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No one likes to feel stuck especially by your cloud but the IBM cloud is the most open and secure public cloud for business. It can manage all your apps and data anywhere smart. Loves problems. Ibm Let's put smart to work visit. Ibm Dot Com Slash Flexible Pride Passion Than Patrick. Three of college. Football leaves here. These Paul Finebaum. Show our to podcast. Come back glad you're here and looking forward to more Over these next couple of hours our next guest is pain. And he's a sports writer with Five thirty which is a fantastic site. Mostly people Look to five. Thirty eight for Political movements but they also do a lot in sports and and Like everyone Neil and his colleagues have been trying to make sense out of what we are currently going through new first of all. Thank you for being with us and I know I don't know if you're still in New York. I know New York has been a very tough place to be good afternoon. Yeah thank you for having me on. Yeah Big Big Fan of your show for a long time. So it's it's an honor to be here. I wish I was coming to you under better circumstances but yeah so You mentioned our site fivethirtyeight. We're based in New York and that's Kind of becoming the epicenter for this crisis Among the many places in the country that are kind of seeing a lot of cases come up and Neil Have checked in with friends of mine up there. Some some are having to get out Some are having to go to do their work. Elsewhere what That's not easy to do by the way when you listen place what are what are people doing that your you and your colleagues and friends well. We're very fortunate that we're able to kind of do our work from home. And since we're writers were reporters. We can kind of pick up a phone. It does limit the ability to kind of go and and interview people in person and I think also from from the sports writers perspective that sports journalists. You know it it. There are no games happening right now. I don't need to tell you that but it it's such a surreal feeling right now And I just hope that everyone is kind of thing safe and and You know kind of isolating themselves and practicing that social distance thing and and trying to Kinda ride out the situation as best we can and it's there are no games. This would have been a this is one of the The benchmark days of the year. And we have. I mean I I was I was earlier. They kind of slipping in and out of someplace quickly to get to get something to eat and the guy walked into man Sir Mr Games. I said you're right. I wouldn't be here. I'd probably be at a bar someplace but I am interested because with with all of the game shutdown One of the biggest stories of the year occurred two days ago with Tom. Brady leaving and I know it's important but for some reason it just didn't seem quite as important. Oh yeah I mean it really? Does you know it it's interesting that the NFL you know. They haven't really pushed back the draft. Obviously they're gonNA hold it without a crowd and they haven't really pushed back Any other part of their schedule at least right now and so. They're kind of going about business as usual and it feels so. Surreal to have that happen. at the same time that you know people are dying of this of this terrible virus so You know the Tom Brady News. It would have been. I think I wrote this in a calm That came out yesterday. Was this would have been the most surreal thing Of the year in sports to think about Tom Brady wearing a Tampa Bay buccaneers uniform And it might not even crack the top one hundred most surreal things. That have happened to us so far this month. I think yeah. I know it's hard to really get about the idea that Tom Brady is never going to. We're a patriots uniform again when when when you drive around town in every parking lot is is is empty. Jim is shutdown. Every restaurant is closed and the future of mankind not to be too dramatic but it's are somewhat hangs in the balance. Yeah it certainly is. You know sobering Especially a place like this in New York. You look out on on the street and there's nobody out on the sidewalk. Nobody is really driving. You know the people that are kind of I I live near a hospital And so you see people that are going there and they have face mask on and and you kind of just feel for them and pray for them. They're kind of making their way. Because you know that people are only really are going to be out about When they You know some serious reason that they have to be to be on the sidewalk. Neil in writing about this and what it means to sports I. It's it's almost cliche to to think about it but Other than the Games there are just untold gobs of money and you know billions That are literally being burned to a crisp. And I wonder I know I know. Fivethirtyeight is a lot of projections when it comes to certain things but is there any way to project when we get through it all hopefully sooner rather than later what the sports landscape is going to look like? Oh Man Well in terms of the losses of money you you hit the nail on the head in terms of billions multiple billions Just in the NBA alone. Canceling the rest of the regular Stephen And and to be clear they have not announced that they have cancelled the entirety of the regular season. Yet or the playoffs. But I think as we You know as the days go by and we see more about just the impact of the corona virus. It seems less and less likely that they're going to be able to come back in time to do the regular season maybe they can do some kind of adjusted Playoff format but