Carson Wentz Extension, Game 5 and a Mailbag


What is up real sports fam-? Welcome to episode two of the real under sport, odd cast, a sports, Snapchat pod when this episode we're gonna talk NBA finals, of course, is caving back ten the warriors come back to win this finals. We'll touch on the Marta Roseanne Carson Wentz is questionable contract extension. Answer some fans questions in the Monday mail bag and a whole lot more. So get ready for the pod. I'm your host Jack settlement from the account on snap that real underscore sports real underscore sports with me today is my co-host longtime best friend, Abe grant, Abe. How're you doing on this Sunday night? What works in without real sports familia at the so two? We got a lot in store for you guys attaching fun. Awesome. So the random player of the night, meaning, if you message me on snap this special player, I will add you back. It is huge. Lou the champion of the east over LeBron James in the past Abe. Any comments on heat of Turku don't leave him open in the corner. That's all I gotta say. That's a fact hopping into it. So on every Saturday post a trivia, question on my snap story, this is common as the surprise Abe by, in prepping for the south if the warriors win the finals Kurai will most likely be finals MVP. He's about minus six fifty in Vegas to win. So he's a lock to win. If the raptors went to other players have won finals MVP for two different teams quiet would become the thirty one of the Spurs you win. Raptors Abe, can you name the two other players in finals MVP with two different teams? The first answer is LeBron James that Semper, the Miami, he wanted in Cleveland on give the listeners, the second Jack this second is cream Abdul Jabbar. He actually wanted under the name Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for the Lakers and the name, Lew Alcindor for the box. So I don't know if that fully qualifies, but that is answer to your Saturday, trivia, let top into them be finals. We got some exciting news today, having Durant practicing for the warriors aid you've predicted that he will be out for the series because now out call you doctor until terms. But do you think he comes back and we will get into the impact that he'll make if he does while thank you for referring to me as Dr because I've been spot on all of my predictions revolving. Kevin durant. And I have no reason veer away from those predictions saw today that he is questionable. He practiced today also saw. That he was the first one off the court during the practice and that the warriors did not stay on the court for too long during practice. I have no reason to believe that he's gonna play this is the first time we've seen him on the court playing basketball doing anything. No word on how he's feeling calf achilles whatever you wanna call it. We all know. Hi. How I feel that it's an achilles even if he does come back Jack I'm sorry, this thing is over. It's done. The people in Toronto would be drinking maple syrup on the street, Iranian having a good time and bringing the first championships Toronto. This thing is a rack I think that so apparently he went through private scrimmaging on before game floor, and it was more of a setback than encouraging note. So I thought he was going to be done for the series. And then there's a report about two hours before the report that he's gonna practice that, like he's sitting out, and he's not rushing back and his teammates, or pretty. Appointed him. Did you buy into any of that report? I'm biding all of it. Well, I think I think Kevin Durant knows what's ahead of him at the end of this finals knows he's leaving, whether he goes to New York LA. He's out in my opinion, and he doesn't he what is he needed play for to validate his greatness, he came, you want to finals, MVP's, you want to rings for the warriors? I think the injury is way more severe than were hearing. I think everything that we're hearing in the media's smokescreen just throw the rafters off to have been plannable differently, whether they know if he's playing if he's not gonna just defensively and I'm not buying any of it. Once I see. Kevin durant. Take the court here. Mike green, Jeff Van Gundy, and the crew star talking live on television, then I'll buy into Kevin Durant. But until that ball tips trust. I went through as Sixers sandwiched while indeed. You never know they're thrown out, false reports all the time and you never know they're gonna until they're gonna play if it apply until five minutes before. The game if they're in the lap lines, they're taking the court, so until I see Kevin Durant there as far as I'm concerned, he's out in the word got to go without him. So the only reason why I bought into the report. A little was because think about this for Durant. Right. He had told he's not needed his told all year Steph team, they can women Adam, they sweep Portland ago the finals, and then he sits out and what is the time hypothetically based on the report that he was sitting out in not rushing back that he's using comeback. It's when he's in another win win situation. He literally