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Climate Change: Ahamed Weinberg Tries His Best


This February history will be made. Millions will watch as eighty years of unjust. Stigma is left in the past a product. The drove good people to the the black market will be revealed as one. That's creating a new global market. This February what inspired the symbol of counterculture will at long last be seen as just culture. The new normal is coming. Will you be one of the first to see Mrs Madman. Dot Com to watch an exclusive preview Welcome to brain machine network DOT COM Hello entire world and not just the Internet welcome to another episode of Dark Tank your weekly reminder that every black person is like thirty feet tall swear to God we can fight. Were big and strong. And we're for several feet tall this week joining me on the show or three of a such good friends of mine your funding and so good to me in my life life dating Fernandez. Yeah that's me one of my very good friend tape yesterday. And that's the best friend. That is the best friend and you had a set up already for me and I'm so happy for that. Yeah you get it if I get it to give me your entire paycheck you get ten percent like everybody. The else there are nine other people not including myself The other side of this panel is Also my good friend Baron Vaughn. Hello how you doing today just doesn't work when it's only one person wants to not as popular we can do it Uh what's up. I sing and Acapella choir so that you're saying that you weren't beat boxer progress. Yeah no well. The the beat boxer was a black person. They always are acapella group unless it's one very very studio white. Dude you beat boxer in my orchestra where you partial orchestra stand the back and just fucking. Does that mean. Nobody knew you were doing it but you know I would sneak in and just do it. Just didn't I sue tiffany. They were trying to kick me out a Muslim boy. I can't beat box. I mean technically no right technically I I would forget. That rule beat boxing and clearly in the Koran. Right yes right there next to page one next to all Ramadan's thing also know beat boxing. It's the little known six pillar yes shall not be eighty five thousand five times a day and beat box to not defense. Should've kept it going. Yeah no no worries that third voice that you're hearing By the way is my good friend. Hamad Weinberg how are you. Hey good yeah just part at pershing square. So yeah did you a two from across the street and we all parked at pershing square. I parked nowhere because I got it right here but I'm just right across the street is that is that a pershing square. There's like eighty billion in parking. Lots around here. I don't know where pershing square is all. I know it's near Wadsworth Park. Yeah it is ironies pershing square as Rambus. I want you to know well. Well that if we go past an hour it's twenty dollars so well Kim clock's ticking parking is going to be an hour. You'RE YOU'RE GONNA book that Gig and I'll just take it out. I'm going to book it and I'M GONNA lose it immediately. Parking is is it plays into the average loss angelenos life way way too much just like somebody who lives in a mountain town is always talk about skiing. Yeah Los Angelenos. It's like ooh parking. I'm not going out tonight. I got a good spot. I actually. I've I've been talking about this on stage but at the mosque that I go to. There's no parking that doesn't make any sense and That's like a problem with Islam. There's no park. Ah No but like seriously like churches have like five hundred's basis every Catholic and you're like man if there's a spot for me here there's there's probably spot for me up there. Hey you're allowed to do it. We can do bits I'm nervous now. I went to a very tiny church. The parking lot was bigger than the building really. Yeah and how many spaces do you know. One hundred forty four thousand. Let's wait a minute. That's how very heaven heavenly governor. That's very twelve thousand for the twelve tribes of Israel. It's it's a very Inside Base Somebody was Jehovah's what Roman my right now somebody has heard of Joe Jehovah's Witnesses that would be me okay no Jehovah's Witness for the summer. Oh Yeah for one summer David One of the biggest summers they have is mark not true. That's summer PHOENIX. It's another job. Well no I was I was. It was literally really because of stand up comedy. 'cause I was a kid watching stand up and I swear just for some reason every comedian on TV was talking about Jehovah's Witnesses which is it was witnesses right they knock and I'm like what's I don't understand what the deal Jehovah's Witnesses are at that exact moment knock knock knock. I wonder who that could be as if it was a film and I opened the door. Our hope is witness for four months. Oh well to my mom made me stop which is the opposite of how that story usually. Wow you're black Mormon Why no some black like Mormons little? Oh Wow I grew up in vegas baby. Oh boy we got Mormons. That's a well though. I knew this one in Boston. Still what a very odd complex to have in your life began to be a part of religion. That thinks you're the thanks. You are the race of Cain. Yeah Yeah that's fun. They used to come to my house. My mom would give them literature like they would leave with my moms know. Joe Like my mom would like yeah come in and try to convert them basically. Oh Wow yeah I bet. They wish wish she ever successful. No no it's hard. I think they were just confused. Yes