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Hey this is cory from the showdown podcast. I'm not talking about movies. I'm listening to set less than Bruce. Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of set listening Bruce Your podcast all about Bruce springsteen. His music and mostly is fans. I am your host Jesse Jesse Jackson and joining me. Today is a a new twitter friend High Colin welcome to the show hi thanks for having me yeah so we were exchanging a few things on on twitter and as I always do if anyone shows any interest about Bruce springsteen at all like hey want to be on the podcast so and columnists nice that's to say yes so welcome to the show <hes> tell us what about yourself well in from Pennsylvania. I'm twenty seven years old and I'm a writer I can't really call myself and author because having published anything in terms of books but I do blogging and I write books and screenplays and and I went to college for Creative Writing University of Pittsburgh. We'll very nice. That's that's cool and what what John Ras. Do you like to write in. What kind of writing do you like to do? I kind of do a little bit of everything but recently found myself writing a lot of comedy okay and I also do prefer to write in like mystery or film noir which is what I love in terms of movies on big movie Fan. I blog about movies so the one book I've finished like detective story sort of little bit of horror thrown in very nice so are you now working through the how to get published scenario yeah yeah I've been looking into that. It's a long road especially when you crossover genres in a book some people looking for a very specific style book so yeah absolutely well best of luck to you so we always liked to start with <hes> childhood so talk about growing up. What kind of music did your family listened to as when you were a kid one of my dad grew up on all kinds of classic rock but when I was a kid he wasn't listen to that too much time? Mostly it was either classical <hes> some contemporary Christian but not allowed in the pastor okay so can have honestly I was raised from probably days old on folk music like American folk music and so like Stephen Foster that kind of thing even before it was an elementary school with learning that kind of thing very nice so so your father's a pastor so you're preacher's kid yet <hes> with all that that is good and bad about that. Yes I grew up. I grew up in a Baptist Church and so I certainly had my share friends and knowing that you know as I went to Bible camps and other things met <hes> you learned about the pastors and Ministers family in that the joy and the struggle of having that you mentioned your dad. How about your mom? What kind of music did she like? She was more. The G. enjoyed the classical style of music she. I think we had a lot of classical music in the home growing up even apparently before I was born when she was pregnant with I heard you would listen to classical music. I don't know if that's a advice you hurt or something but so as a kid. I didn't like it grew up like yeah I can appreciate classical music yeah. So what do you tell me about your first awakenings. Where you kind of found your own music? How old what were you and what what were you drawn to? I on my own music. When I was about nine or ten years old started listening to country music so yeah we went to I think it was called Kentucky operate in Kentucky Huggy? It's like the Grand Ole opry not famous obviously and I heard some country music when I get into some of that so I said listen to the radio I really grew to like some of it never was across the board mainstream country but there was a lot of stuff. I liked so like Garth Brooks. I still enjoy that kind of thing and four on the folks at a country I do still enjoy would have kind of phased out of a good bit country music but it was definitely a part of my upbringing yet. Someone's going to ask asked. What kind of music did you like? I mean like you mentioned Garth Brooks about others. Let's see Girthy garth brooks favored by like Brad Paisley had really interesting sounds for a time traffic. I think you're also like there was a really obscure van but they're still on paper bands. They were called Pin Monkey. They were kind of like bluegrass Americana Country <hes> they really didn't get much radio play but I heard a song or two and their albums are so genuine sounding. I just love their sound. There is a here in Texas. I guess not just in Texas but you know we have read the red dirt country and we also have a fair amount of Americana that kind of that's combination nomination folk in you know country and Western a little bit of rock so that can be very interesting to talk about <hes>. I'm a big Brad Paisley Fan as well I <hes> I saw him perform form somewhere and I thought he was really interesting and started collecting some of his old CDs and really really enjoyed it so yeah. I'm right there with you yeah. I really especially like his early work <unk> his guitar playing really good he is he. I totally agree