Wimbledon Day 6 - Evans Agony; Konta Comes Good; #SerAndy Is Here


hi i'm john mcenroe dombi on board this is martina navratilova max blander rancor enlighten you i'm andy murray and you're listening to the podcast he went to one of his you have meted that we didn't know it was recalled all right i'll just go hundred workers who david lewis pressure code which means we get together for all six daily puts us at wimbledon twenty nineteen myself cassar much getting my orbits david little place sat opposite sent me the reason you're hearing me percent missing his case david little looks an obsolete shell of a mind i mean i've seen david little little like a shell of a mind many a time a lost twelve years but i've never seen him with tonight and done it's states have sort of despair in the settlement leafy mom leaving it's a good reason isn't it david yeah yeah it's all good course it's holding the good brumby calls of three hours and fifty six minutes or thereabouts a commentary on john evans 'em going i breakup in all five sets and losing three of some a ultimately in absolute ethic encore number one six four in the fares under the lights it had everything is just i mean i feel for him i do feel for him and he i'm sure right now he he'll be just decompressing and talking about it with his his coach the nfl guy about it yeah maybe not but you'll have to scott in the press conference which will be ready tough he'll be doing that now but i would hope that he will come away from it at least remembering some of the good bad and the good bits where he played opposite of abusively two six four four two he he was frankly making sean says look forward and read onstage 'em they're the good bet sermon evans dispatch if all day he hungarian hungarian he survived the course pretty much i lost in and the atmosphere is pretty much unlike anything i've ever experienced before it's the first time oversee are being unquote number one with a refund you up by sarah's well you managed to sneak which i think is from starstruck months go like a relationship going with the women manning the depressed seats in quote one oh that's what she was doing the same i felt like a a third we'll good kinda catchy or you know so yeah you're in that i mean they closed the roof of two sets so because it was after eight o'clock at night sabres it's the gloomiest nights of the of the tone does not mean looking up above us now it's gray clouds and it's getting dark and there's no way they could play that full says he'll be guaranteed to play that full set as it was sort of closed the roof they brought applies flies backout what it was still really dark and then somebody said oh southern lights on any also and i was expecting this sort of gradual flick how about knows somebody press the button and it went away suddenly all place just lets up like some fireworks display and and we had the fifth set and the noise that it created in that in that stadium with eleven thousand people all keeping the noise in and win evans run forgot one drop shut it ended up on his face and then he he and then you had so so go to the back of the corn stalks within the crowd up himself and saying come on get behind me now i know i'm not british come on the play and then evans when he finally rose to say i've only heard noise out a couple of times in my whole career i don't know how he must have felt so i don't know whether he'll ever be able to reflect on it and take pleasure from it but it was such a special moment yeah and the manner in which he lost his pretty devastating while the match point with incredible wasn't it becomes even getting bullied around the colts in august commentating on bbc radio and i i saw the bowl drop a little short and then sosa type one step inside the baseline and you you you get ready for the end of the match and i said he's got a for him now to finish this and he put at costco and suddenly evans appeared hit another four on down the line and i said it he's turning the tables i don't know how he's doing this sosa pops up a little bullet just about cleared the net evans run it down and basically run into the bowl and didn't clear evidence but it's it's so difficult the delicate show at the end of a full sprint and he tried to do a little drop shaw and just wouldn't he barely made contact with the and i just think he's he's so when you went back to do it but i mean nothing in romans yeah he managed to converge the short in the he's depressed and maybe despite the sort of the the fillet through the tendency rockets own net hands on that head on that one beautiful smith movement and then strikes in terms of his opponents fruit bigger brace and then immediately as quick as i've never seen anyone will close quote and i generally speaking that's considered not very close he moved to to leave the cool no way if you're opponents 'em but i think he's gonna cry i think he's a get a breakdown down and didn't wanna do it in front of the movies people who'd been resting nights on him for the post for hours we saw the press seats it all all the position just behind bankas m seats that i think all the sort of secondary play a guest seats they not quite player books eligible basically i think we've sat behind a roast downs mates they will have the same heckled sleepless nights that's the head they doing in saudi how well they they they any doing one heck of a look across this