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No his about how gyco not only saves people money but also gives them access to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the phone. It's clear to them. You should switch because yes switching to guy. Geico is a no brainer on second thought, maybe don't what garden gnomes to carefully, people might talk. Okay. So we jump in happy Memorial Day to you. It is, it's a date honor, it's a day to celebrate those who have sacrificed and served our country in the military for all of these years to give us the freedoms to do the things we're doing today so we begin as we should by saying, thank you to all of our current active military, all of our veterans, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country in the freedoms that we enjoy. So we welcome you in on this Memorial Day. My name is Mike Keller. I am sitting across from Brian Butch the former NBA, or who joins me as a coast today. Brian butch. Hello. How are you? I'm doing great today. Good. I'm glad to hear it. We there is so much to kind of unpack from the weekend from game six of the Eastern Conference finals Toronto and Milwaukee. And the raptors advancing onto open the NBA finals against Golden State coming up on. Thursday night. There's great sadness in the sports world from the passing of Bart star, one of the greats of all time. I personal workings with, with Bart Starr that I want to share with you, as we go on. And we'll visit with Zeke Bratkowski in about thirty minutes time Zeke is a he was a backup quarterback teammate to Bart star through much of the run in Green Bay and also turned into probably will BART's best friend and saw him just a couple of weeks ago. Zeke Bratkowski will join us at the bottom of the hour. We're going to spend some time on the NBA finals in a matchup with Michael Lee senior writer for the athletes. He will join us in about twenty minutes. Chris Broussard in our number two, and Dom banks in the third hour talking about the national football. This is the quietest time of the year for the NFL, but, you know, we, we, we spend this weekend, and we spend this holiday getting together. There's the sadness of the Bart Starr. Are passing me begin there, because I get I get the idea of looking forward and back where the NBA is concerned, talking about the NBA finals beginning on Thursday night on what happened with Kawhi Leonard, what happens with Janas with some inside workings there that will get you in a few minutes. But the from a personal standpoint. The passing of Bart star is one of those moments in which the man outshines the player and the player was one of the greatest of all time. It just happens from a position that we don't identify with in the nineteen fifties and sixties the way we do today. I'll give you a number though, that that Bart Starr, still at nine in one in the postseason. Still has the highest passer rating of any playoff quarterback all time. They didn't throw the ball as much they were efficient. He called the plays. Bart star after he stopped playing the game. And he was a tremendous leader. He inspired his team's his teammates. He inspired them, working under the great head coach Vince Lombardi, but Bart Starr, the man after he stopped playing outshine the player that was incredible. You know Bart star. There's a great story of, you know, it's the Aira it's Green Bay, Wisconsin. The great story Bart star that occasionally somebody would find out and he lived in a modest home in or about in Green Bay and occasionally, somebody would not going to front door. And it was a fan saying had just wanted to meet you and wondered if you would sign an autograph, and they weren't shoot away the police more called in almost all cases, in the stories are deep Starwood invite that person in sign and. Autograph, and they'd take picture then there were no self. You know, there's what are you going to do, but star and his wife cherry, or always that way. I'll add one more layer to it from the entire time that he was retired from the National Football League. I've been doing a sports talk radio show for sixteen years in the sixteen years in Wisconsin. In the sixteen years, I've probably talked to Bart or cherry star, all my show, a dozen times, every time I called their home in Alabama, either Barda cherry or housekeeper would answer if they Barden cherry didn't answer the housekeeper get them a message. They always called back and Barton never said. No. And in the last couple of years, when Bart was not in the hell to do those interviews. I talked to cherry and she is the kindest. Gentlest beautiful southern woman that you're ever going to come across they are. Salt of the earth people. There is great sadness at his passing, but a great life, an impeccable life on and off the field of service of leadership of faith of determination of friendship of loyalty. All of the things you would ever want to be described as Bart Starr will be eulogized as at some point later this