did so as you continue to grow. Did you keep liking country or did you continue Braun. Your taste yeah I sort of around fifteen or sixteen started listening to more southern rock in brothers that kind of thing and then I got into more rock of any era basically these eighties nineties so I started listening to like the Eagles and created what revival stuff like that which actually turned my dad back on that kind of thing funny enough yeah. He's like Oh wait a minute. I this is just kind of stuff yeah and honestly it's weird. That's how I came into Bruce was John Fogerty has the Song Rock and all over the world and I saw over Spring Santa who that is. I don't know music and I clicked on like that's nice that cover that was the first gruesome I heard was a cover rock and all over the world yeah absolutely that's a good cover and what we'll talk about your Bruce Journey a little bit so you heard this cover. Yes so what you decide to do next. I think it was just all I knew for a little bit about six months later later on the radio. I heard born to run. I think this probably important moment in every verse Fans Life First Time they heard born to run. Absolutely it just something I think I've ever heard and it was just a rock station. I believe it was a serious radio. One of those and I was like Oh what is that and when clearances saxophone comes in okay yes. I'm sold all now so you know I've told the story many times Colin so I apologize boring you in the listeners but right out of high school I picked up a beach boy eight track. That's how old I am and all of a sudden like I was going every record store trying to find beach boy you know eight tracks or albums because I just wanted more and more yeah we're you that similar once she started listening to Bruce or was a smaller less frantic pace once they heard born to run that would've been January of my junior year of high school now February of junior gear high school. He played the Super Bowl very nice so I saw that in by that I get this now then I just went right at yeah. I did try to find as much as a very cool yeah. I'm very sentimental I. I certainly think with nine eleven the U._2. Super Bowl is very sentimental. Prince was amazing but <hes> Bruce's up there with best super bowl half times. I mean that was <hes> that was so special and so much fun. Go ahead good yeah. I was just going to say <hes> so as you start searching like talk about what kind of albums you picked up and and what let you were finding yeah well. It was all digital usually surf music is certain music on Youtube and then bite on I._T.. Decided in I._T.. is going out now but yeah that's usually do it. I started with the big ones or to run born in the U._S._A.. Any they were big songs like those then got the born in the U._S._A.. L. So that was that was where I started. I think that's a good place to start very accessible. Yeah I mean commercially miss. It's most successful album. <hes> you know a a ton of top ten hits <hes> very successful. <hes> and I think a lot of long-term fans longtime fans at Times Bay get wore out on the C._d.. Or Yoshito perform but I think you take a break from and then come back. You remember how goods these songs are again. Oh so yeah I can imagine third like the album cuts especially Ashley like no surrender in Darlington County with really the first one I got into that wasn't a big hit and I was like Oh. He's putting this much effort into his non singles. Just fun little album cuts on like yeah I can get into all music. That's very cool so have you. Have you been able to attend to show yeah. I've been to two of his shows. I wish I could be more if there's another coming up. I'll be there vershow was in twenty twelve right. It was days after <music> Hurricane Sandy so he was doing a lot of Jersey shore songs now was he did for the Park Sandy. Of course he did Jersey girl which I really wanted to hear and he did see sidebar song. Assigned breast it's pretty cool that is very cool. The you know we're always quick to say on the show that the amount of times you see Bruce's on a fair barometer of your <hes> passion or your Phantom because it could be pinned on your age location financial situation. <hes> you know it. It is easier if you became a fan of Bruce in the middle seventies and lived on the East Coast lived in the Jersey or New York area to have seen him tons of times for a guy growing up in Texas little the tougher and you not finding him to two thousand twelve you know he's certainly touring but he has not been in a while. What was your other show IBM? Russia was twenty twelve and then because my found him he was already on the working on a dream towards relegated chance to see that so yes after that was a wreck in Baltimore and then the second one was the river tour. This is a really cool show because we won the ticket lottery and I was in the very front row very nice yeah. We had a whole group of like we're all GonNa see what we can do. We got very front row and Abe is still doing the whole album at the time I know not long after