EP 108 - MISINFORMATION MISTAKES: Masai Ujiri Video Released, Arrowhead Stadium Opening Night, MLB & Unwritten Rules, Lakers Lose Game 1 to POR & more


Yoyo was good. What is up people? You listen to a brand new episode of behind the ball podcast. This is episode one own eight. Come into live and direct from. Los Angeles California. I am your host. Then baller. You can also call me Dan Lee. If. You don't know who don Leah's. You need to get your fucking Korean film game up. 'cause I really am him. You know what I'm saying but more about that guy later. speaking guys, guys. Fellows I mean specifically. You hear me talk about manscaping. Right. In on some real shit. Ever since I was in college my freshman year and I started to lay down pipe. Always. been. About Hygiene. This. Morning I shaved my head clean and then I use the lawnmower. To keep my manhood clean as well. You know what I'm saying had the matchy matchy. Saying I'm being dead serious. I like to keep the manhood clean and groomed of always been about that man. 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In addition to the twenty percent off and free shipping were throwing a travel tote and a pair of boxers exclusively with the Code Bala. Telling you I'm not playing with you. I'm Ted s serious. I really look if you guys have ever shaved mother fucking ball hair and everything cut yourself. Right this is some whole `nother level, Shit. They got a flashlight on this thing I actually use it on being dead as serious commands caped and get you the law more get the Combo. We'll get all that stuff. Your balls will thank you. And Look. y'All. Don't lie to me I don't let yourself. Some you guys right now listening to this episode in this hot ass weather your balls polly's smell like fucking salt and vinegar chips I now playing. Yeah. Verte fogleman's gay man just funny mail. What's going on? Yeah. That's a different way to start the episode, right? And even even more unorthodox I'm the ghost totally opposite of what Ben baller how we usually do behind the baller you know what I'm saying. So, the elections are heating up. Outta really know shit about the peel also this shit house and all that stuff I. Mean I kind of knew about it in high school and. Not that I didn't give a fuck I care enough to know look man people like go why Blah Blah look in short go out and vote you know what I mean like in long doesn't whole lot of Shit that you need to understand fires fucked the left right on someone when it comes to laws and. Propositions shit everything just like anyways, I'M GONNA. Talk about something else. I want to talk about misinformation being spread with people who have massive platforms and these are people who mean to do this shit. You know they don't mean harm. They're trying to spread good information but they don't know they're just like you know you people get caught up they don't WanNa fact check they don't WanNa go out and do any research and you know if you notice in the last week or so people keep posting like one of my friends she kinda like ten million dollars and she posted a bunch of US trucks. Like tow trucks carrying like fifteen twenty standalone mailboxes like two or three different trucks and stuff saint. All man that you know trump is having the mailboxes taken away and this and that whatever. And it's like you know the fact is those pictures from two thousand sixteen. And what what pisses me off his this fucks up our country even more. You know it gives the idiot trump supporters more ammo when they don't have a lot of ammo he don't like they're chasing smoke. It's stupid. And then they shouldn't have any animal. Especially when it comes to him. And I know this first hand because about three years ago I was looking for a mailbox. I was driving down the street him house was like I know it's going to be mailbox I seem boxes all the time you know I lived in a condo hotel. So you know for the front desk boom and in your house yes you know you have the mailbox like the fuck and put the thing how anybody got time for that Shit and not even know how to use the shit never have inflammatory life. Okay. Go to my gate and be like, okay. We say fuck that some looking from mailbox and got the shit. I'm like Asshole I'm driving for like fifteen minutes and they know mailboxes they used to have on every single corner in every neighborhood on every fucking block everywhere I don't know what the fuck happen I don't know why they're gone but they're gone. And even recently I decided I, was like you know what? Fuck this I had a meal out something for my insurance. For My car insurance is some shit. Just like two weeks ago three weeks ago. and. I started to drive around again, just looking I looked on the main streets. Main streets. Let me go to some like I mean digger streets and they'll let me go to a major street and there wasn't shit. I had to physically go to the fucking post office. They had like a line of the mailboxes in front of post office. and. Thank God I had stamped fuck-ass stamps right. But I did and I'm Melda should off it's annoying as fuck and it was man again I'm not big on politics. Okay. But I know all my listeners of behind the bother I know all you guys aren't in New York and Kelly. I think a lot. You guys aren Kelly right but not everyone is. So please go out and vote. Because trump ain't gonNA win new. York and California worried about that. You know what I mean. We need to get fucked. Texas Florida Arizona And what are the are the fucking big swing states and shit like that. You know figure out which way is best for you to get out and get it poppin. You know whether if it's GonNa be mail get that shit done early you know at the end of the day and I mean. Shit. Today This relates to just everything that's going on in I've just went right into this and this is the only shung talk about when it comes to cove it. Okay and I'm sorry look man. Is. Want just jump right into it today. We have about a hundred deaths in seven major countries I and those seven major countries like Germany. Japan. fucking France these places had bad. And today