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92 - Indiana Jones and the Monkey King, Part 1


The script is written that is so bad no one will film it these brave podcasters will bring it to life just so that underwater close up a brightly colored fly attached to a dangling fishing line a large salmon swims to the and speaking of let's fuck in get into it feed in we now help me chef likes to do the shitty racist stuff does is a very niche market. You're not supposed to put camera directions in the script anyway just pan you would think well it's a it's a tilt or a jib going up Josh over there and in case you're wondering why they were practising Indiana Jones you should probably look at what you're playing on your podcast that before you hit play Pan Pan also you would think the guy that had just written young Sherlock Holmes goonies gremlins would know better maybe he Indiana Jones film he wrote an eight page outline in one thousand nine hundred eighty four and then Spielberg hired Chris Columbus not the explorer slash missile fuck head guy but the guy who had recently worked on goonies to flesh that out into a script there were apparently two drafts done do you remember hector no one about the Asian Asian lady in the basement I love I still good news for Jeff though they also worried that it might come across as a bit too racist that's great news for me for reasons that Sean believes indy three a screenplay by Chris Columbus first draft dated May Third Nineteen Eighty Five Jones so jeff's finally official Oh man he's in the opening welcome to table reads everybody you've just met Jeff that's Josh over there I'm Sean the so this third installment to be of the indie franchise was based on George Lucas Idea to have the fountain of Youth Feature in because we are doing Indiana Jones three that never happened monkey. Christopher Chris Columbus crew ally the Salmon examines the flight deciding whether or not to bite camera pans upward cameras don't Pan upward just see you know and Sean Be Jeff Lewis and Joshua Baker watching just face better right the boat rests on a calm lake we're reading the first draft but given another draft beyond this one to fix any issues the tail is that Lucas and Spielberg both found the supernatural elements too far outed by Moore's thick night fog has begun to settle over the entire area title Scotland Nineteen thirty six Murray evening and suddenly this music is just way way too much fishing fishing version O. Yeah we've we've got a pretty special love interest from what I've read but we'll find that out as we get into it the boat napping his hands gently grip a wooden fishing pole he is handsomely dressed in sportsman's trousers and blazer the line and moving out of the water as we pass the crooked boards of a small rowboat and continue to pan upward a man reclines green tweed fishing hat is lowered over his face its brim is filled with various types of tackle and Bait it is dusk a warm decided he could do whatever he wanted to run I'm redefining pan one day I'm gonNA write bicentennial man but until shing line becomes taut the wouldn't pole buckles the man stirs sits up moving the hat from his face camera dollies forward into a close up of the man we're GonNa Dali across the water lay those Dolly Track evil dead style lit up when he heard his name sufficient practice in Indiana Jones voices and just turn around me bro complete a named Jeff No time for Love Evan we don't have Moore's here no one's ever like hey you want to go down to the Moore's what is the more I don't know like a bond it is Indiana Jones ooh I didn't see that coming his face anxious hopeful indie begins to really his catch a voice interrupts in the distance who wants to be McGowan would I go to do Scottish Dr Angus macgowan a plump balding fellow with a Vini Bulbous nose beady green eyes and a thick curled red moustache the torches are being carried by several members of a small village the villagers are gathered behind a group of six policemen the policemen are headed by a fishing pole with a grumble he rows back to shore the Moore's several minutes later night has fallen it is very under hell this is the thing when you eat when you go camping when a man can't fish in a blazer trousers suddenly the man's macgowan shouts to indy remigio assistance come on Mac it's the first bite I've had all week please slowly carefully the villagers search creeping their faces tense many unable to hide their fear a summer so the direction of the sound still struggling with the line Indiana's Pov countless orange flames sparkle across the Moors Wind sends an Eerie howl whistling through the night air blue moonlight bathes the Moors creating stark frightening shadows event not only was the movie said but he did camera pans upward tracking ooh hoops cut off wasn't supposed to do that there is a sudden scream one of the villagers stumbled upon something I've been invited to one that's true if so we have a different name for the seven eleven we don't have Moore's we don't have fjords that's the thing you countries art in several minutes a reluctant Indiana has joined the inspector and the other policemen they lead the townspeople along the foggy Moors now everything ends with a L. Indiana Oh Indiana struggles a bit longer with the line but his conscience prevails and indy drops go very important Indiana struggles still dot L. is clearly a Typo but it somehow were like helps with the actor helped me among themselves Scottie Ferguson he's the just like the others all his bones busted crushed whatever's killing people so far no literally the only thing Indiana Jones about the script so far is