Ep 479 | Biden's 'Most Misused': Isaiah 6:8


Hey guys welcome to relatable happy monday. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We've got a whole lot. I know i say this. I see this every day because it's true. We've got a whole lot to talk about today. We've also got a whole lot to talk about this week. We've got two awesome interviews as well coming up so i hope i'm able to talk about everything i want to. I really wanna talk about the eviction. Moratorium and what it means What what it means for the cdc's actual power why we should be thankful for the constitution and thankful for the supreme court and talking about how we are in so many ways to tyranny and thankfully we still have these We still have these barriers in place to protect us from that. So i really wanna talk about that. Hopefully that will be on wednesday. But i also wanna talk about what's going on in john piper's church and why that matters to us but today we're going to give a brief update on what what is happening in afghanistan. We're going to go through the servicemen and women who died and also we're gonna talk about isaiah six eight the president he he mentioned isaiah six eight here. I am lord. Send me in his speech last week. And so i wanna talk about that and what that actually means so. It's a little bit of most misused. If you've been here for a while you know that sometimes we do most misused episode episodes where we take a verse that is misapplied mis interpreted and talk about the context and what it actually means now. The true meaning of these verses is so much better than when they are decontextualizing in used in a way that they are not meant to be used. So we've done for example Philippians four thirteen jeremiah. Twenty nine eleven. So today we're going to do an abbreviated version of that with isaiah. Six eight until we'll have a lot of theological encouragement as well. But i just want to give a brief update at least right now as i'm recording this monday morning. This is what's happening so as i said. Thirteen american servicemen and women were killed by the blast of an isis k. Suicide bomber last week. Isis is an offshoot of isis. Which i'm sure you've heard of before. I'm sure you've heard of isis. It stands for islamic state in karaz on province sorry fi mispronounced that they're a terrorist organization. They're seeking to establish more power and we'll be doing so with a protection of the taliban in afghanistan. We knew that an attack at kabul was a possibility. Terrorist tend to seek these highly crowded areas these chaotic areas and thanks to the haphazard withdrawal of the united states from afghanistan that is causing millions to flee including american citizens Thanks to this administration. Keeping all of our troops at the airport rather than allowing them to go into the country and rescue. Our civilians and allies like other countries have thanks to this administration allowing the taliban to serve as the security for the airport. This happened we've talked about all of these things on two previous episodes with rebeccah. Heinrichs in wargin. Ortega's go listen to those episodes. If you have not already you will get a very good in simple understanding of everything that is going on there. And why will link those two previous episodes in the description to this episode. Another thing that happened over the weekend the. Us launched a drone strike targeting isis k. Now apparently reportedly it killed isis k. Leaders but very strangely they won't say which leaders a killed. Reports are now saying it looks like the drone also killed civilians so people are pointing out. How bizarre it is that this administration won't release the names of the people killed by and killed by the drone but reportedly did release the names of americans and american allies in afghanistan to the taliban supposedly to ensure their safe passage but in actuality putting target on their back so just horrible leadership. All the way around like i said on instagram. Live last week. Yes we can chalk up. Maybe two incompetence and fumbling the ball but every day. It gets harder and harder to do that. And it looks more and more nefarious. I don't like to ascribing the motives when you can just ascribe to them stupidity or incompetence but again with every step that has been taken so far it gets more and more difficult not to look at this situation and see that. It was an intentional disaster at least in some ways. I'm not sure. The goal was to cause chaos and to ensure that america's no longer trusted by its allies and ensure that america is no longer respected as the world superpower that this would have gone any differently. So that's i'll leave. I'll leave it there. And i'll allow you to draw your own conclusions. According to usa today quote one day ahead of the american withdrawal deadline from afghanistan the us military kept up a constant flow of airport traffic in an effort to evacuate citizens and servicemembers from kabul president. Joe biden was slated on monday morning to meet with his national security team for updates. Is the operation winds down late sunday. So that's yesterday biden was briefed by national security advisor. Jake sullivan and chief staff chief of staff ron clain on a rocket attack at hamid karzai airport international airport