in the USA, we have over thirteen hundred deaths. I. The populations of the countries mentioned above four, hundred, forty, million. I and they're at just under one hundred deaths. We got population of three, hundred, twenty, eight, million, and we're still at thirteen hundred deaths like this shit is like man I'm telling you. It wasn't handled. Properly. Look kids already starting school. My nieces. Although fucking baby girl nieces man they just turned eighteen yesterday they leave for college tomorrow. You know. I. Only try to say. What I gotta say one time when it comes to let close people I don't want to be the doodle you don't want to be i. told you. So you got to be certain person. That told you so person. and. These are my nieces and they're good girls and they're they're smart and You know I've said what I had to say about traveling enduring thing. But I mean, Shit, they got to start their lives man shit. They don't have the allergies and issues that you know London has or whatever I'm like, Hey, as long as you practice safe measures I think it'd be. Okay. It's really when you leave when you let your guard down. Just even one fucking time Lee guard down one time. That's when the Rona creeps up on you. That's when it gets inside you as a Yam with come here. And they say now if you get Krona virus if you get cove in nineteen. You only immune. For around three to, four months. I don't know what the fuck that means say, Oh, you can't catch it again bubble. Then what the fuck does that mean why the fuck only immune for three or four months you know it's like again, their schools out there that are getting fucked up there infections. But because the CDC's not controlling that shit and the numbers aren't being recorded because of what trump had done everything and it's just like man you. Do all you do is lie. Talked about yet the best. That don't matter motherfucker. We're almost had fucking on me. We're we're at six figured debts. I they're talking about New York City and San Francisco it might take eight to ten years. They might not ever comeback. Think of all those big buildings, all the skyscrapers I tongue about the luxury apartments condos in New York. You know certain parts of town big tall buildings to chase bank and fucking whatever it may be any fucking major building. You know. In Times, square all that Shit, these big buildings, these buildings occupy thousands of employees, and right now they're still most employees are working remotely. So offices don't have you have officers thousand people men ain't nobody fucking working right now. So it's like how to fuck are you? Can you know like it just didn't crazy again told you guys this ain't the time to be thinking like Oh man I can't wait for twenty twenty one, twenty, twenty, one, it's going to be worse twenty twenty as far as the economy. So you know. Say what you want to, but you know school is the last place that should be opened for you know just in. I don't know man. This is you know it's it's a weird situation. So. Pretty much. We really need this vaccine. fucked up you know we do though. I just I'm not fucked with anything that comes from Bill Gates Punk, ass you know. Bill. Gates. Fuck would. Population Control and whatever, and it's just it's just weird man just. A the University of North Carolina decided to experiment and has semi full classes in and You know in one week, they had one hundred fifty cases. Counterfeit the infection kids infected students, maybe teachers to whenever they had to quarantine them. I'm like stop playing around with this shit. Stop fucking around Ronin man it's like there's no, there's no beating it. You know it's there's no dino curves go down and you kind of have a slight little dislike. This shit is fucking us up. You know but again. We could have done like Wuhan. Already have my strong feelings about will haunt. Hey Man you know what? Though they locked it down there were severe whatever boom yes, it was fucking drastic. As fucking hill totally on American I. Get it but guess what? That she is gone now for for the most part, there might be a single thing here and there blah. Blah whatever. But these mother fuckers are having music festivals now. tweeted, they're having straight up pool parties with thousands of people. DJ's like real blown out music festivals. No masks motherfucker they shirts off hot out there not social distancing they're out there living. And again, you guys watch your freedom and you'd like not fuck that I. Don't want to manage this look man. You guys don't even get it like we could have been did this for two months You know or was the seventy days whatever it was. But again, no, you guys need all your Shit you want to build, go out Blah Blah and look how fucked up everything is right now I mean, don't get wrong. You know I went to the market and mass. Can you just try to stay the fuck away from people and you'd be cool. But when you start going like parties and start hanging out with family and start invited somebody Oh no, they've been doing. That, you don't know who the fuck your friends of a friend. You don't fucking know that. You don't straight up you know you got your husband and his sister is married to somebody else and their whole family is like all no Waldman quarantine you don't fuck. You don't know how serious they are wearing a mask I don't ever step out the mother fucking car or anywhere without a mask on just had. This has always been. You know especially because a fucking thought I had this shit I still think maybe I did I don't know and that was from taking it down for fucking oral surgery. But again, we could shut down for real like really fucking shutdown dom Tomlin that real when I was talking about that the fucking when I was telling you people that we're gonNA have the fucking. The flexible martial law let's say fuck and law and order martial law. and. Be like all right emergencies only yeoman that shit actually helped. You know it's crazy Max ahead that do Jordan. Shack, and all he does is talk about how masterwork lockdown homework Switzerland or Sweden man motherfucker