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Support for this podcast and the following message. Come from American pest as the leading provider of safe sustainable pest control solutions across the DMV. Let American past help you to take back your home or business. From menacing pests. Visit them today at American pest dot net. Dear listener, just a warning that this episode is going to be dealing with graphic references about violence against women. It was may of two thousand seventeen and serious audio had arranged to meet up with her daughter. Twenty two year old Lizzie bedlam visit via scientists have your must prepare ATL Dade like to go out every Thursday mother and daughter to the theater or to do some kind of cultural activity, so they had planned to meet at a subway station on the campus of the Unum. The national Thomas university of Mexico. I said he worked at an elementary school on the campus. And Liz V lived nearby. May be the okay, what is Gaza, but a few days before they were scheduled to meet at a silly got a message from her daughter asking her to meet her at her house. Instead, it was strange lesbian gave no reason for the change of plan. And then before they could meet in person at a silly got a weird phone call and throw now your mommy, similar it other area. He for lucky maybe ho came guest on POWs. It was Lisbie's best friend on the line saying, she was worried about her because she had heard that lesbian hadn't come home. The previous night. Jalousie Yawkey were no kick scare K. Semi embarrassingly told the friend to calm down to call around. And to see if her daughter was just with maybe some other friends, the friend told Lisbie's mom there was something else. She was worried about e yards. Like, maybe sick kid, no solo stumper, neca Powell's perk alien operas. Operas see no poor canon Contrada Westfalen should've knew as a body of a woman had just been found on the university's campus. So silly called Horace Gonzales who was her daughter's boyfriend that she lived with look at each. Okay. Gaseous the Wii Canadia to warhead told me over the phone that he had been with lesbian the night before and that they had been drinking so much. So that he didn't remember what else had happened Ican quarter? Look at us. On the phone whore. He also told an essay that he was worried that the body found on campus the night before might be Lizzy. The next day outta Cillian hor he got a call from a police officer asking them to come down to the station. Right away at the police station. Someone introduced themselves to what SEI said gone up at Zoellner offering to help pay for the funeral by a Royal FUNAI does his eulogy Hickey, they commenced London at a city was confused. Why was this person talking to her about the cost of a funeral? Did they know something she did not exceed Subiaco, Luca your most of you? at this point the police finally handed out, I see some photos, they were of the woman found dead on campus. Joan. The Manila Mira pita. Nobody mental can be. So salvo sustained his and the first thing he noticed was the sneakers almost any Israel host. Maybe about the red converse high tops with roses printed on them. Florida's Gabbana's not immediately. She knew this was her daughter. From NPR and fulfill media. It's Latino USA Medina Hossen today. The story of less v Berlin. And how her death rocked headlines across Mexico? In Mexico and throughout Latin America, there's a word that has become tragically commonplace. It's fa- mini CO or femicide which refers specifically to the murder of women Latin America has some of the highest rates of femicide in the world. Normally in Mexico when a woman is killed authorities pay little attention, and it barely makes a blip in the news. But that's not what happened in the case of Lizzie bed, lean reporter and allusion. No soul of is going to pick up the story from here. Lesbians death was an especially big deal on social media. The way I found out about the killing was on Twitter and people online who were sharing news of her death were shocked. She had apparently been strangled with the telephone cord from a payphone and her body was left in a public space, anew, nuns campus. The fact that a woman was found dead at Phnom one of Mexico's top universities and in a middle class area known to be pretty safe sent chills down my spine. I also studied at Hunan. Pretty quickly. The news was reporting on her death. Brad Jett outta got. You got. Gallic on fully Quincy. Has materials they who they VR Easter the cover a passer perils. They must keep say Rogalla. Eat Aena problem is the in their newscasts local television, and other outlets were saying lesbian dropped out of high school. And that was a dog Walker. The she had problems with drugs and alcohol. Just hours after hours Halley had identified her daughter. The Mexico City attorney general's office sent out a series of tweets, they tweeted that the dead woman had been identified, but they also did much more than just the facts of her death. The attorney general also tweeted personal information about lesbians light, they said she had stopped attending high school in two thousand fourteen that she did not finish reports word that she lived with her boyfriend and had been drinking and using drugs with friends on campus. Tara, Sally lesbians mom who we heard from earlier in the story. It seemed like the Mexican government was taking a strangely aggressive stance towards her daughter. Eliminate look looking okay. Was gonna sepals. Canosa throws. The government eventually raise the tweets issued a public apology and the head of social communication step down. But not before the tweets went viral and sparked outrage across Mexico. There was a lot of information about lesbians death in the headlines. But