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It was threes and cold and Dallas when I made my away. I read a cold front when I gave my truck. They're down. Thirty five with one thought on my mind. Forget the race. Space de that city. Hey there welcome in to this edition of other side at Texas. Glad that you're hanging out with us in you're telling friends that you hang out here described their phones next year, the officer your wherever you might be with friends of the tech game or or anywhere else. Party Halloween party, man. I've got the best howling cost him butts. Tell you about it rather phones. Go to the podcast, they have an odd phone you hold the phone up to their face unlock it, and then go subscribe them to one of the most popular podcasts around here on the other side of Texas. I am your host Jay west, Texas Leeson. We are broadcasting from the racer car wash studios. Racer car wash voted love excess wash for five years running. Stop into one of five convenient locations across hub city for the best wash around guarantee. Teed racer wash dot com. So a couple of riffs to get on with you is we begin this program. Hellene? Halloween. I am going to Halloween tomorrow as Ted Mitchell. I'm teaching course tomorrow. I don't know who makes these decisions, it's certainly not me. But I will be teaching a course at Texas Tech university tomorrow morning, eleven AM a news writing course, and I will be there in my boots jeans lab coat and. Texas Tech health, scientists centered embroidered lab coat in by embroidered lab coat. When I mean, of course, is something that I print off in color, and then, you know, the hell scientists center logo, and then I'll just tape it to my lab coat, a white shirt and black red and black tie, my friend of years, friendy tears. My barber Murray Stanley here in Lubbock. Cut my hair today did a magnificent job of giving me the Ted Mitchell do which is the convertible of haircuts. It's absolutely convertible. Because it's so long. It's like a three inch flattop that when I'm done. We have family pictures on Sunday, which we do have the Leeson tribe. Family pictures on Sunday, I can simply just put the magic jail on my hair turn it over in. Be naturally handsome. Not that ten Mitchell is not naturally handsome. But I can lay it over. I can get some horizontal to that vertical in. I can go both ways in. Here's my complain about Ted Mitchell, by the way, and I hope that the here's this because his predecessor this program in he would do wise to listen program as well. First of all, Ted Mitchell is my Oklahoma state. Eight. He stole my haircut because whenever I got married. One of the unspoken rules. It was probably spoken at some point. And then became unspoken was could not have a flat top anymore. I was an proud Abernethy Enloe ahead. My flat top and then a whenever we got married. mrS Leeson made it clear that I can't have a flat top. So I kinda went into fake flat top mode, whereas a little bit longer not nearly short on the sides. But I was doing that. Now, I don't know where Ted Mitchell was in two thousand and three. But that's where I was. And so I feel like he's Xerox state me stated me Oklahoma, stated me on all this. And number two. I get on the radio some three years ago or however long it's been and I start talking about Wes. Texas in the import of the region. The importance of the region, I should say as it imports exports. I should say to other places in Texas, like the suburbs. I hear this a lot you guys in Lubbock think that you're so conservative. But all you are is subsidized like west of I thirty five all subs-, it, I can't necessarily are you? But you guys get a good return on that investment? So far is food and fiber are concerned. And here's Ted Mitchell out of nowhere starts like. Take him talking points in talking about west Texas in the importance of the region a took my haircut, and then he took west Texas in in the way that I j west Texas Leeson talk about west, Texas and. So in some ways in my mind in we'll get Ted Mitchell here. Maybe in a couple of months. Given region gate and. Have him explain himself? But some people will say oh, you want to be like Ted Mitchell. No, I'm returning the favor to Ted Mitchell. Tomorrow is we broadcast on October thirty. I'm returning the favor to Ted Mitchell by dressing up like him because it seems pretty clear to me that Ted Mitchell's taken a lot of content and. Made it zone. So tomorrow is Ted wing. I do think a lot of Ted Mitchell, by the way, and I'm glad to look like him in. I'm glad like people told me before you remind me a lot of Ted Mitchell. Well, guess what? Tomorrow, I'm going to look a lot like Ted Mitchell. But I challenge Ted Mitchell to any charity of his choosing a fundraiser where he and I get up on the stage, and we go at it improv you to do master debaters with me, Ted Mitchell. You wanna do that? I will ruin you on that stage. That's just my challenge to you, Ted Mitchell. So let's shift gears. We got might Mazaar. It's technology Tuesday your questions a couple of already rolled in. We put the on their social media eight oh, six seven four five fifty eight hundred you wanna be a part of the program. We have Mike bazaar. We're gonna do some tech. Choose day, not Texas Tech Tuesday. But. Technology Tuesday gonna get into a couple issues if you're in I'll even make this invitation. I'm gonna make an exemption to the rule if you would like to not only text in eight o six seven four five fifty eight hundred but call in to the same number coming up in about five minutes from now, you can ask Mike bazaar bazaar solutions, your technology question, and then after might bazaar there is one in excuse me. I'm going to put out the whole continuum. I've heard that a lot of you know, this democrat could win this democrat could win. There's one democrat that I've heard over and over again who could win his name's t g caraway in. He's running for county. Commissioner in Lubbock county, monitor standing is that TGI caraway is within striking distance in. We'll let you hear from him and take your questions again by text won't take phone calls during that segment only coming up about five minutes from now again, eight oh, six some four five fifty eight hundred you can ask your questions TJ care way. Running for the Lubbock county. Commissioner race running within that race new on other side of Texas dot com. I've mentioned this talked about it may get this. There's a group in. I'm only doing fair here. A challenge the Lubbock expo center