shut the fuck up Jordan man you know what I told you I got my book in cousin is in fucking Switzerland. Sweden and that shit is still they're still it man they did lockdown Rosana because you didn't fuck and see what you have somebody over there. I'm telling you somebody who lives there you know is just different way smaller different. All I'm saying is you see where it was fucking ground zero mother fuckers were locked down. And people don't WanNa get locked down their old business and you know what they should. They should have fucking just did it. But trump worried about this. Guess what man you are economies crushed it's fucked up in this half ass shutting down here and there you got motherfuckers like all right. We'll check it out. We're going to shut down New York, do this where stay at home and fucking. Then people like I'm GonNa, go to Miami. So the people go fucking flam drive there whatever it's just fucking stupid. Don't motherfuckers leave don't let anybody it's too fucking late nofd as a second wave and I should happens November when the fucking futures up someone needs to lock the fucking place down you know it may suck it's Oh how much worse can fucking get it could get worse. That's where it could get. Again. This shit didn't solve shit it didn't help. Like for real. Right we have not seen a mother fucking curve People York like, Oh, well, it's now man really it's not. You still got dumb motherfuckers going here and there, and it's just like there's no fucking herd immunity right now is bullshit. anyways. The NFL is talking about having games limited to. stadiums are having limited twenty two percent occupancy rate or some shit like that on north thousand miles join article and I'm good. I'm. Not Shipping. From the cred but please believe that twenty two percent is going to be sold the fuck out motherfucker that it's going to be like some supreme fucking. Accessories issues can be gone fast. First game at Arrowhead Stadium they're already working out right now twenty, two percent. I can't imagine a fucking ticket is GONNA be going they're going to be doing some crazy shit we check in the fucking. Ticket, could fevers and temperatures launch and everything and I mean I don't know man. I mean fuck. You know again, I have a different situation. Everyone else does you know I got my son? So Baseball's moving along I. Think you know I've been watching officer the dodgers only? Teams that some teams Rona whole fuck team got the Ronin. Shit and the fucking suspended eight games by the comeback. Somehow the shit is still working though I dunno dodgers during their thug fizzle man mookie Betts fucking animal he's been killing it. Focuses in. SEATTLE. Right now, actually you know what? No they were in Seattle yet. I just talked to Jack as crazy You know what? I was going to say this A. I don't know a lot about the sophisticated rules of baseball right? I definitely don't know the unwritten player rules because. I never played baseball past eighth grade. I played ran track played football and I play basketball wrestled little bit and even wrestlers like no more about wrestling I do fucking when it comes to certain things about baseball. But, let me say this. I'm watching this fucking This is sportscenter in padres play the fucking. Rangers. Right. and. They got this unwritten rule in baseball that once a team is a if you're up by like a certain amount of home runs. Like if a pitcher throws three balls. I kind of know this part, right? The batter is not supposed to swing. Especially, if you're up right but you know what? That like look dude. What are you gonNA do because you're like, Oh, you being classy man get the fuck Outta here with the fucking Dude Lane is jacket to a fucking go walk over a puddle like bro Man. You know what motherfuckers is out for themselves whatever saying that it's not classy and it's fucked. But at the end of the day Man Look We supposed to do just like catch up like this stupidest, fuck. Do. You know if you get washed band get washed and accept that wash just bullshit. Okay. Bad. Not supposed to swing after three balls whatever. So Fernando Totti's. He's leading the major leagues and home runs. He was tied with my trump, and I, think he's got he's up on like one or two, and he got caught up in that exact predicament. And you know the padres were up six or seven runs against the rangers and he didn't look over to go see his coach and I guess you know the third base coach one of the fucker was didn't tell him to like Amen back-off him whenever he wasn't paying attention and I don't think do meant to be like fucked up. He saw pitch for pitch came at three balls for pitch came in. It was even a meatball that she was kind of like a little bit on the edge. It was not always on edge and he hit that bitch out that bitch went out boom. Shot homerun in after that, the Texas pitcher got replaced he walked back he's been celebrated like a second or third home run. The game he's celebrating has lapsed and everything, and he looks at his fucking one of the managers managers aimed like have and he's unhappy and the make the Fuck Eddie with that bullshit man and. Texas pitcher gets replaced and then the next pitcher comes up and the next batter for the padres up, and then they said this is what happened has to happen. So the Texas Pitcher, he the new pitcher, he comes up and he throws the ball hits the motherfucking new batter on the padres and they say, and that's what happens. It's fair. The manager's actually even call that play and I'm like y'all are some fucking like. That's some backward ass nine, thousand, nine, hundred, nineteen fucking bullshit. This is kind of rules that's unwritten rule like in two, thousand twenty. I don't give fuck if it's America's pastime man that's soft. That's some bullshit. All right. They may Taty they made fucking Fernando Totti's junior apologize for doing this shit man fuck that shit not pitched wasn't all that great he wasn't. He was. He meant that just soft I hate that soft shit and you know what else is soft Danny Green. He ain't no fucking ranger mass