six forty Uber Yeah. That's not much not but I've been humbled by GINA's weighing in. I would have guessed initially like ninety ten but a sixty four whether you got. I'M GONNA say seventy thirty Ralph's. Wow Shit wow I don't know what to do. The the only the only embarrassing thing would be if you were in a on a date with Uber Guy and somebody jumped in the car other than that in the Ralph's Ralph's things not great <music>. You're listening related to him. Saving twenty percent on produce is not great to know about it broadcast broadcast accent. That's what I'm saying the no about a thing works for the repeal myth to hail people from a distance Brian all right gina represents an easy listening is sponsored by lifting that was good thanking easy listening Gina Teresa Strasser. I I'm going to say it's closer but I gotta go with. Come on I gotta go with your fifty five forty five with with Brian in the it's worse to have the Uber sticker than the Rams Clubcard in Christ interesting wow fifty seven forty three uber so it's edged out by a lot but not by a lot and that keychain man also I would argue that maybe the ladies who listen to this program program run a little more pragmatic than most folks just three okay 'cause out in the wild. This could be flipped could briefly because they usually if I if I remember correctly when you first couch this you started with Uber Sticker and then anything else that was going to be it was obviously going to be uber the stickers worse until you said Rouse Club <hes> something about it yeah yeah all right. Let's see I got this clip uh of the squad with A._F._C. and Anna Presley and Rashida to leave and they're talking about so every person who comes in here in does <hes> take a knee almost every person talks about interning and getting to the right place the right time and showing up. It's a thing that I did with K rock. It's the thing that Jimmy did early on with radio but it's kind of a thing that most Oh successful people all the successful people I know go well. I went to college but when I started interning at Letterman that's when I really took off I started interning. I was there for about a year Johnny on the spot next thing you know they move mavs an usher and then it became a segment producer extra shift here and I just showed up and I they're like yeah everybody who interns <hes> learns a ton more than than they would have if they didn't and so then we get into this thing where it's like well should in what about interning should it should. These people be paid and my answer is we have signed off off on the notion in order to intern. You have to be enrolled in college. Usually the rules are different around from different. I don't <unk> no state to state but you're in College Okay College. Everyone's embraced the concept of you pay college money and then they give you you information or they give you a skillset occasion. Yeah there's truck driving school. They don't nobody pays you to go to truck driving school. Oh you pay Debbie deutz. She should know she should now Debbie due to well. I suppose it would make sense that A._F._C. ourself. We're going to bartending school. Pay Them and get your certification bet. She didn't but you go to bartending school. That was one of the things a truck drivers school or whatever don't go to both it sends a dangerous interest message when you're explaining you're the top you're on the region. Speeding eighteen wheelers on the way to bartending school understands alive anyway. So everyone I've ever talked to has gotten who's gotten anything out of. You Know Brian Grazer. All these guys like I showed up. I got this guy's office. I told whatever you WANNA do it for free and I like it and it's important <hes> but A._F._C.. He wants everyone to get paid to intern which is again. It's more valuable than college showed be you could say then pay me to go to college or dentist school or whatever but here's a here's a little audio clip and we'll we'll see if we can make sense of it so much experience. It doesn't pay what kind of does pay the bills. If you really think about it <hes> it will. It's a fucked up way of thinking. Look obviously the woman's Dumb I mean. I don't know what else to say that it's not clear headed you. I don't think that way the the the amount of money that Daniel Kelsen has made over his career working for free for Lederman for two years not calculable. It's it's incredible so and Brian Grazer like ever everybody now. It's obviously Easley provided people show up and you give them something to do not go up and clean the gutters but there's going to be like they do a thing where everybody goes oh you got someone to go. Get yourself of coffee now. Yes there is going to be getting coffee the problem with paying everybody is now. They're going to be more selective. They're gonNA go well look. I'm GonNa pay you all. I need to have a little experience in production or whatever this whatever the business is those exactly my question. It's not an internship anymore. It's a job so why would you pay somebody to do something they've never done before and that's a requirement for John batchelor chip. You're literally just there to learn. I also feel and I've been on both sides of this when you are. You're paying somebody versus not paying so if you know someone is just here for free as the boss or supervisors manager. Whatever are you feel a little bit compelled to impart a little knowledge or explain things in between there starbucks runs you feel like you need to and