people the people who are on this board with what passed through federal legislation in with sun by the president on October five that you can no longer. Tax rental car vehicles that are based at airports that receive federal funding or permited by such airports. You can no longer tax those for projects away from the airports the Lubbock county expo center. People put in their initiative their ballot language in mid August. And of course, it changed on October five their opposition. It seems to me Lubbock tax payers for accountability. Now, look as we go along here and you guys follow along. Any name that says accountability responsibility deserves scrutiny and so this group this political action committee Lubbock tax payers, four accountability. Get this after the show yesterday. I'm efforting hard. I go down to the Lubbock county elections office. I pick up their eight day campaign finance report. This dare I say shady pack, and I see that they have claimed they have reported they they have gotten eighteen thousand six hundred dollars in contributions in loans. They're funded by eighteen thousand six hundred dollars. However, sixteen thousand nine hundred dollars of that total came from wait for it, New Mexico and Austin. Lubbock tax payers for accountability. I'm reading from the piece that we just put up on other side of texts dot com, a hub city based political action committee Pac organized to oppose the Lubbock county expo center ballot proposition reported the following this the house this for accountability a ten thousand dollar loan from Strathern production company, which is an energy company in Roswell New Mexico. That's a long ways from Lubbock. There was a seventeen hundred dollar in-kind contribution from Lubbock. Charles. Quote, unquote, CJ Hargrove presumably to cover the campaigns seventeen hundred dollar yard, son, political expenditure, and then there was an in-kind contribution from Mesa media in Austin for radio and television production while no amount was specified on their campaign. Finance report four Mesa media. A Lubbock county election official says that the contribution amounts to six thousand nine hundred dollars. Now Lubbock tax payers. Four accountability political expenditures were mostly for advertising, and we have the whole campaign finance report there on the website. Now, here's the interesting part. And I said something about this yesterday. But other documents show that the packs treasurer changed on October nineteen that treasurer was Hargrove. And a new treasure was appointed by Hargrove six days later, Tony Renteria who's a big dog on social media, but doesn't like to take questions because who cares about accountability. Right. Tony Renteria you like your name being mentioned on the radio. Bet you do because it's one of the only time you'll hear it Hargrove is the nephew of former Lubbock state Representative Karl is it and Hargrove I'm told step down because he was concerned about quote, unquote. The campaign's tactics Renteria thing just said his name again, who is a very look you got to measure your words because you don't want to sound like a tyrant, but who is a very involved in by very involved. I mean, overly involved. With the Lubbock county. Republican party is also said to be a longtime. Volunteer of is it who held the state office from nineteen ninety seven to two thousand ten on Sunday night. I spoke with Carl is it and asked him if he had any involvement with the pack. He said, no. And Furthermore, they he had no knowledge of who was running the pack. His nephew informer big campaign guy. Is nephew as well. As another guy who helped him in his campaigns Corliss it saying, hey, I don't know anything about who's running that campaign that the that pack. I I don't I don't know who that is which. I think to a lot of people would be breaking news your nephews in them when you're when you're tough lieutenants. And you don't know about it. Okay. So I'll just take you cheer word there. Renteria and Hargrove did not respond to requests for comment on for this story by the time, we publish it today. Renteria I called him on Sunday evening publish this today called Hargrove yesterday. Didn't hear back from either one. Now, like, I said I've raised a question about the rental cars, and what seems to be a prohibition in this will play out in courts. So those folks have answered some hard questions because at this point, it seems to me you've got to. Two candidates up in both our packs. The. The expo people have answered the question, and they've linked some stuff. So that you can go see how they've answered the question within the piece, but the other group Lubbock tax payers, four accountability have not answered the questions, and it seems to me to be that the aforementioned person who has name I will not glorify dignify again on the radio has resisted answering even though he is heading up a pack. That says we're we to be accountable. We want to kill ability. Where's the accountability? And they are not there. And this is my my thought, and you can go to the peace other side of Texas dot com. We've got the full campaign finance report that can be viewed this fella's pack at this point. Because the other guy walked away said he didn't like the tack. Ticks, and by the way, some of you guys at Lubbock county Republican party, you need to understand that the reason that you see dwindling numbers are because guy dufuses like what you've got running this thing in shouldn't tie you to it. But do like this guy run rampant within your your party in your local county counterparty, but. If you're going to say, you want to be accountable men or your four accountability than you need to answer questions. And one of the first questions is this. How does ninety percent of contributions to your pack derive from outside far outside Lubbock county. That's my question to you. Hope you chime in hope you'll also stay with us. We just run ninety second commercial breaks here on the program keeps you involve might bazaar in studio carried a little bit over there. Get away from politics. I don't think he wants to take political questions because Republicans and Democrats bide technology advisors from bizarre solutions sick right with us here in the go make a little bit of money here on your other side, the party continues here shortly. No a lot of you guys. We have an audience czar. Here's our audience is about the biggest part of our audience is thirty eight to forty eight. Now somewhere in there. And then there's some