The Aftermath: Jerome Arab


Hey how you doing. Good like my yellow. I like my yellows. Keaton is nice. You know you always upholding the name diva. You never fail to impress. It's summertime. i love summer sake. Just be like you know shoulders. The bright colors. You're getting a little ahead of yourself but that's okay ready for the warm and the cold. It's all good. But i. I know one thing. That's going to be read hotness interview. We bought the do with iran. Arabs great arguments his music. Yes we play some music on the show but now let's get to know the man behind the music. Let's bring a man. Let's check him out your how you doing man. Hey you guys did is is good to talk to you man. Glad to have you on the show man. Pleasure thank you so much i mean thank god for world being the way it is because this would never have happened back in the nineties you know through the beauty of the internet technology who we are connected in your really appreciated men appreciate will disappoint. Oh absolutely so. Yeah so we have in getting no like i was saying before you came on the the man behind the music so you know as far as the music tells about will music. I got your attention how you knew something that you could do something that you wanted to do. Well music attention. My dad used to play a bunch of things on his guitar. Back when i was like must have been four four years old so ninety. Nine hundred ninety four You pay like bob marley and stuff and just jab and out. I remember walking in the room and looking at this man just in his element and like okay cool. I'm going to sing along. So just try and find. Some of the words were found similar. Menotti's and just try and join in and they need done the show for motown theatre show and i mean. I heard him rehearsing michael jackson. The jackson five basically. And just like whoa. Who is that kid singing those songs and yeah was. That's kind of like where i started singing you. I started with michael to be honest with you. Like i want you back. Abc yeah rockin robin vici. That's where it all began for me is just learning that music and singing along like all year i think could actually this nice man michael jackson you know being the influence on you and everything because we wanted a great for some people degray. So it's about you know having michael beyond like a influence if the one who's washed this interview had never heard him music before. Can you sort of breakdown your musical style and how you use that to make your music standout from from other arts. So michael is deputy as i said an influence by steve. Been probably the biggest inspiration in my life in terms of musicality because he's not defined by one genre stevie has ventured into all sorts of music is gone brigade elements. He's got jazz. He's got the soul gospel. He's just taken the best of all these worlds in in merge them together. So if i was explaining my style to somebody i would say i pretty much have a very afro will. African route were african grounding in in my style. But it's influenced by so many different genres you know so it's our be afro salt. That's my base. And then i grow from there and just collaborate you can hear those soulful elements in those elements in what i do. Not us as a great explanation and If it's that. Because when i got introduced to your music i started letting some of my friends check it out and it was all positive it was like this is good. You know. there's a satellite but yet it was it was and when we should have been between hosts it was all positive so we are talking to girona era right so he's got a saw meanest audit. A secret of this out right now is take it. You can find out on all the streaming platform spotify apple deesor wherever you get your music and you can find him on instagram at the great arab. You have something for jerome. A rat i do. I do as happy that you're here. This today I am so like you said that about the fusion of your rhythm and beats because sixteen and myself were talking. We're like wait a late. Has like a lotta like caribbean. Vise with like arm e five. So it's a me in using arms you can tell you that Don't mess with him but he also love you so that site the perfect combination of song. So i know this that on your your new album. Silence going through youtube listening to the light of your work in. Can you talk to me a little. Bit about the artwork. We're gonna maybe it's okay like we'll post it later but we'll put up. Some visuals of some of the artwork is your music but it's beautiful innocent century and different settle kate. You know. some people don't really put a lot of thought into their cover work. Can you tell us. Inspiration behind doors So pretty much. When i started doing this music thing i i had no direction. I was just like an artist wanting to create music and the same thing. You're saying what makes you different. And i'm like it's the overall package you know. What's what's the story. And i needed the story the best way i know how so i partner with a guy called Louis from zambia. He's a graphic design and we started a breakdown concepts and animation wise. This is what i'm thinking because there's so many stories. I wanna tell and i feel like for us to actually pay for a full on shoot to do the stories that i wanna tell like to do all the outlook that you seem to make that life and make that real would cost me. A fortune saw like yo animation