I want to know more about the real less be. So I spoke to people close to her Hunan was actually your home for a long time. She was the summer counter. There went to high school in the main campus and played in this duty on FINA. A student music group that plays traditional instruments. This is Leslie playing the mandolin. That's where her best friend met her visit. But if you're owning them with Linda is condone down. We when the negativity the couldn't posses through mentors, Lisa lesbian teenager. She says she was really talented. She was a beautiful singer and was able to play songs on the mandolin within half an hour of I picking it up. They both attended high school at numb and in their free time traveled all over Mexico to play music at other universities omen into this gonna give cycle, but the rest has little more. The pro lesbian lease at started spending. A lot of time with each other. She says let's be like a sister to her. Again, right before her death. Levy was studying for the entrance exam activity so much gives him the mall is gonna see the Bahati Ghana series, improve lovable. Komo our little lizard said lese was an avid reader and wanted to travel, but she never got the chance to. So she traveled through her books. Her favorite book was a little prince. Many women online. So the media reports of lesbians Depp, characterizing her as a dropout an alcoholic as an attempt to discredit her and distance her from the university. The day of their lesley's body had been found. Hundreds of women are tweet. They use the hashtag see may not them. Or if it kill me. It was short for if they kill me. What will they say to blame me for my own death? Much. Here's some translated from Spanish if they kill me. It will be because I walk alone at night because I wear short skirt because I use public transportation because I enjoy my sexuality if they kill me, though, say it was because I was for taste, and I said, no when he wanted me to say, yes. If they kill me, it will be because I use low cut shirts makeup and heels and drink wine or beer. Give more given. Negates hash have become a key tool in Latin America for women's fight for the rights in two thousand fifteen the hashtag, Newnham males or not one woman. Less started trending after the murder of get up is a fourteen year old girl in Argentina. Suck on Canada's money stuffiness about here was pregnant at the time. Got out of my motto about new minnows and also Nina Maas, not one more our battlecry saying we won't tolerate the death of even one more woman just one day after lesbians death. The media started to report that the police were investigating it as a possible suicide because she was found with a payphone court around her neck and didn't seem to have other injuries. That indicated a struggle on top of the negative tweets from the Terni general's office. This did not sit well with the public crowd of thousands of people mostly female students wearing purple gathered NAM's campus. The March snake campus, and I've passed by every faculty building more and more students joined in the pause at the payphone booth where Leslie was found dead. The protesters candles held a moment of silence and left flowers for her in front of the rector's office. I met a chemistry student. Samantha she told me that she thought the way the media covered. He's death showed women in general in Mexico treated. She told me that she wants shared information about a women's rights event on her Facebook wall, he many hidden gays when the market is is then London. Vijay gonna a male classmate responded on her post. This is what happens when the fi reaches the kitchen. The scene was chaotic in front of the rector's office until out of the crowd emerged lesbian. Mother are Sally. Everyone went silent. And she began to speak. Thank you going. Thank you. What did that is to? Hoving this. She said Mexico's and unsafe country a country that oppresses its youth is a country where people are killed and violence normalized, hundreds of women's around her and start chanting. You are not alone. Selley refuses to believe her daughter would have entered her life. And so after the protests, she goes looking for video that might show what really happened that night. I knew nonce campus. Coming up on that USA. Silly starts a long process of seeking Justice for her Dr stay with us not to buy. Yes. What would you do if you found out story that shaped your identity was a lie? NPR's new podcast white lies investigates. Murder some Alabama from nineteen sixty five and exposes the conspiracy that kept it unsolved until now white lies. Start listening Tuesday. Hey, we're back, and when we left off the police in Mexico City after a cursory investigation believed that lesbians death was a suicide, but Lisbie's mother at silly wouldn't accept that conclusion. So she decided to go looking for proof of what really happened the night of her daughter's death proof that might exist on a surveillance video reporter and Lucia no Sola is going to pick up the story. Now, let's mom are Sally was sure her daughter would not have ended her own life. And so she started looking for a different answer than what the police gave her finally ARIS Halley decided to seek help in reinvestigating lesbians, death and to prove that her daughter had not committed suicide. She went to Human Rights Watch dog center. Our new nonce campus task for help me number side, Judy man. So yeah, we'll that the left Amelia, they let's be revered our. Saudi. That's where she met say, you'd iota a lawyer who greet to take our Sally's case on pro Bono. The legal team told our Sally. There was surveillance footage of the area. We're lesbian been found. And so they asked to be able to view footage, but they're turning general's office would