Cedric Maxwell Interview: Larry Bird + Celtics Memories


uh-huh bit. Here all right well. Asian. You. You Go. Let's get this all going in and just bsn. I will just go with it. We'll have some fun on mediate if I have to work out all right. Here we go. To legends in basketball, analysis, with over seventy years combined experience. This is the Bob Ryan and Jeff Goodman podcast and the a some college of everything you say. Here with him. I was okay with it because it wasn't about talent I didn't think all right. Let's let's get right to it. I pleased to bring in the latest edition of the Ryan Given podcasts there he is Bob Ryan, showing the number thirty one, and it is none other than listen. Forget about former Celtics greater all that crap. He is the host of an award winning podcast right now. That is Cedric Maxwell. Thank you, Joe? ME, on and or we get started. I got I got to put this the duress right now arrived for some reason, the said I've been met. We have all these years all these years and I have not Brian was one of the best riders around and one thing that are Ryan. He'll eat might remember this might not. Ryan wrote an article about Celtics of it probably nineteen, seventy eight. It was talking about how the team bullet transition because he saw all these old players, we had Joe Joe, and all these other guys they were moving on. He wrote this article said I see the future at Ford Right now and the Cedric Maxwell. Let make mistakes he can make his. Is. So Bob we ask you this. You are always been one of my favorites. That's good to know. Maxon and I got a lot of things that a flattering things to say about you'll before over two people who never saw you play. Miss something, good bottomless thought with this because we're talking. We're just having a conversation here. In the summer of one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, two I was doing a book on minor. League Baseball Niagara arrived in Kingston North Carolina for a three game series in June, and I want to know I guess school wasn't out. NYDIA was wasn't what the? What Young Cedric Maxwell was might have been doing while I was going to the ballpark those three days. What was life like young, said Nick Maxwell in the summer of Nineteen, seventy to nineteen, seventy to kissed the North Carolina when you were there. Ozzie to plan basketball. Holloway Center or I could've been at the baseball game. 'cause I was a big baseball them one thing my father will give me money for was go see that's had the kids. The Eagles play and I saw dock Ellis pitch in. Way Back in the day so I love baseball You know when you told me the Surrey about you'd be kissed it and you're saying it was literally on the other side of tracks as Lack! You're white. That's what difference I just I just tweeted out some bits today about your love. It it was like maybe five six years before that nine, hundred, sixty, eight, sixty, seven, sixty six those years, my parents would go down to my father's hometown in Norwalk. Georgia, and we had to Myrtle beach and we stop in Myrtle beach every year Merlo Beach essentially had what was a black beach or colored beaches. They said that. It was so bad off the what they did to separate. The two and I tweeted out this your lover. They had a chain link fence which way in the ocean where from whimper the shore all the way out probably, maybe about a football field out at the ocean, so we keep the the black people separated from the white people as segregated. It was so it was. It was an unusual time back then in the seventies the. Seventies sixties with you and our cat around there. One. What was it? You know the question? I always have a younger than you and you don't get Bob we know. But but when you came here to Boston. And I heard it when I was a kid growing up you heard about the city of Boston and the rap that it was getting at that point through the Bill Russell Days in in the days when you were playing of it, being racially charged city in a city that a lot of black outlets did not WANNA play in Boston at that time. What was it like then for you to play? And how has it changed if it has changed over the years well? First of all when I came to sell this, I didn't want to be here because I just didn't want to be Boston. The team that picked at a bit was Atlanta so off from the south so I. I wanted to answer Austin had nothing racial on anything. I had done already in my life being in the segregated area. It in all things are gonNA happen is that? Bussey at the time it happened for me maybe six or seven years earlier, when of high school and College, so I had gone through all those things I didn't see the ratio on l.. Boston has a monopoly on racist. Everyone's. They're all my guy. He planned boss that no I've had some. The worse things happened. When I played in La that were racial, or or I was in another city I. Remember remember things. There wasn't racial, but it was really funny among male car laughing at me, he and I were endeavor and was when those off days and he and I went to movie. And I'm standing there. You know by going to movie this made. He walks up to me and just her lovie ticket. As the House of. The first. GYSI died. That Has the same thing and we haven't Boston. He was at the airport. Guy Walks up to a and has the NBA his bags. As you as the bill things, so it was so so things happen from a racial at what some of them happened to be funny when you look back on. Right now the racial environment wiggle