article it's well known that it's a bit championships bulla new heck on a co worker that's next on that i mean they they will yeah i gotta get my and then just in front of them there was a pocket of vocal portuguese that we're fellows reeling amongst it and oh my goodness but i breathing every single night and that was the beauty of it i mean you oversee getting a different preventative going to what i was i i was called level where i come introductions it it's even better coming through books and center court because if if there wasn't a glass window and the way i could lean out of the introduction untapped them the lineup on the shoulder you're that close and but i remember with a couple of points towards the end where which evans one when he won the place just runs and people jumped to the fate of punching yeah and and then they were looking around those high find hiding random people they've never miss they will do in the off the whole kaikal not even a short flight holck ico's when in diamonds his favor people were sharing inside won the tournament it wasn't spine tingling atmosphere indefinable quality is making you can and donovan's has it as much as anybody in flat rock and think of people like i didn't bring her husband i know how anything and it's even more heightened under the roof when the atmosphere is kept to you and i are you gonna his anx to yeah i never see where he's being in his career and i started a couple of nights ago you know where where it comes from the kids you he's he's giving me absolutely nothing you mean reason the cat whatsoever older or looking at it again the ground and this is where you look at mitchell who you know i'm gonna fuck up may make exceptions the pressure much make exceptions the hardwood let's let's hope so anyway well thank you yeah he's he's he's got no right to have a suit cameras much he i mean he's got right times catch something but the extent to which he makes you care is something that is up simone mice i mean if we rarely does a kind of just have to say how good size of was because i we did not see the run a full games coming but he put together from six full full to down and and how fast is around the corner and heat wave from the there is just sort of you know run of the mill baseline and to show us the most devastating mover and hitter tennis balls and running all over the place he went to the net about fifty times in the match and one the phone because of the first hour donovan simply had too much game for didn't use it was just they looked better tennis player down evans but susa worked his way into an i've always felt like he's a tremendous maximize like he's got he's sort of wrong everything out of his career and i think i think until recently about thirty percent of his grand slam losses have come against djokovic shomari use the get these really tough to do is get around third round orient and just play ritual mary not get any further but he started to i think this year he's made a couple around falls now and yeah he he was tough and not fit sat down evans was struggling through in a little bit and he's a baseline of it but he's aggressive susa 'cause he's always looking to users for and as much as you possibly can attendance upset about sort of grunting sort of allow the susa grunted down evans tied to ground nfc crown even louder it was it was it was great from not saying sisa david saying say impact cashews committed leasing south idle for hours come in china i listened to the man himself say his own name beforehand and it was soza so there we are just about the tension to on a topic of conversation from this to say from a business perspective very many things that result today does is make the judge's decision easier in terms of older play sunday sunday 'cause i so the dog and seven such good i send to say who eat bumping veteran joke which onto quote and warm because in my mind it was an obsolete sets and tv you have concerns about how the gulf on sunday school but i've just seen you would replace just landed and they start to a season ago and ends with cetera berry teeny with comes a convincing the sandwiched in between okay no expecting knows nobody was expecting but based on women's history of the scheduling on among dies and they don't get you to women's marches on center cold at the yeah it's it's held up is the best stay in tennis and in many ways is 'em but that means they never never goes we need to check in terms of never ever but suddenly eleven years and they've never done it and eleven years so but anyway say say to sisa salsa i'm pretty sure it's not it's house sorry poser so because if you listen to women so himself are so good at roger overturned but it stars right then soza you're not plays adult who i am skittles and i i don't wanna get anywhere near it but i wanna piss him off and i don't wanna see that needs to change him in a show up by he is face and and make sure is and i mean i i do feel like his draw just played him into form and heightened sense is rightfully off and he thrashed joe wilford song today and some good didn't look like you used look but my goodness the dow looks just on it and then also from what everybody's saying the code is slow so anything that renting yeah he he says he thinks the same yeah you'd have to i have its own guy was just struck by the lack of hype an intriguing that match compared to they know doll