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Hour 1: Kenny Chesney


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This carnival needs to get on up the hell Outta town I came here. I came here today. I'm not kidding and Somebody was in my parking spot and yeah and and I will. I will find no. I've told them No. I told I told some. ESPN employees car. Yeah no I told him get him out of here like what is your. What is the matter with these people yourself yeah? What is the tow truck back out of my garage? I don't use it that much but I came down here and I told myself I got. We were listening to you on the feed here while you doing something forced to potty. I'm looking at your face now. You're wearing the ravages of super bowl debauchery. Well on your face and Dan. Mike said you sounded like Harvey firestone. I could not believe how terrible look at billy laughing. You sound so bad. How many cigarettes have have you eaten this week? couple dozen. I mean I don't know last night was a tough one man. I had like Thirty Beers. I doing this show and the shirt I slept last night. I have no power my battery. I mean I have no clothes left. It's super bowl way. Dan What is a manner with him. Billy Lloyd Loyd. How bad does he smell? Like Li like liquor in diesel fuel. Now he's perked up some like but when he walked into as. You seem a little grouchy today. I don't know what was going. Non began he he. I asked him I go. You look like that looks like a sleeping series like this is the last night buddy. I just walked right here today. Listen He's GonNa get one o'clock one o'clock but he's GonNa get mad. I walk into radio grouchy because what I met with. Every morning is Lorenzo. He's played hey that dude's a plague and I asked this question Russian publicly and privately Lorenzo. Where's the stuff you're working on? Can we get it and use it or are we going to get it in June. The all the stuff stuff that you're working on that you're dragging us every damn direction when and are people going to see it unlikely. But that's how you taped Dan. You tape something and then six months later everybody forgets you did it and then you just do Hashtag. Tbt He's Milton for office space like accepting except he's tricked checked us like he's always working on something and I never get to put it on the air. He brought crooked as today. I mean I didn't bring this up so we can all sit around. It's landlord but oh no look. The whole week has been infuriating for a variety of different reasons. Not The least of which Lorenzo's really tired from doing a lot of of work none of which we can use. He's exhausted Miss President this morning. Also and then I get this from Lorenzo. I get this last night. It Hey can you round up your mom and your brother for me tomorrow. I'd like to use them. We surprised by the Super Bowl this week. Lorenzo like you're asking me the last day. Can I round roundup my family to work for you. Lorenzo or do you work for me at the end pretty hot today. You think. I'm kidding kidding. I told somebody I can't believe you did that. You do that. Did tell somebody what are you doing in my parking spot. Get The hell out of my Parkway Clark does your parking spots say Danley people think then run this place. These people think they run this place. It's the air. It's a good one but it doesn't actually say Dan Laboratory on it all the ballets no that that is where all of them know it. Oh this person just pulled up and was like Whoa. A tow truck showed up and took him away but clearly one of the valets did not know that that was your spot clearly. Oh that's not what's happening here. The valley's must not have been there the moment I handled it beforehand. But what I'm telling you. They're closing that entire street down the valleys for the valleys would dare is what you're saying. I'm I'm the one who gives them personally. The checks that they get so they would not have dared to told my car or allowed anybody to park in my spot. Give them checks. Yes no I pay. Every few months I pay for the parking. Unlike anybody else around here I pay for the parking lot. And you're the only one with Valet which is why you you probably correct valet drivers. They don't check like you're GONNA do extra work. Just give them some cash force in the bank the positive check. What are you doing so you get some old ones writing checks and the other one actually goes to the bank to deposit them? Well what. And what's to God's doesn't seem to understand is that the valets worked for somebody. I'm paying company so that the valets put my car where it belongs. Why do you sound so terrible? Why do you sound so defeated? What have you gotten into your bothered by everybody? You've been snippy offaire affair. While enjoying all the fame on air of everyone walking back behind you so that all year what. We're televising is your back as you stare at Terry Bradshaw's a