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GSMC Sports Podcast Episode 629: Cam Newton, PJ Walker, and Medieval MMA


This is your ultimate staffer. Everything sports the Golden state media concepts sports podcast. Should I say more from the NFL MLB THE NBA MMA? It's all in here. Golden state media concepts sports podcast. Listen Down Gentlemen. Welcome to the GMC's or podcast brought to you by the GMC pod casting network. My name is Joe Stricklin. I'm your host today here on this Tuesday edition of the show. I am actually recording this on a Tuesday because unforeseen circumstances. Put Me Away for my recording equipment for Monday so here. We are recording the super late but there are some stories that actually happened Tuesday morning. This morning I'm going to be discussing so that's nice. So here's how the show is going to stack up here today. We're GONNA be talking about Cam. Newton released by the panthers. It was kind of known it was going to happen but it officially. It's officially happened. The NFL draft could be cancelled. How would the price that the NFL would have to be paying or the price that Las Vegas would have to pay for? Dr Draft Getting cancelled. Also talk about. Xfl Stars finding their NFL homes after having some successful seasons in the xfl topic five. We'll talk about the NBA as found an article that said What would how the NBA look if it restarted actually started the season in two months or something like that and then topic six? Aram sported the day. We'll talk about medieval. Ima May which is something that you just have to watch to believe to be honest. Let's get into it. Let's talk about our first day. Which is the Olympics Tokyo Olympics in Tokyo Japan? They are going to be postponed until two thousand twenty one next summer so this is kind of unperceived unprecedented. The Olympics. Of course all have been postponed and have been cancelled before. But most of the time it's because of a world war so it's kind of unprecedented that the Olympics will get postponed but if you recall is actually one of the first topics involving the corona virus that I actually ever talked about discuss because this was back in February early February where the Olympic Committee was thinking about. Should we? We should start talking about our options here. Because that's when the corona virus is huge in China and it was kind of spreading to South Korea and Japan. So they were thinking. Hey look if this doesn't trend down worldwide than we need to figure something out here so now here we are in March March. Twenty four th which by the way. March is almost over. It's been crazy I mean you're flying by even though the craziest things are happening so this morning they announced the IOC Chair Dick. Pound which is very unfortunate name. They announced that they are going to postpone the Olympics. To Twenty Twenty one which I was very interested in how that would work because people were saying they should postpone the winter or to the fall. Just kind of push it back a little bit People were saying cancel just altogether which then would Tokyo at twenty twenty four. Because I feel like that would be unfair because they built all these new facilities and them not getting any Olympics would be just a huge hit to their economy just because they spent. Because I don't know of most people know this. When you host the Olympics you spend a lot of money to get all the All of the amenities and the Olympic Village in hotels. And all the new stadiums and stuff like that you spend a lot of money in those together and then when you and when you host the Olympics. You have a mild. You have a chance at getting that money back. But most of the time you're not gonNA get most of their money back so now if you just completely don't have the Olympics then you're kind of screwed and that especially goes for countries who don't properly use these facilities after the Olympics are over so for instance a good example of using your facilities after Olympics are over Atlanta is a good example so Atlanta. They build they used. Turner Field Turner Field into the Braves Stadium. They they have Olympic Park which is still around and is a great park to go to Atlanta. Used all their facilities for good now. They didn't think they still use a lot of them today. Now Turner Field is now Georgia State Football Field Football Stadium which I mean still being used but most most of the most of the amenities and stuff like that that was built for the Olympics in Atlanta are still being used the same Los Angeles. A lot of the facilities built for the Los Angeles Olympics are still being used to this day so some countries not as good. I know in Beijing. They still use that huge stadium. They did the opening ceremonies in. But I've seen pictures of a lot of their facilities are just kind of abandoned rotting. They have stuff grown out everywhere so it is a real problem. I'm pretty sure Japan. They're pretty efficient. And there's also just not a lot of land in Tokyo in general so I'm pretty sure Japan would be on top of them being efficient with it. But you're not gonNA recoup any of that cost if you just completely canceled. Olympic so Olympics getting moved to twenty twenty one and this is of course follow. This was pre cursed. The precursor to this was the Canadian. Olympic team backed out yesterday. There's all kinds of happened really fast. There's all really happened really fast. So can Canadian. Olympic team backed out. I think I don't think America officially backed out but I think the US track and field team in the swimming team. Were saying no. We're not going. That's that's absurd. The full Olympic team for America backed out. So there it is so rosie maclennan. Who's a two time? Olympic gold medalist said. This she says now is not the time to be focused on high performance. Sport now is the time to focus on what's going on in the health of health of the country. She's leading voice in the Canadian Olympic Committee's decision to become the first nation to announce that it will not participate in the summer Olympics if they continue as planned in July short time after that. They made the announcement. Australia took the same position. They're both calls. Were made amid growing pressure on the International Olympic Committee to postpone the Games Brazil so Vigna. Norway have all requested that the Olympic dates be moved. Usa Track and field and USA swimming letters to the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee asking that they also pushed for the postponement So yeah a lot of people were pushing for. This mcclendon went on said all of us were grateful that the cancellation wasn't on the table. And the I was committed to taking to making the Games happen at some point but I think we were disappointed in the lack of clarity and I think it became clear at that point that the C O c needed to take leadership position and help athletes gain some stability in reassurance that we as a country are prioritizing the health and wellness of the country so dick pound. Who's the IOC board member since Nineteen Seventy Eight. He's been a part of a lot of different thing. He's part of getting Russia out He was a big part of Russia. Getting from the Olympics. And he's also a big part in Lance Armstrong getting busted so he he's he's been part of some of the some big stories in international sports recently so he said. I think people misunderstood. They think that the hasn't decided won't they won't design for another. Four weeks is decided says pound. What they are trying to do is come forward on a very fast basis when you consider all the moving