his name right it's supposed everyone gathers around the villager a corpse lies before him the body has a somewhat rubbery appearance as if all of its bones had been broken Debbie Beckett Dr Jones Jones director sound roles going on here in deters these these chickens the woman stops in a clearing she is point ooh it's very important l. let's keep just keep trying important all that important learned behind her a curious Indiana follows can I say you know what this feels like not in Indiana Jones movie the man's Pale Greenish faces frozen in a hideous grimace Indiana and macgowan stare in shock the villagers whisper does an expression of anger and annoyance cover Indiana's face grumbles to macgowan do you value our friendship Mac go Chris go on not only did he discovered America I'm DB Trivia he shot this movie on three ships the ancient Scottish castle an enormous sixteenth century stone structure Tall forboding towers line here. Indiana Jones is a ghostbuster now murmurs of ain't going in there nor I got me A diesel diesel spill Geez with menacing gargoyles Pierce the night sky the castle appears deserted its interior is completely dark save for a small flickering can Asian lady gives us the Asian Lady. No I'm sure it'll come I'll I'm gonNA bring her out in the script you know when it's coming Oh mary m whatever even kids are heard from the terrified villagers Indiana turns to McGowan even the usually sturdy inspectors trembling geese where after Dr Jones you got me word of that sincere and McGowan's word is tour than an angel's kiss that's art action setpiece then set up the main macguffin this is like not so much an action set pieces it seems like they're already lease and a corpse being ahead the villagers surround her they stare ahead in the direction where the woman points nearly a mile in the distance we see lake and then the dodgers me now I'm eating fish light it burns from the castle's upstairs Window Indiana gives a questioning look to macgowan the inspector points to a castles upstairs window more than me nightly pint this better not be some wild Goose Chase Wild Jeez whereafter Dr Jones piece geese the word is geese see the light only burns after murders being committed let's go the villagers step back eyes wide with fear only you're coming with us as each man is called the color leaves his face the chosen policemen reluctantly joined the inspector in Indiana like this is an airlock homes this is police thought the thrones go get the geese Jeez Oh gee as the begin walking toward the castle remaining villagers and policemen stay behind waiting just really not good around here ain't human it's they're pointing off screen the woman shoots forward the police and the townspeople are right you know what maybe we need some ambience spence I got I've got a theory about why this is starting this way I think by this time they were already it's very important I don't know where your job you're Indian he pulls hard the doors creak roane and slowly open a thick cloud of dust explodes from it holding the flashlight before him the policeman exchange frightened glances inspector macgowan shoves them through the open doors interior casts serpents and gargoyles adorn the castle entrance Indiana and the please stand before the doors indy glances to the upstairs window the candle still flickers a long wooden bar carved into the shape of a serpent is fastened through the metal door latches behind waiting the elderly woman kisses the crucifix that hangs from her neck she stares at the party men but macgowan turns to his men forcing himself to be strong world that's why we're here and men Hennessy Galbraith would help them to the castle doors to enormous wooden doors covered with intricate carvings of demon no Colin the Giza's the water chickens also goes on music and the remaining villagers and policemen it blocks castle entrance Indian the policemen grab hold the bar it is extremely heavy using all of their strength they managed including Harrison and some of the writing he was having some more input in it are bring bring the extra to me I'm going to be fishing. Anna ascends the stairs slowly silently toward the light McGowan the others directly behind indy as he makes his way to the the top Indiana examines the bizarre oil paintings that line the wall there were various portraits and landscapes depicting everything from military battles to Sunday picnics inside the castle it blows out all of the torches behind the open doors there is only total darkness Indiana enters captures and oil paintings the places bathed in dust thick cobwebs fill each corner it is extremely cold the men's breaths we'll indy's flashlight beam gazes over the castle's interior it is a stone palace filled with elaborate antique furnishings macabre ago a thing glimmer of light emanates from the top of the stairs Indiana moves forward the policemen follow India. Oh this is the entrance to the Chamber of secrets. There's your Harry Potter Potter Crooks Tien Yeah I don't think I don't know just your rouge mcduck okay Dr June sucker case spirals upward along a far wall leading to the second floor a faint Glimmer Indiana walks toward the candle arm outstretched he prepares to lift it the policeman watch shivering silent tightly gripping their pistols dammit Indiana drops his flashlight there is total darkness we hear the distant maniacal laugh of a man indy's fingers are inches from the candlestick suddenly there is allowed wash the candle goes out that guy's been on murdered great visible Hennessy rubs his folded arms it's deathly cold near how could I human beings are leave earning candle it rests on the window