cannot lose. He comes back plays while in they lose while it wasn't as fault. They lost four games before him. He comes back and they win. He's the hero, he rides the New York City on the backs of, of all the people cheering him on. But I just wanna make an incredible MBA theory. If anyone believes the league could be rigged. If anyone wants to believe that this is the perfect script that the NBA has ever orchestrated taverna rant is up. Three one. He's on Oklahoma City. What happened lose the series guy? So then go gone goes onto the finals, what happens there. They got three on the Brian James, the hero brings the title to Cleveland and what do we have? Now the full circle of life. Kevin Durant being up three one. He's a snake. But once he do he made his decision to come to the warriors to make them Zayn stay to make them a champion. He comes back three one they realized three in or out. I mean with that not be to picture picture-perfect yet. But I think the only caveat in there that the difference between the Cavs coming back in the warriors that Kevin Durant is not brawn. James, he has never been LeBron James. He's not LeBron's James currently, and even if he does come back and he could be fully healthy tomorrow, and the warriors, will not win this series you know why. Because they have not given me. I know Kevin Durant has been out in, like he's a huge part of their team level, blah, but they have not been played. Warriors basketball. They average what twelve turnovers game in the regular season. They're putting up fifteen their plan sloppy death. While turn the ball fifteen plus times these games. They're not getting back in transition to being killed in transition defense the entire series. This isn't the warriors that we've seen the entire time. And people are making it out to seem like the warriors are winning the series are losing the series, rather than the raptors are winning this series. And I don't think Toronto's getting enough credit for how well they're playing. They've been everywhere on defense suffocating right, right? The second the ball gets to any player on the court, the right in their face. I mean granted, there's a lot less attention. They can focus more attention on staff, and Klay, whether he's injured or not, because Kevin Durant on the court ah Toronto is playing fantastic basketball, and you more than anyone know how high of been on the rafters all season and how I thought they were the best team in the east, and they've showed well, whatever about will Sixers but they're playing like the best team in these in their playing. They are the NBA champions, collide Leonard is not afraid of any moment. Sure he had a shaky first-half last game, what you do in the beginning of the second half knowing that they were down for the time it had to come back with a big impact came out it a huge three went down the other side of the gotta steal hit another huge three Fred vanfleet after the game said he too big FU shots coming out of coming out of the gate guard with that he's not shy away from the moment. And even if even if it goes to six seven Kawai, Leonard's demeanor is not gonna change the route, and I think that's the difference maker, and that no matter what the Rapids are still gonna win this series. You saw it as they won game for went back to the locker room. Nobody was smiling. Nobody was celebrating this win. They just wanted to handle business and keep going. I think they're going to do it. They're gonna come out. They're gonna show. I think this is over tomorrow night. I definitely agree that there will be no asterik Asterix for the title like it was a complete. Clean series yesterday went down. But the raptors are dominating the series where I do disagree with you is I think Durant a hundred percent which I find it hard to believe he would be tomorrow. Viewed one hundred percent. The series is now a fifty fifty shots may be fifty fifty fifty shot because the rat, so sorry, what was that? You flip a coin hazard house, fifty fifty fifty to one side. Please flip a coin because you have to factors. I know they have been on phase. Like you talked about their Kanda meaner even demeanor but you got one in Toronto, right? You always say get one in Toronto one game at a time you think they're losing game. Six in gunsight icy. No shot. And then the pressure's back on them in seven. The thing about this warriors team versus others in the past, like if the raptors had done this to the Harrison Barnes teams. I get why the series of her. But this team was built around having superstars. And when you remove the scoring superstar, and you're left with, like McKinney. Aucoin cook and all these guys who literally cannot swear. The basketball leg it is. I don't even know how they're in the NBA. It's, it's kind of mind blowing, but you add back a thirty point. That's what they're missing. Enin elite defender, who can guard why? This is all contingent on him being one hundred percent healthy if he's hobbled. Any can't guard y in. I can lock him down, obviously series over but on the idea that he's one hundred percent. Like you