Kate Middleton Skipping Princess Diana's Statue Unveiling, Jamie Lynn Spears Breaks Silence on Britney's Testimony Daily Pop 06/29/21


The drama to discuss today on daily pop. Brad pitt made the sister is breaking her. Silence and kate middleton has us a little shook it. Ooh music star carly here. Y'all morgan stewart is bad. She had an up opthamologist. Appoint me yesterday. Everyone came from. Where are you. i'm like. I have a problem now. Well we have some real big problems today. All has to do with the royals because the drama just won't quit. There is a new report that kate middleton will not be at thursday's unveiling of a princess diana statute now. The event has been scheduled for a while now but it's suddenly seems like katie is skipping it to quote help keep the number of people down now a source tells page six kate cates absence. We'll be telling on so many levels because she was supposed to be there to help. Smooth things out. Between harry and william. Some people are speculating. This is kate's way of avoiding hairy. What do you think. I honestly first of all we've heard about this statue for a very long time at least for the last. I wanna say two to three months. They were never everything. I had heard about this. Unveiling of the statue of kate was never in. Attendance was never supposed to go. So i don't know what this new page six to. You know what. I mean. So i don't i don't feel like there has been a change of plans. Actually i also feel like the real issues with meghan. I don't really think it's with harry. I think she's upset for harry. I think she feels betrayed by. I think she doesn't like he's not her favorite person. She's going to be queen of england. She's not letting that drama. Get in the way of her duties and supporting her husband. Hold on thank you very much. I'll do it'd be best friends. No she was never supposed to go. It would be one thing also. Because i think it's almost a favor in reverse because i think kate not going. It doesn't highlight meghan. Not being there as much if susan was having a statute unveiled of her at her nelson. She's really nuts. This jordan did not show up. Would you say that supporting your husband supporting as well. I agree with you. But i do think in this instance i again going back to. She was never supposed to attend. I think it was really about the boys. And i think this is the way the palace is doing damage control on some level and just say all right. Both women are out. It keeps to focus on the boys. Unveiling the statue. And that's what it is because it's it's just gonna it's gonna continuously push out speculation from the public of well. Kate was there magazine. I just wanted to know pass but if she did not have a baby question for both of you she did not have a baby. They still would not like her that they went on. Tv and talk about the whole family. They don't want they would make it more about the women than about the statue. Okay very good point. I'm gonna. I'm gonna get to you. I don't care. There's unspoken rule about these. It goes directly in the fridge when it comes to weddings. Birthdays funerals are any type of thing. That's honoring someone in the family. I don't care if my sister. And i are at each other's throats we will put it aside for a few hours so we can walk in this funeral. Eh pretend like we're gucci to oprah know that she was suicidal treatment of the family. That's not something. You can just skedaddle away. You can't skedaddle serious serious thing as a celebrity. Sometimes you have to think about the optics and you have to put your best foot forward and keep your head held high. Because yes you're about to be the queen of england if you're not gonna show up to the woman who ran so you can walk your shoes and wear. Her was her hand now. I don't think it was for choice. I genuinely think the royal family was like it's better. It makes it less tense for kate not to go so it doesn't put emphasis on megan up being there and it doesn't emphasize that this is a very broken group of people they do not like each other and they're probably never ever going to get to a place where it's okay again. I think megan said what she was going to say. I mean did you watch the interview. I did what did you think about it. I mean obviously it's broken okay. Can families gnashed in half. It was uncomfortable for me to watch. I was like oh gosh i. I really think they're keeping the women out trying to keep it about the boys because it's their mother honoring their mom because obviously there's some tension going on with the also. Kate was also so nice to harry at the funeral to your point about the beef. She's not. She would not go somewhere because harry was there. She's not going somewhere because megan she's not saying hi to meghan anymore. If i was saying honey. I be haunting all of them. Prince charles is not going camille. Let's not going well. Kate does not going go. Look giving back but you think that these people have a choice. They don't it was all told it was all told to them. Who's going who's not going new. It's charles should go charles and the boys should be there charles