stupid as fucking nickname. Anyway he ain't shit about that. He played like pure shit. Straight BEZERRA. I. fucking. Totally discussing my Lakers yesterday man was fucking terrible. I this before the game began right tweeted it. Lakers. Got To come out here like we'll savages they gotta go and take a homeless man lunch and eat shit in front of him. Kick him of the fucking when he's down and then be like. Why did you kick the guy when he's down day? No better time to kick a man. On that type Shit I go out there and grab motherfuckers, throats, and Chinshek fools. No, they go out there soft as motherfucking soup. And Fuck Man, the refs dame been shits the whole playoffs I'm those few days but you left same shit I know that the referees were definitely call out plays on favor but I don't give a fuck. Okay. If they're calling it for US I they're fucking up momentum night game sucked. Fuck lebrons triple double and give a shit about that. But to be honest, he was the only one that was actually scorn and getting his groove on. But you know what the fuck is missing free throw between him in a free throws like motherfucking nineteen points right there like it was just some bullshit and just like, I'm like what the fuck is. Casey P doing the motherfucking game. Like the blazers they're okay. But we played like a twenty eight C team they're like all right. You got that motherfucking a European Dude looks like Michael Report like that motherfucker out here doing dunks hanging on the wheel that Kamal hanging on the rim and doing like. Some English shit, and trying to like slide around and do some funky. Shit like. What fuck was waiters out the whole entire game was jared playing like what the Fuck Vogel. Was Good. Like, Dame, get the fuck out of here with date look Bro I think dame's dope get the fuck out of here, Bro. No. I he played okay to be honest. Caruso actually deanamh pretty good like crucial shut down for you know for the most part he didn't he had a call bigshots great man he's always practices fucking shoot from the fucking logo. I. Don't Man Stop that shit man this some bullshit for real. Tonight. Look after tonight I will tell you one hundred percent if we got a chance. I will tell you straight up man look on no, but we but this can't be no seven point six point gang always kinda close here. There was bro, we have to go out there and wash these month fuckers. We gotta go out here like substrate up tied in Wash motherfuckers no Downey, no clorox straight old school i. We just we play like an average team. Won It was fucking sad I the clippers don't look all that. Great either you know what? Mom's like man, these one and two seeds all these favorites on the good Milwaukee was like whatever they don't like hot shit. I don't know what the fuck is going on. Houston looking good. Even though I know Utah and Denver I want to one, they look good. By Like the way we look you know I don't know man we get our asses in order. In a random news. It's fucking random, but this is some forrest gump shit because I'm always around something Masai was you jury whatever his last name is? He's president GM of the Toronto Raptors. His legal team released a police officer body cam footage from the incident that happened at the two thousand nine Hundred Ninety Championship game with the Toronto Raptors, beat the warriors at Oracle Arena. Kate. House there my boy Dylan. Smith Fan right there. Avoid Dylan spot motherfucking fucking dog If you look at the body Cam footage and they should have another angle every single video that you see this on his every fucking sports, SP-, bleacher, fuck sportscenter fucking all over the place. You could see my big ass shiny egghead in the footage in every in one of the videos you see as like sitting there like he walks right by me I'm not really paying attention and then boom you seem that Oh shit has videotape in the whole fucking thing I out five feet from the whole entire altercation. There was two more fights I've seen a couple of Asian guys jumped his black dude but black came back this one Asian Dude? He looked like mahomed boiling I could tell this motherfucker was he was Filipino Vietnamese motherfucker was trip I don't know what the fuck was on but he trip and he he had to be from San Jose this motherfucker flashing she was on some whole other shit a posted the videos on twitter I posted Sonoma, edgy stories, and then the Toronto Sun Messages. In fact, every single major news channel every single fucking newspaper in the earth like literally ending the majors every single one in every fifty states and definitely in Toronto, in fucking Europe and Shit. Hit me up to use the footage on his shit and then I wanted to set the record straight because I wanted to defend. Masai you know what I'm saying. So I've seen show love drake whatever and show love to the homes and and. A fucking subpoena came. Because, they knew how the Shindo your fucking testified fucking county system Blah and I'd answer some questions whatever and I told them the truth. That podcast pig was out of order straight up. So you know look, this is what happened man. Break down. I'm chilling having a good time whatever the game. I mean. I. Didn't have anything with me. I was in San Francisco regardless. I had to do some work out there with my boy Dylan we was gonna hit the fucking gold. Club. After you know what I'm saying the next morning we hit Rotunda what I'm saying we did the whole everything just chilled smoked them. Trees had a nice view staying posted up eating good shopping and shit he know life was real good. This was what June two thousand and nineteen and Game is over Toronto one model focus a salty and Messiah walks right by me I mean he's damn near inches from my phone. I'm on the phone Texan employees. You know why she pros probably on Instagram who fucking nose and then I hear some commotion. And what happened was I guess aside and show his credentials. And a cop I seem walk in around three minutes before the game is about to be over and he's like you know they're trying to make sure people don't run the court not shit