sill in a sparkling sterling silver holder it bathes the room in orange light but the unsettling quality of the pictures that they each feature the same white haired Elderly Man indie comments to Mac this guy's got one to slide the bar out of the door latches it hits the ground with a thud rolling down the castle stairs Indiana clutches the Rusty Metal Door handle a hell of an ego baron shame AC- girl the third some say he walks the Moore's every midnight on his carling he's been dead for years Indiana makes his way to the doorway where light emanates the door is wide open a thick cobweb covers the entrance indy wipes away the web except for a few pieces of elaborate ancient furniture and a large canopy bed everything in the room is caked with dust and cobwebs save for the and enter the room the policemen draw their pistols they follow interior room a bedroom deserted really not bad getting Jeez helps me these same there is a sudden scream. I think there's a vacationing archaeologists down there he'll help what the fuck is this we have another temple of doom hearing this the other policemen exchange terrified glances Indiana shines his flashlight to a twisting stone staircase the St Astle Indian the police hurry down the stairs I got back up a minute because now I'm thinking like these please the echoes through the Castle Indy retrieves the flashlight clicking it back on the candle has disappeared it it's it is Yuki break on his typewriter it's a Dr Seuss version drubel wide it have to be true India rise at the top of the stairs his hand rests on a sculpture that is part of the banister the sculpture is a bust of baron see grove what the fuck is happening right now why are these people like oh there's a fucking archaeology professor fishing appeared the laugh has subsided gallon looks at his men a troubled look covers inspectors let's go to an archaeologist for help you and cocaine and then he's looking at these paintings and all I'm thinking are these aren't old enough yeah enters motioning for the others to follow interior basement a decrepit narrow wooden stairway leads into the basement indie hold he's mad interior castle Indian please hurry down the stairs the ringing bell continues McGowan is calling for Hennessy indeed dash is and when sleep and they're just like they're coming and we have that big boulder just come at me coming little little tune in town covers the inspector's face McGowan's eyes Dart about the room Hennessy has gone Hennessy astle none of this is Indiana Jones there's not one word of this whole thing other than Indiana that has anything to do with Indian he's an archaeologist he looks for shit in the dirt he's not looking at paintings in a Scottish door along the far wall he opens it it leads into a dark basement the sound of the ringing bell echoes from inside Indian Glee every shot from Scooby Doo of them walking into Fred's in front with a flashlight everyone's crowded behind them like late we're in trouble we are we're in deep trouble with this one clustered behind him taking each step with extreme caution in Scotland in nineteen thirty seven like her what do we do I know let's go down to the macgowan leans to his side calling for Hennessy McGowan's weight causes the rotted bannister to snap into he loses his in the distance it sends a chill through the men Indiana torts out of the room following the sound please Hennessy was standing Riad just a second ago stand right beside me the soon of a bell more my dot Oh big trouble a troubled look covered the oh maybe he's just getting into the Scottish look big footing falling off the side of the stairs Indiana's arm shoots out grabbing hold of McGowan's collar indy pulls McGowan back to safety McGowan the fleas on baby ninety eight more pages area I cannot do that interior help us with our murder which we need help because what we're just please what do we know about fucking mayor I mean if you want me to fill you the back story several doors along the basement wall the sound of the ringing bell is much louder down here Indiana moves to the first store he reaches for the handle Abbott and Costello or some share ninety getting Chris Columbus what are you doing to this is tightly to his flashlight the policemen are clustered behind him taking each step with extreme this is it scooby scooby new this is I'm so distracted by how much is not Indiana Jones that I can't even judge it on its merits as a script on its own catches his breath shaking thanks for catching me. I'd rather be catching trout this is so bad thinking on the less the boards creak and Groan with their every move oh man I really hope someone would have gotten away with this too if it wasn't for that has onto the floor excuse me indy dips his finger into the liquid he tastes interesting blood type the policemen stare wide eyed indies academic one. I'm hoping that they tell me when did Indiana like become the detector Oh okay so we'll replace the word Indiana with Scooby and see how it fares aw you in the US broken you narrate in a Scottish ex soon bill vic doering Gi interfering archaeologist fishing arche in the American fishing archeologists and Scotland it's a cartoon right now you're right oh I can't wait for you to say this next word here they continue down the stairs arriving at the bottom o arrived is large but he's like Cap Vampire Indiana you knew the exact year that's what I'm saying that's why I said fuck because it's old Sean is just guessing uh-huh tweet it you'll be okay. It is a large musty stone basement the slimy walls are covered with Green Moss there is policemen fire their gun the boulder several shots ring out the object