Synagogue shooting and mail bomb suspects are in court as white house denies Trump fans flames of hatred; Analyst: Online forum "An absolute cesspool" of extremism; synagogue suspect posted deadly intentions on website; Synagogue shooting and mail bomb s


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There's new information about the extremist website described as a cesspool where he signalled his intentions. Intercepted bomb. Another apparent pipe bomb is found in the mail. This time sent directly to CNN headquarters in Atlanta. It's similar to fourteen others allegedly sent by extremist Trump supporter who made his first appearance in federal court today fanning the flames the White House angrily denies that. The president shares any measure of responsibility for provoking the Pittsburgh massacre or the package bonds, but is his incendiary rhetoric fanning the flames of hatred and bordering on esscalation. The president uses the term invasion in connection with the would-be immigrants and is sending five thousand active duty. Troops in the southern border. What are they guarding against? You're in the situation room. With the nation rocked to its core by Saturday's massacre of Jewish worshippers in Pittsburgh, and the mailing of more than a dozen pipebombs two top Democrats and critics of President Trump two suspects made initial court appearances today, even as the White House, ignores the president's latest inflammatory rhetoric and denies that. He's anyway, stirring up hatred and violence off speak with congressman Mike Doyle who represents the Pittsburgh area where the synagogue attack took place and our correspondents have specialists are standing by with full coverage. Let's begin with C N N's Brian Todd and the investigation into the mass murder at the Pittsburgh synagogue, Brian. What is the latest? Well, if we have new information tonight on the alleged shooter's social media rance in the days and even in the minutes leading up to the massacre, and we've learned that federal prosecutors have initiated the process to seek the death penalty for the suspect who made his first appearance in court today. Entering court in a wheelchair wearing a blue shirt handcuffed, the accused synagogue shooter Robert Bowers who was shot by police, but is now out of the hospital appeared before a federal judge in Pittsburgh tonight. He's behind bars. Prosecutors say Bowers is a flight risk and a danger to the community. We will have the opportunity to present. Evidence demonstrating the Robert Bowers murdered eleven people who are exercising. Their religious beliefs and he shot or injured six others, including four of whom were police officers responding to the shooting Bowers faces twenty nine federal charges, some of them punishable by death rest assured, we have a team of prosecutors working hard to ensure that Justice is done. Authorities say the Forty-six year old Bowers opened fire inside the tree of life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Saturday during Chabad services using a ar fifteen semi automatic rifle and three Glock handguns. Clark just minutes before storming the building Bowers posted a social media message saying, quote, I can't sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics. I'm going in. He posted that message on gab a social media platform, which bills itself as a free speech alternative to Twitter and Facebook a platform established in two thousand sixteen that's been closely tracked by anti hate groups like the southern poverty Law Center gab is a cesspool of hate some of the ugliest stuff out there on the web. And it's because gab is kind of the wild wild west lots of antisemites, lots of racist. Lots of very hard and bigots have flocked to it. Gab denies supporting violence and says it contacted the FBI in the wake of the shooting. Meanwhile, a new and terrifying account from inside the synagogue during the massacre rabbi Jeffrey Meyers seen here removing the Torah from the synagogue today. Says shortly after the shooting began he instructed people in his sanctuary to get down on the floor and hide between the solid oak. Pews? He says he was able to help some people in the front of the sanctuary get two exits or closets, but the people hiding in the back area of the sanctuary. He says we're exposed I turn back to see if I could hope the remaining eight people in the back of my congregation. At that time. I could hear the gunfire getting louder. It was no longer safe for me to be there. And I had to leave them one of the eight was shot and she's survived her her wounds, the others seven of my congregants were gunned down in my sanctuary. There was nothing I could do. Now rabbi Myra says President Trump who plans to go to Pittsburgh tomorrow is always welcome there. But the president's visit has caused a split among leaders of the tree of life synagogue, a former president of that synagogue Lynette Liederman says the president is not welcome in Pittsburgh. She calls him, quote, a purveyor of hate speech, which White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders has denied wolf Brian Todd reporting. Thank you very much. Also appearing in court for the first time today Caesar sack, the Florida man accused of mailing a series of pipebombs, the leading Democrats and critics of President Trump another device address to CNN directly in Atlanta was discovered today at a nearby post office, our crime and Justice reporters Shimon broke up as is joining us right off first