Steelers Burning Question: Will Devin Bush live up to the hype?


Pittsburgh Steeler hands. What's going on? This is Jeff Harmon editor behind the steel curtain dot com. With another episode of the Steelers burning question, and I realize it's been a couple of weeks since we've had an episode of the burning question because we had things like the NFL schedule was released on Wednesday. We are priming up for the NFL draft the following week. And it's been awhile since it's just in me. And we're talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you're a first time listener to the show understand this solo show that I do every Wednesday where I pick a topic. And I talk about that topic. And I definitely take some feedback from those that are in the live chat with us. And if you're not sure what the live chat is the live chat is a part of our YouTube family, our YouTube subscribers where you're gonna call them the people that really watch our videos and will live on YouTube every Sunday Wednesday and Thursday. And so you can check us out there. I go into YouTube and subscribed by searching BTS's Steelers radio. Now with that said, I also want to give some props outs in my man lanes. Williams co host on the standard is a standard. He put out an episode today Wednesday, but you can check it out on our audio platforms anywhere where you find your podcast to search behind the steel curtain or he concert Steelers. You'll find us either way. Yeah. I said it he talked about Ben Rothlisberger contract extension. Another phenomenal. Absent check it out. And it obviously makes sure that Tamara oh, you check out check out Steelers preview live here on YouTube probably around nine nine thirty. And that would be with myself Dave Scofield in Brian Davis. Oh, here we go Steelers burning question for this week. Of course, it's gonna be about the draft why because the draft just took place. It's what everyone wants to talk about you get nine fresh players now dawning, the black and gold and everyone wants to wonder who's going to be the impact player at any players that might get cut who's going to be the surprise of the draft. Is there anyone that is? Was considered a quote, unquote, reach all these questions, man. They are being thrown all all over the place. I wanted to focus on one player particular and one general question that I think is really really important yet. It won't be answered. Just yet the question being if he looks at the title of this episode is will Devon Bush live up to the hype. Say it again, we'll Devin Bush live up to the hype. And so the hype train has been rolling with this kid for a long time. He's been slotted to go to the Steelers now mock drafts for months the Steelers had a trait up ten spots and to me. My question is also kind of two sided the hype thing we won't really know until he plays in. I'm not even gonna give great on him even after his rookie season. Because it takes some time some rookies acclimate faster than others. But on the less his grading of of is he a good draft pick won't be known for a couple of years. But I looked at this pressure. Think about if you're in Devon Bush's shoes. Okay. You're sitting there on draft night. You know, you're going to go early talk top fifteen picks you're going to go in the top half of the draft. You don't know who you're going to. There's been some teams that have been in contact. There's some teams that need inside linebacker, Devon. In white goes off the board at Tampa Bay. And all of a sudden, you are the next guy in line inside linebacker. You're waiting Elvis. Sudden you get a phone call the Steelers trade at pretty decent hall ten spots from twenty to ten with the Denver Broncos to draft. You think about that? There's a pressure there. There's some pressure with a team. That's ed. Ye we think that you are worth our second round pick this year in a third round pick next year. I jump and a swap first round picks in jump all the way up ten spots to drive you. So there's some pressure. You throw in the fact that he's gonna be replacing a guy and Ryan shazier that he's become a beloved figure with Pittsburgh Steeler fans. I mean, if you see my shirt on YouTube more in the shave leave shirt right now, it it's definitely pressure there because everyone's wondering did they get the next? Ryan shazier is he as good. Has Ryan shazier is he is Atlantic. As Ryan shazier, you get where I'm going with this. That's pressure. People are slotting him to start from day. One. Even though Mark barons on the roster, and a lot of people feel that Mark barons going to be the one that is going to start at least not as in training camp at inside linebacker, and then we'll see how things fall into place. But again, I asked myself this question actually, put it on Twitter couple of weeks, it'd be Monday after the draft as it. What point do you think these players start to feel the pressure 'cause there is pressure here? A first draft pick that's pressuring an in and of itself. But you're also a player that the Steelers moved up ten spots together. I