Episode 64: Mega Offseason Preview


The. I'd say. Todd as five is ago. The body love these Aaron Boone the leader version of the. He's. Just the first. The portrait ROY. What's up? What's happening? Welcome to another edition of the short porch. I'm your host hubs alongside on the other side of wop. Tommy smokes, Tom Scibelli. What's happening? What's up? What's happening? I dunno. I took your line. But I I did obselete just stole my line. Jacked it. We're back. I mean, it's it's been I mean, it hasn't been that long. Seven days. I was exciting. Yeah. For sure. Stuff to talk about you know, it's been it's been a slow slow month for Yankee news in terms of besides just rooting against the Red Sox. But we're now at the point where things can actually happen in the universe starting to get sleep again starring eat full meals. Again, started becoming. Last time you we were on you couldn't finish meals. Whatever happened with that. I mean, I just kinda just ignored whatever the doctor was saying, and in my own thing and started the I think it was just like I mentally got strong again and started to eat again. And I haven't really done outside much, but we'll get there. That's know. I don't know it's getting dark early. Now. A kind of just wanna go to bed at like five o'clock now, but I I like when it gets dark early. I don't mind that at all. I think I mind it more when I was a kid, and I like outside and ride my bike and shit and having a catch. And now like, you know, almost can be twenty five year old actually a month from today in twenty five congrats to me. Thank you. And. Nixon on nineteen to six. This is great. I'm I I'm always a big Nixon. But I'm starting to become a Nick fan on Twitter. I never really did. And it turns out like I mean, I was a Packer fan to show. Like, the the defend diagram of Yankee fans and Packer fans. Like, it's not like there's not many but Archie Yankees. Packers Lakers elephant himself, UNC basketball. No. And we're actually fucking awesome. It's sports. Fucking awesome. At it. We're gonna get to that. But the vendor. Oh, fucking mention. It. You kidding me? And because it's Janke stadium. We this. There's a true tro flat. But the van diagram of Yankees Knicks fans is there. So like, my Knicks tweets actually do. Well. So I'm going gonna keep doing that. I I thought the the Sixers trading for Jimmy Butler was a clear fear move of Lonzo trio just being awesome. They're just they're very concerned the future they needed to get shutdown guy defensively. I don't think it's enough. I think true will just destroy them in the future. But so true in college. I was surprised. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But still I mean, whatever he wasn't this in college. But I guess like lake Connor went dark. On it. Really good ours. Ona team. Yeah. They were. I don't know. The real question is how did not win a championship with that team? Like lot of Miller's not a great coach. Sure isn't good recruiter. He can pay people. That's about it. All right. So there is Yankee news to talk about this a lot. We're gonna get through a lot with this'll be our big offseason. Mega even though spelled Negga wrong in the initial tweet delete that I didn't understand that. Because. To say mega was spelt. Right at the end of the year. Like apparently don't have spell mega confused as I hate. I hate when people tweet out when I I'll I never spell things. Right. And then when a treat about people come at Negga with the star thing side, just like one of the right? Cancel those people out of my life would just owning up to it. So. I don't believe for Typos, I probably should start. But there's nothing worse than you think you have like a good tweet. And then you notice one words off, and it's like, oh, I hope people still get it. I hope people still get the point here. It's really funny. This morning. I had a it was a tweet from the night. We lost in the playoffs. It it like I started to get like a ton of action on it again. I know you're. Ellie quotes read it, and as an in it already have two thousand likes now, it's like over that. But I was just like what is going on here that I see Ellie retweeted unfortunately woke up this morning. The nightmare was real life as meaningless will try again, the Morrow, and she quotes didn't said me texting my friends on Sunday after super barreling weekend. Which is such a classic girl thing to do. I tweet that when the Yankees are out of the playoffs. Seriously, like more nerve wracking wracking slash con of exciting than like you. Go into Twitter and just have a ton of notifications. When you're about to not exciting. It's nerve wracking. Yeah. It is more nerve wrack. It's like you just see if you're, you know, you log off Twitter for five minutes, and he gets back, and it's like twenty plus or something and it's like oh one tweak getting a ton of actions who quote to today's retweeted it what it somebody say. Like what I say about the Asians into. It's all coming out. Now, those have been deleted. Don't worry. So. Of course. Joking. Yeah. But fuck that I want to say something now, I guess, so we'll get into some Yankee news. We'll start. There's a lot. We're gonna break that roster's. Rick who we want all the pitchers, whatever all that nonsense. We are you talking about Brett Gardner coming back on one year deal. And I actually forgot what it said on this podcast, but I'm pretty much against that. I don't understand that move at all especially them Madame money, but we're bringing that CC, and I like the move. I don't I eight million dollars. It's not gonna kill their chances of going after anybody. I don't buy Brian Cashman saying that we're going to send the luxury tax again, if we do start loading bullets in my gun exact Casteran, it's how and I think I mean, we'll talk about it. But I'm afraid they're going to stay under. We're talking about it. We're talking about right now, you think they're gonna stay under. Again, I'm worried that the way how keeps talking of you know, he keeps saying over and over it shouldn't take two hundred six million dollars the contender. But it might. I don't know. I think the I hope they go. All right. I don't know. I'm afraid they're not going to. There was an article Joel to good article in the post this morning. We're basically said there's been years in the past where they've tried to stay under the goal at the start of the offense this stay under. But then presents itself like Ness hero Tanaka becomes available by. Yeah. Four or five years ago whenever that was you break off for it. So I could crazy. Matthew talk has been thinking for five years. Awesome. Awesome side, actually, like low key has been one of the best signings. They've had in the last decade. Yeah. He's been consistently. Yeah. I'm a little bit of free that I mean, I it's there should be no fear that blank cheque book should be open spent one real theory. Exactly now. I know they just one hundred games. They're going to say, look, we just one hundred games how much more money. Do we really need to spend? I get that. You know, the Red Sox magical season. What are the odds, they repeat everything goes right for them? Again. I sort of understand that sentiment. But you have a unique Free Asia class with a couple of young twenty six year old superstars people just don't hit the market. And with that talent at this age anymore are often anymore at all. So I think you have to open the checkbook they have to blow past the to six million. It's money Anki fan support. They're going to support even more. There's winters that's going to be in trouble the Cleveland Indians where to sell off because they're not selling attendance. Even though they're good or whatever. Year. Yeah. Yeah. They're going to support. So I don't mind seeing that payroll get up to two I mean, obviously, I don't mind, but I want to seek it up to two thirty or something like it's not our money spending my fucking money. So. Like, all you, don't you? Don't want to be the buying fucking. Do. I will say a lot of times people will say, oh, it's not your money. Like, what do you cares? Have a by everyone. Like I disagree with that. To understand what fight says that a lot too. And you have to understand like it hamstrings the team down the road. So yeah, it's not going to cost you money at all. But those big moves if they don't work out are going to be a problem. So I don't I don't agree with that sentiment, but this off. Yeah, I'm ready to open the checkbook you'll see this team. I'm about to put together, I think it's also concerning. The fact of the Red Sox are going to have money to spend to their they have like the they're they're not like Carl. Crawford's deal is done Hanley's deal is done. Like they have money again. Spend let kimbrel walk like they're going to get some people to they're going to reinforce some things that aren't great. It's Red Sox stagnant. The Red Sox are going to improve again, which is going to suck. And they may be they're gonna give JD another extension or something like that. Or sale. I don't know put like they're they have money to spend the. A there's a stupid idea that the Red Sox are so tied up with money. Yeah. Just spent a lot. But this some coming off, and they have money to spend the yet a little not like crazy like us, but they have money to reinforce some things, especially you'll get closer. I'm concerned they're going to go after D as in Seattle Seattle is doing this fire sale. And yeah, we want people from there too. But at Wendy as is like kind of a scary thought for Boston if they can land a closer like him and give him some money or feel like I don't know that would be a trade. But what they pay him after that. But yes, I we actually need to. I don't you don't necessarily have to the luxury tax if you can make it work. But like, I don't see how they can. I don't see how they can if they're gonna if they wanna make the splash that we hope they will. And that doesn't even include free agent signings. That's trading for people to because we're trading people at contracts in what we'll talk about. But I just hope I just I do not believe them when they say they need to standardise number. I think it was way more of a problem last year than this year. I mean, that's that goes that saying, but they stayed under. It's been reset. That's was the whole point. I thought over the past half decade to get under it wants to could resets. And then you could have you know, a big splashy off season. Yeah. Exactly. So this is what we've been waiting for six years. So let's fucking roll. So what were your thoughts on CC coming back for that one year eight million dollar deal? I was a fan of it. I think his veteran presence alone. The clubhouse is worth the eight million. I don't know what he he's numbers. Last year were good hundred fifty innings had a three six. I think Yara sure he faded a little bit. And he wasn't reliable in the postseason. He's coming back to be a postseason starter. He's coming back to be a good fifth man, a good mentor. If we don't trade Sheffield, a good mentor to Sheffield a good mentor to the younger guys and just that veteran clubhouse presence. So I honestly didn't hate to move. I hate the Gardner move way. More than the CC move. I at I did not like it. It was just like why are we seemingly going backwards with garner? And CeCe those two guys where you know. They've had unbelievable Yankee careers to degree. It felt like their time is up not the same players. They once were let's move on. Let's get better younger versions of that. That was my first thought. But now that I think about it. It's it is only million dollars. Now, if they say under the luxury tax, and they spent nearly twenty million dollars in Gardner, then I'm going to be really upset that I'm gonna be pissed, but if you're going to blow past it anyway, okay? They have three open spots coming at the off. They had three open spots are tation got Severino. You have Tanaka throw consults. So my thinking is they probably didn't wanna make three big splashy moves. They don't have to worry about. You don't have to worry about filling three rotation spots. All ox, eggs, exciting's, a treed. So see C. You know, what you're getting with them eight million dollars, very Ford -able, especially in today's day in age with all. The crazy contracts. Baseball gives out. Yeah. He's not going to be the sealants was we'll be affective will probably have a stint or two on the DL relief innings. You can ask them every fifty to take the bottom after line him to be a playoff starter. But it'll eat innings during the regular season. And now you can go into the off season thinking. All right. We need to too big splashy moves to get to real solid pitchers, and we have a pretty good rotation with C C as v going into twenty nineteen. So I liked to move more and more as we move on. But I will say depends on what they do with the other two. I if the Anki get Jay hat and someone else I think it's a it's a failure of an all these dry thing on right now mad if we bring back up on my I would have if that my thought process of the other right was bringing back cap or C c they chose. They chose C C. Okay. That's fine. Now, go get to better pitchers. Anything otherwise nothing's different than last year except one Heckscher what what he talking about. He your everyone said improve the starting rotation was the only thing. Well, what are you talking about improving which is brought back to