said, if he comes back, this is a fifty fifty shot. You remind me of myself from last year. And now I'm realizing how stupid, I sounded coming hearing out your voice from the Sixers were down three one against Boston, and I said, don't let us get that game five do not let us game get that game five or this thing we've got a series. And now I read how stupid I sounded. So I thank you for that. The raptors gonna win this series. I think they're closing out tomorrow with or without Kevin Durant. Even if he comes back, you mentioned something how there's no shot they'd win a game six in Golden State, but you probably would have said the same thing about the rafters, you'd say it's impossible that they would take both in Golden State in three hundred which they did. So there's no reason to believe that they can't win another one in the oracle, there's literally one reason and his name is Kevin Durant, like that is the reason. She's the whatever we wanna do our rankings. He's a top player in the league. He's been the violence. May be back to back years. And I think the part that's underrated as it's not that it's the ramp. That's coming back. It's that he is the piece that they're missing the scoring matter missing and defending the current finals EMMY. So I think it's a fifty fifty. I'm not saying anything on the series. But if he's one hundred percent like evade somehow come out of their port Durant is good to go and his cleared apply. Will play his you know, his ass off. I'm taking the waters. I think the win the series without Kevin Durant. They won't have the best player on the court collider's second around planet earth. Congratulations candidates coming home. That's a miserable jinx. Speaking of Canada, is our good friend, not really our good friend. But I would like to be friends with him tomorrow Rosen. I just feel bad for him. Like I saw a song Meam. It was like an oppose the my story was in out D'Amato's, dived for this any he truly did like Larry got to stay be part of the title team. Hopefully for Toronto do feel any bad for for demar. Hell no. Paid him. San Antonio living. Fine life in Texas. Whatever he's still got buddies on the team. They were never winning with him. We all know that is kryptonite was the Braun their whole kryptonite is what the rafters needed to do at don't feel bad for demogra- Rosen. He's doing jeez plan under the bet. One of the best coaches of all time in Gregg Popovich, getting some great basketball. Now you played really well this year for his immi- opinion, the Spurs exceeded expectations had a great season and rose, they got John Murray coming back next year. I think they're gonna be good team. I do not feel bad for demogra- Rosen because of the paycheck, he receives so derozen allegedly, according to win horse could get traded this offseason any locations. You would kind of be interested in, I can't think of any off the top of my head. Could he be like, who do I think you keep them in the state taxes sent him to douse with Luga apps that could be a fun? A fun trio of players do. Think Kristaps may stay there after next year. I don't know we'll see about that. But that that's an interesting three piece. I think that went championship absolutely not. But still wanna watch. What about in a couple years ago, you know? Yeah. What about out? Atlanta. I just don't do think he'll ever be the number one player on a championship team. I know you're there in my opinion. There's. Five is number one players on championship team in the NBA LeBron's. Collides. Cades. Jaanus. We can throw Steph and Harmon there too, even though hardens of perennial his. And so now we move onto have you noticed anything with Nick nurse out coaching curse? Oh, just to take you back to that. Okay. C-series Stephen is on I take and he's ranting about how it's very simple. Billy Donovan a rookie. Coach is out coaching Steve Kerr, he makes them tactic changes. They come back when the series but so far in the series, I just see nurse out coaching curb constantly, have you noticed anything to that to that? I, I don't wanna attributed to coaching and take anything away from what Nick nurses doing doing a fantastic job. I'm just going to chalk it up to personnel like look at the guys at the warriors were thrown out there Jonas direct directo. Whatever the heck is name is out Fonda McKinney. Like Steve charges doesn't have the guys. They the raptors can focus all their attention to Steph curry and one thing that Nick nurse is doing that. I like he's doing this thing with Steph curry, or when someone comes up on a pick and roll, he screening them. He switching the screens, but then he's throwing different look right away. When Steph curry thinks that switching then he just double teams in blitz Steph. Curry, and throwing everything offer staff grand theft, and having a great series put up forty seven in that game. Ray wasn't enough obviously. But I'm not gonna go as far to say that Nick nurses fully out coaching Steve Kerr, given what Steve Kerr has to work with. Yeah, I mean I guess I'm a huge fan because Nick nurse has his own branded hats