some are older friends who jump in as well. But they enjoy choose days with you is might bizarre bizarre solutions in studios with us as he is on what's become a weekly basis. I'm going to work out a really good border for you coming in here might. So here's the last week in I did home monologue about this. But a lot of people are getting this. So my area code is eight and this is the first questions rolled in. If you would like to in just four, Mike bizarre. I'm offering this invitation, Hugh, if you wanna call in to the program during this segment or you want to text in both numbers are eight zero six seven four five fifty eight hundred if you would like to call in or text in just shoot them our way, if you've got some tech problems with that be on your phone, your computer, op-ed, dealing with kids and technology that you don't understand might bazaars guy to talk to. So what I've gotten laid this out last week my area code eight. Oh, six my prefix five four three constantly get robocalls with a different four number configuration after the five four three and for me. And I don't know how they decide what they're going to go after you with. But for me, it was always home security solutions that we're giving away a certain amount. Now what I did last week, and you can chide me here in just in just moment. She didn't know so. But when I did was no I didn't know till texting was like what is going. What's the end game because a foundling so because I was getting called two or three times day. Yeah. We're getting we're giving away forty free home security systems are getting good because she laughed too. Didn't. She was at that one. Maybe a little bit. She's really giggling high Howard doesn't sound like a recording sounds very real. And. Then go through this thing. So hang up hang up hang up. But on this particular day last week. I just said, you know, what I'm just going to go through with the thing because I'm going to get through to a quote, unquote, customer service agent. Yeah. And I'm gonna give them the riot act and tell him to stop calling me. Well, I go through the prompts. And when I know this was she asked me three. Yes. Or no questions are you interested? Yes. Would you like me to pass you along? Yes. The call could be recorded. Are you okay with that? Yes. And then I texted you because they took me through they put on the hold music and everything and then it cuts off. Now, I said bizarre. What is the in game? Yeah. But because I didn't give anybody in for any information. And then you sent me back a devastating tax the link linked to the ABC article that. And this is probably six eight months ago that the article came out, but part of the scans on they're trying to get behind when they're they're trying to get people to say, yes because now they have audio of you agreeing to something. So basically can try to go use that to do other charges or other scams have an audio recording of you saying, yes, essentially, they've gotten the left side of my thumbprint the right side of imprint in the middle. It's yes. Yes. And yes. So what now that they've got me saying, yes. Three times like an agitated west Texan. I give them three and fantastic yeses. What can I be signed up for here? You know? I mean, that's I've looked around trying to figure out because I don't know what you can agree to honestly on the phone that they could legally try to Bill you for or anything else. It's a scam going around. And I don't know if they're gonna use your voice or they're going to try to get you to do something for somebody might recognize your voice. Or even scam off something else. Right. I mean, there's a bunch of these and this is you like to be a human trafficker. Yes. Are you? Sure. Yes. Could you repeat one more time for our managers? Yes. And so have you seen like the videos that have where somebody just did one? And a forget the name of it'll come to me as soon as I get off the air, but they basically put Harrison Ford's face in the original haunt the movie like or not the original the the new one that just came out the origin story one. And so they used a and computer tech to stick his face on it. So it looked like a young version of Harrison Ford in the solo movie, which obviously wasn't and now they can do the same thing with audio and rebuilding audio scripts if they get snippets of what you're talking about. So that's the the real sinister side the other side. And and honestly what I probably expect happened for the most part is is cheap now to run robo calling operations like it used to be expensive. You had to have tons of guys. They can get some guys in India Pakistan wherever it is. They're paying them less than a dollar an hour. Ukraine wherever writing this any of them, and and they can run software off internet based whatever that goes through connects and Senate even need a big phone Bank anymore. They can have two guys because they know that most people hang up, and so then they are trying to kick people through. Well, if they get shut down and somebody doesn't go shut down the robo dialer. It may only cost them. Ten bucks a month to run the thing or something? And so you may just be getting the phone calls, and you agree through the automation. And then there's nobody to actually connect you to on the other end, my mother-in-law is a Saint, and I'm not just saying that because she's coming into town this weekend for a you tick game. I really do. I love my mother-in-law think that she's incredible. But we were talking on the phone and she said colored yesterday and she said, I'm so glad you weren't Christie in Christie was trying this aerobics call she always. Yes. That was trying to sell her something, and she was about to lose her mind. I told her that I was referred to. Robo killer. You can get and it's like this sadistic. They've got a prerecorded that goes against the robot that yeah, it's this app that will entertain the robot. Or maybe it's a lab person, doesn't it? And also, I've got AT and T in. So I downloaded call protect. But what's in also today, a call the public utility commission reach out to their spokesperson come on the show and tell us what the state is doing about these massive because everybody's it seems to me everybody's dealing with it, but might bazaar beyond the public utility commission beyond robo killer in whatever service at people's. Whatever service folks have in the app that it provides what are some other ways to shut this down. So here's the little bit of back. You can try to sign up for the