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Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from American pest as the leading provider of safe sustainable pest control solutions across the DMV. Let American pest help you to take back your home or business. From menacing pests. Visit them today at American pest dot net. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Nora raum. Officials in Sri Lanka report near-simultaneous explosions in six locations this morning, causing panic and confusion. Three of the blast went off in churches filled with Easter Sunday worshippers bombs also exploded in three luxury hotels in the capital Colombo, Sri Lanka state, run newspaper reports at least one hundred twenty nine people were killed at least four hundred others reported injured. The small southeastern European country of Kozo has repatriated more than one hundred citizens who are members of the Islamic state in Syria to kisses reports that European countries intend to punish the jihad 'as, but they don't know how to de radicalize their wives and children. The US military helped co civil bring back one hundred ten Islamic state members who were in prison camps in Syria. Those returnees are now imprisoned in an army barracks near close foes capital Pristina chief of police Russia had collage told reporters that only four or former fighters. The stock other than me. There are also thirty two women. He sat in seventy four children nine of whom lost their parents in the war Costa, VO declared independence from Serbia in two thousand eight and identifies. As ninety percent Muslim, though society is secular more than three hundred citizens of Costa VO have joined Islamic state since twenty twelve for NPR news. I'm Joanna kakissis. Community members gathered at a remembrance ceremony near Columbine high school in Littleton, Colorado last night, NPR's Amy held reports they're honoring the thirteen people killed in a school shooting twenty years ago. That's music played by current Columbine high school students in the chamber orchestra. They were not yet born on April twentieth. Nineteen ninety nine but principal Scott Christie says the attack that left twelve students and one teacher dead has changed. The school's culture today. Victims can find some cheese in the good that has come out of evil April. Twentieth is now a day of service students staff and others volunteer at homeless shelters or do tours at the homes of senior citizens. Amy held NPR news in Kansas zookeeper is in stable condition with less rations after a tiger attacked her yesterday at the two big zoo. Zoo director Brennan Wiley says she was mauled by Sumatran tiger named Sanjiv in an enclosed outdoor space. Sanjiv did exactly what a tiger wood when something comes into territory, and there is absolutely no consideration to euthanize. Jeez. Cement retires are rare species. The World Wildlife Fund fund says there are fewer than four hundred alive today. This is NPR news. Federal authorities say they've arrested the leader of an armed group that has been stopping migrants crossing into the US from Mexico. The sixty nine year old suspect is charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm officials have been warning private militias to stop policing, the border French police say more than one hundred people are in custody in Paris after a twenty third Saturday of yellow vest, demonstrations, NPR's ofeibea, Quist arcton reports. Police in full riot gear. Lobbed tear gas canisters at protesters. The around the emblematic plus did out People's Republic square in Paris was thick with smoke as yet demonstrated settled this way and jittery riot. Police fired teargas got Helene. Come. You was not wearing the trademark reflective yellow vests of the protesters, but says she's very much part of the demonstrations against president Emmanuel McColl, it's time to speak. It's. It said in the half of people descend unison. Multi, I guess and it's time to move. As far as a cease Ripley commu says, she hopes president McCall is listening or February was talked NPR news Paris protests continued in London yesterday by demonstrators demanding the government do more to combat climate change. Authorities say they arrested more than seven hundred fifty protesters. The protesters are demanding the government reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Two zero by twenty twenty twelve I'm Nora raum. NPR news in Washington.

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