world is Boston does not have monopoly on racist especially in America. Everybody says that about the and all this other stuff. Here's the thing. Is Talk About Boston? Read our back to his credit. Many years a couple, maybe two or three years ago, Boston Police Department went to honor. Read our back like history. Will people just went in uproar by hockey, do they? Do they come to. The that black person was me maximum. Why are you feel about that? Oh my call. They're doing this beggar black history month I said. Let me. What they're doing right now, they're honoring. Read our back, but his relationship. With Culture and blacklists in the movement and pushing it. And then I said there's nobody else to say I said is not called black. This is called black history month. It's now called black people. And what they did on the read our back, there honored him what because he had black layer? To he ended up having the first starting black by, and had is up having the first black coach in NFL, an Mba and people just people mouth kind of fell open open when I was telling this story, so they didn't even understand the significance of Walston when it came to NBA at Gaza color in a planet. This league read our that all he wanted was one thing. You know he didn't give a damn. You were red, green verbal. You lay them that you going to be all employees didn't care about it. I don't know you and I have ever talked about this. I may have wanted to at some point early on, but when I started covering the team in nineteen, sixty nine, it just so happened. That would still era of roommates, and they're all the roommate pairings as much as possible where black and white. I don't think that was an accident, the. Guys automatically you know they. They were friendly, but I like I know for example. With chicken sach, they were very good friends, but everybody was. It was David Joe Joe. It was a chain. Nelly et Cetera on down the line. Khloe that came from the top that was. Yeah, it added it you. You think about that movie that came out. It was a couple years ago. Kalemie award winner, Green Book. And they talked about the Celtics in that movie, and at this one guy who is a was a great. Piano. Tour this out any Wichita's one restaurant where one restaurant where you wanted to be playing using, but they didn't want to seventy, and if the guy pulled to the side, who was the older of the places and let me say use up? When the world champion something came through here. Where do you think they're big older? Bill Russell with. He said. I don't know what year so even at that time and less. Why I? Really Admire Sachin those guys that they could not go to certain places, and that's one thing by cousy. Talk by that would thing that really bother me the fact that. Like. I should have pushed up. Even more with Russell wasn't allowed to go into a restaurant and equip. This is one of my teammates. At the last pass was powerful Gary pomerantz spoke I. Recommend it to people on this. This is a ninety year old man pour his soul out about how he should have been done better than used his forum, which brings us to using forums more and more. That's this weather watch word. Today is all athletes in this climate that we're living in today, the Fourth of June two thousand twenty and everything that's going on in America and blowing awareness and desire of athletes I. Don't know if you saw this the paper today Max. Patrice Bergeron of the Bruins born in Quebec. Thirty four year old came didn't even speak English. You gotta go read when he said today. It was as powerful an unaware statement from Caucasian about what he feels. He should be doing what he didn't get what he now gets and and and. Really good stuff, but I mean this is typical dislike. The you get the feeling that there's a blossoming of athlete awareness to the. Bird now. Will should I should I ask you? The same thing about drew brees. Say I. Mean Really Sometimes you get it. Sometimes you don't and this is what makes Lebron James me now. The coach and I say this, because not what he's done on the floor, because what he's done all the vote with you know social issues, and all these about unless slapping at Michael. Because during his time there was no new social media platform that Michael was able to get on but Michael. Intentionally stayed away from those things, but Ryan James Jumps into these things with two aides in. Race relations in all the things that might you know might come up so I understand and I think that flares stepping out even more even Jalen Brown Jaylen Brown drive eighteen hours for Boston to Atlanta to beat with his spreads to go out and protest at loved it. I didn't like about that is when I saw him talking without Mascow. Old Who GonNa lead leave example, maybe later on put one on, but yeah. Most players are stepping up to the Mike. And I I think that what we know now is is community you know athletes are separate as they were one time before from everybody else. They is a community of. cheesier because social media I mean that that's the biggest difference now is right, you can have you know a guy from Portland Matching up with somebody here in Boston, and doing a video together or or or doing podcasts whatever get their message out the way they want to do it. That is true, but don't you think that Michael? Jordan had that flat wound, or he had one hundred percent day. A what. Of the guys who had that platform? If Michael Jordan spoke on that issue at that