bring back four five guys talking about approving. We're getting one fucking one guy's not gonna make the difference here. And it's not like you're bringing in. Like Chris sale type guy like Chris sale. Type guy is not out there in the free market. He's out there in the starting pitching trade market. But that's another story. That's not a guarantee. So I have to see what run talk about who we want and who I think will get but at the end of day don't hate to see moving. I'm with you. I don't think hap- is in play here. I think hap- goes to like the White Sox or something. I know they have interest. I can get more money there than what we're we'll probably give him an offer just to like like bullshit lobe offer some other team offer him like a three to four year deal. Is he probably deserves it. He probably deserves a three-year sixty key. Can maybe get sixty million from a shitty team that can just spend like why keys too old? Yeah. But he's crafty he knows how to pitch just not in Fenway. Well, I don't want him in the Bronx. Yeah. It was nice. He had a good second. I mean, he he was an unbelievable trade. You know, like a great numbers. But. You know, let's get some younger guys. Let's get some young guys who can get us outs. In October next thing not really waiver. Why of trade wire free agent wire news, but crank Kimbrell is a free agent, and he just won the World Series, no interest, by the way for the euro zero interest on a guy who's diminished velocity last three years, and seemingly gave up a home run every time. He was bitching somebody in the playoffs or almost a home run. It was all he was. He was he ended up being I guess perfect. All right. Fucking suck days. Dick, a little more serious. He ended up being like doing everything, and he was really consider a heart attack once he stopped once he stopped tipping his pitches in the World Series. He was that was all Eric Agni. Whatever Danny talked to him and figured out. He was much better in the World Series. So I that being said I still don't want him. But I I mean, it's not like you say blue every game. I don't want any part of credible. I'm all set crunchy. Memorable anyways agent. He's a free agent. So he's obviously looking for you know, he's won the World Series. And like, you said sure he didn't blow a save, and he looked better, and he had okay, year, whatever. Jeez. Looking for some money. I don't think the Red Sox can give it to them. I think the Red Sox are going for a different option at closer. I think they had enough of him. And like, I said diminish city is peripheral numbers are terrible all signs of disaster the next year or two, and I think a need. No. So Craig Kimble's agent. I guess he's doing his job of hyping his client up. He's pitching his pitch. Two teams is that he's sitting down table and say this guy Craig kimbrel. He's the best colour of all time. That's what he's tests. What he's telling people. I think it's I think it's such a crazy thing that he should be thrown in jail. That's just my opinion. I think she thrown in jail stripped of his license stripped of his lawyer license thinking lawyer license to be a sports Asian stripped of. All that and thrown in jail for like a month. I'm I mean that is such a slap in the face. What are you talking about? You the best closer of all time, we talk. I mean, he's he's wrong. But I've I don't hate the move like by the agent like he's doing what is wrong. Out of the meeting. It's such a craziness that like, I'm just. Like, I'm just like his numbers are awesome. He's a one point nine whining are a million strikeouts year. He's not the greatest goes all time. Because marrano numbers aside. Just the confidence you had when he came in the game the calming presence, especially in the playoffs will never I I don't think it's a stretch. They will never be met in the history of baseball. Well, look this agent. Mine every age going J J half. They should be going out there. He's the best left handed. Starting pitcher. Just throw it out there. Sif anyone will bite you seem to be such an idiot that you would you'd be okay with this move. If I'm walking out of the room for you to say that I could be I'm pretty gullible. So like someone you believe this. If someone tells me I'll be like, well, like the he wanted just make that up. So I don't mind the move. But yeah, I mean, he's wrong. I have question for you. This is off sports. Do you believe in the moon landing and we have people moon? Yes. You believe people are up there. Yes. Okay. Said why why the reason is because there's plenty of like conspiracy things to make me think the moon landing didn't happen. Corrobos will be the like the first guy on that on that bus by. Hey didn't happen. He'll give twelve reasons. Right after that. He's like seemed like ten movie ducks about right? So the reason I believe in the moon landing because of this stat I always want the stat to exist barring any conspiracy theories twelve yes, twelve that's a dozen men have walked on the moon. Mariana Rivera allowed eleven men to score in his postseason career. More. People have walked on the moon than have scored against Mary owner of ever in the postseason. Insane crazy that is like a vital alien that the Alleyen came down from from wherever and I told him that's that. He wouldn't believe me. He also probably wanting to say what I was saying. But he wouldn't believe me. It's such a crazy crazy thing. Yeah. Point seven era in October. November ninety six game spin Creggan Kimble's pitching like ten games in October. Okay. Everyone got your heart in your mouth. Yeah. Exactly Maryono shirt. Like you. Remember, the bad, Mary, you -member him blowing the o-on game seven you remember him blowing four, but like you remember your a member because they're so rare. Yeah. You remember his mistakes? You don't remember the other ninety that like, no one even came close to being on these like, he I'm just gonna run through these real quick, these Socratic Kimball. He he's a whopping twenty point two innings in his career postseason career. Marrano a hundred and forty one. Okay. Cranky. Kimberlin Rivera have given up the same amount of home runs in the postseason. But like I said Kimbrell has thrown one hundred twenty lessons. Until up until he retired Rivera had saved thirty one games in the playoffs where he'd gotten more than three outs up until twenty thirteen when he retired that had only happened thirty two times in the wildcard Hera from anybody else. And he did a thirty one times saved by Mariana at the age of forty three. Yeah, he had forty four at the age of forty three or forty four saves by all other pitchers since the creation of the modern save rule at the age of forty three older forty six. I mean, these are just crazy Kimble's thirty years old. He's gonna be throwing seventy five and five years. He ain't touching that eating Sniffen forty-three. He might not stiff thirty five. Let's see here going by justed ERA pretty new stat that people use new it sounds like it's a stat. I would enjoy it's like this is a better. Stephanie. All right. Good. Just the figured it out. Moe has been the single most dominant pitcher ever Cording to the stat starter or reliever on a scale in which the average pitcher rates one hundred Rivera's adjusted era over a nineteen season career is to five not only is that the best adjusted era in history among pitchers with at least a thousand innings, but nobody else's within fifty fucking points of him. The closest being marrano Rivera. I'm sorry. Saying close as being Pedro Martinez at one fifty four. So I wish he'd come back. Yeah. I mean, I'm going to have a whole fucking when he's a when he becomes the first unanimous hall of Famer in in a few months, I'll do three thousand word blog about not happening, by the way, he should be. But it won't happen. 'cause there's gonna be some dick cat out. Like Kansas City. I want to make a name for himself and say, oh, well, close are only pitches. One inning can't be the first unanimous ever and that guy. Yep. A set a set a last year still challenging the roughing round L fight that reporter sure thing I'll train altering eight year old name. Good good only kill dome in the rain. But Maryono unbelievable thought we'd just do that little. Okay. So let's get into a little actually how do you? Do you want to break down? What we think will happen with the with the roster next year. And then we can we'll we'll just work our way into these names that were. Yeah, I say maybe we'll start with the with the rotation. We got we have in mind will touch on the ones that are rumored out there. Cool. Okay. So Gary Sanchez is our catcher next year on the set in stone. Great if you don't want him if you want gain traded. I think that's wrong. I think I think he looked he showed signs of being better in October and end participation ver he had a horrible year. I I know he's not that player. I just know. He's too young to town that I've seen. In the Gary Sanchez that takes over baseball. He's still there. He'll come back. Plus, he's working Pudge Rodriguez. Not a block baseball, which is great. I I get aggravated with Gary like we all do. But there's I mean people keep throwing out this name AT route Mutoko, but real mutual. But I don't gimme Gary like if I don't want. There's enough things dressing off season. Let's not add cash released. Go with Gary reminds a great backup. And let's move on. I think the whole thing just complicates things. I mean, sure better defensive catcher, no doubt. But he's not better offense than Gary. He's not even close. When Gary is on when Gary is on. I think he's the best hitting catcher basic crazy thing to say. But I think he's the best in catcher of all time when he's on. I don't think they'll be they'll be ever be a catch like him when he's on hajj back in the day. He didn't hit fifty homers at one hundred fifty game spin. No. But no, I agree. Let's put this week the potential the Grayson Catt Travolta, the it really does that one hundred sixty plus game span he had was like one of the best wretches a catcher will ever have offensively. And I think it's still there. I generally do I think think he was I think he needs to get his mind right for sure. And it needs the Ceram self with better people like, you know, till coach them up and mentor him Pudge is a good guy to do that. So I believe in Gary Sanchez. I do I I'll I'll be like the last guy on that on that ship until it's six I really will. 'cause I've seen I've just seen it where he just takes over baseball for like a whole fucking month. And no one can do a thing about it. And and people say he's the most pure header on the team probably hits all sides of the field. It's bombs. He's an average hitter when he's on. Yeah. Fielding socks. He's got hopefully Pudge can figure that out. But I'm Gary Sanchez guy. I believe in Gary if you want them traded, I think that's the wrong idea. I think he got we should trust in him. At least give him one more year. Just don't don't one year. Like, all right, relax. I Baste wise this is where it gets tricky. I mean, this is going different ways. I think the team generally, I think organization believes in Luke Voight, and I definitely do his number one fan. But I I think for sure he's I mean, he's controlled for next five years. Look, if we if we do have something voi-, it will be it will do wonders to this team's payroll and the luxury tax because he ain't gonna cost shit in the next five years like they'll probably give him a little extension. If this does work out of the year or something like that and make it worthwhile. But like, we don't we are not obligated to pay Luke Voight for like five or six years. So he's great. He's twenty seven. I mean, if he really showed. No. So once he really got cooking. It didn't stop. And we've seen this before. I mean, Greg bird had a good month like fifteen years ago. Gary's shown, the same thing, we've seen plenty of people have good months and just it goes away things voice different. I do. I think they saw something with them in Saint Louis brought him over. And it was they struck gold with it. And they actually paid off is good fielder is awesome. The clubhouse team loves the players. Love him. The fans love him. I'm I'm all in on voi-. And I don't think there should be a competition with bird. I think they might put competition quotes saying there is and then he'll although birds seemingly only hits in spring. That's like his month or eight. He I get see hitting four fifty in spring and everyone falling right back into the trap won't be me. Won't be men that guys. I don't know. If you saw it was his birthday today. The Yankees tweeted out. I I I have notifications on for Yankee tweets, and it popped up by quote tweeted it and said, no. This immediate now this then I found a loop. Void video of him working out this offseason doing shit with one hand again crazy maniac shit. And I was like, yeah. This is a guy that that like doesn't just want to be here. He wants to win here. Fucking Greg Berg. Yeah. All right. Here's my I like, Luke void like him. As a person, I think, he's fun. I am not a sold on him as you are in that. I'm not ready to hand over the keys of first base to him. I didn't mean that. But like, I think I think he should be he should be on a beeline to be that guy. I think they should definitely I think first base is a position where the ANC you should definitely be looking to explore their options. I don't think