because she's a white woman and with a head scarf on confuses everyone ever and that's the thing there's not like I actually don't know any white Muslims uh-huh you're literally the only one. Yeah I heard about you win. Malcolm X. came back from Mecca. Seriously like praying white people. I'm Mike Oh I didn't even know that was the thing. That's that's the last time I ever heard about white people doing Islam- but now I know you. There's Cat Stevens. Oh well yeah. But he's not Cat Stevens of Islam Islam and his rebound. There's your hip hop name right there on the schoolgirl. Track right there. I used still live right across from the Big Blue Scientology building. Always wanted to go like my friends at night because they would give us literature they would they give you like these big books. I remember once I used to nanny for family and I wasn't feeling like I had to take a whole week off. I was sick and there were like I think I know what will help you and I was like. Oh Shit like referral. Whatever and it was one? Are there workbooks but My friends and I have always wanted to go in there. But I'm pretty sure that they would separate US microchip us and then family would get a call that I don't WanNa come home and like no no. No I'm good. Can I tell you something. I've gone there and you've been micro-chipped. Probably Okay Yeah. I've gone there twice the first time I just moved to. La and I was curious serious. And I just went and alone. How do we know that this is you man? I don't even know I. I'm not sure I took the personality test. Ktar what what did they say. Your personality was your introverted. Anyway go into the cell personality test is so fucked up. 'cause you go it's like a scantron test you like like it's like college and every question is meant to make you feel very uncomfortable yourself uh-huh so like the questions would be like if your if your wife slept with your best friend. How would you feel and the answers are like anger like jealousy or like forgiveness? And you're like they get you finish this test and you're like I'm so confused and there are no correct answers to these questions so you turn in the test and then they're like you're fucked walked up to and that's how they get you literally yet place. Looks like scary Disneyland. It just looks like it. Looks like we're weird. Miracles happen. Yeah they have movie nights where they would pull up a big sheet like you see into the parking lot. And I know that they've edited those films. Like I'm just like Jurassic Park but Tom Cruise cruises in it somehow changed every single ending of every film to be like scientology. John John John Travolta's a dinosaur. My My funnest the funnest thing about scientology to me is trying to explain it to anyone who does not live in Los Angeles right trying to explain like Oh you know how sometimes sometimes you drive a street like Oh. It's a copy like Oh that's a scientology guard and people are like I don't know what the hell you're talking about. I'm like okay. They have their own secret police but they don't even have the decency to be secret secret. The secret police. That are just walking around. Yeah you know how sometimes you get stopped on the street because you're not a certain religion in America. Yeah that I I was signing up for what central casting troll yeah yeah. When I first moved here they didn't know what I just? Just talk to this girl online. And I don't have the heart to give people like fake contact info. Why so I just got? I just gave all your stuff I I mean. I didn't respond to any of the the emails she just gave me all these pamphlets and she was like well. If you WANNA be an actor you gotta you gotTa do all our stuff and I was thinking well because she was preying on some certain insecurities insecurities preying on various very ling. It's weird how someone come on in. We'll check your chlorine levels. Yeah it's weird. How someone can appear to be praying on like guarded insecurities when it's very you're standing in line for an acting thing in any deals like they just saw that in Uber like no? I mean online for this. Did you see the documentary on it. Because that is one that about John Travolta where they got in his head of thinking that he would get every audition and then he did see. That's the part that I want someone to work crowd of people like you're going to get this and then you go in there like hey I'm GonNa get this and then you do see that maybe I actually will sign up. Actually they just if they were like. We're just an agency now. Yes it would probably be good agency. Yeah honestly it would be very good. Maybe Jesse smell would not have had to do any good boy. When I signed in I wrote Tom Cruise? That's not as are you. The also Sir I also screamed at the top of my lungs in Scientology Center like a couple of months ago because I was doing this thing on my instagram where I was just screaming for cash and it was like people adventure me and then I would scream in public and it was just raising money for I didn't know what but but at the end I gave it to throat. Cancer but I walked into the scientology center and screamed like and it took so much courage because As soon as you walk in they start talking to you and they follow you. What are you doing here and they WANNA make sure? You're like a weak person. Yeah so they confront you they sense an intruder. Yeah voicestream green. I went pitch. Yeah Oh it's like a scared white girls screens and they immediately were