Drew Carey


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You're listening to Maltin on movies at our guest. Today is drew Carey the famous movie star. That's right when you think movie producer Drew Carey. We see a lot of movies right He. I watched release actually we. That's the interesting to get on the show. I think it's a movie right in classes. have that's even more impressive yeah elaborated Robert McKee type. That's exactly yeah well. I think he agrees with me. See My favorite movie of All Times. I read save the cat. Learn well honestly honestly we have friends over and watching movies. I'll go. I'll go save the cat moment way to Lord it over people when that's very very effective if you can't hold it over someone else there's always kept that moment like always so funny. Well see my favorite movie of All Time Is Casa Blanca and I believe that's rubbermaid McKee use his role model for the perfect screenplay which it is it is of course perfectly executed to it's Chris did you did you see the the inside Louis Davis Short so that made me laugh like the whole movie because I already heard about the cat thing and I perused the book and because my friends install me about it and in that movie not the spoil it for you but he he such a sad sack and the movie like everything this character touches turns the disaster and the the joy the movie is watching everything he does turn to crap and blow up in his face. He does nothing right the home of including killing a cat he peed. There's a cat that's a pet of somebody's crashing on the couch and he opens the door to the apartment. The cat runs out. He can't find the cat he lost the cat and then he finds of cat that looks just like it turns out to be their cat and then he ends up leaving in a car in the frozen winter on the side of the road with a dead John Goodman and the cat just is in the car and I was laughing because I was like there's no reason in the world for a cat to be in this movie like at the book and they thought were the thing yeah. Those guys are smart enough hip enough. They knew about that thing like we'll have this kill the cat an actual cat. Why did did you take a screenwriting course I was I was interested in all that stuff and plus? I wrote on the drew Carey. Show all the time and sitcoms are different but a lot of it translates as you know we still have three ex structure and some big ten. It's like awfully well nowadays. You don't assume that absolutely at all no that's the goal bets are off now. I think the television is like an golden age right now it is we were we were teasing because we had <hes> as our guessed a couple of weeks ago Tracy Nelson Ricky Nelson's daughter and Ozzy and Harriet Grand WWLTV it's Rick Nelson now I said yes I am that shows how old I am calling them. Ricky Mr Nels Nelson minus the joke used to be mad magazine even made a joke out of this once upon a time that the T._V. Guide log line for an episode of Ozzy Inherit would be ozzy loses a button off his cardigan sweater. I mean there's no be story or see the story. There are no subplot find the button. That's the suspense. You don't know you don't know for you have to create a problem for the main character solve the problem in the button. Now one of the things that I so admire about you. Drew is your breadth of experience and your breadth of interest. You're interested in so many things that's just because I'm alive and I don't want you know well but see there. You are aware not everyone feels the need to all the Laura yes. You got good friends. Just I think my dad especially see I I am of the age where I grew up. Where drew Carey show was one of the biggest things that existed and watching Mimi of course yes I went that will be me when I grow up all that I wanted? It's all that I wanted in life. I was a combo of Mimi and miss piggy and I think I have achieved it and I'm okay with it a very strong independent character actually a for me it was the ensemble was the outfits ridiculous I mean she didn't she loved it. She gave no cares at all. You could say shit. It's all right. No I'M NOT GONNA. You're safe in front of my dad. I know I don't want to over the podcast go so but I I I got really excited and I was truly impressed. When last Sunday my wife and I happened to attend a flea market and I found this yeah a drew carey dull yes and there's right? I love this box. The way that clearly there's someone wasn't raised by someone like my dad where I do not touch anything in a basement exactly shelf and not in a plastic container. That's where we're collecting do not well. The Marine Condo book didn't come out. They said they said that flea markets and shops like crossroads all the secondhand. They have more than they've ever salvation army more free condo mania. People people are getting rid of stuff. Yes you also get a cup in a briefcase well. That's the whole thing that's no. It's not that's a big deal you have. It's a briefcase full of sad the case funny it doesn't list that on here well carry show stars television's comedy sensation. That's you carry an every guy in quotes struggling to stay financially and romantically frantically afloat in the unpredictable nineties all of us Br Bruce Helford the guy that the brains behind the drew Carey show when we created it <hes> and was the show runner for many years he when we pitched the show he would call me a happy sack. You know other people like mope when something happens and drew's like Oh yeah let these isn't paying the fence with these guys fund. That was actually one of my <hes> you know <hes> Sam Sam Christensen. He's a really well known acting coach. He passed away recently real sadly and really influential and he he had a up in Burbank and they're just now like selling off you need microphones or chairs sell off Paulista from his acting studio but he did a workshop. That was really influential for me where you would go for it was four days and you went four Wednesdays or a weekend once a month and I went on the weekend and you would it was the first thing I just really do so you would sit down and <hes> with about ten P._G.'s like ten people there in the class and you would get up front and not say a word and everybody would like a clipboard with adjectives on it and would say things like us smart stupid sexy evil cuddly whatever and people would check off anything they thought apply to you just by looking at you and you say a word and then they would take turns going up to the front and you would say hi my name's Leonard and and let me tell you about something I love and then you talk for a minute about something you love whether it's movies or you know your life or health or your car. Whatever and then people would write down on a piece of paper a word or phrase about you anonymously so you never knew who was writing what so they would write right stuff like you know I'd I'd love to have coffee with her or keep her away from my husband? You know that's my that sounds like my best friend or she be good boss or whatever and <hes> and at the end of the four days you would get get this list of he called him essences and they were like usually six to eight things about you that described you and only you and it's stuff that you could really never hide about yourself and if you embrace embrace these things you would not seem like you were acting acting because they were such true things to yourself and then he would also talk about your young men and Joseph Cambell myths that you carry with you so mike two