Return Of The Saints?


Around the whole Media Cons Sarah Spain and Pablo Tori truly madly deeply in his savage garden. I love it. Pablo the first word goes to Cam Jordan. How he feels about drew brees coming back with the good as one would and also as one knows the division is now ended. The Guy named Thomas Edward Patrick Grady. Well that doesn't impress Georgia's much because he has and he asked the question that I'm GonNa ask you Tom. Brady Talk Radio Without Bill. Belichick's meaning what you say. Now will be documented for history forever. I have received once you say this and ask ten more time so I'll have like a CBS receipt. But who you what twenty drew brees? Tom Brady and what do you think what Jordan said about Brady? Who you gotta go with brees. Anyway you slice it. He's been a better quarterback recently. You could say Tom. Brady was in a more difficult situation in terms of the lack of weapons offensive line injuries last year but over the last three seasons. Tony drew brees ranks second. Qbr I in Passer Rating Brady his tenth and sixteenth. Now I do think Brady is going to be good this year because he is walking into a better situation so I actually George Go. It's not going to age well because he's GonNa look better without Balata. It has nothing to do with bill. Belichick Pablo Talk. You could answer either question here you got brees or Brady and what did you think of Jordan saying what he said about Brady questioning. Brady give me. The box. Says a team over the saints team. Give me breeze over Brady individually but I mostly here for the pettiness and the potential there in Tony because over this next season. We're going to get to quarterbacks angling for the career record and touchdown passes breezes currently number one six ahead of Brady. I just want the saints to be as petty as possible when they are trending spots both teams. They should be stopping games. Bring up weird denny's placard with like a number of using new Bob. We're not doing that. Every game alternate gay. Pablo to pick the bucks over the saints. Requires you to believe a lot of things that a forty three year old quarterback still has the skill that the offensive line can protect them. That the bucks will figure out the running back position that they haven't yet and allows some depth to that offense. They got a ton of weapons but they need to be able to establish the run too especially with braids mobility and then just learning a whole new system after two decades somewhere else. I think it's going to be a fun challenge but I'm taking breeze as a quarterback and I'm taking the saints as a team and I think it's totally fine to ask who is without Brady Brady without village. That's question all right. I'm going to reward that. Take Give you a point Sarah Spain. You're in the lead right now. We go to buy or sell by herself. Wanted to being he's working out in Houston and I'm wondering whether you're buying including a cloudy doesn't have a job right now. He told the local Fox affiliate in Houston. He's ready and all those injuries yet last year or last year and he will be ready to go is even open to returning the seahawks. So there's some question whether that's possible Meena. Maybe you could shed some light on that and by herself cloudy physician I'm buying. I'm selling the idea that he doesn't have A. I'm selling the idea that the seahawks who desperately need pass rush aren't bringing him back even though there are legitimate questions about his health his pass rush productivity has waxed and waned over the years. And I do think that contributing to why he doesn't have a big contract but aside from Seattle. Cleveland could use them. Tennessee could use them on. He doesn't have a deal yet. Pablo I am also surprised. And I know he's inconsistent. I know he is off injured. But if I'm clowney agent and standing outside of Carol's House with a flat screen. Tv over my head that just playing highlights of me against the forty niners. In we've ten touchdown I had a fumble. Recovery fumbled force. Ten disruptions of Jimmy G. I played like Godzilla in that game in the end. The seahawks to do that potentially against my biggest rival really okay. And how about you Sarah? I'm so tempted to sink. Peter Gabriel right now but I know the rules to stay away my career with. I think he absolutely should be on the seahawks. I think they could use my the issue. Here is obviously how much money he thinks he deserves right now. And maybe how much teams are worried about injuries and the durability so maybe you get an incentive laden contract where if he does the things he believes he can he gets the money he wants and if he does then the team that would be like. They've overspent that might be the best way to go at this point. Probably you said it'd be a flat screen TV. We don't need that anymore. And just hand somebody a tablet like we saw with Jordan in the last dance. And then you get the point yet but little talk you. Pablo buy or sell to is to look how clean this look number. One is New Jersey number with dolphins for guys drafted five. This was damage to us thirteen in college. Miami's thirteen Pablo five or sell that numbers matter. I know you have an interesting. Take years the please give it to me. Yeah I really care about. Jersey numbers is sell the notion that we are constantly sold Jersey numbers because it feels like the big industrial complex is around jerseys. Any of US really I mean. I don't really pay attention to them. I know Oklahoma select historic ones. But like I don't care what number you take. I don't care of two players have the same number as long as they can distinguish each other from each other on the field. Come we really. I completely agree. But here's why it's because we've run out of numbers so unless people start wearing twenty three and a half or one hundred eighty five. We already know the people we with certain numbers so it mattered to me. When Jordan was twenty. Three at PIP was three. It doesn't matter to me who my favorite player where he now because I already associated with it so we need new numbers. I guess we can do Elon. Musk's kid right. Do you like Alpha. One is objectively the best quarterback number. I'm sorry like good for you. Guys are wrong. One is definitively better than ever contracts to him by very slender. Warren Moon I remember was a good one. All right. Don't care about numbers you don't care. You have zero points in the breeze themselves into photo a lady showed up Sarah Sarahspain. Let's go short Chicago area. I think you were out the documentary on Michael. Hurt really really hearing now. Barclay worried that he will never be able to repair the relationship with Jordan. And this ripped well. There's nothing he can do about it. Sarah Start with you. Have any advice for repairing the Jordan relationship or any relationship. Really give it to US my advice. Freddie relationship is to go genuinely and honestly to someone and say how much you care about them. But he's done that and unfortunately Mike looks real petty in this one. I don't know if it can be repaired. I agree look criticizing Jordan over his and Charles right and if someone can't forgive you for being honest and transparent with them it's not a relationship. Maybe that you want anyways. This is this is news. A lot of people are going use especially in quarantine. By the way I sourced this story from Sarah Spades interview with Charles Barkley broadcast I guess android goes to Sarahspain. Good job on that and take thirty. Seconds of feeding Kelly's yesterday was go to many of us celebrated and Adam Jones decided to celebrate with some tacos. They look like almost a hamburger TACO. There was some ground beef some tomato ketchup. I guess catch up. That's what I said and people were hating Ford. It was like a Burger Taco. We make Tacos out of everything stopped. Condiment shaming people. And I don't care whether you're a TACO expert. Let people do what they do? Okay especially quarantine full on no mayo person team anti male. Guess what I'm mixed with some sauce I put it on a Taco and it was delicious and now I've completely swift own will do that to you. I'll give you a boy there. That court scene people are eating all sorts of things during Coursey. Catching-up is against nature. I say that the commission. We'll take a break right here. Twenty Three Hour Fifty Minute Break Sarah. Today's champion and that date eight bit on the Sports Center.

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