not going like. I just don't like the fact that i feel lake right now. You need to just put your best foot for like. I said and put the beef aside. It's your mother in law's sixtieth birthday. Don't think she had a choice. I genuinely think that you know how strict how how old they are. I mean everything is so etched in stone. Their spare their calendar they're planning calendar is is made ahead in years ahead. I talk you got what i'm saying for sure. There's no casualty. I didn't even go. I'm not gonna go. They don't have that liberty. Well it's a mess. Listen to some good news. Carly brad pitt is still seeing. Thank god just for you. Andhra day was to be dating him but she said no. It is not true and despite the rumors. She's never even met. The man have to ask you being in country music are you ever pitted with. Somebody are dating. Somebody who you've never met in the tabloids are on the blog so gosh on. It's like you have a solid on tour with somebody so i've been linked to leib rice. Who i was with. I hope you're happy now. He's happily married with children. Cain brown have been linked to him. Jimmy allen been linked to him. I'm like where did y'all find this stuff. I don't i mean these people are my friends. But why like you have to like disperse the rumor or do you let live in order to like get the song to be played more. I would be like. I think you have to play that game. Sometimes right you have to play it and also you can't constantly be fighting trolls on the internet now. I have found in the last few years that you have to let them have their thing right. I'm just mad. That andrew didn't use this as an opportunity to slide into brad's and say like can you believe what like what if we were really bumping these uglies i. What would they really be happened now. I feel like it'd be. Here's a story. He's got that like charming light. Boyish thing to him. I he could get away with sliding into anyone. Dm's quite frankly. He watches the show. I'm come on. Brad show everyone's like oh my god. I love your show. But i don't have cable i don't watch it i'm like you watch it. Everyone is probably not know. What's your oldest. What would you go to. Oh gosh forty forty one forty always said you have a g five fifty again. Be mr calhoun. I'll take eight year old with tennessee. I'm down seats because then you can fill it up with friends and don't even have to talk to him and he's gonna be pastime thirty. Yeah that's what i'm passed out. Okay that's i have dinner thirty. Who would you wanna hook. Bread it up with morgan gophers. Oh don't ask me. Because i was supposed to give an answer and i didn't come up with one. I definitely want to see him. You guys can maybe help me. I definitely want to see him with somebody famous. I feel like he needs somebody but not necessarily to the level of the women that he has been with prior but who that is Do you know what i mean. Carly country music starting carleen besides me. Because it's going to be very against what i'm about to say. I kind of feel like you're he needs somebody that's not in the public eye. Maybe they're producer. Maybe there are filmmaker. Maybe there are writer. Maybe there and you know something of that caliber. I like that. I mean not that. I have experienced on that but it gets a lot to be with somebody who is in the public is i think he might need just a little bit of normal but still has her own. You find the he'll sell down. Do you think you'll have a long relationship again. No i don't either. I think he's like i am. I've had the drama of done. The women i'm just tired done. I can easily be. Laura dern and i'm gonna save laura during because laura dern comes out the house when she needs to come out the house she's never doing the absolute most only when she needs to and she's data famous man. She's dated common. she's dated been harper. Those men to me. Tell me that laura dern is more relaxed and laid back then we know but she also knows that game so for me. Brad pitt needs to date somebody who is age appropriate to has her own kids. Who need to see him every day because she got her own thing wrong about that i. I don't see them as a couple. I also could see being with the game. They should just try to dip into this chocolate every now and then everybody am i wrong now. Still ahead dead. Jason derulo is stopping by telling us all about fatherhood plus the crazy dares cards and a shocking exit. The bachelorette went for blood last night and our insider is here to share. What's really going on told me things. I want to hear what i learned about you. Tonight is your selfish. Unkind in liar their bachelor audition and tonight get out. Kato thomas to the left to the left last night on the bachelorette. She thought he was there for the wrong reasons and she led his as have it here to break it. All down with us is bachelor nation. Star ashley i oh my god. Are you surprised that katy let thomas have it like that. Yeah i could not believe that the five that was a ruthless. I appreciate the in the way that she likes does not deal with the ass like she sends them out the door. I love that cutting obedience like