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back ivy l. is back. We've just been talking surnames listeners. Because we both have said a quite difficult. Don't we yes. I just ask you to pronounce your surname. Because i come announce it's still but you do meet the owner of actually trying to pronounce my surname. Which is which is lovely view. I always posing up. You do it quite well you better. I don't care anymore. Has been twenty five years found lodging. Yes syncopal an extra end in there. Anyway you back on the po which is nice because you was so popular when you came the show before and we had the whole story of your incredible career beauty along with the insanely captivating edge of the seat edge of your seat extravaganza life onto with friends a missed so many aspects actual afterwards but maybe one day there will be a book. Maybe do you know what was really funny about. Saving people. couldn't touch with me afterwards. And said i was so glad in a told the full story although now we know it's not because i've heard snippets over the years and now the complete thing listeners. If you're not sure what we're talking about. I will put linked in his original performance in the performance appearance in the show. Notes where you can listen to. Basically a teen before tend to web went round following prince and had an encounter that is worth listening to. Show the your back this time to share with me. You'll feel good habits. And i'm really excited about this because you are. You're hip because such a dry sense of humor that i caught. How fail like these will be like. Let's say ridiculously practical. Oh get over yourself aside. Not actually i was. I was listening to your because you're so good at being empathetic And i'm actually a nice person can be a bit or bit direct and your podcast on how to how to learn to love exercise. He did such a good job but actually capturing how to do but with empathy. Because i would. I'm i have a tendency to say to people. Just shut up and move fair. Because i can remember about thirty five years ago how i hated exercise so i need i need. I need to be more emphasis. Try to check in your in your honor on blast you kind of you to hardcore. Okay so where are we going. Where are we starting with your feel good exercise and i know that's that's very boring His you know we here bit maybe too much of it and it's very Oh god that one again right. But i'm still trying to because of quite evangelical barrett as you as you know and it's no big halls. You know it is. Because i talked to think about this is i honestly think my life would be so much harder without exercise and is not like. I had a hard life of headed charmed life to this view. But if i didn't have that too for me it's such a practical tool such a kind of an all encompassing tool. It works every thing that if i didn't have it and couldn't use it to manage my mind more than anything else then. I think you know the hard times in love would be much harder. And i truly believe that. And and it's it's for me so accent is quite a lot. I kind of kind of embraced it when i was about twenty after. Do nothing for five years. Because as a child i had to play hockey with vengeance but not that i didn't dare told my dad. My dad florida. I was really enjoying it because he loved hockey and all the kids in the village played hockey. 'cause that's what we did and didn't didn't cross my mind to say dr. I hate this. Dread it. Every saturday and wednesday because i sucked at it. I was so bad. I'm really bad with balls. And i'm really cannot do anything with whatsoever at a really bad with groups accounts root sports because not. Because i'm about team player. Maybe i am but you know. Put children into team team sports. Because it's good for my get it. But i work with that attitude of punch. The we're going to win were cattle. Stunned it an account standard in life either and of course it was thinking about that when i was eight but It really went against my grain. And i hated it and then in school. We had to play Softball and volleyball cases just bulls just bull at. We never got the options. Like in greece You know how john travolta tries to play baseball. I think it is and he about it and his trainer then tells him to go running track. You know that's the way to do it. You need to give the children options option between the ages of finally bag. My dad's take me off of hockey. When i was fifteen and i did nothing until the age of twenty Because i thought i hated sports and then i realized that i funny went to. I went to a gym. Sorry you know. Honestly i don't i don't you know. Say gyms gyms rh or anything but the gym worked for me because it was a quiet fight with myself. You know. i'm good by myself yet. Oh on a quiet fight with mo sow yet in my way i will just you know. I'll i'll try get better by myself. And that's actually meal over as i cutler later. But he was the the kind of excise that suited me you know not groups things. I did love step classes. Actually but i was on my own step even though it was in a group so nobody interfere with me. I'm doing this