not release it, then two months after lesbians death on July fifth two thousand seventeen ourselves lawyers. Finally, get what they were asking for the surveillance videos. Say you are the lawyer described these videos to me as we watched them L those majo- in there. Are those immediate? There is a letter. Syria explains that the video shows that it's may second around two thirty three o'clock in the afternoon, look at subsidize allies week. I mean and conquer hallways. Unum. E-? Eat rye, lesbian, hor hey, or walking her dog together and campus the couple of peers in numerous around images that span from the afternoon till the early morning when they meet up with two friends to drink on campus. At two AM the surveillance footage shows and less be alone. Then they start fighting yelling Horry waits for lesbian to catch up to him. And they start scuffling a yellow bird ASA by then Kalmar Marlowe e Lucas says about thera lampoon. She hugs him attempting to calm him down. And he pushes her. She almost falls down. He hits her on the head e a level as having KOMO Sakaba Sesa, they then continue walking to the pay phone booth where she was found. You can see in the video that Jorges standing at the payphone and lesbian standing behind. It visibly annoyed. But then the surveillance camera turns away is collecting data heater. But I must he set about. Yes. To important chronometer. There's a jump in time in the tape with no explanation. The video showed a very different story than what hor he had told everyone. Whore is that he had left Leslie with friends and didn't know what had happened afterwards. But they were clearly caught on camera alone at two AM, and he hadn't told the police that they had fought and that he had hit her. Ariza says seeing this video made her reevaluate the vents around. Let's be stuff like that. Strange message that she got the night before she was supposed to meet up with her daughter asking her to come over. She now thinks her daughter was trying to leave or hey, and the details that the media had published about lesbian, implying that she was an alcoholic and use drugs. The lawyers looked at the case files and realize hor had spoken with the police about Leslie before he even told our Sally. He was worried about her. He might have given that information to the police in order to just credit less be before any investigation. Started to go. See the key gaily star, whatever our Sellafield completely betrayed by Jorges. She says she had always believed that he was telling the truth this year. Apollo. He would tell her. He was worried and scared and wanted to know what was going on. So she stayed in close contact with him. What pains her the most is that she let him attend her daughter's funeral. The next day after Halley saw the video the nightly news announced the government had detained horray Kiko that to your own view the whole in contrast, but he is in charge with homicide because there's no video of the exact moment. She died core. Hey is charged with a strange sounding crime homicide by mission. Basically that means he's charged for not preventing lesbian from ending her life. The attorney general's office put out a press release explaining the homicide by mission charge. The news picks it up EBay, a get Doma. Ethan, low a play you for this. They don't always on Telemedia other. This isn't lesbian or who were talking. Then let's be the telephone cord from the payphone put it around her neck and hung herself in front of her boyfriend or hey who doesn't nothing to stop her. Elian her lawyers immediately decided to fight this charge. And they started questioning lesbian hor his friends about the relationship us, KOMO Russ the stimulus. Kevin Quinta euless area in LA soon. This was the first time she discovered that Jorges had repeatedly been violent towards her daughter with this new testimony Araceli and her lawyers filed for the Mexico City supreme court to charge her with femicide. The charge of them aside means the court must treat a women's murder. Like a hate crime. Here's your e again ourselves lawyer when no no me sceviour known Asencion, the Ocho annuals Komiyama, our Bank Daniels pretty soon, she explained to me that in Mexico City homicide can carry a sentence of eight to twenty years, while a femicide has a much harsher penalty of thirty to sixty years since we talked the minimum has been raised to forty years. The rise of the word femicide in Mexico has to do with how the government has systematically failed to properly investigate when a woman is murdered. The mysterious violent deaths of hundreds of women and girls since the early nineties is a border city right next to El Paso, where thousands of women work in factories known as Mikey Laura's in the late nineteen nineties many of them started to disappear on their way, home from work. Their bodies were leader found in the desert for years the government failed to investigate these murders properly when the mothers of these women realized that they would not find Justice for their daughters. And mexico. They took their case to the international court for human rights in two thousand nine this international court declared the Mexican government guilty for failing to properly investigate these women's deaths and guarantee them their legal right to a life free of violence after that the crime of femicide became part of Mexico's legal code in two thousand eleven but the situation for women has only gotten worse in the last decade over twenty four thousand women have been killed across the country. And according to a recent study only five percent of murder cases in Mexico of either men or women and with the conviction. Fifteen the Mexican supreme court heard its first case femicide and of rule that in all cases involving