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Three two one. Hello and welcome everyone to a special edition of Permian perspective especially thank you to Baker Hughes Hughes our show sponsor and of course to all of you for taking time to listen and she'll your time and it's valuable and we appreciate each and every one of you. I hope we had a fan tastic thanksgiving I know ours was just wonderful spending time with my family and friends and it was just a wonderful beautiful occasion and I hope yours was to. I'm forever thankful for my family. What are you thankful for this year? I know I'm so grateful for my husband. Al My kids my family family my friends We're very blessed in. It's been a fantastic year. Of course I'm also grateful to our team members at Rightey work where customers and to all of view for listening to Permian perspective. I look forward to learning and growing from you more in two thousand twenty. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Just love the holidays. I know I've been listening to Christmas carols for probably about a month now but is now officially December and I can really kick it into high gear So I hope you'll all are enjoying this time of year. I know many of you have such giving hearts and there are a lot of people that could use our help this time of year. So if you are looking for for some wonderful organizations to give to I encourage you to reach out to the salvation army safe place of Midland helping hands West Texas Food Bank just to name a few. There's so many other wonderful organizations that do beautiful work helping others and so if you are finding this time of year that you would liked to give a give a little bit more. I knew you're also giving throughout the year but they really could use some Specials special gifts this time of year another one I want to mention three eleven ministries. I know we've mentioned them before but they are looking to help over two thousand families. I believe this Christmas and they could really use your help. OPA volunteer wise or donation so another great organization Another thing I want to mention is that this time of year isn't always a happy time time for for everyone and so if you're finding that you are feeling a little down in need someone to talk to remember you are not alone. There are wonderful organizations like centers centers for families and children. It's an excellent resource. They can help you. The most important thing is to remember that They're there for you and they're available. So give McCall today. There's a lot going on in the Permian right now. I know everyone is busy. As a bee were in that last month of the year and everyone is cramming to get work done and holidays and really. It's that time of year where the business kicks in. But it's also a beautiful time of the year where there's some wonderful events going on and so I wanted to take the time today to mention a few of those the first one that's happening is the Wagner. Well Performing Arts Center has a free showing of the thirtieth anniversary of National Lampoon's Christmas vacation. How Fun is that now? The cinema under the Star series will occur once a month inside the theater of the beautiful beautiful wagner. Noel it is Underneath The star field twinkling lights of their ceiling and so it is a wonderful event. Event that you will definitely want to take advantage of the cinema under the star series. We'll have food hot dogs and NACHOS along with beverages and snacks for sale while while supplies last but we just want to mention it is a free event. The doors open at six trivia will take place at six thirty. GotTa Love Trivia that. It's that's going to be fun. And then seven seven o'clock the movie will start. The tickets are free at the box office. Another wonderful event that is happening is the mckinney Park Star. Bright village if you have not been your new to West Texas. I highly encourage you to do so. It is once again free star bright villages open nightly from six to eleven seven pm from December fifth through January. I of course. Donations are always welcome to help. Keep the event free and for new displays that they may want to add. And don't don't forget to visit Santa Santa's there in Santa Land. Every Friday and Saturday night December sixth and Seventh Thirteenth Fourteenth and the twentieth and twenty first from seven to nine PM. It's always a wonderful time a special. Thank you to the city of Odessa. For putting this on and of course they have some wonderful sponsors like first first base and Credit Union and they have over three hundred thousand lights and holiday themed displays. It truly is beautiful to see for the family so we hope that you can take advantage of that star bright village. Also if you love musicals there is a wonderful production going on starting this Friday Friday December. Sixth and it will run all weekend long for the next three weekends actually at Midland Community Theatre and it is called sues. ICAL the musical you you can go to. MCAT MIDLAN DOT ORG for tickets but once again a wonderful family friendly event we love our families here in West Texas. And we're a looking for some fun things for you all to do. And here's another one Susan musical for my running friends whereas my renfrew raise your hand out there. Fear runner yes me too. Jingle Bell ran so much fun you definitely want to take advantage of this opportunity to get out for nighttime run. Those are so fun I cannot I tell you I started probably about three or four years ago where I don't really only done the morning runs and those were awesome and incredible and then this nighttime jingle bell run in came about and I thought I'd never really ran at night. Let's give it a shot so much fun. So this is through grassland estates west. It is not only fun healthy in just a beautiful experience but you're also going to be supporting it wonderful 'cause of helping kids with be one hundred percent ready in in their financial future so they have partnered once again with Midland Athletic Company. You can register at Midland Athletic Company Dot Com but it will take place See on Saturday December seventh there it is and they will have a packet pickup on the six. So you wanted to sign up ahead of time but of course if you WanNa read ensure that day they will take registration onsite at five PM and then I believe the run starts at six. PM So a lot of fun hope to see my running friends out. There always always a good time and of course all helping a good. 