week for me. I grew up twenty minutes away from Green Bay Wisconsin and obviously a little bit younger. So I don't remember Bart SARS playing days. But the thing I remember is what he's done more as past football time. And to me, that's if you leave this world and people remember you not as a football player, even though he was one of the best to ever play the game. But they remember you as a person you succeeded in this lifetime. No kidding. And that's exactly what it is. We also had the terrible sadness of rod Bramlett. He. And his wife, the, the voice of the Auburn Tigers both in football and in basketball, and in baseball since the early nineteen nineties, rod, Bramlett radio broadcaster, for Auburn university is white Paula died on Saturday after sustaining injuries in a car accident rod Bramlett was fifty three. His wife was fifty two. We had the store at closer to our home of Howard more. Which is he is a Wisconsin college basketball assistant coach. He and his wife and two children were involved in a horrific head on collision early Saturday morning traveling from Chicago to his wife's home in Detroit to spend a weekend with family. They were hit with the wrong way driver head on collision Howard. Moore's wife passed away. His nine year old daughter passed away, so tremendous sadness from this weekend. For for the Bramlett family for the more. Family for those who knew and loved Bart star, and it happens on a weekend that we celebrate those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms working with the with the military, the active former the veterans those who lost their life in service for our country is one of those and you know what it does is, is all of that gives you perspective. There are people that are angry of the finish of the Toronto Milwaukee series, certainly, the bucks fans. Disappointed some even angered to it. There's the conversation of Janas walking out of the post game press conference at the end of the game six post game interviews, which by the way last question was called for. And then the, the, the asker of the question mulling Andrews works with the SPN dot com her question. Was not. It wasn't insensitive or question was was innocuous. But ESPN under her byline had just posted a story you're right as the game ended talking about a source close says eight twenty twenty NBA finals run would go a long way to tipping the scales for Janas disdain Milwaukee. So let me add to that. We live and work out of Wisconsin. I covered the bucks on a regular basis, I met all all of their home playoff games. Janas has never given any indication or any sound by quote anything that will give bucks fans. Those who follow the, the Milwaukee Bucks, those who follow the NBA those who report on the NBA. His never said anything that any indication that he will look at suitors when his contract is up. He has maintained at every opportunity that he will always be a Milwaukee Milwaukee has it's the place for him. This is not a Kawai Leonard story where it's an open market. This is not a Kevin Durant story where it's an open market. It doesn't that part of this conversation doesn't exist. The timing of the story and the byline and the story bothered Jaanus is my intuition here. He's going to see in social media either through his people or even the bucks. People dance me check the bucks, PR Representative there media, Representative who walked the players from their locker room to the post game many times, they share certain things that they see, hey, look at this, because it might come up, I'm sure that wherever you honest, got the information from he got it that story had posted. So when she asks an innocuous question. Oh, by the way, for those who are wondering they had already called last question in the press conference. When she asked the question and finishes yawning gets up and walks out. And then there are those comparing him to Cam Newton in that moment war. Does he doing it? That's, that's not a good look. A it's last question be the not good. Look with the timing of the story, see probably trusted the reporter, and then the reporter has that story immediately queued up for one. They lose it posts now. And he I'm sure he feels violated. I have no issue with him walking out. My guess is that, that will get talked about that. She'll be front and center at some point in, and they will hash that out. But I didn't have problem. I had no problem with it. I've, you know, was an assistant coach with their Wisconsin, her, the G league team for the last couple of years for the Milwaukee Bucks have had a chance to watch you on his work and practices. He's come down to Oshkosh to wash to watch our guys come in. I know what kind of guy. Yana says it's very rare that you have a superstar be like Yana says, I had no problem with it whatsoever. He got up. He did it in a respectful way. It was last less question. Get up. There's time in places that question didn't need to even really be asked. Especially with what just happened. Now. I'm filling in my Keller filling in on the rich Eisen show today joined by Brian Butch. That's the other voice you hear. So the Toronto Raptors move on that coli Leonard story and the deal the trade to bring Kawhi Leonard to Toronto even on the risk side of it. Right. Because the risk is that this is only year in Toronto, and it very well could be so that's a risky move that in the moment is paying off in spades. Visit on that with Michael Lee senior writer for the athletic. He will join us when we come back, this is the rich Eisen show. 