comes to a stop a deep red liquid pours out into the floor Google. He's an archaeological it's written on the barrel like Crocodile Dundee nobody can recognize your of a wine tasting it no one on Earth rougher stupid he say Senate like blood flow blood you've like I'm assuming he went to Scotland he was like hey what's up with Spooky Castle got medallion or something enough with the police going to Sherlock Holmes for help can market this is table reads so the movies comport which means your script a worthy bubble Sheila nickel the policemen draw their pistols. Indy opens the door a large object shoots out from inside rolling toward the older better not be at least be older els Cabernet Sauvignon 1897 fuck you fuck gruff cavalry saying yeah try the river fees rather be catching a river fig this this is this is some Confetti Shit Ira's near a ruined it the gallon in this job musty stone basement oh arrive Arriva thank you skipped over welcome to lost Laurean barrel and inside the room is a deserted wine cellar so donkey Kong Strom Barrels Adam or some aww it's three o'clock in these flashlight beams shines ahead illuminating the mysterious object a wine mel it still burning in rests on one of the coffins glass tops a trembling macgowan steps back away from the crypt be blurts in order to his men Golbright you come with me we'll search for away from the crypt the to dash off into another section of the basement indy shakes his head he enters the crypt a reluctant and very for a family crypt stone coffins with glass covered tops line the crypt walls macab guests lightened bottomley follows interior crypt indy's flashlight beams beam dances across the glass coffin tops decayed corpses smile from inside their hands tightly clutching crucifixes bottomley is horrified by the sight. NFC out here Bottomley you go without the Jones in their McGowan galbraith nearly fall over each other as they scramble the religious statues decorate the room countless death masks cover the ceiling all carved with that same frighteningly familiar face Barron C okay stops wide open a flickering light glimmers from inside Indiana walked to the opening appears into the opening the please stay during bottomley stays directly behind indy with their every step the bells ringing grows louder louder Indian cheeses do suddenly allowed creak echoes through the Basement Galbraith cries out China and Bottomley arrive in a circular chamber located at the far end of the crypt hear the ringing bell is nearly deafening the sound echoes from above so I guess I don't get this and I don't like it and I don't want to do it anymore. Give the taste buds of supercop behind the use steps behind the archaeologists with their guns stay behind the archaeologist because he's a superhero the camera dollies to the far corner of crypt it stops on a close up of the title stick the exact candle from upstairs how the fuck do you know does this does it have candle one be carve into it the upper hallway on the bill causing the dull ridden bottomley screams Indiana grabs bottomley's arm l. that hangs several feet in the air that's several hundred feet several feet it is right over them seven feet the door this is gonna be hilarious Bra also like the the order of these things is really funny because he's like opening the door and into the we're on the floor of the belltower Indiana they went to the basement how were they now in the Bell Tower without climbing any steps all this guy's in his house him but before he signs a flashlight American it could have been the guy who disappeared to like before he shines the flashlight though he taught tasted low and archaeologists got damaged. How do you think this should works you just hear noise so they just start firing and he doesn't know what this is because they're trespassing on someone's land so of course the shoot it opened a door and with maybe there at the base of it so maybe it just like goes all the way up the side of the castle I don't know indy scans the door looking for a crack another way out indy nudges Bottomley I need more light Bottomley hurries to the candle he reaches out there is allowed wash the candle flame goes out followed by total darkness indy turns from the let's get out of here Indian bottomley turns the CRIP door it begins to close the two men dash forward the door continues to is the dead body of Hennessy he is replaced the bell clapper is body swings back and forth it slams into the side roar bottomley no answer indy shines his flashlight toured the area the candle is gone there is no sign of does Indian bottomley only inches away when the door slams shut just they push and kick the door no good it won't budge ah no this isn't gladiator seven whole seven point three nine inside of the bell dangling by his feet door covered with a thick sheet of ice indy reaches out touches the sparkling green ice he snaps back his hand came across the room it passes one of the coffins then shoots back India's met with a shocking sight Bottomley lies inside the coffin Indiana continues ahead he passes the burning candle moving further into the darkness of the crip the shivering the ship six indy stares in horror there is a sound footsteps there is someone else in here indy's flashlight beam darts around the Newton's cradle a newton's cradle but in the bell bottomley again no answer indy sweeps the flashlight tipped there is no sign of anyone who is it who's there the same crazed laugh of a man echoes through the crypt a chilled indy turns back toward the door he is startled to find is startled to find the a panicked bottomley calls for help inspector McGowan Galvani Open the door using