parts here with the plan for the postponement which I think is likely to be a year rather than a few months because this pandemic is still out of control so they haven't Olympics getting postponed to two thousand twenty one. Hopefully this all blows over by twenty twenty one because the Olympics are always a fun thing to fun thing to watch whether it just be the random sports like water polo or Handball. Or Stuff. Like that handball. By the way I think should be the next big sport in America. I think because handballs really exciting to watch but swimming track and field. That's really the only time those sports to actually be in the spotlight. Because you don't really think about track and field or swimming unless Olympic year which is unfortunate for them. But I mean that's just kinda how that's how it shakes out so the Olympics always a big time event. I know Tokyo was excited about baseball. Was going to be part of baseball and softball. We'RE GONNA be part of the Olympics again which I was excited about the world baseball classics. So now I think next year You'll have the world baseball classic and the Olympics next year which will be pretty interesting. I'm not sure how the MOBY will handle that. Because I know the movie is not a big Fan of all their big stars going off and playing in the international competitions during their season. So it's GonNa be interesting to see how the MLB navigates around that but it's going to be interesting to see Is going to be weird? So there's still a lot of questions. Does that mean the twenty two thousand four Olympics? Go on as planned or do we shift it to twenty twenty five and then we lose this we kind of shift the every four years thing or do we try to stay on track and go twenty twenty four. Whoever has it on twenty twenty four? I don't I'm not one hundred percent positive. Who has it but do we go straight? Twenty twenty four have another Olympics and then stay normal from there. Should we move Olympics back as well to twenty twenty-five these are just random questions? They're not that important at the moment but there are things we need to think of especially when all this is coming up so when we see when we come back we'll be talking about the biggest story in the NFL at the moment and then as Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers when we return are you looking for the very best nfl and college podcast then checkout GSM see football podcast. Get the latest football news both on and off the field from the NFL draft to trades to the rumor mill to the NFL COMBINES. They got you covered. That's GMC PODCAST DOT COM back slash football dash podcast get updates. I'm college kindy insights and much much more. It's football talk the way you want it. This show and sleeps and breathes football. Don't forget to like them on facebook. Follow them on twitter visit. She yes and see podcasts. Dot Com for more INFO so the Carolina. Panthers have been kind of Weirdly Li. They well they don't anymore but they use before this morning. They had five quarterbacks on their roster then so for instance they signed Teddy Bridgewater so the big the big issue throughout the whole off season came to. We'll come back. We'll came to and be healthy enough to play. Well the Panthers Trade Camden Yada Yada Yada. So that was the big thing Matt rule came in Matt rules. That would love to work with Cam. Newton Joe Brady gets hired. He said he'd love to work with Camden. But the main issue is Cam Newton. He sat out all of two thousand eighteen with a shoulder injury and he sat out all twenty nineteen with a foot injury. Is there any chance for him to be healthy for a full season now? He's thirty one years old. Let's remember that and he is a former. Mvp WAS MVP IN TWO THOUSAND FIFTEEN. So it's very blurred about how everyone feels about that but he has not played a full season in a while. So it's understandable where. The discrepancy there is the panthers now have a new coach Matt Role. They have a new owner. David Tepper so this is not the same Carolina Panthers Cam. Newton is used to where loyalty was more of a thing. Like Ron Rivera. Loyalty was was the big thing with Ron Rivera. So they signed Teddy Bridgewater tapered. Water played five games for the New Orleans. Saints won all five. Look pretty good. It was good game manager and all those so they signed Teddy Bridgewater and that pretty much put the nail in the coffin for Camden. Everybody knew it's probably time to move on from Cam Newton. If you're going to pay that much money for teddy bridgewater so that happened. And then Kyle Allen gets traded to the new to the Washington redskins which is a very interesting move. Because Kyle Allen wasn't very good but redskins they can they have nothing else to really look forward to I suppose. But for instance. This article is saying the redskins acquired quarterback Kyle from Carolina Panthers for a fifth round pick on Monday which I think is very good return for cal Allen of all people he was an undrafted free agent in two thousand eighteen. He played fifteen games. Thirteen starts in his two years at Carolina after came didn't struggle with injuries ideal candidate for the backup role in Washington having spent two years in Scott Turner System with some success. Walls are not being high profile enough to demand the starting job away from Twain Haskins. So He's a perfect backup. The redskins got a perfect back there so that brings us down to four. 'cause you include brings down three Teddy Bridgewater Cam. Newton will greer then which will discuss this more in depth later. The panthers picked up. Pj Walker of the Houston roughnecks of the xfl. So now we have four and then this morning came noon. Got Released came and got released. And and now it's just where's he going to go? Is Anybody going to pick them up? The panthers tried to trade him. They tried to trade them. Of course you would. He's a former. Mvp trying to get out of him. But the fact of the matter is signing Ted Teddy Bridgewater. Kinda ruined those chances. Because because I mean if you're not going to take a chance on cave. Noone should other teams tell you a chance on Cam Newton. Now we sit here. And it's it's bad. I mean the panthers announce that Cam Newton was gonna work together with Cancun to seek a trade then Cam Newton response to that on social media and says No. You guys are forcing me to look for a tray. You're forcing me to get traded. Don't believe the lies and Blah Blah Blah so this seems like a very messy breakup at the moment and I'm not really sure who the main callous is. I don't know if they if Matt Rule David Tepper or the main CAL is here but it's kind of a crappy situation all around Cam Newton. He was drafted number one overall in the two thousand eleven draft. I believe and ever since then I mean. He's been a fantastic quarterback for the Carolina. Panthers lead them to fifteen one season and a super bowl super bowl appearance in twenty fifteen one. Mvp in two thousand fifteen and ever since two thousand fifteen kinda looked iffy but in my opinion he's never had a good receiving core and he's never had a good off line. That was always his problem in every year in the draft. You sitting there thinking. Oh the panthers are going to drag to off the line right. And they're gonNA draft another often. Lot Out Panther focused on defense. Which made sense because Ron Rivera? He's a Defensive Guy. The panthers defense during this whole during this whole Cam Newton run was pretty good. Those are pretty good defense but it seems to me. David tepper just wants to cut all ties of the Old Carolina. Panthers you cut the ties