that he started mixing it up but I love the river outfits probably on most days my second they've bruce album it just depends but I think that consistently such a great album and we were right by Steve Van Zandt on Sherry Darling which is one of my favorite roussin definitely take out that album he high five dollars in that ropes Preussen so that was really cool. That sounds fabulous so talk to me a little bit about <hes> you <hes> Western stars came out yet and we're GONNA spend some time talking about that doesn't but you did something <hes> kind of special to prepare for it. Didn't you yeah yeah I wanted to do something like this for awhile and I wanted to make a list countdown all my favorite Bruce springsteen song so I wanted to do every song that was on an album regular release and enthroned enough to make it two hundred fifty from like tracks and live cuts and everything else so I counted down by two hundred hundred fifty David Bruce Springsteen <unk> started a while back but it aside came back to thinking leading up to western stars. It'd be a good time to do it and it was something great personal for me because it just like aver songs it wasn't here's the ones that the most accessible is just the ones mean the most to me yeah. <hes> you know always I think the best way to do this. <hes> you know I have said that <hes> better days and <hes> land of hope a dream or my two your favorite songs and <hes> third probably thunder road but it depends on the day and who's asking depends on my mood you know and so and I know there are better songs but they those Zor just songs that meant a lot to me. So how did you decide your songs. While mainly I just put the whole list on a playlist in just would do like ten at a time of like these are the weakest don't even want to save bags. Just really have any songs like make me angry like some artists like the Beatles in like what is this but bruce doesn't have any songs like that. He has some that I'm like okay. They're not as good and they start with those hardest to write about relent about forty songs in and like these are all fine but after that surrounded by wanted you love is easy yeah. What's the name of your block? My blog is called movie matchup. It's mostly a movie blog is kind of just turned into whatever I want is just Colin. Watch movies DOT wordpress the press dot Com so I do music movies and T._v.. Like writing about basically okay very nice and then on the homepage right now you'll find the countdown one hundred fifty songs but it's going to be under everything else. They move onto my next project. So have you just go to the homepage. There is right there on top right now and in the future it'll be very bottom where it says everything else all right and Gimme that one more time Colin Watches movies at C._O.. L. I. N.. Watches movies dot wordpress Dot Dot Com nice yeah. So what did you find surprising about trying to do this. You know and you know trying to put that in an order the anything surprises you about it. Yeah I actually found as I was branding it. I'd move psalms around more often than I thought I would like especially when it got to the final top ten which I thought would be we set in stone. I thought now these these two top under roads Bruce springsteen probably a good number of fans favourite and that wasn't gonNA here but after that I was like I was GonNa put longtime common which I love the live version. I don't have the album version <hes> I was going to leave out of the top ten because it's almost in themes the same song as better days. They're very similar but I realized that both of those songs are ones. That just helped me so much. I'm going through something tough but they had to put a both in the top so anything you WANNA share about your how the songs helped you yeah. It's honestly not like one specific incident. I know to college especially if I was go on the toughest with like friendships relationships anything myself trying to better myself. I was just listen to those songs over and over like longtime common especially is just such a hopeful song of your on the bright side of this now yeah <hes> you know there are things that <hes> influence you in your life. In one of the significant moments was <hes> there was an English teacher. When I was in high school? <hes> Miss Deanna Doohan and we were in English class once and she. I don't remember how we got to the topic but I remember her talking about. It is saying that <hes> she she mentioned she didn't miss her college friends and I think that's where it led to. She said I think too. Many people are always worried. What about the next thing she says? You're in high school and you you. You're like okay. Let's I can't wait till I'm in college and then when Your College I can't wait till I graduate you know and then you get a job and I can't wait toy promoted and then it's like I can't wait to our retire right and then she goes in what you do. I can't wait till I die <hes>. She says I loved college. I had a great time. I Made Great Friends <hes> and when I see