Peel The Onion - The Spanish Announce Table - Episode 247


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I'm -tunities doors close that up bridges the King of all you are that <hes> King Sir Sir Tom in the house us Lord of the Spanish announce table. What's up with you man Tom? What did you watch that <hes> Super Bowl? Was it super high did I did you know yeah. Here's the thing let's it's just go into it. Real quick again. This is a pro wrestling podcast but we do talk about the pop culture happenings especially in the United States because that's where we are <hes> so let's just quickly get into the super bowl yeah et politicians say God bless America and then in parentheses nowhere else. That's what it feels like this anyhow. Here's the thing was it three two fifty and Oh my God it'd be mill but was it awesome big hits people were just getting fucked up yup very exciting and so I like that me to like I didn't enjoy you know punt punt punt but the first second third downs were physical. Were hard hitting were a strategic. It was entertaining. The two things that failed the super bowl in my opinion was whatever that halftime show was in we'll get into in what the real halftime show was a little bit <hes> and then the commercials I thought the N._F._l.. One hundred commercial was spectacular. I loved it started with Marshawn Lynch trying to grab the cake football falls. They have it that everyone at feel feels like included in that super bowl. Tom Brady Patrick Mahomes <hes> Richard Sherman <hes> I mean everyone but the only person I couldn't think of that I would have included. I mean they had the seventy two dolphins. They had Franco Harris Chris. <hes> they had Joe Montana Jerry Rice. I mean they had everything. The only person I thought was missing and just a little bit because you know I think he's iconic for them. Brett farve was in it other than Brett Farve. I feel like it. It was all their cool thing. I would have added to it because I'm addicted is if it was the bank what you know in all of those people were going through you know and you had ladainian Tomlinson running Ed Reed hitting them and all that stuff I oh did you had Colin Kaepernick on the outside of the room tapping on the window trying to get inside because he's blackballed yes yes and just flat out like they would just admitted at this point yeah like goodell still saying he's just not as good <hes> <hes> the quarterbacks in the league. Do we have to run down a list of the backup quarterbacks in the N._F._l.. To just call you a liar now come on man like so any of the buffalo bills starting quarterback since he's been out of believe would be like yeah. I'd take him as a back. If mahomes got hurt now you can rent a very similar style and we could fit right in I like I bet there's no reason Andy Reid wooden. He always takes guys like that. Like whatever man definitely <hes> Brett Farr he demanded too much money he too much money and and into much Bush light in his hotel room so they didn't they didn't sign him on for the Commercial Bradford. No that makes sense that that that definitely makes it by the way I did the Super Bowl ad <hes> it was free for the N._F._l.. So they didn't have to pay the I think it was four million dollars for the thirty seconds spot and no one in the commercial got paid so where to go N._F._l.. You nonprofit way to play to us all the Dow dollars. You have there because you know your street. Ah You're hanging on by a shoestring there yeah into way they're going to be season. Next year is going to happen is going to be a season because you know their budget you know. I don't know if they're gonNA have Rome yeah the budgetary concerns. I don't know Oh find a place to play Oakland so yeah and good for good for the N._F._l.. I mean seriously the using what budget they have to to cut the corners and still giving us a great product. You know you ebb the old men with grey hairs just I- balling where they think the ball fell and trying to keep up with twenty four year old track stars meanwhile their vision and reactionary skills are going in the whole crowd is yelling at him to be better which they can't because visit evolution yeah way to go N._F._l.. You guys are getting it yeah. They <hes> you know anyhow on the ball but I thought that was fun. I enjoyed it three yeah defense. Yes it is it's like being a jerk thirteen to three when it's because the defense was really good which it was here and not offensive ineptitude on both sides of the ball right like win. It's win because the defenses were so locked down like I still like that a lot. Yeah it wasn't the buccaneers and it's not how snap the ball and fumbling on second down was jared goff going up to the line of scrimmage going. I've never seen this defense before. What the fuck do I do now and then I'm trying to figure it out on the fly that is entertaining to me but I get fifty three two fifty one the cool one thing though trey wingo of Wingo and Golic on E._S._p._N.? Radio had a great sound by and I'm going to paraphrase where he essentially just said shut up to all the people who watch it and then complained that they're bored. 'cause there's in today's climate two thousand nineteen. There is a million options for you to watch whatever ever you want the dumbest thing and this pertains is specifically to pro wrestling and I can be guilty of it a little bit but we do the podcast about Perot so I feel obligated to watch it sometimes however the arm board boom to keep. Would you need to know to hip. This is so stupid <unk> yes. Have I done that in the past. Absolutely is it right no and should you do it. Absolutely not theirs are P._S._A.. The more you know I can't do that no all right well. Ah Fuck them. Then you know like just you know yeah. Super Bowl is great and all that <hes> do you do anything like Special Ford you sit home and eat whatever the hell you had in the house like we did well so since mean. Emily's <hes> have been dating you were this is our third super bowl together. We've gone to my dad's house each year and so he has a nice spread of meats cheeses. They're six dogs and four cats so we play with all of the animals and we just visit with them. We don't see him too often often because of not too far away but you know how we work fulltime schedule they retired so it's weird when people retire that they get busier and my dad and step mom are definitely two of those people were. It seems like hey you should have all free time in the world and absolutely they do dot but because of those two things that happened we don't get see him as much as we like so the super bowl kind of our together annually every year so we went over there just hung out with them and watch the game. What about you did you just hanging out of the house or would you do yeah? That's all we did man. We I mean we <hes> the day before boy had a friend over to celebrate his birthday that had happened. You know the the night after it broke his wrist <hes> so they hung out like Saturday played video games and you you know what I mean. Watch the movie in that kind of stuff and <hes> so Sunday we were just kinda hanging out of the House and I was like Oh super bowl hoops I mean like I guess we ought to do something for that right. We just made up whatever we had in the house. You know what I mean. Just watch the game knew Batman. <hes> the more important game for me was the basketball game last night that I watch between the two state universities here in in Kansas. You know the K. U.. K. State gain the annual tradition where I normally Lee very disappointed but <hes> not at this time right so that one was fun. <hes> you know it's how you know that was more important than the Super Bowl for for me right. That's how that goes. Hey I get it yeah. Hey what else I I like. You're you're measuring the length of your relationship in super bowls so that way when you're getting May next year you will gone passion for Super Bowl with emily and you