that every week. Like if there's any question about a guy she says goodbye waterberg extra. That was hard. Because every guy and i thought that he could feed the future bachelor. Thank you thank you said. The same thing. Ashleigh guys also did a bunch of wild bears on their group dates and one guy even waxed his. But if you were asked to do some of those things which you do it do you know am such a foodie that like the eating competition where there were surf fifty east. I would've thought sounded great. But actually i wanted to throw up. Having to watch the was. I couldn't believe how much was on those platters but overall a really fun day because it gets it helped katie. Get to know their personality. There's a lot of sense of humor and easy going this. That is on display when you get a group date like that. Oh my god well carly here is friends with caitlin who is co host in this season. I gotta know. Has she told you any juicy scoop about what's going on behind the scenes. I just her when she got back from filming and she was stressed. She was like y'all. It's just crazy. It was crazy so i think we're starting to see the crazy. Look at her right there. We're really starting to see the crazy you know this is a what. Abc's calling a sex positive season because our girl is not afraid to talk about doing the deed and trying things out and one of the guys competing. This season is a virgin. You were version when you went on the bachelor and you were very open about that. How did you feel when might revealed that about himself early. Were you nervous for him. I had such a flood of emotions during that scene because one. I felt him in the way that they he had to discuss this earlier than he would have any sort of regular relationship. I mean this was honestly day. Two of him. Knowing this visit the first group date. Though i had so much nerves so much anxiety for him but mandate he had carry himself with such grace. He helped he can't beautifully. And i think that like he became kind of in their way that he was so in explaining it. I think that a lot of girls are like. I would like to date like so. I also think that katie's reaction to it was beautiful. A lot of girls are probably like is this a colton underwood par to actually her. Our china baby. And you've been extremely open about your journey so far and i just wanna know. Was that a hard decision to let everybody end in such a personal moment. Look how cute charities your thank you. I love it when people come on my husband. He's crazy. I actually know after you go through the bachelor process and you talk about your virginity on tv. Poppy not anything else. Just doesn't seem like a big deal. Somma total open book. And i like talking about things that people will always about makes us all feel for late day too. Well did you feel that way when you posted his sperm analysis and it went viral on like like asthma k. You mind if. I put this at the end and he was like at the end of the capture. That's okay thought but good sense of humor about it because we catch some weird headlines out vast right well honey thank god. It was a strong count so much for joining. We really appreciate it. Please come back. i love being here. Guys the bachelorette airs. Monday nights on. Abc up next ebenezer views surprising secret about her man. Plus hollywood's bizarre new friendship rule. What stars diddy in tiffany haddish. Don't want you to do when you come to their houses. Welcome back you guys. It's time for the hollywood minute. Jason vegas and actress keeley. Hazell have gone public with their romance after they were spotted out in new york city arm in arm and a source. Close to jason tells people magazine that the ted lasso have in fact been dating for a little while and are having fun. But it's nothing serious at this point harry. Connick jr is joining. Nbc's anne live. He'll play oliver. Daddy warbucks in the musical set to air december. Second harry joins taraji p henson. Who was recently cast as miss hannigan. Harry says he's thrilled to take on the role and its musical message of love and hope couldn't come at a better time and mendez has ryan gosling confession to make after posting a photo of herself in an outfit. She recently wore van. Acid ryan takes any of her photos. Eva replied none. That i post my friends. Take them and i take. There's it's a girl. Thank just an entirely. Who takes your photos. Because i'm lonely. I mean i feel like. I take a lot of my own photos. Or if i'm on the road i have somebody just takes photos and they got the right angles person. I am not found. That person. And i realized that person can't be your husband because it always ends intention. Oh one hundred percents no matter how patient. It's like there's always happens when i'm like you're not trying hard enough. Are you right. it's not working. Is it and so. I don't really post that much on. Instagram stories are easier so much easier much easier. Because you have that in your house. Yeah hollywood apparently has a new rule. Leave your bags at the door. Listen to this. Don't call me sunshine trying to talk to me. Talk about some gossip. Don't