particular time, it would have resonated not as much because not many people heard it, but it wouldn't been far off because people live in died on every word that Michael Jordan say, but Lebron and I listen. I've been around Lebron since fourteen ended ABCD camp. He has been that for so long in the social media world that he has learned like the people that he's. He's been around at Nike now. They made one big mistake with him. Obviously with the decision how they approach that, but for the most part he's gotten pretty good sound advice throughout his career on how to handle certain topics where I'm not sure. Michael maybe had that at that point in his life. Lebron was much further at an earlier age. He had to deal with well. We'll let me ask what you ask this. This is something that happened recently. was there by the month ago stated Georgia opened up early. They opened up early in the was a shoe store. That at that time released. Michael Jordan shoots. A long line of kids with no mask on was standing there. They're smart people at night Michael Jordan smart. Why would you do that? What energy. You with this you or the market ten years now. You have a line of people. What was the purpose in dropping shoe right now? With the endemic? The way it was, I didn't understand. I'll a new the new the answer for you every ball. I don't have one. It's A. Custom of the day the word is the bad optic. It's it's the way beyond just a ban tickets. It is almost a tone deafness thing. It's indefensible I guess that's the word I'm searching for. It's not there's no defense for. Michael had no idea. Let's be honest what? Michael had no idea the idea. Shoe Komo, no idea no I I guarantee master. He had no clue I guarantee. You can serious. I enjoyed the nuts. They were dropping shoot. Hell No! Matter. And, what day what time and where a wet day, but right now in this particular case I'll give you that you'd see what this is right now. I'll let me right now is at church because I have a Bible in my hand right now. What pitcher might short? Me Right now and I need the secret service cleared by the outright and need to go take this picture. You gotTA. Actually got. Off. Very Awkward? You gotTa Rockwood. That was absolutely gone. Up Word of the day optics and what? You're going really seriously. Actually if if if you're drew brees team mate for the New Orleans Saints Right now. JERE forgive him. And how the hell is it going to be in that locker room this year? I say I say you could give up which you're not going to get. You're not. GonNa get richer. Drew brees can say what he wants to say at this particular time. But again. Whether you did these centrally. He said this three or four years ago. Or whatever was essentially? He comes back to doubles down now. Who who doubles down? Into anything guys. Guys rented anything ratio right now in this world and thinking that. Hey, you know what this is a good idea it's. No No. Endemic going away these endemic out there to have the race relations away there are black and white Mr. Floor S in the way the the whole country right now galvanize older. The riots in protest peaceful peaceful when you decided this particular time to come out. When his teammates again I I try to understand that, but there's one other thing which is should say about your. Look also at his record. Look what he's also done in the community with L. people color. Look at so there's another San Mateo that people aren't going to look at, and they're just not gonNA. Look at anyway now. Where this is going to stand over, he'll just like many other things. Have student athletes, their or their lives? Bob, what's your? What's your memory of of Max? Run memory that comes out when you when you see maximum, you think of him, a younger more athletic. Now Wow! Max. I was there in the media room. When you took a fall involved. Layer I. Do that what? It's the image is a dinosaur. Because what he did isn't done any longer. Setting up shop shopping at low post, and we're going in squirming and figuring out a way to get that ball in the basket and doing it with a combination of ball, handling skill, physical dexterity intelligence desire. toughness. I got a quiz Max Max. As I can ask retain. You're a member of a very exclusive. A very very very exclusive club. That has to do with your scoring, do you? Have any idea that club that you are specifically a member of. People who might be who arrived we'll? Look remembered this club I. You know I love and I want you to tell me so I can tell Jason Tatum and I can tell ground later on. Numbers are three, four, three, three, three, thousand, four, hundred, thirty, three, three, thousand, five, hundred, Ninety, eight, the first one is the number of career field goals, three, four, three, three, the second one is the number made free throws three, thousand, five, hundred, Ninety, eight, one, hundred and sixty, five more free throws maiden that field goals. What does? The ABSTRACT JEFF! What's that? Tell you if you never saw this guy play. What would it tell you that the the dude is tougher shit that he gets to the basket? Anyone contact embraced it, and and and that's to me. Again I'm a little bit younger. That's what stood up for me about Max. Okay on the the. Night on the on the Let's see what the data sixteenth of January one, thousand, nine hundred eighty Max. You went to the free. Throw Line against the Bulls Nineteen Times that. You only may twelve dammit. How who whoever? Here's Tibet Cudi