big ones are duty and privilege <hes> I found out so and it drew Carey show as always my duty he deceive the company or helpings out <hes> and the privilege part was hey. I did all this work whereas my parking space how come you don't get a raise. You know that kind of thing and that's really describes me perfectly but anyway one of my essences. Mrs Is cheap painting. The fence with those guys is really fun like I got talked into it so that's like my happy sec part so bruce nailed it but he just that was just another way of putting it well but I would take that as a huge compliment compliment though yeah it is but you know what I I started to try to get T._V.. Shows and stuff like people would tell me Oh you're in every every man just like it said of the box and every guy yeah sorry a phrase a term. I've never heard before that you shouldn't hear it anyway and they were like a regular guy from the Midwest and which is not exactly true my joke in my acknowledged. I'm a regular guy. My Wardrobe lady puts my pants leg at a time like everybody that's great. I like that that's the the better description of me. That's the duty and privilege part one so <hes> yeah this <hes> was. I talked oh so they would tell me you're in every man in which is too broad because what is that but after I took its course I was able to put it into a specific. You know strong's anybody with a strong sense of duty I can do live in one of my other. Ones was <hes> I do the best I can with what I got another. One I had was <hes>. Excuse me I'm looking for the exit so if you could imagine doing up a breakup scene with somebody or a love scene with somebody like that and you're going to do it with excuse me I'm looking for the exited my head that would that would color everything you said to the other the other actor and everything you felt in that moment and it wouldn't seem like you're acting because you'd be coming from that place instead of another place where like instead of them out the door. which is not what I would do? I mean I would but that that's not one of my essences. That's always there how interesting it's all very interesting. I've never studied acting and <hes> or even attended an acting class <hes> but I find all this kind of stuff really intriguing yeah like if you want a for the listener if you want to get an idea of what kind of roles you could play it movies. <hes> same Christopherson came up with another technique. That's that was really good. Every time you watch an old movie or a new movie or TV show anything. You're watching <hes> imagine if you were good enough to get a part in that movie or TV show. What part would that be so I'm the and you could find Oh? I'm always the best girlfriend because if I it was playing the best girlfriend in that part what was the name of the actress that was in black and white mildred pierce. That was a famous best girlfriend. Yes impractical wise cracking wise cracking best friend Eve arden made a whole career out of playing that in practically everything so you would think oh I'm GonNa Vardon and so you tell your agent I want eve arden roles and they would know exactly what you think right away because that's you because you every time you see that Oh that could be if I was good. If I was good enough I would be Vardon in this movie. Oh man good idea right it is it is absolutely <hes> again. You're you're such a you're. You're very open. You're open to to different <hes> things different experiences in different. <hes> hobbies hobbies like life man. I know I know so I mean what like what led you to say photography. <hes> I always like taking pictures but I was never really good at it and <hes> but I had money so I can afford like good equipment. I would buy an expensive camera like a dope and then take close ups of flowers like hey look at the script and ear eight one time I I started to get into soccer quite a bit and I started going. I went to to Trinidad and Tobago to see U._S.. Men's team game and I was staying at the same hotel as the U._S.. Men's team was staying and I got to meet the general manager and Bruce Arena was the coach got to meet him in the lobby and and after that they offered me if I ever wanted to come to a game they would set they were getting me sideline passes and I went really they said yeah just and anytime you want to come back so it would like to have a celebrity the soccer game and so I said can I bring my camera and they said sure why not and then I went to Sammy's camera which is a famous camera store here in L._A.. <hes> the camera rentals and pro stuff. It's this huge three four-storey place and I said Hey I want to shoot a soccer game can equipment. Should I get the guy goes I would have this body and I would have this lens this lens and I just bought everything and then I showed up at the game mm-hmm with all this stuff and I didn't know what I was doing. In the other photographers were like what are you doing and I said I'M WANNA shoot the game and they were Oh. Well do this do that and they start giving me advice because they saw was sincere and <hes> couple of them took me under their wing and next thing you know shooting photography geography and sports and then I got interested in photography you know with other kinds of photography just from doing photographers I found I take bad picture terrible but art sounds the terrible. I always blurry. I'm sorry they're always drives me through the damn roof impressionist. He's a positive person I did find that one of the secrets to taking <hes> interesting pictures are memorable pictures is finding yourself in a room with famous people and then suddenly if you take enough out of all those a couple will be good and you've we've got pictures of famous people. That's whatever talk for those they take a bunch of now digital. Oh God took a million pictures and then a couple of them are good. Yes and that's what every sports photographer does. That's my only only only famous. A photographer is that every now and then I've been in the right place at the right time in the right room with the right opportunity and I didn't screw it up but he has he comes home and he hands. What do you think we're jess? Hey can we use any and I have to scroll through and go. I can try to fix this one. I guess they're all a bit book but okay. That's obviously of telling you forever known I swear man. Have you ever developed. No that's what I used to. I love it love. It love it for for a second there. I was like oh I took a course and they do like silver nitrate that is really that can get somebody else to throw terms around like Gelatin Gelatin print point yeah I mean but I get you know when you see them compared to like other Princeton stuff it's amazing the difference when you in person but everything I was doing was for digital. Consumption Searcher didn't matter digital consumption. They don't even they don't even teach film at Photography Schools really anymore unless you're a fine art major to fine art portraiture and things like that then you have to learn all about doing all that but just for the like if you're going to school just WanNa photo journalist or whatever when you get out don't even bother film what film sure it makes your sharp make sure you can see their face. That's about the extent stuff yeah so so what led you to comedy true and Johnny Had I dunno lifetime pain and loneliness that you're a comedian well. I think we see what are the what are the tropes. I think I'm the youngest in the family out of three