do. Not call us the truth is these are scammers are not fall the line. Anyway, so go do it because you should anyways. But the truth is it's not gonna help. Yeah. It's kind of like giving up your guns in the wars. I'm gonna get shot at tomorrow. But here you can take today, there's several apps Haya Nomo robo robo killer there if you go look in the app store do a quick Google search for robo killer apps, you'll find a bunch of right so go find those those will help those are free so free to fade. So like Haya is fifteen bucks a year or something like that. Okay. And if you've got the service, then they provide their version of the hard part is they evolve quickly. So if you relate back to spam when Email and spam got bad. I mean it used to be ninety ninety five percent of your Email spam. There's still tons of traffic literally billions of messages everyday or getting Corentin by spam filters because the spam guys gotten good at it. The phone guys never had to and the heaven. And now that the is made it, easy and cheap. I can go by phone number for a dollar. So now, I can go by a phone number for a dollar. My minutes are free, and I can dial all day long, and whatever prefix and area code I want and so because I can do that it's real cheap and easy to. Robo dollars. So now they're having to try to figure out. How can we block robocalls because the statistic right now, I think is it's almost fifty percent of all phone traffic. A you've done a new YouTube video about this at the bizarre solution. It look up bizarre solutions on YouTube where we put links on Lincoln's book Twitter. Let's get in one more quick thing. We got a couple more minutes here. I went way too long Ponting in the opener. Again, G care way is up next here on your other side Pacific. Cafe sue was this. Oh, yeah. The airline Cathay Pacific. So it's a real large. It's real large Asian airline F. Forget that Singapore. Maybe Hong Kong somewhere. So anyways, they got hacked. And it was something like seven and a half million records got leaked and the funny thing is that it's gotten to the point. And this is where I tell people if you don't need to give out information don't give out information. Right. If it's convenient to save your passport number in your frequent flyer app. I still say don't type it in every time. So the leak happened, and it was passport numbers and people's names and emails addresses everything, and then it says in this line, and I just have to kind of smack my head and go who cares? But we don't think they got the passwords you got passport numbers and everything else. Like, you could just go fake being me who cares password. Yeah. The envir- burned down my house, but it didn't get my picket fence. Yeah. It's still it's still there. So it just to me goes back to. Luckily, the ca- Cathay Pacific isn't gonna impact a lot of people on the US except for international flyer. So a lot of business. Flyers will probably have coach share one. Let me just cut you off. What what is the number one to make sure that identity is in passwords, not even passwords, but passports credit card numbers. So what can people do sagoes get an identity protection service, right, which is the best one? So we do one called idee agent. And it's out there fuel look up agent. They can do it all put a link on Facebook and Twitter, whatever. So you'll be find. Bizarre slough. So so we do dark web monitoring for businesses you monitor for folks through these persons who use yes, we use agent for the business side. And then we recommend that the executives in the company by the personal one because with the personal one you can put in all of your personal emails Bank account information, you can put in passports and driver's license numbers in. And then it monitors the dark web for all of that. So if you see it out there, you can hopefully do something about it. So like guys like me where I've got to make a real job. This thing writing stories and trying to keep people to the best of my ability informed about what's going on. I don't wanna go. Check my Email in see what all's coming through. But you guys can provide like your monitor your guys. Call me. I'm gonna take the call. Yeah. Not like, the when SIL home security system. But I'll take the call. But you guys essentially we do it for businesses for home stuff around supervisor. That's it. Yeah. Yeah. So for businesses we do all the monitoring, and we take care of it. And we notify here's your password. And whatever else we ran your scan the other day, and and you know, talked about that. Yeah. And they took my Email password. It's out there. And so it's not any more. Well, that's at once. You know, exactly what you told me to do. I was sitting nine until you what room in my house. But but may or may not aathroom, and I I went through a change. I chose four objects around me, which is what you told me this. Yep. And come up with this along gated Email password dress, and but it's not hard, right? It's easier to remember you can put yourself back in this important for people bit is a service that shortens Email address or web links links. Right. So sometimes I don't want it to come up on Facebook. You know, whenever I'm doing promotions for the show. I don't want it to come up is like this long three paragraph website. I wanted to just be a few characters, but how bit get my password. So you either signed up with them somewhere or you signed up through an affiliate, and what I don't think we we've used to joke with cliff about this a lot was when you accept that terms. That's twenty-seven pages long. You don't know what you're accepting. And a lot of those are affiliates, and they're running that through somebody else or it could have been Twitter bottom or something like that where they're using the condensed, and I don't know a bit Lee specifically. But I know there's a ton of that the one big one that came up real quick was unroll dot me. And they basically would unsubscribe from junk mail. The problem was nobody read the terms and conditions, and they bas- they had rights to comb your Email for whatever they want. So Uber was paying unroll me for information on lift receipts to try to figure out how well lift was doing my aunt wising people's receipts. That are getting Email to happen. Eliza. I mean, it's just. And it was legal. It was shady, but it was legal because you agree to it. Yeah. One question in real quick. What did ask me what you said about Email in you told me? Choose fast words. Yeah. She'll four items so four unrelated