like actually. It works what we're trying to do with the brand. It helps people understand mobile. The song is meant to be about and it just was a match made in heaven for me. You know just being able to speak to him and be like yo bro. Thinking about this something about that and then he'd be like all a sketch this. What do you think might yeah. Fill it in with these colors. Okay cool so we just go back and forth and pretty much. That's the work you see. I love it. I can't wait for it so put some of it of its a makes you kind connect or with the song or a lease i would say for me. It was more of the emotion of the song like maybe emotion connected to the artwork. because unavo- you sixteen. Are you know they're getting away from it. But i know here in a state. Sometimes they'll make a whole video or art but it has nothing to do with the song like really hard to like emotionally connected. Which is what we wanna do. When we're listening to an artist Before i toss it by sixteen one other question For some of the songs that you make How do you come up with the concepts are are you writing by yourself or do you have a team that writes with you for your vision is your process. It's funny there's different phases. So the first phase of everything that you experiencing thus far has been a lot of the pen as myself to be honest with you. I'd say ninety eight percent of the work that you're hearing from the catalog bit exists in terms of lyrical. Content is myself and it's not a small catch. They must be about one hundred and something two hundred songs that have penned already That are out to released. And then forget the other like three hundred something plus that are out there but not really released well so now the stage that i'm in is on trying to work on a number one record for hit radio Pop radio let's say so. I've got a few different rights is collaborating within water. Put this material together to make. Sure that it fits. The singer songwriter scope It doesn't mean inventions like venturing away. From what i enjoy making is just a different element that i get to finally devil it because at the end of the day is audience. We actually make music in order for us to survive. So why am i making music. If i'm not trying to be a multi platinum selling artists right. i don't wanna go platinum. Then where my where. My line to buy meagerly. I don't really care whatever is like. Who am i lines so pretty much the next phase that we working on I i come up with all the concepts myself. I stopped him off. And then i'll bring in Different writers with different produces to help me develop those concepts. All the concepts of from life in the best writers in the world just lived really amazing lives in terms of experience. It sounds personal. Sound really happy that you said you wrote them. Because i was listening to this real personal but like in a good way like you seem very connected to the Singing and we should be able to vote on. One of these songs goes on radio like i think was my one of my favorite ones. I think was I think bamboo was one of my favorite ones. That got cool. I really like this on the flood. Be funny that's like one of the mix tape kind of demos. A lot of people are hearing demos in my head. You know. I just signed a new management deal In love with london management company called gawky music. And the guy that signed me was like your your stuff is done and like that's just the first part that's like the mix tape segment and these like what you mean. We know that sounds like what upbringing next. That's that's the stuff is okay cool but this stuff is is goodness like yeah. That's that's the problem. It's not great lead. Read a move. Let's i mean as an artist in your creative. You may think it's not like where you need to be. Sometimes other people are gonna think. That's freaking the maze. That's where it is which is like man like you talked about the dental statement. How many tracks to listen to our maiden studios that you look at them. You're like oh okay that that came from that because they understand the concept is divide. It's nothing to do with the science behind it. It's about does he does the feeling. Come through the feeling comfortable detract stunt. Does you see yourself in the song and you can like you know what i could really be in the club vitamin to this. I could meet a person in via with them in light. Leave with a whole new friend. You know stuff like that so very sixteen. I guess i'll share with you guys. Which is which is right now. That's that's a. That's a good thing. So i want to jump into the side of it where you know. It's obstacles that you're facing. We're trying to promote your music. I mean it's a matter artists. That are out here. So i'm trying to find out what's something that you thought. That was gonna be hard in promoting the but ended up being easier than you promotion of the music. I guess in doing so much content. I was fearful that i wouldn't be able to get all the tracks out there and get people to the music you know like i thought like okay. They might vibe a one song. But there's no waiting to check out the rest of this stuff and that was kind of like a misconception. Because what happens with people is if they hear something that really resonates with them then they wanna look for more. So that's kind of. I guess the the thing that got me like oh so it actually does work mike. You put