top you. That's because you're already on the eleventh actually ninth of November and seventy nine. You went to the free. Throw Line twenty two times against the Kansas. City whatever they were then. kings and you made seventeen at twenty seven points five goals seventeen free close twenty seven points. Your frequent totals were stanching, and they are reflection of a style of play an expertise to style of play that. No longer exists. You are Bob you right is is the game of announcer right now. People aren't looking for twos around the basket which I think are absolutely crazy to the greatest players right now to me wherever? Tennis Shoes Paul Pierce. And the other one might be Kobe Bryant masses of the mid range of shots, and now those shots are taboo. When you were? She goes people go I. was a bad shot usually to breeze whatever it is so I totally understand and I said without. If I was planned today, I'd have to translate my game. The one guy who's gave is at the Jemaine translates as well as any will be. Larry Joe Bird in today's game. Everybody talks about Luca Look with the Nukus a great player right now for doubts. But Luke it would be Sydney coach, and the learn will be like. Give upgrade to first class. That's an ESA differs in the two guys in this loop is a great player. You think about Labor. Shooting evolved from the outset rebound. Has All those things you look Larry the attention, and and the biggest thing I. think toughness. As what I'd say about their bird even I remember that always tell the story I was I related is Larry Bird. You might remember the can man. We would just going at it met like. outscored their during this time. 'cause Larry couldn't guard me and maybe Rosamund the booksellers. Maxwell. I didn't know which way he was going. Without remember Larry Bird separate on the court. The first time I was up. We're Hellenic college and was on the floor and I'm up in the area. They hadn't both stage of their and I'm sitting now arts wealthy and I. Get the. Slope flat year and I'm thinking about nine. I'm saying it out. Loud very comes great white. Hope here we go. Step loud recorded I sat with him. Few wait hands down. Played, okay mic that balance closer eighteen fate, and the closer I got further he got. He just is lacking. Now's jazz in me. As a black player always say I was prejudice, said that time, because I didn't know why. Gas Blake. IDEA. I remember the first black person. I could get to route that ranks the nowhere. White got complete. Right that's. Okay! I just laughed and I say God. God to me is a funny guy. God doesn't four for Guy who is prejudice about black players. He doesn't give me one great white lear. No. Doing, the greatest white, never the play a game. Together. Maceio. So I'm just. Crew Arabic remain as A. Player, the League is to the greatest wet to in my match to the greatest white lers ever played the gap. Now on March. How much did you and burt talk? Going back at each other. Saying! You know what Larry didn't talk. That's what people don't understand. Larry, GAZZA's wasn't. Hours doing the talking Kevin mckinnell mlk. All of us were talking Larry then tell that much junk that later on here. Alert through the greatest trash-talk grow of all. Without play. He was not. S. He wasn't a great. trash-talker that. Max You and Don Cheney, or the only two people who played with both John Havlicek and Larry Bird. What, what can you just? Go thought that you. Check you got him at his. Age Thirty six his final year. What was it like view to be around John Havlicek? Yet John. And this is what was crazy about it my brochure. John was John's last year. And I just remember plan, and in Washington come on the floor in now and. He came to. Read. The didn't make him come to. Camp came to camp late every year, but man came it just fine. Damn this do and I'm trying to keep up women's young player bigger late. This should be a piece of cake may he ran come up these picks cutting back. The other way was just amazing guy in and I don't think I was hurt. As I've ever been with the last time. I saw John and that's when he was at the garden once it might have been honoring pope years, and so I came down to speak as speak. John and I saw him and other ain't John. How you doing man was going like no egos seeing. Are you I didn't know. He added early early stages of Alzheimer's at that time, because I was like put office. That John John of play with you know, but I didn't know. Know the John Essentially it recognize. While was at the time I didn't know what he was going through. So as why I say think about players who they were, and you know you you think about. The rate was playing with they. Pallets was stars low about Davison play with day to among this race in Manhattan stuff. Some is knows it takes his snow and I'm like Whoa I'm thinking that dude, surreal man, next thing you know by frees me up opens this Shirley. Blows his nose in in his shirt in their rugs all over his body. I'm like holy. Does this kind us up. And then another one that was about was just as good, was he marriage? We blade with Pete's slash here. he was with us and Surrey was just really was just Kinda. This week he gets the ball when the grizzlies ever yes, the ball passes into. Larry. Larry forces up a shot. He's made comes down to don't what seems Larry? Neri. Shall we call timeout? Somehow we come to the bitch. He looks nervous. Mary Larry Their Double Jeannie. Me Know you gotta pass the ball. Larry in the