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And of course, supporting now back to the show as we walked these suburban garden, gnome Catholic Catholic without stubbing it. He noticed that it moves, like not at all. It's inanimate and utterly without brain function. But despite that, when it got gnome his about how gyco not only saves people money but also gives them access to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the phone. It's clear to them, you should switch because. Yeah. S switching to Geico is a no brainer on second thought maybe don't want garden gnomes to carefully people might talk. Back with you on the rich Eisen show by color. And Brian Bush stepping in today, happy Memorial Day to you. We're gonna wait a few days. Tell Thursday night to get the NBA finals underway and that will be Toronto and the Golden State Warriors that will begin in Toronto on Thursday night. We welcome in Michael. Lee senior writer for the flooding. Michael, thanks for jumping in let me begin here on the, the risk the messiah Jiri took a year ago in parting ways with the NBA coach of the year, Dwayne Casey in making the Dhamar Rosen deal with San Antonio. That brings in Kawai Leonard, but only has a one year guarantee that still might only be one year in Toronto. Those are those are big, our big snow and moves made by missile you Jiri. How's that worked out? Obviously there. The final. Hello. Yep. I can hear you. Go ahead. I think there's a quick well yeah. No that obviously there in the finals, but the bigger risk, not even just that they were acquiring Renzo. They're acquiring sort of damaged goods. You know, cloud Leonard played nine games, and he had a right quadriceps injury that no one quite knew how quickly be able to recover how he recover what they'd be getting. So there are a lot of questions when he acquired him, and, you know, the reports that he just didn't wanna plans around on the deal with me. So there are questions about whether he had the health to compete in the heart to play in Toronto at the time they made the move. So it was a bowl gamble. And when he first showed up to train facility after the trade, you know, he asked us I you know, why don't you trae for me, and he just told him flat out. You're the best player in the game. And it two months later, you know, that's played out to be something that you can reasonably debate and, and have a pretty healthy conversation about, but, but it was a big risk. And also the risk for quiet Leonard. Because he had the truck this organization was gonna put his interest at, at four fronts, that they were gonna take care of his body that they were going to preserve him, and make sure that he was gonna be healthy enough to compete. And if they're going to put a team around him that was gonna be capable of competing for championship. So there was considerable risk for both sides come together, and they have, and it's been a remarkable story because, you know, I think coli with a guy when forgot about buried or whatever, you know, dismissed as regarded after last year. And now he's at the forefront saying, hey, I'm the best man. He's not saying it everyone else saying he's the best. Yeah. Yeah. So he, he hasn't said it himself, and he sort of started when, when I asked him about it after, you know, game six and hearing messiah say that I'm about the best team. I want to be about the team, and that's sort of probably goes back to his time with the Spurs, in how that was first and foremost, the success of the team, always paramount. Michael e joining a senior writer for the ethnic joining us on the richeisenshow. How do you define Michael the difference between being the best player in the regular season and the best player in the playoffs because certainly coli against Janas or against James harden? There's a there's a line that separates those as we see it right now. How do you define it? Well, I mean the playoffs is when is when real players emerged because you know teams spinning entire series trying to take away. What makes you good? So whatever your strength is. That's immediately eliminated. Once you get the playoffs so you have to find a counter, and you have to find the next counter, and just on the next counter, and you always have to find next levels to your game. That's why you always say all these flaws are exposed, so much in a postseason because teams exploit him, you know, with the Janas under the Pupo, you