cario match the other day i was wondering what that what told us did it just tell us the curiosity is pure box office somewhere or his interest in his master's or was it a indication of how much some guy has sons run entertain a threat austrailian tv a when ways i don't know whatever network he's covering the then i think it might be folks in australia but i ended up short might be channel nine he destroyed by the feeding it folks 'em when we've cario over bossy and they were on simultaneously today's game they shake cario savor the cure logan's hoon adele rice well with ellen saint talk instrument harney they they they briefly clashed a regular i have to say i could understand that because curious and the dow was an incredible occasion match 'em and policies was a fairly straightforward one minute wasn't the same degree of medication but we generally generally tv tendons the guy who is paid i think is the best name he thinks the best joel rose and quality of much generally are being curious anyway that is incredible lineup of of of yeah it was but he did it coolest a lot of false in in australia the dm come straight in finding out about it because the listening to five live our lives and in the from the cricket at old trafford trust which she's australia today andrews and australian reporter covering it and he he brought up in fact he was off by jones and i've earned his resenting on five live today how big a deal i suppose he is how she is and her story how significant is coming across in australia and he said oh she's they they biggest so she said she's a big deal then they'll see cricket team at the moment we score which is a matter of through on of he then went on to say there's a lot of consternation the nation when curious shiny the hub anyway i digress 'em adult plays drought so so so so so the 'em what else do we have to stick with the men's so the thing is crowded room goes schooler crash rosary the results were looking paulie averages cetera to very easy sets cetera followed by bikes that but it's hard to say felt like a very easy set somehow somehow result never in doubt we we're pleased pleasant i wasn't on it with a tennis is plus on district for he had a break point five wdbo in the in the first set didn't take it and then i think federal and the next five games and had a million stories in it so many times whether it's it's lower run play against hiring by a dozen tight the big john and then hiring ply runs away with it federa veterans full hammers great today his back cameras it'll be iffy see i thought one to keep on 'cause he's got beret team's gonna say you i i haven't really seen a loss of nursing do you feel the bertini can hurt federa if if he plays really well in federal is in any way off he could tim show he has weapons and beret teenage quite come out quite punchy instead i know i have the weapons to win that match against federa who is a big suv sort of way peaceful end which is which she hits hauled i do think federal wet and but i think that fetters first test this this tournament will be monday against better teeny teeny who came to five sets again schwartzman today save three points jego short him in state is not the denver champions yeah we we we went a little bit of a team podcast meal last night and a un diego schwartzman decided to join us i mean we know him yeah he had no idea who we were older we we were we were very reassuring and you end up in an argentine steakhouse and a millionaire and telling these vitamins there in there as well say someone with a limited options and presumably good tasting steak dinner much good today the the senate is allow states to getting food outfits that you should have more vital david little when the be low just steak on the menu with no sauce a slab of naked meet yeah also it's raining so far so good you really second they announced the public to be expelled from the premises it started raining so not only is it done would guys have been locked it's raining and we're sitting here with another fifteen minutes i don't miss the trade heart of downtown donovan's is lost off the roller movin were sticking sticking with the men's side of the george katie she corey if anything actually have to say preferably in adult aside because i say terrified and the nice professor it impressive performance of the day tennis wise company came from all three of us on that she went three down again steve jones and lovely moment to the stop them pass said gentlemen please don't throw you reckon into the ground in a you know we don't have damaged the cut the grass coats here and dustin johnson just guys you might as well do right now to me kind of she doesn't smash record's about right in front of a guard also then right but in my head produced the most excellent videos kanus you cool ray machines rocket and i've ever seen is majestic right yeah i think we want anytime he's ever done but there are a lot of little gentle one study johnson do you research so yeah but he's a good guy guy but i mean from three level like i say you're playing nicely never eat on one one sets and i think about eight against mission corey before and from that initial corey was just playing rolls royce tennis he he timing everything is moving around the courts as it is like steve johnson playing well mystical blame white that certainly good news when he's playing like and what was that you were a front