Ep. 50 - O futuro do jornalismo


Joyal someone will rise which means between feeding zalmay mayorov also popping for the cash for thirty day. Syncing symmetric sage. Jeff won't they will do zander specialist. I put up his have to papua allergy based on youtube channel with an awesome swedish gorge. Madonna's such gail hand not died suzy. Metrolink detonates will. You have flat sober to sue to apologize. Ishberi meantime you deserve a few more dealers threads. John is your here. Dna gossage this scenario also zhang to norwich chiampou editor baillieu opportunity also Puffs denies he brought by subaru. Prasanna lose your usual powder pop. Algae has said he won't push david. Jonah leased zinta. Do econ do we not sail. Parham is acid. I don't pay courtesy. Call yourself a president. Dole will balance our program is view kluber via the tv mortgage davies boss open artistic audacity minnesota three eight three zone present to win yet. Deutsche fayza galadima regard long as persia. Luca sal program is et usos wrong. Mcconnell enter those week outdoors it. There's mckee's wing with donovan. Imperil fish virus passive activity and a capital aca. Here new comedy cartoon showing sent to come along with us to not. How'd you manage affiliated. I hated to. Pd hide you. Don't use honors communal says with dancer. I'm university for local and our fiemme. Yup but i think they'll do that avila out. Hero vast legal will vanish pretty made us pay. Sobti us quarters leauge will gave it a dopey like i hid all cuomo raja daughter of our signs of the in the event. Sabaneta me he was saying. What james floyd s but you gotta get. This show is year by back juicy. Pear the moscoso jordan the area echoes saw thing putting it all. Afghan cardio can hide you. Wish zuni familiar stavish enough amid snl By such proactive money. You do apple. Watch them young. My son my megan. Absolutely matisyahu nizami May not that other mothers. Whose legal name guy. John usually mean gang frequency lower l. Such you stop by luma heart. You know huge sunday. It'll mania fiemme. Selimiye had said that that doesn't matter. I'm your milk miss university city. You don't handle belly the binoche any you're going to do i really a- here do get in kenya. How guston how'd you manage to keep off. We bogo kwon do that. President donald Aqua not unusual. You'll now have a boon got the you got hate the yup. If as view cheap blah manage your status didn't they were a couple. Santa baker. So when you go on be miss. Say look at each infra. Zia was pretty much juicy. Anapa papa was pretty massey's is year. I see that. Did you believe. But the of jesus bad the by i wind up owns the autism belly. I've got up gonna cheer. Will nancy lissi at each mandava while ling daniel was by by why wants i. E bay shipping dejoy Lowering y'all all law. Low more not cited Bills will viatical sheesh live. That's not allowed as yes. I e bitchy. I lower lobe whatnot site. You what back. When she's mcwilliam pussies gotta associ- got the jump have vaulted if the mothers imbalance utah asteroids. Can i go to bury why donna summer can add up way up there right done. Assume you'll feet. Misuse his programming bluejean stash on a honeymoon. Ya'll bin haji pandemic fiemme. The david obey you. Free your His we're happy jeanne. Not his you'll few comments. Yo you must stop at taddeo lane. get up. Was his goal among god. Rama georgie not. Cut back was at boosy when i got yokel. Not you vote if you manage that. Be out that schumer dustin women and do you. The dash are passing myself as it was. Who's on how to better drew. How'd you our fiemme roku received mississippi to go tasha. Thought that ezekiel chrissy venables vehicles. If we want have answers premie demand to one the quiche sejong alisa profile on who keep saying shag from some dijon leased. You wish anti-seizure unleash always oji. Y- vj dhanush huish saves up by Allow this that antics ledge missile zone. I just thought about a week impasse dodgy. Wbz as usual via was market is assume Noble song as you might mean wars. You should they be zona kind of shadow mancini and you my use sabi dodgy or lasagna's is you also jim roope project. I bet i mentioned using just opened my son. Asif bathroom is pokey edgy. Late rob scare the using conceivable much zone. We'll see my bit. As you juliana. Haiku at boy was on either as global at was in king accurate data. They donald john. Usual you really savvy to see. I wanna seventeenth Zoom will see. I'll do my still using. Pc victims used that you didn't know like you say you lock it down now. Fight you mean we As you said in walking doing book they got in. Gaza new meaning was song says symptoms dodgy in school. Won't let the mitchell to other on these lewis no say-so soto fica winco. A is each one would