know throughout the regular season, he could easily just go make downhill drives and dunk on everybody. But once you take away the pain, what is he and the raptors just? Basically challenged him to try to figure out a way to beat him without having the paint as a place for him to operate, and they forced him to get the ball, those hands and find his teammates his shots. They force him to shoot threes or perimeter jumpers. Those aren't areas that make you on his great. So he has to go back in the lab. And the figure out what makes him special obviously throwing Colli Leonard on him who as snuffed out, everybody that's in front of him whether he starting Ben Simmons and making him a turnover machine or garden. Jimmy Butler and them the ball. You know, he gave me on it, and he has a high vantage over him. But y'all I mean think about Hawaii. It's from the time he's been the league, he's not afraid of anybody you go back to when he got LeBron. And the finals. And when he got finals VP he's not as humid in front of him. He's definitely going to be intimidated, but somebody who's younger than him has less experience. So I think that's one of which you sort of seen from his game is that Kawais fearless. He's a really intense competitor. And he brings it on both sides of the ball. Brian butcher. Question. I've got for you talk about how coli defended Yana so well throughout the series. Well, it started from the adjustment with Nick nurse. You know, the raptors take a chance give a give a, a guy that's never been a head coach, the keys to the Ferrari. I mean, what's your impression with what Nick nurse has done with this team, if they really quite impressive, and he doesn't get a lot of credit? You know, one of the things that stood out to me was his commitment to his bench. And the guys are really shriller can still Adelphia the seventy Sixers they made his, his, a norm Powell fervently start about those guys shrunk going up against the seventy Sixers, but he stuck with them. He kept his rotations the way they were. He's stay committed to those guys and knew that eventually things would turn their way. And then when you get to the series against the bucks you saw Fred van fleet. You know, he's still struggle. He stuck with them during a double overtime game. He stuck with any dreams double-overtime game as well. They both hit to Hugh shots that proved to be the difference in in a game that help them pull out the wind, and then we had the confidence that they're gonna one. Four eleven the previous game to all of a sudden you couldn't miss, you know, the next time out. And then he wound up in having hidden those big shots in game five so we've made the adjustments he has the trust in his players, and they sort of reward that trust about performance. So, yeah, he was the guy that's been waiting coast in Britain and Iowa. And you know, whatever might lead you want to discuss. He's been all over the place. He just waited for the right opportunity. He got a team that clearly was right there that was close enough that just needed sort of superstar player to push them over the edge. And he has that now and he also have confidence and faith in ends on the village. And you're seeing that play out right now. Michalis athletic dot com. How do you at first blush? How do you stack up this finals matchup with Toronto and Golden State? I like it. I think it's probably closer than a lot of people wanna give it credit. You know the way that a champion through time to finish champions is their fifth trip to the finals. But this isn't the same type of opponents. They face in the past, you know, and they also a little short Pandit you know, if they don't have Kevin Durant, or DeMarcus cousins, and no one knows that he's laying or if still be able to compete in the series. So it's gonna be a tough tough deal. You know, they've obviously proven they can win a championship in the past without having those two names that just mentioned. But it's different. You have to play at that level player that intensity level for and keep us sustained for as long as they have in the raptors have just been one of the better defensive teams that I've seen a chance to be around him close the last two rounds against philli against Milwaukee and they're committed they are committed to doing the dirty work. They're committed. To, you know, sliding in, you know, like, you know, Kyle Lowry taking charges from your honest, and gone. This is not a little do. And if you have a bunch of arms sailboats in needs coming at you driving to the basket that's gonna hurt. So you have to have some sort of commitment to doing it on the defensive line. If when a guy doesn't take notice they got guys who are willing to do that. And they have two regular season wins against the warriors. And of course you discount that because that's the regular season. But I don't think this is gonna be, you know some quick easy series. I think it's going to be highly competitive. And you know, at at this long