finished corey would strike since slump yeah this is literally a recordbreaking filling in michigan or is it kind of goes implying grand slams for over ten years old my life yeah even thing yet this is the first time he's made it to round full wade's three straight sets win when you down includes overtime ovo cova he's had a couple occasions where he has a retirement will cover this is the first time he's one nine sets out of knowing and the mind it will be taking five sets owner is nicole pushkin he got the better of yemen it's strokes in four sets i'd say that's a big win cynical michigan i i i'm sprouts through dangerous later and it was a match that had a very unfortunate it's still pay she goes a very long delay in the match because a hey a sixty year roads females spectator collapsed while watching and had to receive immediate medical attention and fortunately she was resuscitated and taken to hospital and i think okay but it was it was a scary moment unquote twelve and you never know how that's gonna affect the matches well and in the world keep it together i think it was in the locker room it had to be completely over that you'll get ends were cleared evacuated yeah it was a serious incident say that is is initiate coolray kush gained a to b vitamins because all of the folks are much is ultimately paid on money monday wills old navy today had a moment didn't hear she said he was put on coal fourteen wasn't there and he said only cheating quite in the i mean if he were rushing around the coat peacock style and the ponies southern italian 'em shut boom would come and he said sin disparaging things about eyeing about being lynched you know we don't put it on the continent except that but then the boom the place which is it's that easy follow through apologizes anybody who's a firm classic if anyone was offended apology which i mean to be fat if you're offended by soppy if and amy threatening to boom wimbledon i think probably but he's been curious press conference but he is serving that to suspend so is ban given is suspect is suspended sentence given given what he said usa open yeah that's a good point a couple of years ago so he is smaller than i lose so much thirty nine or whatever or remember mercurial sort of a bit of a suspended sentence money watch shark fin ease out tennis sign grin david wasn't expected lewin's people ten assigned grit and larry first place in the quarterfinals reserve he's touring not stroll among the single market where ethics committee on the table pretty much involving two people yeah it's it's just i mean it's not that good a guy you know afterward spent several hours of tennis a just because of that reason i say which said look i know it's great and everything but there were certain matches maybe pervaded temporary beat today matt helped me out i wasn't i wasn't following it with his play a metal maps could have been john woman who is on the boat oh my go john millman is rivaling my dance they captaincy if they don't say comes up around coach to coach captain coach skip the yeah i would say i didn't even bother asking my dad about john millman it's amazing yeah why is he so in it is because he's certainly reliable he'd be great company you know you wouldn't need to tell them why no one needs telling ones like he'd eat eat the left dave is you know i've seen night preciousness who i've got it goes skills is well isn't an entire entire not with a gummy snake in his mouth jamaican do source of income go i'm gonna lead gross other words they don't do just remind anybody comes from earth to what we're talking about what is the birds debate is my dad's a mystical magical a hypothetical fights 'em which he is the skipper of a it's a it's a it's a rug it put me like a thirteen foot you'll type situation you're not hungry owners first night i did i did i mean these people he would he would have in his crazy right it's just like indefinable called save making you can this is indefinable quality of being david which could create worthy america really wants to be on her she's written to assert there's been there's there's been an outbreak of 'em argument on the which was that great he's married where they get savannah party we're all in different ways fights he gave mary tarnished okay yeah the woman i need which could find me saving it wasn't it wasn't a ring six someone left a hot chief and do quite dumped ran up the folks it's not raining heading out sitting outside i'm wearing suits and no jacket nobody's gonna brother only doing random dennis broadcasts that's how much we love you any of the results in the men's side not from today nice so we're gonna we're gonna head on the query sanguine bum show everyone on a women's tournament show starts at and said go with the asheville see absolutely just mom mom realizing how he adults it was eight squeaky bum is she gonna get game situation for a while that because we'll remember australian open my she felt get a game against maria sharapova a couple of feels like a spot you could play doubles teams on the road of the yeah yeah she's not good it was cool he's gonna be there when i was thinking about it i i saw only serena if only serena playing playing well could be subsidized serena played pretty well against syria guard and they would meet you and the coaches yeah trevor much away from meeting so they go just today a lot of people were saying it