call me when no bag news. You know what. I'm saying if you ain't calling meet up. Let me if you ain't colon me to to not now one one. I'm not in the mood. Don't call me unless there's some love on other end of the phone not affect on working. I don't want nobody called me. How true. I mean for who you know what you would hate that room. That doesn't work for me. You like to unload. I only call people i. This is something. I'm on. But i am somebody that tends to focus on the negative quite a bit and all the time everyday. It's been five years. And i'm like i can't live to wake up at finds thirty. It's crazy so i can not call. I'm calling to vent. I'm calling to unload. I'm calling into my dressing room today. I was unloading about something. And he the way. He slithered out of there as quickly as he did was believable. I can't do it. I've been waiting nine years for you to admit that on camera. But i need you to admit that other part that when i call to unload you never answer. That's not true. We voice note all the time and we we do discuss. And that's because. I have a newborn child at home. That's crying and prevents me from answering but we voice out all the time and it's always usually the same complaints but it doesn't stop picking up the phone and ringing in my ear off. No she needs to vent interesting. Is that during black. Lives matters during the whole in unnaturally make people on twitter. Because everyone's as you make everything about yourself. Mike laid at yourself. You do this job that i'm over meters. Have you ever heard intermittent fasting. Yes who has. I started intermittent blacking during black lives matters. I gave people the window from nine to six. That you can call me with your concerns that you could call me with your questions. You can call me and ask me how i'm doing. Because people were flooding me with their emotions all day. And i literally said i'm black between nine and six pm and anytime after that you need to leave a voicemail and literally my friends like oh my god and long. That's extremely considering. Because i definitely called you during that time. That was a long window. And i'm not gonna lie. People's people were calling with real questions. They were calling to check on me right but i don't want to be a victim after six pm. I just wanna have my patio. And you and also i think going back to the. He's had very traumatic past few years obviously with the passing of his ex wife not to bring them down but he's had a lot over camelot. And i think he probably isn't a place right now where he's like. I'm focused on my kids. Focus on my money. I'm not focused on anything but making myself feel as good as possible. So i understand so your phone number and let us test it out and we'll see if we send fifty fifth birthday i i i have no famous friends. I'm not into it anymore. I've decided that. Because you know i'm done with that. I only want famous friends. I'm putting myself out there for anybody who wants to be my friends. Call me everybody with your second right album. All of your problems. So that i can take notes from the next Few feel like you need drama in your life to create good news salman weight loss. You can never get us thin. I'm happy to past when you are so happy and in love it's like it's the most wonderful thing but it's so not inspiring to write about. Who else is having your finger something. Okay i heard the album. I heard the album last night needing help with that. You didn't need any help with any and let me just tell you. It's like old adele struggling. It's good sign torres. Oh what's your birthday april twenty four. Okay just want to know. Sorry okay well. Margaret reads her chart. I'm gonna give you this keys coming up. Kristen bell admits she talks crap behind his back. Could this actually be a good thing. That is next in today's pop of love. How christine bail admits she and her husband. Dan sheppard talk majors behind each other's backs and that's what makes their relationship work. Here's what she told chelsea handler on ellen. Ooh chelsea i'll tell you this at the beginning of the pandemic we were at each other's throats and then all the doors locked in our house like we had to stay inside and we were like wolf. We need to get a handle on the annoyances and our therapist hairy who i love so much he suggested we go to therapy separately kinda so that we could talk about each other and we did and it has been great. Would you wanna know if terry would give you the option. Would you want to know everything about you now. Because maybe he needs to. Then i mean. We all need to vent my. I don't want him to know the things. Maybe i'd say about him when i'm mad or when it has nothing to do with him but i just need to get it out. I seem to like Agree hundred percent. It just works for me. Because i'm the only one in my house therapy. You know what. I mean so. I don't even have that dilemma. But he definitely has asked me like. Did you just bitch about me all day today and i was like no i really just bitch about like everyone else and like my whole life besides you your husband thirty four. I think your husband's