items. So what I was telling you put yourself in a familiar spot because you can picture it again in your head to remember your password, then pick four unrelated things. So sitting in here, you know, meet flag window clock. Right. That's your password. Throw a couple of capitals. Even if it's the front of the letter if that makes you feel better, but the truth is that all lower case is better than coming up with some goofy twelve digital eight digit complex password length is the Trump and in randomness. So if the words are related, so if it's toilet plunger toilet paper that make guest by a computer. But if it is unrelated items, that's what you're really looking for. Yup. Might bazaar. Bizarre solutions real quick too. On a circle back on one thing. If you get robocalls. My wife got one today said it was from Verizon, and they were gonna disconnect our service because we were whatever. So she hung up on it. We called Risa back just verify. But they pray a lot on the the fear factor. So if you get a credit card alert statement about fraud, or whatever, even if you think it's for real these explained to them, I'm going to call the credit card hang up, and then call your credit card off the back of your phone the phone number off the card same Culver is in Cali. TNT don't give these guys that call you any information because you don't know who they are at bizarre solutions on Twitter. Did you really just say for real Z's for real Z's? Okay. Bizarre. Take Tuesday here on your other side. Thank you for bringing us here on the other side of Texas into the digital age. We try to drag everybody right in and go to a quick break. We're gonna drag t g care way into these studios. I'm I hear that he's within striking distance in red Republican. Lubbock county. He may just win this county. Commissioners ratio gets here from TGI care way. Coming up interesting character, the good radio stick right with us here on the other side of Texas, folks, I got to tell you we're about to get TGI care way on. But checking my Email over the show, and I appreciate so many guys who text in in Email during the show, those you her listening live we raise the question yesterday about Dennis Bonnin, who's a house of he's a house Representative of Angleton and raise the question about whether or not he's four against vet school, some Primo when I won't mention the name some Primo picks of Dennis Bonnin in full Ainum gore in appears to be put this up social media appears to be giving motivational talks to an players on the sideline. No conflict there. I'm sure things will be fine there with the best school seems like everything's fine. Let's just hand the reins over to dinner spun an in studio been looking forward to this. Appreciate them reaching out. I've made a case that I think that the the closest rate race in state of Texas. On the state level will be might call your damned Patrick in Lubbock county. A lot of folks pointing in a lot of Republican folks pointing towards t g care way of a been around here for a while been around here and been around Austin. He's in studio with us now TD care way. Thanks. What's TGI Stam core? Why did you go ask me that j it does Stanford Therrien Glenn therein T H A R O N T H E R O in my mother lives seven Linda's in her first grade class, and she says she's going to name me something that nobody else and she accomplished that. So a lot of times I say, they're Glenn people. Go t g not going xactly. I would go by t g to our. But everybody in Crosby county does know me. Steve writ. Towed us when we met with him. He said him his t g but at Crosby counties there and caraway. So you picked it up late fourteen when I was fourteen when I went on the farm strike. I started going t o so let's talk about that. No, civil, you know, you see pictures like the whole just kinda makes me just really grunts my ears the whole Beddoe. So to me, it seems like I don't want to get into the Senate race. Just let me lay the savage second on need to get it off my head. Beddoe the charges that Beddoe is playing to Hispanic voters with the name Betto, Robert aerobic. He's provided pictures from Kenya. Artery years old is three years that it is not as kindergarten. But here we are in a place in age and political climate in which there's a big difference. Swing three in kindergarten right has gone by that. But I don't hear a lot of people say we'll Ted Cruz placating to white voters I paying Ted instead of. Rafeal crew. That's what. But the so let's let's jump into this before we get into the whole election. He mentioned the farm strike. Yeah. Stuck about that? Okay. Talk about your role. Give us the year. What was going on while you get involved in the farm store? Nineteen seventy seven I'm fourteen years old. We had just sold our form and former Texas which people say, where's farmer, Texas was point cone estacada? So those there's only know Crosby county. This is northern Crosby county. Thank we sold. We sold our farm, but we bought this gas station in contexts, and we started selling farm equipment used farm equipment, dad. Mom, went to farm snails and Iran, if Iran a gas station after well, I was in co op so about eleven o'clock in the morning. I would go I would go and run a station. So we was very involved an culture, as we know in nineteen seventy seven farm prices were very low and stuff, and we were going to these farm sales and stuff and a lot of arm started seeing the stickers farm strike, you know, and I was when I I seen him outside farm strike, you know. Yeah. This is you know, farmers are going to strike stuff. But once we started hearing from some of these folks, gene Schroeder from Colorado and stuff come down spoken. Everything said, you know, this is what we're trying to get farmers together to go together to Washington, DC and. Try to make change. And that's where that's where I got that that deal I've been doing this for forty years trying to go to Washington trying to go too often try to make change for people make things better and stuff. And I started that when I was fourteen years old flew up nineteen seventy eight GM Sturt was there. He went up there with and everything flew up, and we lobbied that was when George may homeless congressman stuff, and he was one hundred percent behind us and all of us and everything and then in nineteen seventy nine his tractor K distorted from Lubbock cannot help drive. I drove military's tractor ever. Every third day was three of us switched off on that. And then I rode with Mel one drove from Lubbock