series, the warriors have to hope that they can get one or two of those guys back because if they don't, I think the I think the raptors could actually win if it's a lengthy series in soap out attrition. And that goes back to the idea that Kevin Durant is or is not on the court in this finals. How much of a difference does that make? It makes a huge difference. The better the competition. You know, you know, I think that, that's sort of lifting, you know, discredited people have sort of dismissed throughout the course of this, this run runs the words that has this year, you know, the rocks were good, but they weren't as great as they were now last year, the blazers were good, but they weren't like some sugar not, you know team that they had to face, and they, they won because they have champions. They have guys who've who proven it that they can do it. And they've probably sort have been dialing it back a little bit. And then Kevin Kerry from a little bit not. I can turn it all the way up to ten a plane at that ten level. It's hard to play that level, you know, consistently and you're going to have nice where you're not gonna have it. And so this raptors team you know they want fifty eight games, but that's fifty eight games where coach. Leonard with low managing miss twenty two and probably didn't play heavy minutes, and other games, especially could've won. So if you go down the stretch, and look at the season and see this raptors team is probably better than their record would say in probably better than what people want if you have credit throughout the course of just play this season. So, like I said before, this is not going to be an easy series for the warriors. And I think anybody who says it is hasn't been been attention to with Toronto's been doing all year. Michael, you talk about cousins, and Kevin Durant, and trying to figure out when they come back, but so far with those guys out that ball is moved around the perimeter. That's why we've seen Steph and Klay really start to go off when Kevin Durant. Does come back the ball's gonna stick a little bit? You're going to have some isolation's is Golden State team better. When the ball is moving or better with Kevin Durant in it, as far as kind of the Aycell situations that Kevin prefers Kevin is it has to move. I mean, there's no way there's going to be able to get good looks quality looks if, if they're not, you know, swinging some in trying to get open shots. Kevin Durant soda salt all those problems, especially in the playoff situation where defenses are prepared for all that movement in, you know, committed, like I said Toronto is he can he can get bogged taking shots in the mid range, you, can, you know, he can also play make place rather, if you if you send the double his way. So I think he makes things easier for them. It's harder to stay committed to all those. Passes and all that movement. Because you know, you gotta keep always stay on the move. You know, you can't just sit there and watch and be a spectator Kevin allows them to do that. A lot of times it saves your body often possessions. If one guy can, you know, you just throw it down there. And he can, you know, just put up a junk shot. But if you got to move and cut every single possession, that wears grinds on you, you know, Kevin know Steph curry thirty seven points in game four and that clincher right? He had a phenomenal game. He didn't score in the fourth quarter you know because that's hard to stay with it. You know for the entire game. You know that's that's tough to do. So I think that, that's one of the things you have to sort of pay attention to that yet. It's great. Yes. Beautiful. It's fantastic. But it's always good to have somebody out there who you know, can get you automatically bucket. Once you throw it to. Sauce. With Lee Michalis, we continue on the retirement show in Michalis world if Kevin Durant is on the floor and healthy of Steph curry on the floor and healthy and of Leonard is on the floor and healthy. Who's the best player on the court. Everybody's healthy, Kevin Durant, the best player, if everybody's healthy. But that's not going to be the case in this series because, you know, no matter what, you know, whenever he comes back is still going to be an adjustment period because he's missed. You know, almost three weeks of basketball for Kevin Durant. And so it's gonna take a lot of his rhythm back if he does come back into finals, and you know, obviously is still playing on one leg you know. Yeah, tendonitis in his left knee, and he's been fighting through it in the stats. Don't look like there's any flaw. But if you wack the games you can see there are times, where yes, the conserve energy, and he can't get that explosion, that I or if he's jumping off his right leg instead of his left leg, you could sort of see the difference. So but I think just right now going into this series, the player who's playing the best you know, just at this moment, right now I would go with why. But