should tell everybody that like during the wedding and during the reception like maybe even tell the preacher or whoever's offers you know presiding over the ceremony like hey by the way if you could somehow work in the fact that we've now been together for four super bowls hold four right. I mean I think you should really work hard work the room with that well well and if the trend continues. It's not just four super bowls. It's four Patriot super bowls. Yeah the three super bowls that we've watched together all featured the Patriots and then would it be so then it would be the third wrestlemainia mania at that point because the the wind when it started you also hit wrestlemainia that year also how many wrestlemanias that's the real number been together for X. wrestlemanias. Yeah let me see so <music> counting back. This'll be our forth because we got together and March so then a month into it was the first wrestlemainia and then boom boom boom yeah so this'll be the fourth going back to the Super Bowl. Though I wanNA share one just quick tidbit tidbit about you know I just find excellence to be amazing in anything okay acting sports entertainment right right because I think I sent this to you okay so there have been one hundred six teams to play the Super Bowl and of those teams there have been three thousand five hundred five passes twelve percent of all completions in the super bowl however have come from the right arm of one Tom Tom Brady which is a crazy right right. Here's a counter for twelve percent of all completed passes in the entire super bowl. Now I know that sounds very impressive right that sounds now I started looking at that and I was like men will yeah it was like twelve percent because he's been a nine super bowls now right and I was like which is intense and I was like that was the fifty third super bowl right so tom brady's been in nearly seventeen seventeen percent of the super bowls so by my calculations though seventeen percent of all the completions should have been by Tom Brady. If we went with just statistical average I think he's performing below average in super bowls being this well no because you remember that who is facing in the Super Bowl is the best representation from the national football ever has right because we really have to break that down by how many quarterbacks have been in there right and then like figures his numbers going to boat race everybody kind of impressive. It's crazy Bill Deli check one is first. I super bowl before Sean. McVeigh was even alive the same the Los Angeles Rams head coach. Tom Brady's old was older or is older than the Rams Super Bowl predictions super coach and they will move into some wrestling Tom. He says he's not returned to forty. Five does Brady like do you think this happens in like how long are they actually performing at a well enough level to do this. All he has a doctor who is in a doctor and no one wants to look into that relationship chip or that guy's credentials so yeah why not forty five his lot as offensive line always keeps them protected the only time he's ever been hit. He was out for an entire season. When the chiefs took out his knee that was it again <hes> yeah so hello with the let's go into some pro wrestling but still keep this topic of the Super Bowl real quick so part of the Super Bowl halftime entertainment if you chose not to watch Maroon five big boy in Travis Scott and apparently spongebob squarepants <hes> <hes> you had the option of watching on the W._W._e.? Network facebook youtube. I think couple other platforms I wasn't aware of <hes> halftime heat now halftime he as we mentioned last week was a six-man tag on one side of the ring it was to Moscow Ciampa Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole taking on Alastair Black Velveteen dream and ricochet now first off Tim. Did you watch this. Yes watch all of this and it was it was good i. I don't think it's anything where I was like man. Everybody should have watched this in fact my wife was I convince her to watch it and she kinda. Wasn't you know what I mean. I was like yeah this. Isn't you know what I mean. It is definitely a good performance by everybody but I didn't think it was anything like to ride home about that makes any sense and I prefer I'm still glad that I watched that and not whatever the super bowl halftime was was my takeaway from it. I liked so the thing that I liked obviously obviously the first half time he was an empty arena. It was mankind versus the rock that's almost I'm not sure if you're ever GonNa top that as far as top line special attraction type of wrestling right so the bar was that to a level that I don't think anyone can top so let's excuse the first half time he right like that's in a special case by itself for this though one I liked that it was in the performance center to to I'm a person who always looks in the crowd even during U._f._C.. You'll see fights just to see who's there and just to see the vibe of like Oh do. I WANNA be a part of this like if I had the option. Would I want to be in the arena and at the performance in her I saw other wrestlers sitting sitting in the audience cheering as fans so that part was cool in the vibe of the performance center was different than the annex t <hes> you know typical television product so I'd like the feel of it right like it wasn't the empty arena as I mentioned but it was it was a presentation that made me go like well. This could be interesting and I founded interesting obviously six tag. You'RE GONNA have a hundred different funds spots. You know you had Alastair black sits. You had the ricochet backflip. I've been yeah the dumped team thing but all the we're fine there for what it was the baby faces one of course no one really came out looking stupid or bad and so I thought it checked all the boxes of what what it is but I definitely like the presentation. The performance center was a cool at bonus and like I said having the wrestlers spotted kind of throughout the crowd was another thing where I was like man of their into this. Maybe something cool is going to happen here. Nothing nothing crazy. Did I mean again another fine match but I thought it was good for what it was. Yeah Yeah I just I think the six-man tag is Kinda. What do it off for me? There was no there's I would prefer to mean something or to have something like I would've preferred a ladder match with money the bank style match or <hes> or a story line between two guys. You know what I mean or two ladies or whatever it is right like that that culminated at halftime heat right it was just kind of like exhibition match for me. You know uh-huh yeah and I agree like I said <hes> that first halftime heat with mankind and rock was special right it was for the W._w._f.. At the time championship <hes> there was a feud already involved. I think if there was planning you know proper replanning a year out and they said we're GONNA do halftime. He did kind of feel rushed like hey. Let's just take this opportunity dude on our network right but I think if they had proper planning maybe for me I would've wanted the Tomasz oh CIAMPA Johnny Gargano. Hello streetfight Inet little you know spot something like that <hes> but it felt a little like bay we got this network is we'll do something right like fuck the Maroon five in the N._F._l.. What's your own thing? That's what it felt like and again nothing. He's getting a lot of heat anyway before it happened that halftime show like <hes> you know what I mean. There was a lot of I don't know social media rising against them for some reason. I don't know my wife was trying to explain it and I was like we'll good because I'm not watching it anyway. I'm watching halftime heat. You can watch that with me and she was like yeah sure why not because it's like. Hey you know so. That's probably what they did. They were like look people are saying. They're not gonNA wash that. Let's though up something watch us so yeah. Let's