and by the way here's how we do the so and so the so-and-so room when they're just getting fifteen bucks an hour then it's all just go get the coffee? Go collate that go go to Kinko's make a run. Make make a staples run. <hes> it's it's kind of. I don't know what it is. It's misguided and it's the opposite of what works and and I wanna hear it one more time because it is the it's the exact opposite of the truth. which is you do pay everyone for their experience? which what you the reason you're paying? Mark Eras what you're paying. Mark Air goes his because of his vast experience and when I was horribly interned when I was a carpenter carpenter you paid me for my experiences. Well all right. Let's and I would have I would have been intern as a carpenter. Gladly if I could have learned finish finish work versus just digging ditches or more time Sir so much experience. It doesn't pay all right one thousand percent wrong. Thank you all right and let's not unintended consequences consequences everybody you pass a law that says no more free internships we must now pay interns and we will stop hiring people with no experience variance just easier yeah and we now need you to perform yeah okay Chris. Did you start off as an intern here I did. Yes yeah a certain point like you couldn't do the internship anymore paying hang him now. Look at it again now. Look at him now hit me now bob so we can look at you. Okay all right. <hes> we got a Bollywood here. I got some rotten tomatoes NATO scores here Brad Williams <hes> coming up. Why don't we want to take a quick break and do Bollywood? He want to roll right into volleyball. That's role in a bollywood. Okay I ords. We'll tell you about movies go Bryan. We'll review that he on big screen allred visit before you spend box remember that train wreck be subject transform us to play they should ask before the show is Brad seen once Hollywood good thing for the show by me runs monotone Hollywood is in theaters now tim out this past weekend written by Quentin Tarantino the ninth film by Quentin Tarantino this one stars Leonardo in order to Caprio Brad Pitt Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate Timothy Oliphant Al Pacino meal Hirsch Luke Perry in his final role way too many more are notable names and faces to mention this movie. You will be constantly seeing faces Dakota fanning POPs up as a Charles Manson family member Lena Danica like everywhere you look peppered recognizable names and faces not going to bother that said this movie Ted. This is Quentin Tarantino's biggest opening weekend forty million dollars at the box office number two and his biggest opening to date good for him because here's an interesting story about the production of this film so you know all of Quentin Tarantino movies have been produced by the Weinstein company or Miramax Harvey Weinstein. He's longtime lovers of Quentin Tarantino in his films. They put he helped them on the map. You know as a big movie studio but of course he severed his ties with Harvey Weinstein and the last couple of two three years and actually so there was a bidding war for this movie right there was looking for a new distributor in Washington is a big name and it got out that this move is going to star to a not a-list here's A. Plus less global superstars are the two biggest in the world would not be a stretch so it was a huge bidding war Sony won the bidding war they included a ninety five million dollar production but nothing that was by far the biggest of his career final cut privileges and quote extraordinary creative controls plus twenty five five percent of burst dollar gross which for people listening who might not know what that means sometimes you get points on the move you might make the movie makes a profit and make an air quotes because a lot of times creative accounting in Hollywood show like Oh star wars actually lost on. I was like okay whatever this movie makes. Twenty million dollars Gwen Tarantino just made ten million dollars this this weekend's game twenty five percent of whatever brings in from that first dollar yeah and what People Ryan just said but what they do is they go. Oh we spent so much on outdoor advertising. You can never fully account everything and they just go. That's it that's how much it costs and so you're not going to get profits that we get into profits but we got to recoup all the money money we spent on outdoor advertising and you have no way to ever quantify that and they never they never do it for for tell her gross as these days plus the rights of the movie revert hurt to him he owns the movie after like a decade or two so they said ten to twenty years and it's funny because we talked with Martin Cove was a small small small small small small small part in the movie but we asked I think around me what the question was but it was like how much do you think Quinton loves movies or you're asking what he does all day and then going into like I must love movies but like other directors. How much do they really love movies? You know what I mean. Yes Tarintino owns the new beverly and like programs. It's a theater out here in Los Angeles like an independent movie theater and programs the movies of old movies. He loves like he you know the video store who knows but he worked at a video store for years. When I was younger he lives the life he like? Barton's Mercedes you before him. He's the one of those guys authentic breathes movie. I've seen ARC light three times. Yeah well movies yeah. I mean Coppola loves movies. He