southern drawl just looks up during the one who what? If you're any damn good. It would be double team with me as like they have the. One superstar about it, so Larry I have a filter at all with the key to who you were and what you did, but those days and remember playing with Jo Jo, white coolest do is a world. One of my best for one of my mentors. I love her under Tommy Heinsohn. I had at that year. My Persia had seven guys who belonged all star team. They being was long time. all-star team Sidney Wicks Curtis Rowe Joe Joe of halbe check How it's It was just on and on. They be man. Those dues mad at and you think about they would have been a collection of. Unbelievable all-stars, but they got old all of a sudden in one day in one season and It was just bickering between all these guys in just didn't work. I shall watchful. Is it myth or not, did you? They don't put wls on the paycheck. That was said by. Curtis Rowe. was. THROWS WHO's row said to me. One two games, he said allies scored ten fifteen. Is it wrong. They don't put ills and WS paychecks. Okay, there's were called I in fifteen. And that's what you worry about and so yeah, that was that was A. Maximum this week. Sad. We been sad couple weeks I. Jerry Sloan. You did not play against the you coach. You played against his teams May. West unseld, who I'm taking this art I, loved West. Did you ever run into one of those famous takes. Oh I, did the members? Garden. That time you're you're. So much energy that I'm guarding my man full court know Gaza Garvey Bit Awkward Nba, on Garmin Man. Full court trying to take it from I'm not listening. I'm oblivious to everything around me. I know here one of my teammates screaming out it rookie. Running force being night I hit West assail it. May I just lead right down? I will never forget how hard he hit me and that that was like one of those things, and like I said that play with him against you. Those words lady years so for me. It was fun because by then he could even move. Here those bad knees carrying weights of trying to guard me. Elephant trying to catch a league because I was like by the time he turned, I was already gone so i. think that you look at it that way. By that time he may have been tipping around three hundred and. I always say if you've ever seen any videos maximum him. The first, you'll love this. When the first time I laid eyes on him was in nineteen, sixty six BC is playing in New York and holiday festivals against logo, and we beat them in triple overtime, but not before he found out on the second overtime with thirty five points and twenty six rebounds, and at that point he was a saw he was six six plus Afro and about. Two hundred and forty and he had lift. Then I know it's hard to believe what the guy. I heard. Al And is youth and as well as A. Powerful thrust went up with force. You. Went, up, with force his powerful jumper, West. But the guy. You're going to the chip around three Oh. Remember one of the stories I heard about him, which was legendary was backed that West could literally go. Get a rebel. It mid air intern. Hit The backboard, but we hit the ground. He could turn around and bill the ball all the way to the other end of the floor. That's how strong that's how it was yet remarkable player. You'll. He will be one of the legends legend of the game, but you're also be legend in that Baltimore Washington area for what he did for that and then later on became when Washington when they're only championship he was. VP So I have that connection with him? So yeah, it is. It's a great loss for this league and in our with this league this year to to lose lose commissioner those Kobe Bryant loose slow now losing and losing or the season, this twenty twenty year will never be forgotten. There will be. It will always stick to me as one of the most use the team that wizard this year I. Don't think there should be an asterisk beside their name, because what they're going to have to go through the winning in all these other things to stops and stars that to me is real as Javits, you might get. Go there Max looks. And he's right I. Agree with him. Let's moving forward this. You know twenty two team. Playoff. It's going be in Orlando and some of the the bottom teams. Are GonNa? Fight for you know the eighth spot whatnot. You know in terms of how much of an advantage you think it's. GonNa be Max for some of these teams and the players that have already been able to work out I I talked danger about it a couple of months ago early and remember that point. TATUM wasn't even. who he was a dribbling, he wasn't shooting obvious change very quickly after he said that publicly, but how much of an advantage to guys like Lebron. Like Kawhi have because they've had their own James. They've been working out throughout all this. You would think that that'd be a big event and it might be too great, but you think of it this way. Maybe. It's going to be more refreshing for like Jason Tatum who hasn't you'd think since he's been probably five years old when he could ever dribble a basketball, it's the first time he's ever been the with the basketball probably three months three four months, so he can put more fuel in arbor him that he is a younger player is going to be different now springing out I, remember my first time practicing with the Celtics. We have all these old guys newly okay practice going to be our, but we had to warm up. We had the stretch for thirty minutes. I'm like am. In this way. Get