kick them all their down kind of mentality. Everyone's GonNa hate on it might as well take more is away away from it and you know bringing them lower. That's where I think maybe you can get a like a ladder match for something like maybe don't have built up storyline but you give somebody a shot at something right like Oh the North American Championship <hes> if they can win the sit in the chair match <hes> halftime heat. I know so so let's have right so let's have some fun with this. Let's let's say it's twenty twenty super bowl fifty five right the zagging to be super bowl fifty five. Live next year is so super bowl fifty four twenty twenty. It's the chiefs versus the saints so it's a little bit higher stakes for us here in Kansas City but that's probably going to be chiefs versus versus the eagles halftime heat has been announced Tim. Let's do a little fantasy booking here just for fun since our podcast. What would you book for Halftime Heat in the year twenty twenty see again yeah? This is rough again because we're looking a whole year ahead and manage just feels like they like to pluck these people so feels like the whole roster could be completely different <hes>. Let's say we flash forward and nobody's left right. We're dealing with the same roster I guess yeah. All league wrestling hasn't taken the Fin Baylor's that are ruber to be out there none of that stuff. It's just the same roster that we have today fast forward no big injuries twenty twenty yeah man I absent of doing what I said like giving somebody shot the North American Chaim chip in a ladder match where you're using basically these same people. You know what I mean because that's like the biggest names they have right there as far as like who they would consider main event players Champa Gargano Hanno coal dream ricochet black. I don't even know who else you know what I do. I do attacking thing. Let's switch that up so let's get the would have the sons of anarchy right well so to clarify. This is your fantasy booking. You're still keeping it in the INEX- t realm you can go main roster. If you want. You can go smackdown wrong. You're keeping an X._T.. Oh Man Yeah it was. I didn't realize this was a yeah Geez man. You spend all day type of the rule book and I didn't read it. Okay Oh Jeez then I'll switch everything up and let's make it a little bit more difficult. It's the highly anticipated super bowl halftime show of Bruno Mars featuring beyond say so you got a lot of eyeballs that may not tune into your products. You gotta bring it what he got for me man right yeah that sucks man <hes> <hes> this made that like stupid yeah. I don't even want to play this game anymore. No if you're GONNA go there. I'm GonNa do that like I'm going to do a money in the bank then Dan Right K. money the bank and we're GONNA go with Seth rollins right. How many are we going to the banker? We're GONNA do six or seven us. Do six just get. That's coming up with names. I'm GONNA put champion. They're going to build this thing up a little bit right champion there. We're GonNa go you gotTa have Guillano champions in it just have to have that then. Who's going to do some cool stuff? That's not necessarily Burqa Shay Yeah. I've got a couple brought up. I know I know I know it but you gotta again. It can be a special attraction so it can include the next guy just like the royal rumble sometimes include Adam Cole Johnny Gargano <hes> yeah now. I'm just trying to think all the roster. All the rosters who else is a hit right now. Yeah you gotta put Ricochet. If you got a <hes> money in the bank I so we got four who will let's put with put Samoa Joe in his thing yeah yeah right and <hes> then who else would fuck something up in the money in the bank match. I mean a guy that always has fun. Spots is ray mysterious now again in twenty twenty. He might be losing step there but he always does something crazy with Andre Andrade always has a fun little boo boo thing to him. Yeah I thought about adding being in man. I was GONNA do drew McIntyre but he's just not enough fun for me anymore. What about what about Boom Tom Adam Cole? I Love Adam call had them call is is fun. I don't know if he's getting a match Tom. I don't know I'm GONNA throw in Rousseff Rousseff so we got seth rollins Champa Argana Ricochet Somogyi Russa for money in the bank and since its halftime heat. I don't think they're gonNA put their big thing on so we're GonNa make that for the icy title money in the bank halftime he they're going to have to come out swing a man skip all the intros that they did it on this one have been the ring staring up at this ladder and just halftime heat's on everybody's fighting right like just kick it off and just go till the end like somebody's pulling that thing officer Games on right. I wanted to be like Holy Shit Right. That's what I will so I- following a little bit in that vein with the Oh my God it's starting right now. We don't got time for <hes> intros. It's right to the meat `tatoes of what we're doing here so I'm doing a falls count anywhere Chicago. STREETFIGHT SIX-MAN TAG undisputed era without Bobby Fish so Adam Cole the mandate charisma for Kyle O'Reilly. I don't know he's old always crippled. It seems like but I'm doing that undisputed era without him right for the raw tag team championships stowe's three verses on their last stand that you you bill the storyline where they are down and out and they have nothing left but they're trying to titles one more time so that means the undisputed air have the titles but it's the first time they meet and you have the undisputed era versus the new day back you start it in the back right. You have like remember when Eddie Grow John Cena an streetfight and had the car circling them. You like that yeah so you do it like that. So that's how you can have Adam Cole Jump Off fucking car Kofi Kingston do a backflip off the top of a truck stuff like that and you just have have a street bite. That looks real yeah to a new day. They've got to like get hurt. In this match. Yeah Yeah Xavier would has to rip his A._C._l.. Doesn't looking for cost this you yeah fired. Kyle Riley isn't looking cross eyed at the end of this match. We didn't do a good job but that's what I'm doing. Attack team championships for the first time ever. It's six man tat because it's the Free Birds Rule undisputed era new day old school versus new use black is versus white guys all the tones you could think of right there rich versus poor all of it all right so hashtags with the table on twitter. If you WANNA tell us who thought was better you can use Hashtag Tom over there which near you're not gonNA use Hashtag Tim even right why not those are if you have a better idea put halftime he twenty twenty and tell us your idea. Ah Go your idea. That's right that's right. I like that and remember. We're at table. Show on twitter Tom <hes> what else maybe we just didn't take a break comeback talk about our favorite things of the week and then <hes> ancillary stuff. I wanted to get into one big news. I met big but it's a confirmation of news item that we thought was going to happen but now it has some confirmation and maybe get your your thoughts on this before we go to break but Fox Big Fox Corporation Fox Confirms W._W._e.. Deal excuse me said that weird. The Fox confirms that the W._W._e.. Deal includes wrestling content outside of smackdown so smackdown is going to the Fox network in October twenty but now there's been confirmed that network such as F s one F S to <hes> Obviously Fox itself will have more wrestling content than just smackdown Sir Tim I throw this softball where maybe curveball depending on how it hits you. You're having to add more if wrestling content to the Fox network what he added if it hits me and take him a base the strew okay <hes> if I'm amit you could do maybe some I mean we the obvious answer that we hit off air not necessarily steal something from you but is your is in the <hes>. Bring back talking