and he's like. In full artillery gear, like this motherfucker is ready for world war six I he has like two guns. He has four flashlights. He has a bulletproof vest. He's in full tactical armor and the whole night and he just looks angry he's just looks like a he looks like he's a racist. He just looks still bad but he just did pen straight up and you know you see the footage, Mam que man you know try to come here and the dude push them hold on man he's the fucking disguise the president of the fucking team that just won fucks you talking about he's gone court and do allow fuck dat and he pushed him he pushed him heart. and Emma size at fuck this and pushed his ass back. Now when he pushed back, not on the footage, he pushed out more back on the size like you know slim real slim do but he's tall pushed that dude motherfucker filled down his back angled lie to you. Bro The whole fucking area was like Oh shit. Like we were like, oh. Oh. Like to see a black man, push a white cop on floor was shit to see. It was fucking crazy. So all this shit about go crazy and then this dude does do came out of nowhere he's like with literally sitting right in front of me he was Where we were I was a so there's row one two in front of me, right? So I'm like literally. I while before you go to the walkway and then the floor seats the floor but like the bullshit foresees, but these are still. Dylan what the fuck what were they? I think they were like almost ten bands each seat. So they weren't cheap season nothing but like. Do comes out defend Masai then Kalari literally walks over is like a mom's we don broke with the fuck you want. We celebrate and Shit and there's one that that's the game while seen as Jeremy Lin and he made candidate up and I was I was subtitled congrats on me and you just like wave me off like on some shit look bro Cooman you're on some other shit dude look homey you know who the fuck I am stop playing Bro you trying to get your mom and everyone else whatever bro Why is your mom? Even their family didn't even play. Fuck is going on here. anyways. Going back to the whole shit you know. That was just some whole other. I can't even explain the satisfaction seeing that pig pushed down after he pushed him twice. He deserved it one hundred percent, and then he tried to sue and say that you know he could walk his body back was broke. I forgot what Kinda Shit they're trying to say in court some other bullshit anyways. Now they show the shit that motherfucker started all that shit stupid and whatever didn't fuck what our bottom line is. Man Fuck that bitch. Look Man. I need to take a break. Got Me Hot your mouth may accused some Lake Lake. Men. The stress of daily life ways haunt us all. Whether you're in the League athlete like the NBA players, you see on the sidelines of the playoffs or just a regular person trying to get through the day. Muscle pain and muscle tension is a real thing. That's why Thera- gun is a must on. Their gun is the hand held cuss of therapy device that releases your deepest muscle tension using a scientifically calibrated combination of depth speed and. Power. and. Now as quiet as an electric toothbrush with all new gen four. Try Their gun risk free for thirty days. There is no substitute for the thera- Gun Gen four with an O. L. E. screen personalized fair gun APP. And power you need. Starting at only one, hundred, ninety, nine dollars. Go to, Faira Gun dot com slash baller right now get your gen for their gun to Dave. That's there. A gun dot com slash baller Faira God dot com slash. Your without we're back. Yeoman. I'll know where if you guys are but in la It's been hotter than motherfucking Beijing hot this last week like. Shit hit one hundred fifteen degrees. legit. By my sister's house. And I don't mean that like bank thermometer where you see the Monitor, it says something or the car thermometer what goes up you know like anywhere from up to ten degrees over out talking about actual real heat. Shit my car said like one, twenty eight and you know what I've been doing is when I gotta make or something I leave the motherfucker running. Elite ebbets run in a CEO and everything fuck all that I. We've been having rolling blackouts and Shit and has been fucking up the Internet fucked up the fucking lecture Shintos Shinzo the stuff and. The spectrum is the fucking worst. I'm so fucking mad. I, can't even like I'm so mad man like. It's almost like they got me on a chokehold like I can't do anything about it too which is crazy just for the at and T. really any better. And they're fucking up. So if you guys have an idea in the La County, who's got something that is not going to be down. because. His bottlenecks shit is bullshit in the node shares. All Bullshit. What I'm GonNa do is I'm going to have to get a small rising hotspot card. When a little WIFI egg type thing cards. and. I'm just GONNA use it the backup just so that my kids can go do their zoom classes. Like you know what I'm saying we got two kids, three kids fuck man on that figure it out and just put it because I got a big house and their rooms separated on at the figure it out to where I might have to get to zoom parts like maybe. Writer. Writer in. London. Cher one zoom carton had Kaya shares the other. But know they're doing zoom classes for four and a half hours each day and they start school in just little bit over a week from now. Nine ten days now. So. I'm not fucking Nino take a few days off I'm GONNA take. At least four days off and leave town next week and celebrate Lenin's birthday. You know he's turning eight fucking London. Is Fifty six inches tall focus height of a ten year olds crazy none is growing so fast. So crazy man we get into that obviously on. The we can wrap up because this is birthday. Don't forget guys, Yo. Submit your questions now because I'm only doing the fan questions once a month. And we're going to fan questions on this week and wrap up coming up. and Oh. Yeah. So I'm going to be podcasting. Remote from a beach house somewhere. I don't know what city yet wide new him Samsung until you guys because I'm going fucking