use you. Mice gash ichi feverishly. Give yours embiid. It was also moon was nosair tech coupon to active via back. Who's on usual. But as the fire winter i was able to kick ass. I don't see your number bata. Mounting danaj extremists. Netflix amazon shaking gaza see now bit. Not the gather not developed after had a spot debuted will know. See my ashir got big fella who the if oh my super ball of consumer group. I eat got the The be zones yet get little keen as thrown sina sarasota. So i'll look now at the as you'd be seen a Brash janci cada. Anna wanna wanna do folk usual an unusual your viewer lag with your funeral through mortgages disease. Get rangy. Get fucked dodgy. New was brady's but sadly damages finished mansion. No you stop issuing three sheet Beach yours. viagra. Saint john elision. Why it down. Be ause senator mad at the air. Quality stemming format will seizure. The cd share radical. John alicia no is coma. Tv daddy zimba opinions hit us. Oh my school. Produce ain't somebody somebody. Is you to match. He conform one being associated. I won't do show now have used the hide you did. They said he knew how come. You're seeing volta. Yeah who comb setup died of equally. I've norwich stamp push in came for him. I when he did that show now. Do john group who might moody s. You're now paying me adding tara. Soya's wish was taking me for myself. Some cook for myself. You've damage your property. Blog blockage boggy jewish. Paid blog is gonna change. Was the grandson. Also mike changed. Want me for my english. Would it be indignation. acl Them glad resort will be sure be as was for was the but you might not think thing minorities bodies or she knew to stack them. Look at the ping the zone wing. That some wish they might be going. It's amino demise. Jason get a you widely zone a couple issues old via they after that if a shoulder that this lurid sigi gorge fit. Nominal munje out. You were knocking. No fighting with deep blue festival. Janet philippi nafta pick once they boy this million. Thank you think. They don't think that should be in doing you is this is some geez is went to some of that savvy was in developing dave what she saw that glow soda had gawked fuzzier. Who says she'll be label now the one. Oh boy you that law that you want to on energy so so allah gw mortgage. We'll save governor. Debut will me one way cheap will be. That's a winner. Creepy sei-yung food dashiki as as high up out click because of chicago and legit avid somewhat own g. each year Data a more exegetes up fussy dodgy fault my agenda. Doogie will five as as you get his own. Isa door that i miss zona. Who streaming video cash what you spot fight. Caesar who we cheat do either body. Yes an nova air l. q. Vite that google who do. Aw said eagle monster was gonna play. I who played out the male case feazel sabio that gene. John uber robot for video cash. All the we'll buddy gash if weighing in Fatuous would see one if you horner simply basin. He said pain gala. W what you deserve quirky king it will sell you globe. We'll see keep that datum folks. You'll now mill salad now. Now we'll see asha. Gsu issued your now fighting in physiological. Celada give by it if you'll get your z. In asia vans these mice to kill. They have another group. Email makes occupied. Wgn or not that you wish stories ganda via to budget guests. You did get out. Says those spanish he said. Damage out as the lethem. You moishe foam is the guy who stain. We saw that we are knows. No sham name was not more stasi's wallonia. Mark will get them with these. Kyo there was this especially sappy gauge. The fuzzy end north Was up at the edge. Athlete was an apart- you cheer abu. Don't yes you both. But body body. Swaggie i it profile incapacity daddy would division cope competences but for some john leash the alma head. That finished somehow. Dekalb kingpin dam which peugeot knowledgeable did a category dirtyjohn no silly mita miso produce sunday. Not potash bemba's komo plus to die the designing you former soysay but in the regional. I think th round led us soldiers reclusive media second largest digitize. John died this. Quaint cement to these softwares am is important to do cat tacking caterpillar meeting bit. You do not produce. So you're not seizure. Linka new former soysay ord indecorous sent importance. Sony uniform some journalist preference home to a visa spedding quite competitive. Why's comport on me. But i data john alicia de villa samo process sober deciding what to our context which is so built on the book which is so pita multiple data said we stack them. We will be ballboys. He as much you interview stay. What he's his. Act any filed fallout. Woo or she received. You're denied you don't now mushtaq engine more at might not use what it is. Poke do gaulish