loves wine and vineyards too. I mean that's he has other things going on. I was thinking about it and like Oliver Stone Spike Lee. He likes guys each other activities other interest. I don't know the Quentin Tarantino has a ton of other interests and good for him because for him gray movies right eighty four percent around tomatoes uh this one so I have not seen this now okay so the story is Rick. Dalton played by Leonardo Capiot is by the way is a sort of a <hes>. He's he's a he's a nine hundred sixty eight Hollywood. He's he's on the second half of his career. You know what I mean. He's on the downslope a little bit. He was on a show Like a kind of thing and he was a big Western Star T._V.. Star people know who he is. He's very famous but he's had seen better days. He's cooling off a little bit and Brad. I pit is booth is his his son man and Brad still kind of hanging on and it's actually as much Brad Pitt story caprio story. You know you you actually know more about Brad. Pitney is sort of off hours a little more probably little more if he had time if you put a timer on of individuals stuff off in a weird way maybe a little more Brad Pitt yeah kind of like how pulp fiction was. Maybe a little more jewel. Samuel Jackson was John Travolta. You got up more with you to learn more about it so anyway. He has a house up on Cielo drive and we named sound familiar Ceelo dry was where Sharon tate and and her accomplice associates were killed by members of the family in nineteen sixty nine and it turns out their next door neighbors. What are you now clip Rick Dalton Aldin finds out that Sharon Tate and ruin your next door to him yeah and for him his his career's kind of sunsetting a little bit and he's got this hot director Rector Hot star light up the hill so kind of like to be friends with them? That's right 'cause it's his career constantly going up in the hot car the gates you know what I mean. They're on the upswing and of course Sharon Tate's beautiful starring in movies Blah Blah then then we spun ranch we get all the characters all your Charles. Manson actually plays a very small role in this movie. I was expecting a little more but very small role. We things happened in the movie unfolds from there. It's like if someone tapped quite dirty on the shoulder and was like hey man you love the late sixties right like all your movies whether they're set in modern times. Everyone seems like they're out of the late. Sixties like a movie set in the late sixties none of that until we get this and we mentioned yesterday it's peppered with Easter eggs. He said the Jack Stephan Plumbing <music> <hes> a van like drives by or whatever and there's one part where those big Kahuna Burger in the background from four x Burger. I'm wondering what you think. Do you have to do more research on this. All of everything the olds all the signs are restored to the olden times. It's just every landmark like you can think of in L. A. From that era was it digital or was it a very very very expensive production. We already mentioned they gave me a hundred million dollars or with giant road closures about on a year and a half ago what I well he shot at places like Musso Franks and things that have been around the twenties thirties but Blasi exteriors do with that all the cars and all well sadly someone who's driven up and down at a few times the supply sergeant across across the street from Moussa Franks and so and so forth there stretches of Hollywood boulevard that are untouched really well. If you look at net stretch <unk> by Kimmel's theater yeah the one side that built the whole big complex on the other side as you go passed and you had I guess East I guess on Halloween on the freeway. Oh sorry I I mean East downtown. I'm a little confused as it's all right anyway so as you go take a right step. Take right and you go toward downtown L._A.. lattice unchanged unchanged Lusa Franks. You have the supply sergeant big. You have all the storefronts. They've not been touched. There's now you get down to the end they put up a condo or high rise. Whatever but they're stretches of Hollywood that are from the fifties forty fifty sixty s not touched okay and it is that one little L. stretch before Hollywood and highland and that new thing and then the next big intersection down a few blocks where they put up a w hotel whatever it is but the stretching between Jefferson Pretty Old Stars in the movie I mean it's Musone Franks? It's El Coyote it's every perfect example and and so is <hes> what was the other Vaga Hassle Vega dinner dinner's until midnight. He goes by the way <hes> Casa Vega was are underage aged drinking join the cow. Everyone had the place they could order drink. When there were nineteen it was run by people who did not a lot of questions Vega was then? was that place place. Sorry keep going okay. I thought we mentioned yesterday. I thought it was funny C._G._I.. Says Max panel they built facades construction crews and bill facades deals the analog guy we talked about his process like I was a big turn to Geek back in the day and read books about like he writes at least he did wrote how to scripts as long hand with a black pen and a red pen made revisions with the red pen and wrote the script with Black Penn and also the other thing we talked about Martin cove which is funny because I do remember this also was Clinton is such a encyclopedia of movies that he will use movies as reference points for his actors and like okay you know that scene from Blah Blah Blah. I wanted to