brothers so it's probably attention <hes> and but my mom was always funny. My brothers were they all. Everybody in my family had a real good sense of humor summer so that rubbed off on me and we didn't have a lot of money growing up so we would make jokes about like self depreciating jokes and I grew up in Cleveland which is the home of self depreciating jokes like all my like fill the rivers on fire again yesterday so yeah we live in a place like Cleveland like all the local newspapers and and stuff are always cracking jokes about the city and you know things like that and then you know growing up you know like you mentioned mad magazine my friends Sim- Simon who also passed away it was one of the creators of the Simpsons <hes> he brought up something to be wants night. Gre- About mad magazine was probably the most influential comedy magazine of all time like there's so many comedians and comedy writers right now that grew up on mad magazine and the type of humor they have in their super influential iced by mad magazine and then if I had extra money I'd buy a copy of sick and then those ran out I would buy a copy of cracked crab that was the crack crack was the Alta mad magazine well. It was mad. Sic and crack one-two-three cracked yeah all right yeah but that was the king of the hill was the king of the hill and then sticking cracker like when you're out of gum go back ah something else and there was a crack muscle by this dollar in your pocket upper seventy five cents whatever but wh when did you first attempt to entertain as comedic with school where you class clown and so it was a class clown around but all my friends were funny so I can't claim I was the funniest water or anything I just ran with a bunch of people that were always funny and always cracking up and always telling jokes and you know we would watch like big chuck and Houlihan Houlihan and Big Chuck and Little John Later on this these T._v.. Show host in the Ghoul was Goulart. He's still in Cleveland was at already left but I I remember when I was like in when I was really young and then when I was in junior high in high school the school had taken over from Gilardi Gloria is Ernie Anderson who was a super famous game at her and ended up being a super famous voiceover artists and his son is Paul. Thomas Anderson the famous director and <hes> and his best pal was Tim Conway. Tim Conway and Ernie Anderson used to be comedy partners in Cleveland and Tim Conway moved out here and was like his golden their hill so Ernie Anderson quit Bernie Anderson had this character called Galati and we were he would wear a Beatles Wig van Dyke Mustache and goatee that he bought from Becca complex and you wear a lab coat and a pair of sunglasses with bundled the lenses popped out and that was like his outfit and he was kind of crazy like lit from underneath guy who would show horror movies movies and make fun of the horror movies and all his jokes were about like all self depreciating making fun of Cleveland he would kids would send a models and he would blow him up actually a funny story somebody like so this is like in the mid sixties glory was famous lip mid late sixties and I I read this in a book about him that local TV critic and Cleveland wrote he by the way he used to get eighty share on Friday nights yeah Goulart so that was like no Joe Girardi <hes> one time so P P kids would send their models to the model cars and ships and stuff and he would blow them up with firecrackers in the eighties on the set so some kid one day took a bus. Two I think they'll C._B._S.. Affiliate I think he was on C._B._S.. Affiliate with a stick of dynamite that he made it home on God. This kid had taken a bunch of 'em eighties dumped out all the gunpowder made his own little stick it dynamite for Gilardi and he made it got on a bus went to the T._v.. Station dropped it off hi. This is for Gilardi they gave it to Gherardi and Gherardi lit it on fire on a show and blew out the glass and the sound booth. That's how powerful it was can you gutless live tells but like the idea of a kid dynamite and then not get kicked out of school not have as parents thrown in jail or taken away to her child protective services. Yeah I mean you know it's got on the bus with the Cleveland Right. Yeah Tickets T._v.. Station get crazy yeah boy well. Listen in okay. Tell you really quickly because Galati would show movie for a while. He was on after school so we'd be on three or four o'clock or four thirty whatever and he would do sketches and stuff in between the movies and make make fun of the movies and he would goof around so much he could never show the end of the movie Monday through Thursday and it was all like creature from the black lagoon and stuff like that and them and so then like no endings because you've run out of time and so Friday you tune in on Friday and he would show the endings to all the move. I never heard that that's one. That's inspired really inspired the golden golden days of local television yeah when I was in junior high they used to show US movies at lunchtime so we would have twenty minutes to eat twenty minutes for the movie and then we'd all after we'd go from the Cafeteria Auditorium and sitting auditorium and they'd show like Vincent Price. I remember seeing like what was the Vincent Price Independent dependent on me I remember that one for sure and they they would show like fifteen minutes of it and then we beyond the class and come back the next day and they would continue the movie all week we can have we'd end up seeing the whole pit and the pendulum movie but we had that's how we had to watch it but was in school so k. on the show movie. It's a good day. I guess so yeah <hes> I. I don't know where to keep going with this because I know so many places to go so so. How did you pursue Wisconsin? What you knew you wanted to know I didn't I didn't like working? <hes> I was going to say working for other people but you know I was. I was one of these people that every time I read I like get which get rich quick thing and in a magazine I would send away for it like buy real estate with no money down and money in your Mailbox Grit magazine also <hes> I sent away for something and the flowers to what was the seeds birth. What was is that what they were Burke's for? I send away for that once. Since I was always like conned into buying these you know be independent bubble boss I would always end up doing that and I was working as a waiter so I always had that mindset was like how do we get out from under this thing and not end up like this and <hes> always wanted to be like my own boss the entrepreneurial and then <hes> <hes> the first time I ever did stand up ever I was in like try to I was in college and there was a talent show and I put on allow jacket and a weird top hat with flour in it and I got up on stage and I told jokes like bar jokes that I heard and that was like the very first time I can remember trying anything like that and they didn't win but it was really fun of my fraternity brothers all thought it was funny. I was always joking around a and then <hes> I was living in Las Vegas and there was a place called the Sahara talent showcase at the Sahara hotel they would on Mondays they would have a <hes> anybody could sign up and just get on stage. It was at the lounge and was dead sort of just to get a crowd in there and I did that and again I told jokes and stuff I thought was funny and it was horrible by the way like you could hurt a pin drop while I was