his flashlight so I have not been shy about my feeling so far wind it's pain and it's getting in between you and a life you want to live CBD medic targets your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with active OTC ingred his fingers are burnt a return of it is brief word from our sponsor the way I got a taste this I've got a taste whatever you guys jed his face twisted in a ghoulish smile all his bones broken is hands are wrapped around the crucified uh-huh handle it's got the number on it from tasted it before I came downstairs the same way mints and they just start fucking firing while they're looking for a missing one of their own meanwhile adore opening itself they're like you seem like a bitch you eat ass E. N. opens the door and there's Bottomley Indiana takes a step forward I hope they're both now up in the one of those one of those things that sits on your desk and goes clack product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease wrote live from billtown Ruto who's always cursing Trout Indiana China's flashlight upward the beam stops on a ringing begins plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil get back to your life with CBD Matic Available Online at Cvs these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this looney tunes critic it's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind malicious hide behind this archaeologist they also drew their guns when they came into the castle and then between coming down they holstered them again oh big crew will not touch anything until taste test in the crowd seen in the police stare in amazement the door I'm like I feel like Tim from everyone turns kneel down and starts licking Shit Oh that's one guy up he's like that's just his thank you roll report which means your script Ain't worth the buffalo shit on a nickel back to table new action movies but if he did they'd probably have someone like cocking their gun to be intimidating and then cocking it again a minute later unconscious awesome what's up Docs and doc it's Trevor Thompson the self-appointed looney tunes critic here and if you like old cartoons watching online reviewers dissect them then you probably said the same thing as a kid Temple doom but I was stupid I liked temple of Doom Spielberg made offering it covering the Indiana suddenly falls the door has disappeared the floor has disappeared from beneath him in demand made last crusade instead of this I love said Yeah that was that was the one that I was like super into it if I'm mistaken if I'm not mistaken the the last crusade I think was supposed to be a spooky movie they're supposed to be in a ghost castle but Stevensville he has to keep looking bad ass out of bullets haven't even five resolve ghost also ghost ghost big one so if grasp he is losing his grip seconds before he plummets into the Abyss Indiana reaches inside of the coffin he clutches no one else picking it up at all I've never been a scooby fan own biased narrator scooby doo is one of my least favorite cartoon Google Darkness Indy tries to pull himself up the coffin's ancient stone begins to crumble large chunks and pieces fall from onto a corpses arm using the arm indy swings downward interior abyss at at the precise moment about two years ago a every Saturday morning I do a brand new commentary of Warner Brothers Short all throughout the month I do video essays examining the history of these cartoons. He's like by the opening the door and they're like drawing that's what they do in the eighties though remember this is written in the eighties so like a lot adult gun drawings really like of all time liked it I'm relate and I don't really judge anything before I tasted eighteen forty seven is it grab hold of a stone coffin. His fingers tightly grip the coffin's Edge Indiana looks down beneath him is a several hundred foot drop into also feed in we are going to die interior basement McGowan blackness a moment passes then we hear a splash bottom of a whole pool of Water Jones Busse Interior Crypt indie answers taking a step back can't there's some kind of hot ice he smiles relieved suddenly the Ledge Snaps Indiana foles his body drops hundreds of feet into the bro Seir the Oh yeah his hat so many exclamation points surrounded by rocky cavernous walls Indiana's hat floats on the water surface now less breaker outside of the crypt door they pull it the door's metal handles trying to open it but the door won't move McGowan calls the door Indiana releases the dead arm he lands on a Rocky Ledge located only a few feet below the open crypt floor Indy stands on the Ledge Safe Lieutenant Colonel Guy in charge of the mash unit I watched the Intro to mash change the channel better than the example I was gonNA use guy from Mash it's a book it was named not Colonel Potter the other one you think this is Indiana's normal hat remember this is a fishing hat he looks like his Dad Oh yes like his dad yeah yeah that's burqa just come off of poltergeist and it was like I want to do something different so we all screw so this this is what eventually they pivoted and you catch my videos on YouTube dot com slash ferris wheel house too or just use the Hashtag looney tunes credit now here's Era Fowzia the new voice of Bugs Bunny I was not my deal it's really great show I had as good as the movie well I heard it was good but I was too busy watching cartoons own had a bones that's a porno shit oh that absolutely is a huge huge balls roll the let's live baits and disappears back underwater indy smirks now they bite yes better suddenly a fish flaps out of the water the fish gobbles up one of the hats live beats there was live bait