Agatha Christie's Countryside


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On monday you can subscribe to our newsletter completely free of charge of course by going to get sleepy dot com and entering your email address in the box at the bottom of the home page. This evening will journey to the south west of england and visit the holiday home of dame agatha christie known as the queen of crime. She wrote more than seventy five books and created some of the most famous fictional detectives of all time. Tonight we'll step into her wild and imagine the inspiration. She may have drawn from her tranquil summa surroundings. Thank you tonight. Sponsors Mute snoring for that support. If you find you often wake up feeling congested or perhaps you disturb your partner or they disturb you with noisy snoring. Three tonight mute. Snoring has a simple but affective solution for you then nasal later has helped seventy eight percent of uses to breathe better and seventy five percents of uses to snow less mute. Simple solution is comfortable to wear in your nose own. 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I feel so blessed to be able to bring a sense of calm and reassurance team to me my voice is simply my voice but the fact that it can help you get the rest you deserve. I can't tell you how much that means. And so you as you listen if your mind drifts away wondering in different directions as it very often. Well that's absolutely fine. You can just bring your focus back to the here and now back to my voice a mea imagery that i'm about to describe graduate. You'll draw clarissa and closer to that pleasant border between conscious thought and the land if dreams so as we turn to our story for tonight let the sensations of your band drift away replaced by a cool breeze in the distance you can hear the sound of water lapping ashore and bites creaking gently as they bob up and down looking at your feet you can see. You're standing on an old wooden dock ahead. A small white ferry is anchored at the end of a sunni peer. And this is where we begin our adventure. You're standing in line with a handful of other passengers patiently waiting to begin your voyage on the white ferry. Today the boat will carry you along the beautiful river dog. The pride of devon in south west england inhaling slowly you enjoy the cool fresh air entering three ot nostrils it brings a clean The calmness to your throat chest and lungs flutes way. Carry it upon the gentle morning breeze. It's a beautiful picture. Pathak today. And you're thankful for this moment when you can just take you to lynn. Buffy the sky is a watercolor ably and the sun shines brightly bringing the scene before us her life in an array of boned vivid comments behind you is the town of dot situated aside and river docked. It's an idyllic picture of quaint cobbled streets and chewed buildings. Recognizable by the black and white. To paneling of eric steria. The morning stillness is punctuated only by the sound of seagulls crooning giving the impression of a classic english seaside town which has stayed very much the same for generations in front of the boat shines emperor lynched white as a boggs gently. Khun down in the scien- blue oughta. It will take you to green wiki when you disembark and head on to greenway house the holiday home of agatha christie and a place where she have family found so much joy and relaxation q. Begins to shuffle forward. You make out the white navy. And goan have a captain's cap above the heads of passengers in front with each step closer to the boat. You feel yourself. Relax a little bit more preparing to settle in your river voyage reaching the front of the queue. You hand your ticket to the captain with a bright carefree smile key places your ticket into a handheld device and presses down leaving the mp blue stamp of an anchor upon the rectangular slip of paper retaining the ticket to your cat. He welcomes you aboard. You've picked the pacific time to come. He adds explaining that today. Only the boat is operating a special meal. Service you have to do is find your seat and someone will be right on to take your drink korda you place. The ticket in your pocket and had up stands where the boats open top offers. The best views moving to an empty table. You take a seat overlooking the water you captivated as a shimmer and ripples sunlight dancing across the sophists until the gentle hum of the phares engine that she knew it's beginning to move the ferry tons. Maneuvering its way. Out of dartmouth harbour you pass by more vessels of all shapes and sizes sat against a backdrop of lush green hills. Waiter appears beside you in the aisle and offers to take your order before departing with a smile. The warm familiar voice of the captain crackles to life through the shipboard speakers. He wishes you on a pleasant voyage and promises to provide occasional comment tree about the sites young encounter along the way after a few moments. The waiter returns and places. Trae down on your table. It's a classic devonshire cream. Tea with a warm parts of english t alongside plate of freshly baked sky onus. I smell utterly delicious. Aside them sets apart of fiqh clotted cream and another filled with sweet strawberry jam. It's a treat. The south of england is famous for you. Lash layers of cream and jam onto one half of the screen watching the bright to rant and soft white blend together with