smack right. I feel like that's a no brainer right. You have some talk show style things where you can further those storylines. I feel like you could also sprinkle in spotlight things for things that may be are unlike one of your brands or something yet right like you. You've got that performance you got the next t you can just sprinkle in a little highlights or or a or here's a match at a nowhere. You know what I mean for. Nothing right. You know what I mean like you. Could you know what I mean. That's some good passive watching. I think that people might hit on. I agree what I'm adding. I'M GONNA I'm swinging for the fences with our sports themed first segment here switching up the sports going over to baseball as waiting for the fences. I'm going for Grand Slam so you have Fox with smackdown act down right. I am also adding talking smack. I'm adding maybe a Charlie Caruso and J._B._l.. Or Charlie Caruso an edge right like Fox has that kind of money bring in one of those you know hall of famers that we haven't seen that we know can talk right one of those guys that's good because he can be serious but then yet funny you can tell the same with Christian I think maybe you just intertwine them right like don't have edge and Christian as like a three man who eh but yeah bring them in kind of interchangeably so I'm adding talking smack right but then on Fox sports one like I said I'm swinging for Grand Slam. I'm putting INEX- T. on Fox sports one. I feel like they have the Annex T U K brand. I feel like that can go easily on the network in that time slot annex t the main brand is filling you move inex- T for what it is to foxsports. It's one because now you're elevating that channel where US marks and you know I W C guys are going to watch that and then you have f s one is INEX- t big Fox's smackdown you add talking smack and then you could add add your you know thirty minute Saturday morning top ten of the week and it's Becky Ledge and Seth Rollins SMO- Joe and all that stuff that ad that stuff too but the two big things that I'm adding talking smack immediately following smackdown and and then on Fox sports one on a Wednesday or a Saturday morning whatever you want an x T. Do you think they go do they Hammett up a little and go not necessarily wrestling theme content but wrestler involved solved content. You know what I'm saying like and now Buchan Baron Corbin's got a cooking show or so. You know what I mean like some weird shit like that well. I don't think necessarily that that's going to the cares S. car or something plug that like well. I definitely think you know moving forward as the deal becomes more official and they kind of phase out down on U._S._A.. Network I would not be shocked that you know joining joining skip bayless in Shannon Sharpe is former N._F._l.. Player and current number one he'll on raw Barron Corbin right see the personalities existing content right right or you know if there is a big U._f._C. Conor McGregor fight which they don't have that content anymore but they obviously still gonNA talk about it. That's where you can bring in former M._a.. Fighter cotton mill champion Bobby Lashley right right so yeah. I think that kind of stuff will definitely help or start happening as well on top of the added content that man a good idea so yeah I if you got some good ideas to actually at the table on twitter and then we will take a break now we'll come back and we'll talk about our favorite things of the week and then that other stuff that happened. You know if we want yeah when we return to the Spanish announce table tops install for his fun fact here because he forgot that's what we do and at the end of the I forgot the facts right never forget the facts just the fact here you go never never forget a fact and especially this one obviously Duh fun fact group affair is called a business the Spanish announce table alive pal- PAL- so <hes>. What are we talking about this thing? That's how we're going to talk about her favorite things of the week and then just whatever wasn't our favorite things right yeah general thoughts to kind of conclude the week of pro wrestling and <hes> but we want to start it off on a good beat. Maybe continued throughout. Maybe everything was awesome. You'll find out low foreshadowing <hes> but we're going to start off with your favorite thing of the week <hes> which coincidentally was what also started out both raw and smackdown and that was Becky Lynch yeah the McMahon Austin Saga that they're starting to do here <hes> which they've never I kinda take this both ways you can almost side with the McMahon. Helmsley's here going like look man. You're hurt you. Go to the doctor right like you you. They haven't been like they haven't showed us which way is necessarily true here. I like how they're playing this off in <hes> in Ronda Rousey still fumbling through her lines a little bit but definitely playing the right roll here getting up interface and the ice and advil bitch and you know what I mean like playing all that into it. I really like where they're heading with this right now. I I love it so first off my thoughts are think about since the brand split right and now we have to identities we have smackdown and we have rawal since that other than a Vince McMahon triple h each even Stephanie to a little bit. Maybe if you want to sprinkle in Shane right like I can't think of since the brand split one person being featured in the main event of both both shows right Ronda Rousey or excuse me Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey. I know it kicked off the show but we're saying the main story the main attraction you know main event is always last but the main attraction action of raw right now is becky Lynch and Rhonda right kicked off the show had another segment there was featured at the recap the nine o'clock hour all that stuff right then you go to smack down and Becky Lynch is featured in the main attraction of Becky Lynch Charlotte than our sprinkling in triple H so since the brand split I can't think of one talent that's been this featured and this prominently displayed ever and not wrestling like like so clearly yeah. There's some legitimacy this something's bothering her right and they're buying some time. No I think it's a word it's all work which do rate which would be great man right and going to your point about the McMahon's having a point I think both parts have appoint and that's what makes it so awesome and honestly I think everyone one in this layered onion of a story has legitimate truth to what they're saying right so let's start at the very top it speculates right Becky Lynch. Is this whole onion at every level. She won the royal rumble. She's choosing using to fight Ronda Rousey because she felt like it was taken away from her because of Dr Jail at survivor series I think it was and so now she wants that chance to beat who she thinks is the legitimate number one baddest woman in the planet on the Planet Right Boston then the second layer of that is the McMahon saying just like you said hey go to the fucking doctor. I can't promote this spite. I eat and the day of you go back to Dr Jail for we're GONNA keep calling it that right like I can't put all of my money my marketing materials all my features radio ADS X Y Z and then not have you show up up right but then again becky lynch goes hey triple h Stephanie. You have some history here. You know I hope eventually. She says you WanNa talk to the smackdown champion. I'm going to bet he besides with me on you not wanting to push certain talent right be plus player Daniel Bryan. I hope she brings it up because when she said on Tuesday I don't trust you. I don't think you want me in the spot. I think you want Charlotte in the spot. She has some truth to. Do it this yeah you wouldn't let him wrestle for years and years and years either you know he like when when he had doctor said he would yeah but your doctors when Clint right right and then