crazy for real. But yeah, I'm elise towns, my wife's idea. But these AIRBNB is actually the first time I, actually pay for an airbnb symbol bullshit cycles hundred, nine, hundred dollars night, and then you pay literally fuck four hundred dollars in fees cleaning Brunei, this third way are boom. So ends up being like you stay for fucking three or four nights and ends up being five jeeps or sixty I forgot what the fuck it is. Basically, you could end up paying like easily three or four days in the big ass house like six bedrooms or something you fuck around pay. Like two grand in fucking fees and cleaning at you and everything and like I know they only give you like one toilet paper enroll in each room such I. Don't know. I'm just I'm we're going to be prepared already know and Nick's mom you know Nick Spano in the Knicks Dad listens to this show every next month she will bring fucking everything except the kitchen I'm surprised she hasn't being picture frame she just brings everything. We're all a very overly prepared family and is crazy. It's going to be nuts I don't know what the fuck. I can't wait for this new escalated to come in. Like, for Real, I can't wait for the new escalate to come in because I have a the first one coming into the country and I should spaceship it's going to really c seven for real now. By to the minivan boy jeff from riff. What ipod you can keep that motherfucker at that point like I'm just I can't wait for this car to come in speak in a cars yellow. The Senate is a dream. It is literally a fucking dream. It's just unbelievable. I remember I said this a couple times where even on an interview with Timothy and I said this Solomon driven and I was like, Yo you know what? I don't even like like going to the garage anymore Pico damps. They're like I'm looking like several times a day like all me check up on my car boom. And it's like I got rid of a lot of cars right for it and It's just a fucking special thing talked to McLaren North America Service wanted to make sure I'm all good with everything. I'm going to have a almost positive can tiny's GONNA do down pipes on the do some cat deletes and I don't don't do a rear section. I'm not sure but I am going to do a full tune. In, this thing should have right around nine horse horsepower and it's going to be significantly faster than it already is, but it's going to be louder and I just knew that was the only thing I needed don't need to do suspension. I'm not changing the wheels you can't fuck up the warranty and I'm just the the Senate is just a dream I cannot believe how many people have reached out. So funny and you got the haters like, oh. Would her son is going flexible grand like okay. There ain't even a twenty, five thousand. There wasn't twenty, five, thousand miles Senate. It wouldn't even go for seven hundred grand like. Bro You can get a senator for nine hundred. Grand deal is going to buy it for nine hundred grand all day long like it's just not like stop it. Man. But it's just funny and I don't mean that like an just saying like people don't realize doc if you want to send a with low miles, just no to get it in your color and get something like a cool spec Bro, you're going to drop a million dollars periods just GonNa happen you have to chop a million masters. It is what it is Ena Affleck's and nothing it's just that's what it is man. So. anyways to the hobby. Tomorrow between nine thirty and ten thirty am Pacific Time I will be releasing a few friends and family. Beckett BGS authenticated autograph cards I'm going to have a couple friends and family I might have like one Frank Thomas. Going to be like? One This is going to be a couple random. You know what? I'm saying tomorrow is an actual release. It's been a long time again, emails and people have been bugging me about it look I will be releasing my one of ten cal ripken cards tomorrow BGS Beckett authenticated. Gold Ben baller autograph cards with certificates. And the witness stickers for sixteen hundred dollars each. Yes. I lower the price low bit. So the collectors can have a little more. You know eating room they could eat a little more. Cower car came out. Fire is probably the best looking card at all the next to each euro. It is really amazing card. Sorry for those who bought the trout's early on and bought the other cards that didn't have the authenticating and the tickets are those are the ones a lot of money anyway. So I'm not trying to hear it. But yes, the Beckett certificates do help make up to you guys later for sure I don't know if it'd be when I signed an autograph a certain amount of tops chrome boxes, but I will also be releasing my one of fifty silver BBDO. Cal ripken autograph cards Those will be four, hundred dollars each and. You know what? I'm still signing the least amount of cards. For the most fair prices at all twenty artists in project twenty, twenty s no shade. Thornton. Partisan Twenty Twenty, a project one twenty. But I'm just letting you know tomorrow don't forget tomorrow is a autograph Release Day. I'm actually now soon as I, finish this, I am headed to the OC to beg headquarters to get all these cars indicated next week I'll be dropping rare super rare one of one series cards from previous drops I didn't have a one on one on and yet there's going to be one, Frank Thomas one-on-one Ricky WanNa run each euro. Each wasn't be crazy I might even say that for later but one on one blake collab- distant that whatever obviously authenticated with certificates, and at the same time, I'm going to be dropping the very rare dual autographed Blake, Jameson Mike Trout Bend Baud the blinkered I'm going to have five four sale of the Blake Jameson Mike Trump card K it's going to be a dual autograph. There will be five for sale my site, and there's GonNa be fired for sound blake black that means it's just going to go fast I the first legit dual autograph on the first and Only Tops Project Twenty Twenty collaboration card. I don't know the price yet. But I talked to Blake and I was like a, we gotta make it fair. GotTa. Make a reasonable I. Know is cool. You know