cul de sac head. Yeah I mean listen first off I got a little cold to begin with secondly the heaters that help thirdly The thirty years I had last last night certainly aren't helping matters and close. I mean it's been a tough week. I don't know what to tell Ya. I sound bad I look bad. But that's what super bowl radio row is all about about. When you get the Friday Dan? You have to look bad. You have to smell bad you have to run close and you have to have no battery left on your phone or computer. You look almost unrecognizable recognizeable to me really. Yeah it's Mike. There's a lot of light it's bad light. It's four lighting. I gotta be honest with you. That shirt is absolutely I. I can't believe I cannot believe it's working on. ESPN shirt Mike. I want to look at shirt. That is the shirt that he slept in he is the biggest slob in the universe. He is a professional person in the history of ESPN. The an enemy jiggles air is awful big with Makeup Cup over here this show in some form or fashion since I think two thousand and five and Su God's muttering under his breath while you talk about him is still funny to me. It looks like he was hit with a cement mixer immediately. Got Up brushed himself long straightened out the shirt that he slept in Billie. Tell me look at this here. Dan So excited was little Nasdaq's addresses a cowboy. Expert smells horrible. Also oh by the way just took a whiff of it while you were describing right. Yeah living in that show. Yeah I slept about the way you don't look so great yourself over there Donald L.. Look pretty good pretty good dress up today I look I. Can you even see me or you just riffing. Because this is as good as I've ever lost you are a little so I can fix that. I'll I am sweating because of how enraged I was by my parking situation when I got here billy is your shirt tucked into explained. Explain to me. It is for the moment yes so as mine. Can you explain to me and the audience. Billy just not only that. The shirt smells bad but for the radio. Oh audience can you explain. I mean beyond being slept in. That shirt is also super faded. It's trying to figure that out because it is faded. But but I can't tell if it's one of those like new vintage shirts I put those now because there's like a stain here in your belly button different color than the rest of the ink on the shirts. This brown marked by your belly. Button definitely isn't part of this vintage style which leads me to believe but says. Es T two thousand four so they could cheesy fifteen or sixteen. Sixteen years old at this spot you're talking about staying was from the snickers bar last night before bad. Why on while? Yeah well Super Bowl Week is here. Why when the media has assembled all around you you've got? ESPN in front of you. You've got the letters the letters those it was proud letters all around you. Why would you wear a shirt from two thousand and four again? Dan Ran Outta close super super bowl week at the end. I know that Radio rose exciting and you keep it. It looks bad today. It looks really sad as you pointed when it out but you turning to the side only exposes your gut massive it has grown exponentially because they're great super always. That's what it's all bad. But it's the Friday if you ever gave thirty pounds overdone Super Bowl Gripe and put it on the poll please at Lebatardshow when it comes the Friday if you haven't gained thirty pounds have you done super bowl week. I sleep lost ten pounds. Everyone is so unhappy. What I don't understand it's been a week long? snorting of Football Party and all of us are deeply unhappy right now. I wish get into. I stepped on the scale yesterday. Who Oh I see somebody tar? I think when I was young I actually called Chris Berman at ESPN and left him a message edge. Dave winfield fly rules. To God's you WanNa do I wanNA named him Dave Winfield was playing then and I left him. I left him a message. You really did uh-huh because if I did that all I know well you would do that now. I did it when I was twelve. This is our show with his two guys on. ESPN radio so billy. Yesterday was agitating the guests with Gotha Seato as a host and a uh the host city with some of our Culture Trey Wingo is now addicted to the stuff. He has been wired all week. He's not gonNA come down out of the sky until The masters sisters. And you have a you have billy now with a lot of food in front of him. what is that. What you have in front of you is that for the WHO's going to be me there through there to eat that stuff? Is it going to be Derrick. Henry deontay wilder. They the two that are coming through there. I hope so because this was just kind of placed in front of us we have some. I'm croquet does over there which are like croquettes ham inside or some pasta legals here different variety of that stuff so I guess this is first to give together all Lorenzo just kind of popped up on stage. I just