just talked about that that's pressure. Think about Devon Bush flying into Pittsburgh and getting off the plane. He had a terrible towel with him. And he's trolling this terrible towel that they're Steeler fans there they're waiting for him. And then he goes down to permit any brothers in their Steeler fans air and there. Channing? Here we go Steelers and all this stuff. I wonder what point in the back of their heads. Do they think holy crap? This is real this isn't a. A late at the end of the tunnel. So to speak of I'll get there someday anymore. And this isn't Michigan wolverines big ten football. You're the National Football League. Now, you're seeing these fans, and they'll say they hope the defense bet that steel curtain. You know, you hear he's probably hearing it everywhere he goes in the four one two area kid, there's pressure. There is pressure and you've seen it. We've all seen it players that have folded under the pressure. I'll give you a very good example first round draft pick in two thousand sixteen was none other than Mr. already burns. Artie burns headed decent rookie season. Second year was okay pressure was on him to be the next. Solid cornerback to go opposite of that's I'm Joe Haden in the wheel so off and the pressure was great on Artie burns. And it's not that he couldn't handle it. It's not that he was mature enough. Because I think he's mature beyond his years considering the situation he is in personally, but he didn't handle the pressure. Very well, and ultimately the pressure, and I'm not saying it was just the pressure. But I just don't get and I don't buy into this fact that Artie burns had all this potential. Artie burns was. Potentially going to be a good very good cornerback, especially in may press coverage to all of a sudden can't even guard anyone that when he steps on the football field. They target him. Immediately. That's pressure in some people handle it and some people don't I think the Devon Bush is going to have a significant amount of pressure at the same time. There's some rookies are fine at TJ watt. It's another example to have the seventeen first round draftee Wasser TJ wad comes in and not only does he play. He supplants a Steelers legend in James Harrison, James Harrison's, pissed rightfully so because they have a rookie starting ahead of him. He thinks he's gonna play and he doesn't and TJ watches roles with it. He he has the what name he has the pedigree hit a family in the NFL. He has all this stuff. Any handles it. And it's almost like he thrives off it. And so when I look at these cases, which are very very recent cases, which side is Devon Bush going to be on. I've listened to a lot of interviews with him both for Steelers com on other platforms with the NFL network. And I think this kid has a really good head on his shoulders. And I think that is dad playing in the National Football League does play a role in this. Because ultimately, I think that. His dad is going to be able to impart some wisdom to him about how the handle the National Football League. How to handle the media how to handle troubles and trials and tribulations that are going to happen? No matter what no one's perfect pink act. When Ryan shazier was a rookie people were labeling him a bust. He was running around the field like a missile that was just trying to a heat seeking missile that was constantly missing. He missed a lot of tackles. He was often injured. And so he was labeled as a bust soft and MRs too many tackles Dow, then he started to gradually get better. So let's go all the way back. Let's revert back to the initial question is is Devon Bush gonna live up to the hype. Will he live up to the hype in two thousand nineteen personally as I answered this question. I think is the s because the one thing that Devin Bush has is he has the athleticism net. Secetary play the position in civil. He has the lettuces him. And he has the experience at a very very good school at a big school. And this is not a a MAC player going in the first round hack. This isn't even Terrell Edmonds who went to Virginia Tech, which is as e school, which let's be honest. The ACC is not the best Football Conference, and they have Clemson in there. But they're not the best Football Conference. He's playing at Michigan. He's playing in big games. He's being on the bit. He's been on the big stage before he played for a former NFL coach in Harbaugh. I think that he is more than ready in more than willing to accept that pressure in the handle that pressure and to then perform on the football field. Not everyone can do it. And will there be bumps in the road? Absolutely. Because no one's perfect. But I think personally the Devon Bush is more than ready to step onto that football field and start making plays. Now, we. Could we could double down on the Steelers burning question as we can ask and I'll office to the live chat right now and say will bull Devon Bush start day one week one when they're preparing for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on Sunday night football in Foxborough in