So i love that. And i started running at that point and that suits me as well so those are just the things that sydney but i always say there is kind of a way of moving for everybody so you do need to move because not only does it make you physically strong and if you're stronger you feel more in control of your your body and your mind. I think you feeling strong is a very good feelings. Very empowering and but also the mind thing is so important to me. Because i i know does it now. The past year you know with all had a wonderful time but it's okay but it's it's quite hard. Keep your pecker up rights if you're kind of oh gold. What's in the future what's going to happen. Don't deal well with his security asshole. So if i'm if i'm depressed or a call it down because of never been depressed. Don't of any again. I'm lucky i don't have any mental issues. Don't have a bad body image. I don't have a bad relationship with food. i'm. I'm very lucky. But i suffer from mood swings and i feel my mind kind of going up and down during the day am in life like everybody else so lately you know in the past few in the past year. It's a wake up and down. Because i'm very worried about everything the time to worry because i don't sleep very well so whatever so the mornings are hard. And that's when. I feel most down. But i know i have a tool i could be in my in my gutter for you know on You have to explain that you have a digital garden it So yeah used to go to the gym long periods. Such as this can do that this year. And i couldn't run because i didn't i did. Mike kelly's in. Mike is six months of lockdown. And plus i didn't want to go huffing and sweating over those poor people. You know there was a point where you really shouldn't be doing that so So i go to des happy to just have a weird shape garden as ditch in front of our front door and and the upstairs neighbors count see me. There's i don't want an audience. You know. I wanna work by myself. Very so sufficient So i developed this little routine of squatting whatever My bum lifted by about two centimeters. It works so that was good But i just getting my date in all weathers and do my routine and that drains when when you're down it can lift you. You know excess does lift you it. It's a few hours and then you know life returns back to normal but it always always lived you out of a fog and that's absolutely true you know. Of course you have to get to a point where you can stand as and it's not too painful and too tough but anybody can do that with a bit of training so excess absolutely lifts bad moods excise drains anxiety and again as a quite an up. I learned something. Yes they will talk about that later. I actually have cortisol levels through the frigging roof. As i've just learned medically test. Yeah yeah i could. And i didn't i think of myself as quite together person and so only my smugness has gone out of the window. 'cause cortisol is low media so Bought in terms of instant feelings. If if i you know if that so rises and you can feel it right you can feeling start tapping marquess straightaway. But you can. You can sense it. I can drain that. You know half an hour running back and feel that she draining from my body. And i love that i can do that. You know. I love that. I have a tool to drain mcchord still and then you know i'm not saying it's saving me clearly to do a hell of a lot more but but it helps you know it allows me to braise you know and if i don't of energy than exercise will give you energy mean. Most people don't exercise dough. Believe that but excise doesn't make you tired gives you energy and so yes. Sorry to be rich jellicoe. I love it I also wrote a piece year year ago. You know by how it helped me when my dad died because i always run you know. Through the years he was ailing. He died of parkinson's a long process. And i was already running around through the forest. When i came and saw him through for us when he was dying. I ran in the forest the day after he died And not only did it help mark gray for law just by those physical effects but because when you run your senses are really heightened so you breathe the oxygen more you see the greenery more and it really gave me a sense of perspective because being in the forest is is nice enough anyway. 'cause you you know you this is just life is an aunt forced is goes through the motions. You know there's nothing you can do. You have to let it go. You have to work with it but the breathing in running and seeing that it really filled me without sense of a were. Both but download were bunches. Does start way in in in a big universe and nothing. I can do and i can work with this and it was. It was such. It was such a help you know and again it didn't surprise me. It had it has always helped me. You know to just be out there but That really brought. It brought it home for me. So yeah it is important. It is my made feel good thing fun. Yeah sharing the personal and also it's really beautiful. And i think you said something a minute ago that i kind of Punched me in the gutter. Little bit where you said. It's quiet fight with