started putting here. I'm like is this a good idea who's going to eat this and also like did you run this by anyone so I guess we're giving the Taller guest today. Okay so Among the guests today today we've got as I said deontay wilder who could eat all of that I would imagine. Derrick Henry is going to be here and in-studio on our end and we're GONNA have rick flair and Aaron Donald and Kenny. Chesney STU GODS and billy on radio row catch things going to be joining us in the next segment for a half half hour. He's going to be out at radio row with STU and billy. This isn't a show that really we're sort of like country music agnostic around here but this is one of the biggest music stars in the country entry right now and he doesn't eat like that I don't think he's GonNa fit. Oh he will die if he's going to try one of everything or he's not GonNa go wait a minute. Did we actually shame to God's into changing shirts did is that a is that because you were so ashamed of wearing a two thousand four shirt that you clearly slept in that. You're we're now wearing a slightly more professional shirt. That's not also terribly professional. No the the ninety original shirt is still on underneath this year vicious vicious shirt. I slept in two nights ago. He is so disgusting is he has snorted all of Super Bowl Week. and Are you sand. Should you guys is like. Are you sad right now as because the big days on super bowl weaker Wednesday and Thursday. And we're about to head into the party. We're about to head into the really crazy Miami stuff like it's it hasn't actually started yet. It's coming now because most people don't have this week off so the people who have the weekend off are about to descend upon the Super Bowl but everyone is spent like everyone. I'm looking connect you guys. I mean billy looks. I think billy might look fresher than all of us like are you okay billy. Is Everything okay with you because poor. Chris has just been a haggard Messa All all week Roy has been hissing impatient and disasters. Mike has lost a lot of weight and feels a little bit cocaine Where why are you so fresh billy I just saw crisper? Sardine have never been better. Golic still here. Trey wingo is still talking at a table. Well right behind win for me. What straight from his show? It just started doing a radio tour that no one asked for me gets up talking. It's GonNa be wondering around the Convention Center. Two months after the All the microphones leap still giving the interviews like the the the FERNS and the plant. He was onset today. Dan like they were counting down. There were like ten nine eight for him to come back and goes ace to God. God carpet screaming at the top of his lungs. What is the matter with? Everyone who who is around here on Miami will do to you man. Mike how are you doing. You don't look good you really don't you don't look good. You look you look like you so you know those before the after pictures in those meth addict photos like no. That's what I mean like. Your teeth are going to start falling out at any minute My weekends just just beginning tonight. After this hell scape of of work this week I started D. Jiang Events Shacks Fun House and then like almost immediately immediately afterwards. I Have Bronx Beach. That's going to be good for the addictions. All of that is going to be. And then it's the the big game. So are you ready for any any of this. Because I don't feel like you've had any time actually practice this is for those of you don't know Silly as it is Mike a few years ago just took up. DJ -ing at least in part. Because of how you guys supported him around here when he was doing silly stuff and he's actually You know in south Florida. Everybody's everybody you meet is like am a pharmacist assistant. Dj like it's been that way for weirdly for about doing then you're running cycling as a DJ Ronnie Cycle Asian enormously successful enormously successful a DJ. Are you stressed at all about tonight. I'm nervous because like I'm on the same sages de Esto like he's going on to access he's probably not nervous about being on the same. Stay with you know. He's done this million times but this is a legitimate gig at checks funhouse. So I'm yeah I'm nervous about it. I haven't had that much time to prep. I mix everything live when I when I dj so we'll just like roll out. I have songs I feel. Good about them. We'll roll it out and we'll have a good time. Who's going to that from inner group? I Know Stu God is GonNa take this blackballed from from shacks really. It's unfortunate. I was planning on going because I'm not tired at all nature boy ric declares coming out and Charlotte player. They're part of my and My Dad I invited my dad. So he's just GonNa Creep me out the entire time uh-huh none of us are going though none of the because I plan on going nobody else GonNa Gronk. Yeah Chris Cody is that no one wanted to come