Woodrow from from the Civic Center parking lot in Lubbock to Washington DC. We went down to big springs and went up twenty. Does this about a month get up there? You didn't put your. You didn't put your tractor in the pond at the memorial. Did you know? But I I know I know the man that drove that tractor and the pollen did it intentionally. Yes. No Jim beam involved. No, they just stick that sucker. They've put a little ramp burn pop that sucker over there. I was there. I seen it seen it. I'm I've got pitcher. I've got pictures to TD care way. Let's get into the race. As mentioned in the teaser heading into the segment. I hear a lot of people saying that you're within striking distance in rid Lubbock county. Tell me TGI care way. How you've run a campaign in which you've not lost Republicans Republicans are interested in boating for you. We can talk about your opponent here in just moment in why Republicans may be looking for an alternative in this race. But what do you credit? It to Republicans being interested in you. What are some when I'm a centrally let me just rather than? Going, you know, suddenly at you, you've run the campaign that I think a lot of people ought to pay attention to because you've not in forgive me made yourself out to be crazy not made yourself out to be an ideolog. What what have been your guiding principles in this campaign? This far. Well, you know, I started thinking about this will Kenny dinner actually approach before years ago to running his petty Jones. And I said that the four years goes, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna do that. But I knew twenty eighteen the ways things shaping up and in some of the things that you know, Patty and ability going down to Austin and testify against one of the governor's bills and stuff. I knew that they would be payback for that. I knew that people were saying what you're going to run against Patty Jones. And I'm like, you just watch I will not be running against Patty Jones in November twenty eight. So that was part of the deal that I knew that this would be an open seen. So you thought at that time it would be Republicans that running in spaghetti Jones. Not Democrats will know that they would be a Republican running against Patty Jones and beat her that this would be this would be an open seat in. This is the first time it's an open seat in eighteen years. And I'm the first democrat runs out and Brazil switched parties in nineteen eighty six. So just just so who's that algebra? He was a county Commissioner from nineteen sixty four to think he's ninety two or ninety four and proceeded. Patty Jones will there was one other. There was a couple of others was there was -pointment. And then. There was another Republican before Patty Patty got into thousands, she wound up in two thousand and she's only had two opponents in the general election since since she had to libertarians running. Our democrat has never run for that seat since out them. Brad's will switch parties. Would you voted for padding? Jones voted in the past for penny. Joan okay. Even though there weren't Democrats. That ran against her. Esmond democrat Ron against. So what did you do in those generals? Did you do they just? Left that blank. Okay. So TGI tell us what? So so far is messaging is concerned. Why do you not loss? Republicans will think the one thing I've really pressed of the have this forty year commitment to step forward and trying to do things for people do things for all people. Now, don't just mean democratic people Republican people independent people to work cross allow with everything, you know. I'm lucky enough to be able to work into capital for three years. When speaker lightning was there. And he showed he showed till the deal. He brought Republicans and Democrats together he had democratic shares Republican chairs and stuff. You know? It's the deal. You know, we've got we've got to make our government work. And we gotta sit down together and make it work. Pete Laney kept all of his his own the sand. United are both raised Myers of speaker. Laney kept all of his stuff in the barn. Essentially, all of Zoll campaign stuff, all his son. All this all in that guest. There's an old gas station in but a toilet leaked in flooded was say, your responsibility. We have to thing. Well, I mean, I was I was he Laney. Stuff's gone is always stuff's not gone. First of all. Let me go through all this stuff. Not gone. I had been the one that used that restroom because he had me helping him go through that stuff. And then I left a few days. And then I didn't know that that happened. You know, so long goes while we're talking to your ago. Okay. Because I've asked him specifically like every time this like I'm Bob Bullock signs, and I'll just put them out of every once in a while I'll put on a bumper sticker in people. What are you who is that? What are you talking about? Well, I'm referring to a better age is what I'm doing. But the Laney stuff up got together still they're still plenty Elaine stuff to didn't didn't get with so TGI. I'm gonna ask you three points of your platform. And I want you to do one. We're gonna go to a break and wearing into the other two. What is the first part of your platform? Well, think. Campaigning this last year and a half that are county roads have to be maintained and they had to be maintaining a timely fashion. And as we know being on game drill. That's not been happening. But the Commissioner's court we have now what would the district be? If should you one is should you win. What would be your county Commissioner district give listener so is pretty much so twenty-seven west you come down twenty you get about the airport, and it starts heading you kind of cut through ago. Lowered lock to Quaker then cuts down through Quaker and comes back to Indiana. And and go through to goes by tech. I have universe right there university in tech. And I have Texas Tech university goes down to thirty four th street. Thirty fourth is the southern boundary. You know? So this is one question. So you bring up the point about county roads. I looked at a an agenda for the Lubbock county. Commissioners a month or two ago, there are some forty agenda items on their only one of them our roads in as I read through an ice questions. What are these other thirty nine or so it was just it was about pensions? And it was about, you know. Over we have proven a travel voucher to one some person in. But it brings up the question about how important it is. Is it to you to go, and we're