of all the Ron Rivera's Ron Rivera era Ron Rivera. That's anyways it seems like David. Tepper and Matt rule they won and kind of usher in a new era here in Carolina for the panthers here at what cost. Because you you kinda scorned. I mean remind it reminded me of the panthers of old. Actually you scorn Steve Smith. You Scorn Julius peppers. And then yeah. But you're you're scoring one of the best quarterback in Carolina history. I mean the only other only other quarterback I can even mention on the same level of Cam. Newton is is Jake's alone and that's just because he also led the panthers to a super bowl appearance also lost in the Super Bowl. But Jake degrom is the closest person I can think of. As the as one of the best in quarterbacks for the panthers the panthers have a terrible history and quarterbacks I can actually let's look it up right now. They have terrible history of quarterbacks. Almost as bad as the if it wasn't for came noon it'd probably be as bad as the browns. So let's look it up so nineteen ninety-five their first year. You had Kerry Collins and Freak Reich Ninety six CA Kerry Collins ninety-seven Kerry Collins. Ninety eight you have Steve Burr. Line Ninety nine Steve Berlin two thousand Berlin two thousand one Chris. Winky two thousand and two Rodney Peete rainy for Chris. Winky they all played then to them three Jacobs alone. Jade alone takes over the starting job. There leads them to Super Bowl. Play play in two thousand four and then Jake Jake degrom show until two thousand seven when you have four different guys. You Got Vinny Testaverde David car. You've got Matt Moore and Jake Loan The J. loans back on top up until two thousand and ten when Jimmy Clawson was drafted by the Carolina. Panthers Jim classroom so bad that the Carolina Panthers Got Camden with Number One. Pick now two thousand eighteen game to play fourteen games. Twenty one thousand nine. He only played two got injured in the second game. I believe but it. The painters don't have that quarterback history Very good quarterback history here and Cam. Newton is easily the best quarterback out all the ones. I just mentioned. So they're kinda scorning him. So but where is he going to go now? I've mentioned this a lot of times. The chargers they're there'd position still open. You could go the dolphins to maybe go to the dolphins the Patriots. Still looking for a quarterback although the Patriots signed Brian Hoyer destroyer so that that avenue might be closed up there. But I mean he's going to get he's going to sign with the team for very cheap very cheap contract. I mean you could see the I don't know I really don't know where he could go the moment. We have a lot of quarterbacks still available. You've got jameis. Winston got cave noon. Got Andy Dalton. Who's technically still with the bengals? But he's definitely going to get traded or shipped out somewhere warm. So we still have a lot of quarterbacks out on the market and we don't really have a law spots now. Cam Newton to the raiders. Could BE THING. The raiders could ship. Derek Carr out and get Cam Newton and that'd be a very interesting dynamic there. That'd be very interesting team over there. I'm not sure Gruden will go for that. But Yeah so obvious that the panthers could not Trade Cam Newton. The reason they could not trade Camden inlets. Because guess what if you WanNa? Why should we want it to be like? If you don't think you can play. Why do we? Why should we thank? You could play so it's interesting it's GonNa be interesting to see what is next for Cam. Newton I mean I'm sure he'll get signed somewhere for cheap. It's just depends on where where and win but the Carolina Panthers. They seem to be on this new. I mean David temporary. He's been on this new nome. He's not taking any mediocrity. But guess what you're probably going to suck this year just on you know you. Have you had five quarterbacks on Rosser at one point and I mean you know you ship to them out recently? But you still have three quarterbacks on the roster and that defense is now looking to knowledge into hot but when we return we'll talk about the NFL draft it could get cancelled. What would that mean for the NFL? En Las Vegas. Check out the show. It's built on the from the UFC. Two extreme cage fighting they got fights covered. Check out the GMC M A PODCAST. Get the latest news on past or upcoming fights. Join US as we've talked to in about some of the biggest names in the MMA past present future when it's the fight game there's just one showed checkout GSFC. Podcast DOT COM backslash. Mame Dach- podcast. Don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on Twitter Visagie S. M. C. Podcast DOT COM FOR MORE INFO. One of the things that the NFL has mentioned. Is that so far? The NFL is announced that the NFL draft will still go on just the outside events. Were like the fan fest and stuff like that would not be available. But we're we're still going to go on with the NFL draft as planned either being a TV studio or something like that. But it'll be in Las Vegas. I've heard so. Read this article by Bill Shea on the athletic talking about the cost of losing. Nfl draft part of a price. Paid by Las Vegas and pandemics lockdown. So I'm just GonNa go through that this article real quick so the NFL was going to debut. Is a rival Las Vegas with one of pro? Football's most beloved position. Traditions Fans Booing Commissioner Roger Goodell during the annual draft. But because Las Vegas now the new home. The O of the raiders is on Corona Virus Pandemic Lockdown. There will be no public draft events. The League cancelled the spectacle it had planned in Las Vegas and reportedly ought to make a make the draft a TV studio affair which is going to be very weird. Just in general but the League's decision was followed by casino owners opting to darken their gambling halls and by Nevada governor. Steve Cecil lack on March seventeenth ordered a thirty day closure of all non essential businesses including the casinos and the city's one hundred fifty thousand hotel rooms. That's a lot that's crap done but is the it will be the first time since John. F Kennedy's funeral on November twenty fifth nineteen sixty three that the city will close all of its casinos hundreds and thousands of hospitality. Industry workers have an idol and the potential financial losses are estimated in the billions of dollars for what was among the nation's top tourism destinations. But what does this mean what? What is the loss of the draft mean for the Las Vegas? Nfl relationship because originally this was so you can introduce the NFL to the city. Try to get people interested in new. Las Vegas Raiders. You have the new stadium that just got built Bring Bring New People in bring people in Las Vegas who probably never cared about the NFL. And now they have a team to cheer for. Maybe they'll now cheer for or it's teams fans of current. Nfl teams and now they get to cheer for a new team. That's actually in the city that they in so observers say at this point is largely symbolic because the cove in one thousand nine lockdowns. I'm created a much larger financial crisis. And maybe it wasn't ever much more than than branding really the. Nfl draft was to be the coming out party for Las Vegas and the NFL. The final symbol that the League has embraced the city says David Schwartz professor and gaming historian at the University of Nevada. Las Vegas losing the draft means. That opportunity is gone if the fall season starts as scheduled the first official. Nfl Van will be a game on opening day as a big milestone but it won't have the same impact as a league wide