look kind of like that. But are you know the performance where I wanted to be a little bit like that. It's it's all references from other of the things I thought was hilarious. I thought it was one of the funniest movie as You said you've found the jokes Kinda hit and miss I I was missing the Zesty dialogue and the jokes folks I was enjoying the visual parts of it and just and more just sort of marveling at how weird we were back then and how people dress than how they should have they smoked and how they interacted heightened not looking at John Waters movie but it was just <hes> I found it to would be a very interesting movie but and found it to be a funny moving or for his types of most violent movies certainly since Jackie Brown possibly overall overall yeah. I'm laughing because Mike August hated. It and Chris said he was stress. Eating it in Pasadena was so upset. He said he was very upset about this. I mentioned that I loved the character development. These are the two best male characters I think he's ever done. I really knew these dudes and like simple. It was I dare I say it was a sweet Tarantino movie on a felt. I felt pay us for like these dudes yeah. How much did they end up folding in the Manson murders odors? You WanNa just Kinda go. I will not address and I'll just say it's a Quentin Tarantino Gay. He does have issues with the ladies. If you see see what he does if you have if you remember if you remember hateful a number Jason League got punched in the face multiple eighty times news and there's a scene toward the end of this movie where some ladies are taking a little bit of punishment and it did apply to the point where it's kind of like we get it. We get the last thing I'll say. Is this genie report on the story a couple of weeks or months ago when a reporter asked Tarantino at a press conference our panel. They're like why why why did you have Margot Robbie in the movie and get herself. You lines and I was outraged at the question like how dare you after seeing the movie. I'm still outraged at least make sense in the context the movie because Margot Robbie Sunscreen a lot. She doesn't say a lot like she's actually like featured like walking or doing things to thumb through the script should be like <hes> her name's throughout rattling Sharon then. Does this share then disease. She doesn't talk a lot. She was on her own a lot. Yes in the in the movie and maybe that was. I'm sure well it's all intentional. He wrote it by yeah there she was she didn't have anybody to talk to. She was sitting in a movie theater loan. She was up in a room like folding clothes alone like she just didn't have she was there. She was there actually she was there to kind of notice things see things and do whatnot and also I mean this is probably what the critic was beefing about but she show watchable that just her crossing the street in Westwood and buying tickets for the theatre going into theater. It's like you're you're. You're you're enraptured by like it's also a cool trick by Tarantino which is the audience knows in real life. Sharon tate gets brutally murdered. There's always element of danger around every corner right again. It's his choice. You can give what Iraq Jersey Airlines but she just wasn't everyone else not everyone else but many other sort of had a partner right he she didn't really have. I mean she was alone. So there you go. I liked it quite a bit. I recommend it the number now this one clip out there and it's only okay so no clip go see the movie. I liked it a lot so here. Brad Williams is waiting out there Max Pat. I don't know if you have a updated audience score or on <hes> once upon a time in Hollywood because I think you said another one over the phone with me then what you printed on this page but we'll figure this out <hes> here here is the pecking order or the power rankings for Quentin Tarantino Audience Score Movies one through ten ten Brian and I picked our favorites <hes> yesterday but here's an interesting audience score <hes> Pulp Fiction number one with ninety eighty six percent <hes> reservoir dogs number two with ninety four percent <hes> Django. Oh did Django unchained number three with ninety one percent. I liked Django. I think a lot more than Brian. Did you like it a lot more than this number four kill bill to number five inglorious bastards birds sorry kill Bill Sorry Kill Bill to is eighty nine percent inglorious bastards eighty eight percent <hes> number number one of my own six Jackie Brown surprise eighty five percent number seven kill bill volume one eighty one percent send number eight hateful eight at seventy six percent number nine nine death proof tied with once upon a time. It's seventy percent for them. People's Opinion Mondays is it. Oh No yeah it sets if we have two different computers. That's the lowest because you told me seventy one on the yeah of ball. It's the lowest people score of a Quentin Tarantino movie. I guess I got two theories observations about the number one as it pertains to Django a lot of times. The audience score is a reflection of how enjoyable people out on the movie. I think Django is very pleasing because they block artist leaves a rise up and then they kill the eagles. Let there's a lot of crazy violent through through as it pertains once on time in Hollywood the audience score can also reflect elect expectations and when you see Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio like this would be a major blockbuster Brad Pitt and Leonardo Capri. I'm going to go see this