them. I'm happy to see them but I don't WanNa go back to college. I and I think you should enjoy what you're doing now and <hes> and that really stuck to me and so when better days came out and I heard it <hes> I thought Oh this is that philosophy yup the idea of the journey and while you're waiting for your ship to come in your you're letting it all slip away <hes> in so as I have shared before I was lucky enough to get to a book signing in Austin and <hes> had by seven seconds with Bruce as I picked up a copy of his autobiography and <hes> you know I said I spent nine months unemployed. I listened to better days and land of open dreams almost every day and that got me through it. I don't know if he I heard me because they're already his people are saying next next but as I've said many times I needed to say it more than I needed him to hear it right and then make complete sense I would probably be the same way with a with better days with the lyrics and that like every lyric is so well wrought like there's not a wasted word in that song like it's a sad man my friends living into them. Skin can't stay in the company. That's one that always sticks with me again. I do and I will so I will bring that up in meetings and I'll talk about that <hes> because I think that's a very very strong sentiment and it's one of the lines I used in my forty days springsteen. I'm where I picked a lyric and talked about it so I I'm right there with you as you re listening to this where their songs that you went wow I like this when a little bit more than I thought or vice versa thought I really like this but maybe not as much <hes> yeah definitely on both counts one that I found myself putting lower as in like not as good listen I expected was a fire because I was GonNa have the higher and I started writing about it. I'm like it's a good song but it's not that much of a bruce. Springsteen song is just trying to Elvis Song yes so I had that about twenty places higher. I think it ended up somewhere like the one eight but ahead twenty get thirty places higher. I'm like he's written saw that are so much more distinctively bruce than this that I can't put it any higher than like one eighty yeah you know it's the the you know he had said he's been on the record that he created fire specifically to <hes> you know four Elvis and once you know that you can hear that that's cool. That's cool and <hes>. Did you say a ones that you went. Wow I think this one is a little better than I was giving it credit. Definitely one particular really found myself growing like just in the months leading up to as writing this is my lover man from tracks and I'd never thought too much about that one and ended a big like the fifties sixties I think because it just it's one of does it stays in the back of your mind because I fell in love with the tracks album like right at the end of high school beginning of College I was listening to it over and over and some of those songs are still put me in that mood of when that was just getting started in college like the two summer like a l think rockaway the days when they were like that one and my lover man and a couple of others made me think of that in my lover man is just so it's interesting tune. It's sort of like a follow up at the time of love songs. Yeah absolutely do so. This was a good good way to kind of. Get ready for Western stars so once you got here. Were you thinking honestly with new albums. It usually takes a little while for them to grow on me especially when with Brucie tune a new sound every album but I'm really enjoying it I really I think title track especially yeah I agree. I think it's really good I I am a I'm a big fan of <hes> Tucson trained for some reason I think it's because it's the idea of redemption there is a many as in many of Bruce's songs but you get that you know this guy messed up. He was a bad boyfriend husband. Whatever you WANNA call it partner partner and <hes> and he kinda went off and now than he's been on this redemption journey and you know he's begged pleaded? Just give me one more chance. Give me one chance just just the weekend again just but I'm for a weekend and she's reluctantly said yes and he just he's waiting for the Tucson drain. You know to to talk about that and I just love that idea of that joy to you know I'm waiting and I'm going to show her. A man can change you know and I mean it could be a hallmark movie and I mean that in a good way I v I you know oh I've I'm a sucker for romantic story and and this one is such a has the possibility of that so yeah absolutely waiting hopeful song like that like the hope in his voice really just makes us such a great song. Oh absolutely any other stand out. Yeah I love the title track always interested how Bruce who is one of those successful artists love singing songs about losers and beat up guys guys go into the hardest times like with Western stars or the stunt man or even the wrestler off working on a dream. He loves taking on the the view of a loser. WHO's not going? Well instinct you about the