events such as the NFL draft the NFL for most of its history regarded Las Vegas with fear and loathing the taint of illicit gambling that harmed baseball with something that NFL wanted. No part of but those concerns largely evaporated as casino. Gambling was professionalized by major corporations and as America overall became more publicly comfortable with sports wagering and activity. More in more states have legalized since the. Us Supreme Court knocked down the Federal Sports. Gambling prohibition two years ago so that led all the major leagues and broadcasters to seek out formal relationships with betting companies as official data and stats providers the. Nfl has such a deal with CAESARS. Entertainment core as a casino partner. But the relationship doesn't include sports gambling because the NFL is still very against sports gambling at this moment in time in two thousand sixteen. Las Vegas made its formal entry into the ranks of Major League cities when it was awarded the NHL Expansion. Team and the raiders announced. They relocate from Oakland. To what is now a one point. Eight Billion Dollars Allegiance Stadium the NFL twenty eighteen award. Las Vegas the twenty twenty draft. The annual event has become the NFL's Marquee offseason TV extravaganza with live coverage from three networks and has rotated different cities in recent years while drawing enormous numbers of visitors. So as you know the draft has been going city to city going to different cities and it's been doing really well. They made it a huge spectacle last year. Nashville was a huge huge huge event over their national. That's saying something because it's Nashville. They were going to Las Vegas and like I mentioned before. It's a big step for the big step four for the NFL to try to grab this whole city in a way that the NHL never really got to. Although Las Vegas fell in love the Golden Knights mostly 'cause they went straight to the Stanley Cup finals and almost won the Stanley Cup. But anyways how much money isn't generating for Las Vegas the NFL and the raiders because of the draft cancellation may never be known but at least with much certainly those most likely hurt by its cancellation of the hourly workers at casinos hotels bars restaurants shops and strip clubs. I think everyone who works for them is affected anytime you cancel something of that magnitude a lot of early dependent workers are going to feel it. Schwartz said Las Vegas Convention and visitors. Authority said it wasn't going to calculate the financial activity from the draft until afterwards Lori Nelson Craft Senior Vice President Communication and government. Affairs said this via email did not produce an anticipated economic impact report in advance of the draft as we typically do for large citywide events. We plan to implement proper research tools to track attendance and direct and indirect economic benefits and produce it after the event concluded to truly capture accurate data so such event typically gin up millions of dollars in spending for a host city the NFL in Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp said that last year's draft in Nashville attracted six hundred thousand visitors which that's crazy just in itself. They contribute one hundred thirty three million dollars in direct spending as part of an overall two hundred twenty four million dollar and economic activity related to the event. That's a lot of money now. There's a lot of money economically. The draft was going to bring a lot of people to town and focus a lot of the media. Attention there but that is gone now. Any economic impact from that loss is worked by the larger consequences of the shutdown dwarfs Schwartz said. The lockdown is predicted the cost of autos tourism industry one point three billion dollars in monthly wages for three hundred twenty one hundred three hundred twenty thousand workers. According to Nevada resort association the total economic loss would be nearly four forty billion forty billion. I four billion for a closer lasting up to ninety days the city of course with its flamboyant parade of Casinos on the Las Vegas Boulevard known as the Strip and older gambling dens on Fremont street exist only entirely for tourism. Las Vegas had forty two point nine million visitors last year according to the according to Lv data when it became tracking nine hundred. Seventy seventy six point seven million annual visitors and twenty five thousand hotel rooms so they went from. They went from six point. Seven million visitors to forty two point nine since one thousand nine hundred seventy which is crazy so really. What I'm getting from this is that the NFL draft wasn't really going to impact. Anything that much in LAS VEGAS ECONOMICALLY. It would have been a very cool event for people to go to or people visiting Las Vegas to go to. It would have been a cool event to take part in put in the grand scheme of things. Las Vegas get so many visitors per year. That six hundred thousand. That's seems like not a lot. If you take six hundred thousand visitors away from Las Vegas from these numbers that read off. It's still forty two point. Three million dollars million visitors was still alive. So basically what I'm getting from this is that the NFL. Like a bigger thing than this is suggesting. But Las Vegas Complete newbies. Las Vegas is one of the biggest tourist attractions in an America period is other with New York City. Go Visit Las Vegas just to say they visited Las Vegas. I mean there's just one of the things I've never been to Las Vegas. I would love to go but not right now but I would love to go to Las Vegas at some point but the NFL draft was not going to have a lot of impact on economically for the city of Las Vegas. It was not going to have a lot of impact on visitors and Las Vegas because Las Vegas gets a lot of visitors in general but because of the Corona virus because of all cove in nineteen and all of this going on they are shut down. All the casinos are closed. There's nothing to do in Las Vegas so the economic impact of the NFL draft is not really GonNa hit Las Vegas but the economic impact of everything else. Closing is going to hit while Vegas pretty hard so this article long man but anyways it's a missed opportunity by the NFL because you're missing an opportunity to kind of sink her teeth into this new market. It's a missed opportunity by Vegas. Because they get more publicity. I guess but at the end of the day it does not make that big of a difference for the city of Las Vegas economically or visiting wise because they already have so much of that is the real damage is going to be from everything else shutting down so when we return we'll talk about xfl stores finding new NFL teams. Which of course I gotTa talk about it. Of course I do when we return. Are you looking for help for your fantasy football team checkout GMC fantasy football podcast? Get today's best advice on how to start. Sit even who? You should draft from sleeper Paik. Still Red Hot LINEUPS. They got it all covered for you that GMC PODCAST DOT com slash. Fantasy Dash Football Dash podcasts. We'll cover traditionally dynasty even impede when you need fantasy. Hope there's just one showed up. So forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter visit GS MC podcast dot com for more INFO four. One of the mini mini disastrous. Has happened since the Kona virus has been taking place and kind of spreading across the whole country. One of the unfortunate thing is we are day thirteen here in no sports land and NFL. Free Agency has kind of saved me so far. But we're Kinda that's Kinda run dry but there is some free