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Welcome to the entrepreneur academy podcast, the place for entrepreneurs from entrepreneur. One. Hi, this is Jim Thome deal onto banana academy and welcome to another put cost today have absolute pleasure to talk to Jose Antonio Morales. See is the guy behind feared failure. He's the guy who made so many different things possible today, and we're going to talk to him what it easy does. Exactly. And how can fit you what you can get out of it. And so, Hello, Jose. How you doing? Good morning. Hello. Hi. See today we here to talk about your part, the things you doing today. I mean, we know that you are very much interfere and failure in Philly, international, and you create this extraordinary movement. So can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about all this? Sure. So there's a there's a line in my life that division. That is something like five or six years ago previously so before the line, I was a ninety professional and I was always interested in making my own business. I was working with Microsoft Peru. I was born in Lima. And. And then when I came to Europe to Slovenia I continued working of with technology and Microsoft technologies for, for many years, like seven or eight years, and then I haven't paternity of moving to New York and. When the saints were not as I liked decided to return to Europe with my family and. Then I have to question myself, what am I going to? And the first answer was, I don't want to be an IT anymore, therefore, what am I going to? I didn't know I received a message from a person his name, he said the guard shine an amazing grew and the father of. Organization culture. He said you don't have to worry because you are enterpreneur, and that means you can do whatever you want. So with that feeling of freedom. I started the new chapter in my life. The fear and failure was one of the first things that came up. It was the result of a theory, or a I called Lincoln island. Afterwards. I came up with the idea of having a working space, and that is called Aurora co working that he's surprisingly successful, and many other ideas that were growing vital. So you were saying you have multiple projects going on that same time right now. Right. So feared fail. International is the largest project, can you tell us a little bit more about fee and failing to national fame comes as a result of my own frustration? And the frustration was rooted in the fact that my business was not working I was trying to start up Lincoln island and I was ready to drop the towel when I went to conference and I heard keynote speaker complaining that, why the event organizers cannot learn from their failures in that was extremely interesting to me because a South American, I heard so many times, South America's Stelling European governments to let us have our own failures to let us girl. At our own speed. And the question again, to my mind was is it possible that we cannot learn from failure. Because if we gun learn from failure, South America would be developed today, right? Right. And some people decided to join this idea of organizing an event around failure. But. A few weeks after philosophizing about this event and the contents and the former that center, we found that failure was not the real problem. The real problem was fear. And at that moment, we understand feared the right but now fate grew. Now, we are present in, in five countries, I've stopped with hundreds of persons we had around sixty speakers if I'm not wrong, and the conversation with him was in reaching in fear in face today, the Sierra article foundation for all the activities that I'm doing. Okay. But it's it's really turned into a movement, right? I mean it's a it's a major thing it's going Europe, white now, right? I would love to see it even a bigger. So. Fear and Phillies, very strange very weird kind of thing because. Starts with your station on some events. Right. We call them meet ups. Those meet ups have speakers an an audience. So everyone would think that we are making events for the audience, but that's not hundred percent accurate. We are making the events for the speakers. And the focus of our energy and attention are the speakers the preparation of the speakers. And then when they share their story, the participants on itchy. Vent, get something out of of, of the event. Some of the participants were at in these will decide to become speakers in the future. And some of them not. So. It is. I cannot say that it is a movement because. If I think of a movement, I would think, on the participants on the on the in these of the rent when some of them receive something they start making changes in their life. But some of them, not in the case of the speakers in most of the cases I would say ninety five percent of the cases. They are the ones changing. They are the movement, but they don't necessarily know it. Okay. So. Right. So we said we'd hard for me to use the movement word what I would hundred percent. Agree is it is becoming European Community. Alright so, but in just to get this, right? Also for the listeners here, this, the idea is that someone goes on stage in front of a group of people, and tells about his failures and his fears right in business, mainly, or in life or in general or how, how does this in which area does Cisco? We use an ownership as a framework, right? So we normally ask stories for stories related to the preneurs path. We have if you needed for enterpreneurship that he's not necessarily related to business. Right. So for us, and British ship adventure is, is growing us in individual and business is one of the ways of growing individual. So. Some person about their divorce. All right. So it doesn't it doesn't really matter what mater sees that spirit of I want to move forward. I want to improve. Or we call it girl. That's the context, but their stories start. So when we ask a speaker, tell us your story. When they know that this is fear and fail. They will insane instinctively. Try to tell some story about failure, but the preparation of the speaker is going to bring some light and talk more about the fear part. That's what we care about the story is not on the failure. The story is in UAE the failure occurred, and in most of the cases failure happen, because we tend our fears with don't even know that the fierce are there. So what's the kind of impact you hoping actually making do you know exactly what, what the impact is? We know impact we understand very clearly the finishing of impact, but we don't have a clear metric. Yet. We we've seen persons change in their lives. We've seen person where there's that they felt lost. Become empowered, and our will not say succeeding