but I think I think Western star is the song is going to my favorite song off the album and I like sleepy. Joe's cafe on everyone does yeah. I'm a little surprised about that. That people feel that it's kind of derivative but I didn't care. I just think it's a fun little song and I could see the eastern band playing it. <hes> you know I know we're not going to get a full tour but I I have the secret wish that Bruce the ban that he did the video with for Tucson train if they could have just <hes> filmed them doing a show and put it on d._v._d.. or or online I I would love that he did that with the promise right yeah yeah. I'd love that yeah yeah that would be just really cool. That sound on Tucson train that the arrangement of that song is so great yeah it absolutely is. I like <hes> what was the one big thing <hes> i. I was listening to thinking about how pulled up here. Forget the name but yet the new albums got a lot of similar sounding song but it's such an interesting take care of the deal that Glen Campbell type sound yeah I I was born in fifty nine. I graduated High High School in seventy seven. So you know the late sixties early seventies. I was very active listening to music the way my parents listened to it and there was definitely a where the it was in that wheelhouse that Jimmy Webb Glen Campbell and to hear that <hes> <hes> when you heard Hulo sunshine you know I went wow wow yeah that's that's amazing sundowns the one I was thinking of the other one yeah Oh yeah really good stuff absolutely big sounded but still personal but it's such a big string sound on it. Yeah I love it. Oh absolutely and we're hearing words that he may <hes> you know He. He is saying that he has <hes> eastern band so that's good Yasser. We're going to wait and see what happens on that. <hes> talk to me about <hes> any other springsteen's stories to share. Oh I got to tell a million yeah. I think one thing that I connect my love of movies by Love Bruce. You can see his like cinematic inspiration ration- coming through on so many different songs and as a writer I love I love his story. albums like the Ghost Tom Joe to think is really underrated. The whole album I think honestly on any given day I might let it out more than Nebraska okay because the stories are just so interesting into the melodies he writes. Tom Jones album like the wine and Sinoloa cowboys and even the title track. I just love those couple songs on there so good. The line China's was like in my top twenty songs. I was surprised a high with that one. Yeah I could see that that makes sense yeah did with the <hes> coming up blinded by the light you know the film I obviously I'm sure you've seen the trailer initial thoughts by it looks interesting. It's quite an interesting story. Oriented was it a a kid from India is living in Great Britain yeah so he's <hes> I actually ended up reading the book and really liked it. He is Pakistani and his <hes> he was born in the U._k.. Or he was very young when they moved over and <hes> and they had in so the whole book <hes> ends up being being more about while they're certainly is a lot of Bruce springsteen in it. <hes> there is also a lot of discovering who he was in a way that you know he's British and Pakistan and <hes> and that <hes> part of two worlds <hes> was something that was really interesting to read and <hes> you know some of the scenes that are in <hes> so the movie the previews. I you know we haven't got to see the movie yet. Were were directly from the book obviously but one of the things that I was really surprised about and I'm I'm hoping I can get at the writer on the podcast but <hes> you know there's the scene where the custom guy you know asked him. Why are you coming here and you know he says I'm going to see Bruce springsteen and the guy says I can't think of a better reason to go right right right when that happened really was right after nine eleven? Oh Wow okay so imagine you're Muslim Pakistani in dissent you're coming into America right after nine eleven and you're in customs and he tells the story I'm nervous and someone the Guard asks him and he tells them in the guard basis says I cannot think of anything more American than to go see a bruce springsteen concert. You approved. Go enjoy yourself. Wow no and yeah so like I understand for the sake of the movie. They changed that but that was a powerful seen so cool well yeah we I may have to have you come back on and kind of you'll put on your movie critic hat. Yeah I WANNA talk about it yeah. You know what's amazing about the rising. I've always thought this was like I was nine years old. One cheer now when I love having so but the music came out there were so many artists felt almost too soon like they had to write a song definitely not the best way to go about right bruce waited it came out until two thousand two and you wrote a complete album with thoughtful songs and even some which hadn't even been Britain because of nine eleven like my city ruins which was already around. Yeah I did have a question Asian and if we can