it's like catcher where you're pretty much set going into the season. It's not right field. Got Aren judge. Not centerfield ticks are got. I think first base is you're not aggressively going to pursue it like starting pitching. But I think it's something that should definitely be on their radar. Look I like. Look voight. But there is a chance that he is just, you know, two month wonder and another thing is defensively. I don't trust him a ton defensively. I know I think he's good defensively. He's okay. He's okay. I mean, he's not great. The ball. He's got to go as a whole was a little bit of a pro especially at the corners last year van are not really being to reliable. So mainly just according to forget who didn't pick and horse ball and Fenway in August was fucking Greg Berg, they took Voight out of that game. Upgrade? I again, I I like void. But. Thrown out the name what? Well, let's let's throw the name out there. Let's just get our thoughts on them Bryce Harper. I. Yeah. So so yeah, right. I just came I self thought of Luke void next year. And I believe in it for short. I mean, you go sign Bryce Harper. I will not say, no, I don't think the Yankees plan on doing it. I just I it's just I got on it. But there is like if they went and God Voight them sorry got Harper. Like that lay can still work Voight into this like the way that works is Harper becomes this like super utility guy. So he can play left center or right? He can play all the positions. He could play first he can even probably catch better than Gary Sanchez, still and can also D H. So whenever Harper's plan. I vote whenever you know. He's playing whenever the left's. Yeah. Yeah. Let's let's say something about Giancarlo here. But you're not thirty eight. You can still play the field. I agree. Come on. Man. I understand like you have tender hamstrings and shit. You're not on this time. I don't think it's him saying, I I wanted the H I think just prone his whole career fairly injury prone. Yeah. So here's my thing on Harper. He's probably the number one guy as a fan. I want this ops. He's I think he's super exciting. He is you know, the biggest star in baseball. I think Mike trout is the best player. But Bryce Harper is our was yeah, he's the biggest are he's a guy. It feels like he was born to be a Yankee just something about him of the fact that he fucking grew up idolizing Mickey marrying all that. There is just an alert of him that I can't get out of my head. Also, sure he's a lefty. Yeah. Into sandwiched in between judge and Stanton is shoot. That's a fucking wet. However, in the way, I'm designing my team this off season. I do not I do not have him included on my deal twenty five man roster. I know everything I just said about him. But to me, look, we've been we've both said this. There are two twenty six year old superstars hitting the market gonna get big deals big deals that they are going to be worth. I mean, we we're getting them at the prime of their careers for a long time. This is the off season. They saved the money for this is what the Yankees have been waiting for. It is a failure of an off season. If you don't get one of these two guys. I'm sorry. What they are the biggest stars. They are game changer. You wanna catch Boston gonna make sure it doesn't come Red Sox dynasty? You have to get one of these people. Yeah. You one hundred games, I fear. Big whoop. You didn't win the World Series out in the first round. They have to make a splash. And it's not just a splash to make a splash like old school Yankees getting guys tale into their careers. The big deals. No, these are two legitimate. Young superstars marketability, whatever you want to say for that on the business end to me, they have to get one of them. I'll hear a case for either depending on how you want to allocate your resources personally the way I'm doing things, and we'll get to it. I'm going with Machado. Just because of I think the need is going to be greeted there, especially with deal propeller on the same page. We'll so I'll want Bryce Harper is a fan. But in my ideal GM offseason, he is not part of the twenty five minute roster. Luke for is that being said, I'm look forward as my starting first baseman. But that being said, the ANC you should definitely explore other first base options. Like, Daniel Murphy, more when Gonzales, I think, those guys you might want to look at more exhaust soup, utility guy. But Daniel Murphy, I mean, tough because he doesn't play defense handle halo. On the type of hitter, I want on the he's like a super high contact guy that you wanted to play offs like it's three hundred runners in scoring position that ideal type Red Sox hitter. Great patients, walks more than strikes out yada, yada, yada, hit New York to can you know, he's proven. He can hit New York. Yeah. So I'm looking at him kicking the tires on. Daniel Murphy, worship. Ultimately, I don't have him either. So I have Luke voi- as my starting first baseman going into twenty nineteen. Okay. I wanted to say something on Harper obviously Machado, although we're gonna get into Machado Justinus second. But people are scared about giving these guys a ten year deal. I'm like, you look at guys recently got tenure deal like alva- pools Miguel Cabrera both those guys I mean, both those teams are just in purgatory with those contracts. They like, it seems like those will never I think I'm going to die before those contracts like pool is going to get paid until like twenty forty. It's insane. It's different with these guys with their age. This is when you want to pay those guys that type of contract it worked with a rod beautifully a rat's. First six years of that contract with the Yankees, which was still kind of Texas because Texas was paying into start. I mean, we're talking about his first year was thirty six and one zero six and hit two eighty six and a very whatever year. Then he started anyone forty eight one thirty thirty five one twenty one in fifty four one fifty six and then had three more hundred RBI season before he started off. But those first four to five years he was an MVP MVP candidate every single year. He was I mean, the money and handed up obviously single Hanley winning the World Series. No nine his first contract before we extended him was awesome. So it pays off. And he was right at this age to this is when you need to do it this when you gotta give these guys that money. What I love Harper. I would love Harper especially the left handed bat, and he can he can do whatever he seems like he could play in New York. I don't know how he would be about shaving that beard. I mean, you have to but think he would be annoyed. Yeah. Probably. I've always seen him though, since I've like actually put a good brain in my head. I've always seen him going to Chicago, again, just makes so much sense. You got the Bryant whole Bryant connection of now. They're saying they might treat Bryant, which is total bullshit. Cubs are trading Kris Bryant Bryant, their their wives love each other there. His dog's name is Wrigley. The cubs desperate need a splash. It makes any sense. So much sense for him to go there. Now, you feeling Philly, and it's really like even money on sports books because they just wanna spend and get that guy. It's just a matter. It's a matter of they wanna go there like Philly will pay I think Philly could give him like four fifty like Phillies willing to go to that. They just need somebody to pair with Hoskins so bad. I also thought they were always gonna wait for my trout, but I. Pipedream? I don't know if hell I ever let them go. And he seems to like the LA life over there where you can just, you know, put up his numbers not playing Tober. I think he's just told a content with that. I I the thing is would Philly being the favourite there even money. I don't think we're even on the list. Granted they were the inks were plus eight hundred I think all really I thought I saw all these different ones. I'm sure but what I saw one. I saw Philly was the favorite and then the Yankees weren't on it. But the other option was plus five hundred thousand okay. Well, that's the Yankees. You could have just fucking wrote the Yankees which poor job sports because we throw the Yankees on any like odds thing for a free agent. People throw money does just a stupid idea by whatever supports looking at probably wasn't reputable because just a horrible business in not have the keys on their people. Just blindly bet them. Yeah. But if you if I were to make a prediction today on November eleventh, we'll Bryce Harvey Yankee in a month. No, don't think. So where Chicago makes the most sense. But it seems like Philly is like a Philly seems like the place. I I will say, however, I'll say this. There is an element to me that thinks we may look back a few months from now being keys will have signed Harper. And we're gonna laugh and say did we really think Brian Cashman, and the Anki did we really think that your head of made this impossible when we watch these games? Look back, and we're gonna say did we really think that the Anki is weren't going to go after a once in a generational twenty six-year-old talent who could fill position of need a lefty bat in Yankee Stadium. A guy who probably wants to be Anki were inky is really just gonna sit out on them. And that there is that thought in the back of my head where I think we may look at it. And be like, yeah. Like a course by soccer was coming. There's also the fact that when Cashman strikes the dark Lord does not leave a tray. She doesn't have leaks. There are no leaks about the Yankees until almost Hobbs finds out because I found about Stanton the earlier, but you don't know when the dark Lord is gonna strike until he strikes. So the fact that people when when I hear reports from I don't even was it only only has source that he's reliable, although only good sources. But like here only say all the Yankees. He's definitely not going the Yankees not going to happen. You don't know fucking shit Cashman, probably planted that guy for you. So Cashman is very very good at not letting anything out eat keeps everything costs the vest. You probably trust about four people in the organization Ambani one of them. I don't even know how he makes his moves. So when when you see Harper people ruling Harper on November eleventh, relax they're gonna meet with Harper. They'll meet with everybody there. They have all these meetings plan. Do not worry at all. He's gauging market right now. He's got plenty of time. Anything you hear November eleventh about guy getting ruled f the keys is just wrong. Everyone is on the table. That's just all say about that. So moving ahead second days. I think so I guess. This is interesting who we think the starting second baseman will be an opening day. I have glacier written down here from my whole master-plan. This could change if we just don't go get Machado glacier move over to short. But I do think we're getting many. So I have I guess the rest of the field just say real quick. We'll talk about it. I have glacier at second. I've got Manny at short. And I've got Josh Harrison third interesting. Okay. I'll give him actually check the Josh in place there. I know he just plays a shit on a position. So it's hopeful. That's I have he plays everywhere. Manny Machado at third gleyber Torres at short and scooter Janette at second scooter. I kinda just got turned into we hold on clicks. Let's see if I don't know if it's genetic. Okay. What's his name Harrison is played seven seasons of third. So he can totally play the. Scooter is his stats are bananas. There. How how does he have the stats that he has? It's insane. I was looking at it the other day, and I was really really turned. I had the four Homer game and shit, man. That's the whole world. Kinda learn scooter nets name. I mean, we knew who he was. But we didn't really like pay attention to him. I mean. Stooges tit that he had back to back years of his twenty years at least twenty homers and ninety two RBI's. And he so in two thousand seventeen to ninety five twenty seven ninety seven last year three ten twenty three ninety two made the all star team career to eighty nine hitter. Lefty, bats slots in real nicely until lineup the type bath Yankees are looking for a guy that makes contact he does did strike out over one hundred times the past three seasons. But again, that's not a long law. What are you talking about? No. I mean you like maybe a little less, but whatever in today's day and age. Killing two hundred. It's true. But a guy that's going to hit for average gonna hit hover right around three hundred put the ball in play a pure hitter. It's going to have some pop especially a lefty moving the Yankee Stadium probably challenge for thirty home runs. So I'm getting scooted Janette, I'm including Sonny gray in the package because that's where this all stemmed for. Gray. And to me, I'm telling the reds. This were looked the reds aren't going to contend. So it's like sunny gray would totally need sunny. Great for he's a pitcher. And I think he's a guy that could figure out in Cincinnati look at Matt Harvey and may the reds is let sunny gray pitch. Great for you for four months up his trade you and you can get a nice deal for him at the deadline before he it's free agency. So Sonny gray, but it's going to take away more than him. I think more than him just because that's twenty eight-year-old all-star second basements. I think more than a guy who's been