the crumbs one bite after another you to fowler wonderfully indulgent local delicacy washing it down with the warm soothing t how pleasant it is to dine outdoors under a blanket to radiant sunshine surrounded by views. Like these you think from the speaker. Captain explains that this area holds a special protected status falling within the three hundred thirty seven square kilometers classified as the south devon area of outstanding national beauty. It's not hard to see why you think as you marvel at the ever changing scenery on phoning a for your eyes as you move away from dartmouth. Lush canopy of trees that at fast sets behind the buildings moves right up to the water's edge. According to the captain the river's name is likely of celtic origin. Meaning river where oak trees grow hughes seem to rise from the wartime proudly displaying the ancient oak woodland that covers every inch mike clouds of green. They rest upon the land concealing a multitude of wildlife beneath a swaying. Emirati canopy the animals and mostly hidden from view about. You're aware of their presence from the pace of bad sound that fills the air off one side of the boat. You sponsor family of artists floating in the river lay on their backs with farry brown bodies outstretched relaxing out a care in the well. The captain director attention to the riverbank downstream. Why the canopy opens to reveal to bridge. It's viaduct with thick stone. Pillars routed into the ground and a massive open archway spanning the distance between them. You can hear the familiar chunking and whistling of an old steam train. Which you're told was agatha christie's usual method of traveling to and from have been levied greenway. Just then you spoke to the front of the train. Imagine from the woodland with a plume of steam rising from a chimney at its head following it with your eyes. You may the green and red passenger carriages along the bridges tracks. It's no wonder that tag miked to travel by train. He think after room the views must be spectacular from all the way up there. What would have caught her attention from has seat by the window. You wonder what inspiration and comfort. Macchia found gazing out across the landscape as quickly as they came. The train has gone disappearing into the dense woods. Once more it's continued journey is marked only by a wisp of smoke from the chimney that rises in a moving line through the friendly itch. You're channy usa. Continues wonderfully scenic voyage peppered with sites of natural and historical in along the way. Captain doesn't marvelous job of narrating your journey saying just enough to incite urine trust and then pausing announcing your own quiet perfection reclining leisurely into your chair united building with brick and a triangular roof that stands out against the greenery around. The captain. explains that this boathouse. Once belonged to sell walter raleigh a soldier writer explorer and member of landed gentry during the beef and era ships. Same from this very place to begin their travel around the world in the fifteen ninety s rally sailed to south america later writing overblown account that contributed to the mystery and intrigue of the legend of dorado. This city of gold centuries later says the captain this would become one of agatha christie's favorite places to sit and relax being that she loved the water night and day. She could spend hours contemplating these mysterious and magical taps high above the shooter boathouse. You see a patch of dan white. You've arrived at greenway house. The queen of crimes holiday home and waterhouse it is a strikingly sophisticated building high upon the hill peeping out from behind dense shroud of flowers and fairly inch from the tone of his voice. It's clear that a captain shows your own. At this view he explains agatha christie described greenway as the loveliest place in the world and whilst he's seen it hundreds of times himself it's magic as never deemed you can fill the boats slowing down as you approach is stone dressing out of the water ahead. The fairy comes to a halt. You look down stance thanking the captain for a voyage. That was as fascinating as it was beautiful. He smiles warmly and hands you a small paper map of the estate folded in hav just in case she needed he says in his own experience they since the pathak place to get lost issue explore you disembark onto the smith stone of the key side ahead of you. A few other passengers ambu away in different directions an elderly couple with a teenager in tow heads to a cafe in a charming wooden pavilion to enjoy warm cup of tea to your right. A middle aged woman stands by the waterside taking photographs of the scenery with a camera. You begin to stroll up towards greenway road feeling a strange sense of familiarity. As you've been here before us that you might recognize it from being described in the pages of a mystery novel agathon loved greenway so much that she sat and number of books in and around it. Perhaps you've seen it on screen. You realize off to roll. The television adaptation of her novel dead man's folly was filmed right. Hand you smile. And she picked the fictional detective. Coiro thing around these very paths. You imagine the places not true. Beauty would have made it an appealing filming location. To ambling up the hill towards the house you pass by batches comforting glossy ivy above them batch beech ash and oak trees