out content as much content as you want and eventually it will get to the ears that he needs to get to go down the rabbit hole myself. I get what we assume. Because i understand you saying that we're gonna take because there's so much out there and try and i mean i guess you could say you presented to people you hope for the best. You know the work that you put in and you hope that the work that you put in comes out in that people enjoy that so that's a good way of looking at it so in terms of taking that and talking about then support is. Where does your support come from that aspect. I'm not talking about fancy people will listen to the music but a team like your family friends. Who was like the person who wins. Wrongs haven't won them days. Where you're not really feeling yourself. You've kicked by. Hey man you got to remember who you are. Let's go what are you doing. Let's go something that resonates took me twenty four years to get my father to say he was proud of me and he understood division that i had for myself and from there onwards whenever i've kind of got to the point where i'm like i'm done. He's like yo you started something. Finish it bro. And i'm like what like for him to say that it always resonates with me. I mean i've got a few other friends here. And there like a convention pool. Crews from zambia whose is an engineer producer as done some amazing stuff. He's made some of neil's vocals with diamond platinum. Like he's done some amazing stuff and he will hit me up randomly. And just be like bro. Remember you you're the guy and i'm not giving you the guy. The guy kourtney hails from london based in manchester england is one of the biggest authors out there and he also hits me up occasionally we are just get a voice abe rough. What's happening you know today even to make it happen because you always have made it happened so got like one two. Maybe people that have always had my back and said things when i needed to year. The most I don't really share much with people. it's in the music so you could tell like when i'm down like you can hear it in. The music is no way this tracks like broken inside in You know even things like so exchange with people that would listen to the songs all. That's quite dark but it's like. Yeah dr points in my life just so i use the music as much as i can as a diary to reflect my life and i don't i don't shy away from it. I don't think that while it's i understand. Everything's a chapter in. Also even when i'm feeling down on like what can i draw from this in order for me to still move forward towards my goals rather than looking at as in this is it. I'm done. it's like well. I've been there before and i know that there's something else coming. So there's just roll with the punches. I remind myself that dedi said appreciate your explanations in going into detail you know given the you know good answers here man. We definitely appreciate that so again. It's talking to the great jerome arab right so check out. His music is and ness song. That i've been telling you about taking on austrian platform spotify. Dvd's are apple. Wherever you get your music amazon. He's there you can find them and also check him out on instagram at the great arab. It's diva you got something else. But giral i do. Do you recall the moment or maybe a particular a couple of moments where you were like. Maybe it was a fan or someone like was soubra height. They just like oh my guy while like okay my music's really really making a difference or something they made you bless rely on my god i got fans now like do you remember that moment when you're despite us nap i'll see ya. Yeah i get what you say i see. No i have not gonna like. I've had moments like that in my career where i was under shoko big brother africa and it amplified everything that was doing when i got out the show man like the whole continent is talking about about you as an artist. You know as a person like creative And i didn't enjoy that. The first time i remember somebody actually saying something about my music was poor cruised. The same guy talking about that's makes like year. He was like grow. You have this something about your voice and if you can invest in your vocal and in in your songwriting like if you can believe in it as much as the rest of the world like will will eventually get to that. He's like because what i see. Not many people can do. And you've got that. That was a life changing experience for me coming from pull cruise because somebody who actually works with stuff like works with big autism and for them to actually say something like that. You know it's like wow. I mean occasionally on on on instagram. I'll get the your. I really like this song will. You're really help through this. And that means a lot to me as well but that moment i remember getting somebody in the industry to say that you have something is is like a life changer. You know it's it's it's what should probably said to justin beep. I remember that back in midday. I'd remember that you think about those lower that turned into is what it's what question probably is what quincy said to michael. You see what i'm saying is when you you cut it up like that. It's like it doesn't matter how many people could say like yet you've changed my life. It's hard for you to believe it. I would like to you. It's like it's like yeah year year especially when you're not in a good space as an