the whole wrestlemainia thirty thing all of the B plus player stuff I mean I mean she has truth to it right. Then you peel the lay ear on more time and now you have under rowzee saying hey you dumb shit Goto the doctor. I want to prove that I am the baddest woman here. Everyone is on your little hype chain right now. I want to do rail that. I want to prove again like I did in the U._F._C. Like I did strikeforce like I did in the Olympics and now what I'm doing W._B.. That when I in the main event I I in the winter like that has real truth to it. Peel the onion one more and there you have Charlotte Right Charlotte Sane. Hey the only woman to take Ronda Rousey to to her limit and yes. I was disqualified but she was not leaving. There in the highest spirits was me I did that tour. I put her in that position. She left not wanting to face me again. All of a sudden once I kick your ass she's never mentioning my name again right and you're not healthy becky lynch so let's put in the queen the number one person in this entire organization Charlotte and so every every level of this story you can say like Yup and then you could also stay shut the fuck you know and you had the appeal once. You got triple eight sitting there telling her like Oh but you do this. This is your just destructing the so you it can be a martyr like this so you can play the whole world is me. I don't even think you're her. I think you're faking. It and it's like we'll Saadallah bej Kazan. He could say all of you know. We don't know this you you can create. This story is what I'm saying. Cave this up. He can you know backstage. Get this clearance with some people but he gave me like I remember in two thousand two when Kurt Angle you know had an injury but it really wasn't injury. He was afraid to face the rock or you know what I mean he could save these examples story. Okay FEHB lies of saying like I've seen this song and dance before and that's what you're doing and with her not answering on smackdown and just smacking him and then walking <music> out. Let Corey Graves said she didn't say yes or no right. She just walked out yeah and so this is a they specifically said the W._W._e.. Doctor I don't know if that's that's purposeful or if they just haven't thought of detail I mean it's it it plays out that way but she hasn't been like Dr Clears me and they'll be like right yeah. She played that Dino brand card words like my doctor declared they're like well. It's not our doctor right but then on smackdown specifically doctor on smackdown specifically though you have this what I feel is dark cloud that no one is mentioned yet and it's starting income I think but you have this dark cloud of the empress of tomorrow Oscar who had any time could just walk up and be like Becky Lidge you mean the girl that I tapped out at the royal rumble. You mean the girl that I defeated to keep this and then are you talking about. Charlotte wants a second shot. You mean the girl that I defeated in a ladder match to get this like she has all the credibility in the world versus champ right she could easily say like screw these two white girls. It's time for the Pasta ready for US including Ronda Rousey. I mean no one's mentioning hurt. That's where damn good match at Wrestlemainia Nia to right but that's where I hope. I hope it's next week well. They've got a time right. We had to pay per view to get but I'm hoping Oscar kind of turns heads with some Oh you pitches forgot about me China's door but not come in here and with dress before we move on from this topic at Theo seventy five on twitter says about time Becky Lynn's took out old leather with implants hashtag shutter up already has worked with the table. The other extra caveat is they keep focusing on how she took her out at the knee again like in there like oh completely self defense will was it or is it like fuck you. You're gonNA come at me right. Was it a well orchestrated plan. Where are you know she made sure that people were holding back and she took her shot so that Becky doesn't get this match with Rhonda Rousey because Oh management doesn't want becky to beat Rhonda Right? There's a little bug little story dust based on top of all this stuff that we have going on. I think it's great. I love this whole storyline Yep. What is your favorite thing of the week my favorite thing in the week again comes from the best weekend week out wrestling sling television show in the entire and it and it comes from the main event the planets champion Daniel Bryan and this elimination chamber match now full disclosure? I'm a little bit of a mark for the baby faces. Hey baby faces heels hate heels. Were all going after one thing. I know it's elimination chamber but I'm using the analogy of world trying to climb up that ladder to grab the title. I'm a little bit of a mark could that right so with that said that's why I have a special place in the heart for this storyline but I think it's being told fantastic right. Samoa Joe this Juggernaut who just says like I take out. Everyone don't if you don't believe me yeah look at Dana. O'Brien choked him outlook at A._J.. Styles choked him out. If you don't think I can take him out on the Mike just referenced last week two weeks ago now what I did all the people in the Ring Right Vaccine Provo this week was killed in two or three Danial Brian again playing a little bit of the Becky Lynch Card or you know his old. I'M A B plus player card where they say where he says like they're trying to take me out because they don't want me to speak my truth and here's a fun to us for him to as he was in Washington so he was like the finally people who understand what I'm talking about right yeah. What a great way to say like? Isn't it awesome that these people will understand me but then the rest of the world is a bunch of idiots and they go like yeah. They don't even know how to do their you know yeah but I guess people in Chicago. Were okay or you know Saint Louis whatever but it's perfect how he played that because he knew right you reference any Daniel Bryan in Seattle raw smackdown he gets cheered till they're all blue in the face so he had had to do something and then recycle ruin. That's what I'm calling from now on recycle ruin he guts out there and then they start like willing this motherfucker from Seattle so I'm booing him and wasn't him and the Dingle Brian Go. Don't what him he only we. He gets me. You guys. Obviously aren't maybe getting this. You know London Reduce Reuse Recycle Roth yes right. That's what it is yeah. So you have the Juggernaut Samoa Joe you had the champion who feels like you know outside forces and his own competitors are trained to take him out because he's speaking things that people don't want to hear you have who he thinks and you in the storyline airlines say is the best wrestler in the World A._J.. Style saying like remember who the real champ is this Daniel Bryan he ain't it. It's me I'm the best and then you have just you know that legendary status of a figure in Randy Orton Zane Remember Aguilar K._o.. Anyone in a split second then you have another kind. I wish they'd played this a little bit more but I kind of get the vibe of the Jeff Hardy. He's the weakest of all the competitors petters as far as a wish. They'd go into the like. Hey I've been here twenty years. This might be my last shot almost that Christian one more match kind of vibe but as far as the W._w.. Title Goes I was just thinking I watched who knows like Michio. Party did not do bad in that backstage like interview on his own like yeah all right. Whatever find hey you know what I mean? It will take care of this later. You know what I mean F._U.. Right like I was like that wasn't bad at all like jeff aren't really sucks walks in that moment really he did typically very bad. I wish however he I want him to play going in now. He only has one more week to tell a story but they'll like hey guys you know my brother retired. We started the same time I