of all what can you tell us about this latest package, and apparently a hit list of others that were on this guys, you know, desire to go after that's exactly right. They were on his desire. These are people that certainly had law enforcement in the FBI not stopped him, probably would've. Received these packages. It's a list of oh, some have told me is in the hundreds some of the names of repeated on this list, and there are names of from Meteo folks to entertainment folks to public figures and political figures, so there's a whole range of people that are on this list. The FBI today was reaching out to people that are on this list. Just to give them a heads up. Hey, you know, your name was on this list? But you know, law enforcement sources, I've been talking to are stressing that there's really no threat for these folks that out of abundance of caution never reaching out to them letting them know you're on this list. But you know, everyone is breathing a sigh of relief they hope that by stopping him and ends it. They don't know for sure that there won't be other packages that will be received by others. So that is why they have notified the people on this list to safe you do get anything a watch out. And certainly that is a concern and the other package, obviously was the one that was sent to Atlanta today. It's exactly the same thing as we've seen in the other pack. Ages that was received this morning at a post office in Atlanta and the bomb squad. There is dealing with it. They took it it's safe, and it's going to be in the custody of the FBI. And they'll probably, you know, we'll be additional charges that sack sack will likely face addressed directly to see it was who are Lanta headquarters. Yeah. It says it on the package it says CNN atlano. And certainly, you know, it's good that everyone is aware people are being cautious about this. And they're aware about the that this may come in the mail, certainly at all the post offices. So they're they're keeping an eye. No one has stopped looking. There is still concern wolf, obviously that there could be other packages. The suspect have to say for himself when he appeared in this federal court today. So he, you know, he was visibly emotional. There were tears in his eyes. He didn't speak much, you know, his attorney did speak after court so that he's represented him before. And usually what you would hear from these attorneys. He's he's innocent until proven guilty of. But, sir. No one expected him to to say anything. We'll see he's going to have another court date soon. This one will be in New York, which is leading this case, which is overseeing this case southern district of New York. He's going to have future court appearances, you'll likely be indicted on he'll he could face a lot of new charges. So so we'll see what happens there in New York. We'll all right. Thanks very much for that Shema pro Capellas with the nation stunned by the latest violence. President Trump is keeping up perhaps even stepping up his inflammatory rhetoric. Let's go to our chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta for the very latest on that front. Jim. That's right wolf through White House says the president and first lady will travel to Pittsburgh Tamar to remember the victims of the tree of life synagogue massacre. But the White House is offering no apologies. No regrets for the president's rhetoric after he once again referred to the press in this country as the enemy of the people. With his own incendiary rhetoric under a microscope. President Trump will visit Pittsburgh Tuesday and come face to face with a community that is divided over his beer presence. After the mass shooting at the tree of life. Synagogue, the American people reject hatred, bigotry, prejudice and violence. White house. Press secretary, Sarah Sanders, angrily pushed back on any notion that the president's tendency to rip into his adversaries had anything to do with the carnage in Pittsburgh or the bomb sent a democratic politicians and CNN over the last week the latest package to CNN discovered today. Very first thing that the president. Did was condemned the attacks both in Pittsburgh. And in the pipebombs, the very first thing the media did was blame the president and make him responsible for these ridiculous acts. That's not true CNN was covering the details of the investigation into the pipebombs when we were forced to evacuate our newsroom after one of the bombs was delivered to our offices. But the president is hardly toning down his act once again tearing into the caravan of. Of migrants heading to the border tweeting. This is an invasion of our country. And our military is waiting for you gunman Robert Bowers had also seized on the caravan before he shot up a synagogue writing in a social media post. I have noticed a change in people saying illegal said now say invaders I like this the Hebrew immigrant aid society likes to bring an invaders that kill our people. There's no question that the toxic environment that we're now in of hate speech has not been helped by the president's words. Absolutely not about the caravan about refugees about Muslims. This has to come to an end, the president has also gone back to blaming the media tweeting the fake news media. The true enemy of the people must stop the open and obvious hostility. And report the news accurately and fairly that will do much to put out the flame. But the White House declined to say, which outlets it deems to be the enemy can you state