let's make this. Cool. He's no offense man. You Know Blake's some prices high and he's he's eight. Cool. I'm just saying I want this to be cool. Went to be. A A good price so We went a few weeks cards and everything. You know actually more than a few weeks and I'm excited that the cows coming in Jeeter's shipping after that after the like I said man, they're gonNA start catching up and it's going to be fucking on and poppin people be happy projects back and everything right? I mean I'm doing good but I want everyone else to eat. Good. right now currently, my Tony. GWYNN card is available it's available only for like another twenty hours twenty hours if you're listening to this podcast in real time Twelve forty right now if you listen to somewhere around there but. I fucking love this Tony Greencard? Like feels just it was just so nice not to times keep a real clean like like the. Ichiro. So you'll get it because cards dope and my tops chrome said should be dropping at the end of this month if not for whatever reason worst case scenario, it'll be early September and I was told this is a only available on this will only be available on tops dot com. All right. So it is going to be. His a nightmare because people could make fucking thousands of dollars on on the fucking top my top chrome set and you know is I don't know what to say to you but I have some good news. Something special to tell you guys write little secret. There is a limited edition tops project twenty twenty secret project coming soon. K. and it's going to be limited. They're going to be numbered. It's going to be limited and It's not going to be a forty eight hour run and you don't have a print run high boom it'll be limited is going to sell out it'll be dope it a give people a chance back to make some bread and it's going to be fun. It's going to be something exciting and You know what? This going to entertain excitement I'm really excited to talk about this right now man I finally saw a fire s movie. Dish it was fucking lit all the way forest fire. To it was crazy is a Korean film. Don't worry about it. You can wash in subtitles and this movie came out in Korea maybe three years ago that came out here. Probably you know shortly after that but the movie is called the outlaws watch on Amazon prime. Favorite streaming choice when it comes to anything I don't Netflix's cool whenever I. Own Tunes I am strictly Amazon prime when it comes to streaming movies, but this movie that outlaws is about. These three immigrant Chinese gangsters. who come into the CD parts of Seoul and Ako and take other gangsters territory and they're just on some whole other. level. They like they're the most savage. Crazy mother fuckers I've ever seen in a cream movie. Ever these gangsters are totally relentless they ruthless. Like this movie stars the create the Real Korean Liam Neeson his name is Don Lee. fucker is for Real I couldn't think of anybody else like. Bruce Willis he's not like it's not Denzel. Just like this dude is a fucking fat. Older. Maybe in his early or mid fifties and night all he does Don Lee. All Don Lee does and every move he's in his kick ass as all he does is fuck shit up in every movie he's in. But this time in this movie, the outlaws he's playing a cop and. I'm telling you guys. You don't know savage until you watch Korean gangster movies. There's no that scarface when this putting the. Dude's head. Any Shit. That's that's chicken. Shit K.. motherfuckers again, they wigs push all the way back. Okay. Fools again, their hands and body parts chopped off with taxes. Que cree people do not fucking crazy. That's why there's something wrong with my brain everything right Crean's have remember cranes have no access to guns increase. There's no there's no guns there right. So they're always using sushi knives and axes and bats way more like just personal just. Way More Gory. This shit is meant crazy. Okay. Fuck. I try to watch it. Maybe four times in the few years maybe five or six. I just was like, Oh, I get distracted I. Put it back my watch list like I'm watch it boom. I am so fucking happy I watched this movie now. I should kick me up. I was so fired up and I've been telling you guys about cream films. Okay. You guys think that parasite was great like it was cool. It was it was a good movie. But. There's like a bunch of cool look. Parasite wouldn't even be my top ten Korean movies K. Saddam sleep on. Korean. Films Amazon primed that a bunch of them make sure you start with Chengdu then watch Chinga to watch sunflower watch or boy. There's even like little high school movies are Kyle. Do you know what I'm saying there's a Lotta Shit. This movie the outlaws is, I'm telling you man this shit is fucking crazy. Made Me Miss Korea and right now really missing Tokyo but it made me Miss Korea. So just random I went to the market yesterday to get Ryder some pringles. And Right now, writer Cayenne London artist for the longest time they love cheetos and before that it was ruffles Cheddar, sour cream or some shit. Out fucked flavors. But. Right now they're on pringles binge. They just love pringles. And I wanted to go to the market go do that it was hot as I'm wearing. Shorts. T shirt as CROCS and I had to go get that crack cocaine simply watermelon juice. panaceas. Excellent. Man. Man. God Damn. Seen it before I don't think that's good and then cut he had his house traditionally man Bro. Two glasses in front of me in ways I forget my wallet. Right. So I, get like a case of sprite from my wife I have A. White nectarines my favorite food next to Rainier Cherries my favorite fucking fruits at y. And I got the we bottles of fucking simply watermelon juice and I get some paper towels. And they get like five or six cylinders of pringles I get into the Lai social distancing where I'm ask boom I, get to the fuck confront do whatever, and I realized how Wallet Couldn't believe it because a while carrying now's really small and it's like a belt clip. So likes you don't lose it social prince pickpocketing just worry about having a at pocket also this shit and everything and the