that will also probably look very different than the types of things that we're used to seeing and so when you're talking about taking away regular season game Between the concessions and the ticket gate revenue All of the merchandising You're talking about a number of that. Will approach billion dollars just for the NBA alone and you can take that and apply it also two other sports major league. Baseball for instance makes more money as a percentage of their revenue and total revenue. Also Off Of Gate receipts then the NBA does so they're going to be you know in even more trouble As as they pushed back the start of the season more and more And so we're talking about numbers that are GonNa really escalating in terms of knowing when it will come back. I mean you know. At first the League's Edward GonNA press pause for thirty days. That is that looks incredibly naive. Now you know the way too optimistic projection Now they're thinking the disease will peak. Heard may I I it here in New York at least as the date that that it'll peak and then on the other side you know it'll kind of you'll you'll see what you're seeing in. China right now And maybe South Korea where the the number of new cases is being outpaced by the number of recovery's that would be an incredibly Kerr encouraging Timeline if I may I we start to kind of overcome this thing but as we're seeing you know the Chinese Basketball Association at shut down a little bit after new years in January. And it's only now kind of calling players back in and starting to prepare for the season to come back and I think they might start on April first or something like that. So we're talking about a three month Gap in terms of playing games. And that if you do all of the steps that China did and they took Very very aggressive steps to try to curtail things that that are probably only possible. Frankly In kind of a a government like they have a non democratic government so You Know I. I'm not sure what it's GonNa look like when the sports come back. I do know that the leagues have a very vested interest and certainly the television networks in partnership with them of at least getting the playoffs then crowning a champion and one of the big shame is that we will never have a champion for the men's and women's basketball tournaments this year. It will always be a what if there were so many great stories also. That could have kind of come out of it and so many teams. That were making breakthroughs that we hadn't seen you know a rise to the top in recent years and we're talking about You know from the NCWA to CBS. Viacom two Turner I mean. There is nothing not to be a hyperbolic here but there's nothing quite like two three weeks of the public basketball tournament. Yeah I mean it's one of the best spectacles in sports and the AA actually makes probably seventy five to eighty percent of its entire annual revenue from the men's tournament alone so I don't know what the consequences are going to be for the Non Revenue Sports. You know the all all the other student athletes that that kind of you know. Just do it for the love of the game And they're subsidized by these big ticket. Revenues Sports. I don't know what their budgets are going to look like going forward and the same is true for a lot of other sport. You know smaller sports you think about the WNBA. They are sort of dependent on having that gap in the schedule in the summer. Where Basketball You know the men's league is not being played now if you're talking about the NBA season. Maybe the playoffs starting in like you know July or June or something like that and then pushing deep into August and September. What does that do in terms of Domino effect. It has on other sports and will it but up against the NFL. Also you know the. Nfl is used to being the king of the coupe and there may be other sports. That are actually kind of trying to do their playoffs around the time that the NFL Starts up so it's going to be a huge mess in and it seems likely that we might see a bunch of sports trying to make up for lost time all at once in the in the fall or the late summer and before we talk about the Olympic Olympics are still kind of going going full steam ahead and that was that was literally my next question. Neil Neil we three weeks. A basketball is unbelievable but The Olympics is a once in every four years sport the dollar amounts that that NBC PA- Forget just NBC all the sponsorships to marketing ability. I mean it just seems like there's no way they're going to get that off They can say they are but you probably know better Just kinda set that for us. Yeah I mean you said it yourself with the amount of money coming in from the broadcast died and if you think about the athletes this is you know most Olympian participate in one. Maybe two Olympics if they're lucky so these people have been training their whole lives to get this one. M- window of glory this summer in Tokyo. And now I'm with you in the sense that you know. We hear the day were committed to the tournament and and You know we're committed to the event and we're going to proceed as planned but if you're looking at some of these numbers I just don't know if if right now You know this summer is the right moment to be planning a global event where you have people coming in from all nations gathering in crowds And and and potentially spreading the last thing that you would want is another outbreak. And they've warned us you know there are there are a lot of scientists and epidemiologists. They'd say that look. We can make it through this particular