for the record of which outlets that you? President over Dard as the enemy of people. I'm not gonna walk through a list. But I think those individuals probably know who they are that include my outlet wish received. -sarily specific to general broad generalization of a full outlet at times. I think there's individuals that the president would be referencing. Even after Sanders defender, the president's use of the terms enemy of the people in fake news. She falsely stated Mr. Trump's margin in the twenty sixteen election got elected by an overwhelming majority of sixty three million Americans who came out and supported him in wanted to see his policies enacted. But here's a reality. Check the president lost the popular vote in two thousand sixteen by three million votes. And as the media, blaming the president for Pittsburgh, and the pipebombs the press has reported on the suspects in both cases, but news outlets. Have also noted the concern growing concern coming from all sides of the political spectrum. The president's rhetoric has gotten out of hand reading a climate where potentially violence can happen words matter. We'll all right. Jim Acosta reporting for us. Thank you very much. Joining us now, congressman Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania district includes that Pittsburgh area, where the synagogue is located congressman our hearts, go out to all of all your entire community over there. And all all of the people impact first of all how is the community holding up right now. Well, thank you for that wolf, and I can tell you that squirrel hill and the Pittsburgh community is a a very resilient bunch. This is a this is a great neighborhood in Pittsburgh where people of all races, all religions. Live together and something like this is just unimaginable. But they're strong hearted people. And when something like this happens, they come together, and they support one another and the entire Pittsburgh community has been supportive. We had a vigil last night that over five thousand people while you couldn't fit them all in the soldiers and sailors hall where it was and we heard not only from the three rabbis who were directly their congregations directly affected. But by people from every every faith tradition in the Pittsburgh area, offering support it was a an emotional night. But it was an inspiring night. And the rabbi that that said at the best from tree of life synagogue, is that hate has no no place in Pittsburgh, some Jewish. We're going to get through it. Yeah. I I'm sure you will. And you have a terrific Jewish community. Terrific community in Pittsburgh to begin with. Some Jewish leaders are openly saying now in Pittsburgh that they don't want a presidential visit tomorrow. What do you say? Do you want President Trump to come to your congressional district and speak? Well, I think the focus should be on on the families tomorrow nine families are going to bury eleven people. And I know where my focus is tomorrow. It's going to be at those services. I'll be attending one of them. I think that's where the focus of most Pittsburghers, are I want whatever the families want whatever the congregation wants this is this is about them. It's not about the president or anybody else. It's about those families who have lost loved ones and our morning, and if they want the president there, then that's fine with me, but it should be their decision. Not anyone else's. What would you like to hear publicly from the president? Well, the president has the largest megaphone in the country. Any should use it to help unite the country? And unfortunately, that's not what he does. I think if this is going to stop the example should start at the top. And if the president would start using his megaphone to help unite Americans, maybe that would become contagious instead of the the sort of things that we've been seeing recently in this country on down. This is happened in racists in our state in Pennsylvania where a candidate for the governor of our state has talked about stepping on another candidates face with golf spikes. What what makes people speak like this in in in the public discourse that are running for high political offices. It's just not acceptable. And everybody needs to look in the mirror and ask themselves. What are they doing to put an end to this? I think the responsibility starts at the top that it goes all the way down to every every American. I think you're right. Do you think the federal government congressman is prepared to deal with this clear increase this a dramatic rise in domestic right wing terrorism, especially directed at the Jewish community. I think this is horrific and there has been a spike. The Jewish community here in Pittsburgh is is just in shock. We're all in shock over this. I think we need to start the, you know, we monitor some of these hate sites like this particular one that that. The the shooter was on. And when you combine that kind of of speech on a hate site with the fact that this gentleman owned Twenty-one weapons there should be a red flag that goes up about that person. Like that should get a visit. I just think that we need to to be more vigilant and more aware all of us as citizens that when we see someone who speaks this way or exhibits that kind of behavior or we see a posting on a website or on any social media. It's everyone's responsibility to report that if somebody says something threatening or hateful that that we should know about it. And I think it's all