going to get to your other two points coming up after the break. But. On the point of county roads. It seems to me that that is always just one or two points within a forty fifty point agenda. Yeah. Okay. Thirty to fifty I should say to me, it seems like. To be accounting. Commissioner is to be collaborative to be able to work with the other commissioners done exact where you point listeners to where you've been in a collaborative position seven years. I served States Air Force. You talk about you know, annot this country. We are capable of working together. Black white Hispanic black white Brown, gay straight. Christian non non-christian because I've seen it in the United States Air Force had we'll do it for seven years had to work Ed to sit down, and I wasn't five of station five places. So you had you had five different situation where you got throat in a wholly new different situation. You got to sit down with those folks, and you got to work to be able to make our force work in and I do feel like I'm done. I learned a lot in their force about working with people TGI care way. We're going to break getting him with a quickey break about ninety seconds from now stick right where you are other side, Texas, we'll get to the other two points with Theorin caraway with their care way. On your other side, exte- g care way. In-studio lots of people scratching their heads. Singing your campaign finance reports, some notable Lubbock Republicans throwing into your race TJ care way. When asked you about. To other points in your platform. But riddle me this wire Lubbock Republicans in for care way. Will you know, a moments just got a personal thing? Steve reds one of them. You know, I've known me. And I was right. We raised in cone together. So we've known each other applause, his his half, brother. My father were best friends. So that comes from. I have a lot the Ford, you know, the forty years that I've been here on the south plains. You know, I have a lot of the relationships of met a lot of people do that. So that that plays into that? You know, think yet to save Georgia may give it a five hundred first conversation. I had with him was today wrote the check to me, so, but I think you know, they they see. They they listen to what happened in in the primaries and stuff like that. And they see me as someone who's Blewett moderation. Moderate, you know, that I'm I'm going to sit there and try to do the job that he need to do and not not making out logical and stuff like that. You know, this is in this deal. And I like what I said, I was Steve read I said, you know, I'm wanting to represent all county not just Republican primary base. Yeah. TGI care. Wait till me. So let's go back would g b. You know, you're voting in an election fifty years ago. Today. Everything to me is upside down that there is no conservative democrat more. There's there's no moderate except for this. Great uprising that's about to happen. I don't think it's going to happen. This time around twenty twenty two you're going to see more and more politicians tried to appeal to the middle. Yes. You know is the thirty five year old crowd becomes, you know, forty in forty into fifty. Would you have been Yarborough voter or where would you have been on that? I'm a biggest dorien and Ogden lottery. Search I would have been in the Arbroath camping tell you that. But I want to tell you the reason why I'm known that. I've done a lot of research and stuff I actually have done research working on a book of the Democratic Party from nineteen fifty to nineteen sixty and I've been at LBJ library, not been in a lot going through papers and stuff like, and I think you're making the point about LBJ and stuff, you know, and LBJ was just ultimate Bala Titian to where you he had his foot in both camps. And okay, let's go to your other two points on your platform. You know, we've talked about roads, I think the Knicks things get a lot of stuff have been talked about the budget and the salary increase and stuff like that. And I'm really on that on your salary back or I I will if I'm elected I will go the first thing I will do. Now, I'm not gonna first thing on the genders. We're going to roll back them the pay raise and stuff like that. But I went to hold on. We're gonna go to where you will go. But for listeners how much was the salary increase. So from everything I've read it was fifty six thousand dollars. Now. Now, the salary is eighty one thousand dollars, and then you get a forty eight hundred dollar Car Loans. So we're talking are actually as per year. So about eighty six thousand dollars what our county commissioners, you give a gift give or take a couple of dollars. So where are you will go is I'm gonna go back to Sydney two thousand dollars. I'm only going to take. A seventy two thousand dollars celery. And I'm going to do that they won. You can go can go fill out a piece of fallen ten percents about ten percents. So what will you do with the ten percent stays? What's his county? Oh, you're going to give it back to you know, you you you just say, I'm I'm only taking seventy two thousand so that that whatever, you know, just settle stay in the county costs, are you? We're gonna go going the other five minutes here. But I went or you do you teach you care way that the reason that we're that you're sitting here. Well, you would have been sitting here, regardless. But I think your opponent would have been Patty Jones. Yeah. Should you have chosen run? Yeah. But I think that you chosen run before all this went down. Yes. Because I knew I knew I had my gut feeling being around this politics. Knowing up, you know, one of the things is paying attention to the other side. And I've done that's one thing. I've learned but chedda sees ticket into beating penny Jones was the salary and. I just. I really wonder at the wisdom of the sound. So why not tie like, let's just take federal judges in just saying, you know, what Lubbock county commissioners are going to be paid based upon increases in federal judges or their dog catchers, or whatever ERM whatever inflationary device when us but just tied it to that. And that's the law of the land and whatever increase they get is what the commissioners can why do you think that they how long ago was this two or three years ago? You know, I think the last increase, I don't know. What's I don't know what it would for six thousand a couple years ago because I think that was the last increase. There's two different increases at happen in the last one was I think couple not