life, but they went in, in, in, in a bus of growth and development and basically the persons that I remember our today feeling very happy. They're experienced they took their life as an experience. They took responsibility of that experience. So that for us success. But we don't have it yet as a metric because it is difficult. We would have to follow hundreds of persons. Fearn fairy events and workshops are bringing immediate results in terms of empathy in terms of understanding, but how do you measure that? I can see a point to Sydney, not easy, but I guess you get feedback. And of course, people tell you, I mean, I had the pleasure to take part in, in one of your vents here in Brussels. And I must say I was very impressed. Impressed in a way that it really provides a platform to tell the story out of your life, really in a way, which, which, of course, did you or me in this case, quite quite heavily in that, that's telling that story and seeing other people reacting to what's story. That was quite revealing for me, too. So I found that impressive. Yeah. And that's the focus on the speaker. You see you wear speaker there. Yep. And that's why the change on the speakers is almost in all the cases happening. So that could be a way of measuring for example impact. The number of speakers participated in the events. Okay. So just just a move so fee and fail. International is, of course, euro by this. We say so in which countries is it. Where can we go if you want to actually be part or take part in one of those workshops or or events? So there too, but Unity's one of them is to participate at one of the existing chapters. Right. But the other one is create your own chapter as well. Okay. It's a wear looking for expansion, so whoever that wants to participate just need to get in touch with us currently we have presence in Austria in Slovenia in Belgium, and Sweden and in Spain. All right. That's, that's that. That's pretty cool. Great. Yeah. I'm the team of persons. I mean, the we call them shelter managers are amazing persons. Self motivated, very enterpreneurial. They have each one of them have their own other activities. Right. So they don't leave a from van fail. Fanfares one of their activities. Yeah. I mean I must say, as you said, I was a speaker there. And in a way, what the people I met for me the most important part the most impressive part was really after the event so after the speaking was finished. And then starting talking to people and people asking me questions about the things I was talking about, and this reveal really brought complete new connections with with new people with impressive people amazing people. Really? So that was quite an experience, our, our theory here is that everyone is an amazing person, but they need to have the environment. In order in order to share their experience their stories that questions are doubts their bus, and Fearn fail is a format that is designed to generate empathy empathy as we understand it is an instinct, and that instinct happens. I mean this gets three girth when someone is showing their ability, but then the effects of empathy are staying for a long time. And as a senior experienced at the end of events. Nobody wants to go everyone wants to stay and share their own story. And, and another unusual thing is that no one is turning on the telephone. Or checking emails who are listening stories? Everyone is hundred percent connected with the stories and the speakers, and that's the right condition. Right. That's the empathic connection. Yeah, that's amazing. I have to say us, but I saw two amazing fantastic. So let's say what, what is your passion today? What is it actually? Why are you doing this? What gets you going? I mean, this is quite a this is quite a thing. It is quite a thing. Costed me six years of full time. Right. There's no. Business model and we have multiple business models. But there's no mother business yet. So it caused a lot of time investment from the mice side and the side of the chapter monitors as well. All of us are United by the same. Wish we care a lot about people. We are experiencing growth, as individuals therefore, we see how the orders, get stuck. And we want to aid them in, in a bus of growth in the meantime, with these over that there are some persons that they just don't want to grow when that's okay. Right. But for the ones that want to grow we are there. We, we are at one more live. Right. That is that is really what, what I care about now more on the personal bases. When I talk with my friends, my Peruvian, France, right? When I was young, we were going to parties, and we were travelling and they tell me that I was always the. The one going to talk with foreigners. Right. So I was going to drink my beer with foreigners. So I see the beginning, I had a nation for meeting, new people. And. I think that's one of my drivers as well. All right. Yeah. Well, you'd certainly do this. I met a lot of new people, and that was pretty impressive. So, you know when you look forward and you look ahead a little bit. What is it that you looking forward to? I mean in five ten years, where do you see yourself? So very tempted to create visions of future. Very careful about it because the visuals future, I had in the bust never came up as I wanted. So instead of having a clear vision of the next three five ten years, I usually try to have a vision of when I have seventy years old. And that means that's a vision that is not only related to business or. Something I cannot really plan. Right. So. Although I will dream to have these European wide are say Shen that supports this activities are I'm having today. How a lot of people working with me? Fulltime employees designers architects, wherever it's needed. I, I prefer to decline, I beat on that kind of dream and very much focused in what is happening right now. I'm totally sure that the plans that I could build up are not going to work as I expect. So, yeah, some people don't like to work with me precisely because I don't have that kind of structure. Okay. So, but when you say I mean, the people come to you and wanna work with you. For example, Phil international. I guess I don't know. We all very much used the structure. I do understand your point very well. Because if things don't work out over certain period of time we might lose a little bit of we don't really want to think about too much. And maybe that's even one of the fear and fail just talking about in a way. But at the end of the day, you see yourself someway, I mean, you doing all this is so much energy. Where do you get this from? I have no idea from where I get this energy. It might be fear. You know, my biggest fear is. To not be worthwhile. And it looks like