checker looked at me like your, how am I going to pay this and I'm like, Oh, I totally forgot about what you guys have apple pay and he looked at me like I was half a bitch in half a Bozo. Sorry man this has never happened before. Say you get you know like there's no digital he goes. No you could either pay by check or cash I'm like well, I don't have it. So I'm sorry. Okay. Fuck embarrassed. You know like some of the young get bags and stuff they look like they knew me they recognize me stuff. So I don't really go to this market that much. I go right outside and there's a wells Fargo. And I'm like Shit Wells. Fargo is one of the four banks I bank with. So I check my phone and I'm like, you know what? Let me see if there's something that's got to be something and they have this feature. called. No Card ATM at Wells Fargo now they might have. But I don't have an ATM. Card my other three banks because sooner. Or, any accountant. Anybody who has an accountant or or money manager or You know an account just any kind of CPR anything. I don't know what the fuck it is specially entertainment. They don't watch to have ATM card. The up credit card anything else they just want your ATM card to Your Business Account I don't know what the fuck it is anyways going on. Wells Fargo's only count that actually have ATM card. So they have this thing called no card atm I go to the APP and they give you an access code and then you type it into the fucking to the ATM. Initiate Works and I'm like, yeah why the Fuck Monica ATM ever again like there's no reason forever like I mean I'm never gonNA use ano- crazy specially someone who has a fucking the things that I do I just can't use in ATM? That is not my ATM. Like some people are like man, they just don't give a fuck the pay three are fee. Two dollar, whatever four dollar fee and use ATM's ran unless I'm out of the country. Cool. But I don't really need cash out of the country always bring cash. Like I don't understand how motherfuckers will. Drive. Five extra blocks. I'll drive enough agile fuck mile stop at a ATM to get cash when I need to go to wells. It's just weird anyway. Sorry I took her out and I went back and I got all my shit. It was like at the at the manager's desk and everything like yelling me get messed up boom and he's GonNa have to wait and I, doubt relaxed Bro, like do was really tightened again I wasn't tripping you know and fucking amazing. Super Convenient I was happy the checker apologized to me he's like Hey, I'm so sorry you know it's been a lousy look man you ain't got apologize to be do was old he's probably like late sixties he had. His name tag said Sophia. My Brando. Your name is Sophie whatever I don't know what do is gone through I said look man it's crazy ties that we're in right now super crazy times. So look don't even trip a no people are just excited fucking get you know just be working and just it's a blessing even have a job right now right? Speaking of jobs. Tonight at midnight. From the information I've read. Tonight at midnight. Uber and lift. Could be gone until November. Oh Shit gone till November. No. wycliffe. Just, show my age right there. You probably you. fucked. That is I was actually a big fucking song anyways imagined. And this is this is real because there's this lawsuit, right but the whole, fucking a uber lift. The driver's wannabe employees and they're like fuck that you guys are impedance contractors imagine three months. This is only in California. Three fucking months right now with no uber or lift like it'll only be and car service. That's really gonNA fuck some people up Bass GonNa fuck. Shit Up. It's going to be really fucked up for people for. Real. And this ain't a joke does I'm being dead serious I. would never say something like this just a nonchalantly not it at all. Uber lift were being there being sued corporation in California and the drivers of these rideshare companies they wanna be recognized as employees. They will benefit something they wanna be employees. They don't want to be independent contractors. I don't know exactly why didn't pay attention but have been hearing this been going on for a while and the thing is they're fighting for but now what the fuck you GonNa do like you're gonNA fight I mean I guess you know sit it out and some people can't I feel bad for some of my friends parents 'cause my boy peter his his parents try fucking Uber at nighttime for a living. is just crazy. I don't know man. But it just wants makes me bring this up before we get out of you look just remember. All, the protesting all the riding, the bickering, the fighting, standing up for your rights. You know all the people that were killed, George Floyd everything beyond Taylor all that Shit. Okay. All this civil unrest in our country. All. This shit. is to nothing is means nothing. Everything, you guys did all the fucking protests all the everything marching out there fighting, going crazy fucking tweeting, posting, Shit and everything all that shit means nothing. If you don't go out there and vote. And it really means nothing if in fucking on January thirteenth trump doesn't leave the white. House Okay If trump wins. All, this shit that you guys did that we did everyone did was pretty much for nothing. I. The people have to go out there and speak. Show up show out. Vote stand up for your mother fucking selfs Co out there and fucking vote man. Okay you need to show up. Show Up. The mother fucking Lakers need to shop tonight they need to do that shit tonight I'm not fucking playing. Man. You'll. That is it for episode one, eight love you guys man please make sure you are subscribing to behind the baller. Tell. Three friends about the show Tom Subscribe. The show gets better when we get more people were listeners, me get hyped more giveaways and actually you know it's been a minute. Don't give away this weekend. Don't forget you'll get Tony Green Card don't forget autographs job in tomorrow you'll my guy ll. Lake Lake, please take us the fuck Outta here. Bro You'll route y'all piece.

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