over with look brook you'll understand. So, there was a my buddies out later became a. we need to stretch. We need to do all these things. So with Tatum Brown, and the Celtics the younger D it might not affected as much with it might affect somebody older players. Look at a guy like kimber. Kimber maybe needed this law. The yield is body, so I think everything is going to be even the fact that you're going to go into the Rena Airbuses would know bands. How's that? How's that going to be? Back to when you played out your backyard, your you your freeze. And some of the battles were epic that you think about, and you didn't think about bands. Being there now is our home court advantage, which is going to be lost. Yes, NOT PLANET BOSTON. Yes, not many Milwaukee or la but I think the Fratto planned in a game might supersede all those other things with currently no NBA NHL, or Major League Baseball. You might think there's nothing. Nothing a bet on well, you'd be wrong. Bet. Online still has hundreds of places to wager from their online casino to poker and Blackjack all open twenty four hours a day and all online sports aren't totally done. They're still mixed. Martial Arts Golf, each sports and many more that online your full access wagering solution I'm not prepared to leave the way back machine. The Review Mirror yet. Jeff I WANNA bring up. We really didn't do a proper introduction. I don't want us to get out here. We're not letting the growth noted we're talking to a man who led the League in field goal percentage at one two years in a row with the following percentages, six, zero, nine and five, eight, four, nine, hundred, seventy, nine, hundred, and seventy, eight, seventy, nine, five, eight, forty, nine, eighty, six, nine, so in a career percentage of five forty six and I got one important question for you. Max Though this. On the twelfth of the member in one, thousand, nine, hundred eighty three indicia Kogyo stadium. You. Put Up! A three point shot attempt the only your career. Do you remember the circumstance? Was the clock running? No, no, no, no I I remember. The made one. I've made actually was in Houston. And that's the one that's the one I may what I may want to use other ones. We just kinda throwing it up because the TAB was going in Houston. That's the one that shot, and I remember. We actually lost the game. I came out and Danny Age. We're in the locker room and I stood behind with no by conceive and I. Put my hands up and. Let's got three. So that's the only wood. Floor. At the Corner De. Corner in Houston always always remember that I remember. I was I was around for the first shot. It was ever made three point shot was ever made in. Boston my good buddy. Crisp born shot it from the same corner. So yeah, that was the first. Eight yes right? Yeah so. That was a dating game change. At the game change when they came down on a fast break, instead of fanning to the basket, he. Ran To the, corner? Know, whether tiny game in the baller Larry Game The baller whoever the hell gave him the ball. If somebody gave him the ball, and he took that little tippy toe set shot, where does it? Right Yeah. Maybe not much. Our say that is true, and if you want to drive me crazy in the NBA game right now, you let me as this girl McRae's by Horford. Under the basket. Lanes out to the corner or three. If you want to read the. Crowd just what I used to. Take to will take a guarantee to set a possible three unless you really need. A coached out of the young guys last night I. There's a game last year Max what watching an equitable to to Robert, Williams by with, and he's I'm not kidding. He's two feet. E could probably be reached up and dunked it, but he sure had a nice little to jump. Hook clip never even entered his mind. Cause it's. Out of them, he immediately to the corner. Ori has done morning ruined basketball. He's the best. Lewis did the baseball with this. Crap and a three point shot mania that is distorted disdain forever. That thing that people talk about is like Steph. Curry and I've heard a lot of people. I did a podcast with Mike Cooper. Michael Cooper tells me right now. You know what I could stop her. Who? were. Women think about garden guys. Because now they're pulled up three or Three point line in. Will we as you threes? We were let me use the word like my grandfather. We were shocking it up to Israel. We weren't shooting it. Has Right now is. Through in the you, James, Harden God bless you know the way he is a savant insured. The best to me is absolutely. Unbelievable now Baba of this is one I. Give you that everybody's been asked me lately. What Matt's? Would you that you are hall of fame? I said No. I said I have. A lot of guys there, but you're always got us. Who Live be free on the outside that I played well enough that you know be fouls BP leave my team in the seventh game, the broadcast for twenty five years or thirty I ever go. Yeah, those those. But. I don't think is for everybody. So put that arrest now if I was going into the hall of Fame Wendy for me going and all of Eight, it will be me taking other guys in with me and that that would be my. That would be my whole thing I wouldn't. The guys who almost players who would be in there, so I only can look at myself like that I think you know they always see the players. And then there's always those players who help rape players become better at like as wiggles rape. The teas become better. In which is? In Baseball Spring Training in