artist but when you have somebody that actually genuinely could contribute directly to to you moving four dozen artists saying that they believe in you alleged showing that they believe in you by actually championing. What you're like what you're doing like people like like a radio. Dj plan your music on the radio and hyping you before does so much more than a thousand fans going. Hey you're the man because that one person can actually change your life yesterday can. And that's that's like when you talk about those moments of had both. And as i say like the one that still resonates with me is when somebody in the industry something genuinely nice about what you're doing Do you guys know do bunch by any chance. Have you heard of him. He was signed to good music. Basically african one of the first african artist to be signed to good music I really with the label. Good music okay. But i'm not sure about that particular. Artists debunk bunches. Like the old school. He's like before all of these nigerian cats before whisk year and he also said on like you've got something he says. Just take your time. It'll come these guys like how much time we put this Taking time it will come. So what you want to hear but for them to say you got something that that means a lot. Well i think when they say. Take your time. it's i think that's really powerful. Because i will say from experience here. Everything is so rushed so rush so rush. You know in a lot of times. It's a time process in some of the greatest artists. I mean they'll put out of album. You won't hear anything for five or six years ago. Then they come back out. It's amazing and they have. The artists can drop the album every two years and then like you get in the interview in their completely honest in their say you know. I didn't love this you know. I felt a lot of pressure to put this out in this day. I wasn't connected to this album. So i just think you're speaking from experience you know on your gift in I think that's amazing Had another question based on us a win win someone who's that powerful or important says investing yourself or investing your voice for people who aren't in the industry like what does that mean. Does that mean you get a mentor. It doesn't mean you take vocal lessons as it mean. What does that mean. what does that process. Look like for you to invest in your voice so the the way the business works and this is something i think. People missing the industry in on other people wanna be artist. But you could break down from even you look like jay z kind of element. Where you don't get record you start a record label. Look at all the doors. It opens up when somebody says invest in yourself. What they saying to you to do is to go back. And just keep doing what you're doing and just be consistent and trust me. You will stop icing. Every day i vocal like warm up every day without fail with. I'm holding my like three month. Year old while i'm singing. I'm singing every day to make sure that my voice is being trained. I'm working on basically a for jock nearly every day at least five times a week and in terms of the business element are managing myself. Speaking to the t. Date is like this is what we're doing this and what we try to. I would not understand the whole print out understand production if identity like them on time spent in this. I wouldn't understand my own vocal and my vocal needs in order for it to actually execute like a good track. I wouldn't understand image. I wouldn't be able to do my own clothing brand. I wouldn't be able to. Yeah like i wouldn't into so many of these different things or even attempting if or identity just like while. I wanted on record deal. That's what i'm aiming for. Taking time is just like find out way you position yourself in the industry. Find the folks that you have to like pass like pass through because who knows those folks may doorways to you actually becoming a business or a brand. That is what like eternity. You know you may be here for the next five years if you get a record deal now but if you learn how to run a record label you may basically end up twenty thirty years like run of career. It's just the way it works so when someone like that says take your time i mean this is they just say to you like take your time to understand what it takes to to become the people you wanna become you know of had plenty label exact say to me. Don't sign a deal because none of the big artists that you love are on a record label zoom. What do you mean. What do you mean like all these guys we love. What do you mean like well. None of scientists record label yet in my work with the record label but the deal with the record label. They cut big cut deals. They contracts none of them actually are signed any other labels while they dependent you own masters you only deal is like you will not get paid for the rest of your life man and we talk about these things but people still don't understand what it means to talk to half the artists about registering trek with bmi. What's that well the by the time they figure it out it too late now they have a whole legal situation going on. It is definitely expensive at the plea so so take your time. That's like any advice that i give to anybody. Any industries is like take your time find your position like explore it you know trial being radio host. That might not work with you but then you learn how to press