and it's a Quentin Tarantino. You'll think piece piece I agree but you would not have thought after walking out of theater that it would be the lowest score from from the people especially how much you hated hateful eight. I liked it but I'm the only one I've seen the lowest of the critics. Give it on. I'll watch Gotcha after death proof but status the worst yeah. It's it is number eight death proof number nine and number ten used to be a tie. I'm not that impressed that all right. Let's see Brad. Williams is out there recertified for us. We're going to yes just wondering because I caught it over the weekend. Anybody see the new season. Sorry standup special. Yes I would love to talk talk about that. At some point love to hear your thoughts I can do that can do that with Brad is well right. After this now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money with the Dominion Energy Reliability Investment our new investment product offers competitive headed returns no maintenance fees and flexible online access to your money make the reliable investment in reliable energy the Dominion Energy Reliability Ability Investment to find out more go online to reliability investment dot com. That's reliability investment dot com. Will your child be ready for kindergarten at Chester Brooke Academy Preschool. The answer is yes. Our curriculum offers the perfect balance of learning and play our our teachers personalized experience for each child through engaging activities the develop the skills. They need to be ready for what comes next attended Chester Brooke Academy Open House on Saturday August third from ten A._M.. To One P._M.. To find a preschool near you click the banner or visit Chester Brooke Academy Dot Com. That's Chester Brooke Academy Dot Com. Hey People Adam Corolla here. Give you a few tips on how to live a happy fulfilling life. Do not waste your life sitting at that red light eight not turning right you turn right. Damn you go mach Schnell. I say let's do it all right. Drink good wine. That's something else you should we do go head to knocking point DOT com today. Get a bottle of my brand new right on Red Pinot noir get yourself a few bottles and use the Promo Code Adam get ten bucks off. Trust me your life will get better as a result right on red Pinot noir knocking point dot com and Mahala Block presents definitely on Autumn Corollas Show Dateline Brooksville Florida a forty eight year old woman is charged with domestic battery battery after hitting her boyfriend in the face of frozen pork show Zsa Lean Brad Williams in studio podcast gas about last night with our friend Adam Ray available on apple podcasts and shoot him a tweet at funny brand. I'll give you some live dates. In a second. I saw Brad at the Irvine Irvine Improv a few weeks ago man super funny set Fred slater man thank you I kind of had the hometown advantage much like I have this week and when I'm going to be appearing Debray Improv professional broadcaster this Friday Saturday and Sunday Bray in Providence in Las Vegas at <hes> Jimmy Canal Komo Yeah Jimmy Kimmel's comedy clubs ethnic that Avi August eighth to the eleven and get tickets Brad Williams comedy dot com we did a benefit for the wounded warriors or whatever the group was for the veterans. Yes it kind of struck me. I didn't WANNA say anything on stage but you tell me Brad okay. I think okay there are there are some folks I've met who have lost a limb in battle and big picture. I I would say not not that day or even later on that week but big picture in terms of their life has actually really been a plus turned motivational speaking they have their own line of shoes coming out br desert desert shorts or share the guy who was sort of Mc this thing yeah what's missing a leg because he lost it to bouncing betty or whatever for more positive than anyone I've ever met and I realize he turned this into like a cottage industry. A lot of guys just come home. Get depressed and kill themselves not not this guy. When I know the guy you're talking about? He was so positive and I don't know if one of the latkes can hop on and find the exact name the charity just we can make sure that we give them a plug doc but he he was amazing and you kind of think yourself that they've done. All these like happiness studies that say like it doesn't matter if you like get a disease or if you lose a limb or if you win or if you win a billion dollars your happiness will always kind of go back to where it is so this guy was probably a great dude before limb lost the limb and yes like say that week probably not in the best of spirits but overall he uh-huh returned back and maybe a founding new purpose in life and is now spending his time helping others which is amazing sorry folds folds of honor and <hes> so brad did a killer said I am seeing that was that was a couple of weeks ago and my my favorite part about that was is <hes> I posted the Gig on my facebook that I was doing this show and obviously the lineup it was you it was a headed McDonald was tone Bell Steve Byrne Great Line of Comics and someone commented under these fucking trump haters. I'M NOT GONNA go see this show. I'd rather support president who supports the troops and I comment but it was like hold on hold on so you would rather in this evening we have done far for yes so a night which is clearly designed to just support the troops eliminate the middleman which is apparently your main aim goal in life. Take all politics out of it. You're like dom naked. Do it yeah yeah that was