nineteen, seventy, seven found myself down in a little room, watching TV with. George the boomers Scott just come out of the game and we're watching. A championship semifinal game the. UNC, CHARLOTTE! Boys against, Marquette, and we all know what happened, and that's why I laid. IS ON CEDRIC MAXWELL I? Didn't see him in it year before, but the fact is. How often do you think about that game and a you know? What at the end? We got stolen from me Doc rivers got less so he. He reminds me about that all the time. Because he deployed to market later on every time he marquette we talking about those those thieves it so stolen from me. Is the he goes. Yeah, yeah, they deserve with that but. There's a lot of times. I will think back on what could have happened, but all my career has been unbelievable. We think about to be a guy who were Johnston North Carolina who got cut from the team as a junior came back as a junior made it as a senior and the UNC Charlotte, lead them to the foul four, and he comes the Boston. You plan on a bad team and then eventually becomes a MVP of the finals in into play well against. Lakers, that have your Jersey retired. I don't think that I could ask anything else. Maybe maybe the stars just allied the wrong way. That's avid, but why was supposed to win one of? Those days were you know can unfortunate? You know by now. I'm finally doing something about my weight and my hill. A waking went eighty eight bucks. I've already dropped by eighteen. And I'm not the only. Kendrick Perkins it's down about thirty. Two of the eleven thousand found solution for weight loss. Don't care. No medication. Wakened one thousand eight combination science treasury. One on one. You will have. Our recommend you. Call agent urge. Lose weight starting the first week and each it every week until you get to your ideal weight. Awaken one eight six location. Here so. Why Wii virtual. As appropriate. Comforts of your own. Simply log into wake a weight loss. It's not your weight loss transformation. A weight your. Weight loss the weight loss program whether it was the reds the. People who don't know what we're alluding to. When our private little world here drug whitehead may or may not have offensive goal tended the winning basket in a semifinal game a one point game. You certainly could have play how. How. Monumental where the been to be playing for the national championship against the Tar, heels for yours. I. It's mind blowing. was. What we call at UNC CHARLOTTE, the tar heels that's. That and that's the other day. It's your guy worthy. Cause as worthy I had him on. If we were both talking about this year, I remember you with the Tar Jose. He just kind of laughed and I told me about the game play in Nineteen, seventy six at USC CHARLOTTE, said he was in the stands watching this game, it was myself against sitting there university where rob perish as a senior so. Beaten up, so yeah, it's funny how you guys. You don't even know who were in the arena was one of those guys. That's great. What's your? What's your biggest regret? You've ever had. To Go I think the only regret I have now is that my relationship is this close to Larry? Bird is I would like. because they're over the years. You know people been saying I've been taking. Shots Larry when I said Kevin Garnett was the best all around ever the play with. All your kitchen Larry, or you did this now I love labours game. I want to championships with the guy and that would be the only regret is that I don't have the relationship rocky. Just call him up in, and and just you know just hollering. He was in the garden about two years ago. four game. Indiana planned whenever it was, and he was at the back, and out made a beeline back there and I was like Larry. Jober, I, do a man and we're back is shook his hand, and said hello, but I was still like the somehow just sit down and break bread a get that behind us, and that's what I said also about kindergartner air reality. I hope that those two guys whatever happens who the together we said, the best getting those to eat to Rome. I can crush all this right now, so those are things. That s the only regret I have. Why haven't you called Larry? Why? Why haven't you just picked up? Up the phone or or figured out a way to I mean we get older? That is a great idea. You know what I'm going to get that number from. I'M GONNA. Get that number from Bob. Reid eventually because I know Bob as as private number and I'M GONNA call Larry Joe for especially during this pandemic, I think that the way it is now. You want to reach out at least guy how you feel I don't WanNa. Leave this earth. They that Larry thinks that he was a bad guy I thought I was a bad guy. Is that we've wanted together? We bonded together. We want our first championship together. People are no. Were, there was the finals of the e-e-e-e-no. He was hours and people didn't know that in that particular game numb game number six in Houston. A, superstar set behind me in only play eight minutes in that game that was kept Makir because I was playing so well, so yup, that is one thing I'm going to reach out to. You are Ryan. Is Number get their to? Your enough. Happy to oblige. I got listen. I got dinner dinner on meeting either one of you wherever you can get Larry, Joe Byrd on the PODCAST I. Any dinner drinks, however, whatever it is, it's on me all right around Franck out so far and I know. Max You gotTA. Break brand and and make peace. I. Got To. Do that gotta gotTa. Break