in. I was a little heartbroken. Invite invite is doing last summer. Maybe we'd like to go. They get invited. Say That's line that we're going with you weren't invited. Yes that's it gets expensive man. I mean going to four hundred dollars worth exactly you could see a DJ for free. I mean we are doing a joke. A book exactly Soom Zoom and it boom boom little awkward right Chris. That felt a little awkward. It felt a little uncomfortable. Yeah imagine being in the room Lebatardshow Lebatardshow Stugatz up these talk show with the two guys on. ESPN RADIO ESPN radio. Radio is presented by Progressive Insurance. The Dan Le Batard show is brought to you by Shell. V Power Nitro plus premium gasoline. Kenny Chesney Joy. Just a second here are the Shell Pennzoil performance on for just a second Kenny. Are you marveling. As a man. With a rich and amend who takes care of his voice are you marveling marveling at just how cruddy he sounds like just how how awful the guy that is reading that it's it's an acquired taste. Imagine but it sounds good. Get a you said. You had a little Tequila last night. A little I've been having that all week it's been explains every day super bowl weekend. They'll petard show is brought to you by shelby powered nitro actor a post premium gasoline again. Kenny Chesney joys. Just a second. God's strong words that strong work betraying any chess knees trust right off the top by saying unwanted hanging on air. Something he told you privately. That's a good way to bundle the gas so he got something wrong. I didn't have a little. I had a lot the two or three more nights. Here's your sportscenter update the NBA. All Star Reserves Abbott announced Donovan Mitchell. ogle bear kyle lowry Bam outta bio Jimmy Butler. Or among those named Jared Jackson Junior Marco. Good Eric and Elfriede Payton were suspended one game without pay by the NBA their roles in an altercation between the teams. Marcus Morris was also five thirty five thousand dollars per se Jae Crowder crowder played with female tendencies and finally deport. Lay goes through ninety seven thousand pounds of Avocados every day. So this is Dan the shares way to win. This valentines is with roses from one. Eight hundred flowers dot com right. Now you can get twenty four multicolored roses for just twenty nine ninety nine or upgrade to twenty four red roses for only ten dollars more to order go to one eight hundred flowers dot com. Click the radio radio icon. Enter Code Dan for all the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on. ESPN radio all throughout the day. Put It on the poll. Guillermo please would you recognize Nice Christian McCaffrey by his face because he looks like he's fourteen years old. I'm looking at them here and I'm like why is booger McFarland. Talking to a fourteen year old on the set a ah I take downstairs Kenny. Chesney without with us you should check out his latest album songs for the saints. And if you want tour dates you go to Kenny. CHESNEY DOT COM Kenny. Any thank you for joining us. I'd like you to take take us back and sort of paint a picture for where your life was before the success when you were being paid and enchiladas well. I went to school at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City and played a Mexican restaurant free nights a week and I just played for tips tips. You know I was playing some songs that I had written in my apartment that nobody wanted to hear and then songs about my heroes and I would get paid. You know whatever tips I made and all all the enchiladas Arkady pretty good for a college student at the time and so what kind of tips are we talking about there when you say like on the on the best and the worst nights what are you bringing home the worst nights would be about twenty bucks. The best night's would be a couple of hundred. You know what happens next like one of the things that need to happen for Kenny. Chesney okay what happens next is I graduated East Tennessee state and then I moved to Nashville to be a songwriter and and it just went from there I was. I always knew that I wanted to do this. What I'm doing now but I knew it might take a while but I was? I was engulfed in creating eating. I was engulfing songwriting. And that's where all this started. And then I went on the road in Nineteen ninety-three and I'm still on it just kind i. Don't you know people ask me all the time for you know. Can you give me some advice on how to make it in the back of my brain. I'm going Never GonNa make it because you don't do it to make it. You do do it just because that's what you do you know. And so. That's that's the best way. I can explain good advice but ashes of data all the way right there has to be some always. There's no I'm not saying it. It was all good moments because there was a lot. Look plan the places that we play. Now we're we're very blessed and fortunate but but it hasn't always