up there. It's super uncomfortable. I thought well that's not for me. I'm just no good at this and I thought I always watched comics they around the tonight show or whatever I would highlight like Steve Martin or something was on tonight. Show or somebody famous I would like market down and I wouldn't miss the show and I only watch it see the comic and then I would turn the show off <hes> but I always was big stand up comedy woody fan and always wanted to try it and then <hes> when I there was a couple of other little things in Las Vegas where I tried and was just like it was just awful but I thought well I got that out of my system and then when I moved back to Cleveland there was a guy that put an ad the paper he was starting a comedy really club and he was looking for local comics and I said I could do that so I auditioned and he let me M._C.. And the first Wednesday I did ten minutes and then Thursday coming down to five minutes and then Friday he wouldn't let me do any time at not forward movement. Now I've ever saying just introduce the acts who's like the moon. I don't know twenty twenty twenty something like that. Before you joined the core this is before and then <hes> went back to Vegas again joining the Marine Corps long story shorts and then I was living in Cleveland Cleveland. I hadn't done Stan. I try to just like a thing I tried. I was no good at super awkward bad experience all together and he said let's be marine. I needed a job joined the reserves and then I was I was in Cleveland. I was working as a waiter and I was in the reserves and I got into a bad situation with the guy that owned the place because I after I goofed off while I was talking to one of the tables and it was people that he knew complained about me because I was cracking jokes. It was a fine dining restaurant sounds like cracking jokes and you know cracking wise while I was serving the Food and entertaining myself and they got upset with the service and so I I ended up getting in this guy's dog house and I was getting all of a sudden like Friday night shifts I would be getting like Tuesday afternoon shifts everything about waiting tables Def yeah and then when I did get a night shift or day shift I would get like the worst section and that would be the last to leave. You know what would be the one stuck there so they were just trying to stick to me and I was like Oh. I can't take this that I was talking to a friend of mine who knew me from back when this guy tried to start a comedy club a D._J.. Friend of mine named David Lawrence who does voiceover work now teaches voiceover classes and he we <hes> I was talking to me on the phone he was a D._J.. I think he was in Columbus or Connecticut places and he said well you know if you ever think of any jokes for my radio show. I'll pay I'll never he said so casually like he thought it was funny so he would and I go how much he said. I'll give you like ten or fifteen dollars a joke doc. I thought Oh in my head I thought well that's great. I could make a hundred bucks a week sold jokes to David you know and which was a ton of money for me back then like a lot of money and I think I was making like four hundred week waiting tables so extra hundred week that was great and so I went to the Cleveland Public Library Downtown and I got a book on how to write jokes. I thought well maybe there's a book because I didn't know anything about writing jokes. When I tried that before I was just turned out? Maybe thinking something walking around which is horrible not the way to do it and when I went and I went to the card catalogue and I looked up his supposed to when you go to the library and there was a book about writing jokes now. Is this one by Robert Orbin. No no no oh it was that sounds really familiar. It was called how to read comedy is in English guy he is. He's one of the guys who wrote a book like that that pulling this out of my wow always got me. I think it was called how to write comedy and I think it was Robert Orbin. Wow thank you that's crazy. I'm going to look that up and get a copy of that book. I'M GONNA look it up now. Oh well then you know. Writing comedy is like writing a lot of things there's a trick to it and there's you know some things you can do and ways to it's all list making and all this other stuff we will threes Kat stuff like that which is true which is all true and <hes> so I got that book and then I I started writing and I thought Oh there's a strict to it. I'm learning this. It was like I was like I got shown this keys to the kingdom and this is around October or November right around the holiday time and I showed him to David David showed to a couple of other deejays and there's another guy named John Lanigan who is local D._J.. Lives in Florida now <hes> he was big D._J.. In Cleveland and David Lawrence showed my jokes to him and he thought it was funny and I met with him and he encouraged me and for like two months. I tried writing a comedy newsletter. That was horrible by the way I might storage. Have some of my newsletter jokes that were I remember number one day when twenty rip it up and send it back to me out out. I've never heard that he was so bad like one paying money for this. This is horrible and he ripped into the envelope mail the battery Whoa but I thought I told myself like I'm going to try these jokes on stage and see if there were any good because I tried to do stand up and I was terrible at it but I was on stage so I knew I was comfortable being onstage plus I'd been inquirer and all that stuff and I've been in a play when I was in school so it wasn't a comfortable on stage and <hes> I was also a big church kids so I was always getting up in church and testifying and talking and if you'd ask me in like junior high and high school what I wanted to be when I grow up I would tell you want to be a preacher because I was so into it <hes> and <hes> so I wasn't comfortable being in front of people and I thought well. I'm going to try this again. As my new year's resolution side wrote a bunch of jokes and that the first Sunday afternoons I went to the Cleveland Comedy Club and I got on stage and I won fifty bucks and then after that then the next week I thought but I would every week I would write jokes and try and do amateur night and then he hired me back as an emcee and then I started going other comics notice me and again people took me under their wing gave me advice. I listened to everything picked. Everybody's brain rain. I would go to Chicago while the time to do sets so a lot of these Chicago clubs like <hes> WHO's out first and places like that or like instrumental to me to get started <hes> side guys from Chicago. We put a name a word in for you at these clubs so I would go and I do three one nighters doing ten minutes in each place and get a cheap motel and drive back to Cleveland and then I just started working like that and then by the end of that was in January and then by the fall of that year at quit my job and I was. He's making us eking out a living <hes> not making a lot of money but I was making enough to cover my almost make what I was making as a waiter <hes> so I was like scraping by doing okay and then second year but were you feeling <hes> feeling of approbation obation from the audience was rewarding to you to be on stage and getting those laughs yeah felt great because I you know that's a really wonderful feeling when it works real awful feeling when it doesn't but and I would if if I did badly which was a lot back then