atlantic debut latakia. Which fell another heels. You can you name age working on at the. Ub van yet buttons would act yet but a seal new his. But you not. Do you tickle yet. that is pita. What would you do what you can visit. Who approved the unofficial allow. I g i do. he's kickoff you'll make. This is awful sound just easter. Jim born placenta zone. That but less of a hustle. Look now you'll shag john and check out. What you bash. We would you. Japan s s sleepless bachelor with us. I would but here to the bay got salad. Y'all jenga on government a large autumn. Yana are you. Don't get automobile. Say caffeinate and no soil. Why is my shed. She's sean is yours. The movie you feel our Prissy pow up huma Date would you have those damn Logo the boys lot sedates all the detroit center that for john was he goes. Oh yes machete. goebbels's on is adult shock. Absurd is little among shed who shot is this. Is i make position. You're seeing label. Show annoucing leonardo to success at all. Say eah not the war. Trade sanford vice fomc lance you get to this I no sorta band one lady won. But i was in fall. Mattie will make his decision at all get back with you before a That sorta patchy gemina can't keep gogo moondog wise my shed. She's gone. I depend on us now. The call mass you go good shed utica. How vic who make you sick sick jonah used for myself up to mitch. Thought about pursuing law. Who has lear sabi good. No not what you jim padalino. Jia jia will now take a book which had you knew had vaguely for my sogo mobile os you all. Did you bring it up. Is you know who that will give it. New we know was it. They decided she media zoe poker room. Would you format so. Keep that capacity messages. Isp within we do for the no Could you former Don't you'll see. Gpc's solid y'all politics souissi souissi zip seem research Issue formula on eastern iowa sip Exceed simply at boston. Cuba some with a hat only bring seaport regional view. We'll we'll say village. Msci in god you walk out. We'll feed you. Take sorry for my some issue. Vessels van bill. Don't don't have that utilities zone. Winkle vicky bustle. Bill hatch hatch at scarlet activism. He dishes ill donate asu but go warm. Visit the push. Goku myself as it you'll give to out going on me will yet. They're happy mandel site yet to debut zone yet. let me do that by a miser. Which fussy out just womb was not by a fast ya Disease your mri of the jet was meant there yet. Johnson support the jazz zone. Well cannot global and she got mad chuck dot. Org with young with venezia jeopardize do not global auditing E- committed what but hasn't that walk liberties air. You'll win one young be killed. It'll babbel b. l. as was coming that east. Did you volvo mcdaddy with three. She will sit that when management category social now Advising about you need released. I so that engine. Some at their business dash property dash backed up with someone. Who would i saw fit in assam. Also citrus for more i would say the Nowhere lavish stealing. Nowhere will sit by as soon as it. Go alleged to soon goodman jackie. Jackie which cheese muslim gsi let's Obligation admit finished michio their lunch eve inch match down without the bull. What was william born. There never done gotta that that's not one of the damn sacramento boston. What was yours. You usually got matched. Joyce jonathan but i was in school and she got into you. We'll see zia. I won't my goal which was always closer. Mike sposa when he was warming. My one would at what was in usa. As data's you parallel the people to julian the night fared was found out what you might throw a throw pillow to own the blow fat or she would ask was yet wyoming. Was it on spotted at the. I think what might finish four gig. Walk inching unmatchable. How'd you yet that zone Full stace we'll say now would you say would you pussy sick to follow up on. Why should he tell resort east. Going you plan on each kid would either. And i went to sad. You don't say that. If i have considerable here that At all being zombie. I value orange. So if opened the middle. One that the Go east once guzzanti. All started love but as those was at all the noise adams hole. It'll just saying that. And what would you know what i spent so soon. You follow convenient now. What visit should i super jimmy. The dog was it. would you do what you do. Not zone is report. The data base wish demo catis. Oh yes yes. I think the. You don't walk the persona journalist book on board. You're going former so or she told the model party. Seal productivity can't do not see santa steady. John leased said former owner. Upc's you'll so her with this other gut to that zone. I wanted to gauge. I went through sunday. Democrats hippies who democrats here is follow. My went just consequences still may no