that was stunning to me because I I try to keep my politics extremely neutral where you won't know supporter who I don't support and man but that's just crazy I don not. He's fucking trump spores. I'm not going to give money to the troops bay based on their hatred of my president. I'd rather I support the troops. What's let's look little gravy brand? They also whenever the thing you always that always jumps out to you about like when you do this stuff is it's a lot a lot of like. Can you hosted. Can you come out and do this. Can you do it. It's going to be on Tuesday this day. Yeah I did stand up in emcee but did a little stand up in between but I was like yeah I can't do it but the one thing they never do ever they'll tell you the thousand emails but when you get to the show they never put a thing on the door that has the rundown or the order or the names are the of He was there and then he came up and said hi or whatever was and then I did my oh yeah yeah no yeah big fan yeah. No Yeah Yeah Yeah No. He's a brother so you the disrespectful especially with trump yeah no no yeah yeah yeah and certain point I find myself sitting back stage. In tone bell all is on stage and he's about twelve minutes into his twenty minutes set and I'm like what is this dudes name and then I realize is he's GonNa go thank you and goodnight and he's going to walk off stage and then I have to walk onto stage and give up. Ah So I'm expanding back there. That should be for black guy. What's his nose? Blacks are. What's this row <hes> and that covers all Irish why what's his stumps? I'm like back there. Bill talking and I don't WanNa ask now the clock in my head stick. He's about to say goodnight right and understanding back. There and I'm like Oh. Hey Mike I'll let me talk to you in the kitchen about something I'm thinking of port and I was like what is that guy's name out there because I can go out there and whatever oh no sorry worth <hes> much worse. Heather McDonald was finishing her set. Yes tone bell who is coming up next. That bell was sitting in the room next to me. You can't turn to me and be like testing looking at and I just I just got Oh yeah. Man You know big fan don't like it was yesterday. They're all just sitting there and now they of course there's nothing written. There's nothing in an email you take Scharping. Just put it on a piece of paper but it'll never happen no matter how many of these do they'll never do do that and and and to add to your point is sometimes when you do these shows the people that are doing them obviously have the best intentions. They're just trying to raise money for charity. They have great hearts but they don't run comedy. Shows are not exactly sure how it goes. They think Oh there comedian. They're just going to be funny on command and then you find out right before they're like okay just just before you're set. I'm GonNa Bring the founder of the charity on stage. <hes> both of his daughters died in fire weekend moments talk about it re <hes> raise a glass and then we're gonna all pass the hat around and they're going to say the Lord's prayer and there were auctioned off several puppies all all of whom are missing limbs they and they all served in the war and then you're gonna come on and close us with with hilarity and you're on the funding and they and they also also they never have any sense of time just two quick forty fifth forty fifty minutes and then just just get off the the the ultimate version of that is the worst Gig I ever did is someone asked me to play a wedding and I said Hell to the no and they said we're GonNa pay you this much and I said what time of day there <hes> so I show up and they say all right. You're you're going to go on after the maid of honor speech and I go fantastic maid of honor will probably go up there. Maybe not the best with the speaking and then I bring it home you know and she's going to get the audience listening perfect maid native honor goes up there. Sarah Silverman killed maid of honor goes up there guitars. She goes up there and entails the audience. Now we all know mom passed away four days ago days ago and says but this is always dream ramp to walk who's he finally handed off in the room is crying absolutely Saba. She's looking down from up above and then I <music>. I promise you guys. This was my introduction as as she's crying. Let's raise a glass to mom the patriarch in the failing she goes and now the comedy of Brad Willis uh-huh Yeah Dow's response after my set off the bomb there. Oh the ball give you a heads etap nothing oh by the way in case. You're doing mother-in-law Jokes Irvine. I will say that because I I was I was all going on between every acts. I was standing behind the curtain so <hes> Joe Forty Oregon has has thoughts about Hungarian storytelling what's happening. Hey Man I saw your so in Portland like a week ago. Oh good the show. Did you go out. I'm going to guess you went to the first show Saturday night up Friday night. Okay all right. You had a good time loved it loved it and <hes> policy and I love you guys. I love easy listening to that's fun thank you thanks so much. Thanks Joe you got a question I and yeah Mr Brad Williams. You're awesome as well and I love it when you talk about the Hungarian grandpa because my family's Hungarian and we say about Hungarian that we have the gift for Gab or we have a proficiency with language. That's a little bit more friendly and open than a lot of eastern Europeans. I was wondering desert grandma ever talk about the old world