that he wears the every press conference heavy there. Maybe. It just Nishel. It's not a ham, the great logo from Nick nurse so shots, Nick nurse. So he looks kid from Stewart. Yeah. He does we know that. So Carson Wentz. So just to the people now obviously talked ton of MBA on the podcast, that idea of the pottage is keep up with the current news and what's being talked on the news. So Carson Wentz was just extended able read the numbers, obviously, being resident diehard eagles fan Abe thoughts on the extension and what was the contract extension. Pay the man planes, simple, Carson, God deal, he was always going to get his deal. I hate the I'm lik looking on eagles Twitter saying how you're gonna pay this guy this much with all the injuries. Get off my time one. Carson got a four year one hundred twenty million dollar extension that includes a hundred seven million guaranteed. And yes, this guy did have a serious injury in college a serious injury in the NFL and the total deals round out about six years, one hundred fifty four million and I love every bit of it. You know why? Because by trading with the second eagles traded up in the draft to get Carson Wentz, they were sold on this was their guy for the future. No matter what he came out. He showed promises rookie year. He did show rookie struggles. And what are you doing your too? He came out and was MVP probably the, the odds on favorite for MVP at the time until he went out against the Rams. Then Nick full comes in has some Nick foles. Magic we go on the rest of that story. And then Carson comes out this year, he shaky on and off. It's gonna happen after you come off a tornado Seattle in any report with a back injury. All this stuff Nick foles comes in doesn't thing once again. But however, Roseman in the eagles front office. The entire time have been adamant that Carson Wentz their guy going forward. So if you truly believe that I understand the concerns about injury and Pantai this much. But if you truly believe that he's your guy going forward, and he has shown promises of being a franchise quarterback than you have to pay him and you have to pay him now because as we've seen in the NFL, it's a copycat league if you let the Rams go out there and page our Goff. And you at the Cowboys go out there and pay Dak Prescott before you before you pay Carson than Carson's money is only gonna have to increase in his contract. He's gonna say I'm more X amount more than these guys at cetera. And now we're gonna see gawk at his extension deck in his extension. I hope that guesses extension. I hope I hope. And it will probably be more than Carson. And the reason I love doing it right now, rather the next year is because next year. Pat Mahomes is gonna break the back. You might get a two hundred million dollar contracts, and we're seeing in the NFL every quarterback that continues to get paid. It's just more and more the franchise quarterback because that's what they demand. It's the most important position in sports, and it brings that kind of money, I think eventually, you might even see quarterback starting to get paid MLB player style numbers upwards of the two hundred three hundred million three hundred million, but it's just gonna keep getting crazier and eagles did it at the right time. They didn't early Carson could have said, no. But knowing that he has his injury injury history. He wanted to capitalize on his money right away. It worked out for both teams. I'm excited if you don't pay them, there's this, there's angst in the locker room about is he our guy going forward say he goes down with something this year. God forbid them what you do. You have Nate Saad failed in this. Thorson battling out in training camp to see shoot we have to pay these guys. But I love what, how did I love the deal? Even if you ever GE out the rookie delays currently on and the extension brings it out to about why the twenty six and a half twenty seven million over the annual value over the next six years. I love it. We got our guy, and he's gonna lead us back to the promise land. He's gotta do what Nick did Marin ago where it's great vibes Philadelphia right now. I'm going to need someone to check the math from our Penn State alum who owned the spot calculators his per year contract, factored into the if you if you consider rookie, contra now next to seasons it averaged about twenty six and a half twenty seven million dollars a year. A new do that on the flies rooms. Well, I've seen it on Twitter. Maybe I was giving you should take the credit. That's, that's your fault Manap gas. My thoughts in the winds extension. I was I was in on Wednesday is rookie year. Like you said, Goodyear, his software year, and the level I mean, his team months, while he would have been there, assuming he stayed healthy m last year, I get the struggles when he is back, but he never really looked the same. It gives me a little worry. But like you said you just have to pay these quarterbacks you have to pay them. And at least you can say, we're paying because he's played in MVP level, you can argue, and I'm sure both of us would argue