it did not disrupt evacuation efforts. So bite inside. This are set this arbitrary deadline of august thirty first that we would have all american troops about out by end that is tomorrow. The taliban has said there is no wiggle room on that in. So that is that's where we are. There are many more details that we don't have time to get into today that a lot of people. I'm sure we'll be covering as you guys know. I can offer as much commentary as i can when it when it gets to expert analysis. That's when i call on other people to come on the show and give you that in. That is why. I have done so over over the past couple of weeks. What we can talk about is the loss of life. There were about one hundred seventy at least one hundred seventy afghans that were killed by the blast of the suicide bomber. There were also thirteen service men and women so here are the names and a little bit about each of them. So this is according to the new york post maxed in soviak. He was twenty two. He was a navy cormon. Soviak a navy hospital cormon. According to the new york post hailed from berlin heights. Ohio graduated from edison high school in milan in two thousand seventeen. The sandusky register reported his sister wrote on instagram. What a good kid. He was on how excited he was to serve his country. It's crazy to think that he was only two years old on nine. Eleven cream a nikko. I'm not sure how to pronounce his last name. He was twenty. He was in the marines cream. Nick his father didn't realize that his son had been killed until he saw a clutch of marines show up at his door in noriko california. That's what the daily beast reported. He reportedly hadn't heard from his son in a while but he had seen news reports marines had died and apparently he says he had sunken feeling that it could have been his son since he hadn't heard from him and then On his On the ring camera on his doorbell he saw the marines on his front porch. Not when he knew he went on tucker carlson tonight on friday and he said quote. I'm going on about thirty six hours. I believe that. I've been up and i'm still in shock so he hasn't been able to sleep since or he hadn't been able to sleep since he found out that he had lost his son quote. The family is devastated in his mother. Who's an excellent. Mom is doing the best that she can considering the circumstances. Oh i just have a lump in my throat thinking about this. The day before cream nicolae was killed says the new york post. He sent his data video that showed him talking with the afghan children and giving them candy at the airport. Steve nick who is said friday that the clip put him in his wife at ease to where we felt like okay. He's all right and so obviously it was after that a couple of days after that that he figured out that his son had been killed by the suicide. Bombers blast new york post says he was born the same year it started. No actually this is his father saying he was born the same year it started two thousand one and ended his life with the end of this war. That's what he told the daily beast. David lee espinosa. He was twenty. He was also twenty. He was in the marines. Espinosa twenty was from laredo. Texas according to the laredo police department so he was at most a few months old on at nine eleven. When this all started riley mccollum was also twenty. Calling was from meiomi Wyoming sorry he was on his first deployment. She had just gotten married. He was three weeks away from being a dad when he was killed in thursday's blast he was also just born on nine eleven. Jared smits twenty. He was also in the marines schmitz wise a lance corporal from saint charles missouri. A his life so much more his father says i'm so incredibly devastated that i won't be able to see the man that he was very quickly growing into becoming. I cannot imagine the pain that these parents are feeling as parents. You want your children. You expect your children. You hope for your children to out live you. I just cannot even imagine the pain of knowing of seeing that. That's not going to be the case Hunter lopez twenty two was also marine. Lopez was a corporal who hailed from california plan to follow in his parents footsteps and become a sheriff's deputy once he was done with deployment. He was two years old on nine. Eleven dagan page. He was twenty three. He was also a marine marine corp. Dagan page was native omaha nebraska. Who loved hockey and hunting. According to the new york post and we'll always be remembered for his tough outer shell and giant heart. His family said on friday so he was three years old on nine eleven ryan. Now twenty three. He was an army. The first us army soldier identified as victim of thursday's attack ryan now was a quote motivated. Young man who loved his country his grandfather said on friday. Now that something that you never imagine in your wildest dreams that you will outlive your grandchild and yet that's what's happened. I can't imagine again this grandfather's pain. He held from knoxville tennessee. He adjust completed psychology operations training and was hoping to washington dc. His stepmother said so he was three years old on nine. Eleven darren taylor hoover junior. He was thirty one. This is the oldest fatality hughes the oldest victim at least american victim of this attack. He