like you have to leave. Of course I'm leaving and I walked actually just what that's how you get out if anyone listening and they're stuck in the system which is a the voice trills practice that up a registered. It's GonNa it's GonNa be valuable classes. It's voice lessons just to escape scientology. You'd be the boxing and orchestra. Get ready for it. Age Joining Acapella Group. That white girl scream though like the scared scream does sound like when they both see CHR though that also what. They sound like the bathroom. It's the same. It's the same. Usually you hear a name afterwards right well racism taken back to host. I forgot we were doing this. Show to be honest Very interested in what Hamas going to get. I'm honest he's a white. You're a white Muslim. Which means that you you practice a face where you know oh for a fact that Mohammed is not white is true? Yeah that's gotTA BE OV. Christians have no idea that Jesus fight you about. Yeah yeah that's interesting yeah. They're in denial of it. Yes exactly yeah. There's no pictures of Muhammad it's it's a little in many ways. One very specific typically definitely not. Yeah I mean Oh sorry. Who was the guy that all the portrait of Jesus are based on It is Leonardo Davinci's uncle actually have a joke about this. Oh Yeah Yeah. Leonardo Da Vinci painted a painting called. It's called Salvator Mundi and so it it is. I mean savior of the world and Latin. Welcome and so Yeah I have a joke about this. Because Davinci kind of modeled. This person after his uncle whom he thought was the perfect looking man and so he kind of was a very you know European looking person and that's the most popular image image of Jesus that has been passed over and over and over and over and over again so most most Most images Jesus pretty hot most images. Oh that's is that the the one that's not the one one see. That's that's that's a self portrait of Davinci. I mean Davinci hot to say it's like an Italian with Roughly this one right here. Oh kind of like yes exactly. Can you Google pictures. Actually look at this one. This is this is the image. Oh boy what are they like. It's Jesus he has his hands up and he also is holding a little globe because he's got the whole world in his name he's got the whole world and his hands in my hand as right. Oh Yeah they call me Joshua Gas as you were over this picture of Davinci. It's a self portrait. But you see how he looks like. He's a very Italian guy I did and that was the style of the time that is not the style of the time in which Jesus lived. People weren't wearing long hair like Dan or having white skin. You actually in that Google search. You actually turned up an image. That was something based on documentary. I saw again have a joke about at this. That was called I WANNA say it's called son of God. It was a British documentary which did load research to try to recreate what they believe. Jesus looked like right with really stretching on on the evidence. Yeah but it's kind of just the idea of what the style was at the time what people what a Middle Eastern Jew looked like right at that time time with him Him Short hair and yeah yes but the globe that looks like that's and that's the thing there are so many versions of this He. He painted a portrait. But eighty billion people copied it over and over and over again and it just became right image. It's like it's it's basically just kind of runaway evolution. I guess you could say it's just a game of telephone. It's again of telephone. Yeah what happens if that's the word. I'm not gonNA search is you. You get to a Scandinavian Humor magazine. Getting episode of South Park. What is what is the reason for that again? I'm I'm sorry I forget why you can't have images of Muhammad I don't know I think he was too good looking with fall in love. My guess I'm not sure I think it's something about idolatry college well growing up in my household I couldn't have like a stuffed animals because that was some weird form of idolatry and it was just like images around the house like would always be like of the Koran or mosques. ooh Arts but it would never be like human beings and when I was a kid when I was like second grade great I got really into cartooning like drawing cartoons and my mom was like set because I guess you're not supposed to draw crayons and images ages. Yeah and that was of course like what I wanted to do. Well to the point. We're just talking about how the most popular referenced image of Jesus is not not real. Yeah there's millions of people worshiping an image of something that was not the thing that they think. Yeah anyway don't you what were you saying before. Hey Ah trying to host was just pulling up this picture a black Jesus a house no I refer to it as regular Jesus. This looks like a taller cat. Williams Williams ABS- ABS- Williams. That's absolutely yeah. I call them regular Jesus not just Jesus I call them explicitly regular Jesus Regular Jesus. Yeah Yeah of course. Is the adult swim. Show black. Yes Yeah Yeah Yeah I call that regular. TV Jesus TV's for sure visas TV's isn't mirror. yeah so So Hamad I look I honestly. I've got no picture of what you're going to pitch you. You said you're GONNA talk about about global warming. Is that what you yeah I mean I I really try my best to come up with like a super silly goofy answer. Okay and I really couldn't. I just didn't get there okay. I I was like thinking along the lines of like Everyone's fucking ugly than you know. I just try to