even though you'll want him to get the extension. But someone like Dax so there's this. There's this level of quarterbacks obviously of the tier one Mahomes, Rogers ready who you're paying them. No matter what any of the tier two, which is kind of a once and they're in this, this same thing with Gough. But I think you'll pay got airport that crushed got into your to don't shoot. They're known owner Noche up. But then you can kinda translate into the MBA ended. Like de LA right? He is a max player just because of the run of the league in the salary cap like should you really pay him should you pay Tobias? And then should you supermax Kemba? So that's more. The conversations may went totally. The extension also like you said about how you're just gonna pay more if you wait, the Sixers did it with Embiid. It works out in the long run. So to dive into the money mail. Bagging keep this conversation, going creek. Dude asked went back is expected to be the best quarterback in division. What are what are your expectations for him this season? And is he obviously the best quarterback in the division? I mean he's hands down the best quarterback in division. I don't even wanna get into the New York Giants of our listeners time the only person that we have to consider not Haskins is gonna be good case keenum over grocery them. Whatever is Dak on. I don't think Dak is nearly as good as the Cowboys are gonna pay him to be. And I'm glad that they've you him. So highly because I get to see him for the next X amount of years. I'm expecting big things at Carson from what I've seen OTA's and minicamp. He's, there's no need brace on. He's just wearing a leg sleeve. He's looking good. He's had good numbers came out shaking the first practice, but ever since him in Sean Jackson, rebuilding, this relationship that should flourish, our offense in my opinion, we have the best weapons all round in the NFL with our backfield in Jordan, Howard mile Sanders just drafted out of Penn State. The Sean Jackson, Sean Jeffrey, and then we've got two elite tight ends in. Zacher. It's Dallas Qatar. So there's really no excuses for Carson. I'm gonna say right now. That I'm not gonna give him any excuses, but just a week ten when things might be a little up in the air and Mike thrown out, an excuse or six but affecting big things out of him. There's nothing short of a division title. We should be getting a first round byes very well in the in the mix. And I think we Super Bowl or Boston, my opinion, and I think we can do that. Roller boss, high expectations. But fair ones. You've been deep in the playoffs. The past two years. You should walk to a division title. I mean he's definitely the best quarterback in that division. I think the only narrative to John here is like some Cowboys fans loved AC I don't really see the appeal one of my best friends day Velasco. He's a Cowboys fan and despises Dak Prescott and I think there's a fifty fifty split in that fan base. They're kind of fighting between. He's like good enough to be a franchise quarterback, but not good enough to win a Super Bowl in my opinion, end the only quarterback to really do that outside of foles because that's like a really strange one off. I would say is Joe flacco. He just caught absolute fire in our Super Bowl run, but he looked pass. You look in the past, and it's like it's breeze. Brady Rodgers Rothlisberger of them. You need the star quarterbacks to win. I don't really ever. Reaches there, the thing about tack is his productivity thus far in the NFL has been to a level where now Dallas doesn't have a choice. But today, you're not gonna go back to the drawing board and pick a quarterback, whether you think this guy can win you assume not. He's shown somewhat of being competent to above average quarterback in the NFL. And now Dallas back against the wall, and they're inevitably gonna have to pay him. And Dak is gonna Colin coward something with two blind resumes, and one was clearly better than the other. And you revealed it was Daqing Carson. But I end Dak was better than Carson by the numbers. But I think we can both agree that Carson is a better quarterback than back Prescott would you agree? I think that like you're saying it's that he can put up the numbers, but he can't win rock, twelve green, while he did he did win those rookie yet. But he for a string of three games when the role you have to be excellent and he is. He is a winner is a game manager like he has. Everything. But does he have enough to if the team sport? So who knows? But I don't say say it's a great question, by the way by EMC pre do good job. All right. Before we continue to your word from our sponsors when you're selling online. Getting your winters out can be a real pain. That's why you need ship station dot com. It's the fastest easiest most affordable way to manage ship your orders. No matter where yourself. Amazon had see your own website, ship station brings all your orders into one simple interface. Ship station helps you get your what is up quickly, save money on shipping costs? Most importantly, keep those customers of yours happy and right now blue Ireland can try ship station free for sixty days when you use promo code blue. There's absolutely no risk. 