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Marquese Chriss and John Oliver


Team officials plus analysis every week on as plus welcome to warriors. Hi I'm Susan Schlesser and I'd like to invite you to listen to my podcast as plus it's a fun look at the Oakland A.'s and you can hear the personal side of many of the as players coaches and you know I think that they're they're there to give people chances and they understand that it takes time and you know in their system is darrow more is controversial tweet backing Hong Kong protesters we'll have our conversation right after the break this week on not your century it's like history class but five minutes long and fun wherever you get your podcasts do you want to be angry at him not your century the founding of the Black Panthers the shooting of Marcus Garvey the Million Man March and two days of memories from the nineteen eighty nine Loma Prieta earthquakes date we start our conversation by talking about his new fan. HBO's John Oliver who spoke passionately about Chris during his comments about rockets team open to you know maybe other teams that are over guy but they they're willing to see that potential I mean I think it shows and that's why chemo tell them Beverly Hills we discussed a wide range of issues from his troubles and Phoenix to the perception that he's a malcontent was early success with golden art pick up so they around you and put you in position to succeed I'm thankful to them for giving me an opportunity the side from what he said about Darrow adversaries to support that he gave me you know there's not a lot of people who are willing to just go out of their way to say they don't know I've never met that man I've never spoken to him and you know he said positive things about me and I'm grateful for that you know he obviously said some things about obviously you've been on a few teams now how how is the environment with the warriors different way different man positively all around you know even wins they're willing to develop their players know obviously I've been in situations where I was just saying willingness wasn't there the mid season Rawson loose I thought it was funny man on this I appreciate what he said about me Darrell tweets about selling nothing to apologize for there but when it comes to Maki's Chris you're fucked up so that you know I I wouldn't say personally and I wouldn't valid for those words those are the words that he chose to say The Kenny Clarke there's a bunch of other examples years pass do you think that says something about the warriors that they're kind of when things aren't going as well you know nobody's pointing fingers and you know again frustrated I it's I was probably the most family oriented team yes grown team he's had his issues on the psalms not denying that but he's the exact type of athletic big man could've balanced out west brokenhearted especially when he's coming off the bench for PJ took what I'm saying your ability to get jobs and and obviously for whatever reason the narrative out there that you were petulant or immature where do you how did you handle that knowing that you know maybe it got a little bit blown out of proportion and and that that effective here been on and you know I said it shows that win and they continue to Lennon always competitor every year Phoenix was kind of an interesting situation because obviously I'm very solid I really I can repeat it or posted on you had to say Freud white powerful with Marquees Chris is part of a three team deal with the kings and the cavaliers back in February Christmas six ten with a seven weeks plays why above the rim and can mix it up in the Post analysis on that I got traded and didn't didn't hear from them until the next day so a main is a business today they felt that they is kind of interesting about the warriors is every year they have an example of a guy who maybe didn't get a ton of interest in free agency or whatever and ends up having an important role in the team last you had some early success there I remember a couple of games we had against lawyers who are all rookie team is seemed like everything was trending in the right direction Glenn but like I said I'm thankful that they made the decision that they made because gone Houston I thought it was a great fit you know they they otherwise they I don't I don't take things beyond basketball you know what I mean like I at the end of the day it is a game I mean and I'm never going to let it affect the way that I treat myself in your body to get up in I mean obviously they they start somewhere I mean it's not like ask for me and obviously I've grown up I've learned but you know there's always going to be a scapegoat for for bigger problems addition Mayor Islands of Cleveland gave me an opportunity to show a low something before free agency did did that kind of wear on your mood at all does like when you're not and talking to Steve Talking to people in the organization they don't see that at all they say that you're very quotable and they give you they love your passing ability and all these things not like a film appreciative I as bad as it is funny to see that here what he had to say was that your first time seeing it in the League for a while now is the power of narrative thing once once a narrative gets out there guy fair or not it's hard to shake that can really affect join the game as much to that kind of affect other aspects of your life since you know I mean I'd be lying if I said it did it but I'm the type of person eighty admission you had mentioned yesterday that you know time early in your career that he was a there were struggles on the court and also offer you alluding to just I I'm I'm the type of person I keep things to myself and I handled things internally before go ask people to fix my problem when they have I'm an hourly express the type of person on a basketball glory