was also marine staff. Sergeant darren taylor. Hoover junior known as taylor was a former high school football player from midvale utah. Who lit up a room. When he entered his father told the washington post he was the most loving giving understanding person. You could ever meet the elder darren. Taylor told the paper so he was ten years old on nine eleven. He is probably the only one i would say. Definitely the only one from this group of Servicemen and women. Who has any recollection at all of that day. Johannes johannes rosario picado twenty-five she was also a marine sergeant. Juhani rosario Pity cardo a nave. A native of lawrence massachusetts was a member of the. Us marine corps is female engagement team according to local reports Humberto sanchez twenty two. He was also a marine corp. Humberto sanchez of logan's port. Indiana was just four years out of high school when he was killed. We don't know too much more about him. We do know. Obviously he was two years old on nine eleven. And then we've gotten a cold. Gee i actually shared a picture of her. This was before she was killed because there was his theory iconic photo of her holding an afghan child marine sergeant nicole g loved. Her work says the new york post and told the world so only a week before she died. I love my job. Twenty-three-year-old captioned in august twentieth photo on instagram showing. The young sergeant cradling rescued afghan infant in her arms g. A maintenance technician with the twenty four th marine expeditionary unit was from roseville california Jeez roommate she wrote this. Very poignant heartbreaking Facebook tribute talking about the fact that Her car is still in the parking lot where she was. She said that she finds peace knowing that she left this world doing what she loves. It talks about what a caring and loving fierce person. Shoe-wise nicole was only three years old on nine eleven. And then you've got dylan merola. Twenty years old also marine. This is the last one lance corporal. Dylan merola arrived in kabul less than two weeks before he was killed and thursday's attack according to his older brother his brother was Says that we were notified last night and then he tweeted a fogo. A photo of the beaming marine in fatigues he says. Rip and say. Hey to dad ingraham all for me. Maybe a few months old on nine eleven. So this is devastating. Obviously we should allow the sadness just to kind of sink in and remember the human cost to war. These are young men and women who answered the call to defend our country to defend our constitution. Most of them babies and toddlers when this war began because of a day all but one of them wouldn't be able to remember. They made the choice to join the army or the marines or the navy knowing it was a possibility they may die but hoping to return home to their families and to do the things they wanted to do to accomplish their goals to finish college to get married to start a family. Their families knew it was a possibility a possibility. They never make it home but they prayed for them. They hoped for their safe return. I cannot imagine as i've already said the heartache of apparent whose child has gone forever. i can't imagine what it's like to see those soldiers show up at your door knowing what they're about to say the dread that sinking feeling knowing exactly the news. You're about to hear the news that you pray that you would never hear and maybe that you expected that you will never hear the young woman who is about to give birth to a baby who will never meet his father a about to go through labor and delivery without him without the anticipation of introducing them to each other. There were also as we noted at the beginning at least one hundred seventy afghan who were killed and while we don't know their names obviously their lives matter to these are all people made in the image of god all people with soles that will now live forever a no matter. How many lives have been lost to this war or to any war. Since the founding of our country the sting of death does not get any killer. Ugliness of war does not fade. War is really ugly. death is ugly. The pit that all of this gives us in our stomach the way it makes our hearts ache with this kind of inexplicable almost physical pain the way it makes us angry. It is all an indication of something eternal something that is set in every human heart that it's not supposed to be this way that we were originally created before sin entered this world for peace not war for justice not oppression for order not chaos and it makes us long for the day when we no longer have to hear about twenty year olds dying in war and suicide bombers and terrorists and incompetent wicked administrations. It makes us hope for heaven for the new heaven and the new earth where christ will establish his reign on earth forever. Everything that's happening in the world right now makes me long for that people calling good evil and evil. Good irrationality depraved. Mind the rejection of reality morality that we see in mainstream culture political divisions that i don't think can be bridged tyranny chaos but at the same time at the same time it's hard for me not to cling to this world and this life That is a struggle that we talk about a lot that i'm going to talk about More today and it's not