I would get off and go like Oh that didn't go well and instead of personally beating my only beat myself up. If I thought I deserved it and I would go like well that sucked and here's why it's I would really like look at my list and breath and do like a debrief after every show like oh it sucked because you did this when he went up and you you told a joke that way and that's why it didn't work or the setting was this or I wouldn't be sure why didn't that work should have worked and I would figure out later what was wrong whether it was the environment or something like that and <hes> yeah went from there I was I became a real student of stand up and I talked to other comics who are also students about it and the all the good ones were and you know I learned one. Guy taught me thing that was really important. <hes> Vaudeville tricky set it was where <hes> once you tell the joke don't move because as soon as you move your body again they think another jokes coming and they'll stop laughing. ooh That's interests. That was a big one. <hes> about the biggest one I have now. I tell everybody about is from again. I didn't read the whole book I was in college and I I was in the library one of my rare occasions in the library and I read the section about but Freud wrote a book about humor comedy and he he talked about the spirit of play so whenever is a group of people there has to be a spirit of play or no he's GonNa Laugh and you can't really tell jokes and it was going to get him or want to hear them or join them or anything and a lot of times. I'll see somebody in a club or somewhere else where there they'll destroy the spirit of play by what they say or you know when people talk about crossing the line go he crossed the line would he did really is take you out of the spirit here to play by mentioning something. That's affected you in a bad way. Like you know I I did one time. I did a benefit for guy that had cancer and it was catch. Racing sorry used to be up being universal and it was a wasn't anybody knew some bartender somebody in the ass comics come and do a benefit show and I made cancer jokes in front of him and I did it knowing that if it was playful and since it's everybody's in a comedy club I could make the sky laugh and it went over really well actually and I I went it. Was something like Oh you cancer. People always want a special show always mark something special dunaway was something like that something facetious like that and <hes> <hes> everybody knew it was all in good fun and everybody laughed and I couldn't tweet something like that because people well I could text a friend who would get it and being a playful spirit and get it but when and the problem when people see stuff like that when people have to claim I was only joking around is not everybody's in the same spirit play yeah when you're seeing something on T._v.. After it's taped or on twitter when they're not in the room with you and in that playful area that you're at so they're not in a playful spirit and you are so they don't see the joke and you do and when you do jokes come up to the line like people call it though that's <hes> that's the danger of having to do that kind of humor. You know like the Juicy Anthony xanax special on T._v.. I haven't seen this guy is is one of the funniest guys working right now. His name is Anthony Lucky search super dark like the darkest comic I've ever seen practically and yeah but the whole time I mean if you look at them really closely I've seen a special three times now and his last special and he always we'll have like a glint in his eye or some kind of smirk or something in his body language that lets everybody know subconsciously and consciously these are only jokes. Um and I don't really want this to happen but I'm only joking and people and if you hang around doctors and nurses when they're operating. They're always telling dark jokes because that's the way they cope with things and I don't begrudge anybody telling those kind of jobs just grasp spirit play when the spirit of plays gone it's gone. It's intent and that's a big piece like yeah and then you say well if you get up and make cancer jokes but everyone understands where it's coming from then it's funny and most people. Do you say you have to joke about things. That's how you get through things right but but there has to be a playful spirit that's the interweb unfortunate you're a bad and if you're a bad reader of crowds and a bad worse when it just goes you can then you'll never be a good joke teller. If you can't read the room then you deserve everything coming to you. You're one of the not one of the last generation but you are of the generation generation that had the experience of getting on the tonight show with Johnny Carson Yeah I was one of the last ones <hes> Ray Romano was right after me and George Lopez right after that three three Fridays in a row me Ray Romano and Georgia Lef- wow and you all got it <hes> T._v.. Show there's been addiction. Addiction is Johnny Carson. Yeah we became like like little multimillionaires because Johnny Carson yeah crazy and that was just that was like that was the Pinnacle the Pinnacle <hes> when I was <hes> after I got tonight mental another long story after I got the tonight show <hes> I was hanging out I was out in L._A.. I was working at the company Magic Club down in Hermosa beach and it was <hes> Kevin Pollack's friend of mine. I knew him from the clubs and he I've got a part on a Sitcom. So I went night where he's where was he at Fox or Sony or something. He invited me to come have lunch of them so I met him. At the commissary I was so excited to be in this commissary and you know the other people on the show and oh who's a real comic and he's got to get just got picked to do the tonight show and they were like Oh that's exciting and I asked him for advice and Kevin Pollack said Yeah you should go. <hes> go to the tonight show <hes> C._J.. mccollum Macauley is <hes> passed passed away. He he's the one that picked off a very important guy. Oh really important Jim McCauley would show up at a club and every comic would freak out as he can make a break he had the keys to the king he really did. He was so powerful Jim McCauley and so oh he said just come Macauley in tonight show and go see a show and then when the show's over walkout on the spot the tea or the comic stand and just take a look around that way. You'll know you know you see where the desk is. You'll see where the band is far away. Radio won't be freaked out the first time he would advise otherwise the first time they go out there. You're going to be like Oh my God amon least you'll have a you'll know what it's like. Site went and Larry Miller was doing a set and Jerry Seinfeld is a friend of mine said Jerry Seinfeld Seinfeld with him. I think Jerry was wearing uh sweats. I'll never forget. I'm trying to you see things. I'll never forget it but it's always like misty through memory but I definitely remember being backstage with Jerry Seinfeld who I didn't know I was just like holy. Crap crap standing next to like. I couldn't believe it and we're watching Larry Miller who is also another item is one of the funniest guys ever and I go. This is amazing and <hes> Jerry Seinfeld's say Seinfeld goes yeah. This is what it's all about doing a set on the tonight show Chris and I'm like yeah. That's if your comic. You've made a huge. This is your hit record yeah. It's like having a hit record is being on the tonight show and you got