think of it but I don't know I just wanted to actually really say what I think. which is that I I think? Global warming is a direct result of the greed of human beings. And like how we WANNA be super powerful and super rich take advantage of literally everyone we can to get there and part of that is of course racism and colonialism and coming to America of America. It's all about resources. It was all about sourcing. It was was. Yeah it's just people trying to get rich and that's what slavery was about in it's just about manipulation of poor people in of poor white people also who you know if you make them racist they're more willing to do what you want them to do and I I just think honestly that the result of all of this is global warming. Because we're we're destroying our planet by being so greedy and what's GONNA end up happening most likely as the sea levels rising and and some sort of biblical and to all of this shit. Yeah and that's not funny but I think it's true it's gotta be funny because no one's taken taking it seriously. Yeah I mean the only thing that might remain ironically enough. I think every prisons might be the only facilities with enough Structure to withstand Hubble warming. Yeah and it's kind of ironic that we've been systematically oppressing black people pulled by putting them in prisons and that might be the only people who survive at the end of this. Yeah Oh that's a very interesting hypothetical. Yeah it's hypothetical Chol and it's a very much of a stoner thesis. I would say yes but the title of your actual. Yeah Yeah. I didn't graduate but I still sent it in. wrote it on him paper. Yeah exactly no but yeah. That's my theory man. I it's kind of like A. I don't know when people think about religion and they think about the Bible and they think about like all these stories that were so. I think a lot of them were made up and they were parables just to give you life lessons but like if you think about shit that happens now it's all very biblical to me like like the fire fire festival is a straight up biblical story when you think about it. It's like all he's rich people going to this island to just be fucking exclusive into sin and they literally end up. They've spent their lives trying to get away from suffering. That's the whole thing you're like. I just want to be rich and ignore all forms of suffering as much as I can and then ironically they end up on this island living in a third world country a couple of days and like forced to face their mortality. And right there human. I don't know so what you're saying. Is John Rule. All is Jesus flipping over the merchants table girl. Only this is my ball those they will be mad when it comes back. That's that's the worst person as little boy So like if you had to. I think of a way to fix that starting with climate change how I know I realized I didn't give you a lot of time to think about this. You had to like really because I for one one thing. We can't continue to pretend that we're serious about fixing climate change until we're willing to write Poop and pee on the on the toilet buttons. I feel like that's that's a That's one place where I'm just like. What is the big one mean? What is the latest dual flow? Yeah knows what they mean. Yeah there's the bigger one mean P because you're more likely to present by accident or does it mean it's a bigger situation to handle. I don't know what you're supposed to meet you're supposed to need less water for the P.. Yes solicitously one but should also no consistency to how those button like you want. I feel like you should be the accidental one. That when you can accidentally press press should be the one that does less flow you can also just put poop or repeat just one word to imply the Oh the other one is not the other one then jam. Yeah or just put one in to even. I don't know I just feel like a as far as places to start is just party your pitch. Is this this. This is the premise. Is these the concepts that you are standing on. Yeah my concept is that the world itself is in a Punish us for our sins and like that's not necessarily God. I don't think it depends on who you ask. It depends on who you ask but like I think what is happening is I. I think like there is a KARMIC system in place. Where like we have been so bad for so long as a fucking species is that it's all it's all gonna come back and yeah and that's why Lord is GonNa go I that's the first step right I guess if I'm pitching. FM pitching anything. It's it's God. Oh all right well different direction. God is love in what capacity just a universal like karmic retribution system. That does exist. That's like I think. He meant KARMIC reparations sermons sermon brand. Well do you do you feel that God is adjusted. God because he's watched for centuries as white people have have harmed people of color. Like do you feel that. He is Ju- like that he exists because if he was able to step in and he doesn't does not make him a bad God. That's a good point depends. I'm sorry to interrupt now. Go ahead depends on if you think God is supposed to or not supposed to intervene right so if he but I'm just saying someone that has the right because he everyone at least in the Bible believes in free will or whatever jerk off motion believes hit but but if if we're saying that this all powerful being had the opportunity to step in In the same way that if I saw I don't someone and beating a small puppy and I did and I just walked by. Is he not then a bad or she