the buttons and oh it off who knows maybe designing the software that other radio stations will use. Because you you found the problem like maybe that was it. You did it that your software that it that was you you know it. Oh businesses multi-million. Aradio more you ain't the host you just providing what the use and making major money for it. Yes do you man. Long as long as shit clear and that's that's right Is so we got a couple more here for now. We got a little question getting that we do with our guest to come on the show here so in talking about your career i guess in total. So what are your. What are your plans for your career. We talked about you singing and everything but at some point you're doing that but do you want to get into other things you wanna manage. Artists wanna try your hand at acting. Maybe you wanna do a podcast. Where do you see all this ended up for. Finding you say that it's like where do you see like working on the podcast during a few books right in a few scripts like i you like. I started in theater. You know theater from the age of six on stage acting And that went onto at the age of eleven scripting and actually putting stuff and then still singing and stuff opening from Name like doing. The michael jackson covers until i could actually come up with my own content. So when you ask me what do i see. I believe that i'm a creative. That's what i do. Is i help. Put things together And i utilize the talents. I have so whether it's acting or directing we'll producing i just i dive into any form of creativity. America's always been a dream from when i was a kid. Just because have so heavily influenced by what you guys have there. You know it's like. I'm a huge fan. I think it's clear like you could see of studied a lot of the ways of of the the black american kind of coach. It's like wow. I actually debts. That's raised me so i would love to come out there and add that african element to what is going on and just be part of that segment year like i would love to put together. You know certain movies. I like to of a manson moose. Mussa movie that talks about you know. Some of the greatest african descent travel before thank europe was even the europeans thinking about like. I want to be part of a whole different scope of creativity that helps reshape the way we as black people might perceive ourselves. We always think that we start at the bottom. But i want to. I want to show people that we actually have been at the top and have been a major contributor to humanity from the beginning of time. You know it's kind of like my core by mccoy is there. So i'll do everything in my power to create as much as i can to not just contribute but also move mankind full so yeah we welcome you to atlanta. Everything is music arts emmy. It's like black hollywood here so he has very real so when all of this chaos is over we will love you down. I'm down i'm on. Yes hey listen you could be. I don't know what it is. We call it by coastal when people go back and forth. but i don't know international berry income. Were you come out here and and hang out. Somebody's good living out here but also some of the terrible traffic is well that exist my guy because everybody want to move is the as bad. But we're we're not letting some people come anymore. We like a full or remove. Yeah we you say you say. Atlanta is full. We don't have any room but you know if you know people will let you in. Vip's chaldean come through it. Oh come on their list and we got past for five times. You're more than love from the come here. I'm going to be this soon. Trust the as soon as one of this class are landing. Oh my god. I miss stuff. Let's give me an idea like so many great artists across the us and other countries that we need to try to kobe styles. We need to put together a mixer for the show. And just everybody found meek you know happened. I think that would be super great. I just sent off for my passport. Ronel so i hope i gave it back before june drove his sparking up ideas and stuff so i know give this man the show he needs to show. He's met on on a show. So what we're going to get a little fun thing that we like to do here is so if if we miss anything as far as we can find your line of we miss your instagram. But we know dish catalogs on all the major streaming platforms. But we forget anywhere else where people can find you online to get into by your cadillac. Anything please those. No i on twitter. It's the african arab ano- facebook gets the african arab. So please feel free to hit me up on any of the platforms and let me know what you think about the music if you want to collaborate if even if you just like okay cool. I'm starting out in the industry. What do i need to look for. Doesn't matter where you are in the world. I mentor ton of artists at all levels. And pretty much i always. I don't ask for any payments from the jump. I i make sure that we develop some sort of an agreement. In the way we work in the world can be developed a working relationship and then once you stuck in paid in we see how we cut me into your management sector and stuff like that day but my goal is to innovate as many people as possible so please to get in touch and yeah let's cut it up from there. See see that right there. Sixteen amazing because Here in the states they not gonna say that all your money if we buy we've out of we don't see you later this favorite. You're