always easy to transition into advertisements for the show but as something that we have to go to transition into that and then we'll come back into what i was about to explain so as i just talked about the entire world it seems like is in chaos and especially in this country like we look at some of the political divisions that we have some the political fights that we have before us and it's really easy to get anxious to wonder if we will be able to preserve this republic if we will be able to preserve liberty and there are some people that are on the frontlines organizations on the front lines. That are making sure that we do preserve the liberties that we hold dear religiously the sanctity of life freedom of speech marriage. Parental rights alliance. Defending freedom is on the front lines. They're defending these things in america's highest courts they do all of this at no cost to their clients. That's why there's such a gem of an organization it's completely funded by the generosity of patriots like you with family freedom. Even basic biological reality under constant attack needs support now more than ever so go to legal dot. org slash holly get your copy of adf's e book titled generational wind. It's absolutely free. You'll discover why fighting for what's right isn't just important for today but it impacts our nation for generations to come. America is much stronger. We have much more hope when we're standing together do that by going to generational wins or sorry. Go to eighty f- legal dot org slash alley to get your copy of generational wins go to eighty f- legal dot. Org slash ali ab legal dot org slash alley. So as i was talking about this this kind of struggle between hoping for the future of eternity and really wanting to clean to everything that i have now. I think it's probably a struggle that most of us share as christians. Because i we have a lot of people and things that we love. I have a lot in this life. That i look forward to a lot that i don't want to let go of a lot that i rest my happiness and hope and honestly sometimes. It is hard for me to imagine anything better than the life. That i have with the people i have in it. And my tentation is to really fret over losing these things to not put my hope and inhabitant napa my hope eternity and really put my focus and my hope in the here in the now to put my hope in things getting better in this life in inner in our country swinging in the other direction for the better because i love america so much i believe in her so much that sometimes i just can't let myself accept that maybe she is not destined to bear the torch of liberty and prosperity forever. That things really could continue to plummet that chaos could continue to grow more and more in. Maybe it's good that i can't accept that because i don't grow complacent because i do believe regardless of what's to come. I have a responsibility to seek the well being of my country and its citizens by standing for what is good and right and true and i will continue to do that with the hope that things can change. But i can't allow my hope and my happiness to depend on that possibility of change. I have to. I have to surrender to the fact that even if all is lost here on earth even if america goes to you know what even if we have nothing to cling to in this life that crisis enough that the hope of glory is enough. That eternity is more than enough that. What is in store for us after this life is enough -nough for joy and gratitude and continued today even if all of the wonderful blessings that we have right now and hope to have in. The future are no longer there. I have the propensity to worry. I worry about my kids. I worry about my husband i worry about myself my work of a bunch of different things things halfway across the world i worry about i worry about all of these things being okay in working together But here's here's the things that. I have to consider when i worry. They might seem counter intuitive. But i'll explain why they do. Help me calm down. When i'm laying in bed at night trying to fall asleep and i have all of these thoughts of anxiety swirling around about things happening in my life things happening at other people's lives wanting to control of the all these factors to make sure everything works together. How i wanted to hear the things that i remember number one number one. Every single one of us will die every single one of us die. That might not sound comforting. But i'll explain why it is hebrews. Nine twenty-seven says that man is appointed to die. So we're all going to die psalm. One three fourteen says that we are like dust so we are specs on this band of eternity. We are here on earth. One second we are gone. The next every single one of our days were written by god before any of them came to be. So that's the second point that comforts me psalm. One thirty nine sixteen. Your eyes saw my unformed substance in your book. Were written every one of them days that were formed for me win as yet there was none of that so god is not waiting to see what happens to any of us. He is not contained by time like we are his not moving along a linear time line. He is present everywhere all at once. Suspended over in intimately involved. In every moment in world history and eternity he knows an authored every