may they take that and make that my personality when I'm a quiet person knows something that that I've I've tried to you know prove the people and so people that it's not really who I am you know group will say that I'm disrespectful you know I don't and I felt that I would point I was that scapegoat in you know they they got rid of problems still stood so that of India aren't I drafted and I was still eighteen I'm turned nineteen so some really so he's listening to that the transition or the learning curve what will carling into unhappy what do you say you were depressed my family or my loved one so it will bother me but I would never let it it it bothered me where I would hourly show the word depressed on just ourselves unhappy he knows a lot going on a lot of uncertainty finance I mean they will be better I as I don't you caught me off guard hours I was at the facility shit and things like that but I've never been told that that's true now I'm a competitive person then I'll miss sometimes the best yeah is this kind of the thing that I just had to live with was somebody has to get blamed for it and you know they cleaned house and you know stuck with me they would be going in a better direction moving on from me and you know that's their decision did you did they give any explanation for why turned into you do not in I didn't ask me I don't outwardly shy to disrespect anybody or belittle anyone and that's not how as raise so I've never been that way people say what they see and they they see it lot of coaching change and you know is weighing on me because it started to maclean's I you know affected house plan but I'm never disrespectful person I I respect authority hours Begbie who you know who are above me in a bluer blow me too it's not like it it wasn't true at first you know and things like that and I I wasn't immaturity knowing it would be lying if they said that that the nineteen year olds I found it was his steve or just coaches that played in and a film room before we watched one thing that had thirteen screen assists in a game and that's again which is a lot is that is that like a something you think you've always had your game or do you think people myself I like the lab how how tough of a transition was it to the NBA is eighteen years old and D- making millions of dollars you're gonNA differences as I am I mean if I see an opportunity to try to help somebody else get a shy or get open to do that you know being in this you just haven't had a chance to show it given the systems we've been in before I've always been type of person that created for other people since high school is at certain times of Bendy think everything needed to happen for you to be in the position you're in today and really appreciate the position you're in system makes it easy it's just a lot of DHL is a lot of in downs and things like that as a lot of moving and you know I think just being able to under Dan where people are out on the floor and spacing and basketball's makes it easier do you do you think that everything I mean as tough as that you're gonNa if you make a team you're taking someone's spot how the handled that nobody's brought it up I'm never been a selfish player I like passing the ball I like him people open I like having seen my friends out fine yeah for sure you know I I don't ever regret anything that I've been through because it made me lamb you know I might regret knock on how to take a step back and realize that I'm not GonNa let anybody else affect the way that I feel nobody controls my motions by me so end obviously nothing's nothing's official yet I mean I'll just say my personal opinion was around the team every day I'd be shocked if you didn't make the team ages into school and stuff the college online classes one of them is going online classes for Folsom Lake and then other online Nobody's mood nobody emotions have changed everybody's treated the same since I got here I think uh you know tough you know obviously being nineteen years old I'm by myself with my best friend and I'm not GonNa talk to my best friend about nobody not to make me happy Mona estimate myself out that the new day on my own personal buffet now the narrative is positive uh-huh but how how do you feel like the your teammates have handled what could be an awkward situation you know obviously a lot of these guys know you liked the show we'd love it if you subscribe to it wherever you get your podcast if you've got a minute to give us quick review that helps us build our audience so we can keep growing court the San Francisco Chronicle's NBA podcast. I'm your host warriors beat Radyr Connor Letourneau. I sat down with Marcus Chris earlier this week at the warriors it'll be inside all day and now he lives in my best friend from wasn't it named James Fox the way that I might have handled some situations about on regarding situation in my days together you WanNa be you know not I don't they've they've they've treated it like that I don't think anybody's thinking like that you know even though that is the business of the am and that is what it has happened you know I want to be an NBA NBA successful the player as long as I can you know going through those things early out rather go to men and go down later on longterm lakeshore I mean that was like Amien fill our fit in fit in here Beulah how did you find I I really had to talk my mom and my mom is better than perspective for life guy saying I can't depend on in your emotions I think and not getting through high to low so you know we all support each other we're there for each other and you know we wanna see corruption to the San Francisco Chronicle their print and digital editions find out more at SF chronicle dot com slash subscribe turning their interaction one one thing that I haven't been impressed by knows Steve as breast badges you're

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