myself. And i think if one lives in one's own hand yeah then it can be actually that you could be tough on yourself mentally. You can also be tough on yourself physically and actually like you say there are benefits to being quite tough on yourself. Sometimes because with your physical exertions and physical efforts you can actually compound your mental strength. it's about strength and it teaches me about strength all the time and that. And that's why i enjoy. You always get something out of you always come out of in better than you were before and is very simple you know and you don't have to think about it which is good. It's good to i five minutes not sync because you know if you have heads like our who kind of i see a bit like that i over analyze everything and so it's it's good to not to not just be right. I find it very hard to be. And that's that's i think the trick you know. People are successful at not being overstressed and can manage life really well are are good at living in the moment and not you know not looking forward looking backwards which is dealing with what they've got right in front of them And i i think excited kind of a parable for that. It's it forces you to do that. So that's that's why it's very very. And it's a heightened. His of his ac actually my my point one b is such a feature allies in the right order is is oh isn't running with prince. I say i have two women because this is a really fielded thing. Because because of those heightened senses. Right when i run with any of my three thousand live prince tracks in my in my ear. I and they're right because because you feel thanks so much more intensely i am back at you. Know back laser the camden palace. Or i'm at wembley or at the paradiso in amsterdam were xenophon peres. I and there because i'm listening to it and i'm running and is ru you know. So that's how i still go to. Prince comes five years after it really helps. It makes me so happy you know. Sometimes i catch the right track At the right moments that it's a real you know. I just really makes me happy so again. That's that's another another benefit of exercise and music and to to feel good haven't won in fact and listeners. Every i would say every three weeks and received a text from me usually around watching. I'm watching sign of the times again. Because i just first time i watched i thought yeah. That's good second time. I was like this is amazing. Now i probably watch it. I kid you. It's on apple tv. And i think it costs one nine thousand nine when i was on special for something. I have it on my computer. As i'm working i would say i watch it through three times. Maybe i probably have it on four days a week and i probably go through about three or four times each time. I'm sure that and it makes me think about what it must have. And it makes me very sad. Because i think i will never know what it feels like to be in that energy because none energy that yeah all at well you need alternative versions of that same concert. Anyway i do hang out with you in the ditch like the other thing that you touched on that. I do want to quickly mention because you talked about. You've never had a bad relationship with your body image looking about we were talking about sheila and cat now elevate mrs relevant because we were talking about the fact that on that particular video cash sheila accessory is wearing a one legged white sequin sparkley at the very least candidate one arm one get one on one and it was a lot going on bruce not very much going on a tool and her body is insane and katz body was insane and you said something really interesting attacks because i said i cannot get over their bodies and yes. I always knew that you knew they had amazing buddies. But i never felt bad about myself because of it. You just sort of accepted. That was how they look. And this is how i look which i thought was really interesting. It is a great buddies inspiration rather than something to feel jealous or hard done by about because we are all born. Different exercises that you can build your body to the best it camby And my body. Image of god okay. I've got okay body image. I've got the worst legs in the world and people tell me i can't say that because that's bad you know that's negative but i'm the world's legs enrolled got bad legs. I do nothing i can do about it. They are as good as they can be. Because i work out. And i'm very healthy and i'm very fit so that's as good as their ever gonna v but seeing too. Yeah it's just like wow you know. She was bored well and she's done everything she could to make that the best version of of of of what she can be. And i found that very inspiring you know. Sometimes it'd be like why. Can't i have those down legs but you can't. You are born with a certain shape your born. I m sure with a certain kind of ideal weight which is different for all of us. Were not all supposed to be sized ten asshole but you need to kind of find your sweet spot right. And then sculpt that you'll need to sculpt it but work from there to make that as strong as an as healthy as it is account be an of kind of been. Yeah