second of our lives before those seconds actually unfold. And here's the third thing that comforts me and i'm gonna tell us together. Jesus said that we cannot add a single our to our lives by worrying matthew six twenty-seven and which of you by being anxious can add a single our to his span of life so as bizarre on as these comforts might seem. The reality is that we are all predestined to die. At some point in our lives how we are to die has already been predetermined and we cannot change how or win. We are going to die by worrying about it. no. I'm not saying that. That permits us to be foolish. Or to be neil listrik with how we spend our time or how we think about life in death because even as god is totally sovereign over our lives he still calls us to obedience. He calls us to do certain things. So between now and whenever we're appointed to die we are called to love god and to love our neighbor. We're to do all the things Right in front of us that he has asked us to do so. He asks us to pray without see seem to seek him and his kingdom i to love our spouses to love our kids to love and serve our churches to love our friends to work really hard to produce thinks he calls us to rest. He calls us to enjoy gifts of common grace like food and fellowship and nature. He calls us to share the gospel to be unafraid. And speaking in standing for what is good and right and true to seek the welfare of those in our community and in our country. I want you to remember that. Cs lewis quote that. We read here the other day. I'm gonna read it again. Because i think it bears repeating. Maybe a bears repeating every single day. quote how are we to live in an atomic age. I am tempted to reply. Why as you would have lived in the sixteenth century when the plague visited london almost every year or as you would have lived in a viking age when raiders from scandinavia might landing. Cut your throat any night or indeed as you are already living in an age of cancer in age of syphilis in age of paralysis in age of air raids. An age of railway accidents in age of motor accidents in other words. Do not let us begin by exaggerating the novelty of our situation. Believe me dear sir or madam you an all whom you love were already sentenced to death before the atomic bomb was invented and quite a high percentage of us. Were going to die in unpleasant ways. This is the first point to be made and the first action to be taken is to pull ourselves together. If we are all going to be destroyed by an atomic bomb. Let that bomb when it comes. Find us doing sensible inhuman things praying working teaching reading listening to music bathing. The children playing tennis chatting to our friends over a pint and a game of darts not huddled together like frightened sheep thinking about bombs. They may break our bodies. A microbe can do that but they cannot or the need not dominate our minds this relates to a lot of things that have caused people to fear and panic today. We are not meant to. It is not obedient to stop our lives and to hide in our homes and to sit on our hands and to spend our lives worrying because there are threats to our safety now. I think there are prudent ways that we can seek the safety of ourselves and our families and we can try to mitigate risk as much as we can but simply hiding from the world in spending our time anxious. Jesus already says that's not going to add a single our to your life so if we spend the next year huddled inside refusing to live life refusing to engage in the things that god has called all human beings to engage in it refusing to engage in the things that really make us human and you die from something else that is not a virus or not one of the million other threats that we are hearing about on the news every day. You're just gonna have wasted a year of your life and you're not gonna have stopped any think and so. We are called to keep moving forward to keep obeying the lord to keep doing the things that he has called. Humans specifically christians to do. We talked a lot on this podcast especially last week about anxiety and capacity and the limits to our knowledge and compassion the important balance of knowing what's going on in your community and even the world and doing what we can with what we're dealt balancing that with also enjoying the here and the now and focusing just on doing the next right thing. That's right in front of us. It's a hard balance but it gets easier when we recognized that the god of the universe has written our days. he's number two days and he is totally and completely in charge. And so. I hope that those things also comfort you when you find yourself wading through the tides of anxiety and unable to unable to come up for air remember god is sovereign and totally in charge over all of it and he is called us to do certain things and not other things and we can only do what is right before us. We can only do. He has called us to do all right. I want to get into isaiah. Six and president biden using this in a way that was completely off in his speech last week. And what isaiah six actually means and why in the of this matters before we get into that though. I do want to tell you guys about our next sponsor for the day and that is hunter douglas. Oh i've been talked about hunter douglas in a while. I have talked about them on this show before. But they're awesome sponsor they make amazing shades and blind so they have unique shape designs. The actually transform ross online that cast a beautiful glow across the space in brighton's dark rooms are dark corners of room. They've got advanced fabrics. They provide clear views on the outside of your home while providing daytime privacy inside energy-efficient shades that lead the industry providing insulation against heat and cold for year round comfort in helping save on your utility bills a really cool part of hunter. Douglas shades is that they've got power view automated shade technology. 