period that doesn't preclude us from having another outbreak in later in the summer and the fall And that's something that we have to be prepared for two so I think that it would have been to see the league's last week especially the NBA. They were the first one to kind of make that. Move to err on the side of caution you don't WanNa be responsible for people's lives by spreading this just the kind of stage a sporting event as much as these events mean to I and it would. It would be terrible if the Olympics. I think didn't take their cue from that. And and Err on the side of safety as well. Neil pain with us before you go and this is just an unbelievable Neil. You mentioned football. And we're all just guessing now but how late do you think that decision can go assuming that You're you're the Mai Mai Mai one peak doesn't quite come true There there there's the draft is in is in late April but there's so many other elements to The NFL season as well as college football. Yeah absolutely you're talking about many cancer talking about preseason You're talking about all the things that have to be done. To prepare for the season. And you know if if any of that gets pushed back. I think it would not be surprising at all to see if the NFL also pushes back their their schedule. And then that goes into you know. Does it start pushing the Super Bowl back? That's an event. That's been planned years in advance. So I mean this whole thing is an incredible mess. I will say from the perspective of football both college and especially the NFL. They are a little. They're they're in a position of luxury right now because they did not have their season interrupted in the middle of it like the NBA like the NHL. Like College basketball. Did so it does seem like they're taking a little bit of like a you know. Wait the attitude of well. We'll we'll see how this plays out before making decisions but like you say eventually the rubber will hit the road and they're gonNA have to make Hard decisions about you know whether certain things can happen by certain dates and maybe the you know the optimistic time line is how things play out But again the the NFL if it does work out for them and they don't have to lose any games they don't have to lose any money off of this. It'll just be sheer luck because of win. The outbreak happened on the sports calendar. And I don't need to tell you you work at five thirty eight. It's also a presidential election year. Oh yeah the the odds of I happen to live down the road from where one of the conventions is supposed to be the odds of those conventions being held in Milwaukee in Charlotte. I would think are pretty slim right now. And and the effect that all of this has on on on all that is is incalculable. But I'm sure yet people up and down your staff trying to figure all that out you gotta come back this. This was just an amazing interview. Neil thank you so very much. Well thank you very much for having me. I'd be glad to come back. And hopefully under better circumstances we look forward to be safe in New York. It's a very dinky toys. Thank you know pain from five. Thirty eight a lot of lots of chew on there and we will. I realize we have not had a lot of time for calls. But we'll make up for lost ground. Brent musburger a little later on stand tyner Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper editor. Who who's newspaper won a Pulitzer for covering One of the great tragedies in recent American history all of that coming up next. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum show. Podcast we welcome you back and this disease The current viruses affecting Somebody different people. We have just learned that the New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean. Payton tested positive for the disease This is just Coming out he's the first Person in the NFL world known to test positive for the disease Other Quite a few basketball players have we are going to get to your phone calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five right now. So if you'd like to get in we would be more than happy to Entertain you call. A couple of lines are free. Eight five five two four to seven to eight five. The white shouldn't be too long. Glad to have you on Zach is up next. He's actually to call. Hey Paul how are you doing? We're doing well. Thank you for the call so I wanNA talk a little bit about what Jim said about what people have been saying. There's a doctor. Uab in Birmingham Doctor Stag who came up with some numbers about what's going on with corona virus and they're not like peer reviewed or anything like that but they're rough estimates from what we know from across the world and what we know is about fifty percent of the population will eventually get the virus and of those people about five. Percents will become seriously ill now. Five percent doesn't sound like a whole lot of people. But if you take fifty percent of the state of Alabama that two point five million people and five percent of that is one hundred. Twenty five thousand people So an Alabama only has seventeen hundred. Icu Bay talking about one. Hundred and twenty five thousand people for Seventeen hundred bits. And so. That's what's GonNa Happen. Most everybody's GonNa get some people are gonNA get seriously ill. The things that people are trying to do is to spread that out over a long period of time. And that's why people need to stay home and stay away from each other's to prevent the spread so that people don't go to the hospital that is overloaded and get turned away because they don't have