has been in therapy for thirty four years. And he just said no. Oh right right right. tv he's been there for the. Yeah that's why he's so normal for sure. I also think that and i tell my girlfriends who have relationships and who are married that you should be to your therapist about the little things that you know will never change. Your husband doesn't need to hear all the time about himself. You know what i mean. And it's like you know he said about you and they're like wait. What do you mean of course he talks about you behind your bag. He just has to get those things off your chest. That aren't worth it a long run smart worth it in the long run. It's so crazy. I don't believe in couples therapy unless you really need to get something off your chest. If he gets to that point. Oh i do you believe in couples therapy. I've never done it. But i can see the benefit in it. Yeah get married. i'm definitely i mean. I definitely think it's like if you are at the point where you're needing to go more often times than not. You're probably a worse place than you realized. And if you lose track of your relationship and you want different things like couples. Therapy might also help you decide that you know what not for you anymore right so i think it's helpful. Have you ever just say wrote attract and been like. Hey here you go. I mean writing. The music is my couples. Therapy got right. Ooh this new album telling you you might have heard of postmates. But have you heard of post dates. It's a new app for break-up where they get your stuff at your ex's house so you don't have to do it yourself. Would you do this. What about you seen them putting this question back on you. Would you do this honestly. No i don't wanna make it easy for nobody. I'm a scorpio. i'm rolling in. I'm in hot. And i'm coming in at six thirty in the morning. Wake yo ass up. I need my shit. That's how we roll. Am i wrong. Why required like i'm crazy. Am i not reliable. When i asked him if i was polite and not a peep out of them they didn't say one thing to me last week I think it depends on what stuff you have. If you have a bunch of stuff do you do it yourself. I honestly want to go in there and can just look like i just wanna go and i also want to take a view things that i think i deserve out of that relationship that may not have belong to me but i wear them and should be when i had to move out of my husband's house the first time when we broke up he was not home and i had like a few hours together myself. I took some extra stuff. Oh louie roller thanks. And a louis des and some other stuff and it's only because now all those items have made their way to the closet so it's almost like i held onto the relationship. I have chanel bags from that time. Manifested but i definitely took some extra stuff sitting here trying to decide because i feel like in one scenario if it ended row bad on his part. I'm definitely going in there. I'm a taurus. And i'm gonna be stubborn. I'm gonna make it be known about it right but then there's like another side of me. If i was in the wrong i might be like. Ooh some just gonna take. Have somebody else go do that for me. He peace out. You wanna hear something really crazy. I just broke up with my ex. And he moved on pretty quickly after me. And i always told the universe if i ever run into them together please just let me look bomb as hell like. I just wanna make sure that. I look good and then i'm prepared so the first time i ever ran into them. It was like seven months after i remember that yes. I had just gotten a haircut check. I had just gotten a facial check and just got off the treadmill. I was looking bob. But the lord through extra boats let the guy comes up. They come up together. There were walking up the staircase. I'm walking down. See them. Because i can't run into them and i realize that he's wearing a shirt of mine and my ex is so nervous about it and he's like oh what are you going to say but to me. I was like ha awesome. Yeah if you only knew right where shirt had seen. And i knew my ex was really freaking out about it and i just was polite. I wish it everybody's i complimented this shirt. Truth gore and everyone about my. This is who it was good. That was good. That's like a dream center. I'm kind went home at eight. Mcdonald's coming joins us live. he's gonna tell us about his life as a dad. Cute get ready. Everybody because we all say is about to blow your mind her engineer. Dj swivel shared some of her vocals. Were she's mimicking a guitar. And i have no words over who do that you can. I could not do that with a gun to my head. Her documentary when she's like warming up singing in the car right. I'm a who sings. Only hurt she is a freak of nature. I love it. This came out because you know trick. Daddy was talking a little shit last week. You know how. I know nightly. I'm just sorry. I'm on it anyway. He was talking a lot of stuff about how beyond say cannot saying and that his godmother somebody was her vocal coach and like she cannot saying jc when on and on and on. So it's kind of interesting that everyone knows saying she's queen she's unbelievable