can see. The writing on the wall or the writing on my face says like this might be my last shot. I need to make every second cow. I wouldn't even if he like like thought of that and like he comes out like not in the get up in the you know what I mean like just get out and like t shirt jeans no paint like I'm GONNA fight somebody. You know what I mean. We'd be like Oh shit parties yeah. I'm using this last title shot and the person that's GonNa win. This isn't the charismatic `Nigma it's the person the man Jeff Hardy right like that little vibe to him that I think would put them over the top as far as more credibility with the others in the storyline but then you have the staff Ali right the upstart the hey ain't no one fucking with me. I'm young among I'm good looking. I'm a former COP nothing in here I haven't seen before. Have you seen my fuck moves. Look at my blue heart. I'm fucking coolest thing in the world. There's a reason they took me from five to the main event. It's because shit like low big. My favorite everything is just the week is just out. It's incredible to me and we were talking about this off air. It's incredible incredible to me that a to our or show can tell a main event story better than a three hour show with only two people in it Seth Rollins in Brooklyn now two weeks ago. I thought it was very appropriate very good. <hes> I thought it was good starting point with the brock listener at five six times you know <hes>. Is that all you got. I'm the little guy you're the beast Yada Yada Yada but in the second leak and I get breaking gave debut but brock listener doesn't show up every week but then we just get into promos right yeah and so it just feels flat and dull in kind of buying our time right like we're saying you know as of this recordings February six six. We'll just wait till April right with that story but you have. I don't even Tim I'm being dead serious. I don't even know which is a great thing. I don't even know who or what the the W._W._e.. Championship match or champion will be at wrestlemainia yeah. I don't know they could legitimately be A._J.. Styles champ versus a rematch of Daniel Bryan. It could be Daniel Bryan in the MS that's right. It could be yeah one hundred different things which is why you watch I mean there is aspects of hey we need to get from a to be to see so you have to before you get to see kind of thing but smackdown just killing with his main event storyline and it's a rushed it feels like a rushed six men you know jumbled kind of Goulash of stories but they're telling everything really well. I I love it. It's my favorite thing the week I like it a lot to for all the reasons you mentioned there man and that's a good point at the in there were like they could. I could see them. Anybody really winning this. I mean that Dana Brian storylines hot but I could see them being like I don't know how we're going to carry this dominion. WHO's GonNa care and grin you know he can still do it but with something different right like yeah okay yeah totally could see that so? I don't think you're GONNA see them. All you win it but or Jeff Hardy or Randy Orton but the other three C. rainy or winning day fucking Love Rain you love or any Orton. Don't they know how many times have we will rainy or not going to be evolved wrestlemainia and then he's in a title match with Bray Wyatt Likely easily. Let's cover the stuff. That wasn't the our favorite things because it clearly wasn't any you know what I mean. It wasn't good well. Some of it was good. Hey <hes> are they teasing a riots. The riots are going to break up here. What do you think that well so they? They were heavy on how like she ran away and then her backstage promo was all like well they obviously needed my help and we're friends and that's something they would know about and stuff like that. I think they may be you know what I mean. <hes> yeah I took it as Rhonda took care of the Lightweights of the riot squad and like I said we have to pay per views until mania so we're going to do one with Ruby riot which probably the next one right right. That's who I'm assuming yeah I wonder if at the same time like if they're gonNA play into because they kind of hit on that a couple times about like you know what I mean like well. She's the only one who didn't go in and find Oh. I need to rest of it right that kind of stuff right. I definitely could easily see a you know slow burn of these little hints and then at the May Young Classic Have Sarah Logan and live Morgan Eliminate Ruby riot and that starts dissension in of the you know whatever was the riot squad after mania I could easily see that culminating as elimination in the May young classic what I don't ever want to see again as Fox Nikki Cross teamed up again that was so I do but I don't WanNA leash a Fox. What I'm saying that is I'm one hundred percent all in on Nikki Cross Right Maki Cross to me the when she did the Alastair Black Johnny Gargano who did it thing one hundred percent right and I think the whole Weirdo in the shadows that knows more than she tries to portray and then might attack? You know fucking reason think it's perfect now. The fraud that is a leash Fox can get the fuck Outta here. Get you suck it acting. You're not believable. You're entering talent is good. You're very athletic. I'm not saying that but as far as on my television by get out you are if you're fired tomorrow. It's a day too late is what I'm trying to say. Get outta all right so I wouldn't mind though if you had Nikki Cross and believable crazy person as her sidekick and they're just like they did the start off this match with Bailey and Sasha banks jumping him before no fucking reason love it just Alicia Fox. You're a fraud. You're not good at your job. You might be a good person. You're very athletic the ring I don't care about matches as far as I care about characters your bad character I dislike you care about their arrival winning number one contenders. Here's what said add. This is. What's honestly said <hes> full disclosure? I didn't watch raw to up until this point when they had their number. One contenders match right. I was doing something else. I was at glory. I got home late right when they were named number. One contender as okay I- hundred percent forgot who the raw tag team champions were who are yeah I said Oh cool through the number continues winter who the fuck chips and I totally forgot that it's Gabel and Rude Oh God and they'd done this batch four times so either pull the trigger on a real tag do not to say that Gabel and Ruder bed but I'm just saying the revival have a name they look the part that been inex- t champs like they have a track record trigger on the revival and then do the gable rude. You know one turns on the other and let's in my humble opinion you yeah push gabled to the fucking mon here and then they will get how gable in Lille rush don't have a fucking madge every other week on tool five live or raw is just mind boggling stupid out. Good was Lille rush versus suspend Ballard to a five live. Yeah it had been maller. Leo Rush Chad Emil Checking Yeah guys like that. You Know Raves Stereo. Yes names that I can get behind and characters that are believable achievable and jet. I know right when you lose an x t yeah tweet the table say how stupid I am how much fan boy I'm Chad Gabe but I think Chad Gable hasn't all I really. I think he's Kurt Angle to point. I think he's funny. I think he cuts good Promo. Obviously he's great and ring how he's two five champion is insane. Got You Chad Gable for Christmas and of glad you brought up Kurt Angle because okay so so Kurt Angle does the not the Mark Henry but the I'm going to retire and then it gets interrupted but why are we still doing this story line this this Corbin McIntyre stroman angle storyline. Do you know a single person that cared about this. I did it and that was still care about it now even now again so there's no right one of my concerns in as I said