on his it's not it's not that I have like some big sauce spot for Indiana Jones it's just that this is so obviously not that it'd be like a Harry Potter movie with fucking laser guns but it'd be interesting this Indiana last crusade to apologize for Temple of Doom but fuck you man template Duma Great Doug Watch it as much no thomson else skirmishing fish flaps out of the water the fish gobbles up one of the even though it's an automatic weapon the suit shells outside Jackson on this uh but their boobs yeah it'd be boop boop O or is this game version bones beef is running a large stone door built into the wall slowly opens I hope everybody shoots it immediate shit tucked into the band is typically not live like lures shit jigs yeah but it says live baking minnows comes to pull himself out of the water there is a loud sound grinding metal rattling chains I give up not good squirming in a way this one the hat runs away Jesus I know how the head there was more oh no no no it's great I don't anymore let's just try again yeah just throw it away start again India attempts to resurface the closed gates stops him he clutches the grading trying to move the gate it's too strong movin moving the police came and got this guy in there like you lead us into the castle the Steven Spielberg got to this point of the script he got up to now they bite Chris Yeah they're headed toward each other and indies head indy dives underwater the gates snap shut less than an inch above the water surface. Jesus on here we go maybe yeah tackle had ever go fuck Chris Columbus fuck this swims downward looking for an alternate escape but there is no bottom in sight indy's eyes bulge his face loses color only a few precious seconds of life remain when suddenly he spots something is it the candle please be the candle underwater burning the fucking belltower read the whole thing front to back one thirteen we gotta change a clever girl Chris Columbus got paid to write this he bolts inside a water fountain a large three-tiered stone structure instead of the familiar carvings of angels and beautiful other Jones it's Dr Joel type of love that was Jeff's job hand in the hole as you know he's just got a little on the side something a small tunnel built into the cavern wall Indiana hurriedly swims to the tunnel any he gulps at the air color returns to his face life returns to his body Indy rises to his feet he to a large metal drain located inside at the Fountain's base the drain cover begins to turn suddenly flipping open. Indiana crawls out of the directly beside the baron it's like a bad game of clue how do we know I don't know I've never had looking hat I thought it was like flies fly fishing that's what I thought he was laying down he couldn't fly fish and he was just worms had such an eye for candles all recognize that candle maybe it's just the particular candlestick the truth loaded roasted pig rests on a silver platter before him the same candle we saw burning in the upstairs room in the family crypt now rests on the table my phone for one Second Indiana stairs and bewilderment at the new surroundings he steps it's got some I got to page ten right a second fucking draft or you're fired for others he was like trying to smooth a third guy hanging I just oh it's a soft spot for Scooby Doo like Sean Connery was renamed the Dog India fleeing the fish that ate the minnow carrying the can and is returning the favor the water chickens third and I was like cobwebs and dust too powerful muscular mastiffs tied to Barron C groves chair teeth stupid hat good God with all your head goes head freeze would he reach under a door for this hat toward the table the Barron continues to ignore him India's annoy listen pal there two dead policemen upstairs and the mastiffs leap forward coming at Indiana Kim Zimmer Colonel Baron seagraves hand nonchalantly UN ties the massive spendings Indiana still indy struggles for air no good there isn't enough space he's going to drown underwater in desperation in maidens the the fountain is surrounded with Water Spewing Demons Gargoyles and hellish beasts camera dollies his fingers are inches from the horn the mastiffs sharp claws rip it his arm but indy manages to snatch the trumpet he quickly moves the Horn to his lips chevalier hangs above a long Mahogany banquet table at the far end of the table sits a shriveled white haired elderly man it is buried the script can you do a second draft for me it just just me different I don't care just make it oh yeah I read the whole thing nitty the room is immaculate not one speck of dust to medieval suits of armor adorn one wall a Gargantuan Crystal Channel he tries to get away to slow the hounds are upon him tearing clawing biting they drag indy to the floor Indiana stares and bewilderment one of those dogs named his name's Indiana better be alive news is dark side to horizontal metal gates eject from the cavern walls they shoot across the water like lightning barreling toward Indy Indiana hops to the window ledge he opens the window the mastiff leaps upward Indiana jumps out of the window the dog follows indy also jumping out of the window caps Kemp's exterior himself standing in the fountain indies. Pov He is inside of a banquet room. The sprawling room is beautifully decorated in Victorian Indy struggles to his knees trying to reach for the Horn but the dogs are still biting clawing weakening Indiana Bayard is La's it should say ablaze the hounds fight for a scrap of meat yeah drop the Horn stops dogs from attacking you the mastiffs come to their senses they dart after indy mouths he blows hard much like the script a high piercing note fills the air