move on just a minute why what got you into movie reviews and why what what tree to that writing those kind of that kind of blog and in talk a little bit about that yeah so I've always been into movies from when I was little but if the biggest moment in my music life was the first time I heard born to run the biggest moment in by movie going life was the first time I saw the movie. Oh brother art that by the Coen brothers okay because that was the first movie I saw I was only oh I'd say eleven years old. When I I saw it didn't it didn't click with me at but I knew there was something there that was more than just entertainment? It was a thought thought-provoking movie. There was a lot of subtext and I went back. I watched it later. I'm like oh now I get it and when I fell in love with movies was just that movie because it opens up a whole world of this isn't just entertainment. You can break things down think about them. That's why some of the essays I right on that channel about my favorite movies just get to break down while of them so much and I you know I've noticed you've gotten some blogs of you. Know ranking the COEN brothers seven sequels that improve on the original <hes> and I'm scrolling through that <hes> I agree with many many of those good yeah the the top three films your favorite films top three favorite comes okay. Let's see again depends on the day. Yes Chinatown the pockets now and three slot. What changes but probably Casablanca Glass Yeah Casa Blanca is truly one of my favorite films and the Roger Ebert they during the anniversary of one of the anniversary nursery discs they had they had Roger Ebert doing a commentary movie? That's the one that have to yeah and he talked about. He says if they asked me what's the best film I would say citizen Kane but if someone asking see my favorite film I would probably Tell Them Casa Blanca right and <hes> it is really interesting. <hes> I don't know if you've seen but we had a while back <hes> <hes> I had armed drawing a blank but we did top film moments with a guest where we each picked a film moment with a song being played and we shared that so I'll I'll send you the link when muggy off line so you can kind of check about it and you may WanNa have a rebuttal and go. Hey I might want to talk about that. Actually did do my ten favorite movie moments as a log apiece. Oh good and number one is actually a music moment so I can. I have talked about things like that very nice so what our future plans for the blog and writing future plans for the blog look I. I wanted to do more talking about movies. I love there's enough online of a guy bashes. A bad movie. It's easy to do is cheap laughs. I enjoyed doing it to an extent. It can't be all you do yeah now every pre-christmas against my most views keep doing it ends a blast. I find ten obscure Christmas specials that are fun to bash but it's still an in good funding. It's Christmas special. I can't aw hey they're just fun yeah so they get most of us. I keep doing that. It actually started as a Christmas thing. I wanted to review ten versions of Christmas Carol. That was my blog series and then I ever you have that just used Christmas special so that do that every year beyond that I i WanNa do more like movie essays like get broken down the over fifty movie the night of the Hunter and I've done Fargo Angel Heart. I wonder I wanted to do more stuff like that. Where I talk about movies I really love okay interesting yes and the <hes> and you're still working on writing correct? Oh Yeah I got the one books finished. I just finished up screenplay as well and working on some other projects that I'm scoping out right now. The David Rosen is the guy's name he does a podcast and this was back in November of last year. We picked <hes> our selection so okay offset. I don't WanNa yeah I'll I'll send you to link any final thoughts any final yeah. I'm looking forward to whatever the next <hes> e-street album is obviously. It's that's GONNA be exciting. I don't love the current Al But macneice St Ave street album. Oh absolutely and I will try to see shows on that or hopefully more than just one because it you know it's getting closer to the last eastern or obviously yeah one of the things that I felt at the river tour is that the guys had such essential joy playing together yeah and they and there was a sense of they know do that. The road in front of them is shorter than the road behind them right <hes> not like anyone's ill or sick <hes> but I thought that was <hes> Kinda cool that in the sense of just enjoying themselves and the idea. We don't know how many more times we have a chance to play together and so we're gonNA love every minute. This and I think that's very cool very cool. I definitely got that impression. At the show I was at its day college in Twenty sixteen with the river that that whole album is just so much fun absolutely and so we'll go ahead of the even something like crush on you which is totally silly but he's just handing it up in heaven of laughter Ramrod you know yeah I mean