i think that's that's that was from a young age. Maybe this one. My parents never told me anything about that. But it's just like just respect your body and make the best of it right. That's the best you can do. But that doesn't mean that. I sit here and go luke luke. How perfect because they're voile You know there's nothing i can do about it. I've got bad circulation. Okay so fine. Have you tried to try buddy brush. I'm actually driving. Which is quite good. Very much ghetto. It's it's good for my circulation hills-novi often even using a body balancer again. A good would you. would you mind describing this. What it is is a massive sack bulls nobles a note that but but it's a It's it's it's a body bag delicious breath but it's it's got Inflates but it inflates from the ankles up and then goes in waves so the inflation he patient goes in waves body. Mass is your live. And if you've got circulation your lymph isn't working you've got all this kind of toxic water hanging around your body that it does not drained and you get puffy and so for puffy people is quite good and then they said helps with say you know about canadians. Part of say like added up for that. You'd have to do it every day. I think To really see a massive effect but the feeling of it is just so lovely. It's really hypnotized. Is that wave feeling and it just squeezes you gentler all the way up and then it drains and starts squeezing you again. The goes up where it's delicious. But but i stay too. Few i think is five thousand pounds to buy it but i would be in it every day every night thing i am. One harvey nichols offer at the spa. And i went in one. And you're absolutely right. It's a little bit like that sensation. Used to get as a kid when you go in the swings in the afternoon after school and then when you go to sleep at night your body would remember that swinging sensation incredibly comforting nurturing about about the sensation. Isn't that the t you know how this all this stuff by weighted blankets and how you lie under them and it's like being hogged so i get it. There's a desert hugged. As of the brain body mental body effect. Goes to your brain and it feels. It feels comforting. That kind of thing as lovely is lucky. That could be the money that would be my feel good. What have we go instead by. What's number two number. Two is gut health which is another another thing. I don't really think about but then it's true right. So we now know more about microbiomes in probiotics and whatever and if you've got if you've got good bacteria and your boss and you've got balanced kind of microbial in your body and then you feel better but but thing is just is not just a good. He don't get bloated energy. You sit in your skin and affect your skin But effect your mind as well right so they they see more and more that. Having a bad microbiomes of balance bacteria in the gut is linked to lots of inflammatory disease but also things like autism There's there's a really strong mind connection. They haven't quite worked out. How how it works but having good got health having a good microbiome is for the body and the mind and luckily i grew up with you know eating just good healthy fresh food and now i have a husband who's zoo. Chef is no should be he just loves cooking many loves eating so he's always he's always cooking and so we eat enough of naturally always to have the same breakfast for thirty. No since i came here for twenty five years of ethan Greek yogurt the real stuff. Not the fat-free free crop. It has to be an must be the you know anything drained from you know you have to eat the real stuff right. You'd have to eat real food so wake yogurts. You don't need that much because it's really heavy but the greek yogurt with raw rolled oats and berries. And i don't know how. I decided i was getting. I really like it then. I eat it every day and book. Aldo's foods are pro or prebiotics and they're just good for your guts and mainline. Kefir demonstrates council love kefir. Bounce probiotic we eat a lot of sauerkraut us. All those foods are just naturally our in our diets and it just means so. I'm i'm bloated ankles because i have no circulation but i never have a bloated. Never field noted Yeah i never feel like a you know that that that heavy feel sick with what i've just eaten and i'm just kind of bloating. I don't have that because an i'm assuming is because of got good mark of. I am also have good bowel health. Team i I think it's important that you always hear that it supported ride doctors always immediately ask about things So yeah i think naturally it that way so it helps. But i think it's important to keep your keep an eye on it and maybe if you don't feel so well then a probiotic might help. I think are among the few supplements that i would believe in because they are so important. But but yeah. I think it's good for the mind and for the body to have to have good gut health if you can if you can manage it and his wife difficult. What was having a conversation yesterday with a friend about one of my friends really. Irritable god's not necessarily ib well yes actually