been it's specifically to say people. Would I it to make sure that people can get treated and won't get turned away who who live otherwise so please. People stay home if you can. If you got a business and it's not essential shut it down. It's about people's lives. Have some change you you said interesting and and I we were getting at it earlier. A little bit with Ken Smith Meyer but a maybe I should just be being quiet but I I was concerned were Jim was going. And he's welcome to finish his thoughts but I was. I think the issue is. It is a public health issue as you as you. Eloquently pointed out and if it's not contained better than it currently seems to be on track to. That's where the your your little you know better than I do. But you're you're having doctors Make a make decisions who lives and who dies right. That's not really well. Thank you thank you. And that's such a tough call in any tree is situation or an incident. We see it in war. You rarely see that in peacetime but Anyway I'm I'm I'm I'm a political issue. I just WanNa know the The best possible information and yeah I I understand where people are coming from. I watch all the different news channels. I'm not an glued to one over the other I heard all this going on up until really a couple of days ago and There's we'll see I might a big fan of saying that but it is a reality So I'm not. I'm not keeping score. Who who's right or WHO's wrong but but I think there's Smith Myers said earlier. And think about think about this comment that he said here. The consequences of under reacting can be so profound in so dramatic that I don't think leaders have any choice but to overreact. Jim. I'm GonNa let you finish. I'm not gonNA talk this time. Go ahead look at it. I mean that's the way it Oughta be. Its way it used to be. Okay Paul this is me. This is my my loan statement. I think that's bull you know what what he just said that. Regard the fifty percent in Alabama and America will get that disease that fact Paul until it's back. I'm looking at the way. All of these climate change Moron Lunatics. That's all damn hypothetical speculative and not a fact I don't buy about don't say it's going to be fifty percent. How do you nobody knows that? Oh God in heaven knows at all. Oh he knows what's going on and I like it Kinda crap. That's what is wrong with this country predict and stuff like that you know for sure. There's no way to tell here. Well there is no way to tell it. You're one hundred percent correct about that. There's also no way to say that This is all a hoax either. I didn't say that I didn't I didn't I did Because I did. I didn't I'm just saying I don't always like that guy made about Zach. Well I think he. I regard to what he said and he. Maybe he doesn't know that no but I hope for your sake and don't don't react negatively. I'm just making a statement here. You're not one of those that need help in in a couple days at work. Same you same. I've been plenty of places where I could catch it I've been you say the same course the but I'm GonNa have to make that kind of a statement that it's like well. I'm just I'm just saying that only this game. I know what's going on. You talk like that. You put your plan. I'm making some crazy statement. You know around the block on my first Rodeo. I'm not implying that. But you're the one who is. He may disciple. I hope it's not you. Why do I want you to get you know what I know? Exactly what you're trying to say. You're trying to say that I shouldn't be saying what I'm saying. No I'm not trying to say I'm just trying to say you need to be aware that all you tell anybody when I'm out in the public eye away from Him Jim. Let me ask you a question. You've been to a into a grocery store I absolutely. Why is there something wrong with that? Did you go in one with with a bubble suit on because you can walk in there and you you you have no control over what's happening now. I didn't go. Whoa faith in God to take care of me that ends up right there. Okay that if I didn't I wouldn't go out if I did have an. She assures him I wouldn't go out and there's tons of people that don't have that kind of assured but that's why do that. That's why I can do it in peace. I by the way I'm not. I don't want to let you know you know me. I'm upset because you're trying to tell me and I'm just making. I'm making reasonable statements but I I just hate. It makes me angry. That scientific ZAC give it. That's fine. I always out 'cause they always get what God they're not accurate you that they're the ones that said. The world was flat. Paul come on I mean I really I. I'm always like that if I rejected rebelled against him when I was in first grade. Jimmy Aubrey up. Go ahead thank you Brent. Musburger will join us a little bit later on not about sides but the buck talk about sports gambling. This should be one of the biggest days a year in In in gambling. And it's obviously not going to be That plus your phone calls when we come back. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. Welcome back Brent Musburger a little bit later on cannot wait to talk to Brentwood truly iconic broadcasters ever much like our next caller squirrel rinse one of my favorite too. I'm looking forward to that. But the reason I I I'm calling in I called half of gyms I call but then I called Zach's call and I feel such. I feel such pity for Zach. I mean you could hear his voice shaking And I got Jim. Second call and this may surprise you but I'm one hundred percent on Jim and I I agree with you. One hundred percent in regards to. There's a possible overreaction to this to what's going on right now and I'll tell you one reason why I don't overreact to this fall because and I don't I if I hang up is because I might be getting emotional and I will. I don't WanNa go there today but have you ever looked at your wife and told her if I don't make it out of this tell my children I love. Have you ever been in that situation? Yes Okay I've been in that situation too and when you're in that type of situation happened in two thousand five it wasn't Katrina. It was hurricane. Will I got my wife and I went to Cancun for one week vacation and are one week vacation turned into two week. Way -cation in the last eight days. We didn't have food water or electricity. We went Ford country and when that wall of Hurricane Wilma hit Cancun that night. The building shuddered and there was a time when we didn't think we would. We would see daylight and I'm not gonNA panic until there's a time to panic and I was a group of people that was forty people. One of those one of four. The group one was a insult. I'm not GonNa say what position he played but he was a member of the Chicago cubs. He was there on vacation in that group of us that we were stuck together for about eight days. File six or eight stood up and did what we had to do. And the other thirty people sheikh and that's Chicago cubs swim. The sheets Boll so right now is the time for people to stand up and just be a leader in this crisis and quit panicking. Get the quiver out of your boys I I know this is serious but but we can overcome it. We've overcome a lot more than this. How many people died on D Day? Paul do you know just roughly down these I can look it up pretty quickly but I mean it's got to be in the thousands. No you know what I'm saying. One day in this country looked with this guy and and we've become country of WIMPS and I. I'm just suggesting that everybody to suck it up. Do what you gotTa do quickness Damn Grocery Horn with this toilet paper who already and and listen to have some common sense about this but at some point in the next couple of weeks some officials need to step up and make some decisions government officials. Because you can't let this contry kill itself economically over this over this virus. I mean we've got people that are GONNA lose their livelihood over this and it just makes. It puzzles me that we didn't get this damn excited in in When the swine flu hit a previous administration When twenty thousand people in this country died. Thank you for taking my call. Aloha Dustin is up next in Panama City Hall. Dustin Mr Paul. Thanks for taking my call. How y'all doing today doing well? Well well I called a couple of days ago you took my call and we actually got out on the air about the beaches and how many people are on there. And you know you did your best to help me out and we got it out on the in the very next day channel three news went out and did an interview and documented everybody that was willing to take their picture and they put their name where they were from up on. That and I put posted that as much as I could on social media. And they're actually talking about closing the beaches down here and there but not quite all of them. Yeah I'm on I'm watching right now. I mean it's It looks like they're starting to shut. I wonder what I've seen. They're trying to milk every dollar out of the exactly. And that's my biggest one of my worries here is like say some of these Restaurants and I'll I'll be nice won't name any of them but say on Saint Patrick's Day when I drove down through destin virtually every large famous restaurant. All the big names Headlines around the building the parking lots were packed all the pizza. Joints fooled mini golf packed. All the amusement parks at Disneyland. Shut down. But destin's not Pensacola beach hasn't quite made it to Get that shove in there yet. The line for the beach there was all the way back all the way through Gulf breeze onto the bridge and again. But I'm just hoping somebody out there listening maybe some of these athletes and you know political figures anybody that has any kind of influence and get down there and push on these businesses and the beach to close down 'cause Tuscaloosa great great man. You know I like his opinions and everything like that and the last gentleman as well but at the same token I'm not saying panic is the way but being held for prepared for something and then not having happened as bad. I think as much better than being underprepared and I know a lot of people are talking about livelihoods and economy. What about Life Hood? What about people's actual lives here? And I think that's what's most important and I think we need to get this out there to these the spring breakers and everybody. That's still open because my Gosh Paul was was unbelievable. It actually made. It made me sick. I almost had to pull over. There were so many people and just hope that they they do something about it real soon. And I'm not saying they should panic but I do believe that we do really need to take this seriously because as far as I can see saying the worst of it is not even tell me so. I HOPE EVERYBODY STAYS SAFE. All appreciate let me talk and please people get off the beaches and businesses. Do the right thing tell you thank you? Dustin Jesse was in Panama City and local authorities are starting to do that But there in Florida. At least there has been no statewide mandate as we as we say that The governor of Alabama Kay Ivey has closed all the Alabama beaches down in Gulf Gulf shores orange beach and Dolphin island because