agency that nobody really expected to talk about. But we're going to talk about it now and I think one of the biggest tradgey tragedies the one of the tragedies of the corona virus is that we had to cancel. I mean sports wise. There's a lot of bigger tragedies non-sport but one of the biggest tragedies sports wise of the corona virus is that the xfl cancelled the rest of the season. They they just finished week five. Halfway through the season there originally just going to play with no fans but then they just decided to cancel the whole season but we were at the point where people were starting to get into it. People were really having a lot of fun. People were learning the new players and stuff like that. So it's very unfortunate that the xfl had to close its doors for the rest of the season. Now they will be back next year. They will have a second season which is good. I think we can. All agree is good. I mean I can't wait to talk about it. They will have a second season but what now we have free agency the XFL released all their players. Said you can go look for free agency. If you don't finding lug there you can come back to the team report of and we'll go from there so teen teams have been teams. Have been looking for some new blood or blood depending on who you're talking about and of course we have to talk about the xfl possible ex. Vp. Actually I'm going to go ahead and reward him the award him the the xfl in the because he led in every passing category and his team. Five no and then they were clearly the best team out there so. Pj Walker so PJ Walker got signed. He agreed to terms with the Carolina Panthers the Carolina Panthers as we discussed two segments. Go they got rid of Cam Newton. They got rid of CAL Allen they got Teddy Bridgewater and now they're picking up. Pj Walkers and now the three deep for the Carolina Panthers at the moment is bridgewater PJ Walker and will greer which is interesting. I mean we'll could be out of there soon but I don't know but this move reunites walker with Matt rule so matt rule was. Pj Walkers coach at Temple. Where temple had he was a really good quarterback for temple. He made a lot of mistakes but he was a very good quarterback under Metro System Matt Rules. Coaching and stuff like that so that was soon followed by more quarterback related news corps. The Panthers Traded Kyle Allen after picked up walker that left Walker and will greer to battle for the backup job behind bridgewater so walker missed all the goodwill on social media. Spent most of the day accepting congratulations for friends and preparing his move to Charlotte from Elizabeth New Jersey. Where he's been staying at his parents House since the xfl suspended season and eventually cancel it. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see it Walker said I've been on the phone pretty much. Most of the day is exciting to have Ambi support though Walker will arrive in Charlotte as something of an xfl folk hero after spending two seasons shuffling on and off Indianapolis Practice Squad Walker landed in the xfl. After former Colts quarterback Andrew Luck told his dad Oliver Luck ex-commissioner. He should look at the athlete. Five eleven to two hundred twelve pound quarterback Oliver Luck listened and Walker took it from there and completed sixty five percent of his passes for one thousand three hundred thirty eight yards and fifteen touchdowns only four interceptions in leading the Houston roughnecks. Eight five zero record at the end of a long. Exciting Day Walker. Spoke to the about his background with rule familiarity with Charlotte and Bridgewater Patrick mahomes moments and his plans for working out and staying saved cove in one thousand nine hundred tags so this is now more of an interview. I'm going to read it off for you because it is pretty interesting I question where have you been living? He said New Jersey where where he's been staying with his parents. He says his girlfriend stays in South West Charlotte so he's traveling back down to Charlotte so he was asked hate me through past couple. Days has your agent but hitting you up since the xfl said players could sign the NFL teams. He said Yeah pretty much. We've been back and forth. Hello discussions with everything going back and forth about the whole process. Did you have other teams reach out? He mentioned that he got a lot of contact with Seattle. Which Tube Gray backup Russell Wilson? But a little bit of Arizona. What's at Carolina Port? He said me knowing that Matt Rule. The coach just the opportunity to get on the field and compete. So it's going to be very interesting because we'll we have a com- there's a real competition here between Teddy Bridgewater and PJ WALKER PJ Walker? He's familiar with Matt. Rule and everything that rule stands for so merrill already has kind of a liking towards them and if he plays at least decently during the preseason then we could have a real quarterback battle here between Teddy Bridgewater MPG WALKER. Which is a very. That's a quarterback battle. I did think it'd be talking about. But that is a potential quarterback paddle so I think the Carolina Panthers are nowhere near out of the woods yet with their quarterback issues. I mean Walker actually add some more entry to it And then of course. You have the rumors that they could be taking for Trevor Lawrence. But we'll get to that. So what did he tell you about Joe Berry's offense? Did you know much about it previously? He said I'm learning about it on the fly. But I just remember watching. Lsu Games this season they were putting up a lot of points during the ball down the field so that excitement in the offense knowing big plays are going to happen looking forward to it. You were almost legendary Xfl Is the season was going on. Did you think you were going to play your way back in the NFL he said? That's the mindset. I went out there with each week. Went out there to compete at a high level. I had a purpose. I knew where I wanted to be in the end goal but I just knew it had to take a lot of discipline and a lot of hard work to conquer that mission as well so then let's see do you Charlotte with that mindset or are you focused on trying to win the number two job behind teddy right now going in there to try to compete with the number two job behind teddy and see what happens there. Do you know teddy at all. I don't know him but I'm looking forward to getting to know him. I played against him when I was in college my freshman year. Who says last year I played against them? A temple. Bridgewater threw for three hundred forty eight yards and Louisville's thirty two seven win so it's definitely a memory for a while I was there. `specially being one of my first Games. Do you have a personal background? Game Dune he says he doesn't. Is it weird coming to Carolina with you and Teddy now? The future quarterback position which for so long as cans role. He's at absolutely What did Matt say during the process that got you excited about Carolina him just knowing me as a player? He knows what he's going to get out of me. I know he's going to push me to the level that he needs. It's going to help is going to benefit in the long run so I'm looking forward to it. And he was excited just to give me the opportunity to come here and be part of an organization so as you can tell I mean he. He's got a relationship with Matt. Rule is going to Kinda complicate things with Teddy Bridgewater as I've already mentioned so it's going to be very interesting but there is another signing. That happened. A that happened yesterday is not as high profile. Because there's no way this guy is going