or they a bad gods. There's as a Yeah I mean I I I don't know and that's the thing that you have to accept if you have any any faith and like I struggle with faith to like. I don't think the history of the world is fair and like I've had to had arguments with my parents about this of like. Okay okay. There's God and you believe in that like my mom would like slip on the ice on the way to talk to the car in the morning to get to school and she would be happy that she fell. Because she's like God's protecting us from like getting in a car accident on the way to that level of saints where you're like. How do you get there? That is So much and I would always argue with her and be like well. Why the Holocaust like why slavery? Why all this stuff and my mom's answer could only just be like I don't know no I can't say it's not for me to say all I know is that God is in my life? Here's a here's a concept. I wonder if this is what the point of the Messenger is whether it be muhammed whether it be Jesus Buddha or you know some other major spiritual leader leader in the history of the world whose message is essentially always. It's up to yaw like it's kind of like we're God so it's up to us to kind of fix fix this and this and this and this this I mean this is like the it depends on how literal I guess you were Kinda WanNa get so. I guess what I'm trying to say is. Perhaps the point is that we were supposed to do all this stuff but so much has been done over. Centuries in recent centuries thousands and hundreds of thousands of years to kind of push us towards this direction in which people have you know used God's name to put forward a a horrible agenda right of course and thus us have been systematically destroying the planet and our trust in love for each other for thousands of years. What I'm trying to say is there is no hope uh-huh and if you think there is walk off a cliff no I'm joking Optimistic senic. Atheists are always saying that they're like well why. Why do people do bad things in the name of God and then they're they're successful at doing bad things like what the fuck? Yeah I don't know I tend to think of it in In sort of way where like I don't know that it's so important. What we do specifically just on a cosmic level? It's sort of it sort of feels like hubristic to meet a think that anything that we do is people. Eve is even like registering during on God's radar like I guess it's sort of a point of view. He just made this shit and it's going to do what it does. I think it's basically the earth is a sandcastle. Yeah he walked away at high tide. Yes that's what we have been living inside of. Yep for millions of yeah we should be building a wall between is like a better player like he has a better earth like we were his trial ride in early. You never plug moved on earth like I stand up tape like I was so green. This got like an agent like why don't you look at look at what between their legs. I thought that was funny. Anyway I've moved on a long unlisted link on Youtube we are sometimes like sometimes. Yes I think that Danny in a way because you know what the science community is constantly doing because of what Hamas talk about is actively looking for new new planets all the time. Yeah that's what we're looking for new planets out there looking. So sometimes I feel like some of these planets that could possibly be inhabitable are like gods other projects where he liked perfected earth because he didn't put people on it like this one. Great People look at it Green Lush right taking three hundred degrees the perfect. That's the it's an ice plant in everyone's inside it man. That's what I'm talking about. The experimental stuff stuff like when he was going through puberty everyone in the car. It's just it's just a Korean spa and they're great just neutral. Everyone's wearing neutral shirts. It's shorts I wonder too. If that's been why it's so difficult for us to go to other planets because God's like nope every time we get a little bit of technology he was like no that's that's it orbits. God just like me news. No I always change their position. They'll never be able. Yeah this one. God's just got other planets like on a fishing hook dangling that carrot. What's that game you? You play where you're throwing something over somebody and they can't catch it because they're small. What monkey in the middle say bullying? We'd be yeah yes no good monkey in the middle sounds reason that it does don't feel good about it. I feel like Whitey in in the Middle Right now. You're not just for reference geographically. We're all very equal rights. Ah Geographically yes Danny and I are wearing hats a Hamad and I are not and that's right so there's a lot of parody. I'm trying to not move too much because because my jacket is super like squishy I took yours off. Is that what's going on. I guess I could take off. Take it off something going no. I'm just wondering like you know. Maybe you just feel like I'm not gonNA shower today. Let me hide the pit stains or the smell windbreaker. I took my not just a little bit yesterday. We say I took my jacket off just to look a little bit like. I'm not wearing what I wore yesterday I saw yesterday. WHO's wearing this exact alphen but you're clearly self conscious about? I would've thought would've been like look at what a stylish confident man and he's like this yesterday. Astrium like forget what I said before. What if it was blind? What if it was like a white Tux and I wore the same? It