was the best match since australia i think i think she was more explosive against as they're encouraging while she hit more witness but she is she is clean stashed in many unforced errors cuts on nashville's you here's on quote to on the mound for the way providing for the second time i'm gonna look at the shuttle and i'm gonna do some research research about comparisons views and numbers and stuff 'cause obviously my initial reaction is the university sent me a dog it jeremiah by reached here's just a just the just in the nick of time that was absolutely perfect so yeah i will i will hold off on my full run buckle yourselves infirm unday fi coming send dokes semblance of dogs 'em what else if we had says says serene i what's what basis arena i thought she was seven ten 'em on i think she's gonna be cave with any being seven out of ten am in round number three you're a i think she's pretty good bested and she was in mount st austria yeah yeah 'em and she hasn't got facing the cover manafort's costs are yeah dope sick apply but you probably take that by the way i am a wedding that wasn't only outsing on center court today and we we or unquote number one the but 'em we will be talking about surrounding and that is official by the way it is hashtag serenity we come to david i concede itching trumping credit for that we're all gonna talk about surrounding don't you worry but first we must talk about you kinda come to she was amazing amazing absolutely amazing go sit in a break time not playing well i was shot in the tally on pause so i could have the five coming she david it was my boss today in they base and i thought her analysis if that was really interesting ready ready interesting i'm mark caesar shot selection letting come sit down and it seems to stuffed it kinda stuck in the mud no stepping up to the ball enough she's not a fan of the judge decides she wants to see her nine times out of ten hissing over that that by cans and i tend to where i think i think this life is and then it was and it can be a weapon but it could also be exposed and sloan stevens is exposing it today but i absolutely loaded franchising victories it was unreal triumph of the whole mentality and i must say that she and david is that'd be a loaf of french coach should create a stranger to meet these funds is the reason he shouldn't it doesn't compete in my heart wrenching to the w should be divvied yeah sorry sorry to meet with him i had a lovely shots in paris despite the fact that his books in this trembling through i am but yeah the whole the whole 'em mentality they've created is one of the responsibilities on you you you get the credit you get the blame you have older responsibility for you do that you have type two autonomy tony an agency the you'll future on a ton of school and she took it upon his shoulders and she she figured it out and it's a figure sloan stevens who is back determining playing very well i'm figuring out is not something we might have associated with come to suddenly in the last eighteen months so i mean it was fun shaping lost yeah she left us renting idiot peaching saver out on the the now deceased bull ring cool attendance i've actually knocked down but certainly wouldn't be seeing it again it's raining holders are left out this week the much of which we famously had a did she called the british press so it was busted gate yeah in amongst that puts coming i think what led to to lash out against the british press who she is all about her inability to think of a plan b and she said it's not in an inability it's unwillingness she said i know my game i know it works and there's no point in trying anything else pretty much it was yeah that was her own and this is just a completely different concepts we're completely different approach content but she stuck with it is the two today and she even in early in the second set when she still could have lost even though playing well she just stuck to a gun and continue to play well and eventually it like stevens just blinks first and in her level dropped off at stevens must be absolutely sick of the coast guard of all time yeah i i'm not sure i never met before this is one of these funky funky because i went ahead and it says in the seven when ending beat serena in the courses if like three of the four slams i think it was like she you just get on a roll again some players concept will now face twotime time champion patrick convicted but he wasn't newly that became free wimbledon i would always pay cut to convince of a city where we all have and we will today theater gone for she's she's telling us their own still still has it wasn't wimbledon she wouldn't be things you got ninety four and a k this this this i'm gonna leave patchwork of it's very light and she's gonna flip english into in australia is well remember when i didn't pick up real strain harming picked up from both wimbledon i'm sorry she okay she faced unseated like that today beef is six three six to the the manner of it with the champions type before she knows it's not about hurts about choose choose wrapping up rallies within three of four shots of a witness i just don't i don't and i will say this that and the break down the net and she consulted had no i just thought you know it's not gonna help you know they they don't care what type of capitalizing denault ninety nine nights in beijing you know for me i love that