to play. But the Kansas City chiefs signed Jordan. Tamou the quarterback for the Saint Louis Bowel Hawks. He was the second best quarterback in the League. He was very efficient. He had very high completion rates. He didn't have a lot of yards. They had mostly running attack but the chiefs signed him on to be the backup to Patrick. Mahomes which is not a terrible move in my opinion because of Patrick. Mahomes God forbid gets injured. Then you have a very reliable guy who have a high completion rate and it'd be a good game manager win you no longer. Have Patrick Mahomes so I think that's a good move as well but it is exciting seeing all these. Xfl guys starting to get signed everywhere is kind of legitimizing the xfl as a route to the NFL so a lot of people are going to be interested in that a lot of people. I think it's GonNa make people more interested in the xfl in general. Because now you have these guys that are that are moving to the next level so now you can watch the XFL and be like. Hey that guy could be future Blah Blah Blah of my team. You'd never know so that's exciting. I think that's going to bring more people into the XFL XFL next season. I mean you're not going to have. Pj Walker but that links room for another quarterback to make way and become a star and and you never know PJ Walker could unfortunately or fortunately get cut or during tame you can get cut and they can come back to their teams so there you have it I mean xfl getting some legitimacy here this week with PJ Walker the league MVP getting signed on to be a back of presumably but he has a chance to fight for that starting job against Teddy Bridgewater especially since the coach definitely knows him more than he knows Teddy Bridgewater so when we come back we'll talk about the NBA coming back what would happen in the NBA restarted the NBA season. Could it work? How the playoffs work. We'll find out when we come back. Are you looking to get your college football? Beck's looking to get the latest news on your favorite school teams that Diaz Empty College football podcast is your ticket to all things college football to us as we talk college football from the National Championship the College rivalries the bowl game to the heisman trophy so which converts it's the best we've got you covered for the big ten as these the big twelve the PAC twelve. Acc and everything in between download the Gsee College football podcast. On I tunes Stitcher Soundcloud Google. Play or anywhere you find. God Gas just tied Diaz Mc in the search bar so there is there to leagues that are currently in the middle of their seasons but they got they got suspended because of the corona virus and that is the NBA Nhl questions and Manasseh. Like what's GonNa Happen? If they come back or we're just GONNA push the back and just kind of at the original GonNa play the Games as normal and just pussies a backer. We JUST GONNA. Kinda have like a couple of warm-up Games and then go straight into the playoffs I mean there. There's some questions that need to be answered here about it but we're going to move on. I found this article on the athletic. I know I usually athletic a lot. But he had you describe to it We're not sponsored but I'm just saying it's a very good sports very website to read on Sports. This is by John Hollinger and this is his pods play in the playoffs Howie restarting. Nba season could work so eighty days. Let's start there from restart to the final NBA to the final playoff game. That's probably how much time the NBA needs to restart and finished some semblance of illegitimate season. That we would find recognizable while the League is on hiatus and remained so for the foreseeable future. The glimmer of hope way way off in the distance is that quick. Reliable Corona virus testing allows league to restart in some way at some point later this spring if so the NBA needs to figure out a plan for how that might work restarting. The season involves several discrete steps and those steps present limitations in terms of how in win. The League can operate a restarted season. Here's my here's this guy's idea on how this might work. He should emphasize that. This is his conjecture not anything. People in League telling me first and least discussed is getting players back to their teens and having them in some kind of shape to play basketball with players barred from using team facilities and private gyms. That's going to be very difficult for anyone to stay in peak basketball shape. Speculating these guys to ramp from zero to sixty. We'll be challenging to say the least especially if they they've been cooling their heels for two months now. How long did it take to restart at the Absolute Bare Barest? Minimum two weeks even then. It's going to be rough. Viewing those of US remember. The sudden return to play at the ninety eight. Ninety nine locked lockout already are having flashbacks of big men pushing three bills laboring up and down the court but in a situation where time is of the essence. Two weeks might be all. We have realistically there would be some signaling ahead of that point in the League was getting back to work so players could potentially get in the gym before training camp two point Oh begins the second limitation is at the back end. How late can they go? Seems to me Labor Day Monday September seventh would be about as late as a season could possibly run before runs into two fairly significant hurdles one the NFL season which kicks off its next season ten and to the next NBA season would start. What in October like late October the NFL is part of part is obvious. Let's talk about the twenty the twenty twenty one NBA season for a minute the NBA typically has one hundred days off. Give or take between the end of the finals and the start of next training camp. Then number could be constrained for various reasons this time around but I can't imagine the NBA starting at seat next season any later than Christmas Day which implies training camp starting through three plus weeks ahead of that plug in Monday December seventh as the absolute drop dead date starting short in eighteen days training camp and preseason even though a season ending on September seventh. When only be ninety days of off season? Now that he's what you don't get your hopes up about that star. Chris idea lead could easily break invention and go considerably shorter than ninety days with his off season. Even that we're in the middle of a Kinda sorta off season right now. I mean the teams are getting multiple weeks off. I mean these players like there's a chance that if we come back in the nets the plows there's a chance Kevin durant could be playing in the playoffs. I mean there's a chance for that or Kyrie Irving could be played. We could have a completely different nets team and that team could actually win the championship. But that could have could happen. Won League insider caution saying we shouldn't assume next year schedule will be necessarily change as a result of this year. All of us in the peanut gallery or Jonesing to push the schedule back that requires a massive undertaking from the League side at a time when it was already in the midst of another massive undertaking the NBA could also do everything. I outlined in the story and still kickoff twenty twenty one more or less on time this fall if that's the case however then that Labor Day timeframe becomes even more of a hard deadline for this season the end so let's start at the end with Labor Day working backward their ninety nine days between June first the earliest date and he sane person. I've read can imagine things getting back to some level