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I still think they have a chance to be a top team in the NBA in my opinion dynasty youth one championships in the past you continue to contend for championship. You look at a team like the San Antonio Spurs. I think we can all agree that their dynasty one to that championships. So you don't have to necessarily keep repeating repeating championships, but just being in the mix of it, and being the talks at the end is what I view as being a dynasty. And if you keep that court together of Steph Klay dream, which, I imagine they well you get Kevin Durant, what thirty odd million off the bus and have that championship pedigree. You have Steve Kerr coaching. You have that that new stadium. The new billion dollar stadium free agent role players that can make a difference on team. I'm just gonna take Danny green since he's in the series, right? Now he can be a great contributor to championship team. And those are the pieces you need that we're seeing with the warriors right now with their missing. They're missing those key role players off the bench that can come in and give them fifteen good minutes night, and those mis mis with the Sixers we didn't have that on the bench either. And I think they'll still have the attractiveness to free agents to come play for championship pedigree team. As long as you keep that court together, you can still stay in the mix for championship, and keep the dynasty going whether they continue to win championships or not is a whole different story, but they'll be in the mix. And that's how I view dynasty is an excellent point with the Durant leavings the next. I think you said that. But yeah, you can fill the spots and look at the raptors team. They have one star they have a secondary player of any of Klay dream on probably better than a Marcus type. And if you fill those, like that's why the raptors of one all these games in the series is because they had a lowering night than they had them bleak night. Then Bachan Aydin game for like if you have competent role players you can, but the answer. Ethan's question, I think it is the end of the warriors dynasty because I think eighty leaves and I don't mind your point about being in the conversation. But what truly makes dynasty to may, and they've been a dynasty, but what will continue to be a dynasty is if they win one more championship. So the Spurs would go like you said years without winning but they replace these guys like Dunkin's, retiring whatever these guys are leaving. And I just think you need that one title Hawaii, kind of filled into that Dunkin role of in star. And I just. Don't see them winning another championship ever. Realistically. It's tough to predict that far in the future. But I, I think my thing is if you see you say you don't see them winning championship again. Like mclintock's mortgage a won a championship without Durant. Yeah. I just think that those guys have gone through too many minutes. I think that they've figured out how to fully defend that team and they'd have to bring in some real unique pieces to redo it. I'm not saying like you said, I do think they'll be one of the top teams in the league year in year out while they have those guys. But like you also said earlier, you make a lot of pointsman really proud. There's only five guys league you can do you name staff. But does he have enough if he doesn't have another star next to him? It's tough to say, but we'll we'll see. It'll be exciting thing. I think just the coolest part is that if the words dynasty ends is this, the end of the true super team like three stars and just fill the roster out and do we see more teams on the raptors mentality. The nuggets mentality if the blatant had another player like a full scribe who can go seven or eight deep because no one's using a full ban anymore in the playoffs like bench shorts is this, the end of super teams as we know I, I don't think that's true. I think super teams and building one of his throat one out there like Joel Embiid. Ben Simmons to lies about Levin, it places that much of an emphasis on you have to hit on your late first round draft picks at something to stick with doing the ass. You see guys like for concord. Mayes, or I'm just don't give you any productivity, and that's you have to hit on these guys late in the first round that can come in off the bench. Give you solid minutes on a small contract because of the end of the day, if you're paying these stars yet they're gonna get you to fifty sixty wins in the second third seen in the conference but in the playoffs when you have a seven game series to game plan. And you can only the other team can focus on just four guys and not have to worry about the rest. That's where you're gonna fall apart. And that's how you need to have those guys that can come in and be productive on small contracts and those late first round picks for these championship contending teams are what makes the difference