going to be an umbrella term for having issues and wants to spend some money and investigating it and i used to get really bad. Ibs and complete. It practically disappeared overnight. When i changed how i ate really and what did you what did you change. What were the big vendors. The main change was that i was eating breakfast lunch and dinner and so it wasn't that my digestive system was under constant attack from what was going into my mouth so and i've spoken to dr since he at the you know the digestive system is not intended to be constantly stimulated. It's ideas it. It's designed to digest meals a small meal immediate meal and a large meal maybe with the quarter twenty. Whatever particular opinion. You have on that but so when you're constantly snacking on your having a little bit of this having a little bit of that it's just it's constantly running and it won't run run optimally and say for me. All of the digestive issues just went evaporated. The second i just stopped eating right because it's a lot of work digesting and it doesn't need to be yeah. Did i hear that one because that sounds very familiar Yeah that may so since we do intimate and fasting. Don't you so that. Could that could be another way of of controlling. It still have to eat the right things. But but i i'm not one. I never want to restrict anything that i eat and i don't wanna i don't wanna ever do a diet and i don't you know i don't wanna plan but i i just think just eat fresh. Don't eat shit anything that's made of sugar. Eat numbers and trans fats. Why would you eat it. Also this is. Another thing goes back exercises. Well once you excess makes you listen to your body more so you you realize when you do something that your body doesn't like so every time i eat something that really is full of rubbish. You know which happens You know. Sometimes i fancied out you can tell what it does to your body very quick you got. I'm not gonna eat that anymore. You know but we need to listen a bit harder. I think we're all very capable of just eating well and white things without dieting. But we've kind of learned listening to the signs and think. Oh this is okay. When when it's not there there's nothing in as many people eat food with nothing in it is completely empty food and gives you shook a russian and some energy for five minutes. It makes you feel bache you know and if you kind of feel like that old time you don't really you realize you feel like that because of what you're easing so so without complicating. Just try to eat fresh. Yeah it's a good point while night. Okay where are we going. Number three Pity cat tells you already know great cat in the room when he was in the room overnight and my husband isn't happy because he wakes up at five and once out and start making laps around the bed before he starts mewing so that we he wasn't making him so very poke last night. Grumpy cat is my borrowed hattie's well he's adopted us and half the the neighborhood so he disappears window wants food and a not And i've always always one pads pets. But i'm too scared because i get really attached to them and then i'm terrified. Something will happen to them so now my problem is that i don't have grumpy but i'm terrified. Something will happen to him. So i don't know about the the balance of stress and unstressed that he brings me. But i just love. He sits here with his little face. And i just love cuddling him and it it just again you can feel yourself of you know courts. He's very reluctant. Just watching and his many ways of sleeping does he started a paragon of relaxation Which i love. And then i learned the other day from from marie from gallini who always gives me lots of interesting tidbits. She is a microbiome specialist and she says owes good. Yeah the cat because cats are good for your microbiome at o. Are they now. I didn't realize that so cats are probiotic As our own adam jones. It's because she also said you know look down as been really bad for a micro by because we're not getting in touch with people and we need a variety of bacteria create that by being in touch with other beings And being in nature so digging in the dirt dirt is really good Gardening's ready good Just just nature it. You're touching nature and and getting nature's bacteria good be in touch with other people is really good and pets are are really good. 