has been this way. We opened the tour this year at the Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium. We closed Foxborough the Patriots Stadium. And so but I promise you guys it hasn't always the we haven't always been been place in our life to go play these places Kenny. I read here. We all love food as you can tell from the split. You're on the table you have. What is your guilty pleasure? Because I think it's going to the delight most of the guys back in our studio. Well I I love up. I'm emotional eater right so but I love I love. I love Italian I love I love Italy. I love red wine. I love I get to eat a lot of pasta when I'm training and go on the road so when I'm off the road I eat a lot of carbohydrates trying to get to your girl cheeses. Why do love grilled cheese? I love it hundred percent one. Go ahead make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich for us. help us out a perfect world. She Sandwich I. I don't know it's it's gotta be Texas Toast always helps one hundred percent and you know a couple of different kinds of cheese and I always like to put some Jalapenos there at all Y.. Yeah Yeah I love everything spicy. Kenny Chesney with us again. His latest album songs for the saints is available. And if you want tour dates you go to Kenny. Chesney Dot Com explained to me. How much of your roots is tied up? How much of your roots are tied up in the idea that you give a lot of your money? Money Away with success to some of the people who wouldn't normally get money from the star of the shows like I don't want to embarrass you here but you give away a ton of money to the people behind the scene so like explain to me how and why that came to be well we start. I started this thing every year. No I've got I'm out there on the road with a lot of people that work really hard and those guys they get there before the ship early in the morning and late late at night and I started this thing called merge lottery and we take one stadium show a month and I take all the all the money that I make that night and what that means is the from the t shirts the hats whatever the money we make that night and I give it we. We put all the names of everybody that works for me a Sombrero and I we shake it up whole at a name out of the hat and give all the money we make for the march that night. WHOA so the most that can wait a minute? You're talking about a quarter. Wait a minute you're talking about like a quarter million dollars aren't you. That's yeah we played the seat. The seahawks football stadium one year. And yeah the merchant would have been close to that maybe a little over that and the next week we pulled out a name and they got it you know but what they started doing is not taking the money themselves. They ended up dividing it out throughout the whole crew in the tour you know so I would have grabbed all I want to cowboys stadium holding onto that one. They spend a lot of money in Dallas. I want to keep that. So is it true that you shower three times a day. You don't like bars of soap. Why do I showered go to get up when I get up I shower and then after I work out before I start my day shower again and then I have to shower before I go to bed and I get? I like to feel clean when I go to bed with the soap though. Yeah but no soap always had this weird thing about soap. I can't explain it. Yeah let me ask you a question because I love body wash our talking my language But body wash as well. You're rich so this is different. Body washes expensive right. Talk Therapy Stress Relief Body wash going on the upper half of my body because then I could smell it then. LOWER-HALF I used some other body to body washes at have in the shower work and it also depends obviously like you share a couple of times a day maybe late at night instead of the stress. One lillies the sleep tireless. And you stop please. You have asked the only only a couple of questions the entire week of a guest. And you've just ask Kenny Chesney. Hey Give me information about how you shower. Also I have a follow up question that I asked invasive. How tell me about your shoring habits but then a follow up question defense? You're there were here. We're sitting next to Kenny. and He's join join the conversation a little bitter. He'll back there wasn't really a question kept talking about showering habit yours and then here to tell you about it more for right into his Donlevatar Stugatz when you have her her go to DC Donlevatar show with two guys on ESPN radio. There are very few people at this network who are as informed armed about football as many times and yet something stupid just happened to her again. Mike just walked by Christian. McCaffrey and I don't blame her on this one. Because I I couldn't and believe it I can't believe that that dude is dominating the NFL when he could fit in my pocket. He's really not that large and he looks extremely young