invited to the couch yoga to tell me that young that was a big deal. If you made it cnet couch huge steel <hes> remind as a matter of fact I was in show business the next day it was like crazy I remember ray. Romano was on a Friday. I had a message machine. I had an eight hundred number to call me. Leave messages. That's all I got my gigs and stuff and people got 'cause I was traveling so much and <hes> no cell phones back then but I remember Monday number Roeber model is going to be on that Friday. I remember Monday. I got a message from Ray Romano and the message was hey drew. This is raised. Thanks for taking all the laughs. Ah Hung up the phone my wife. Something's you do remember I why certain things state crystal clear when as you said the mist of memory starts to flow as they used to but my wife and I were out here when we were first married ninety seventy five I was working for Alan Kings wow too long story but which will get doesn't do a fellow king he dead cells as he had so short version he'd sold A._B._C.. The idea of Comedy Award show the American Academy of Humor give out comedy awards and he sent ballots to two hundred comedy friends and it was legitimate intimate vote favorite comic best the funniest movie funniest funniest movie the funniest TV show of the funniest male funniest female like that and they made it like a two hour special and A._B._C. really liked it and they said we're gonNA commit to begin next year. Allan said well. If you're committing to that I want some money to really start and Academy of Humor. We're putting it on right after pink lady and Jeff Friend of mine wrote for Pink Lady and Jeff Oh store yes so there are stories so I got to be the curator of the American Academy of Humor. What does that meet? I don't know an Allen certainly didn't know but it gave me a job for almost a year and at the ended year we got to come out here for the taping of the second award show. I'm trying to make it short and Mid Week Allen with very frustrating the writer's room <hes> he said I want we get some fresh blood flooding here a calls Budd Friedman says putting your best your best lineup. We're GONNA come to the Improv tomorrow night so we all. I'm tagging along. I I have nothing to do with this but I'm the curator this. Oh I get you something to do with it. When you're the curator Alison I got to go to the Improv that and I and we saw Jerry Seinfeld Andy Coffman Johnny dark and a couple of other and I can't remember everybody but one of them had? Had A line. That still makes me laugh because he said I <hes> I just heard from the tonight. Show everybody applauds. I got tickets for a week to it's still it's still a good joke. It's still a good job. I was expecting it and I still but that was the big deal and then what happens is that Allen hired. I heard Andy Kaufman to be kind of the the the equivalent of a warm up guy for this taping of the comedy awards show but that didn't make Air God and he killed I would've given and I and N ray machine and when the taping resumed Steve Allen was the next presenter and it came out he said would you believe that isn't going to be on the show because everybody had just fallen in love with Andy Wow who did mighty mouse routine eighteen and all that stuff wow yeah that's my that's my experience with comedy right and and clearly comedic humor. It's done very well definitely didn't just die when did it di- well. It died when A._B._C. didn't renew it for third year. That'll do the trick oh many more stories but I'm not gonNA waste juice time telling all of those. That's what I'm that's what I'm going to have put on my tombstone. It's GONNA save ratings. I'm Ben your show nine years. Though or show was on for nine years that's incredible yeah. That's that's good well. That's better than good man. That's something something really is. I'm not unhappy you and you've spun so many things off of that and so many things would come out of that. <hes> you know it did lead directly. To whose line is it because you met some of you are going to work with yes <hes> so Ryan styles so I didn't know beforehand great Improv and always on on whose line in England and so when we first started on the drew Carey show beating get any like it wasn't like we were like a critical darling or anything like that like number one show that was just one of these like got the job done rings or good enough to come back next year shows all the time. Keep your head down every job. There was no not everybody. Everybody watched yarn earn friends. He'll never watched friends well. No it doesn't make you feel better. They're funny show but I mean that's that's how it was. I was on the Warner Brothers Lot with E._r.. Friends all these other shows got treated and not my show and I was like Oh okay I get it. I really would bother me but now I'm like whatever but at the at the time I would get really like p owed about it all the time and <hes> but that's what it was I was like the Cleveland of Sukkot no respect from anybody but still up there making money and I made tons of everybody <hes> did my job didn't openly complain <hes> but I went to <hes> <hes> so Ryan talk about being <hes> doing whose line and flying over there and and and doing local Improv shows and like I remember Dietrich baiter coming in one time in answering Oh man we saw Ryan doing improv out in Santa Monica last night so funny man in Rancho. Thanks a lot and I remember wranglings. You should come out and see the show sometime and it wasn't really good at Improv. I tried it a couple times in Chicago and it wasn't ever really good at it and thought it was like magic tricks like Oh that's something I will never get and <hes> I'd also like worked with a a couple of Improv people that anything were all that funny in Cleveland that were they were funny but they were that funny and I thought well in practice BS and people aren't really funny when they do Improv and so I had this limited experience with it clearly and <hes> <hes> I remember having the idea. I said you know if I if I if I went up did Improv that another guy show us to teach improv debater to Improv lessons when he was in college kathy he can eat to teach Improv and improve background and mean Christa Miller had no improper background. That was the whole cast so most of the cast had some Improv stuff going on and I remember going to this me I remember going to the Improv. One night. I talked to the manager and I said Hey if I got the drew Carey show cast to come here on Thursdays to do Improv on Thursday night. Would you guys let us come up on stage like like they're going to say no and they said yeah that'd be great so I talked to everybody and said Hey why don't we go to the Improv and do Improv and you can show me how to do Improv and we'll just do an Improv show and Ryan's like we could teach you. It'd be easy and really fun so we started going the drew Carey show cast would go every Thursday night to the Improv and do like forty five minutes of Improv and there was a a couple of weeks. There was a friend of ours Sean masterson actor guy lived in Malibu that was it Improv Front Frente Ryan's that would come and join us but we would get up every Thursday and do improv games like who's Linus Improv Games and they would give me and Krista easy games to do that we could manage and that we didn't have to and then as time went on I would learn more and more games get more and more comfortable and pick up tips and <hes> that was my big in my head that was my big feud