'cause they we we exchange you know microbiomes all the time so Yeah grumpy has even even more of use than well. It's any say. Because shortly before lockdown. I had dr andrew. Weil on the podcast. Yes yes am. I didn't talk to him about this on tape. I actually mentioned it. To how many did i. I feel like. I didn't have time. I was trying. You know what it's like. Someone like him. Were trying to cram all the good stuff in an echo. I can't mentioned the thing about dogs saliva during a po- costs but essentially it's very similar and i can't recall the precise data but it's essentially how doke saliva as a kid be uses a loss weightless so that was a joke that i read that he he had been on someone else's pause and they were saying. Could you imagine if you made some kind of diet like mouthwash or something from dogs. because it's proven they would you give it a go and people would. Yeah so it's interesting that it makes sense. That grumpy cat is all summer weight loss. Tuck it's good for me and sweetheart needs to look after because bunch of ratbags industry that actually tried to trap him the other day and i think they were gonna hurt him. So it's it's Yeah we've got a got to. What's up of grumpy cat's so are now. Patrolling the streets so he brings with him quote loan stress. But he doesn't know it he just wonders right through in and has a knob But needs to be protected within the guys on the new york underground system back in the eighties. The guardian angels angels. See a. i'm gonna get a red beret. Take my husband's golf club and woke up any year me. I know who they are. So it's not yet. It's not nice guy anyway but grumpy no pets already good so maybe one day i'll have my own but my no it okay. So from going be can't laboratory moving next. We're moving home so go. Home is a is a feel good. I always i've lived in those four so and still there so so it's still. My home is in holland in in a village near near the city of our our big battle. They're the worst manually. No gut. It's a village On the edge of before his very suburban lovely lovely place but my whole of always gone home. You know i lived. I've lived here for twenty five years. I lived in seven. Years lived in france for a year. But i've never in and this is home now but home home is home right so a kind of never left. I've never left. And i still i go. You know countdown is frustrating but go home raid kind of two or three months and and it's just my centuries of my emotional century i was you know was a my. My best days were when i was a teenager. Incongruously was really happy teenager At a weirdly new. When i was seventeen because i remember thinking it that those were the best days of my life. I remember thinking would want to do this again. Yes i wanna stay here forever. If i could And i was very aware of. When i grew up i was going to have responsibilities and duties and whatever it was very weird as a teenager. I had nothing to worry about. You know food was on the table. All worried about was my friends you know doing well. Enough school You know but that was. It was easy because weirdly. We were part of it but by whole year was a bunch of not swats but everybody was calm. Everybody kind of worked and played. You know really weirdly so so that was fine and then gave free holidays. How easy was live. And i you know wonderful friends so so my best friends are still the four people i knew when i was four so so they're still connected with that. All their parents are still there. So it's still going home to when i was at my most at peace so it's a very peaceful place for me You know and it just it. Boys me up i just i love being home and then i love being here as well but i have an anchor there. Which quite grateful for you. It's kind of sister representing my solid. My my security record securities ready in. That's kind of a main Need quite safe. So that's the safest place for me. Yeah i find that really interesting. Because i grew up in a village to not far from london like an hour on the train. And so when you were telling me the print story one of the things. I thought was gosh back in those days a me. Those parts of europe seemed to not not as not as modern as london. For example. the. I it's very easy for me to get from my little village to london. The idea of traveling around where you wear. It just seemed like oh that must have been even harder and so when you were talking about folding prints run. I was like oh good owner. She was without without a train timetable. One headphone. I definitely had the opposite so i didn't have great teens. Atl i was absolutely miserable. Was just waiting for them to be over. And i grew up in a very small village that i knew i wanted to get away from say. Finally when i go back i get very. I get a sense of being very claustrophobic very quickly. Yeah that is so interesting because of a afford about that many times when in these days when we talk about growing up having a variety of people look at so there were no black people in our village. Actually the there was one that was one in school. was one in school And actually he remembers me. But i don't remember him and and interesting if i if i look at it and you know why out some very good friends and my best friend f j e the only one who knew was gay because there was no denying s you. We knew very few gay people as well. As far as i or who were at who talk about it. But i i grew up with absolutely no limitations of the world kinda came to us. We knew what the world looked like an. I had no preconceptions of anything. I wasn't you know i think we grew up very worldly weirdly in that village even though world wasn't there because rise when i went amazon was like. Oh yeah here's that world that i know of And it was nice to be out there and discover it orbited was also nice to just always have my my wonderful. You know history. I