rustling lee fianc and extend known fingers as if welcoming you to the path off to your left you can still make out the tranquil waters of the river through the gaps in the woodland as you round the next band. You know you're getting close you reach out and run your hand long. A cool stone moon buddhist the path and gays up into the canopy of trees dominates the sky. One particularly grand duke catches your eye. It's tomb and whiter than several people standing together. How many years has it kept walked over. This verdant landscape seen countless changes over the centuries. Many things remain justice you through cast iron gates painted a shade of cream. That reminds you of those wonderful scones and the luxuries clotted. Cream ahead of you. Many more two trees that these kathleen planted in even raise the ground is scattered with blue balance. That spark when the sunlight mike gemstones upon a carpet of bottle green grass. Inhale deeply savoring sweet fragrance. Lacing the an approaching a fork in the road you turn left. The path leads new passed the tennis court situated behind the house and towards a protected space ahead. A glance at your map towns you. It's the south wound garden when you open the white wooden gate. It feels more like a secret garden to you. Say still and unspoilt. A wound is within these rooms. You make your way across a path acclaim manicured lawn and then tomorrow wooden gazebo which offers both shade from the sunlight and three hundred sixty degree views of this glorious garden turning slowly on the spot you cast your gaze over landscape of device and beautiful flora kathleen planted daffodils chew lips and hyacinth booed and the grass painting a portrait of spring vines of every variety crew up the wombs reaching skyward posing for a minute you allow your attention to simply rest upon this wonderful place to be here justice. You are surrounded by spectacular beauty after few magic moments. You are ready to explore onwards. You make your way out of this secret garden. And into another the northbound garden you pause for a moment to gaze through the transparent panes of glass building this is the peak chows an indoor arboretum. Fula freak trees the gloss greenhouse is built directly against one of the brick wounds jotting out and down like half sacriston is you wonder inside and find yourself on a narrow path surrounded by family itch to your right. A row of plants climbs the brick wall tendrils stretch up from damp beds of soil creeping skyward and occasionally brushing against your arm. As you pass to your left frames of interlocking mesh hold an assortment of plantlife raise tie upon morton stands basking in radiance from the womb sunlit windows you see peaches nectarines and eight procuts sparkling june's amongst leaves of emerald a favourite of agathis. The sweet velvety peaches have grown at greenway for generations. How wonderful it must have been to have such an abundance of this luscious from you wonder. At the number of delicious crumbles in cakes puddings and pastries it might have featured in finding your possession upon the map again. You make your way out of the north wound garden and follow the path around two once. The front of greenway house itself hadn't thought it possible. The house is even more impressive. Close up and it had been from the water below built in the late. Seventeen hundreds when king. George thad sat upon the throne. It bears all the hallmarks of georgian architecture displaying. A perfect balance of classic greco roman design and english country house. Handsome white facade forms a tool rectangle with three floors bearing five impressive windows each looking out over the beautiful grounds on either side of the main core of the building to single-story extensions johnstown nike children standing beside a parent sneak creamy pillows support by the front entrance way on the to smolder attachments. A team aside allowing enough space for a table in chas under the shelter of a grain site to roof it surprising rennie that building so traditional and regan win appearance fills warm welcoming and utterly unpretentious as this. It's no wonder agatha christie loved greenway so much you think. This is the kind of home that makes you feel instantly. It's walking towards the front. You enter the house through goss paneled. Double doors and step into the hallway. Your met with creamy wounds decorated with a mix of fine under local art and polished more than cabinet showcasing rather floral collection of tea pots and paints. You remember the words of the captain as you cross the passion. Rock lining the steiner flow. Might be roth a nice to find yourself lost within the wolves of they beautiful and so you wonder from room to ring taking in the rich dark fancher and charmingly english ankle on every shelf. And safm you see onum aunts vases treasuries and trinkets items that speak. Not only to the taste of the hung's former owner to say to her sentimentality alongside the ornate golden mirrors and fine bone china photographs and relatively inexpensive objects. You'd solely for the joy and memory lane provoked. You've passed by many clocks large and small during your tour of the house. A sense of time is noticeably. Absent here greenway. You consider that. These rooms might be compared to the pages of a mystery. Novel providing fresh clues about the story of its water and life of particular note is the