every other Sitcom because I wasn't getting to me. I wasn't getting respect from critics or anybody about being funny funny. Everybody was and I was like see we don't need writers all getting laughs on our own. I'd like to see you do that with your cast and and that was my Cleveland chip on my shoulder attitude about the whole thing to be honest and the then I was I was thinking I was reading an article about how bad the networks are doing in the summer because they're having a good summer shows and I was like men that would be whose line it'd be a great summer show and I went to Ryan and I said we should pitch this as a summer show to A._B._C. and then he goes oh Dan's in town Dan Patterson was the guy that created whose line in England and <hes> was trying to sell it the United States and he'd been already turned down by a couple of studios or didn't WanNa work with a couple of studios because they didn't want to you want studio. He was trying to sell to out didn't want US Ryan or Colin Montgomerie because they were older and and because Brian was like Ryan and Colin was older. Those are the two funniest guys in the whole show we kidding me and I won't name the names of people who wanted to use. I don't WanNa embarrass these people but they were naming. Some people rows like there's no way they were just like popular TV personality. Yes and stuff like that and I was like. Are you nuts. This is not a celebrity show. It's talent show you tell it to do this and so <hes> we invited A to be A._B._C.. execs to come see us to Improv on a Thursday night damp after we talked to Dan Patterson at the bar he came to see us at the Improv that I next show or two we had A._B._C.. People come and then we gave him tapes of English version of whose line and then that was it it was sold. That's how we got whose line because I just got a chip on my shoulder about how the <unk> treat I don't want to hear from and Thursday nights and then we we sold sign with me as the host and Ryan and Colin and everybody else and and the that was the punch line that is so there again <hes> they would they put the show on you know and really tough time slots with really hard competition but it was the lowest cost show on television. I even including the C._W.. In places like those those stations they didn't have any shadow was as inexpensive as whose line is it anyway. I think it was like two hundred forty thousand dollars a show something like that which was like so cheap at this nothing for that yes man I I loved. I always loved the British one but when the American one happened they started showing at school in my theater classes and stuff. Oh God yeah in my theater classes most of my friends the same thing they would show whose links so good so clever and obviously you know Wayne Brady came into it and he's wonderful so tell him he's one of those people when we talk about the ones you don't get why they don't get to do more. He can do everything he can sing. He can dance he can act. He's so talented right but he can't do everything he can. Yes I I hear you. That's his blessing. In this curse I was obsessed with Brian Styles Colin Mockery and we've gotten to know Greg proops like these you know they were just so good at this and I love watching the show. I I still do it because it's still on reruns Wayne the he tapes the whole season of let's make a deal in four months. I think it's eight months I have Jonathan Mangum. The psychic on the shows a really good friend of mine too and they get the whole eight months off every year wow and he goes out and he does like personal appearances. You know Improv shows talk show back in the day. Wow we have the mug so as I but I should still be on but whatever you however did did something that very few standups have ever managed. You got a steady gig. You got a steady gig hosting a show. That's never gonNA go away. Yeah that whose line whenever I'm talking about the price is right yeah no kidding right. I mean you know and you do it at C._B._S.. Television city which to me those words are magic and I'm so upset that they want to develop that land. I think it was Jon Stewart or somebody that called that like a talk show Gig like he had yeah pope job might not have been him but somebody somebody him or something like that's called a job where you get the job and you just really have to like do something horrible to lose to which obviously you haven't done it yet in the Gig not yet so for me. Everybody Watch I say in my situation. Everybody watched drew coming up on coming up on fifth at the end of my contract the last year my contract will be the fiftieth year nerve prices right. I know when I was in school. We did a field trip. I grew up in the suburbs of New York New Jersey. We classic a field trip to see the original prices right in New York City hosted by Bill Cullen while Oh wow that's nine years on N._B._C.. Nine years that was on and Alan King had a joke about it really said yes. It always sounded to him like people were out of hanging higher higher. Whatever remember jokes like that sticks? This is what sticks but part of what I always say I'm fascinated by careers because they are fascinating things so they say everybody in my school. We all watched drew care. We all love that show now when I speak to people who are younger than me. I'm going to be thirty three my speech people in their early twenties they go. Oh yeah you mean prices right. Go Holy Shit you guys know as a completely different thing and you want to hear funny story after I when I first lost weight I got down to like eighty really skinny and fight them where my glasses and I grew my hair out on top and stuff and people were I was unrecognizable five walked around anywhere and I was in a bar and I was talking to some girls and I was flirting and what do you do for a living and I went. Don't worry about it. 'CAUSE I was in Cleveland. I was I was in Cleveland warm like way. Super famous like more than anywhere and <hes> I was stuck. I just felt good to talk to girls and not be famous. I was like wow what a was so nice to be able to do that. I didn't want to ruin it might bring up you know celebrity or anything and <hes> besides I was just like hanging out it was like it was going to marry him or go out with them or anything. We're just talking and <hes> so what do you do for a living. I mean I don't worry about it and then they kept asking and finally come. What do you do and <hes> I went well? <hes> I'm in the T._v.. Business I thought we could leave it at that and then they go. One of them goes <hes>. What do you do in the T._v.? Business and I was like Oh man. You're not going to let up and I was like <hes> I'm a I'm a game show host and the one goes <hes> what game show and I go like then I'm the real forget it now. I went out of the prices right and the one girl looks at me she goes Oh. I thought drew Carey hosted the price <music>. That's great. I had to show my I._D.. And Everything Oh God that's too funny. I think I think the word I think I actually said <hes>. The phrase I use it is it is he to whom you're speaking. Ah That's hurting them. Proper English real turn. I don't think it is he. He sounds good. That's wrong. That's fine him to whom you are their president anyway. It's impressive anyway all right. Listen before we let you off the Hook Leonard and I went to the store. He's a crazy grammar like what what what are your favorite comedy movies. What were the comedy movies that you like best when you were growing up? Oh