we should do that i think we've got about three minutes left folks before our equipment explodes and right so so let's let's get support hang on the point is district the beat buttons buttons strings yeah i to collect addiction and i desperately need or thinking run run run the risk of a double his own to spill in the gulf which shy the baltics telling the doubles as well right here is to it could still be driven double lopez wins over doubles recordings strips virgil moving on some risk go be a upset the blender bench says a lovely but i don't see where everything you'd expect it to be and i'm really pleased by this in west because everybody's talked about for a long time in this girl school especially this but she never quite had a big run when she felt like she could it's on grocery burger and it is a it's happened this year andrews set in a breakdown to defecate that much which once on i think it was cool one in the the christians refinancing day say who would have been the secondary wouldn't and then he's mittens beat the chosen one which i know is you're correct production but we're not counting it because i know we all we all kind of upset okay let's get to the meat of it hashtag surrounding it happened it was amazing they won i can't quite remember they beat me and help me out my girl she she she she doesn't are in the it was pretty cool women will turn cooler it is many any photography's i've ever seen since some of the food tastes they're gonna come out in the papers tomorrow if that again it'd be olsen begins the way they were interacting together was amazing some of the points were amazing that reaction see i haven't had a press conference by so the the eleven into they did off to its in murray was talking about the base being younger siblings in that thing is sort of funding element clean them 'cause they're off who's who's in charge and they're like well without hanta we both younger siblings about used to being bumped around when we talk about how surround became about we can allegedly yeah three david david definitely invented that yeah definitely put that on twitter before penny dropped with anybody else did you know an andy murray tonight has verify that is official hashtag both be best mixed doubles partnership this ever happens you're welcome stakes randy 'em on to play playing the next one is so relevant isn't it i mean the art or get a win for the tournament yeah well murray's our the men's doubles yeah that is interesting because it only so right didn't get the seat is he signed up to play with serena it's like okay this is this is the real world and suddenly the big remembering that moment at queens bound murray revealed that he was playing the barron electron the ring suddenly you know everyone's obviously self and this is a story in gonna writes about this will keep going so the next four weeks this big maria best story in on the scene is suing the came along maria battery of drops down the rankings and out to the tournament and those sort of self doubt in partnership murray and they didn't know which side supply and they swapped made much playing on the juice and that side but none of that would serena katrina says i have one rule i play the forehand side mary's a home on the back from small you're not yet a rock hill formally raquel cups jane cr with abigail span is the targets on i don't know whether it's come from you because i remember i remember fees gain weight should've told by come from why on space it might two cups giants play where right till yeah go chase it turns out it was the same person and we get on the ground 'cause it's raining really hard just put just will not point mountain notes not one lover early rory yeah i'm running the show he's got stopped their recount rita anymore you'll run i say be the sort of slightly nice thing about marina bad losing all winning the laser anything is it it cements just how special marine layer puzzles somehow you're like what if the week that will the rest of the team in and the fact that that was everything we thought it was at the time and we sort of just build david by the hype in the production maria maria next year well well cannot get besa jamie concept mary andy we focused on singles by the in brussels and maria maria from so anyway keep learning to win in my mind is to play together parts go got this light is that lightning or they testing testing climbing higher we wanna say regular lightning right then a magic one day you own it so mundane things said about i may just just throw you merge to draw speakers one all right then why not leave us a review night's golden blurry ever the oh they will try and come back monday we haven't been washed away i mean we might still be here is we've quite possibly below those eight women in am harvey's with eight such a full moon looking house on the roadway so is the six of what's it gonna be thirteen at wimbledon dedi put coasting teammate enjoying them we're enjoying bringing them to you david stick but now i'm gonna be much of the premises we're joined by uber joined getting nicely to a and seven more next week starting on monday monday tune association with the telegraph we getting some breaks on 'em will get married credible and hopefully with the why is must go rigs activities by tennis come as david says so you may then if he's mentioned

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