library were unique. Wartime scene plays out across the upper half of all four wounds. He shades of blue cocky black and white. It was painted during the second world wool when the house was briefly. Used by the us coastguard. Imp- reparation for d day. It was painted by lieutenant. Marshall lee landing craft captain who was also a skilled test. It tells the story of the men's johnny. Your is wash over it now. Marveling at the intricate detail the flank soldiers and ships and the water as lifelike as thought which you traveling with opponent only a short time ago underneath the images accounting ribbon displays the names and dates of places explode from bermuda to norfolk ending about the doorway with their arrival when dartmouth and greenway house. Such an oddity. It is contrasted with the decor of this fine georgian home and yet somehow it seems pathologically placed agatha christie. Refused office to paint over this cooled. Graffiti saying she was delighted to have such a memorial to history upon green ways wounds beneath the mirror. To why shown house a plethora of berks showing you the tag a-this passion for writing was matched only by her love of reading. It was a favourite pastime. Greenway especially because they swear. She came to unwind year after year. Reaching once the you pull down. Burke one of agassi's own might matter mystery novels. It fools opening your hands revealing a photograph inserted within it shows a happy family. Sitting around the fire. You recognize agatha in her sixties or seventies reading from a book as the adults and children. Listen captivated you say recognized. The drawing room replacing the book upon the shelf you walk towards that now with the image of the photograph in your mind just inside the doorway you poor comparing the room in the picture to the one in front of everything is exactly as it wants to your eye. At least the same plush sofas and chairs positioned around coffee table the fireplace glowing pleasantly beneath a classic white mantle. Wants a treat. It must have been to sit here night after night. Taking in a few more chapters of the latest mystery years ago you read that amongst tire. Great accomplishments agatha was also a trained classical pianist. She declined to play pop like she loved to do so for her family. It's no great surprise them to see grand piano in the corner of this room. It san teak wood is so well polished that you unexpectedly catch a glimpse of your own reflection in its glossy surface. Your face is a picture of happy contentment with maybe the slightest hint of oncoming sleepiness yang. Quietly as you let your as come to rest on. A number of framed photographs on top of their piano. Many of these pictures show agatha throughout her life as glamorous young woman of the nineteen twenty s a wartime nurse wearing the uniform the red cross and later as daunting grandparent she became arise poor soup on the final picture. One you've never seen before it. Shares the author reclining upon a chair in front of a blazing fireplace through the windows of must be the boathouse. You see had darkened sky full of stars among the many sources of inspiration agatha christie found in and around greenway united this particular spot while this mysterious by taus is similar to one in hab that man's folly and you can't wait to see it with your own eyes and so with one last glance at the map you leave this beautiful room and the welcoming atmosphere of greenway house king outside you see that the sky above you is wrapped in the darker hues of dusk. The journey to the boathouse. He's an easy one. And your legs seem to float downhill mice. St- of their own accord the grounds look different. This time of evening e think more dreamlike than in daylight passing the camelia garden. You observed that the flowers seemed to glow in the dim. Gross like pink and white starts hanging in a night sky. You smell them to that. Deep floral aroma carrying upon a cool and gentle breeze. Change in air tells you that you're nearing the water soon. After the high who's of the boathouse come interview strolling across. Its front entrance. You stand for a moment looking out at the deep dark kariba the wartime reports and rocks back and forth justice before only it's the moonlight dot says across its surface now pale white with hints of golden amber reflects from the window behind you sleepy pursuit of this soothing. Glare you enter the towns. As if in a dream you find a roaring log fire set. With a a beautifully ornate fireplace the mantelpiece is topped with santa graphs and keepsakes mementos of a life wild justice. In fact you see the chat with its comfortable cushion sitting down on it. You enjoy the soft rich fabric beneath year between you and the fireplace his own wooden coffee table upon which sits a cup of steaming liquid the faintest tin peaches emanates from the cunning wisps of steam reaching the smith handle. You bring the cup tea. Your lips enjoying the aroma of succulent fruit. Slowly you set the delicious peach team. Every mouth. Phone brings more comfort and contentment last placing the cup down you lean back reclining your hand against the and collecting your eyes drift dances in your mind's eye and yuri internet sound sleepy crackle phone. Your mind wanders to thoughts of mystery and intrigue dreams of peaches and stunning shimmer across the river

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