it's interesting though that this drops right around right. Is it interesting last. There's this camp is seamless stunt queen. We all know that her mom tina is also down for the pettiness because she wrote i have always been in all wind. She does this. Yes always yeah. I'm coming after her girl. I'll everyone's just like oh. We're not going to comment but we're going to put this out convenient Time when there's there's what she does accommodations here. I'll show you i. Is your mom ready to fight a fan. Oh yeah she show message may when she sees haters and she'll go can i message. Might mom knows stay. Comments stake crazy when the moms involved and they don't understand certain things and then you're like trying to 'em and she can one time. My mom sent me a message from someone else. A dm tried to talk. I was like do not send me anything. Ever gonna mess up. And i'm going to be on me and my mom's account is her cat so when your town is your out everybody's house okay. Moms controlling me. Just say that is hilarious. What's her name that any lewin friends if you guys you guys jamie. Lynn spears wants everyone to know. She is her sister's biggest supporter now. She hit up instagram to explain why she has stayed silent about the freebritney controversy. Take a look at this. I've only loved door to support my sister. I mean this is my freaking big sister before any of this bill. Maybe i didn't support the way the public would like me to with hashtag on a public platform. But i can assure you that supported my sister long before there was a hashtag quarter long after that. I'm my family. I'm my own person. I'm speaking for myself. Ooh jamie lynn. Says she did suggest that british request a new council but as for the conservative ships. She supports whatever her sister wants. Okay now a lot of people are saying she didn't say a knob a lot of people said that you should have took a different stance. In my opinion. This is an open case. I think that she was damned if she did and damned if she didn't right and i think if she didn't say anything people would say why didn't use anything and now she did and people saying united saying enough right. Do you think people should have to come out and support people openly. I know jamie lynch she was. She had some country music stuff. She had a big song. And so we've become friends. And i think she probably supporting her sister the way that she does in private and i think that should be okay and i feel like she's really conveying that that message and she's frustrated because nobody really knows what those conversations are i know for me. Nobody knows the conversations. I'm having behind closed doors literally like we say that all the time on the show of the internet they think they know everything about don't and they don't know so i don't think she should feel pressure and i'm kind of sad to see that message. It is sad. What would you think that makes you question even better. What would you do if your bff was chrissy. Teigen did you. Would you feel compelled to go on record and defend her publicly. I would want to. Because i feel like in an instance with chrissy teigen said this. The first time we even spoke about her nobody feels worse about those tweets and more embarrassed than chrissy teigen as somebody who as she mentioned has gone through years and years and years and years of self reflection and therapy. You're not the same person you were twelve years ago. Especially if you've done work on yourself so i would probably highlight that and probably try to take some heat off because we all have our day. Every celebrity has their day. Everybody gets called out for something. You haven't had your day job. Put that out and you know. I didn't feel at a time that there was a lot of public support in my in my way. So i feel like yes i would because it's really easy to sort of back up. But it's like when when you're tweets service like actually ask people to not defend me. My friends are in fact. See freight defense. That's different if she did not want it fine. I don't want one hundred percent. I also as your friend didn't wanna bring anymore and i don't mean i don't even it's irrelevant but i'm just saying i agree with you. I think gets you. Please don't defend me. But i think if somebody really needs the support and i think jamie lynn. She really wanted to say something and just didn't feel a hundred percent comfortable to say everything she felt so she just wanted it to be known that her she supports her sister and loves her sister above any financial gain about anything else and i thought she was well-spoken and one thing i will say about her she seems extremely smart meter. I've actually spoken to review times. And i like jamie lens so i wish her the best here. Well said everybody. Jason derulo next jason. Derulo jason derulo is at and do need a vacation. Welcome to daily pod. Most we got to kick things off. Congratulations had a baby boy last month. How are things going. You know what man. I'm so excited every every morning. I'm waking up and You know he's doing something different. I should say up up the entire time. It's