cedar ila blogging blogging blogging blog. We'll give blogging. We'll see what what they keep whom you open each of. Which oversee was you know that united you know what so what stasio finding blog rich but in blockage which ball fighting buggy follow. Booby were ill. Numbers use That was exciting g. i. z. Equities gophers on talk show. One will probably save even these soon. This is the this as much as i don't believe draws but how you live april middle me was etc. I got it i. This wasn't we'll sam. Did you buy stuff that god. I assume you'll deal to sell if you allowed. I live your money is not get well. Sale got scared. The hills i in i have for money. You've been up. This particular faucet is also think there'd be something positive was extol lulu up saab. you'll get my sin. Jesus mantel wrestled dodge. That gotta eat. Don't approach but i urge bulak five some yoga and just get they ever mad g form. Is you deposit to form fish keyser. An elisabeth tonight's yes. Fake woulda all landau another dental dot com dish too. We had fickality minna to follow john. Elision character is other political party. Amenity daddy interface wishbone defense. I believe that is competency. Passerby acute washy is issuing greenwich community. Practica dame we should defend you are those who use. Eddie van gave a differential to head us. Oh you might daddy practica you stars time. Mant not diversity. Data deform ashcroft shown is in our defense budget huge. What had that cell but domino interiors not ish capacity multi dot com. Seo inquiry. nash. Community dodgy practica appel copaxone center. Our has problem are partido competitive. Dodge yet to for push to talk some do communicate. Do you jonah. Leashed jewish davis alcudia. We'll talk you wou- on youtube Got cash any alongside a stretch. Wash pretty bill would use e remittance gasol. This will beker said sobe basir. Deep blue's clues spearfish. I gotta be zelda W bush dodge evista will move issue. It will go. I guess they do gene. This body cash Is music single. Go baby go. Furnish shooting ms yama. Martini bomb walked. You come in cannell. Basic you gotta. Who's the me what says death. I think they gonna take buildable. Stood you guys staying. Don't accept that this really is. I was bad. Iot do not become kabul via disease. Must confess what food job other the gash. Absolute no nature. You get muslim you trish puts them assume what i said you see you go into the file. Kill your wing thing. He has phoned the buddha always. You'll know what the on the way apple is jimmy. Saw when basil's sabi show now Make savvy district. Jeeva cover kalugin Yoshi support there. S big buddha. I guess should have said invite us. One of the was the asked by the san jacinto. what was going. I wanna fizeau view. I is that i am or stop. All of this change by about day especially in that they can do something for students. But we're going to have foul facet. It wasn't about the thing. Does that has ruled on in which don't absorb damaging neither is this Gas yellow he'd you walk. You lay with hit sociale. Do though thank. You can wait mikey. Pick put the Special wish myself. Samana debut swap upload resume program of awesome. Our we did up. Would fish fish what they got now do be done. Democrat governors itchy fish. When my you'll sake you at us there you saw. Thanks appreciate that. There was just so soon. Pitching jeeva blah. Got jimmy opposing w i was able to walk. You get kept vigorous equity easy as up on the mia. Don't see on cj Seo activity buna an official sage. Ms sure that smg ill. You'll see it as possible not more than me so i hope that's not the biggest select reach obey. Nothing visual now them. Now bill issue is local mass was satanic damage in washington. Key is else google today for myself. Al east zanu. Bill scared guilty of iskhanov. Almost poker nassir poolville janci must stepwise anointing much season. You bow meco funny. S 'support the national minimum cash shade gomez fiendish up his house or when he got on at least until the podcast. We'll gave you is do talk. You papa duve move will guard. Who so passover pass it up and desire to talk yet. What felicia has a a. He's quiz king quarter. We do remain komo. war got. Don't put that. Would your gas the cbo scipio humor. Obama vowed that sip monopooly davis day. You'll meal stack them. What you ask me. You don't feel you don't get you gotta value value value. Ac pop neurology. Dijon at least up. Who wish steve. Another day illimitable. School with his stomach nice. The foam got put gas in the spot. Fine google gash now apple gashed amazon music inc or desire to see who copetition could even oscar now offering acquaintance davies said. Proper guy told us he told you yet value.

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