Steph, isn't that far behind I only give Kuwata edge because it's just what he's doing on both sides of the ball. Then the last on and we don't know some of the health issues, right? I mean some of those will be kind of played out in front of our eyes beginning on Thursday night. But knowing what we know now who holds the trophy in fourteen days, when the NBA finals comes to a conclusion. Well, I wanted to let ways just because I've been saying warriors all year you know they they've just just a machine a team that we should just truly appreciate just what they've given us during this five year run. And I think that, you know, be great if they can go out with repeat, but, but I said just from what I've seen the last couple of weeks with Toronto Raptors if they were to pull off in upset upset to me if they pulled off the series. Very good. Hey, Michael, thanks. Thanks for jumping in with us on the rich Eisen show. We appreciate it hasn't yet. Shaded Michalis senior writer for the ethnic dot com here. Let me pull a back Brian and get your thoughts. Tell share mine as well on healthy and the best player on the court not have a recency bias on Leonard. And the fact that we watched each of those games more closely, because we have buck centered show that, that I do in Wisconsin at this time right now. So I've a recency by so I'm going to lay that out there. But Kawhi Leonard when healthy on both ends of the court and his will to win to me makes him the best player on the court now and I'm not talking about best player on the planet for a full season and four a career I'm talking about right now. Even if Kevin Durant is fully healthy. If you give me a choice who do I want to go to war, with, who's going to win this, the bad analogy bed choice of words on Memorial Day? But who do I want to go with I will go with Kawhi Leonard, and maybe even openly admitting might be a recency bias. I understand it because it is. It's it is recently, it's, you know, you haven't seen Kevin Durant in the last three weeks for me. It's Kevin Durant. Yeah. In the end you gotta look at who is planning eleven or seven you got to like a six eleven guy a little bit now. But he's on the team with Steph curry Klay Thompson. Yeah. And those guys are deferring to him. I mean these guys are guys that are all stars and they say, you know what and a game situation isolation 'isolation situations, we're going to give it to Kevin Durant someone to go with those guys where Colli I mean we I understand that Toronto supporting cast played really well in three games, but that supporting cast is not Steph curry Klay Thompson. I mean give the ball to collide letter to let him go. That was Toronto's offense and he did a phenomenal job with that against Milwaukee, but I'm gonna take Kevin Durant is the best player in this league. I'm not surprised you want with a big it's just you guys stay together. It's what you do. I mean, come on. Guy that gets thrown, please, and then off the bounce. I mean you should see my bounce back today. It was six little white guy from Appleton, Wisconsin. So you're bouncing with relegates going to a trampoline in open gym. That was your bounce when we come back, we're going to visit on the life and times of Bart Starr, five-time, NFL champion, two time, SuperBowl MVP NFL MVP nine hundred sixty six pro football hall of Famer and all that being said a better man, we lost Bart Starr yesterday will visit with one of his teammates and lifelong maybe best friends seek Bratkowski will join us on the other side. That's next this is the rich Eisen show. I am sports broadcaster. Anne, Marie Anderson. I'm Olympia and Holly mcpeak. We're both former athletes business women and mothers, and we want to help you create a life, you want using sports like a boss. Whether you're an athlete entrepreneur or parent, we want to help you get to where you want to be well, good, because I either got too many kids, or I'm over scheduled overwhelmed. Honestly Holly half the time I feel like I'm screwing it up. Well, that's why we created this podcast to help get coaching parenting in the whole sports culture back on track. We've got a big network of people elite athletes like you Holly, entertainers experts. We're gonna find out what works for them. And what doesn't so that you handle sports like a boss? Stay tuned for sixty seconds of eight me news headlines, right after this podcast. Back with you on the rich Eisen show, my color, and Brian Butch Fillion for rich on this Memorial Day. Man, we had a tough weekend. The, the life of Bart star ended on Saturday at eighty five years old. I tweeted this out a little bit earlier today at Heller sports. I said my wife and I made the trip to lambo not as a working member of the media. But for that thanksgiving night in two thousand fifteen when they actually revealed the number four on the Assad at Lambeau Field for Brett Farr, but it was a reuniting game with Bart Starr coming back to Green Bay and far there and Rodgers playing