between. If you can have a super seat super team that works are not in my opinion. Well, let's great transition into cokes questions, yo, h Q. Thank you for asking this question in the Monday mail bag in. He says who is our sleepers in the NBA draft. NBA draft is June. Twenty in Brooklyn. I hope to be an attendance in eleven days. It'll be my brother's birthday. You know Casey, you can you earthly. You could come up. Big two zero for him his golden year as they say, if your birthday number falls on your age about case. Yeah, who cares about him? So who's yours LeBron NBA draft in, essentially, you know, who are you looking for the Sixers to grab at the end of the first round. This doesn't have to be necessarily Sixers routed, though, I'd love for him to get taken by us, mice leaper coming out of this year's NBA draft is the point guard out of Purdue. Carson Edwards who was a second team all American this past year. I think his style of play fits the NBA perfectly. We saw him in the NCAA tournament going, absolutely nuts hitting from your too old. If you're if here's say someone about this everyone remembers jimmer for that. And if you remember jimmer for that than this podcast might be a little too old trio, we call Jim arranged. Kids nowadays might be calling Steph range, bottom line. He was pulling up from God knows where his style of play. He's a catch and shoot guy. He can bring the ball as well. He averaged twenty four and a half points for game this season. Thirty five percent from three forty forty percent from the field is just extremely productive. Can come off streams can be off? All I think he fits the perfect NBA pro-style nowadays just being able to come off screens catching fire the ball, I expect big things out of him. I think he'll fall somewhere into a bench role coming out of the draft being that he's a twenty four to thirty pick in this year's draft. But I think big things are coming from Carson Edwards. He's experienced in that he was a full four year player at Purdue. He has a high ask ball, I q I think it's common have a big impact on the sleek. So just hypothetically, if the Sixers got him, you know, kinda replaces a Rettig roll any worries about him long-term defensively. Mamiya. With his height. I mean yeah. Of course, you can say that his height can be a problem. I mean look at other sports in calories height, whenever why I mean, it's too early to tell you bring a guy in you teach them the NBA house played any it comes to a mentally over the years. I don't trust me. I don't want Carson networks to come in be are starting shooting guard on night, one next year but to be a seventh and eighth man in his rookie year shirt, and then he can develop eventually starting guard on, I'm not too much into his height. And I think I think he's been very promising acre. If you could just combines out your Smith defense with Carson's shooting would be quite right. Mayes lebron? The draft is a UNC player Cam Johnson. He's also projected second half the first round average seventeen in six at UNC shot at forty five forty six percent from three fifty percent of the field. I mean forty six percent from three is just nutty really long guy. He's six nine to ten a three D guy, potentially the one downside to him. Why people are picking 'em late, which is laughing. He's the ideal sleeper, is that he's twenty three years old entering the draft. He will be older than Aaron Gordon when he plays on one and Aaron Gordon will be entering the six season which is crazy. But that's exactly why I think, is a great sleeper and would be perfect for championship team or a team that went deeper in the playoffs to just fill into an eighth man ninth man come off the bench. His threes place in good day, and grab some good minutes. Do you have anything on camera? Wadi. I love that pit with Cam Johnson. I think he's probably one probably be best shooter coming out of this draft. And you like I said, you look at the guys that are getting drafted late in the first round capacity. Awesome. He didn't come in right away. He wasn't the PASCAL Siaka me is he came in. He produced off the bench, which is what is asked of them. And then you eventually develop in that starting role you draft these, these older guys that are more experienced because these championship team. It's not like they're these tanking team us going into next year that they need these guys usage rate to be through the roof. Now. They just need them to have productive menace. Cam Johnson comes in eases from corner threes. I think that's a great pick. I think he's a great career. I really like him. I hope that I mean it'd be perfect for the Sixers. It'd be perfect for the box. Be perfect. A lot of places. But at wraps up episode two of the real underscores sports, Snapchat Haag cast, please rate us five stars on the item store. Follow us on Spotify. Thank you to blue. I r- for producing and putting together this, this podcast I'm signing off. I'm your host Jackson. Police found me on Snapchat real underscore sports, and from aid Boardman.

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