was like how how. How did you do that to the second day? Lots of stains you live. Life is all about showing the world life. You've been living. Yeah ask you. Do you have trouble with the like Uber. Drivers getting her name wrong. Just people the name wrong all the time one hundred percent of the time. What did they say They they say they say Yo. Soy they say my old trigonometry teacher in high school used to just say the letter D.. And then throw out whatever every syllable. My nickname was doi- for years because of that Doi- Doi- fringe block the. Oh I got almond once. That's a starbucks. I guess he just wants Almond Milk. I don't know why he's they're are calling you a hobby joy. I like that go with that. Mine's Donell for some reason. They just cannot get because because my and also a lot of Latino guys. Don't let calling me Danny. I think it's a masculine thing. They're always like what's your real name. Though they don't like they don't want to be in the throes throes of passion calling me Danny. I guess it's my name but but I guess two two male to male find that funny but anyways Yeah and in a lot of people will say donell like they just cannot grasp Danielle. That's weird donell do now. That sounds more masculine than yeah right like Daniel Dalil. I knew what to kneel and I I get Byron Berry sorry Brian Lou cephas Lucifer just making it up. I have a weird issue because the you know if I go to starbucks like say a fake name usually destroyed to deal with it. George Jeff Jeff. You're my dad's name. So that's just the lineage of that is hilarious. Jeff to a Hamad yes. It's a huge. Yeah it'd be my name is Di da Travis. So I can't really uh can't really say much. My Dad's name is Jim. Oh goodness and my mom's name is grace. I don't know what the fuck Nigerians are growing growing up. You know going back going back you gotta look at the pass to get to the future. WHO's winning in Asia? Okay yeah that's that's a that's a the Middle Eastern name Arabic names not yet. The her birth name was Catherine so She went through it. And then the middle she was Topi Eh and Topi pins hat which was her name because my mom lived with native Americans and she was the only ginger. Oh well she's so. She wore these little. She wore these huge brimmed hats. Yes they were outside all day just called her hat woman what she lived on the Rez. She's on a Razzie. Yeah what if life yes married some native American dude and then then then she didn't then she found Jeff which parent converted to Islam initially initially. Well they both did because my my parents both were You know my dad was raised Jewish in Brooklyn and my mom was raised Irish Catholic and was one of ten in in like a traveling family because her father was in the military so they would move from base to base to base and my parents both ended up being disciples of Guru from Sri Lanka Who was who was a Sufi Muslim? which is Sufism is like Mr Coal Branch of Islam so it attracted a lot of like hippy types? WHO A lot of? There's there's a lot of white people at my mosque. You know and a lot of weird names lot alike. The first girl I kissed. Her name is Halima Friedberg. Why Yeah Oh and her? Dad's name was maleek Freud Berg. That's incredible all these like Muslim Jew. Name Yeah Yeah in one place yeah. It was an the use of Nice to meet you point. But they're cool names. Yeah that's A. I have an issue though because when I go even if from going to like a place that's like a Middle Eastern restaurant I have to use a fake name there too but I mean I don't have to but if I say a Hamad there that's justice confusing. Yeah feels like you're making making fun of them. I have to be Jeff everywhere. Yeah you you're you're blended identity kind of person. Yeah so it's kind of like like people are confused. I guess is the only thing I can say. Because you're a white guy with red ish hair yes and then. Your name is a homage Ahmed so then people get really. They're like Adam and they get very confused I would assume yeah even Muslims are like you mean Ahmed right because a Hamad is even more that it was like the guru gave me that name and that's like somewhat of Sri Lankan. Oh name it a variation on Ahmed. Yeah it's the same name but it's like a Sri Lankan a take on it. Did you have a different birthday. Was that your my name is Hamid Soltan Muhajideen Weinberg that my full name. Wow and my sister's name is Kalima. Rose Maree fought Mohideen Weinberg. You know I think this is a live haphazardly stumbled upon ah pitch okay. Yeah for ending. Racism is we give all white people. Muslims that's brilliant. And then it's harder for you on all all of your forms you can get. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah when you apply for a job. Yeah where do you work now. Freelance EXAC- yeah the team Nice to meet. You would make sense to be white with a Muslim name in prison. That's like the only place because people are like. Oh you I've seen that season is yeah exactly do you think Do Do you think Jesse Smolin is going to convert when he's in prison. You think he's GonNa Find God no he's only going to be there for a couple of years. It takes awhile. Yeah I mean enough off. No he'll probably get out before then. Yeah I'm sure yeah good behavior. Isn't it just me. What's his name Jesse with a you have? Do you know anyone named Jesse. I think it's is it. Not just in Jesse is Would it be. I don't know his sister's name is journey will also with you in to ease and then of course he's got the