bread and make peace said. His family because here's a guy that I, loved as a player that went to Warwick and won multiple championships where Ed and those things can never be a so you know any water under the bridge I would have with that water under the bridge, so yeah, the gentleman that would be the case. Have you have you thought? TATUM would be as good as he's been and when I. When I talked earlier about the fact of the NBA starting back up, he's a guy that I think it's going to be very interesting to see how how he comes out of the gate. You said Yes, YOUNG LEGS! What I say is! Can he pick up where he left confidence wise Max because. Swagger that last month. He knew he was the best for him. The court every time where early on the season. That was not the case. Can he get that back? As go be addressed in the because they say he was, he was walking. He was walking on air. You know with those games you think about. When he played Los Angeles in La in that last one of those last gators, all my put on a show to the. La was double team and triple team. TATER in to get the ball out of hands. There was one scene in particular was Lebron and tatum. Goes a photo of those guys On the sideline about to check into the game answer scores Table and Lebron had looked at at the pitcher, said Elsie Right. There S A young line right there and it's like he was out on. He's symbol right now. Here's your price. Hold up to the world because you know he's the coming. He has that confidence and like you said there's a swagger of the guide when you walk the those. He's the best welcome player the world. You just go, you know what if I remember? Thinking about. Is like. You know what I think about the Beta. Damn, stay say. He's better than me and that to me with that was one of those things where. Crow was like all as as a layer of color eating, eating crow time with just unbelievable when I thought about what I was actually give by being a player, but laid off for me the biggest thing though was, I was able to take that eating. Embrace it. Allowed players don't WanNa race that they wanNA move away from that I. Understood that I was going to be good. And I was going to be great. As Larry Bird, even greater, so I sacrifice a lot of opposite game. To play on the deep is being and guard the toughest Guy Renite. That's for damn sure a he's he wound up. Being a guy had to take on Dr J., you know and without that. Nine eighty one win. Get as far as eighty four. It's no question about now maximum of a really significant. Commitment. was necessary with the team and he did was great. Max You still there. We lost your video. Yup smacks Max Yacht. Guess. We got I think it was populated out too so. He might pop back in. Let's give it a SEC. Sex So we can at least do the the proper the proper by if we can. See if jumps back in all right so I want to know and we. We got this recording without Max Right now Why did you think that there was some sort of of of I dunno beef is the right word, but but there was something between you and Max. I think he's exaggerating. I really do I I. I don't think so I. I don't know what he's GonNa Soak honestly I may have done something, said something that resonated than I didn't realize you know don't know, but we. This is going on all the years. He's been doing guests. I see him impressive before the game. We kid a Bob. Oh and I work with him many times out at comcast, and and he was always kidding me about revenue streams. That was his big thing, I I got this Gig I got that gateway man. You got red new streams. Gave them a ride back to t and I i. think is more for show. I really, I don't think I don't I feel no animosity toward. Ambassador. Characters to meet you of just. No, B S. Bob says it the way it is. When he was with the team. I always was thinking I really wanted to get the ultimate. Sit Douay. I knew how Brady was and I knew how to be live on. If there wasn't letting US privy to sure this, I'm talking about eighty, one, two, three, four five, you know, and then it didn't end well. Right okay didn't end well and. That was the same. You know inadequacy. He brings US Walton in. -actly, so you're not. You're not wrestling Max. Exit Service. The was that. Maybe it's about. How he left, got hurt and eighty five didn't get back right. He's the team, did he? Wasn't we have enough or well or whatever he is on that and that that was the source of? His. All I can tell you. I'm in Larry Bird's house in Indiana with his mother. Because I was out there doing the story in Eddie's brother, you know, and and and when and like like. And I'm on the phone with Larry. In. The South is Bob January of eighty five January, fiber or February. Maximum play for US anymore I'll never forget that exact route does exact for Beta. Max. Doesn't WANNA play for US anymore? That's the feeling that he had left with the team. They had made by actions. Not Words and is that why you think as he said there. There's still a rift between he and Larry. I see how thinking I know is that you know? He's traded and gone, and they have to have their greatest year ever the next year and it all and then I. We all know six eighty seven. Three more years of glory, you know without. and. It's I'm glad to hear say that. Though that's a very good, it's it you guys are getting young. That's. I'm very happy him say it means something to. Get that bench mended, and I'm really happy to hear that.

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