long. I double taste. I did know who he was. It wasn't a John Lynch scenario but he looks a lot like a guy who would just be at the clevelander grabbing a drink. He looks like a guy who would've cheated on me in high school academically. I'm speaking we never because I did it. We don't need to go audio of you confusing Wes Welker for John Lynch lost to the sands of time really. It's a shame from on. I represented it verbatim though to you guys I. I didn't censorship though we wanted. We wanted to put it on there. If you don't know what we're talking about me and asked of Wes Welker what it was like like to be John Lynch or something like that. Yes yes and then. He said great question for John Lynch take extremely seriously. It would never let myself be humiliated on this program. I'll send it maybe like a year when the it's worn off of it not a whole lot of the folks here who are partaking. Liberally of debauchery of South beach are making their way into the area. You decided to visit yesterday Liberty City. What is what? What is it that you were working on so today's episode of Espn Daily is about Liberty City for those? Who Don't know it's neighborhood in Miami really as a couple of neighborhoods around on there where a disproportionate amount of NFL players? Come from beginning with Chad Johnson. And you get into WHO. We interviewed T Y Hilton and Teddy Bridgewater Antonio Brown Levante. I mean the list goes on. It's a lot of wide receivers. I knew about it about four years ago. I did a story on T Y in Antonio Brown very different times back then for Antonio Because I found out that they grew up playing together. Ty's dad had actually coached him and they didn't see each other until they got back in the NFL. And I thought that was a pretty cool story so when we were coming back to Miami I said I'd like to go back there and see if it's changed or not so we met up with. Ty we met up with Teddy Bridgewater who obviously he comes back. A lot and really does a lot for the community and chatted with them just about why it produces so many great players. What's what is it about that neighborhood and what is it? I think it's a combination of things You know the way What they said was well? Don't have a lot of options here and but you know it's not the only poor neighborhood in in America so I think that does explain part of it but I just think the football culture so intense and so strong I remember the first time I went watching T. Y.. Hilton kids play. He's got kilos in Indianapolis but they come back and they play a watching four and five year olds play peewee running routes four and five year olds. Don't run routes and other parts of America they all gather gather in a clump and just chase one kid but these kids are really. They're developing. They're fast they get to play all year. I think that helps as well and it's really intense. I'm you know Dan you covering football there forever. You know what the scene is like on a Saturday people used to gamble on these while I was gonNA say big money. Changing Hands Billy. We Lost Kenny Chesney. And I think billy spoke poked. Him is what happened because he was asking. Showering questions uncomfortably. Bill you want explained to me you and her have an interesting dynamic. You want to explain to me what you just did showering inhabits who to botch no to botch the Kenny Chesney. Yeah Times to interview. Can you explain it. Well I mean. So here's the the Kenny. Chesney was here and we thought that he was going to be here for half an hour but then one of the maybe five people on Earth who was more important than our show. Jenny McCarthy's called all them over so he wants to do the Jenny. McCarthy show now of course at a time when the cultures and Ken John Nick Cannon Robin Thicke right so anyways I started asking because there was a fact on the fact sheet here saying that. He showers three times a day but he doesn't like bars of soap so he was talking about how it uses body wash and body. Wash me is something that I'm pretty passionate shit about. So I was asking him if like me. He uses different types of body wash on different parts of his body to kind of preserve the expensive body wash and not use on your knees or for your shins or your feet. Just kind of use it on your chest if it's aromatherapy because that's what you smell where I'm not gonna be smelling my shins. You know what I mean. Quick Quick Detour. Meaning who's GonNa really take AAC charge on Sunday. I'll go with the the niners. He's got the power running game. Uh I am so done battery. I am his point about the cheesier ear. Don't say that about Mooch. I mean He. He is He's wearing underneath there. He is wearing the shirt he slept in last night and everyone who has been anyone who has been anywhere near him. Today anyone this morning would totally melt a breathalyzer.

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