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I know a lot of people give him grief for this talked about how his son bo who also served. He actually died of brain cancer after after he served but joe biden talks about his son bowl now. Some people criticized him for inserting bone into the conversation. When it doesn't really make sense or trying to distract from the conversation are subject at hand by bringing up his son or trying to garner sympathy but the fact of the matter is that he did lose his son and i imagine that it is incredibly painful for him even if i hope that he's not using him as a political pond. I hope that he's not. I will try to give the benefit of the doubt there. Some people accused of doing that. But i don't doubt that his paint sincere. I thought that the pain that he communicated when he was talking about his son when he was talking about the families who have now lost their sons and their daughters and their sisters and brothers and friends. I thought that that was genuine now. Maybe i am naive for thinking that you know. A fifty year politician can be genuine when talking about these things but in giving the benefit of the dow. I did think that was sincere. Do i think that he comforted the nation at all. No i truly do think that he is on serious and a very steep cognitive decline. And i think that he. I don't think it's rude of me to say. I think that this is factual. I think it's important to note that. I think he communicates his just as disposition communicates weakness and i think he is very old and now that's not his fault he is just old and i don't think that we should elect someone this old again. Especially someone in this kind of state and i don't think that he addressed the concerns of many americans about prioritizing american lives and if there truly is a plan if america is protected and if we have administration that is actually fighting for the interest and the security of the united states. I think most people believe right. Now that we don't and that is why biden's approval rating has plummeted so much in the past few days. I don't know that he recovers i. I don't know that he recovers from this now. He said in his speech when he was talking. You know trying to say that the people who have given their lives and the people who are still serving right now that they are brave and he quotes isaiah six eight. Here's a clip of him doing that. Those of served through the ages of drawn inspiration from the book of isaiah. When the lord says whom shall i send who shall go for us. American military's been answering for longtime here. I am lord. Sent me here. I am send me all right so obviously. He didn't write that. He has a speech trader. Who wrote that. It very much reminds me of the inauguration there were many instances of him and others quoting scripture in a way that was completely decontextualize and therefore misapplied. And please don't but trump me. I have talked plenty of times About trump sometimes doing the same thing. Although i don't think necessarily that you saw it in this way. And i do want to ask all of the people on the left who are constantly and exclusively accusing people on the rights of being christian nationalists and the definition of that gets changed about every five seconds. Apparently it's very malleable. Depending on the situation and the person you're talking about like this christian nationalism to use a verse that has nothing to do with the military to apply to the american military like that christian. Nationalism is joe biden the big christian nationalist threat that you said that trump was and you said pretty much. Exclusively trump supporters are like. I just wanna be clear on that. And i think that we should be fair and for to be fair on my end. I actually did see baby. One person on the left say that oh democracy. Democrats and republicans. They're both christian nationalist. I don't even know if it's accurate to describe. This is christian nationalism again. Whatever that means and i have sought to define not as clearly as possible on this podcast before and i've talked to some people about what it means and what it does. It mean and the goods in the baton. All of that. We won't get into that conversation right now. But i think that we should just be able to say wow. This was spoken like someone who doesn't know anything about the bible and we just kind of leave it at there. So let me give you some background on isaiah in what isaiah actually is and i took from a few different resources here so isaiah is a profit that the lord called in a vision to prophesy about judah so in isaiah six eight the lord is asking whom