Roundabout Roundup: Origin Beanie, Banana Republic Factory, and Glow Up


Welcome around five of the parenting roundabout podcasts for the week of april twelfth. I'm terry moore. And i'm here with catherine whole echo. Hello nicole heretics today. We're taking a break from talking and complaining and obsessing and instead shouting things other people are doing that. We think you'll find as use four enjoyable as we do. We call this around roundabout round up. And i will start it out today. it's now what is would we say. This is the second week of april end of the second week of april where we're now well into april and probably whether it's getting warmer where you are and so this recommendation will be a file this away for next winter and hope that the product is still offered. But i have to say that. I am getting a great deal of late winter. Early spring enjoyment out of the crimson beanie From origin which is a company in maine that to is all made in the usa stuff. It's incredibly light. It's almost like it's of like sweatshirt material. It's you put it on your head and you. It's not like one of those knit caps that you can feel it pressing. It's real heavy. Doesn't miss my hair up when i take it off her. Put it on but it's super warm. I don't understand how that works. But i am very happy about it. It's really comfortable. I think it's cute. And i have been wearing it even on these warmer days because if my ears even just a little bit cold than i get a headache so i like to keep my head warm. My increasingly hair. Loose head. Warm and So this is a nice light beneath for this time of year. But also i believe it would keep me warm even in the coldest times of winter so if you are in the market for such an item or you are next. Jot it down for next november. When you're doing your cold weather. Buying and i enjoy it. So nicole what do you have this week. why i was. This isn't necessarily is not for me but for my daughter i was out on saturday. Ventured out to some stores and She's she's been out a job for the past couple of months where she's had to actually dress in something other than t shirts and jeans. She's had to look semi professional and So we had to really accumulate. A whole new wardrobe for her very quickly Is she works in an office. And so we've really turned a lot to banana republic especially banana republic factory. Yes they've pretty much. You know helped her with her entire wardrobe now so just the factory especially as really really good deals and it's just nice quality you know not high end quality but just you know step up from gap but it's nice professional just simple kind of clothing and And yeah so. She's an some nice accessories necklaces and earrings and stuff to match. So so she's been using them a lot lately. I have because some course. I'm paying for so. Thank you banana republic for for outfitting my daughter for her job. Because that's always hard like you get a job and then you've got to spend money on clothes right like depending on where you work. Now that's spent. Yeah they have nice stuff there. But i still miss the old funky banana republic. That won't be my amana role of look a safari theme. Yes yes with the catalog and a story of it. Oh to send you some stuff. There's a abandoned republic account on facebook. That has pictures of all their old stuff. And then which you've mentioned a slide. Have i haven't and heartily recommend it to anybody who feels nostalgic for the old safari life style of The olden days banana republic. I also read that. I think i also mentioned here. The biography of the founders explaining how they kinda got gapped but Anyway glad it's working out for your daughter. That sounds nice catherine. What do you have to recommend this while. I'm back with another tv series for you. Okay this is what it's another. I think one of the ones. I mentioned a couple. Little while ago was ink master on net flicks and this is another like competition. Reality show that is called glow up and so it's about make up american artists. And you know it's usually not lake. Let's look pretty for a night out. It's like you know do a makeup look that talks about your life story or whatever to all kind of wild stuff. Some of them do And it's set in london and they have a series of challenges. Obviously you know. Sometimes it is like Make for the runway or make up for For makeup for a fashion show or make up for a magazine photo but sometimes the theater they've had to do but sometimes it's these sort of wild very creative or just off the wall stuff So it's it's kind of fun to see what they come up with and to see what people can do with makeup like we learned from watching this that would you see like for example in the theater or a queen where they like cover their eyebrows input new eyebrows like higher up. You know what. I mean What they do is they take a glue. Stick like the kind that you use in kindergarten and the glue the eyebrows down and then they cover them with makeup and then they make new eyebrow the kinds of things you can learn. Wow information on pull. wow so yeah so In one thing that's kind of interesting about it is that you know they do eliminate somebody every week And they have two challenges per episode and in the first challenge. They usually pick somebody who gets an advantage for the for the second challenge so they basically are the winner of that i challenge and then the bottom two people from that challenge get a disadvantage and at the end than they do the second challenge and then they pick the bottom two again from that second challenge and they have to compete head to head in like a little mini challenge and then one of them gets in home but they don't really declare a winner for the second challenge they just give them feedback and some of them get really positive feedback and some of them don't and they don't like single out one person So sometimes it's like there's multiple winners right. 'cause they don't have the structure that makes them choose. Just one looks kinda interesting. And that is glow up. Which can watch on netflix. There's two seasons available on netflix. Right now presumably all pre pandemic right up in each other's faces a yes so sometimes they do the the makeup on themselves niggers and sometimes it's on other people models Anyway it's fun. Yeah just a little something. And that's it for another week of parenting roundabout missed any of our earlier episodes this week. Look them up on speaker apple podcasts amazon music. Or wherever you get your podcasts to hear what we had to say about our birth and adoption stories day ruin those back to back is a little funny and movie bombs you can also find all our episodes at parenting roundabout dot com and talking back in the comments there on our facebook page or on twitter. Where you'll find us at roundabout chat and please visit our amazon shot at amazon dot com slash shop slash mama to where you can finally to a lot of things we talk about. Have a great weekend and see you right here on monday.

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