the violent death of a woman. The death must be investigated as femicide meaning the courts and prosecutors have to take into account the context around woman's death, including whether she was experiencing domestic violence, and whether the body was left in a public space. Leaving a body. In public space is considered a threat to women warning that the same could happen to them. According to say, you're the lawyer the police made a bunch of sloppy errors in lesbian case. For example. They didn't take proper crime scene photos or get clean fingerprints off the phone booth key. I must in suggested we must have a handle. No never see that. In the lavar. Loser chose a bolo minnows DS phen- as manageability ceres that she formed her own forensic team of pro Bono experts and over the course of ten weekends. They tried to reconstruct what had happened to lesbian, essentially reinvestigating her death. The pro Bono medical expert looked at the photos of lesbians neck and concluded the wounds were more consistent with translation than with a hanging and then October eighteenth two thousand seventeen almost six months after le's death, the Mexico City supreme court officially charged. Hey with 'em aside. They say the less he bitcoin cash. So they let's be Gomo for ministerial rather. Better material seem plausible Michigan. But over the next year and a half hor his lawyers fight the femicide charge delaying the trial countless times during his various appearances in court horror as said very little. I've reached out to his lawyers multiple times over the course of a year for comment via phone Email, but have not received any response for this story. And that's where we are today. Porkies it's jail. And no verdict has been reached unless case. To many observers lesbians death has come to symbolize a judicial system that is uninterested in prosecuting violence against women. But at the same time, the social media outcry and protest over less death have helped make people in Mexico City. More aware of the problem femicide, and that it can happen to all women, regardless of class or background less depth. As also been part of a growing conversation about the role of women in Mexican society. Most recently while the US has been having its metoo movement women Mexico hadn't been speaking up until now. Over the last few weeks, journalists, artists filmmakers and musicians have been calling out their alleged abusers on social media in a way that hasn't been seen before. Just last week something big happened in lesbian case, the current attorney general of Mexico City held a public meeting on campus that hundreds of people attended. We got our lives be universal memorial. And she did something unprecedented in a case. Like this. She issued a public apology live. You're you're familiar, but Oprah sale benthic w school. I laugh Amelia believe we believe we are Saudi chip Hodges for the way, the attorney general's office said negative things about lesbian, and for the police declaring her death a suicide without any proof at all. Comoros own style. Seattle in so many Blay. She said that the whole Justice system from police to prosecutors to government officials pretty much everyone in lesbian case had failed. Her. We're good mothering familia. They Millis urines. And that without family members like our Sally, and the thousands of women who supported her her murder would not have been investigated properly as a femicide are Sally was on stage with other members of her family for the policy. She formally accepted it, but with caveats she told the government led v still deserves Justice, and we will be watching, you know, so throws month interim of Muslims so host seen onerous throw Cynthia. Amended them in their infant. today are Sally's life is Dhillon. Pox she's had to take time off from her job. But in that time, she's become a main support for other families whose daughters were also murdered or disappeared. And fighting for Justice has become her way of life. One of the courthouse. Appearances Araceli address a dozen or so people that had gathered to support her and demand Justice for lesbian. Look at the numbers against that. Sky go. She told the crowd. We will do what we have to to defend our right to walk the streets dressed. However, we want whatever time of night, we have the right to live. She says if simply living is our form of resistance than let's resist by living. Vida. Said. Resistance BBN. Thanks to reporter on the Lucia no solo for that story. Lawyers appeals for his charges to be changed to a lesser crime have all failed, and according to turn general of Mexico City. He will be charged ultimately with femicide. Liz VI's case is finally going to trial in June of twenty nineteen. This episode was reported by the Lucia no soul off and edited by severe bunny sokaia with production. Help from Maggie feeling. The like USA team includes for none the Camarena. Neom Musseuw's and yesterday, he'll Genesee Moga anterior with additional editing by Marlon Bishop. Our engineers are Stephanie LeBow and Julia Caruso, our production manager is nothing. Even hope our interns are Carolina, and Lucas fact checking bite media. Our theme music was composed by saying Reno's. And if you like the music you heard on this episode stop by let Lewis a dot org and check out our weekly Spotify playlist, I'm your host and executive producer muddying Hosa. Join us again on our next episode. And in the meantime, look for us on all of your social media. Also, you there that Brooks Joe. Latino USA is made possible in part by the John D and Catherine T MacArthur foundation, the Ford Foundation working with visionaries on the frontlines of social change worldwide. And the wind code foundation. 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