and a went up to that night and the game and the weather was terribly forgettable. It was rainy. It was forty degrees. It was and it was a bad game. Both teams played poorly, but the moment that farve in star were on the field at halftime was on forgettable that night was about bright far, but it ended up being about Bart Starr, not the Bart wanted it that way because he was he would never want it to be. That, but his reaction when he came out on the golf cart, and got out and embrace Brett floor was fantastic. I said, I admired Bart star as much as any man, I have ever met great man. Great faith, great life. Zeke Bratkowski joins us and Zeki. You've got to be front and center, as a as a close friend of Bart star for all of these years. Tell me tell me about the man because we know about the player tell me about the man. Well, there's so many adjectives to describe him. Of course. I join the Packers sixty three and a half in the middle of the year. And I just wanna I was in hotel because it was kind of late afternoon. The season was on. He had up hand problem. And so I got traded there and I got a phone call me so sick. This was part star. You said, would you like to watch the film with tonight? And so. Here we are fifty three years later. And same guy. Filled with. No very disciplined, very self disciplined hard-working of very simple basic type of attitude and, and filled in with coach. Somebody's offense obviously just beautifully. And it was a great time for me because I thought been in near championship games and having the opportunity to be on team that won three in a role. So it's been in a motion day for me, because every time I see something on TV I kind of relate to history of that, and I just remember it. So, but I've heard a lot of people on television talking about him and basically, especially my teammates, we all talk in that same direction the same word to use. To describe him. You know, from it was football to life that, you know after on a field, and he'd never changed, and I agree with you. I have the same feeling that you have is when a greatest people I've ever met and I'll never forget him. Zeka. I if you have your radio on just turn that down for me do me a favor that we're visiting with Zeke Bratkowski, who is a teammate of Bart star, and then ended up being one of BART's best friends of over the course of time since Bart left, the game, one of the things that we continuously here is is about the great man his great faith his life away from the game. But I think what gets lost. Sometimes Zeke is how great a quarterback he was. It's a different era. I mean Lombardi's Packers were built on the ground game but bar called the plays. And when you needed to impart was a great field general and a great quarterback talk about him from that position one that you got to watch up close and personal as a quarterback. Well, most important thing to about this. My answer is going to be on the hit it at all. At all times with their coaches. Upstairs. And I always next to coach some bardy to tell him of what they said, you know, they're doing news. We should do that and parts preparation was just amazing. And is as I said, as work ethic was beyond. You know, you just we just watch film film and talked to notes together. And I got a lot from him and doing that. And as you said he was a great quarterback. I heard somebody say yesterday, he may not had a great harm and I thought to myself, Bart was not a thrower. He was a passer. I quit him to Tom Brady in a lot of the demotion type of ball. But Bart could throw any kind of past. He didn't have something you could deacon. Oh seventy but he threw fifty yard passes, very accurately. And. The. I think that everybody should know that he, he has a, you know, capability to do everything I, I relate, something I heard readers is Joe Sears ago. And I've kept it in. Mentioned here, the quality of self discipline. Self supplying according to this Colt is the fact that you've got talent then you turn it into two performance and he, he did that and he did so many mazing things 'cause like I can't tell you how many times we would be the situation with the field position, you know, maybe half the other side of the fifty and we have fourth down in one, and we have tech with me pass will run our pass. If you saw what, what the defense looked like he would throw a play action pass. And I remember many times he was the sidelines. He was discussing with coach Lombardi, and so he bought turned right onto the field and code. Somebody said, what do you think he's going to do? With any through. I mean Carroll Dale broke open many times lined up as a blocking in, in a sense as a flanker and ate up back until the ball, just beautifully. So, you know. He had all the tools, and he had the tools of great quarterbacks and opportunity to work with a lot of quarterbacks when I got retired going into to the pros and. Those attributes are scattered amongst the few people who have that ability to work hard