of our responsibility as people on social media to say something when we see it in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. Congressman the president suggested the massacre could have been prevented if the synagogue had better security. What's your reaction to those remarks? This shooter shot four police officers to patrolman in to swat officers. These were highly trained individuals with weapons in the swat teams case with with a weapons that were even more so than you'd see on any normal security. The officer the idea that the answer for our country is to arm everybody. I think is ridiculous. I don't think any Pittsburgh wants the armed security, and their churches or synagogues, and and you could speak to the congregates at the tree of life synagogue and asked them with they think, but I think the suggestion that the answer to this is to arm everybody in the country doesn't make sense, whether it's a schoolteacher or whether it's people in our churches, I think the answer is at when you see mass shootings, why do Americans why two civilians have access to military style weapons whose only purpose is to kill lots of people quickly. That's what a are fifteen does. And if you want to solve some of the problems of mass shootings, then let's take these kinds of weapons out of the hands of civilians. I understand congressman you have a personal connection to do two of the people that were lost in the shooting cease, David Rosenthal. I'd like to give you a chance to. Speak to speak a little bit about those victims what it means to you into your community. Well, I I want to be clear, I didn't know that two brothers personally. I know their sister who is a friend of mine and someone I've known for a long long time. And I was with her briefly at the scene when this first happened before we knew what exactly it had happened to all of the people inside. And as it turns out. Unfortunately, she lost both of her brother. So it's it's it's it's her that is that is a friend and an acquaintance in at that. I've known a long time. And and that's the service. I'll be attending tomorrow to pay my respects and to to to give her a hug and tell her how sorry I am that this happened in her family, please pass along our deepest deepest condolences to the family. Congressman may they rest in peace that is so so sad. Thank you so much for joining us. Thanks wolf up next new information emerging about the extremists website described as a cesspool where the accused synagogue shooter signalled his intentions and President Trump will visit Pittsburgh as the city is gripped by grief and horror in the wake of the synagogue massacre will visit help or hurt. You know, what's not smart job sites that overwhelm you with tons of the wrong resumes. But you know, what is smart ZipRecruiter dot com slash out front. Unlike other job sites, ZipRecruiter doesn't wait for candidates to find you ZipRecruiter finds them for you. It's powerful matching. Technology scans thousands of resumes identifies people with the right skills education and experience for your job. And actively invites them to apply. So you get qualified candidates fast. No, more sorting through the wrong resumes. No more waiting for the right candidates to apply. It's no wonder that ZipRecruiter is rated number one by employers in the US. This rating comes from hiring sites on trust pilot with over a thousand reviews and right now listeners can try ZipRecruiter for free at this exclusive web address ZipRecruiter dot com slash out front. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash. Oh, you T F R O N T ZipRecruiter dot com slash out front ziprecrui. Router this smart way to hire. The gunman held for the massacre of eleven Jewish worshippers appeared in court today facing federal murder and hate crime charges, even as we learn more about the extremists website. He frequented our senior investigative correspondent drew Griffin has been digging into that a drill. What are you learning? He seems to be a loner in real life. But online he was a very strong racist who heading home at one particular website wolf. Just before thirty say he entered the synagogue that killed eleven jus the killer posted his intentions online. I can't sit by and watch. My people get slaughtered. He posted screw your optics. I'm going in. Where was that on a social media site? You most likely never heard of. But it turns out gab dot com has become an online home for those who love to hate. What you find is this an absolute cesspool of the most vile commentary that you can find extreme misogyny, antisemitism racism. There are thousands and thousands of people on there who trade in the ugliest propaganda that mankind can create gab is currently not operating. An online statement says the company has spent the past forty eight hours proudly working with the DOJ and if the eye to bring Justice to an alleged terrorist until now the site is put few restrictions on its users warmer company official told CNN gab does ban users who call for violence child porn or drug trafficking. Ng, but not hate speech. According to the site itself, gaps mission is a very simple defend free speech and individual liberty for all people on Saturday evening after the shooting. Gab users were calling the shooter a hero on its website gab says it's the alleged shooter who holds so responsibility for his actions when CNN tried to get reaction from gap on why the suspects profile had been altered after his arrest. Gab tweeted, you have