other a foreigner Asia Kansas Boston. Reo speedwagon small and With me on this journey like I tried go to talking about that. Sounds right Google It is Justin Justin Jussie smollet I don't know what other information I have about him. But but going to jail hears about possibly possibly very possibly only a huge fine or a combination of two yeah. I don't know that I even have like a a straw a particularly strong. Take on it. I'm just saying I'm just waiting but is it confirmed that he lied. Will he turn charging me. Oh Wow that's so bad for the liberal agenda that's Sir I mean and that's the thing that's the thing is it's kind of like there's so much for people to pounce on and people are very primed for it As if what he did discredits any other time that this has actually happened right. It doesn't even. I think the saddest thing is as is a queer black man. He a thousand percent has experienced harassment lies but all of a sudden all of that is also now DESCR. You know some way. Hey that's been taken away all the suffering that he has dealt with as a queer black person is now all of a sudden wiped away as well. It doesn't erase any of of that stuff. Yeah but that's what to what's going to be stripped year. They just. It's all fake news and it's all just like you know the liberal media just jumped on it immediately and was had like attacking his attackers in it. It just sucks the now that now. Those people are deleting their tweets and they had just you have to accept that they were wrong and yeah which is like unfortunate that. It's so difficult to do that. And like not causing any collateral damage that you're wrong. Yeah well yeah like I mean the first tweet I saw this morning. Somebody like bill cosby. Jesse's let don't seem like victims of systemic racism even in the same category and that's the thing people seem to be an just everything is not one thing it would be so nice nice if there was no complexity or nuance to life and humanity. But that's not the case. Yeah it's not the case absolutely. Wow this bumpers pause gun. What are we all kind of? Shell shocked and some sort of way. Yeah yeah I I brought up the news. It was GONNA be hilarious for some reason. It's Uh of course it's not when you were actively in inside of an apocalypse kind of the situation. Yeah it's hard to find a hilarity in their gallows humor. Yea I was gonna say our mutual friend IFFY WHO IS MY CO host 'cause you were talking about how yeah He is if he should coup today Wadi Wadi Way and his dad I think is named like Dave thing. Yeah also usually like Danny is usually a male name in Nigeria if he is normally a girl's name. Yeah Oh yeah it's Weird I. I've considered the possibility that even even though I my mom is from Nigeria. I've considered the possibility that maybe my name is fake name. Yeah I which I think is just L. areas considering the stereotype with like black Americans point though literally every name is fake yes. It's just a matter as long. It's been around. Yeah just one another person having it before you and I know one other. And he's my cousin same age or what younger so sounds like a conspiracy his name. We're both of our kids original vampire here Well look I don't know if we've solved anything but we've had a good discussion. We awesome problems. Yeah do you have any final thoughts on the climate change. Anything any like. I don't know it just thinking about it more. I think like conspiracy theories might be able to bring us together to the country. I mean conspiracy. Theories are something that everyone loves. Yeah do you have a favorite one. I love bigfoot. I love the idea that there's never been. Nobody's ever found him. Yeah and it's just been this law like maybe if we found bigfoot that could actually end racism everyone would be raised us against him instead of yetis out there this petty also a nickname. We gotta get ready. No More Petty Eddie Yeti all right you go get the core betty all right. I'm ready for the yet. WHO MAKES THEM SPAGHETTI? It's get out on the jetty. It's something everyone could get behind. Just be like I'll fuck. Yeah let's forget about our issues. Let's just let's just look at this big fish. Let's go visit bigfoot together her. What are we just found out? He's actually blurry in real life. Though make sense I still think everyone thinks that about the aliens. The aliens come than it would be like humans verse aliens but no I still think that they would be like you know putting like people of Color in the front lines you go I I absolutely absolutely humans versus big feet. I also think that like that's the other thing is that like we think about aliens is like their us. I feel like we have a very. We're we're so insecure as a species that feel like we're constantly trying to prove why everything that we've ever done was inevitable that make any sense like we're constantly trying to prove that we're naturally selfish. We naturally compete. We naturally go to war. Yeah I don't know that those things are totally natural but I do think that it's interesting that we project that on the entirety of the universe if alien show up we'd no idea what they're going to be like. Yeah they're not going to be like. Oh we're here for your shit. Maybe maybe not. But you're operating under that assumption. So we're just kind of like they're what get get the nukes ready so it's just kind of like we would be the first ones to pull the trigger. Yeah it'd be like you know. Be Basically intergalactic. Kent State