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CRUSADE Channel Newscast January 27th, 2020, Monday


Hey It's Mike Church reminding you that. Life's biggest challenges can be conquered by prayer. Well here's a little secret. Brain is made more powerful when you pray in Latin but most people are horrified. Invited even trying. Well you're not alone. That's why I'm proud to introduce you to the Latin prayer card company. In no time you'll learn the our father. Hail Mary and and Blurry be prayers. In Latin Latin prayer cards available at Mike Church Dot Com forward slash learn Latin ray Ladan because the devil aches aches Latin Crusade Channel News News. You can trust because the truth can be trusted from Crusade Channel News Desk Stacey Cohan. Good Morning Crusaders welcomed on Monday January. Twenty seven twenty twenty. I'm Stacey cohan reporting from the Crusade Channel News desk at the Coen ranch in Winkelmann Arizona. This report is brought to you by our friends Appledore Kia for the best deal in the USA. Unin newer use Kia shop where Mike Church shop for all his cars apple KIA drive on over to bulldog KIA DOT com. MM or call them. At eight five five bulldog will see a bulldog Kia and tell them the crusade channel Saint You. Here's what to listen for this hour. Kobe Bryant was killed old with nine others including his daughter in a helicopter crash. Sunday Bolton's book apparently got leaked and the grammies paid tribute to Kobe. Bryant Kobe Kobe Bryant one of the greatest NBA players of all time in a superstar who transcended sports was killed in a fiery helicopter crashing. California Sunday he he was forty one. Bryant was one of nine people who died when the helicopter they were in crashed on a hillside. In calabasas California among the victims was Bryant Ryan Thirteen Year. Old Daughter Jonah. La County Fire Department. Captain Tony I'm Brenda said. He didn't immediately have any information about whether the helicopter radioed a stress signal individuals that saw the aircraft said it was coming down at a fairly significant rate of speed and it impacted the ground on the hillside he told reporters reporters the FAA and national transportation. Safety Board are investigating the crash and the F. B. I.. Will be assisting with that investigation. A top aide to former national security adviser. John Bolton is disputing part of a Sunday report in The New York Times which claimed Bolton had shared a manuscript of his forthcoming book. Look with close associates and Bolton's lawyer is saying the National Security Council's review process of pending. Manuscripts is corrupted. Apparently it's prone deletes. The Times reported that the manuscript included a bombshell claim that trump explicitly linked to hold on Ukraine to an investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden and trump told bulletin in August according to a transcript of Bolton's forthcoming book reviewed by the Times that he wanted to continue freezing three hundred ninety one million dollars. It's insecurity assistance to Ukraine until officials their help with investigations into Democrats including the Biden's Bolton had given the book to the White House for a standard pre publication review quota the day the Lord opened the understanding of my unbelieving heart. So that I should recall my sin. Saint Patrick coming up are saying the the day he's known for his preaching and public speaking his denunciation of abuse of authority you're listening to crusade channel news foundations on dacians restored is the epoch seventeen DVD or streaming download series that completely refutes that most pernicious of modernist errors evolution. This course is visually usually stunning and is presented. So that lay people can arm themselves with truth in the fight against the evil that is neo. Darwinism to order simply use are handy orienting sake. Channel DOT COM forward slash. Adam and right now your first two episodes are free order. Now who say channel Dot com forward slash Adam. Our senior ended. The day is Saint John Chris Dawson. He was born in three forty nine. He died September fourteenth four zero seven. He was the archbishop of Constantinople. He it was an important early church. Father he's known for his preaching in public speaking also his denunciation of abuse of authority by both ecclesiastical and political leaders leaders the divine liturgy of Saint John Christoffersen and his aesthetic sensibilities. He was among the most prolific authors in the early Christian church exceeded did only by Augustine of hippo in the quantity of his surviving writings. He's honored as a saint. In the Oriental Orthodox Eastern Orthodox Catholic Angelica looking and Lutheran churches as well as some others the eastern Orthodox together with Byzantine. Catholics hold him in special regard as one of the three Holy Hayek's arcs the feast days of John. Christianson in the eastern Orthodox Church are the thirteenth of November and the twenty seventh of January in the Roman Catholic church cheese recognized as a doctor of the church. The trump administration is being urged to declare a formal public health. Emergency is a fifth case of the deadly. Corona virus in the United States has been confirmed a patient in Arizona too in southern California tested positive for the virus. It's caused worldwide alarm. The the death toll has now reached eighty in China where officials have cautioned that the spread of the never before seen illness appears to be getting stronger. Senator Chuck Schumer or is asking health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar to declare a public health. Emergency so they can free up money for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So they'll be able the battle the virus before it becomes an American Pandemic House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry. Nadler Sunday announced. He's going to be missing part of the ongoing Senate impeachment. I'm in trial of president trump. That's to take care of his ailing wife in December following the House Judiciary Committee markup of the articles of impeachment against President Trump. My wife was admitted to the hospital where she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer she undergone surgery. She's taking further steps to address. The spread of the cancer. Nadler Said said in a news release on Sunday on Monday. I'll be in New York with her to meet with doctors determine path forward and beginner treatment. I'm sorry to miss some of the Senate impeachment trial which is of critical importance to our democracy. Alicia keys hosted the sixty second annual grammy awards from the Staple Center in La last night. It was a night attributes to Kobe will be Bryant with His Jersey number twenty four showing up in many of the songs on stage. It was a clean sweep for Billy Irish. Who took home? The night's top four award. She won won best new artist Song of the year. Bad Guy Record of the year bad guy in album of the year when we all fall asleep where do we go. A lot of the awards went to new artists. It is last night and everybody was wrapping was a lot of rap stuff and even aerosmith. Can you believe Aerosmith was wrapping. Oh my God it was crazy. Walk this way. Okay was in a rap version. It's like you know what it's a classic. Leave it alone. Don't touch it whatever anyway. Yeah I'm the Old Lady. GET OFF SMART line. Send Me Your News. Tips to news at Crusade Channel Dot com stay tuned to the crusade channel would live breaking news updates all day the best live talk radio anywhere up next x the Mike Church show continues. I'm Stacey Cohan for the crusade channel seeking news and finding truth.

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