our statement deal with it. Southern poverty Law Center said it's no surprise to anyone. The shooter's online home was gap. It was the first place that we've looked actually the suspect posted about the infestation of Jews. He reposted calls for Jews to get out or leave. He promoted a conspiracy theory that it is Jews helping transport migrants and the migrant caravans in Central America repeatedly calling those migrants invaders using language common on right wing, TV and radio. He linked the Hebrew immigration aid society highest an organization that helps resettle refugees to those caravans highest legs to bring in invaders that kill our people he posted on Saturday morning when he wrote I'm going in. He was going into a synagogue that hosted a highest service just a week before. And wolf and Anti-Defamation League study released just this year found a staggering expansion of online harassment coincided with the increased in offline anti-semitism the study specifically pointing of fringe internet communities, including gab wolf were anti-semitism messages begin and quickly spread to the mainstream. We'll horrendous situation. Indeed. All right, drew. Thank you drew Griffin. Reporting coming up, the White House angrily denies it. But was the Pittsburgh synagogue gunman? Inspired it anyway by the president's incendiary rhetoric and with the massacre of Jewish worshippers and the mailing of pipebombs are hate crimes and extremism on the rise right here in the United States. Stay with us. You're in the situation. Tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. 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Let's talk about all of this with our analysts and larger I one of the federal investigators and you cover the Justice department for us looking into right now as they try to figure out what motivated this gun. Well, this is really a case. Like, so many we've seen where the warning signs are truly hiding in plain sight tonight, investigators are reviewing surveillance camera footage, they're conducting witness interviews, but they're also scrubbing social media in particular, the suspect here Robert Bowers Headey robust account on gab dot com, which is described as a cesspool of rants for places or people who were kicked off of Facebook and Twitter, and he had a number of anticipate rans on the page, including rants about a Jewish resettlement organization trying to transport members of the migrant caravan that we've heard so much about such a night. Investigators are truly trying to compile a pitcher of this man's motivations. Phil mudd. What stage is this investigation in right now? It might look simple cut and dry. He's the man is obviously out of the hospital, I gather he's at custody. See might say, let's walkway, and you know, move on. I would disagree with that. This is not that simple. If you look. At this situation. You not only have the subject you have the question about whether there are people around him where either sympathetic. That's interviews. And there should be interviews going on right now, for example with people who were communicating with him on social media, or if he had had French we're talking, but there's a secondary question. It's really tough to get at regardless of whether they supported this particular act is there a group of people out there who share his views in may themselves generate another plot. So getting that second order are there. People around him. I think is a lot tougher than this. First question of what motivated this guy, you know, Gloria the White House is strongly pushing back on this suggestion that the shooter was motivated at least in part inspired by the president's angry rhetoric. And we know that the president always often comes up with some pretty angry rhetoric in his final post on an extremist websites that we've been pointing it out all day, the shooter echoed a lot of what we hear from conservative media outlets, including Fox News. Here's just a sampling of the past few. Days caravan. It's an invasion wrought coverage of this invading horde literally marching to the US in what would be a mass, invasion, invasion, doesn't look like a family reunion on your way out. You can tell the Democrats George Soros and the angry mob. That's coming here. You either come the right way. Like everyone else or be ready to face the military and a one-way ticket back to where you came from Gloria, I'm going to show our viewers oppose this is six days for the shooting from from what he said, I have noticed the change in people say illegals that no say invaders I like this. So this whole notion of an invasion is something he might, you know, this is like a game of telephone some perverted game of telephone to be quite honest about it. I mean, the president himself even tweeted on the caravan using using the word invasion saying this is an invasion of our country and our military. Is waiting for you, of course, threatening. And then you have you have the shooter saying, I like this you have this parodied on on Fox News. And felt look you're not going to draw a straight line between a and b here. I mean, feel you know, more about this than anybody. But you take a look at everything you take a look at the general conversation. And and the shooter is like I've noticed a change. And you know, I like this. Well, suddenly, they're invaders. Suddenly, the military is going to be there, suddenly their hordes is, you know, gene Perez said, and it goes it goes on and on and it's