just linked to mean to me, the political optics, or what would have brought us here in my point is that I think a lot of Republicans look at what they did in run their their hands through there and think, wow, you know, we just jeopardized the Commissioner's court too much. Audie logs people who may not have the county's interest in mind who went to get in there on in here. I would mention Jason corley in chedda see that here too guys who quite frankly, don't know what they're doing. And so we got to vote for a democrat here. Even though we're Republicans is there the first Cessna nt that. There are a bunch of business Republicans now who are saying now things are out of control, and they may not have interests with the county, but they see a blog a segment of local government. That's a ri- in. So TJ care way comes along with his blue Bill tan hat in you know, I'll get I'll write him a check. Well, I mean, the point is that they've come in, you know, there in that camp that my taxes are too high. And I'm totally agree. Your taxes are too high. But it's not your county taxes that are too high. And they are the ones that are responsible for the county tax rate. We no reason our taxes are too high is school taxes, and it's because down in Austin over the last twenty years, we went from sixty percent of the state financed. Our our public schools to thirty eight percent and our school districts have had to make up the difference in that any any locally elected Republican state representatives senators to reach out to you know. Third point on your platform. Third point is just that we need to have people just going to be able to come together and sit down the Commissioner's court we manage that budget in. I really find it funny that doing this last year and a half the budget. There's one hundred seven million dollar budget that the money comes from taxes from the county. But then there's the extra money that comes from federal and state, it makes our budget one hundred seventy five million dollars a year, we have to manage that budget. And that is the job of Lubbock county. Commissioners court is to make sure that each of our equally and uniformly that each of these things that we have our courts are law enforcement. You know, the elections are are are just you know, elections and roads and county maintenance, and there's all sorts of the little things, you know, we actually carried the budget for the Lubbock county historical society, you know, was only like. It's like two hundred thousand dollars. I if I'd be, but it's a small, but we're the ones that approved that budget, and we have to sit there and have someone that's going to be there every day making sure they're sitting down in managed in that. So now, I'm going to spice things up as close out with you you or vite invited with so or Rourke at believe yesterday. Drove Lubbock to which falls you get in the vehicle with Aurore. No, I'm I I wasn't even at the. No, I'm saying if you were get, oh, then the invited to go from which falls, think crews Beck here on Wednesday. And and then Aurore comes back to Lubbock, but you're invited in the vehicle in. You've got a raw Rex ear for four hours. Whatever the drought is where do you? Tilling Rourke about if he says TGI care way. They're they're they're they're tell me what you thinking here. What do I need to improve on in the last week of the election? Would like I said you've not run ideologically based campaign. What would you tell him? You know, he's just a, you know, right now, he's getting out his base. And you know, and that's probably you know here, but hang hang on. Let me tell you. That base is not enough the basis half of the Republican base here. Here's the do j as far as and this is a election to. I'll win this election. I mean, I'm getting Republican votes. And I've got in Lubbock county I have to get Republican. And that's what point but he's getting new voters. If I didn't have the new voters to there's twenty seven hundred new voters registered in my my precinct precinct four between the March primary, and I'll Tober it's those people don't come out and vote I'm going to lose. Well, I think that so it's a fine line is fine. With me, I've gotta get crossover votes. But also got to get that. I have to have that kind of base to base book in you bring. His mother standing is that Dallas Canley today's past their two thousand sixteen votes. The total of their votes eight days into early voting, and that Lubbock is only eight hundred votes should surpass total votes. Two thousand sixteen as of yesterday in precinct four seventeen thousand two hundred seventy seven voters voted what's that mean? You compared to two thousand sixteen two thousand four less that's getting closer to two thousand sixteen numbers. Two to two thousand fourteen numbers ten thousand nine hundred voted altogether trouncing. Yes. Johnson that if folks wanted to go check out TD care way, where can they find more information go to t g care way dot com, or you know, and you can go TJ care with dot com. And there's a Facebook link on that on that you didn't pretty well, not making a lot of political enemies because you go to Jason dot com. You might go to another program. Well. It's a deal where you know. I'm I'm trying to reach out to everybody. Because that's what we need. We J we need. That's we got to bring our country back together again, and we got to get people going to cry. But they took my domain is what I'm trying to tell you. All right, TJ care, caraway dot com. Thank you for coming in. Then appreciate you haven't. Hey, we're going to close out this edition for might bazaar TJ care way tomorrow on the program. Ross Ramsey executive editor of the texture of Yoon talk, Russell about what the all these voting numbers may mean. And then we're going to get into a great interview. Just I'm gonna keep the surprise for now. But just keep on subscribing and telling your friends that you hang out on the other side of Texas gonna get home. Gotta get home. Great family above average dinner waiting for your yours. Truly j west Texas Leeson. Hey, go to other side, Texas dot com. Check out the new piece that we put up about the opposition to the Lubbock county expo proposition. Think that will be something intriguing for you share it with your friends. We ask. The Lubbock county expo folks some hard questions now, we're asking some hard questions of the opposition will see you next time right here on your other of Texas.

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