'cause here's another wonderful production here in West Texas. Charlie Brown Christmas live on stage will take replace December twelfth now live onstage puts on such fantastic productions that are now held at the Wagner. Noel but this is a chance to join. Of Course Charlie Brown snoopy Lucy lightest the whole peanuts. Gang is they produce a wonderful production of live on stage and you can get your tickets. There at Wagner Noel. I believe so. Go check that out that is live on stage production December twelfth of a Charlie Brown Christmas so much fun okay. Where's my flyers out there? Those love being up in the sky. This is fun. If you're new to the Permian Basin and have it done this. I highly encourage you to do so. It is called the Christmas Christmas night flights and it will take place December thirteen th through December twenty third. So if you're looking for a unique Christmas gift maybe for All Ages There's something refunded with the whole family. This is a way for you to experience a ride on a World War Two aircraft and view the city lights like never before the rides ads are every thirty minutes and get to view the city lights from up above. You can reserve your seat today. Let's see five seats include the co-pilot at three hundred ninety five dollars. copilot's seat is one hundred and forty five dollars. Each cabin seat is seventy five dollars. You can go to high sky wing Dot Org for more information but once again what a fun treat for the family and something different to do and experience the lights from up above instead of driving around in the car which is also fantastic but just a different view. We also want invite all of you to the city of Midland Christmas parade that will take place December fourteenth now the city of Midland Parks and REC division vision is now accepting the entries for the twenty nine thousand nine Aloha Christmas parade. So you definitely want to take advantage of that. The parade will be held at six thirty. PM This year's theme for the parade once again is Aloha Christmas. You can get your registration forms at the. MLK Junior community center the park's office or or go online to www dot midland Texas dot gove and enjoy being part of the midland. Christmas parade have been several times always a fun event event and just another way to really just get involved and get in the Christmas spirit another fantastic event that you won't want to miss and this one one is truly going to be amazing. Matt knew who many of you. I know we're cheering him on his from West Texas and you're cheering him on the voice. The season even as he made his way to the televised rounds and digest a beautiful job in such a beautiful family as well. He is now taking his love for music and his new. You found fame to help students at Midland County. ISD which is just fantastic now. All the proceeds from this event he's going to actually actually host a concert and so the proceeds will go help 'em ISD and Extra County is dis education foundations. And we hope all of you can join us for that that that will be December fifteen th at the Wagner well Performing Arts Center at Seven PM. Let's see what else is going on. We have so much going on. It's such a wonderful wonderful busy time of year. Yuletide on PBS. We don't want to forget about that. I know I've mentioned in previous podcast but I just want to invite all all of ut there joining us live in studio at the Anwar Studios at basin PBS or you can watch on TV from your home from the comfort of your own home with your PJ's and your popcorn and candy and this will be a two hour holiday special featuring singers from around the basin. I'm so excited to host this wonderful event. Look look forward to spending that time with the listening to the beautiful sounds of Matt. New and latent fields and other local west Texas talent that will begin at seven seven PM. Live on basin PBS. We hope you will join us. We also want to mention the nutcracker we have some fantastic little dancers here in in West Texas and the Nutcracker Midland Festival ballet will take place on December twenty first at seven thirty PM. You can join the Midland Festival. Ballet's they they celebrate their twenty. Six annual production of the nutcracker has a cast over a hundred local performers and then of course they have these additional guests artists that come from all around the country it is always a treat. It is beautiful once again. Another way to really celebrate the holidays in a special way you can go to wagner no well dot com mm for those tickets I know many of you are listening to us from all around the world but also here in the basin and a lot of you are looking for some local oil and gas events going on. And here's one that I found that I thought was really interesting and that you may WanNa take place in or take a part of a Tuesday December. Ten Th at eleven thirty Desa College there is going to be a event called boom a conversation about how the oil and gas sector impacts Texas by the Texas Tribune. It looks like here so just wanted to let you know that the conversation will be moderated did by Ross Ramsey of the Texas Tribune. But they're also have panelist Tracy Bentley the president and CEO of the Permian strategic partnership will be their state. State Representative Brooks Landgraf from Odessa. And Ben Shepard the president of the Permian Basin Petroleum Association will be there they will be talking all things oil and gas and so it's going to be a fantastic conversation of course state that produces more crude and more natural gas than any other This is such a wonderful conversation to have right here in West Texas and so we hope you can join us once again. That is at Odessa. College at the Salisbury Burry Campus Center on Tuesday December tenth. So ooh La going on here in West Texas. I am so thankful that all of you who Taken this time to learn a little bit more about some of the fantastic events. We will be back with an amazing guest next week next Monday so we hope you'll join us for that. In in the meantime I just wanted to tell you all how appreciative I am of you sharing our podcast. Whether you're sharing it with friends or colleagues family members Just just getting it out there. Because has we're we're learning together. We're growing together having great conversations about the Permian and what's happening here from the people that are on the floor running every day in this oil and gas business and in this this wonderful This wonderful economy that we have here we just want to encourage people to Just keep Bon. Keep an on dream big believe in yourself and never give up. Those are my three mottos and we will all get through the ups and downs of the oil and gas business together. That's what is so beautiful about West Texas. Being a a West Texan now for twenty one years I can say it is truly one of the best places to live in the the world and I'm so grateful that I met my husband here and raised my four Kiddos here because it really is a wonderful place where you can live the American dream so we thank you again for this time and of course our show sponsor Baker Hughes we WanNa thank them with the oil and gas global network of course They are just so instrumental in getting our podcast out and we just cannot think both Baker Hughes and Obgyn enough. That's it for now. This concludes our special edition. Russian of Permian perspective the story behind the oil and gas leaders in the Permian Basin. We hope that you have a fantastic week and month as you close out. Twenty nineteen and many blessings and prosperity to you in twenty twenty. Thanks again for joining us. You may get a great day.

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