a bad game of telephone very dangerous. You point out the president tweeted today once again, this is an invasion of our country is the word invasion, and our military is waiting for you, as, you know, Chris there seems to be sort of a revolving door Fox News, the White House, the president clearly spends a lot of boat executive time. Watching Fox News. What's your? No. Well, I mean, I think a couple of things one we don't know him all that often because he's very low profile. But remember the Bill shine was one of the highest ranking members of the Fox News channel network is now installed exact that'll be effectively communications advisor through the president United States, not own important thing. Isn't it? Brian Stelter, our colleague has pointed this out Donald Trump, particularly on Twitter. But but generally speaking AXA lot more like what we've come to associate with a conservative talk show host. Then he does a president of the United States. So in in some ways, I'm not terribly surprised because to glorious point it's sort of a chicken and the egg did Donald Trump come up with it. Did he watch Janine Pierrot? Did he watch Hannity? I mean, it it's this sort of constant vicious circle that I think for the most part Donald Trump is doing not necessarily because he believes because he, but because he knows it works politically speaking, the problem is. Is there's lots and lots of people out there who are hearing this and are inspired motivated listening who don't know that Donald Trump is doing this to rally his base people. Come Donald Trump, really hates the media. I said let me talk right there. I don't think the media. He loves the media. He consumes more media. He knows our names. He knows what we right. He knows stories. We've written good and bad about him. He goes what we've said on television about him. This is a shick. He is doing this because it works for him politically. But people don't know that and they say and do things as we've seen that the lay it down from feet, but these are these are impacts from the way in which you conduct and it's you know, I don't think he really has ever understood the job of the presidents of president. So you know, he his job. Sure, he's campaigning wants to win election, etc. Etc. But his job is not to divide after something after something like this occurs or to inspire something like this. Which again, we can't draw a line from AB, but we do know. No, the president's language, and we hear the president's language. And when there are, you know, there are pipebombs that are being sent to members of the media. And we are the enemy of the people. It's hard not to say, wait a minute. What's the connection? So that the the true and true enemy of the people. Everybody's stick around. There's a lot more. We'll be right back. Hey, Howard Beck. And I've got Sam amick of the Lennick on Bleacher reports the full forty eight Lakers for me would be the panic side on the negative and then positive wise. I think Denver looking good as they do, you know, his than tremendous fun to watch. You know, you'll get your star. You wrote the definitive piece on in last season. And I love everything they have to inform. So check out the full forty eight now on the Bleacher report app, apple podcasts and Spotify. We're back with our reporters and our analysts and Phil take a look at this graphic antisemitic incidents in the United States over the last decade. There's always been incidence, but there's been a dramatic spank over the past year or so the US law enforced, but they got to deal with them. They do and let me tell you why this is difficult in the past. When when I used to be in the business, you could face an organization that had a central locus you'd go back. They all Qaeda organisation, the problem, you see with some of the groups you're talking about today's fragmentation. You can't go after a thousand groups who have ten members and ensure that you can penetrate everyone of once you find them at their significant. They want recruits we could get into when I was at the FBI those organizations, but with that kind of fragmentation you can't follow everyone in the second thought I'd offers once they get on social media and find somebody to states away that validates their views. The likelihood they become more extreme increases. You can't follow all these people know allure a few years ago. The department of Justice publicly announced that they would renew and have a stronger focus on what they call. Mystic terrorism. Is that still the case? Officials at the Justice department wolf would tell you that prosecuting height hate crimes remains a serious and significant priority. But the issue is these are tough cases to make it is not every day that you have a suspect like the one we have in Pittsburgh who actually announces at the scene of the crime that he's there and he intends to kill the group at issue. And so even though there's a statute on the books and people are using it about fifty cases. India defendants have happened since January of two thousand seventeen but these are hard very difficult cases to make wolf Gloria. I wanted to get back to this. Because it's so significant I know over the past year even longer so many people have gone to the president friends of his supporters of his high level people and pleaded with him stop calling the media the enemy of the people, but he refuses to do. So. And it's hard to understand why. Well, I think the reason why is that he has to have