wrong because when when he had like a fool on diem conversation just it was just chill. We knew we just we were chatting. I was like where. Can i find his whole is here here. Here's where you can find me. Check the song. It was this conversation. So what did he say is the truth. Just two people. You know having a nice chat just doing has he hit me up on texas. He was like man. I just had the best conversation like we gotta. You gotta jump on his interview with me and i was just like okay. Sure and so. He sent me the league in the bio on outside. Yeah i am really excited to meet jeremy rabb. This sounds really good. So i love your by grave vibes in definitely wishy many blessings than anything that you want to do. I think it'd be very successful at it. Thank you. I receive all the blessings that you guys are as i say likewise you know meet saying that any everybody can hit me up. Feel free like hip is like. I probably check up on all of you anyway. Coffee like yeah. I'm landing. at l. next week. So nells seriously would like completely love to workout something hanging out. Take a tour with you take you around so you the good stuff you know. I like your outfit. You'll fit right in your fitness banking. just wanna grab. I'd always many makes to the point wages on same room annot attention. A you know with that. Let's talk to me. Thinks you won't take you take it initially case. Tell me what you really. I won't take you take it. So thank you pull up on. You're am looking for nine written issue. So what my skin lipstick marty's. She kissed because now thinking about checkmate. So michigan does she wanted to be with forty keeping by. Is this just another team or check that you wanna play. I'm gonna ino the one you don't play with it. Don't play dead so tell me thank you take you take. Tell me what you. I won't take you take you take it south home. Take it jerome. You're not the hood just yet because about to get to know. You're just a little bit better here so you got to hit this little deal that we do but i guess is gonna at some ask you a few questions and basically. Just give me an example. I use this example. Everybody is setting drum. Which do you prefer coke or pepsi and if you like pepsi you say pepsi. Don't ask me like your ally like someone somebody on on instagram. Don't ask me. this is my opinion. that's it so that's how that works so all right so let's get into so. Here's the first so jerome your opinion. We feast most important meal of the day breakfast lunch. And which one of those. You just kind of do without lunch. Don't ask me okay. All right what about you do which which one of those you know. I can like whatever yes have to have breakfast. Okay all right so for me. This is same thing is with unionist breakfast. Where after i get to a certain point the day it'd be like nine ten am. I'm trying to find out where. Where can i get the newest cheeseburger you know. I'm not worried. I don't eat breakfast. Loves teas giral late every cell. he's always talking about teeth burgers. I'd known him for years. Like probably over ten years. And i honestly when we worked together. Did he know he. Ain't cheeseburgers gonna kill me. But it's so good mac. That's what we need to do. The need that burgers sixty. How many eat on this burger to where he is usually a double. It's like i said it's either a cheeseburger or some type of seafood. But you're on a sunday. M16 burger somebody. Somebody come on. let's let's make this all my god. I don't even wanna know. A kinda fastened gone are the sheer heart attacks specialty. This thing you have no idea we. Are you like putting bacon on this to like. No no no no bacon turkey bacon conversation for another day. You have a burger but use me. She could be hauled before okay. I put you could appreciate that. Use your okay. Thank says a create all right so the next one when you pay cash card cash. Donut me okay. Say he won't go gone not car. Now come on now. You know about the cash down at me. Listen listen we liked cash. It spends very nicely down at. We can keep an do what we want as creative people right track us you get you get thrown in this rain with visa you can. Yes you can but in the white stir clubs like bicester closest cash wieser close. They find they do live. That's how it works. Here is culturally is different culturally white people listening you all the dances for the credit card. They had the black cars. The corporates have yes. We find in the black clubs. We like show us. The money will be able to tell the difference between going to one and then if you go to pinot know that we have to ask him to see have you heard in atlanta about magic city. I have vertebral magic city. Obviously i never been the state so about not experience. So we're having cared about later but it always is awesome entertainment and apparently some very good chicken if he saw people willing to risk many many things to go get them. That's how for me sure is card. I don't really want to handle cash. I was kind of like the anger. The wanna test. Money germ guy before all this cova stuff anyways of the least amount of stuff i had to do with. I'm good on that. That's why my has o'clock et. I'll let you have that one. I'm might even gonna give you a hard time today. You got it to his next game. All right jerome. Here's the next one. Do you stay up late or do you go to bed. Earth and my. Life's been so like if i if i had