cast your left on his deal, though. Sunny gray scooter scooter, let me check us one year. So that's the incentive trading scooter. Right. All right. Well, we're right anywhere. So it's one for one you get to you know, they want sunny great. And I'd probably add Johnny lasagna in the mix. Number three prospect on the Anki righty. He's a guy. I think can afford to lose the foul how to add you may have to add another lower tier prospects. Maybe like Domingo's seven, oh, I would probably also include he's higher prospect Domingo's higher. I'm in I meant lower than. John. Okay. I mean, scooter will be awesome. And if the dark Lord can pull off scooter for sunny, I will laugh at lowly can't he can't I'm adding lasagna and save it out. That's too much. Maybe go to like a Luis Medina someone like that. But I think I would honestly for I would do it for sunny Johnny lasagna, and that's a lot. I think the only one of those prospects, I think was the reds in the Padres of the teams that loves Sonny, right? The reds. I do know on much. I think the Padres the Padres definitely on that list, which is crazy. But there's a lot of there's a lot to take in sonny's numbers park out there yet pitchers parks. Sonny's numbers outside seating. Excellent. While not excellent. They were very good. The kind of lie. There is the like, oh, let's hope they don't research. Those numbers is that like half came against the Orioles. So it's not like he's not like sunny was going into Fenway and throw seven shutout. Most of the starts were instinct, the royals and the Orioles and the Blue Jays. So it's like, it's it's like, oh, yeah. Look at these road stats. Awesome. Please don't hit the game. Log please. Don't look at who. They were guest. I mean, I have no doubt in my mind. Sonny gray will throw no hitter against us next year. And he will win nineteen games for like, I have no doubt either for some. And Kashmir Scott said that he's been like he's a good pitcher. It's just not working real. Well, that's him saying that after saying like, yeah, he was disaster here. So you had to like save face somewhere. Like, right. He was a disaster. New York cannot handle. Oh, but he could be really good elsewhere. I've promised please. Give us something to be honest. It's true. I mean, Kia trading firm on the potential of what it could be obviously more so than what he stalked. Yeah. I mean. This. I mean, Burnett same thing. Awesome toronto. So so with the Yankees had a really good World Series that really never forget against philli. But and he really felt himself again in Pittsburgh, you know, kind of same thing. I mean, there's a long history of guys who could not pitching Yankee Stadium could pitch elsewhere along sunny graves department. He's kind of the number one guy. They're obviously trading him. If they can land scooter Ginette fucking fire 'cause he's he is. I mean, he's never played in the postseason. But to my knowledge. He might have Milwaukee. I feel like yes. Yeah. I don't know forget what Milwaukee was like in those they more. He sucked looking up. But I could just let me find. I don't know. I don't see any postseason day as she has a plan. She has he has pitched before throwing one inning two run. So campaign. That's things. His fifth is twenty two point one six not great. Scooby great. And I've Josh our move which I said what what's your Josh Harrison? Oh, I mean Harrison's a free agent, and he's he's just perfect for like contact being contact guy. Compl- a ton of positions can play third. He has played in the postseason these hitting the postseason. He just seems like a very good Yankee Yankee move him in Brantley coincide with each other. Like, these guys are like the perfect people. We need to add contact contact heavy I don't know about like last to your heart to fiftieth to ninety three hit a bad year. But you're before to seventy two what's his career? What does it? Yeah. I don't know two seventy seven first career with the three seventeen obe- cat. Great doesn't really have power. I I consider him. I just I'd rather make the splash for Jeanette. I mean. Yeah, I wasn't even thinking that. I only seem scooter genetic fan theories. I haven't really seen him off like real people like saying. Oh, yeah. Like, the give him I agree. But that's I mean, that's sort of what we're say about Cashman is a lot of those type of movie you don't see coming in. Right. You know, that there is interest for Sonny gray, we know that scooters going to be a free agent soon. We know the reds are looking for prospects. I don't think it's a pipe dream. I also think I mean deviant in my mind is going to be Yankee for longtime. I think that's the Tommy John will not scare if the keys though, extending her his value really sucked timing wise for his contract extension. I think he would have gotten probably this offseason. But I think I think Manny will be a Yankee. I think he's gonna come on the cheap cheap putting quotes, but he's not gonna cost three fifty. I think it's closer to fifty maybe even lower than to fifty he'll play he'll live out his dream of playing short for the Yankees. Start for the first four months and Dede will come back around August and Didi will go to short, and then manual slide back over to third or something and they'll figure out what Harrison maybe D, H, whatever. But I think they'll sign Harrison. That's tricky because I don't know if Harrison we'll go for one year deal, but maybe he will. Ginette works there too. Because Ginette has one year left on his deal. It's like we just want this guy coming into the infield who can hit for good average contact. But like really don't want you here in twenty twenty. So it's and then when he gets back, right? I would technically have crowded in field. But you know, someone could fly to the HR injuries take care of themselves. And who knows honestly how gonna come back or when he's gonna come back. So I'm not worried about an August crowd. I when I'm building the team for now yet Machado. I just have them starting at third. Just I don't know. I think he's just I think you just gotta put him unless he really insists playing short all he doesn't. He's already waived that here he said like the only team wants to play third for he would play third four. Yeah. So you know, you could pick labor third Machado chore. But I don't wanna do that. I'd rather gleyber short Machado third a really really solid left side of the we've probably talked about this. But how concerned are you overall for many with the young guys, you know, like he doesn't Hus? A lot of ball. Maybe he's telling Gary and glacier over, and you know, and or if he's here, I don't think it will be like, hey, like, whatever get him next time. He'll be okay. Like, he's. Yeah. I I the media is going to be a disaster. It is going to be something. I'm not too concerned about that. It's just an awesome player, and he is is not going to cost through under fifty million costs four hundred million. He's a big bat. I predict the contract. He's not a lefty. Yeah. I would do like ten to seventy five. Yeah. I would do that. I almost think he goes for like eight to seventy five is giving. I'm so bad like averages and shit. Let's see. That's like thirty five. I think just about thirty five. So for nine let's try that thirty year. I could see that two seventy five for nine to seventy five for nine of ten on that. I'm really I'm not I think he's gonna handle New York fine. And think I think that the biggest concern for me is what is he wanna play for because I know at price points to play for. There's a reason Bryce Harper didn't take three hundred million dollars or whatever the hell. The nationals offer him. He wants to win. He's gonna get paid wherever he wants to wants to win. He's tired of fucking on the first rounder and being this. Oh, well, maybe Strasberg's healthy. They'll have a good starting rotation the playoffs. Oh draws healthy. Again, this oh fucked at because what's his name's pitching. The guy's name is, but ju- Gonzales or whatever. But. Many. I don't know if he wants to play for the money or the glory the fame of New York or if he just wants to win. I don't know. I think it horrible. He wants to win, but he wants to be. And if you wanna be key one win, I want us expressed the desire for being a so big, you know, he loves a-rod. So I like that. And like I said he is a superstar, and you're gonna blow pass the luxury tax with who cares with New York. Yankees blow past it. He's a star. He's going to make them better. Again, him judge Gincarlo back to back. Toback? Righty righty radio wherever they do. It is a little scary especially see in the playoffs with like the at bats Carl had against Craig kimbrel. You know, tough righties are going to be tough. But which is really genius. Thereby Mehta Fraser be tough. He's still worked at for me Machado. So that's my field. Fraternity. I mean, the guy we both don't have is. And are so on a one to address. I guess he'd do that. Ago on New York Anki next year. I love Miguel into our welcome. I I'm actually I never look at you during these I'm gonna look at your right now. I always look at this like stats. I see your eyes. What? Yeah there. A while. You're asking I didn't know why you were going to look at me right now. I thought you said look at me, you have tears says those what you say, no, I don't I said, he's a rookie of the year in my is completely misread that. Okay. I think they're going to get a tiny, by the way. I don't think he's gonna win it. L tiny will win it for. But he's in my is what I'm saying. Oh for sure said, yeah, he's the type of hitter. I like, you know, that the keys are going for three hundred type fitter, contact rips doubles could get a big hit a big situation. But the thing with me is Machado was just the best version and more of Andy more. So you're able to get that upgrade there. And you know, that's part of the reason I'm choosing Machado over Harper's. Because I think antiwar needs to be treated for pitching. And then if you sign harped or instead of Machado, you just really have a huge hole on that left side of the infield DD hurt. So that's why for me, I think it makes sense the portrays van too. I love is bad. But if you're going to get other bats Machado himself is a high average hitter scooter Ginette, I'm gonna throw out some other names out there at you to like, those type of fitters, the replace and are with I think it makes sense. You don't wanna just hope now I will say I think he will become in an. Average defensive field. I think he will learn you can learn third base at his age. He can get over faster. Yeah. By me at imagined. He's working off season on it. So I think he will get to be an average fielder effective fielder. But I just don't wanna have to wait for. We'll always want after worrying about his glove. I love him. But to me he is on the move for starting pitcher will get to. We'll get to that. In a second. Yeah. I think the idea of moving and of the feel is disaster. That's like water new net over again that won't work. I only see disaster all over that. I think he could be an average their base when eventually, but I think mostly teams are going to like, let's say it's Cleveland. I do think it will be Cleveland, although Michael doesn't make less because I think I'd one is a free agent. I think he'll be the everyday age in Cleveland. I just don't think they'll even fuck with that. And he's meant to be an everyday thing is the Antes can't really afford to just, you know, have a guy at twenty three years old, as you know, we need to each other things. We don't need it Akron in Har. And the fact of the matter is that the starting pitching market for free agents. Isn't that great? They're good pitchers out there to be had. But the cream of the crop are in the starting are in the trade market starting pitchers, and you know, what it's going to hurt. We're going trade some offseason. That's it's gonna be painful. We're gonna be trading some talent. But we had to do it. You have to do it so Miguel under will be one of those people. I foresee him going to Cleveland for kluber. I think Corey kluber will be in New York where on the same page. Yeah. So I guess we'll giancarl will be our D H or whatever la- figure that out. I guess around the outfield Hicks is obviously mean center, I want them to extend Hicks. Maybe this isn't the off season. Do it. You wait. You don't. Well. He's a free agent after next year. I think right. So extent now will. Yeah. I want I like them. But I don't wanna be giving him a five six year deal when he's going to be thirty four you all I hear about is on Florio Florio. I think he's go if. I don't think he is. I don't think he's getting traded their systems gone this offseason. No. I don't think he's getting traded. I think he's the Senate field or the future. That's the reason you keep him. He's the center field or the future. So I'm keeping. Well, that's clear. They don't trade him this season. He is reason he won't be. It'll see. It'll see you're not going to. X let him play out this year. We don't but. So I picked in center rate, judge, obviously, Carl D H R U signing anyone else in the Brantley I want Brantley may may two we sit on the last month. In love with them a thing as Branly he so injury prone. But when he's healthy, not that's a lefty and he hits for contact. He's the hot anywhere, and he's hitting the postseason ES so much experience of a big rally guy. And maybe can't maybe the reason