shall i send in who will go for ice and isaiah's response wise to volunteer to say here i am sinned me so to give you some background about the book of isaiah and what is happening. There was a time of peace for about fifty two years King and then king's ziya of judah he died of leprosy and seven thirty nine bc and then that was the same year. That isaiah began his prophetic ministry after being called by the lord they the lord wanted isaiah to tell judah that look. You have betrayed me. You have rebelled in a time of judgment is coming isaiah. Does it feel like he is up to the task. Six he says to me. I am ruined. I am a man of unclean lips. And i live among people of unclean lips in my eyes have seen the king the lord almighty and so that is one that we see in all. The lord's profits is a trait of humility of feeling like they're not up to the task and even hesitant to give the message that the lord wants them to give because very often we see the message that the lord wants these profits to give is very difficult message one of judgment in one of wrath one of calling out sin and we know that prophets are not often welcomed When they are giving that kind of message because people don't want to hear about their sin. I'm so god is god wants to prepare his people for what's to come. The book of isaiah talks about god's judgment for their rebellion god's judgement on on the nation for their sin and then ultimately how he is going to redeem them how he is going to Show them mercy and show them grace. Even as they have turned their back on god In isaiah six we hear god say that that they are blind and deaf to god's commands and that is area is to go to them and to try to open their ears into open their eyes to a message of repentance. We also see foreshadowing in the book of isaiah for the ultimate for the messiah. Jesus who is going to come and ultimately save both jews and gentiles who is going to ultimately once and for all one day bring a total peace and safety to israel on israel will then through the messiah. The book of isaiah says be alight. To all of the nation's one day there will be no more rebellion. There will be no more punishment for rebellion. There will be no more wrath on those whom god has chosen and saved and so what isaiah is called to military service has nothing to do with american military. Service has nothing to do with any kind of military service. We are talking about a very burdensome task of very dreadful task in many ways but significant task to bring god's message of judgment and a call to repentance and promise of deliverance and grace to god's chosen people and to prophesy about the one who is to come and so i encourage you to actually read isaiah sakes into read the book of isaiah and see that god wine as we see in the first chapter of isaiah. He has holy holy holy. That's who got is is what his character is the essence of who he is he is holy so he cannot tolerate sin and he loves his people to march to tolerate sin and to allow them to wallow in the misery of sin and that even though he has every right to wipe his people off the map. And i'm speaking as a saved gentile. So i am speaking when i say his chosen people in today's context i am talking about his church time talking about all of those who he whom he has saved through. Christ he loves us. Too much justice he loved israel too much to allow us to wallow in our sin to abandon us. He has made a promise to us today. Through christ to deliver us. And so as we look at the judgment upon israel because god as holy cannot tolerate standing we look at his promise of deliverance. Both then and later through the messiah. Through jesus christ we to have hope and we are put in our place just as isaiah was before a holy god to remember that we are but dust that we are too unclean. It were not for the blood of christ has washed over as fijian's two says we were all dead in our trespasses and sins in which we once walked following the course of this world following the prince of the power of air spirit that has now at work in the sons of disobedience. God being rich in mercy because of the great love with which he loved us made us live together with christ by grace we have been saved so isaiah paints a beautiful picture of the gospel. A beautiful picture of what's to come equations to i think is the best summation of the gospel and so this is much bigger. Isaiah six eight itself and then in its context. The book of isaiah. The entirety of scripture is so much bigger and better than what joe biden her any president or any past or any leaders speaking to when they take a verse out of context and apply it to something that is not actually there and that's not into doesn't just go for for someone who identifies as catholic or someone who identifies as as protestant. It doesn't matter. The scripture means what it means. There may be multiple applications of scripture but there is one right interpretation of scripture and we can debate what that means but in order to do that. We actually have to look at the context. We have to look at the history we to look at the author. We have to look at the purpose. We have to look at each verse in light of scripture as a whole that is so important for us interpreting scripture and applying scripture. And i actually think that it is