of quasi normalcy and September seventh. Fortunately the League won't need all nine nine of them to put together somewhat credible season but the NBA does need enough time to execute four phases. A training camp two point. Oh period to get these guys some back in shape a regular season period to play some games that actually count in the standings at the players in some kind of real rhythm before the playoffs two ways to do that both which take about two weeks a playing tournament three to five days where the League can sample. They playing concept. There's also provide a small carrot to lottery teams. They returned to action. Besides just hey can show up a month of the millen summer play means lanes. They actually play for something to playoffs. A four best of five series which would take a minimum of six weeks to complete and likely closer forty. Five days at the finals went the full five games at all that up. Eighty days if everything goes to plan which nothing ever goes the plan if the window runs longer than eighty days. You'd have more toppings on your Sunday seven game finals. Maybe or even a longer training camp phase or another regular season game goes without saying that playing games crowds is likely pipedream this point especially in the early parts of this calendar there is an opportunity here however in that it could allow lead to schedule events more tightly than it would otherwise. Let's talk about playing out the rest of the regular season. For instance there are two competing schools thoughts on this front. Have everyone play to a certain number of games most likely seventy given where we are in the season have everyone come back and play the number of games five or so and just deal with the fact that the stadiums will be irregular either a or B would yield virtually the same number of total games. Teams had played on average sixty four point. Seven Games heading into the office so we'll end up adding about five games per team to end at the total around seventy either method planet is needed. For after the fact when Stat nerds of the world can look back on the basketball reference dot com apples to apples with a seventy game season. It would also result in fewer fewer thorny issues regarding the file standings however it's harder to implement a real time on what's likely to be extremely short notice for instance due to differences between teams. The League would have to jam in seven Lakers and Spurs games but just three a piece by Dallas and Atlanta. Also even if we get everyone to seven games. They're still going to have home road. Disparities Cleveland for instance has already played thirty six games. You can't even that out on seventy games schedule and as far as balancing division conference strength of schedule for forget about it. Forget about it. If the League tries do home and away games with traveling between the complications multiply so let's present plan B. Give everybody exactly five games. It's fair in terms of the schedule. Load ON TEAMS. Posadas and it's easier scheduled out also. I'M ASSUMING NO CROWDS. Which means teams could play available. Reno or neutral site sources. Tell the athletic that the League is still talking to teens about clearing arena dates in the summer. So I'm assuming this isn't going to be the league's first choice but it does provide several heretofore unavailable options so the Ama could have pod. Bod's play games in some random neutral city or perhaps an abandoned college town with the State of art arena. They could also bring all thirty all thirty teams to a ghost town of Las Vegas. Try Bring out the whole thing there if the League is doing by pot idea geographic geography makes it relatively easy to strain how five groups of six and have them meet up someplace nearby. Portland Phoenix Sacramento Golden State. La CLIPPERS LA LAKERS UTAH DENVER DALLAS SAN ANTONIO OKLAHOMA CITY HOUSTON MINNESOTA CHICAGO MILWAUKEE. Minneapolis CLEVELAND. Detroit MEMPHIS NEW ORLEANS ATLANTA CHARLOTTE Orlando and Miami and then New York Brooklyn Philadelphia Washington Toronto and Boston. Those teams could all play so. How would the playoffs work? Of course that's kind of weird. The top six seeds and he's conference go straight through the playoffs. Seven and eight seeds. Get a double by in the plan. Tournament the League is a single by the play tournament. The first round of the play in tournament pits seeds ten fifteen eleven fourteen and twelve thirteen in east conference. These second round of play of the play in tournament is the next day and see nine for twelve and thirteen winter and the other two winners face off the final round pits seventeen versus the winner of the ten eleven fourteen fifteen bracket and the eight seed versus the winner Law those winners the playoffs. That's very complicated. But that's what he's suggesting. It's interesting interesting interesting. Moves A I would enjoy a lot. It would be the most entertaining I feel like either way but yeah I mean we're in weird times like he said this is none of this is going to stick because it's just it's about it's about the NBA where they think is better and so on and so forth so we'll see how that works when we return we'll talk about the medieval. Emma may league. Would you definitely didn't know what is the thing? But you need to look up right now. Check out this build around the women. The INVICTA DEL Tour Championship. We got the fights covered. It's the golden state media concepts women's May podcast. The latest news of upcoming fights discussions of previous matches join us as we talked to about the biggest names in women's mixed martial arts past present and future when it's the women's fight game you know to listen to the golden state media concepts women's MMA podcast now so far I've been telling you about random sports and stuff like that and I mean they've been kind of fun like Vandy was a fun thing. I mean soccer on ice maze. Soccer and hockey sake put together and it's it's interesting to say the least but medieval inmate. Now I can't I couldn't find an actual wikipedia article on this but I found a article from the UK is called night five inside the strange and savage world of IMA may so basically. Let me give you a quick rundown of what this is so you know the AFC all that fun stuff so they they fight in a octagon stuff like that. And you know it's Kinda no-holds-barred I mean there's rules of course but basically there's no rules Well medieval is all of that but both fighters are in full suits of armor and they have swords and shields sorting shields. Are you interested yet? So I found this out about a year ago year and a half ago because I was just bored at work and I was like looking. I'm random stuff and then I found medieval in. May so I pulled it up on Youtube and I was like. Oh my God. This is a real thing. People actually do this so I think people I promise you so. Taking a page from medieval book of Crowd Entertainment Russian Mixed Martial Arts promotion in one global began hosting armored Knight Joust as Inbetween Fight Spectacles in two thousand fourteen. The jazz expanded one on one. Sword fighting attentively between two trained nights knowledgeable. In the ways of armored combat these fires were step into the octagon barbed and plate mail in procedure smash each other in the face with shields and swords as inefficient kept track of things seeing as violence like fashion is cyclical. The exhibitions became wildly popular to the point. That in one place at about devote entire events to night fights Emami fighting dot com reports that the new event is called in one medieval and will be