gardener is here. I mean, it's definitely wasn't a plan. But it works out is that maybe you can avoid Brantley getting hurt by playing him not as much out there. Like, you can you know wrote the also the HMO crow. Yeah. That was that's my thinking is he's a lefty bat. Again, you want to add lefty, bats, all the righties. He's a guy we walk more than strikes out consistent. Three hundred hitter has power that'll pull away inky stadium. Could everywhere. I am in love with the idea. Michael brantley. I don't think he's not gonna cost you a hundred million dollars. No, he's the type of signing that can win you a World Series type signing a look back on and be like. Wow, up spicing and get a bigger deal. You know? So I I want Brantley bad. I wanted to be. Penciled in is as my starting opening day left fielder. But again the H within Carlo with garner. Give him some days off replace center too. If you want to fix the day 'cause when awakes will probably be in the DL. So I'm going with Michael Brantley, I loved the idea that most note, his nickname is Brantley. Dr smooth don't hate that. Unbelievable. Hate group if thirty one. Thirty two sometime next season. Type of numbers we can expect from this crew to ninety five hunter he finished third in the VP into dozen fourteen people honestly, probably forget that that year. He went three twenty seven batting average twenty homers ninety seven or b is granted we're four years for move from that five years from from that. So yeah. But like you can when you he's he's like a Andrew mccutchen. But lefty kind of. Yeah. Yeah. And younger. But we're looking at like, I think from judging by these if you can get out if he can bang out one hundred and thirty games hundred forty games. We'll get twenty homers eighty RBI's which a good average, and that will be ninety average. And that will be great. Yeah. He's never let's see full. I'm going to rule out twenty sixteen z played eleven games but full seasons to ninety nine is the lowest. He's hit since twenty thirteen. So that's awesome. That's a lot. I'm seeing three years forty five million for Brantley, which I think is right. Great would do that in a heartbeat. Great. And then him and Gardner can spell each other. That's regarding I guess becomes value. I still think just doesn't make sense to me. Why we brought him back? It's just like why Alva his career is. So over the one more year, I guess before he's brought back as a fourth outfielder. I'm okay with it. Do you think he starts left-field opening the? No, I obviously not for us. But no, I think something will be addressed reather. They do sign a leftfielder like Brantley Morin Gonzalez's name. I also threw out there. I saw something on Twitter. Someone said that they think Brantley can maybe play first base to which I like boy does just fall on his face. I could see Brantley playing moving the first base never left never played it before now. But I forget I saw somewhere they think he could project the first base. I'm sure he can't. So that's also in the back of my head. So I that, but that's who I have right now as my starting ever feel. No, I don't think our will start in life do either. You know, you make a move for D H, like Dana Murphy or something into morals and left. So I don't think garner. I think garner was brought back to the fourth outfielder. Okay. Let's ran out the bench real quick. We'll get an starting pitching and then relievers. So I have Branly starting left and garden will be my my first guy off the bench. Is Neil Walker for time role. Mine obviously give agent I'm putting him back. Yep. Me too. Yeah. I like Neil Walker. And then we forgot about this guy. But. Jacoby ellsbury stole on the payroll. Yeah. But he's what do we do with him? You're you know, putting him in for your not pencil Jacoby ellsbury keep collecting if you could keep him on the DL and keep collecting insurance do that. If it comes back, whereas healthy, you have to play him just call them because you're gonna be paying him. Anyway, some cost I'm an economics eight or no big deal. But it's money they're paying anyway. And you know, you shouldn't be thinking of it as as anything else. It's money. That's spent no matter what you do. So it makes them a better team. Just not have him on the roster. Okay. I got that. I understood that one. My brain is not smart. But I understand I have some causes come into my studies at one point Syracuse when I wasn't paying attention. We do have one more name out there. What do we do? Clint frazier. Brain me, his brain still working, which I mean, he's out with tolerating California these days on Instagram. So seems like he's working brain. I have him. I don't have in my twenty five man roster because I have we have five other outfielders course, Sony who picks garner trial. But I still I I mean to me he's expendable ag-. I don't mind moving shirt. I think his values so low though, right? So I don't maybe he's included in the scooter Janette trade. I dunno kluber. I don't think he's a big enough piece to be included in that. But I'm sore. I in my mind, just like in Scranton. And we're over to get healthy up at a deal. That's where I have him. And then I'm reciting the Walker one year deal ever much takes by like that. He could play first base. Yeah. Again, I'm not too. Switch hitter to could play play really all over the infield such short then my final bench spot. I had to open to maybe like Therese Tyler Wade. Maybe there is a free agent out there. They signed like CD's Escobar. I think was mentioned. But I I'm leaving it open to someone in house. Okay. Yeah. I would assume that bents, but would be an infielder because we don't have any here. Besides Walker who could be that utility guy. Yeah. New Walker needs to be brought back in my mind. Greg bird for play. Triple A on the deal. Just not interested about the sun. How do we get him on the how do we get? Short porch community. This is a question all of you. How do we get Greg bird's? Name on that Elon Musk list of like, I found people to Mars how do we how do we do that? We just get his them to the top list. Top Lewis number one. He's gotta like he's the drive the fucking ship. The ship in the Mars. I hate him. I want him. So God for my life. If I have to here is not a factor in my mind, if I have to hear if I have to see one more tweet apply. This is the Greg. Let's go. He had Homer in spring. I will light something on fire. I just I hate that guy hate the notion of him breathing a hate every time he speaks. He's laughing. Even though we're not winning. I hate everything about him. I hope I hope nothing, but the worst I hope he's fucking flying that ship to Mars and doing something else on this planet. Stay away from my team. Don't put on my fucking pinstripes. Staying AAA AA singly fucking Staten Island fucking Craig bird. I want no part of him next year on this team. Nothing. Degree degree three tweet re tweet retweets. All right. Sorry. Simple at the I like grinding my teeth when I said, I just so angry. Okay. Let's get starting pitching. So we Severino's our AC's. He's back next year. Pray. God he figured out how not tip is pitches because that's stunk race. I don't think you know, we went he's gonna raise coming back. We all know who are actually. But. Yeah. Still have obviously all the faith in the world on him. Hopefully figure out his second half struggles. Could you imagine? If we just doesn't he's just like this weird pitchers. Don't have all the faith in the world. I would say there is a little bit concerned still in the back of my head. I don't think is going to be a pitch to area five or six in the second half. But I'm concerned that he's not gonna become that Cy Young first-half type guy. I think he's gonna be good. I think he'll hover around hopefully, three low three are a, but there is a little concern. At least that it might not happen. Well, maybe if we had a real pitching coach didn't just fuck and sit there and fucking do. Nothing back. It's it's insane. That's the most insane thing. That's happened the offseason. It's that Larry route smelled his back. Why anybody else anyone else CC? Let's see the DM that I say like if it's not working out pitching. Can he be the pitching coach Fourche? Yeah. My love that. I'd more. Sure. I would pay him eight million to be my angle four short own my God. It'd be awesome. He'd also get adjusted from every game. Yeah. Would get he would be that the rent is a manager. He would just get. He would also get their every game. I love art being like from the start of the game to the end of the game. He great. He would set the record for like how quick you can get tossed from a game. He would set every election record possible to basically hire two managers because see and then you have your for like the first two innings manager for the third through ninth inning. We'd have to have like a closer manager Clinton. Clinton, but Sassi's Bax every nose back Tanakh as back to good three z like your five six whatever you why don't know really what he's gonna do for us next year to be honest. I have here my starting rotation. So I guess I here's here's how I'm sort of looking at the rotation. CC is your five. Yeah. Severino is your to Tanaka three or four. I'm looking at this off season. I'm looking to get a pitcher to open spots. I wanna pitcher that's better than Luis Severino. And I want to get a picture that's Tanaka ish like in that three or four type starter range. So I've got I think core kluber will be in your gangqi. I think he's perfect. He's the guy we need. He's pits. Very well in the postseason barring last couple runs with the Yankees. And I guess the Astros whatever that wasn't the best start. But kluber pre facing the Yankees was excellent in the postseason a one RA for quite a bit of time. He can pitching Yankee Stadium. He can pit while. I guess barring that Tober stretch. But well, those are in Cleveland, those starts all you're right. You're right. You're right. You're right might mistake. But I mean his numbers last year last year. He was excellent. He's he's a innings neater to the extreme. He's the definition of a horse. He's absolutely in. What's his last? He's thrown two hundred innings in his last five seasons at at minimum. Two hundred innings racking up two hundred strikeouts. His numbers are not diminishing whatsoever. Do just knows that a pitch to baseball. He's been a siege. Won two Cy youngs. In that stretch. I'm a big Corey kluber guy won twenty games last year. How much will cost? The thing is contract is very team friendly. He's almost he's he's like Brian Cashman house drying burners, wet dream if we really want to stay in the tax because you don't have to pay that. I think it's fifteen mill years. So he he's under contract for three years three years. Right. It's team options right there the team option. So it's like an awesome deal. Yeah. He's like he's the absolute perfect guy that they should if they really wanna stay on the jury tax like perfect. Wait a second. He's only twenty five. Three. Oh, sorry. I was reading debut. I was like that's not correct. He's thirty feet thirty. So that's the one concern. He's gonna be thirty three on April tenth. But I will say he did not throw. It's almost like Jacob degrom esque where he didn't throw one hundred fifty innings until he was twenty seventy to one hundred forty seven the third innings and twenty seven came into the league twenty five four and a third sixty three innings in twenty twelve at his age twenty six season. So he has more mileage on his arm. Yeah. He's a thirty or thirty one year old really with with the mile less mile pitching, less mileage. Yeah. Graffman more. Whatever. So for the next three he's been putting more on because the past five years always throwing over two hundred innings. But I I am so sold on cork over. Yeah. Yeah. He's he's he's cool. But he's you know, it's an easy shirt the cell. So that's great for us. He does not allow home runs as I think it's under one last one home run per nine. But they're excellent. All numbers are excellent. What would you give up? I end Harza trade. I think it's possible Sheffield, isn't that trade and one more guy? Give them all I have. I have those two I've and our and Sheffield as the two headliners and throwing Clint Cleveland takes back. Chef I don't know. I don't think Cleveland take back both of Sheffield cruiser might as ruffling take. I'm I'm definitely I think hordes the centerpiece of the package Sheffield is there too. Maybe you include Frazier. I mean, I don't know again his deal is so team friendly where it's so hard to project. Just how much is gonna cost. I don't wanna really include Floreal. No, no, I don't I'm not including Floreal and andar. No, we're doing that. We better get sherzer. Yeah. Well, I mean is basically AL Shire's, but yeah. And wage contract. I would do a bright you I would maybe do andar Sheffield in a break. You can do that. That's not a bri- us. That's two or your top four prospects though, its core. A save it. Oh, if you don't include him in the Cincinnati deal looking at other Luis Medina through his name out there before chance atoms if they wanna guy who's pitched in the major leagues, I would I would just empty it. Okay. So we are in on. I think we're in agreement on kluber. So he's my age next year several of the two. So then it comes down to do you wanna sign Patrick Corbin? Or do you wanna go train for James Paxton? What do you want to? I don't I am