or did he give any inside of like that from Hungary because I thought it might have translated into your her incredible abilities right now with <hes> telling stories well. Thanks I had a Hungarian grandfather Lonzo Gora. He was a good guy he was the only one in the family ever or loved anybody blood right and he would sit down and because my family was a shambles we would sleep at their house. A lot like seemed like a couple of nights a week sleep at my grandparents house. There were not too far away and my grandfather coked Goulash and I was in and he would always tell us a bedtime story but he wouldn't read it wouldn't be Dr Seuss and her Hansel and Gretel whatever he would tell stories and he would they would be like episodic. There'd be the girl and the girl was missing a finger something and he would explain how it went and then it would just keep going and then you know at the end go and then more more you know the rest of the story tomorrow night only wow on tomorrow night's episode bedtime he would just risen this he would riff if these stories and tell these great stories and I didn't no one else in my family spoke my grandma she was from each other. You're certainly not to bring joy all right so I it struck me and then at some point years and years later and he'd always tell me how clever he thought this person was the storytelling and he had big emphasis on it and then later on at some point my adult life I heard some study that said like the Hungarians were known known for their storytelling. I did not know but now make sense going back to Laszlo Gore and it's fantastic that you got the Hungarian part of it because a lot of the eastern European storytellers patent Oswald does a joke like this <hes> Christina Brzezinski doesn't joke like this they talk they talk about how all the Eastern European fairy tales or not exactly cheerful. <hes> you know it's like a story about young girl. She was thrown on top of three stump lumberjack cutter limbs off and that's why you learn don't go outside after four P._M.. Good night you're just like we contrast that with us on Erin Tail EPA fight pop puppy file on IPE Affi- hype puppy people puppy floppy because yes so be very fortunate you got the Hungarians Eugene and not the daily you happy day of life was when father die and leave me his lucky then Dan this lucky pan because he's stabbed the man who molested him at age five with it good night well that was I don't know Oh right up there with me. Watching all Lee with <hes> minds Guatemalan nanny and she's telling me about the Cucaracha the song and and what is the rest of that song again lunchtime lunchtime on a construction site I am cockroach died had its limbs removed and was she's doing it in Spanish like in buried buried on a hill with a mouse in a buzzard and I went oh now I'm starving and you gotta get we gotta bus out the Giorno fucking uh-huh now I've been salivating the whole time you're not a mouse in a buzzard and having his legs removed street Tacos the different versions of it but it involves a hazard and a mouse and limb removal and buried on a hill cockroach was my only only my only friend I ride cockroach to school very friendly car coach then we saw poor for we cannot eat father boiled cockroach. Put some sauce on I eat. I live another day good night. Eh Fairy Tales. That's funny. That's a funny bit. I wish I had eastern European relatives relatives I I I don't have this. I've just gotten these stories from others that do ever see pictures of the elderly women from that era. How I'm being party? See hacks right like these Miss Day happy. Let me then I will I will I will will give anyone a thousand dollars if they can produce a picture of one of those women giving Shaq a Bra hang loose shock abroad dr or just a thumbs up and it's like I'll get five thousand for shock Bra and one thousand thumbs up. If you can provide an old picture the per Pushpa Horn yeah might be in contact one hundred for a turned up smile. Yes technically do shotgun all time because whereas I have disease at age five I lose four fingers on each hand. My hands doing constant shock Bra. I like the music go Bob Marley good night. They're always looking down always angry as hell. Yeah I get it the beginning of photographs autographs. We were a little more serious than we took it. It's it's serious stand there. It was a whole event somebody would smile all right <hes>. Let's see oh Aziz <hes> the special gene. Ask Your thoughts about I enjoyed it. I watched it <hes>. I didn't have strong feelings thereby thought it was. I felt like it was a departure for him and I liked it and and I thought it was good yeah well. It reminded me just totally of the the one blew up. I guess it was last year the net by Hannah Gadsby Australian. It's a little bit of storytelling a little bit of almost cautionary tale peppered in with some sort of jokes folks and I love Aziz. I've always loved him. I love his comedy and this was just so it was just so different I watched it twice. I was just I was really sort of compelled to make sure I wasn't missing anything and he seemed very sad to me and that made me sad and I don't know I just wanted to talk about it with somebody. I found wound found a home. I felt like there was a thing that he did in before which is a little bit of that way Gorie kind of. I don't know what to call. W A hard w other words come up that was a little more phrase dropping in this was a little more personal a little more increment and and I and a little more had more