blasphemy. I think it is a huge disservice to christianity and a huge misrepresentation of christianity. Win we apply versus something much more superficial than the profundity of the gospel itself in. So i one good thing that i that i think exists in. All of this is that maybe people will look up. Isaiah six eight and that god will use this for good that they will look at the book of isaiah. Maybe they'll read the bible for the first time so praise god for that. Thank you. I thank you. Joe biden for bringing up the bible because maybe people will look at isaiah six. Maybe they'll look at the context and maybe they'll maybe they'll read isaiah fifty three. They'll see the messiah prophesied and they will come to know christ because the holy spirit can actually work through that So that could be a beautiful thing that comes out of all of that. And i am very thankful for it. Do i think the joe biden is some dangerous christian nationalist. Whatever the heck that even means no. But i think all of us republican or democrat doesn't matter should be careful as far as we can as far as we can to make sure that we are reading interpreting and talking about scripture in a way that fits with its context and with its intended meeting meaning. Alright i've got a little bit more Encouragement for you guys in just one second. But i've got to tell you about our last sponsor for the day and not as good ranchers so we love good ranchers at our house. You guys know it. We use it old time. We've got steaks. We've got chicken We've got pre marinated chili lime chicken. We've got non-pri marinated chicken. 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So the beauty of what you read in the beauty of the three points that we were talking about earlier as we remember that we are but dust god's great plan of redemption so much bigger than what's happening right now so much bigger than us so much bigger than all of the things that we are worried about all we are called to do is to trust and obey god until our time has been appointed to die or until jesus comes back the beauty in all of this is a reminder that god is working the he is working all things together for his glory in our good romans. Eight twenty eight and that is active. He is working right now. He is not a god who comes in afterward and cleans up the mess remember. He is suspended in the eternal now. He is not constrained by time or space the way that we are. He is totally sovereign over all of it totally in the know totally in power and nothing can thwart his will job forty two to everything even while it seems like it's falling apart. It is actually coming together. According to the lord sovereign will does that mean that he enjoys watching sin in evil and corruption. No absolutely not. There are things that go against. His moral will even while his sovereign will cannot be thwarted. and that's why he promises that one day he is going to destroy weakness forever. he is not just. He's not just sitting idly by as it seems. Like evil doers are thriving and are coming into power. Here's a plan to take care of all of it. That is what we can trust in this idea. Why does god let you know that things happen. And i understand that question because i think it speaks to an understanding of god's power that have got really is all powerful and he is everywhere and he's totally know. Why does he stop bad things from happening. I think it's a great question. The answer is we don't know why everything. Dad bad thing that happens happens. We don't know the answer to that. What we do know is that he cares about it and that there's recompense coming. There's revenge that is of the lord that is coming one day and he will destroy wickedness he will destroy evil he will reign in perfect peace and righteousness forevermore satan will not get the last word. Everything is working together for his glory are good. And god's work doesn't always make headlines it's always trending on twitter. It's not the thing that's being talked about on social media or among our friend groups. It's not the thing that is being written about by academics and philosophers at all times and yet it is the most important thing the realist thing and the biggest thing that is happening at all times. We have a privilege as christians to be a part of that. He doesn't need us. But he chooses to use us again for his glory and the good of his people. And so we have to ask for strength to surrender our grip on the things of this life into stop putting hope at policing our happiness and the things that we have things that we want to have and the things that we want to happen because all of that no matter how good they may be no matter how trustworthy they may seem they are slipping away and so we might as well just surrender and to put her shots into put our happiness into put our hope in the one thing that is sure and that is if we are in christ eternity and glory enjoy with him forever. Alright that's all we've got four today. I'll see you back here tomorrow for an awesome awesome conversation with well actually could be one or one of two conversations. That are being film tomorrow. So i won't say which one it is. Both of them are awesome and she will get to hear tomorrow. So i'll see you guys.

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