been an incredible process. Man like victorian able to see his face. Something new every single day is it's a it's a whole new life man. I'm excited about all that hair by the lucky. What has surprised you the most about being a new dad. I just didn't know you could love something that much. you know. it's just like a new a new found level of love That that you didn't know existed also found that i've gotten close with my dad even processed. Ni- that's crazy now that he had that baby look. I'm a gay man but if that woman was staying mixed to me. I would be putting the ring on that asap. We know you call in jarrett copies man with the thomas bryan with his right that there's no need to rush limbaugh standing of caroline. What's up. that's a guy hand sir. That is such a guy answer. No no no. we're we're enjoying. Each other is amazing. situation so When the time is right right now we have to talk about your tiktok videos. Because i feel like you girl what you really want to ask you. What really went ask him. I felt like your girlfriend has burned every pair. Gray sweatpants and tight swim trunks you own. Because she's a you're no longer putting that on your tiktok showing off all that stuff. Everybody you know what i think is more so more so me you know like the the pandemic was. It was fun. I had a good Eating a lot of crazy things and That's it changed my vob for second. But i'm but i'm back. I got the avs back on last Last coupla days eating bobrov. Oh i'm back to my old so we'll get more gray sweatpants in the very near future hopefully mortgage really excited. Oh my god all right you with wire for a new tiktok challenge. Tell us everything philipson okay. So this really excited. So i mean. Obviously we've all been cooped up for year. Everybody has has has the need to travel and deserves to travel. In fact a sixteen percent of young americans have never even stayed in in a five star. Hotel soho partnered up and we have. This challenge is pause. The wire hotel votes basically. You need to show us why you need a getaway on tiktok and i know things go by britta the challenge with how wire and i did mine. you you showed mine and basically being a new dad if you know anything about in new parent you know. Sometimes you might need a look look getaway. Basically i june i five version but you gotta show us your version of why you need to get away. And then we're going to book through a fifty thousand dollar. Oh i'll get away with the patient of us. We need to do this together. We're going to video of us getting up at four o'clock in the morning and crawling into the studio and that's why we're gonna get our fifty thousand dollars each and tiktok because you need help us look look parent is fun. And it's all fun and games until their baby has to get on a plane and scream and screams. I gotta know when you take insane but to haiti. Because i know it's going to be like the second coming of jesus. Jason derulo is the elvis of haiti. Yep yep so. I can't believe i'm nat perrin now. So now i gotta take my baby on a plane. I i remember being on a plane here in the babies. I'm like why you gotta bring the baby to be fine. Ask me car ma'am. I saw move do great. It'll be easy. We love having you thank you so much we love hanging with you and come back anytime. Bring us the care. We'll see you on our vacation. A right take care guys bye. We have a seat for you on that plane still ahead. Bright colors and bold stripes. Are you hitting the streets in these looks. We're playing fashion. are scientists. play of fashion are failed. We have our paddles out. And if you like something is fashion. If you don't like something is failed hard game. it's a hard one. i'll try it all right. I didn't get the first time tiger first up. We have heidi klum in a very colorful outfit or is this fail. I think we all win. Fail on this one. I don't like your money. I like you come back anytime. All union also went with a very bright color for look. What did you think of her striped. Two-piece set. I think it's sean i would wear it to the supermarket to an awards show. This is so good you can you on behind this stuff. It doesn't matter Fashion love it. I think the caller beautiful. I think the whole thing has done really well. I'm wearing this to my last day of mediation with my like when you're on your almost on the way to greece and you're like thanks for the money side by richard boy. The car gwen stefani play with fashion in here. She's rocking these cowboy boots. Are you here for it. I'm gonna go with fashion. I love it not with the pant. But i love it. I love her. I got to spend some time with her. When i was on tour with blake and she is just awesome. I love her. She looks unbelievable. All the time fail on this outfit fail. I like the boots wearing cowboy boots. I liked to. But i just feel for me if he'll go came with this checkered dress. What's up fashion. Honey come through. Princess permanent fashion for lupita for me. She she always is so well-dressed always you'll love. I feel like she looks like a played. Played out wow hard by god.

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