they just truly are so. I can't let you go without asking the Mary question so for those who've dot seeing the show or heard the podcast before <hes> Jay was Jefferson was a his was on the podcast very early he has an honors English teacher and he teaches thunder road as a point in his <hes> high school class in honors English and they covered they discuss it. They make it similar were to the rootless travel they compare that and they talk about themes and they go through the lyrics and talking about the different <unk> emergy and then at the end he asks them the question. Does Mary Get in the car so Colin that your question does Mary getting the car. I love this question because I've always enjoyed how certain bruce songs just don't give you a conclusion is just you hear from one person's perspective than your left to imagine. If I WANNA marry you thunder road or any Johnny Ninety nine if it happens with the singer want silo that and I love that they study it because I've always thought if you're going to study a certain artists in a school in English class you had to start with Bruce. Springsteen is so in-depth Thunder road. This is going to be itchy. I think it depends on the version okay. No that's a fair answer. Go ahead. I think on the album with that huge musical climax climax at the end with the saxophone piano. That's getting in the car okay but I think the more acoustic even like dirge like versions. He would play but I don't think she does he interesting. I could see that that's a very cool. <hes> good answer very good answer. I love asking the question because <hes> you know it now than that. People who listen to podcasts are ready for it the first few times. I asked that there was like I've never thought about this for hold on. Let me think so yeah all right Colin if we want to find you. How can we okay? Well already said the blog gonNA say it again. It's Colin watches movies dot wordpress Dot Com and my twitter handle is just at Colin Mer at C._o.. L. I. N. and you are to else to ours on twitter. That's usually the social media use. The most is just my regular on twitter handle handle. You can find me there. I'd do all kinds of Bruce doc about politics. Let other stuff so yes I <hes> Colin gave up watching as we record this the second night at the Democrat debates on and he was kind enough to still talk to me <hes> hang on Colin. I do a little set lesson Bruce Business. If you want to be on the PODCAST and share your springsteen story. I'd love to have you my goals. They have every springsteen I I believe every springsteen fan in the wrote has a story and my goal is to get as many of them on the record as I can so reach out you can find me <hes> email set lesson Brusett you can call of you can on twitter. I'm at Jesse Jackson D._F._W.. We have a new voice mail that I have not memorized yet so as I go in really quickly and don't sound confusing it all saw it is four six nine two four nine two four four to if you call that <hes> thank you to Google talk you can leave a voicemail and I can play it on the show go to Itunes Rayton reviews. It is how people find us. Colin Hokey had fun. Oh Yeah thank you and thank you I'm going to I held off going in reading your countdown. I wanted wait till after we had visited so now. I have that little. It's like a little present on Christmas morning I enjoy I do I look forward to following the blog and I do think <hes> we plan on you coming back. After the movie comes out and Kinda share I may do like a couple people roundtables other. You know I've got a couple people that have been kind of movie bloggers. I think that'd be kind of fun but that'd be fun. You have some bloggers Kinda do around table from a bruce fandom slash but also like a movie like I don't know if you saw the movie love and mercy. Oh I love that movie okay yeah and and so I am hoping it's it's that style it because I thought that movie did a great job of <hes> showing the creative process that Brian showed his madness it showed the redemption that <hes> his Melinda gave to him <hes> I just the the scenes of watching him record pet sounds were just so awesome and <hes> speaking of you know you. One of blogs is a great closing music for a movie and love and mercy when they when you when <hes> she looks Edmund says what now at the very end and they start playing. Wouldn't it be nice. You know I still tear up oh I tear up to and if I had seen that movie when I wrote that that would probably read the top absolutely and then how perfect to have actual so Bryan playing love and mercy over the closing credits was just absolutely perfect yeah so I warned you beforehand Kevin we will get off on tangents but thank you this was a blast. I appreciate it it listeners <hes> go check out collins blog police follow him on twitter. Send US some love by some reviews on itunes. Thank you guys for listening and we'll talk to you sue you just heard the fun talk hard rock music album raking band thanking joy spreading leered readings store.

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