the dogs respond to the sound a halt stopping their attack for a moment tattered and Bruised Indiana leaps to his feet he drops the horn he runs posted to men hanging from obey orders biased jokes okay I have a prediction homing Barron see growth continues to dine still ignoring the action indy runs to Velvet Curtain. He grabs hold of a long thick rope that is attached to the Curtain Indiana tears the curtain from the wall a large stained glass window is behind the curtain the first massive leaps at indy the fountain Barron Seagraves Seems Unaware of these presents Indiana walks toward the baron. Excuse me Sir Hello Baron it does not look up from his plate indy moves closer he speaks louder can you hear me close up beneath the table tendency grove is just his clothing and skin indy spots something on the wall above hanging amidst the display of stuffed animal heads is a hunter's trumpet is a game where you can catch me or movies and shame AC- Grove the third the fellow whose likeness appeared in every piece of artwork Barron see Grove is calmly eating his dinner Indiana quickly drapes the curtain over the hound indy ties large not in the open curtain at the dog is trapped did it it's probably it's probably got some like shit on about liberals maybe maybe it's a Yankee candle as what it is it says Barron shameless sounds like all right so we've got this wine cellar right but we're going to set up a ramp and we gotta like hold this barrel up at the top of the ramp closed door real quick so then when someone opens because this is a castle and they have many tapestries indy turns the second few feel way PRINC- Grove continues to enjoy his dinner seemingly oblivious to the scene before him Indiana fights for his life the vicious dogs terror is from the water and stops on Indiana Jones India has outsmarted the massive yet that's what's a to aim for or heroes out smarter. Although the mastiff falls flying hundreds of feet into the rocky waters below splash the hound's vicious howl fades camera pan it's deadly acts bleed inches from indy's face Indiana moves fast he jerks his body forward this flips the White Knight off its feet twitches its arm lowers its head slowly turns like an episode of Scooby fucking White Knight opens its arms when India's within reach the White Knight locks it's powerful arms around indy's chest Indiana tries to break free wildly swinging the battleaxe Indiana continues to step back back unbeknownst to indy his steps are leaning toward on I'm trying to recall good Indiana Jones movies let me drown just me reading absolute garbage top to bottom that's my whole night now this trying to interject just to give you a break take a suit of armor located a few feet indy suddenly being black suit of armor the Black Knight is nearly seven feet tall it has come to life and his walking toward indy the Black Knight Ace indy leaps back the X. slices through the air just missing indy. The Shaken Indiana is shocked to see a blizzard the baron Charles Time's over mister you better start talking the baron still ignores Indiana there's a lot of strange things happening around frenzied axe swings back and forth indy still struggles with the White Knights bone-crunching grip the Black Knight is only a few feet from indy no good the White Knights grip is too tight indies trapped the Black Knight still comes toward Indiana it's Indiana still walks toward the baron who was only concerned with spreading butter on his bread. Indy shouts he leaps back inside the room interior banquet room Barron Seagram pours himself a glass of wine a very angry Indiana walks toward over in his head the White Knight flies into the Black Knight Crash this sends both nights falling to the floor there is no dialogue in this whole page this whole pages mm-hmm sharp battle axe shoots into frame swinging towards Indy's head Indiana spins the ax is only inches from his Samantha. Do you hear me I want some answers now in your point there is a loud creak of metal a huge sharp battle-axe shoots into frame another suit of armor to also over seven feet tall this armor is made of a silvery white metal as indy moves closer he reached for that when he was defending himself from the Dogs Oh battleaxe who porn cheeses strange things are happening sir is worse than Kingdom of the crystal skulls I said it no no no not yet but do still happening there's GonNa be a portrait where it's is start to follow wants to manage Mr Mr Ghost give it a pain giving them the see what they do with their fridges in this one he ns shoots to his feet the two nights leap to their feet they chase indy the black indy jumps through the window hanging onto the thing I'm so upset I I don't think I've seen Sean this pissed off said down storytime with Sean they just pick a spot in it's perfectly reasonable nuked the fridge nuking the fridge is the new jumping no you're never gonna make fat tap no everything is fine here fine how're you own a I will not laugh at yours if no one left about the outsmarted the black windows I got affect me the two nights sleep to they chase indeed the Black Knight armed with his acts the White Knight armed with a long Sharp Sword that he nights he defends the bludgeoning battle-axe with his shield and sword fights the other night like he learned in archaeology school technically the battleaxe is slashing weapon the ready to fight the nights are upon Him Indiana battles both dog horn that dog ornell help make is doug horns heard of right dog horns walter free hoping of boiled potatoes into his eight snatches as a shield and sword from a nearby wall display again the two middle giants raised their weapons high aiming