of the public and private because of the virus. We'll take a break Brent Musburger will join us in about thirty minutes. We'll talk to him about sports and bedding and his life after listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast Musburger in the next hour to be one of the busiest days of the year for brand who Operates SPORTS GAMBLING RADIO NETWORK IN OTHER WORDS OTHER? Where other lodge he's coming on? Our show is up next New Orleans. Thanks Hey Paul I thought you were mad at me yesterday. I was talking to you and all of a sudden Dir I got hung up on. I thought wow brought up. The subject is not to get deep in the weeds here. I've got a new machine operating on and every time I move my hand it hits a button and you just you just got hit. I got palled well. I didn't feel so bad because the same thing happened to Kaley heart while you were talking to her so I thought okay. I'm into company. I felt worse for hers and she was In in isolation. And you're you're you're at a make believe bar exactly I'm in self imposed exile here but you know one of the things this virus is doing. It's teaching boomers like us. How to use technology right it is I'm they. They sent me some equipment today. I'm looking at like Are you out of your mind? Well in his also done some other crazy things it actually brought jeff and Jim together out. I mean you know. This is making some strange bedfellows. So you know. We're getting your in times when stuff like that happens. I think that's one of the seven signs right. That was like The south excuse me the North Korean premier and and trump getting together. That would that exactly. I was crazy but you know they were talking about your show and You really have an organic show changes with the times and it's not just football and it's not just necessarily things that impact all its. I mean you really have a national talk show. I don't know of another show out there where people from across the country. Just call in and talk other than I mean rush. Limbaugh doesn't take callers does he? occasionally But it's usually pretty quick. I'm hey this is You always hear people say this is a man what what what what happened to the show. This is the show that That was the show before television. Took over well again not having been around in your older days. I don't know so this is what it's like I mean it's open to anything but have you seen anything about this. Hbo Documentary Scheme. Has Seen it not seen it? But I've read I read. I read a column about it today. And apparently they have the first tape without the first. The tape of will wade. Yeah apparently ramblers got a story in the advocate. It seems like he actually got the screen the thing and his take on it is nothing new. It's just you actually hear will hurt. We'll wait uttering the words And not necessarily any new information But the question is do you think that actually hearing him say the words you can have any impact on his long term liability and baton rouge. No I don't i. It may not help a lot but but the fact that that those comments were not heard in court I think turned out to be. We'll wait salvation and you're closer to it than I am but I really don't hear too much conversation about will anymore. In fact I think the people and bad ruse and I'm one of them They start off with Tarquini and seeing all college. Basketball's corrupt wait. Wait is winning and winning cares. A lot of ill as just like solic- you know one good deed Excise two thousand crimes and in this case is one good deed is. He's winning and they were on a pretty good run this year I want. They weren't knocking people out. But Hey as if when Brett comes on has he been banned from TV. Or is he just choosing not to be on listen? He was the voice of College football on prime time they replaced him at. Espn is you know You know he came over not to make this sound like a step down. He came over to the SEC network and He he embraced it though he had fun. For a couple years and then He ended up leaving again under some circumstances and decide. You know what I'm going to have fought them and move to Vegas I think his nephew or son or somebody Started the sports gambling network. Which by the way looked like a great idea until recently well you can tell him always thought he was one of the. Great Voice of the College Football. But I still go back to Chris going but Wilkin all grew up with and they were to me college. Football I mean teach accent was okay but to me. Schinkel and Wilkinson. Because they're sounds of your youth right and an art fleming but he was a little before my town. I vaguely remember him. I I don't mean I don't WanNa come off mean but I think Keith Jackson certainly Held held court for a long time. Verne Lundquist got a lot of kudos. Because he did so many great games but I never thought vern Lindquist in college football compared to Jackson. Shaneco or Brent. And you know the same thing here. I honestly didn't care for a poor vern simply because he covered games that Lsu always lost whenever with Gary Danielson. I'm going I hope vern retire soon. Our local chain look what happens. You are one hundred what happened. Hey great thanks a lot pre show Augie. Thank you appreciate the words we will talk to Brent Coming up here in a few minutes now. They're a little bit later on. Stand tyner About some of the seriousness of all of these things were happening. We're having a better time today. I think all things considered. Let's keep going with more of your phone calls after this.

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