not in love. I'm not an amer- by either. I definitely want James Bax. I'm so out on James Bax. Is it the injuries? It's the injury over one hundred career. Yeah. He I also I don't think he's like that. Good. I mean, he is numbers are solid. But he's not like core. Is there a he's had one year of great at three point nine. We are a in twenty fifteen three point seven ninety eight twenty sixteen twenty seventeen two point nine eight three point seven six ERA last year. I mean, that's not top. I mean, I know we. When he's healthy Finn. But I don't know about. I don't know. I just I'm not I can't see them trading for kluber. And Paxton, I don't think they're making two traits. Deplete the farm system that you're looking at one trade in one signing. I've heard with Paxton they'd be asking for foil. That's insane. That's there's no way that's happening. I don't know who goes for Paxton. And that trade, I don't know they're gonna covet him. Because I guess they don't necessarily have to blow up their team. But it's not working. They showed the pieces to have are nice. But are not good together. On a really know. If that makes sense, but. Yep. Paxton the injuries concern me do nothing over one hundred sixty is always something. It's never something like crazy serious. But it's it's always a back or it's a strain. Let or it's an arm. It's a shoulder. It's always always her for like a mall full month at some point. I don't want that. It's want to trade for. Now, the thing is when he's on his stuff is great. I mean, very very very very, very good. And he's a lefty. But I don't know. So what do you think about Corbin, then you incorporate the core been I'm torn on Corp same? I I like him. I liked it like to be anti. I think for if you get kluber if you're not relying on Corbin to be your big prize of the off season. That's that's great. I mean three. His numbers aren't blow you at teams packs in Patrick Corbin has had four full years as a starters four years where he started over thirty games. Three point four twenty a five point one five four point. Oh, three three point one better. I like these better he's gotten better and better and he's still young. He's twenty eight years old. So I like them my only concern is I don't I? So I did have him originally. I have him penciled in as the guy on my ideal twenty five man roster starting to think if he's going to cost like six one twenty or something in that are the Anki able to sign Corbin and Machado, and you know, sign a Brantley and Neil Walker. I know there if you're gonna blow pass larger tasking path did I didn't do the numbers. I mean, you're looking at like two hundred forty million payroll or something at that point. I think I saw Corbin was gonna look for what the player comp contract was. But it was like six for one twenty or something like that. Thank you probably gets five hundred. I guess yeah. I like five hundred a little more. I mean, it's the same annual value. It's still twenty million. Yeah. One less year, you're tied to them. I I the thing is he's. He's pitched in Arizona. So way different than New York. But the fact is that he wants to play New York and grew up. Did you grow up here? He did grow up in somewhere in New York. New york. And utica. We went to school in fair Cue's, a cool. Yes, that's cool. But there is also this fear that like pressure just gets to them. Does I've listened to his interviews lately. Because I like to do that in pending free agents and sounds like a confident dude sounds like he's not does not seem to be like a sunny, gray two point. Oh, my mind the just won't. But the thing is that we're really going one good year. So that's concerning. You know, as I was good in in whatever the other yard said twenty fourteen or twenty times. I'll yeah, he was. Yeah. For you had the injury twenty. Did you Tommy John? He hasn't told me about. Yeah. Yeah. So he has it out the way that's fifteen got out of the way. Hopefully. Demi a to forty six strikeouts us year. Where's that jump coming from? How do you from one hundred eighty nine pitches in one hundred seventy strikers to two hundred and two hundred forty six strikeouts. The hell any do must change. I like it though. There's a lot to be having Corbin. So if you're going to rule out trading Paxton, you get kluber a hate the guarantee clue richest in coober seems like the move. I think they're going to go all in for kluber. It's not guaranteeing its. Deal world. Yeah, you're doing what you need to get Corey kluber. He is, you know, the the match up to sail guy, you feel comedy is gonna eat any everything the keys need. How the Kabul the ball back? You know? If it came on the Corbin for let's say five hundred or Dallas kaikal three for sixty. What do you do? Core. You say, yeah. Just because kaikal guy, I'm not a guy. I know you keep saying, but he's pitcher just works. And he's a loss of the he's always feeling. He's like grandma pitchers can lose Vaasie. They like they're they just pitched down and they fucking they generate Crump didn't he's not. He doesn't the problem with kaikal is I saw this fucking series against. I mean you've seen his last couple years. He's a nigger. He's like a sunny, gray Nivola. He's way different. He is a way different mentality than sunny. Right. Like, he's not a bitch. But he's a nibble. That's he paints corners. That's how he gets spy. That's a frustrating way to what you know. That's like a NTC CC. He's just CC put it he sees. Yeah. He's pretty much. Do we really want to of those guys at the back end of the rotation right against all those righty bats and the red sock fence, I know corbin's. Fifty two. But at least he's you know, more of a power pitcher than Geico. I just I don't love the idea of Kyko. I think he's just going to get worse. I don't think it'd be awful. But I think it's gonna get worse. And I don't think he's a good match up at all against Boston. His face. Agree. I you know, everyone could share their face on Anki. I mean, you know, a little bit more but criteria and also if you're gonna tell me the seem annual value of Corbin worth I'll I'll spend the two extra. Okay. Three for forty five. Five a little more. But it's still it's five million a year thing is that really got much of a difference. More. I don't know they're going to be passed the luxury tax that point. Anyway, I would think so to me I was on corporate that was awful because I was like, maybe if you're going to go for Machado and your assigned Brantley can you also afford Corbin. But now, I think about it, whoever they sign is gonna cost you probably at least fifteen million j hap- so wants to spend the extra five million, whatever it is got the younger guy in Corbin. So I'm on Corbin officially and remember just if you wanna think if you wanna to make it easier to swallow imagine the money, you're paying to Corbin is what you're paying to kluber and the money you're paying to kluber, which paint a corporate is fucking broke my brain. I think about you're getting a pitcher getting twenty million dollars a pitcher getting whatever ten million dollars. Madge. You know, imagine twenty million for kluber tends for round. But whatever got it. Okay. So I think we're in agreement with our throwing rotation. So. Yeah, did we name five missing somebody here Corp? No, we said there's two open spots. And we both have them. So we've got Severino. Kluber August will kluber Severino Corbin Tanaka. That's a good for. I feel good about that. Really good c rounding it out. Right. And I both including Sheffield to Montgomery Montgomery's like July August. Forget about him back. He's good. I like always been a month. Yeah. Me too. So you'll have him coming back. I still liked the idea you're losing your six ish starter with Sheffield. So I'm trying to look for like names out there. Like I'd like to sign a veteran. Remember when they signed FREDDY Garcia and Bartolo Cologne. Twenty eleven to both make sort of v six starters. I have the loan is still literally out there the actually his valuable. He actually is. Let's say somebody like that is what also like to have answer take them who it's within the organization. We don't need to go. Get like a forty five year old guy. A toll will be hilarious. Michael king will be. Michael, Ken guy. Michael king is he likes us. We like him Michael king big fan of Mike king. We might have a chance we have him at some point in the offseason. He's a good, dude. I all in on this guy. I've talked about him a ton in recent podcasts. He's the guy. We we got over from Miami's a throw in when we gave them. Fuck. I'm blanking on the two names. Now, Garrett Cooper and Caleb. Smith kale Smith. Yeah. We gave them over to Miami as throwaways and we got back Michael king. He was a single pitcher the time really was nothing. Miami thing about him. Obviously Yankee saw little bit in the analytics that Miami didn't 'cause they don't probably pay anyone to do that. And he just took off Cashman has said it since that like we in trade for this guy. But in the workmen he's like one of the best pitchers in organizational do. Do you have a almost he seemingly was bitching? No hitter into the sixth inning every start in the second half of the season had numbers across the border. Great on the big Michael king guy think you could see in that fifth spot at some point. You know, it could be there'd be CeCe. I think cici's probably our first half fifth guy, and then he'll fade off. And then it's going to be a little Montgomery could be a little Michael king think they'll make it work. I think it will be one of those three guys will be. But I think king is the answer. I think Kim could be a big time pitcher for us. Like, I also like the idea of him AB in the bullpen who king needed king mean? Eight to put a star in the bullpen. But if they do need bullpen help at some point. I like the idea of him being a guy that could come up and help, AVI. And then I would sign I would assign a starter. An older star is gonna take a minor league deal. I'm not sure who taught my what's Jason hamels deal. I decided how case. He is available. But I'm wondering like I'm gonna run thorough. Quick might things numbers being slow Michael king and high last year in forty innings at a one seven nine in AA Trenton in eighty two innings to ninety IRA and in AAA in thirty nine innings had a one point one five year. The dude just doesn't give runs. And he strikes out people a big Michael guy. Walkup date quick up day on Jason Hammel. He is awful. Foreign foreign fourteen with a six point. Oh, two. We already this past year eight and thirteen with a five point two nine the before. So maybe not Jason Hammel. Nearly deal. Sure oman. I'm just gonna pull literal quick of starting pitching free. Let's just go through. Let's see if we could find that. Oh, wait. What do they call corralito? What are you thoughts on Carl's corral? I forgot he's another big name. He is a little more injury prone than kluber. But also like he's only year or two younger. So it's not I in my head. I would thought he was just younger. I thought he was like twenty eight if I had a guess, but he's really like thirty one thirty two. So I to me I'd rather just pay a little more get kluber. I'm just gonna run through. These names we missed a few guys starting pitchers like that could fit this fifth role or something Matt Harvey. Matt harvey. No. I mean, just because the way I'm looking at it is I'm not the Yankees need to open spots for starters. And you have to improve where you were from last season. So you have to get I think a frontline guy, and then someone that's better than like J hap-. How I'm looking at. So Matt Harvey doesn't sought in there unless you're telling me that Harvey's gonna take a deal, it'd be the six starter. By don't think he is. Drew Pomeranz kidding. Just. Adam wainwright. I mean is this the name that excites in right? Maybe he's a guy that would come for like a low deal. What will his numbers last year? He was hurt for the first half. I think he's for like four with a four point four six air before Yari over five. I mean, if he would accept a really low deal where he knows he'd be like the six starter. I would do that. How out on this log on his name? I know we both hate him. What if we brought in Charlie more than? Now, again, he's just someone that first of all I would talking general nine the fifth spot just talking what sign Charlie Morton again. He's just doesn't fit the Bill for me. He's not good enough to be one of those two guys you'd be zest for us. I think I think his like magic and Houston which is run out. And he would go back. It's mortar it'd be like Jeff reliever. Yeah. Exactly. And fucking doesn't. Don't you his cousin or something you hate from Fordham diva hate him cousin Chirps on Twitter whenever I talk about Charlie Moore, but he hit the keys so that would be a pickle. If he if he goes to the things is on Houston. I if I've never met him. But I just every time I talk about ROY Moore, and he like takes it as an insult to his family. So, you know, I just don't like Charlie Morton because he be he's facing. Edison volka. So drew smiley hunt. Right. You is interesting. Right. You could be I mean like we talked about the sorority like Rhoda on you. But I don't know if it's that role. Yeah. He's like just a downgrade of court Tommy Malone kind of its role. He's such like, yeah. He's such a oh my God. That'd be perfect brownie McCarthy Staten Island of his from Staten Island. Probably. Yeah. So