chance to work with Philip rivers, and he was the same way. Very intelligent, young man and love the game. Great family, and all he does is going executing with football games. And so those things are there he had as a quarterback there unmatched because he, you know, it play the Niro, Johnny United and John was a great quarterback or, you know, and then right at the end of the career, Joe Montana became factor, you know, in a lot of stuff. So I can't say enough about that, because it was just constantly hard work and preparation, and he was never unprepared. And he would he would take the challenge of whether it was weather. Nothing bothered him. They don't use it more to hope the winds blowing today or some no, no. And it was interesting when you're mentioning him going back with Brett Farr boy dollar one of our receivers be playing catch it before a game. And he'd say this is our kinds of game are kinda day. Z. This is Brian Butch here. I you know championships teams there's something special that happens in that locker room. And it's usually a leader that, that brings that locker room together, I grew up twenty minutes from Green Bay, I've heard all the stories but can you take me inside that locker room. I mean, as a kid, I always grew up wondering what it was like to be in a locked room. With Bart Starr. Well, it started on Friday or Thursday, go somebody always gave us some emotional talk on Thursdays. And so they said I'm not saying anything to fund and so the locker room game too was very. Follett era about it, it was not a lot of laughing and giggling, and it was all people concentrating on until we were going to do and. On Sunday coats, body would just say a few words and he would tell really Davis and Bob Skrebowski, who's our captains. And he they were captains the entire team. I was I was there. You know for five and a half years as a player, but then he would go they would go around and look at guys and say. What if you got to say for today in guys would say we gotta work hard on special teams? Whatever and things like that. You know into comments like that. And they never s barked because they knew and basically, I don't think coats party, one of the quarterbacks be involved in that. And. Bark the players knew that he was prepared. He he was a great leader from the standpoint of. He's analytical, but comments, he made in a huddle, you know, look forward look to this. I may audible, whatever and that was one of our strength. The mere fact that post support he gave their quarterbacks obviously, we call the place, but he gave us options of what we do audible waters and the whole team based on preparation. We're prepared for an audible. If you call the defense, they knew you were not gonna run the play called. They knew we were going to go with an audible and many, many times, Mark did that very successfully. But that was his trademark Kate. He very simplistic, you know. How did you use? Our read something to Billy casper said that simplicity think, ultimate sophistication. And that's basically where the Packers those years, under coach potty, were everybody knew going run to sweep. But they didn't know the plays. We're going to take off for the sweep. So I mean it two minutes. I mean the change the subject but in two minutes we have one play. One play Zeka Z gunning to need to leave you with this for all of us who got a chance to meet and be around Bart star. We all felt like he was a friend, a family friend. He and Cheri, I know you were closer than the rest of us. So our heart goes out to you and the entire star family for, for the loss of Bart star. We appreciate us men and a few minutes with us sharing your emotions were thinking of you Zeke, we're thinking of the Bart star family, and loved the we had a chance to, to visit Zeke. Before time runs out two weeks ago he was here down in Florida. Yes. A condominium and time this is the rich. Coming soon to podcast, one, the podcast with Rick Fox jas hall, and Todd ROY, log on to see the world behind the east sports you love. And find out what good game really means from the trio, who's taken the business by storm, including the three time NBA champion behind team, echo FOX. Download new episodes of the G G podcast every week on apple podcasts and podcasts one. Geico presents yet. Another voicemail from your roommate. 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The national weather is David Roth between Gainesville Florida including Jacksonville savannah, Charleston, Columbia, South Carolina and Augusta Georgia, they're all forecast to get to at least one hundred two people killed in a weekend tornado that slammed into El Reno Oklahoma over the weekend. Another tornado destroyed several buildings in down trees and power lines in the Tulsa suburb of Saporta, Fiat Chrysler, is proposing a merger with Renault that merger. If it goes through would create the world's third biggest automaker. I'm Rita Foley.

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