they're still to paper views to get to Wrestlemainia but hell Braun strowman from post Wrestlemainia to royal rumble now he had a little bit more hiccups this year than last year but how from post Wrestlemainia mania raw to royal rumble is Braun Strowman you're most over or second most over talent consistently throughout that and then once we get to wrestlemainia season is in we just go like Oh shit. We gotta do something with Braun like last year. That tag thing was so stupid. Dumb forgettable hated it but at that time he was like one of the most over talent and this year again he's one of the most over talents and we're doing a two thousand eighteen storyline with drew McIntyre Burn Corbin there give he's turning into the big show two point oh but he's over. That's the pain would a big show. Oh felt like okay do Kurt Angle maybe more under the giant style booking at the end like although giant never lost though but you get what I'm saying like still out. You know what I mean like you can go do whatever never spot. Nobody cares as long as they saw on yeah the only thing that I hope this how I'm booking. You'll need to do a t MAC story yeah this next door so yeah team stories this how I quickly they do the most impactful wrestlemainia match for what this crap is right now right so you do the tag match again because in disqualification at elimination chamber right and you have Barron Aaron Corbin and drew McIntyre get like a sleazy kind of win right then consider count Putt yes something like that from Barron Corbett right right and then at the next one fessing you again right right and again. It's sleazy something stupid right so then Barron Corbin and drew McIntyre same like were the best tag team in the World War Beaten Braun Strowman and Kurt Angle so fuck off right and the just have them drift into the tag picture picture right tacking title picture against the revived revival goes baby face Barron Corbin drew McIntyre Daddy raw taking championship at Wrestlemainia right right now throughout this entire time Kurt Angle's doing kind of what he's been doing since he lost drew McIntyre November with the God I think I have one more energy but I'm not sure right and so both of these tag losses makes him go like do I still have it but I didn't lose clean and then <music> in you have Mr McMahon and not exactly the same way but in a similar way to what he did to Rick Flair and said Kurt tired of this is going to be your last loss of the next time you lose your done right and so Kurt Cycle God Dang it you know and so <hes> Vince is cutting them down as Vince. Does you know because they have history right like you left me in two thousand five. Your ungrateful only only brought you back because I thought I'd get a cheap pop. You know all the stuff that he would say the more you right yeah and then Vincent man says your last loss is GonNa be or your next loss is going to be your last loss and your last loss is to him and then you have a he'll Barron or Berenguer Braun strowman go and that he braun strowman blames Kurt Angle for those two tag match losses and he says I'm taking you out old man. You're holding me back and then you do Kurt Angle career versus Braun strowman and you can put something on the line right like loser leaves town. Just say Kurt Angle goes well. The two of US can't stay on the same show whoever loses has to leave raw but I'll put my career on the line so if Braun loses he goes to smack down. If Kurt loses yes to retire. That's your match right there. I like that and I like how they hid in the back when they had that Weird Apollo crews and raise our <hes> backstage promo but he was like he was like don't worry about him. He's angry because Olympic hero keeps letting him down and why why do they have such a tight shot on Apollo Cruz where Charlie crusoes interviewing them but we don't see her. It was just like all dimples on Apollo follow crews weird. I didn't understand that I like when they say you know hey this traveling circus you wanna you know we're going to ask talent about other storylines. I'm okay with that but that just seemed like a weird one off. Where's Achim as he heard or is he gone like yeah? I don't know if he's gone and we need to push the other guy because he looks the part especially with little spot that was happening there. So if he's you know either way good use them you know what I mean like yeah use them I use them and he looks the part and it looks like it'd be fuck out of everybody around him. <hes> all right man. I'm going to go to the Hashtag tweet the table here at Christmas Kado twenty-three what hey by the way Chris fucking game last night all right <hes> wrote dog his dressed like a walking midlife crisis Hashtag tweet the table yeah and that was the road dogg character so I'm going to give it a little bit of a pass in that moment because here comes out the character right he would still there'll be the character but then all of a sudden you're singing the country song which I know that was the row dog too but like just different times here. These were different Road Dogg characters that were mixing here in yeah. You'd look fucking ridiculous. This man like Roh dog. Nobody wants to hear about your doggy style in twenty nineteen dude like it's it's done yeah. He looked like he looked like going to look in twenty years. He looked like district man. He looked like a district manager of a hot topic. You know he's still hold onto those cool t shirts but it's a little bit too late to be wearing the Portland Trailblazers New Jersey like it's a Jay Z. video in two thousand three now he looks more like he's the guy selling the teams bootleg shirts somewhere down the street like if we were going to our our car coming out of sprint center he'd have the Bootleg W._W._e.. Shirts <hes> around the Corner Command Joe my man Yo Hey. I got the shirts man. They're only ten dollars ten dollars seamstress. They got over there. I don't think they are. I don't think they are the same shirts like now. Save stuff man. I got him over here at ten dollars. He looks like he just cashed his. I check off of doing appeared scheme for like a rap group. He looks like he just had to go. Get A payday loan road dog man and then the whole Jeff here and now they've turned Elias Full. He'll after like one of the most organic face turns I've seen in a while. I don't understand what they're doing here. With Jeff Jarrett the fucker hopefully it's done and and then last Elias to me is better than the case allies. I agree no matter how much they want to cheer him. He's just to get used to piss him off and you can do it. He can do that. He can do the Kevin Owens he'll thing right where we all in on the joke and we kind of like him but God Dang you don't talk about our basketball or football or baseball talks about the homes like we're going to be a blood patty. The maybe at the next paper view they're doing a I don't know <hes> Guitar in a pool match and its allies is can hit him with the Puck and guitar in this thing but luck jeffords never done anything entertaining hanging in my lifetime so I don't want to see him anymore. I did get a little giggle out of him coming out number two but now it's passed as soon as he got into the ring over the moment that's how much I like. Japan ended there would have been great but that's how they normally for. Some reason jerry gets all this anyway. Well you know what it feels like is remember when Mr Perfect came back at the Royal Rumble and I think Oh two and then then he kept having matches afterwards and it was like this is Mr Perfect in two thousand to stop it until like that all right data Brooklyn Italian. They're going to be attacked team for the tech hairs well. They'RE GONNA have vision right so they've you've got to have tag teams for this. If feels like this is going to be one of those like shamelessness Azzaro things and there and we're going to get the new divas of destruction or whatever the fuck they're going