I want to sign like one of those type of guys just have insurance because you know, gonna see sees probably gonna go down. But you know, you have king, but Sheffield's gone, then you just I want I'm all right with Sheffield being the six daughter, but I'm assuming Sheffield has gone for kluber at least in in our world. Yeah. Okay. Let's go to relievers. So how many relieving spots? Did we have the nine headers? So I have seven we we should both have seven I would think unless I know the sometimes like to carry eight and then put three on the bench. I like having four bachelor let's cook with seven let's pick seven. So obviously roll this of Delon of each agreeing those are and HOGAN and holder holders lock to. Holder too little us. So, but yeah, I think Canley comes back five. Getting a recent you think so yes, he fired his agent. Yeah. He's like representing himself, which a lot of is making a lot of people think that it's just like he wants to come back to the Anki and they managed like something sort of worked out already. So I think you've come back to the keys on pretty affordable deal. He wasn't is not Saint Petrie. Once was but he's still pretty solid. He's still got trust in a big game big time. So I have him. And he's I don't think they're going to re-sign Robertson and Britain, just gone. Britain's gone. I'm letting Britain go he didn't. Wow me. And I just don't think he's going to be worth it. So I have Britain. So those are my five. Main pieces briefly coming back at six is. With candle cane Lee too. So I had Cain -ly. So I have one role for like keenly Arkley those type guys have. On the air. I think Tarpley's going to be a force not force. But I think he's going to be mainstay open. I thought of plainly spot. Okay. So I think you need to sign off the I think they need to sign a better elected. Closer. I all I put him down. He's a risk. I have this. Justin Wilson reunite with Justin Wilson. He's a free agent. We had him for like what a Cup of coffee one year, and then trade him off for Chad green and Louis Sesa pitched. Well, when he was in New York has been pretty good since he's left New York. Still young the thirty or thirty one years old. Let's see last year seventy one appearances three point four turned thirty just turned thirty one twenty seventeen sixty five appearances three point four one area. A twenty sixteen wasn't great with the four point one four, but one of the keys three point one L stir real solid arm is not going to cost a ton. I I like the idea of bringing him in these a lefty that can get people out, and he's not he's not the risk that Andrew Miller is doesn't have the upside of Andrew Miller. But also the risk. I don't think they want to be taking too many risks in the bullpen in the Chapman and potential who are sort of inherent risks in themselves. So Wilson is the real solid guy. I think out there that I wanna sign I think Kevin pretty formidable trying to see if there's any left exact Britain, but like cheaper. I've heard. Oughta venos- number at worse. Obviously, I've heard atom of you know, from Colorado come up. On the euro, he might cost a little more. You know, he wears zero. Yeah. I don't like that. But it could be kinda cool. Could be dangerous spurring zero theft work. So the Anki is one let that set ally. Feels like something is one of to laugh while you're a clown. If you don't allow beard, you don't allow people whereas Eero. Yeah. Zero such like look at me look at me look at me. But he's good. He's good pitcher. How about Joe Kelley kidding? Come us. Come on doolittle's there. He's a little old diekmann diekmann. I like I like, Jake diekmann. He's like he's a weird arm slot. Heathrow's arm. All. Well, all these guys are listening like just one of you know, just one we could solve I landed on Justin Wilson just for the purpose of this is having a roster filled out. But none of the names you've said, I'm on. I don't hate any name said real quick though, you run up. Joe Kelly made me think of other Etsa of all give any interest in of all the we didn't cost too much. I agree. And also, I just don't wanna do it. Like, I know when the World Series like fuck you. Yeah. I will say I'm mad that the Anki train him like they could have. So used him last year. They trade him. I was hurt trade him. I know, but they value for him. I know legislate bit the bullet the raise for I don't even know that over the good up back. Probably literally nothing. But I'm just not interested. He's gonna cost too much. And you never know what that postseason did to his arm. Oh, yeah. I fear. I fear. I said it's the Jared during the world. Here's a said. I mean, this is a role travel and cubs all over again where they just destroyed his arm. Yeah. Trying to find what the trade was. David phelps? Now Martine products the Marlins that was the Marlins. Yeah. No. For the that's who they got him for when they shipped them off to the REEs when he had tolin sorry. Right on. Oh, thank you. Jeez. Yeah. On twenty third Yankees released of all the no, no I have. This is from Yankees the logic behind and trade from the Yankees perspective unquestionable Cashman acquired twenty five year old starting pitcher Manta ply- way. Oh, wow. The great in general. We got hurt that original trae was Yeovil the Garrett Jones and her mom for product. David actually, also. Yeah. I guess we did just cut him. Just cut him. They released them. I'm looking at it. Brian hoke? That's so frustrating. Well, let me just reinvent myself on handle throw every day. Oh, okay. On the can you will be. I mean, I've heard they'd be so stupid to let him go Boston. Yeah. Give give the guy whatever he wants well him, you're closer. Let him be your closer. If these are going to ever come back from them in the ninth aged five innings he wants to. Almost up thinking about that. So yeah, I just wanna throw because we mentioned all the names on the market. We'd mentioned out throw them out there. But it seems like we're both pretty much past. We're we're in a lot of agreement here. The only disagreement really had was the other. Infielder would be named and Har. Flu is literally. The only scream we Jeanette and you have Arison undergoing for kluber both Corbin both want Brantley both want Greg bird murdered. Think we're spending too much time together too much time talking to each other great minds think alike, like the Anchorage should consumption. If anyone has any sources in somebody get this podcast in the hands of the Antis front office. I mean, there's zero down in my mind. Like, I I do this everything off season. Maybe it's narcissistic, but Zayn my team. And I'm like this is the team like this is the best possible team think he's out there. This is Nick when the world's his team wins a high in forty five games. Yeah. And it's not like where, you know, saying, oh, you know, trade, you know, Harper result, never brick. Yeah. Trade Brett Gardner for Corey kluber sign Harper Machado. No. These are moves again, they're flashy. But they're all doable. I mean, you know, they're all puzzle pieces that fit into place. So just do it like this. We're giving you a clear path Yankees. I don't know what this payroll is. But it's probably high, but it's probably like to forty if I had a guess I didn't mind not about trying to. Figure it out. I was like I don't feel like I'll probably do it later when I can't sleep at like two in the morning, but. Okay. Let's do some DM. So it's fuck with some the I think they're going to be pretty repetitive. Because I think we covered everything. But let's let's give it a go Jake Smith, which prospect would would you yourself deem untouchable by the organization, who do you think the organization Cashman seizes on Dutch -able impotence deals. Well, me and Brian Cashman. Tommy smokes. We all think alike. So it's all the same answer. Who do we have is untouchable Floreal unless it's like, max Scherzer? Yeah. Untouchable unin Kleber if you want. Trouble considering a prospect anymore. He's the only one that's on touchable. And honestly, I don't think he's if you're telling me more more, Anthony siegler, no one's touching him. I think he's like a big time future guy. That's the guy would just draft. Yeah. Stare not Trevor. I Florio, although if your timing is could get kluber for floral without also including random. Yeah. I would do it. But if you're, but if it's gonna be floral and foil NNDR that I'm not doing it. But I see. No, I don't think anyone's untouchable in the farm system. Florals the closest thing we have right, right? Yeah. I don't think they want to trade siegler. I'd only see who is being talked about. I don't think they I mean, he's not even like on the radar yet. I feel I to thrice. So they value him very high. He's I mean, he literally does everything you possibly want. He's an asshole he thinks he can play every position throw with every arm and kick the ball whenever but I just have a quick rant here. Do you have an iphone X? No, do whenever I opened my phone like from anyone else listening. If they have the same problem when I opened my phone like, you know, with my face ide-. It automatically opens to the phone say porn it on it automatically opens to the phone in like recent. So when I never have it like, usually. It should open to what you just had open. I never have the phone app open. But whenever I the phone app. Like the numbers phone it goes to recents. And then I accidentally accidentally just called Noah is the producer ticks off every day as he's at. People's choice awards. No, call them every day. But I'd call them. I guess Thursday on the why call them, but I call them. So I accident when I went up to recent I I was trying to get out of it. And I hit thumb I, you know, my thumb hit his name that's happened before it called like vibe or ten people that way where the face thing. It's not the face ide-. It's like whenever I unlock my phone. And that's what opens have you ever reset your phone to try and do that? Yeah. I mean, I've reset my phone and stuff. Use of the number one problem solvers, reset your phone. I've never used the. I mean, I don't have the face up by. But I have the finger thing the finger thing is unbeatable L of the finger finger aside these unbelievable to as it. Yeah. It's awesome. I I was a little hesitant. But it's it's a it's game changing. I'm just an audit. Every time I use it. Do you think you're like in the future or something? Yeah. Jake other questions he had out of Kyko Paxton Corbin. Which would you like what we picked Paxton Kono? Sorry. Okay. So of Kyko Paxton Corbin, who would you less Corbin, obviously. And then who would rather? Kyko paxton. Probably. Of coming as a signing. Paxon is you're giving up a lot. So probably just. Yeah. I just I'm not I don't like the idea of James Paxson. I don't like the idea of either of those two as I've said, but just Kyko is only going to cost money. Ago. So I don't think Enke's are going to get to lefties because I don't think they're going to have three lefties in the rotation. You don't like the rationale of lefty. So no one has the ball. All right field. I don't like their Schnell because the Red Sox have a million writing the power, bats. Yeah. That's not great. That's why Corey kluber really works signed Corey kluber. We don't trae record kluber. We're gonna have some problems. But I really would that would help things how do you feel but garnered see signs talked about that waste of money even though and cover for. Okay. Great. Thanks. Mark says why are so many Yankee fans against signing Machado or Harper seem stupid? If you got a chance to one of those guys your lineup for the next ten years seems like a no brainer. Think we're in agreement there. Why are they against it? I don't really know why you'd be against Harper. I really don't. I don't think there's any negative signing. Harper obviously, the Machado negatives. Is that he's an immature prick? And that he be terrible sample to the young guys. No one knows if he really hit in the in in October. No one knows if he can handle the pressure with the media of his tons of negatives. It's tons of positives. Harper. I don't really see. I haven't really seen like, no. We can't sign Harper. I haven't really seen that. Yeah. I mean, some people think Harper's like a dick, basically, they think is a bit of a diva whatever I don't totally get down pressure. Be. I don't I every want one of like ten it's it is a case of. I know I said it bef- when people say, it's not your money. I don't think you shall we say that. But it is really case of it's not your money, and it's not gonna hampering the keys financial future. So one of them should be had. Yeah. You can make a case for either of. But if people don't want either of them, I mean, come on. Yeah. Here's a loser. Andrew in. This would rather sign Marlin Gonzalez or Daniel Murphy as utility, and Phil you mentioned more when Gonzales. Both those names as you the infielder itself tomorrow, and because dental or Fay's exact opposite of utility infielder. He is h so true love Daniel Murphy's bat. But if you're giving me a choice of one of the two I'd probably go more went just because the defensive flexibility Marlins numbers. I like you couldn't talk. Great. I. He hit two forty six last year. I believe but he's been better in the past. I like the idea of Marin kansallis more than I actually liked him. If that makes any sense. Quote, this what's that movie, quote, like the more like the idea of role models that role models got aids role last year asked the kid. Yeah. It is. Yeah. To forty seven average last year sixteen home or sixty eight RBI's that awful three twenty four OB here for three zero three with a three seventy seven. It'll be twenty three homers ninety RBI's. So he legit. He could be legit career to sixty four hitter. Believe he's a switch hitter. Yes. Which hitter? So any plays like literally everywhere he could play left field could play first base e place the actually played every single position besides catcher. Yeah. So one of those that's going more when shit. This guy has played short. I left field. Second base. Third base D H right and center. That's insane. And a lot of innings most of these positions. He just really doesn't hit. Actually ninety are beyond in two thousand seventeen. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, if he gives me twenty seventeen Marlins olives with twenty three Bob's ninety three or three batting average Schorr. He's definitely someone. I'm kicking the tires on the Daniel Murphy, Michael Brantley all guys kicking the tires on movie quota was referring to was from role models. Schol him Scott S is the guy. Do you like coke like the soda and Augie far? Who's basically you rely you the same person as person which one whose Augie FOX the guy who fights medieval times, the kid go. Fuck yourself, mclovin. Yes. Mclovin. Yeah. He he responds to Kochi says I like the idea of it more than actually like it. The fact that you just said that makes makes you. Yeah. That's not great. But whatever said it word for word. Think people said. People who magin their medieval ties all the time. Gardy season says if see sucks, I assume he means CC, I'd has a bloated era. Put him as a coach role and put him with Sheffield and sevi- Gardy can make the first or second year guys and teach them a thing or two. I don't know. All right. Well, yeah, he's this thing. Yeah. CC's not really pitching will start the year fucking Firelight Ross album, Maxine pitching coach. Yep. Talked about Jerry, whatever you need that would be designated arguer eight million dollar pitching coach the most unnecessary designated arguer like instead of Aaron Boone getting tossed from the game. Like CC discos out there Zeke also co-chair Boone how to be a better arguer. Yeah. He could pump up the clubhouse. You could do. He's versatile evaluate million garden or not so much. He's gonna he's gonna earn his eight mill hundred percent. Nick tear link says if we lose out on Machado who do we like for four to fill the void while D out. I like the Josh Harrison and Mook labor too short, maybe bring the Walker. But yeah, I mean, we basically talked about us completely. You like scooter Josh Harrison that's pick your poison. I mean, I also like, I don't hate scooter Janette. I just don't know how we get him. I really don't think Cashman can just convince them to give scooter Janette, but he's done. He also traded a guy with a fucking broken hand for J hop. So. Yeah, we notice I said, Jay happily. I haven't said Jay. Yeah. Good big, the you're learning just in time. From to never be part of the Enke's doesn't time to never talk about him ever again. Nathan wegmann. Don't know if he owns wagmans. Have you do love your wagmans Chinese food's fucking fire? If Machado actually comes heart isn't traded this off season would Mickey move to. I when DS so that's the quite. Yeah. Like what if they don't treat and heart and they signed Machado. What do we do with that guy? Maybe left field disaster or third base. Machado play short. When Dini comes back. A sort of cross that bridge when he got to work during the. Or Putin Carlin left? We can try and get away with like ten infielders ten fielders just like sneaking out there. This is like try worst. Chris. I do I will say, I do think they can coexist. Like, I don't think it's Andrew har- or Machado by any stretch. Especially with the injury. Right. I do agree. The injury opened the door for a lot of shit. Although it's not the most ideal thing, but he is gonna be back. He's not gonna miss the whole year. At least we don't think. Kris with a K says hi hubs could you guys rank the order of the Yankees interest pitchers? We kinda just and started. Yeah. We did that we'd literally our whole. So just go back. Just if you've reached this point we answered your question. Yeah. Rachel says does Greg bird have a place on this team. He has a place on the son. He plays on rocket his a place in hell. He's got a place in a cave navy, the California fires just kidding. But oh. I just don't like him. I want him gone. I was doing so. Well, we've been like it feels like a two hour podcasts. And then I'd like that I wished complete death on Greg bird. But. It's long enough for me. Guy that guy can't be back. All right. So this is good. This is fun. I don't know how long this might have been like five hours. It feels like fix going gonna push about an hour. Fifty probably going to be looking after people have been waiting for something like this. So good. We we're still probably a ways away from getting any of these answers. You'll probably hear from us. I mean, you will hear from us again. But because you know, rumors are gonna come out left. And right, you know, harbors visiting the White Sox all my God. Maybe he's visited Yankees today. I've gotten tips here and there on the buying them yet from certain people are really by any of this shit November. But we say at this point, we've probably will probably on less of a regular schedule. And more of a when something happens will be there. I guess feeling good about a loop. Void interview comment. I made some headway this weekend. So feeling good about Luke voi- interview common. We'll let this breathe for a little bit. And hopefully, they'll be the next time. You hear from us. We'll have we'll have the future first base from the Yankees on the on the pod that'd be really cool. And I think I think I've convinced myself this weekend, I didn't do anything. This is the first week and had to myself did like planning shit out. I'm to really try and get down the Tampa for the spring. Yeah. I wanna spend like a weekend out there. That'd be cool. I had a few players kind of reach out this weekend. They're like let's fuck in do some shit like. Yep. Okay. Great Daunte asked me twice still pull my arm. I'll pay for my flight. I don't even care. But it's too long fucking winter. The Knicks doing let's find out the nuts. Live Nick score. Oh, we're down one fifteen eighty three. And that was the Knicks. Great. Oh. We'll be in use this this coming weekend talk about that real quick Syracuse my fucking team yet. We're we're powerhouse football team. All of a sudden, we are playing Notre Dame can be fucking unbelievable. How big of a mistake is game day. Not being there gained where UCF playing Cincinnati. Fuck cares about that game. I'm a little sour about this game for our Konare college football show. We have one road trip or two road trips left and one of them's army navy. The other was gonna it's was scheduled LSU, Texas, A and M. And then there was thought of wow, we could switch that to Anki stadium because that we don't have to travel doing that given go to Texas M. Now, it ended up not working out. So don't wanna AM so Syracuse, which sucks I can contact with stand put us in contact with the owner and everything it fell through not on their end. I'm not sure what I think there's maybe production truck and stuff why we can barely do anything. Everyone was. I mean, whatever like, I'm probably less upset than ever else. Just because I don't know trip to Texas. It is what it is. I kind of like traveling. But it is it is less. Convenient at sucks goddamn thought. That was a sure thing I am actually not even going to be in the city. I'm going to be in Boston. Fuck me. But I can't escape. Awesome. What are you doing in? Austin the off season, I have a friend. They're going to see a friend. All right fair enough. Sorry, friends. But the Yankee Stadium I I've never been for football game. But any tickets are like four hundred dollars. It's crazy how expensive they are only. Have they spread immune to look for that? The spread who says that? What does that mean? Don't announce the line come out is how I think you would says the spread come out release the spread. I guess released announced the spread. It's like it's like someone's going to the spread for the Syracuse Notre Dame game. I should be announced. Tv crown crown. A town crier announces that. Please be low hen. I'll be pulling for for Syracuse. I fucking hate Notre Dame to hate all there. So they think there's so much better than everyone else. Like, not like talent wise, they think they're better people. I always say it every week on the call football show Brian Kelly killed kit. People forget that did he was like a storm, and he made someone go up and tape the practice and things fell over the way really never gets talked about. I like blog that this weekend this week this on Friday. It's a it's a known. It's like it's not you won't be breaking news like people. I know just remind people like fucking name is a killer that might be received poorly. I've had I had a real mad at me when I say that really just Notre Dame people are like capsule respect. But whatever I had a two on Saturday. I managed to was it. No Friday at a two front Friday, I managed to make fun of a announcer. Who happened have soubra palsy? I just thought he was cross eyed. So I call him. I said rigs you click this guy and he's got through palsy. That's not great. And I saw this video of jazz fans. Danson thought was awesome thought he was great news distracting some players, and he might have a little bit of disability. Didn't know that. So I that's a two for one on Friday night. Not great. So that's that's my offseason blogging life. So we're going to try to avoid those this week, and we'll focus on Brian Kelly killing people. Great sounds like sounds like a plant awesome. I'm gonna go. What Cowboys scored a touchdown? Yeah. I don't wanna talk about love it getting seven and a half. Okay. So that's our show we are rambling. We're at slate. Thanks for listening. Great great show. Great listening. Everybody. Everyone did a great job listening this week. Pat yourselves in the back if you if you would stood the hour almost two hour show like good job. Like, you is the real VP's. We thank you know, what let's have we let's like test people. Let's give a secret message and tweeted at us if you actually made it this far, what is it? We give them a prize. No, just like. Well, like the tween doing it. Yeah. But it's just like it's like a little secret thing. Like, yeah. I listened that. I made it through that. Maybe a little give a prize to everybody that listens. I can't do that. Maybe the number forty seven. I can't count do even a forty seven people to count. Someone to tweet the forty seven at us. I was telling someone this weekend that I have a problem spelling out words on piece of paper if their word, and they got the lion walks at midnight. Tweet that us. Yeah. Just tweeted if you made it this far and listen to it all just tweet at both of us, and what's the short porch account? Who's probably upper had gone undiscovered reports, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. Abso tweet at Tonks belly at barstool hubs at short underscore porch. The lion walks at midnight. If you members remember when we first started out, and we we actually have quite a few episodes of this point. But it used to be pork short. So dump that we couldn't figure out. We've just underscore between short porch. Worked. I think we tried a bunch. I think that must've liked not been available then been available. I feel like we should have tried that port short. Remarkable and follower also trying to. Well. It's both player personal. Instagram's I think I'm personally trying to build that up. This is just for you. Yeah. At Tomsk cappelli. Same thing is Twitter. T OM SEI be like boy, alike Edward l like Lauren l like Lauren again, I like igloo trying to build up the personal Instagram print. I know I mean, you're you're gonna be on the same way with me, right? At twenty five ninety on fall. I just started promoting mine like last two months. I know you haven't posted anything like two months. We're such a Twitter company, or our soul. We forget that it's grams like huge. Yeah. And I look at all of our other personality and Instagram. I think like trill has like set six thousand or nine thousand like that's it like some right? We Dave is the only one that I think has more on his post the pizza review everyday. Big cat has has many on Instagram rakes me like, so if you look at athletes and celebrities, they all have more on Instagram. So I'm trying to pay more attention to instrument. Also, I wanna get ten K. So I could do swipe ups I wanted to sleep. Well, you don't even blog a blog mus- like my main profession, and like you can get some seriously. The podcast on swipe ups to. Yeah. So I love to get a ten K. So please pretty note. Don't spoil it you've seen it a pretty sick video dropping today. What did you start that? Like, I like, would you take this seriously or something like that? So for that. I had a fire Cuna ended yesterday. Yeah. I may do that one night this week. We'll see all things girl the Bragg for sure. All right, guys. Take your land.

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