could go back to But yeah it's interesting you don't you don't a small town doesn't have to be a really looking Tiny place that you wanna break out of so don't really know whether that's in the individuals head or whether that's the dynamics of the town that year in i have no idea but i i feel like i grew up in a not in a big city. I grew up in a small town but with the pretensions in the mindset of the big city we were just quite outward-looking When i why am i have. I have no idea why but i never felt it was out. There is it was for the taking. But you know while i was too young to go out there. I was just going to be in my town until such time as i could go into the world that i only knew that is interesting. I definitely the experience thinking. Nothing will happen here. So i have to get out. So yeah no. I i knew if i wanted to get out in the world achieve something i couldn't do it in veltrop. No no but but i could go. Maybe if one day i grew up i could go and live again in philip and take it as my place of you know as my as my would you call it My anchoring and live out of there. But i had to go to go out to actually experience that world that i had seen And it just didn't feel like a trap. It felt like a like a safe place to start the world from or something Never thought about this heart. Yeah no. I couldn't have done anything from. They're not no no no no. I had to go to to a place like this is how. I'm always a physical place geographical place or do you think home home can be a spiriting place. It can be anywhere. But i'm very glad it's it's a house you know. I i like seeing in solid in solid form. I like having you know one day. That won't be there and that is my greatest. Don't i can't even talk about that because you know kind of it represents everything and it's nice to have a physical A manifestation of of that kind of security so. Let's go back to it in touch it. Okay let's finish off and would is feel good habit number five. Yeah okay original. But he's read a book halls. I didn't. I was very avid reader as a child and then from the age of a student as onwards think apartment books accurate. I stopped reading books and he didn't. I don't know why it went. Magazine is whatever But was in reading books and it wasn't until it stops sleeping and that's over ten years ago i was trying anything and everything to get sleeps earth. Only i'll read a book in the night then Start reading harry potter. Don't beach too high. I thought i need something. Cicada of harry potter. They were good. I need to go and do it again. At least it was just amazing. You know a soul. The movies was never that impressed with the books are just so good. I mean the the intricacy of the fantasy world unaware it's coming from but jeez so good and it was such a ride and it took me out of my head. That's it it took me on my head And it kind of helped me sleep a little bit. But i haven't let it go. And now every night i fall you know account. I can't go to sleep with that guy. Just fall asleep. Reading isn't very myopic. I literally have to book has to be against my nose for me to see the letters. Nobody believes me. But that's the truth. So i literally once i fall asleep. The book ends up on my face. And that's usually how husband finds me But it's again it's getting out of your head and it's just being an entirely different worlds You know that's that's a way to calm your mind. I think it's really important. Also you see other worlds. He see other people's problems he see how other people live here. It just expand your mind. Doesn't it and i think that's a really again. That's a really kind of empowering joyful thing to do so yeah books. I unlike you. You read a lot of really helpful books. And i always feel guilty that i don't read more books to kind of improve myself but if i did not before i went sleep i wouldn't be sleeping because that would be more like hard work so i like novels. I am very stuck in the military. Middle ages now Historical novels constantly. I seem to be reading about the same things by different writers. All the time side. I get i get a bit stuck. You know. I get really excited about something. And they'll be doing the same thing for year. So you know i'm still. I'm still in tudor times. I have been for many years But every now and then. I picked up another book this amazing as well. So it's it has the creating is the creating is it's not original but it helps thought it's such a pleasure is an i remember when i was recovering from my Reduction surgery and i was talk for three days of only really shuffling about. I read my friend lindsay's books and it was so joyful. Because actually i mean the recovery was fine but i was more. It was more the fact that i had to sort of be quite still for a little while and to just be passenger in someone else's story so lovely mazing you. You can't go anywhere. And i keep trying to tell my pathway pedantic trying to tell him can you read a book because at least she can kizzee. He couldn't stuck in a chair. Whatever you can go anywhere doubt if you read a book. Ozzy had parkinson's so it's really