underway. Soon as promoters can find enough nice to fill in the evening of Medieval hacks memory in any case take a look above for footage footed but so yeah I mean just imagine. Emma may now at suits of armor. I'm trying to find the history of this honestly so violent news sport league is trying to make in roses from twenty seventeen in the Pacific. Northwest is best subscribe full-contact anime style combat in medieval armor. The swords and axes are all real. These aren't Renaissance Fair re-enactors. They're only here to fight. Welcome to the armored combat leak. Oh man it's a family friendly violence. What family friendly violence the way you win by putting the opponent in the dirt? That's Eric. Sorry the Pacific region commander for the armored combat. Lee Sorry is here from Sacramento to grow the Seattle chapter of the armored combat. Lead right now. There's only about five members. I wonder why there's a fifty dollars membership fee to join as three hundred fifty members worldwide. Nationwide sorry is probably the most violence. The average person will probably experience up close. Okay so who would choose to put on one hundred pounds of armor and body blows for fun? Beat Alexa Bennett. You put that helmet on if you really cool she said Ben is computer science student. Who said she had? No confidence would want into her first practice months ago. I went through a massive transformation after I started the armored combat leads. She said I was super overweight. I just joined in December two thousand sixteen. I was two hundred thirty two thirty pounds. She went from a size sixteen pants to a size. Ten which is at the real. Transformation has been in her self esteem when you go out there. You're an arm. You said you're not invincible. Very clearly non invincible. The armor does its job but we still get bumps and bruises but it gives you a whole emotional confidence level. She's one of the few women in the League but she's used to that in the field of computer science and she said that the men don't go easy on her in the rain. She wouldn't want that is you. Wouldn't want it. Any other way Brendan nor seen is one of these Seattle chapters new recruits. The Marine reservist from Monroe is getting suited up and armor. For the first time I just saw it online and everything was really cool to me said nor seen history mixed in with a full contact. Yup that's for me. Sure whenever you say John. Dickinson found the sport on facebook. There are certain prime illness to it. Right you're just in the moment you're doing it and when you're done you're really tired diggings instead. Of course you're wearing a full suit of armor but you know he's an eighteen year old. He's a eighteen year veteran of the Everett Fire Department and the data four teenage boys. My kids think I'm kind of a Dork. I would not think that Sir I would think you're crazy. But Anyway Dickinson has launched a new chapter of the League in Bellingham. Right now he has. He's one of two members while the sport looks chaotic is governed by rules that have their origins of fourteenth century. Sorry said around that time there was a French king who wanted his knights and soldiers to keep practicing for warfare in times of peace. He said they were having a hard time. Not Killing each other so they develop tournament rules. And that's where a lot of the rules come from. Saris that all the athletes have jobs. They need to go to on Monday morning. And the rules. Keep them from getting seriously injured. Still injuries do happen. The athletes have scars to prove it during a demo day in West. Seattle one athlete sprained his wrist when he was hit enter. He lost his weapon. During combat the athletes say that only proves the sport is real and despite the pain. They're having a really good time. I'm glad every armor is a good days at Bennett. Even a bad day in armor you're hitting the ground you're like I'm an armor. It's still a good day so interesting. I'm going to try to find the rules for you. Real quick so we can figure out the rules there Let's see IRIO makes great podcasts? I know so with its roots tracing back to six forty eight. Bc mixed martial arts when the oldest and most sports in the world door t h agrees that Mamane played a pivotal role in the ancient Olympic Games and pack ration- Packard impact rating on a fighting art. Trained by the Greek army. Were engaged fights. Yeah already know that. So man I don't think this has rules in it unfortunately but it wasn't inspired by history historical medieval battles export created in Russia in late nineteen ninety s in historical medieval battles Ballerina. Comments are taken to the next level. This wasn't American dads holding fake muskets and presenting. They were in civil war but instead full-contact warfare which was emerged from dusty fields to sold out arenas all across Russia of course Russia's part of this for some purists this is controversial but the fighting itself is arguably the less dangerous than typical may fight. Well being a much. More thrilling spectacle to do's and shorts hitting each other might be fun but added Metal Swagger and ankle aureus steel on steel. There's no comparison. In contrast to traditional moment he will finding his health solely on feet competitors instructed to block or answer the attacks of their opponent sword stabbing his illegal while the armor is one hundred percent metal way up to thirty six kilograms. I don't know what that is off the top of my head and pounds that is eighty pounds case. You are wondering nights. Once fought on horses during the Middle Ages night fight histories brand new series takes medieval fighting to a whole new level stepping into the world of armored combat lead the US Virgin of those original Russian medieval fighting divisions seriously this epoch six competitors come to battle in each episode with only one night left standing by the end this clanging and banging metallic warfare as two nights from hugely different backgrounds. Fight for honor regular regular people become royalty with customized specific armor garb and weaponry all adding to the appeal of it. That's why I can't really find the rules. There's not a lot on this. This is how random this this random sort of the week. The day is but medieval intimate. Look it up on Youtube. There are plenty of videos of it on Youtube and is a very interesting thing. Just Watch. It is acceptable as they say so. Check it out. I don't think anybody gets hurt. But it looks dangerous as hell so if you WANNA check it out. That's all you thank you for listening to everybody to this too late edition of the Tuesday edition of the podcast. Thanks for listening. If you like the podcast light rate and subscribe us on wherever you get your podcast you can follow me on twitter at Strickland Underscore Josh. And then of course you can follow. Gmc Sports on twitter. As well or Chris and I kind of keep up with that twitter feed and I'll see y'all on Thursday and I'll try to come up with more topics to talk about which will be very difficult. Thank you for listening everybody. We have a great day. You've been listening to the Golden State Media Concept's sports podcast part of the golden state media concepts and podcast network. You can find this show and others like at. Www DOT GS MC podcast dot com download. Our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and Google play just type in Jesus Mc to find all this shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music from sports entertainment and even Weird News. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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