substance to I enjoyed enjoyed it and I love it so self aware that it kind of turned in on itself in that sort of Meta way but I loved all of his hot takes on his past bits about r Kelly does not really that blew my mind a lot of people I just I just tweeted his name just to see what people were saying about it and it was I I my head was going to explode. There's this girl. I should have brought screen shots but she was going after him. He's an here in this screen shot. He's touching this the kid in the front row like he thinks he's Joe Biden and he he says he's woke and he's not woke and I'm just like shut up and give them a break. In the special. He talks talks about the snake. Eating its tail in terms of people point. You can never be woke enough. There's always someone who are more woken. That's going to call you out which was hilarious and then they go right ahead Africa that I agree with the tone and I think one of the reasons why the tone was so different is because of what he went through with the metoo movement first of all he talked about it upfront but not joking way which I think is smart for him because he doesn't want to seem insensitive or act like he's getting material. You know like I get that weird way to start the show but I think a lot of a lot of people are watching it to find out ooh. What does he have to say about it? He was very careful at front and then I think the tone the rest kind of reflects elects that where he doesn't want to talk about that and then the rest of the special do these stuff whereas like and then we ended up at the like it doesn't make Asan say when he was even I think it was really well done in spite Jones very stripped down a very interesting camera angle there a a new camera angle that I've never seen in stand up before the nose on stay right next to the guy slightly to the left. I agree interesting all right. Let me hit Castrol Castrol Edge and then we'll take a break. We'll come back and do the news you can tweet us at <hes> Castrol. Sorry it has an tweet us at Adam Corolla show with the Hashtag <hes> Castrol challenge with your questions for casual challenge brought to you by castrol edge formulated with fluid titanium technology <hes> reduces heating frigging three times <hes> sorry times where you're at Mac's fat at 'em W._d.. On instagram wants to know Hashtag Castro challenge. What were the cars you thought were cool? Oh and wanted to own when you were in high school well. I kept the bar fairly low because I knew where I was and we're caroling. It was and all that kind of stuff and the kind of car I thought like V._W.. Chirac oh was Kinda. Cool is essential could by this car used in five years. If everything went right in the ditch digging department what was attainable yeah like I sort of thought that <hes> that was that was the early early eighties and so like corvettes it kind of bottomed out in mustangs at kind China bottomed out like there wasn't a great offering and the Corvette Mustang Department <hes> for me. I always thought the Z car was kind of kind of cool earlier earlier model to forty car the Chirac. Oh Golf doesn't it Yeah V._W.. Sort of made a slightly at least sportier version of the slightly sportier version rabbit rabbit rabbit a car. That's about turn into a boat. I always I love we're looking at a picture of one. That's a little problem with the Internet is when you just type in Chirac. Oh you get short of one. That's a little different than what would have been like a survey stock Chirac. That's a nice Chirac. Someone thought I should post. This is a nice car. Yeah and it's got a big rag rooftop. That's all the way open and stuff like that. I don't remember them having that but either way again the best part of my childhood is <hes> there's a V._w.. Chirac the best this part back down to earth and my childhood was later on and cow Worthington's career. He started having foreign cars. It was all it was all Chevy's. He's four. GM's dog spot later on. He started getting V._W.'s and Toyotas and he'd be like we got this V._W.. W. Sirocco we got to see like over here like it was such hugh still that he couldn't pronounce yes and he was probably eighty Haiti and no one wanted to walk acting well. When you're writing a Bengal tiger people tend to slow roll when they when they come up and want to correct view on things but <hes> I'll go the Shahrokh? Oh and I like the Z car. The two forty sees by the way not for nothing but there's been a couple of first years Z. Cars like seventy seventy two seventy three to forty dots that have sold on bring a trailer for one hundred thousand dollars just bone stock the idea that the a two forty Z is that because I- coca just died is that now he didn't have anything to do with that Z he was a cake Arca. He'll just earlier ayler earlier in the alphabet wrong long letter all right. Thank you A. Castrol Edge for that she would take a break and then come back and do the news with gene grand. 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News ten Democrats running for president on stays tonight in Detroit the tenor of this debate pragmatism against ideological purity moderates in the group warning voters against nominating candidates who embrace wish list ECOMOMICS Economics Montana Governor Steve Bullock same same people can't wait for a revolution. That's a clear swipe at Bernie Sanders who stood at center stage ten more will debate tomorrow night. A Wisconsin man suspected active killing four

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