hard to read at a certain points. Still feel back as i would beat him up about reading books when he actually couldn't Which is four idea. Wasn't really beat him up by amac or i should have pressing so hard but if no well could realized and now i'm trying to tell my mom but my mom's very she can never rest her mind. She's worse than i am so she has enough. She has enough to do by just like oh just please guys just read a book because you you can. You're not stuck. You know you hand go anywhere if you if you if you float away in this different world and i do like that idea. I hope in the future. I'm gonna get stuck physically. That are will remember that. Because it's it's quite life-giving. I think to be able to do that so that you know you get on really well with an note that is you book ring. This amazing. i think it might have been at the kids choice. Awards or some awards ceremony where he got off and he said two things running and reading. Oh running there was always a voice in your head. That's to quit and you always go further than that voice tells you that you can which i think is absolutely one hundred percent true. And he's reading. There is nothing that you are going to experience. Somebody hasn't experienced fool you and written down their experience on the island from it read it. That's it. I wish i would have just sat out eight. No -solutely it is true. It's again it's perspective. Isn't it best the same thing you y- get full of forest and whatever you suddenly realize oh of just this so it's you know it's just offset everybody else 'cause you can get so caught up in your own head your own problems and you need to remind yourself that you know it's you and twenty million other people and you can share out so that's really good so yeah no well done will and you were at word for word which is amazing. I'll remember he said something really wise and then it would have forgotten. I do have. I do have do you have quite good rico but i think i probably watched that clip on youtube about one hundred times. So that's why these have been absolutely wonderful and they have been so personal and unique to you as well and they are just lovely. And i love the fact that you talk your first one is exercise because i do distinctly remember being a very nervous new beauty editor on the new. And i having bonding moment. Both in silence both listening to music but both exercising next to each other in that little baseman jim on that press trip and probably i was thinking. I wonder if she thinks that i'm fat. I wonder if she thinks. I'm running too slowly and was probably during all of that in my head. But i do remember. Stood of having that bonding moment of we both like to exercise. But we're not chatting. No i again. Yeah i remember it well. And that's that's the thing is again. It's it's it's a nice. I don't. I'm an individual runner. But it's actually really nice of the only person run with is is one of us. Renzo lives montana now. But she's she's very avid runner and actually enjoy what we hardly talk. But it's almost like you talk. You always took mentally. You're kind of sharing the act had got one added. I remember that number. It was fun. It was fun right now. It would be wrong of me to well festival. Thank you but it'd be wrong with me not to mention your incredible book which you have been on the show and talked about but i will put the link to great skin now. I'm getting confused now. That really is what with all those books neuro. And i think we've all we all had the same issue trying to think of a of a title that was just two words and wasn't really unoriginal. And actually actually. I wanted to call it skin care but dammit caroline mantle was ahead of me as i call her caroline harman's which is going to get nominated. I not the booker prize. But guess she is nominated a hillary mental wise. I've been kicking a walker. I just every time. I message gripping the makov i'll be like you broken and today i guess any websites have quite reach those heights bought. Yes book is out there and it seems to be doing well and i still use it as my own reference. That's quite helpful. Record of nice space like you've saved some respects. Get rid of everything else. Just the book. The thank you very much. Just critically. Ingeborg family triggered here on. I will put the links to your social media and actually listeners. If you aren't following a please do go and follow her because actually one of the things that she does very generously if she does stories where she talks through new product launches and the benefit and she has a very wonderful accessible way of explaining new product launches. That might seem like they might be complicated. So we're talking about proper formulations and active ingredients and things like that but you break it down in a way that is just so accessible. So i will put the knicks to that and the sharks. Obviously but things becoming nice to see you ask you. You're probably texting for hours. Where i'm not watching so under the times again. Yeah look forward to that

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