to call themselves right and they're going to be the the the muscle bound girls that go around beating everybody Yep. I like that name Divas of destruction. That's a good name yeah. They use that with some then they already was at her and somebody else if I. I don't know I hated this. I don't care I mean look again. This is my preference preference. If you like natty and you like Dana Brooke that's okay we can live in an ecosystem or I don't like your things and you don't like my things but we can all get along. What I'm saying on my podcast is I don't like it? I wish it was gone. I wish there fired there's my two cents. Ask like Bobby Lashley like newsflash. I'm better than brock listener like in the ring in the cage like I'll beat them up like he's like yeah and that's that's one aspect of the intercontinental champion that I miss going back to the ultimate warrior days where even if you're the second tier champion you still felt like you're the best tear company there the first in line for telephone but then it was like one get one then yeah made the vice president of titleholders right like they're they could get the next one but they probably won't <hes> but I like the Bobby Lashley Promo and I even like the now I'm not a huge fan of the big little guys toy line but it makes sense this a little bit and I think that there's a little Guy Leo rush whereby Lashley goes get through this little Guy Little Guy and then you you can fight me and I thought that was perfect and if you entertain me enough yeah right yeah yeah that's great that was good stuff. Good storytelling on that part then we got to a moment of bliss this and <hes> atmosphere fourth row chimes in says poor E._C.. Three he didn't even get into one percent of the conversation and I also wonder where e c one into our Hashtag truth table. I liked how bliss was sledding it up a little bit <hes> <hes> yeah but then like his moment is just like like Mr fourth row said here like he wasn't he. He was a prop guy in the situation well. I think that's the funny anything come where you're never going to hear him. Talk which I think is weird for only this reason. He talks in his fucking intro video E. C. so we we know he sounds like we hear the fuck in here so I just are. They GONNA wouldn't that one of the reasons he wanted out of W._b.. In the first place it was not to be one of the comedy routines like Yeah and and Dean Ambrose Look. I thought it was a work and it could still be a work that he's leaving but what if anything told me it's not a work it was this because what so I was over at a friend's house and he added on and I was I came in. What do you think man this is? This is a work right and he was like I don't think it is and I was like why do you think w. w.. Already talking about contracting because they're trying to get out in front and social media he goes. They don't WanNa look like they. They're getting pumped out with the new company right. They're they're. They're trying to be like well. We don't want him either and I was like that kind of make sense and then like an EC- three hits. It's an answer your question like Yeah Shit. This might be real like he's just GonNa fucking these jogging out that you see three on a single punch like I don't know but you weren't over here right <hes> <hes> were you talking to yourself. Though there's another friend sure yeah all right good for you. Hey good for you yeah. Yeah you know okay to me anyhow. I think easy three yeah. I think what is GONNA lead to if I'm guessing I don't want this but if I'm guessing it's going to be e c three cuts us passionate Promo backstage page that no one respects him and then we're going to get angry top one percenter. He'll right like we're going to go comedy comedy comedy comedy. He feels disrespect disrespected then he blows up then we get this long tirade <hes> backstage and then he beats up one of our favorites right. It's been dollar something that's GonNa lead to. You think you're right MOJO rally. That's still gonNA suck you get out of here. Get them out. Put Him on annex t like your. There's other companies man. There's other companies. That's the guy critical talking about dope you gotTa push him like yeah but there's other places just you're I just as business you have to cut fat sometimes and he's part of the fat in my opinion. Just I don't whatever I get it your friends with Rob Gronkowski. Guess What Rob Gronkowski's damned silverback guerrilla he probably wouldn't wouldn't even notice if you weren't there you can still get Rob Gronkowski to do something that rental Mamiya just telling you get rid of Mojo you just give Rob Gronkowski some beer until chicks will be there and he'll be like yeah man. We're best friends rob Gronkowski asking what a polar bears forty year old FRAT boy yeah. What a Weirdo I love him all right Russa the Nakimora? They're gonNA do this thing. <hes> this is GonNa happen in you know hey poor roussev right. You got over with the happy Reuss Day an English now who knows what happened in English because now he's just doing commentary on to five live because maybe hurt and retired. We don't know backstage kind of stuff. <hes> <hes> however you went from Russa Day what we were chanting over Shane McMahon Promo when we were talking about title contenders to now the evil foreign tag team but and as long as okay with this one is just going to be like hey he fucked my ankle up and cost me an opportunity at the royal rumble but I'm a hold his hand up. How is that a thing well? That wasn't a month ago. Oh Yeah I don't know. I don't know why they're doing that. Deli we're Beck poll thing is were rousseff says hey I need to focus on a new title. I think my best chances of winning a title is tag titles would knock him in the world right right one of the greatest in the world former number one contender yet Yada Yada Yada and the beat the storyline could be like lot of saying this guy cost me my opportunity and then Roussev Russillo Lana has this beef with Nakimora kind of being like this instinct or just there for you right okay the iconic taken on <hes> the Carmella Naomi was weird and fire and desire and nobody cares right. I love the iconic one thing that doesn't make sense is the three teams wrestle. The one team wins and then it's announce. All three teams are in the damn <hes> match meanwhile on raw. You have qualifying matches. Yeah I get to our show. It's a little harder to tell little things like that. <hes> I love the iconic screw Boston hug connection the literal versions too long. It's no one likes that just call them the connection I think but the best team and the number one team name that should be the women's tag team champions is the ICONEX. I remember that atmosphere fourth row on the final thing that I've got here that I forgot to mention earlier fourth doses of Zack Ryder need some help spilling on his name. I Bet J E W F J E W can help hashtag sweet the table Man's Zack Ryder way to fumble that shit up he's mad because they spelled his name wrong and then he spells his name wrong in the process of trying to say what this Greg Spelling with Zach fits though it works like yeah I mean just roll losers right. There love losers if if you if you went with my fantasy booking of Kurt Angle <hes> is losing it and can't find his way I think a fun backstage Promo after one of a singles loss on raw as skirting a walks backstage is Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins towing it could be worse in June leaving. I think that'd be fucking perfect. Whenever you awesome I can't be worse than those fucking guys and then he slater walks by Sperry a perfect maxine? Thanks segment would be really good all right. Let's it there man. Let's you got anything else that you want to know. I am just looking forward to the elimination chamber for the only reason being that main event storyline can't wait of smackdown the main event storylines.

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