an enemy. He always has to have an enemy mean Donald Trump likes to say he. Punches back. And so he has to presume that somebody is punching at him without any good reason. And so even today at eight oh three in the morning. He said, you know, the fake news media true enemy. The people must stop the open and obvious has still early to home that would be him. And report the news accurately and fairly that will do much to put out the flame. Well, let's talk about the flame. And where the flame comes from. You know, this is Donald Trump once again, just setting up a boogeyman over there and saying this is the thing that I got I got a punch hat and an I'm president. So I can I can do it. Chris doesn't the understand that this can inflame that this will endanger journalists of their because there some fanatics who will listen to him. Well, if they're the enemy, we gotta do something about does. He understand that. Yeah. I think he does. I just don't think it's the the primary concern in his mind. I think the primary concern in his mind is partly. Exactly what Gloria said, which is he needs. He needs a faux always has and partly because he knows it has worked for him since the start. I mean, if you look you want to look for a consistent strain in what Donald Trump believes from January June twenty fifth until today. His anti media rhetoric is one of the only things that has always been out there, then the point to make wolf I think is every president prior to Donald Trump. They many of them failed in this attempt. But they had I think a fundamental belief that the White House, and the presidency is a position of moral leadership that it is incumbent upon you to try to take the high road. Now, Nixon Bill I understand people on Twitter that it does. They don't always meet that. But there was a sense at the presidency meant that it can noted that you try that Donald Trump has no such there's no moral authority that he views he needs to live up to. He does what is good for him? And he doesn't do what is bad for everybody. Everybody standby. There's more news. We're following including there's new information on the search for what caused an airliner with one hundred eighty nine people aboard to plunge into the ocean killing every. Joining this week Mark van three to five Kentucky head coach John Calipari in November. I want us to look like it's November. I don't wanna look like it's January February you get no growth. So we want to have that. So by the time we finish in March. We're playing best. It's what I try to do every year with my. Marksman is three sixty five now at apple podcasts. And spotify. Investigators are trying to determine the cause of a deadly airliner crash all one hundred eighty nine people aboard a lion. Air jet died when the plane went into the ocean shortly after taking off this morning from Jakarta in Indonesia, our senior tournament correspondent Ivan Watson is in Jakarta for so Ivan what happened. This is a fatal mystery how come a brand new Boeing seven three seven belonging to a a low budget Indonesian airline tumbled out of the sky shortly after take-off with one hundred eighty nine crew members and passengers on board. On the surface of the Java seen pieces of what's left to fly in air flight, six ten rescuers. Divers now searching around the clock for the flight data recorder or black box and fuselage of the doomed plane the aircraft crashed Monday morning, just minutes after takeoff with one hundred eighty nine passengers and crew on board. Indonesian authorities say they have little hope finding any survivors. Mike prediction is no one survived because we only manage to retrieve body. Parts of incomplete. It was supposed to be a routine domestic flight of about an hour from Jakarta to puggle Pinot, but thirteen minutes after take off the captain requested to return to the airport moments later, the brand new Boeing seven three seven disappeared from radar technical issues with the plane were reported the night before but the airline CEO said engineers repaired, the problem and determined the plane was ready to fly Indonesia's, President visited relatives of passengers and ordered an investigation into the mystery of why a brand new plane tumbled out of the sky. So shortly after liftoff so wolf authorities say that they do not see any signs of burns or some kind of explosion on the debris. They pulled out of the Java sea. As far. Meanwhile, the relatives of the hundred eighty nine passengers and crew they are in this agonizing vigil. I talked to a fourteen year old girl whose mother was on the plane. She told me that her mom was very kind person. And she doesn't understand why this happened, and perhaps that's God's way wolf awful situation. All right, Ivan. Thank you very much Ivan wanted in Jakarta for us coming up as the nation is rocked by the massacre of Jewish worshippers of the mailing of pipebombs. The CNN critics of President Trump two suspects make court appearances today while the White House denies the president's volatile rhetoric is fanning the flames. So many people around the world, depend on CNN's quality reporting. And now they have an incredible online store we've clothes gear and gadgets right now, you can get fifteen percent off your purchase. Just visit store dot CNN dot com. And when you're checking out into the code CNN podcast, just one word can get a fifteen percent discount. It's that simple. That store dot C. N N dot com. 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