my way. Ibm bid by ten doane. Kids with kids like ten o'clock is kind of when they don't need some time to yourself. So i'll get into bed like well because i still gotta squeezing some work early bird so i have so. I'll see you kind of a three month. Aw how old are your the more children to kids so my first one is just over three night. Goodness oh yeah. You're not going to be able to stay really late early late. I know about i know about her crazy sleeping habits because my aunt or saying because argued that three text about an idea for something in a chat whom i cannot stand like. I'm a night person. I'm very much a night person but enforce the wake up in the morning boot. But i'm definitely staying late on all right. Here's the next one. Preferred peanut emma. Nails are regular imminent. I don't i don't i don't i don't like new eminence. Look the he'll do. What's your favorite candy again. My favorite candy is joe. I'm chocolate like just pure chocolate. I love chocolate. I don't like no sugar coating none of that. Like i like chocolate as chocolate is right to me. Gimme gimme a slapper like chocolate. I'm done it could be bell. Jimmy can be what it could be whatever what slab of that. Oh man good may have great chocolate over there at listen. Let me get this be matter here. What about you. If i had to i definitely would do or i used to do pena eminem. It's really not st low anymore. Because i like more upper echelons chocolate not eat. Mars candy chocolates very cheap. I like the actual chocolate cake. And yuki do the belgian with whatever you wanna do on this for me want. Don't ask me is peanut eminem even though this is not necessarily my favorite candy i know some people make the choice between the two macho. It'd be a snicker. If i'm choosing can put is peanut evidence but just ask you like a sneaker sunday. I'd say i turned into face could be movie. I felt we got. We got the last one here for you and interested to know about this and especially from diva too. So you sleep with socks yes you need to get it straight first of all. I'm in england right now. Usually africa when i'm in africa. I don't see percents when i'm in england. I'd sleep with socks. The weather's geoffrey you. Did you see how he was bundled up when he came on this show. He pretty anna jacket and it's kind of warm here so this is how we live in. It's yesterday it was like thirty two degrees yesterday. It's like really crazy here. It's like up and down up your now. We don't have consistent weather so so i don't sleep. This sucks thrown out so now the prim and proper but you don't wanna sleep with socks on on what we do. I don't wear don at me. Like i don't sleep inside things that's other people even fox's to the year really all right last week with socks no i do not sleep walk around with but i do not. I do not sleep with oxo. Tell you what this was. This was s lutely coup plan. Don't ask me what i manage. Abraham happened since hat bachchan. You know you gave you the info on put it in the in the description for the podcast as the youtube video. I should find him on instagram. At the great arab and stream all his musical auto providers to search which wrong rep he got and make sure you check take it. I think i'm gonna drop that s song in this video at in his look people to check that out. Drop that in. I'm alan jara. Bamboo flowers smell my because that's an anthem. I'm just in state that if you haven't heard that song it's light listening. Don't some young great. When i'm not here like go hated right now. Thank you thank you so you. That's that's what i needed a year. You got s. I'm happy with that. So thank you guys for having me. And as i said like i'm definitely making my way across the ponds because i feel like we just want people to connect yes. It will be beautiful. And we're selling cited in. Hey we're very serious hidden set in let us know in. Also we're gonna keep in touch with you keep Us any project that you know you wanna share. Let us know we'd be happy postage area to wanna be dropping. Yes it'll be dropping tracks we do. We do the music break every week during our show during the week so please believe that she's going to be seeing some wrong era tracks in there. That's happening so no internationally. Because you gave making you have a clothing line. The ship international funny enough like we actually started a look back into that. So i i was doing a whole lot of this is actually one of them like the the jagged that i got on right now All nine nine man. So we're doing one of pieces and i try my best to to to get it to people in the states. I mean go. People in states wearing the hoodies. But we had to stop. Because i wanna do. I wanna just do it property you know i wanna make sure that is going out and i'm not waiting for five orders waiting for ten orders. I wanna just like okay fine. Let's drop the first hundred fifty thousand units. Let their move. Yeah so. I'm trying to organize everything. Hopefully the end of this year. You'll see a relaunch. The whole brand Basically call you. Ui clothing underrated individuals clothing. That's what the naples would die says. So hey that's gonna do really well over here when you're ready you're lesson because i'm i'm gonna wear is definitely the urban like eclectic one out like just so unique though that's gonna do really well. I mean that's why everyone is moving. You know. I know but we we listen. We