for Indy's head the two nights swing indy dives to the floor very days Indiana jumps to his feet the Black Knight hisses furious he dashes after Indiana the White Knight is this snaps into a thick boy in the confusion Indy's shield is knocked from his hand by the powerful battle-axe India's defenseless bludgeoning weapon thrash clang the sound of heavy metal fills the room deleted the tonight's can't stop their weapons in time crunch they deliver a hard blow to each other the woozy knights wobble and spin in a moment are they empty or are they both Peter Mayhew smartphones Huey I hope they're filled with more mastiffs what is like ships white out he's going back to you know you could say that and the audience would sit Chris Columbus is actually listen the fifth one coming out right indies fighting aliens and Russians right same time if there's all these weapons around the room why was this motherfucker grabbing a horn though the potatoes at him and that was a that was a hell of a gamble throw a potato we're where we heavy metal somewhere India India Sword Strikes Indie Sword strikes the white knights thick chest I jumped out the window he killed himself he's sick them on the downs people now finally free choose the Postman Room my friends kill me spooky ghost men real name is Spencer Grossman turn dogs really he's he's a real estate developer obviously trying to scare people away from buying the property -pletely neglected to us before is I'll just bear hug him I don't even ordered Breyer Adam right out the window Barron see growth spoons and other and the Black Knight has is furious after Indiana still reeling yeah let's get back to spooky delete that tonight there's no way I'm GonNa need that on Indiana Jones clip what we just did like Shit sticking out of the wall the DNA of nineteen thirty s light radio serials has never been this intense in the uh-huh Jeff Stop Activating my robots travels perform its also seems like a like an eighties video game like like sort of like with a Zelda layout that kind of thing they can call me spooky goes and my my three after you guys rescinded this billboard made those robots probably the next you know Indiana Jones staple that's going to turn up the script are you telling me spooky goes men's about the release some robots none of the Hansel he goes men cancel nine pursuit indy searches for a weapon he spots the curtains long thick rope lying on the floor here to use that one the Black Knight is nearly asthma it's time fixing it as as you have reading Oh my God still reeling from the blow he's a walker how did they have emotion the night like those empty seats of the other ones like off still woozy widths itself around the Black Knights Neck Indy Jerks the whip forward okay even if this was human that doesn't help strangle a suit of armor Japan indie x Rays Indiana grabs the rope he spins facing the night indies snaps his wrist allowed. Yeah you're a reeling from the blow your at seeing the blight night in hot pursuit amy Iraq the rope shoots forward not unlike Indiana's familiar with unto Indiana Jones maybe macgowan and Galbraith are actually his aerobics released the robots Patten shoulder who's killed regular dog and armored they didn't kill him we're about to see is the dog this sends the night flying through the air the night crack these are really light suits sculptures shatter into pieces the dazed dented black knight attempts to what is this music something's gotTa give either armor Eh last crusade from the days dented Black Knight attempts to stand loses his footing the night falls backward into the Fountain's wide-range opening it's heavy armor causes the night to sink disappearing the whole into the pool of water we get it indy catches his breath the White Knight Sword Swings into Frame Indiana leaps onto the table top trying to escape the living suit of armor about the White Knight climbs up onto the table following indy the sword slashing night well you know his whip does have superpowers this is not his whip though he imbues any ropy thing spooky yolks house that's why the ladies like him so much a few feet away baron see Grove continues to dine car right wow wow the white knight raises his sword above Indy whoosh uh-huh worms in it I'm on vacation Monday also has worms on it it is live bait ends of the roasted pig slapstick now the satisfied baron helps himself to a freshly carved slice of pork I the sword begins to swing down Indiana ducks and dodges the deadly blows instead of Carving Indiana the Knight's sword manages to slice perfect section. ooh Oh man this is better I did not anticipate this was going to be this bad licensed through Indiana's jacket indy jumps back the vicious White Knight Comes Toward Him Indiana turns to run finding himself at the banquet table Eh I hate this more than anything I think you're tired in reading for about forty five minutes full face to face with the roasted pig he's coming on the wall just going over to the eating duties over eating link bleep bloop and then like dogs come back on Mark Mark is on fire sword outstretched Indiana walks across the table top headed for Baron see growth the baron prepares to take Lisa Chandelier motionless the sword drops from its lifeless hand perfect onto the table top takes the Knight's Sword Superlight and the fountain was really made or the fountain most thirty and Andy Just fucking Jagd naval this sling heavy armor around the room silver-plate from the table top indy whisks the plate in the air toward the rope that holds the Chandelier no the spinning plate severs the Rope Samaritan reads on

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