this fear is waking me up every every now and then we've. And trying to solve it of by a fainting, positively the lives of others. I don't know. Okay. But this, this is this is a great. I mean you know it. So if you call me better. So, of course, if you understand that part, and that can be a driver to, as we know, fear is strong emotion. The same optimistic thinking ahead or whatever else you want to see in a way. It's the same thing you know. The same thing, actually, the fear has nothing of negative. Fear by itself is not negative, when these native is the emotions that we get from it as you said, as soon as you are aware of what are you afraid of is not? It's not creepy anymore. So you just recognize it. And in that case he starting to help, right? So, yeah. If my fears are going to throw me into a life of. Support for others and myself, of course. That's fantastic unto happy with that. I can see that so probably from there is that my energy comes I. I'm not a particularly. Feet person. I'm not all the time making exercises taking a lot of care about my food. Completely normal person. Well, I'm sure you are, but still what you do is certainly extraordinary. So that's, that's for sure. Just Joma thing. I mean if you could go back, I mean, if you if we're not looking in the future, let's look back a little bit if you look back about. Well, you know when you were younger and you were today, you could meet yourself. What advice would you give yourself I would tell myself that I'm good enough. That says it right. That's because, you know, the, the attitude, I constantly had when meeting new people when trying to sell something because I was always in business. It was a be the needy. I was always like trying to sell cheaper just to convince them to buy. There was always a condition, right? So okay, I'm going to sell this product cheaper. So then they know to work with me, and then I can raise the prices. Once they find out that I'm great, it never happened that way. Right. So once I mean to me, it never worked. So if I would be more confident if I would know that I'm good enough despite wherever others could say. I would be so grateful for that. Okay. That's great. That sounds good. That's bullion. Okay. Let's see just one more question before we finish this year. If people want to work with you. I mean fail you're trying to make it big that's, that's clear and you're looking for people and you can go on the website. See that. But how can they reach you? How can they find out more about it? Well, I'm available. Online everywhere. Right. So. If you find me with my full name, Santona Morales in, in Facebook. I'm immediately accepting. I'm in Twitter link thing. So it's just searching my name. Okay. And you have a website to I guess that's right. A personal website. I don't but we have the website, the voter co working dot com. We have the Lincoln island dot com we have the glue, but the website of the Louis we are the Lou dot EU. What else will fail dot com? Of course. Vision of present dot com. And all of these initiatives, are having faith who pages and Twitter accounts and. And people want to work with you specifically for fee and failed. Are there any requirements you? They must have they have to bring. Yeah. So more than requirements. There's, there's a process so. Because we want to meet people. We. Nor knowing that we are throughout Europe. We start with Skype call. Once we have a conversation, and we measure the, the interest of the person the motivations, they are compatible, the chapter is basically made then we're going to start providing some training, courses some philosophical discussions. We will explain the whole framework of their failures is pretty powerful and offer options. Right. One option is to have a chapter. So the meet up chapter, but the older is also the lever the workshops that we have prepared are very powerful. In the case of the worship their business model there. So. Whoever that starts a worship chapter with us can make a generate some revenue in the case of the meet ups their revenues, very small right? Just cover expenses, basic. Okay. Great. Well, that's what they really need to do. They need to get in touch with you directly speak to you and find out everything else directly from you. I mean what we will do below the podcast and we have our notes. We will have all the details about all the links and Email and whatever else in order getting contact with you, anyway. So we're going to put that on. Let's say just one Easter anything else you would like to tell our listeners anything, that's you think is important. Change is inevitable and resistance to that change is painful. Right. So those feelings of anxiety or depression. Are somehow our resistance to change. Struggle, we can call that resistance. We can call it struggle. And as you know, startups business owners. They go saintly talk about their struggles. But what we are discovering is that suffering is in the Bendon from struggle that means you can remove the suffering from your struggle. Because triangle is. Byproduct of growth. So once biology said to me that without struggle the first living cell will die because struggle is required for. Volition. So if you are struggling with whatever thing in your life, your job, your profession, personal relationships, wherever you need to know that you can remove the suffering. And you just go forward with your struggle. All right. Great. So let's, let's look forward to change, and let's make things happen. And look forward to struggle in a positive way really? 'cause see I would like to thank you so much for taking part in our podcast here and to tell us a little bit about your story. I'm pretty sure a lot of people want to get in touch with you and talk to you. So I'm looking forward to getting some feedback from your side, what's really going on. And how much brought to you not just to put cost, but how you progress. So if it's okay with you. I would like to come back to you in six month or twelve month time and find out what is happening and how you moved on with fee and fail. And with all the other projects, working on if that's okay with you. And I leave it at that. Thank you again. Very very much say, and I'm wishing you all the best for the future, and well, a lot of fear and a lot of fail. That's all. All right. Take care with me. Brilliant table, say have time. I hope you enjoyed today's episode. And if you want to find out more about entrepreneurship come to our website at WWW dot on dash academy dot EDU and find out everything you want to know about entrepreneurship and don't forget to sign up to our special sweet spot discovery to himself.

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