when I was growing well let me see <hes> man how far back or Comedians for me I grope in the era of Jerry Lewis and when I was a kid Jerry Lewis the sun rose and set on Oh man. If you ever watch the old colgate comedy hour unbelievable funniest phenomenally funny any my friends who think like Jerry Lewis was funny that only know him from like later on and and all that stuff like he's only funding in France like those guys I have a mic them watch Jerry Lewis on that other colgate com dean and Jerry like the best. That's that's about Ron Rodney dangerfield people who only we know him as being the caricature with the moving the time my dad showed me you know what he grew up watching hysterical and it still it's he kills overpower always funny yeah overpower. My wife wanted to seven days a week I said great for he's the first one I heard the joke about. I want you to carry me up the stairs and make love to me he goes. You got one of the other. That joke joke is getting old. You know you're old old when your balls tell you when it's time to mow the lawn we could trade all that's why God invented youtube so I'll watch over and over again. I I left my apartment. I left my New York apartment. I left the light on. I left the T._v.. On the radio on I put a note of the doors that I'm inside. I still got rob note. He said I looked all over for there are no funnier. Jokes are no funny jokes in the comics that would hang out at Dangerfield's south. They would like get so happy if they would be able to give Rodney a joke and you would use it yeah and they don't even care guys care if they got lucky would give them a little bit of money but sometimes they don't care they just like my God. Rodney is one of my jokes so it's like such a big deal drew. It's just fun talking to you. This is it this this is we. We've just eaten up an hour. They have a good time so are there there there comedians that you would tell other like who would you say is the hero. What is a movie like what's a movie? You could share with someone our listeners could you go. Oh Drew Carey told me to watch this. I did other than the aristocrats aristocrats yeah. You can't get the aristocrats right now because there's a legal thing going I just had I just had dinner with <hes> with Paul. PREVENTER is is one of the guys that did it and he was a whole big legal right now. He doesn't even have a copy of it. He's one made <hes> so I remember going to the theater and seeing the original honeymooners or not yeah when they went to New York with Sandy Dennis you gotTa town. Sorry I said the honeymooners <hes> the out-of-towners that was one of my when I was a kid that was like the funniest movie to me and I was like movies like <hes> mad mad mad mad stuff like that and then <hes> big Lebowski of course is is one of my favorite movies of all time watch that all day every day. I don't care how many Cohen Brothers make somebody movements and thanks to them. We're Jewish. I can yell at people don't roll on Schommer tribe in general thanks for that line. Hi Good Fuck with Jesus could never do anything else on his whole life and that would be the greatest. I mean honestly so many good things in a movie. There's so many good comedies and seven I saw the and common when I was a kid I used to memorize <hes> bill cosby albums shared and also flip Wilson like I everything that I had to find out and then later on high schools all <hes> <hes> in college was Steve Martin and George Carlin young like George Carlin memorized every George Carlin bit and those guys have such huge influence and you have to. I don't know if young people can relate to the idea of sitting in a room with some friends listening to a record album yeah that you've already heard ten times yen college we would put on a monty python album and just like sit there and listen to it yet this record not this. The American idol is one of my neighbors now. Oh Man I'm up you talk about the sweetest guy the greatest guy greatest friends and he'll be over his house Blah Blah Blah. I'd been over my house parties. Everything hung out dinners a legend that will last just a lunchtime and honestly I can't ever get over the fact of talking to Eric idle why would you would you drew. I'd I'd be sorry to hear otherwise yeah yeah. He's a tight I'm like Holy Shit. That's I just talked to Erica but that's exactly what it should be. He went to a jazz gig and calls me afterwards Ghost Jessie Eric idle at this jazz cake and I went oh my God I didn't know what to do with myself of all ellings. Its hair guy you should. I tell people this the second that you don't have that reaction. Something's wrong yeah but you know it I hope I hope I've a feeling he does I hope we can. I hope you can suss out. Ask us the I._M.. When I'm around you'RE GONNA kiss? Someone's ass muscle drew. Thanks so much for coming by pleasure. This is fun do do you you do social media. I'm on twitter and I haven't touched my instagram and about. I can't remember the passer right now so it's been a while but yeah my twitter all the time well. That's good do do you do you find a it an outlet for trying out jokes. No no no not at all. I plug my rate. I do a show a Ruckman show Friday nights on serious on underground garage channel twenty one saw plug my show and and plug that on twitter while it's on all re tweet fans at the show and answer questions and stuff etre from T._v.. On twitter by the way as long as we're talking about it and then other than that I dislike jokey comments with my friends or MC jokes about the news and stuff great great you enjoy it. We talked about it the other day because we had Jeff Ross on <hes>. He's Great Treat Act. That's the very first time we met you was his documentary. Wow Really Yep. That was the very first time they'll forget that man. We're on this Improv off tour and Jeff Ross had just bought a Sony Handicap again. I think that's exactly what it was and right. Out of. The box didn't even know how to use it. He had it on the green box the whole time like automatic and I remember like halfway through ooh this we're in Iraq and I remember halfway through the U._S._O.. Tour he goes hey drew. I think it got something here like what he's talking about it because I think I can make a movie out of this. I'm like whatever I didn't even like I was like sure with your little sunny and cam but then he came back and paid all this money to have it like colorized and blown up digital. Whatever you have to do to make it look good sound good? Manny spent a lot of dough and he then he came up with that movie that turned out to be great which is really good and and you were the impetus because you got him on on that <hes> on that trip yeah. I have a week to get a bunch of comics to do this tour and I just started going to the county club just asking people and ask my agent if they knew people and <hes> yeah it ended up being a really good tour. We're all pretty funny excludes a great movie. It's still a great movie. The Anti Love Jeff's one of my favorite humans on the planet so again. Thank you sir. Oh Yeah continued success to you and I hope C._B._S.. Television city stays forever will they would that. I know got bought by place but they agreed to keep all the other <hes> studios and stuff as the wonder not move them and they're just going to build around it and make one monetize the space James Corden a bigger stage well why not and Jesse where two people find us. You are at Leonard Maltin I'm.

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