Shot. I we do kill new things like any time they find like a new. It'll be like this sixty foot fish and it's like dead like you just killed it through good. This is put me in. The paper found a sixty foot fish and we cut off fifty nine of those feet. WOCKA WOCKA flock aflame. Although I do want to say doing we still do a final thoughts right. Yeah okay I think that we humans are petty but I will say breath. I remember an episode of mere cat manner and Alexa. This mom mere cat went in and ate another another ladies babies to be like. I'm the queen not you. Don't mess around. Yeah so in the animal kingdom so it it might just be earth it might just be like whatever. The Sun is emitting or the moon. Whatever making a survival instinct perhaps search deep inside of us? That's like I want to be the king. I WanNa like rule the land but to be fair in this. There's been a lot of science behind this. What has helped humanities survive more than competition is collaboration every single time? We wouldn't have gotten to the point if we did not in some places as a group every now and then figure our going to survive in this number of people. There's always safety in numbers but then we're kind of at the same time being told that we naturally competitive so we just have this evolutionary cognitive dissonance. Surprise didn't didn't see already doing I'm like I didn't stutter when I said that but now I'm like stuttering trying to talk about how I didn't stutter. Does that make sense though so in conclusion. If we as a people humanity he could band together to fight the weather. Well that may be so racist. That comes back to this. God stuff to me where it's kind of like if God is we we think about God is if it's one single solitary sentient being right but I'm wondering if the answer is is going back to tribal religions that champion a kind of a a connection with the land because that's one of the biggest thing ever since as we as a as a species have gotten away from believing in the magic of the world we've just destroyed it but if we were to go back to that what happened find Out next week what. The fuck is on on Hey this was a great discussion so much for coming on the show. Thanks perhaps so glad I could get dart art. Yeah we solved thanks for having. We're all fucked. Yeah Final Battle Royale fucked new new name for the show. We are all fucked in conclusion. Asian laugh subtitle cushion Where can we find you guys all on the Internet? What do you have coming up? What's your favorite thing about yourself? Twitter at Hamad Weinberg Instagram at Hamad Weinberg facebook. A Hamad Weinberg pretty much. Everything was available then. He didn't spell any of those happy supremacy to remember how to spell med. Yeah all right. I'm at Ms Danny Fernandes on all the things that might dating Fernandez actually very popular popular name and a lot of them were taken. I'm a magician and A boy band singer And a lot of things then they spell it like me so whenever I claimed it. But I'm at Ms Dani Fernandez and I actually wrote in a book called the good immigrant that dropped last week. So you can get it now. I wrote S. A. It's twenty-six writers of color sharing their experience in the US. You can pick that up and listen to my podcast nervous that I have with iffy Khuda away also soon dave. Sorry Dave. I can't listen to that podcast. I'm Baron von Barron von Dot com on the INSTAGRAM's dams and the twitter. It's Bar von Black with the q all sing it B. A. R. V. O. N. B. Q.. Have the kind of you know you gotTa make a catchy you you have to put you all right. Yeah I just I just got a message saying. I've been on twitter for ten years from twitter. Oh man which is kind of amazing. I've been it on twitter for a long time did not make good use of it. I was I used to have more followers than Rob Delaney. That's how long been but that one both of US had two digits of followers. I got fifteen. He's got fourteen. Hooray Yeah and then what else new negroes coming out on comedy central this Spring Grace and Franky Fifth Season Streaming on. What's it called again Netflix That's that's let me let Knicks Knicks. And I'm your host Travis Travis. I'm on everything at Professor Day professor. Do Y you know how to spell my name by now because the show. I guess I'm also on a thing on Netflix. That doesn't matter if you're looking for it you'll find find it Russian doll Russian doll Also live show comedy store in Los Angeles March tenth. If you're here pull up It's very very exciting. And everything else there are other things. It doesn't matter new episodes are going to come out someday They were listening. Goodbye Bye Welcome oh come to brain machine network DOT COM and all your favorite movies factor with energy just beacon to the excellent voice remote search apart even netflix video. Now that even today and get a great offer you'll enjoy and and yet the activist your favorite streaming netflix youtube now prime video xfinity dot com one. Eight hundred Kennedy or today to learn certain restrictions apply. There's a difference between do it yourself and do it for a living at the home depot. Wpro we get that and we're hued help pros get the job done with the products and brands. You Trust technology to keep your job on track job site delivery to save you time at both pricing on over four thousand items everyday to save you money when you've got a job we're on the job. The Home Depot more saving more doing.

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