really don't even have houses people trying to buy houses in the inventory. So low like it's insane. So yeah worl- i mean. Yeah we just tell. People we believe ally laying here seller georgia's really ridden a zone. Well like a mean i. I don't know about there because people are running away from where. I'm so when i look at it like that. I'm like okay so this is what it feels like like in london and stuff. That's overpopulated. so i'm sure. Atm will kind of get the eventually before people start to move elsewhere with something becomes a new capital of because before before eighty l. It was kind of like hollywood was past tense. I'm sure because right now. It's just like areas lamar. Hbo the Because we live here. We don't as a different for us because we're so used to cheer you come here you to the other day you tv you know country that notes steal but you still get city living also in those kind of. Don't do whatever you want right. You have city or you dislike. Chill out in what we call. suburbs like. The outskirts of the city is still like small cities. But like it's kind of really spacious so eager to be like really chill very quiet so it's pretty much the apple beat scene like right now huge so it's kinda hard now because we have like this little area That i used to do like a lot of We have a lot of little music spots here. We had this place called newsroom. Downtown like in the city and We have They would do like house music on or familiar with the house genre but they use a lot of afro beasts in there We are failing convention like we will always have like Here it's really big. Really dolt don't festival so we have a lot of festivals and stuff here. We have different pockets of areas. That are very like that so we have light. Everybody has their pocket of area here. So you've got like West african east african like Just different places. Lithuania stuff like it's huge here because when people come here they all migrate to wear like their main rubel people. Yes like. if you're deogee like everybody hangs out mostly like this area. Nigerian is kinda like all over here is pretty like eating. The food is the is like a huge huge our community. That's another reason why i'm going to the states just for the food. I literally out like. Yeah like i love food is not i would push the boundaries. I wanted to see whether i could do things supersized. If i don't know if i think when i want to track on the choose what you what you what you want. Because they got some anything you could come up with less than you. Tell us what you wanna do. We like adult itinerary for union. Come lila visit the play. He's the places 'cause we kinda will. I have a lot of international friends. So my non american friends can definitely be like e here. Don't don't eat there. You know what. I'm saying so. We kind of know like where we will go where we will avoid going so for sure man one of honesty. Thank you guys so much. You guys are family like a like. I feel the same way we we have been looking for you and we're glad to have you and hoping that this is not the last time that we have you on the show. Not just speaking off the off the air have you back on a on a pretty regular basis. That's the whole yeah co host friends. Sometimes if you wanna come on it. Just be a co host with us evy grade. I mean you go yes. Nice the great jerome era the headphones or whatever speaker system you listening to near you go search them out you would be disappointed so cesaro. We appreciate the time and we look forward to the next conversation. I i just met my long lost friend from across the pine i died doesn't it was like i didn't want to interview the end. Like you know being able to to make us divers zoom which is thought worth a monthly subscription was able to make new friends intimate meal cranes and went to meet a people One of them. Being that i was jess silly cited to learn and just talk about was when he was saying that you know he wants one of his mission to that. Black people are on the bottom. That were very much on the top and just listening to him. Speak in regards to the artists that he works late The other engineers and other musical people who are in different countries that maybe we i'll get to associated with our regular basis. I mean that is made me feel proud like just to just even be able to know about it or talk about or exceed give a platform you know four that just hopefully maybe one day we go across the pond and we call it a tour and do you feel know. This is great This is a little bit. It makes me loved on your show even more because we get into meet. No heap that. Under normal circumstances you wouldn't get chanced is really rewarding. And i'm here and inmates building makes me feel like what we're doing in math and another thing that would matter if you check out there on a raft. He's not only person but he's a great artists as well and in radio show as well check us out hours on instagram. is the radio. Show subscribe to us on to or any other podcast grateful for the support deal. Got another one in the book. We just wait to the camera and tell everybody who see them very soul so we appreciate it. And i say my praise i instead but just remember and never forget. You're not listening to eighth grade or some radio. Show you listening to the radio. Show 'cause outlaid you're gonna take him out later.

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