week. One will be Devon Bush who's under behind j von Hargrave in the middle of the defense or will be marked Barron in Devon Bush coming in just in sub packages. It's a tough question. Because Mark Barron is not only experienced he's coming off a Super Bowl reface Tom Brady. He is at veteran leader that you might think solidify the position I think the inside linebacker position for all of the players on that depth chart is going to be very fluid. In other words, I could see a lot of playing time for both Barron and Bush on the field together at the same time. And that would mean the William snaps will get cut back significantly because he. I'm always gonna run support. And he's a pretty decent Blitzer. He can't cover and he's not the sideline to sideline player. He's not the ethnic freak that you see in Devon Bush who ran a I think it was a four four forty yard of forty at the combine that some sideline to sideline speed that. We haven't seen since Ryan shazier is hurting to those seventeen. So the question is, you know, will they start day one. I lot of people in the live chat right now are saying the, yeah, they think he is going to start on day one that he is going to start week one this dealers. Do not like to do that. They don't T J. Watt was not given the spot right away that he did start week one. But it OTA's may camp training camp. He had earned it any earnings pretty quick. But for the most part of a you could go all the way back to Android Paulo. Molly was a rookie. He did not start. He was a special teams guy. There's been a million other names of players at just had to wait. I'm not sure if Devon Bush falls. In that category. If I am predicting this I'm going to say that Devon Bush will be starting week one Foxborough against Tom Brady and the patriots, and that's just going to be one of the caveats necking, which is going to be absolutely amazing in my opinion. So for me will you live up to the hype. I think he will. I absolutely think he will. Beyond say, Arianna Guerande and Drake are talked about ad nauseam as celebrities. But there's one thing that's rarely discussed their music on switched on pop. We go deep into the sounds of pop music to explain what it means how it's made. 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So right now is the time in the show where I kind of backpedal I opened up the live chat for anyone that has questions for those that are watching live on YouTube. You can use the super chat feature if you have a question, and you don't want it to get passed by because of answering the question all us, you go to the Chad. You put in the question you hit the little money sign you can put an any amount of money. And I'm not saying you have to do this is just an option for you if you'd like to do it. So if you're interested us alive chat of the super chat feature, and we'll make sure you get your question answered while I'm waiting for some questions to roll in. I will say that. There was some news today. I guess you wanna call it news is kind of obvious news, in my opinion, already burns, Jeremy fallow. VSBN reported this user, not planning on picking up already burns fifth year option that date that they have to decide. Yes. Or no is coming up. This Friday may third. I I don't know what to say if you thought that they were going to pick up already earns fifty option, I think you're nuts. I don't think he has. He's not even slated to have a spot on this team unless he really shows up and performs well on training camp in the preseason. And shows the coaches that they can trust him. I personally could see the team going out and signing Cody sense of all who still a free agent last. I checked and because he's he was the one that solidified that position last year now Stephen Nelson's there because he's sensible in my opinion is a good. He's a good insurance policy. You know, things breakdown players don't play well, Cody cents, a Bauza guy that you can put out there knows the defense. He's played for a lot of years. And he's a guy that can go out and actually perform well for you. And he did that last year. So let's see here. So Ryan says about the bud Duprey fifth year option, and I may doesn't well, you know, I know a lot of I know a lot of fans are upset that the Sears picked up budget breeze fifth year option. The couple questions with that though is number one who would be better within reason within the fact that this you don't have a ridiculous amount of salary cap space to go out and get someone. And if you look at the contracts amongst Outside Linebackers that are starters in the National Football League. That's not that much money. He may seem like a lot of money, but it's not a lot of money. You think about the fact that the quarterback physician, which I understand the most important position in all sports. Then Rothlisberger starting next year is going to average over thirty million dollars as a hit on the salary cap thing about that thirty million. That's not even a third of that for budgetary. So if budget, pre you know and Keith Butler spoke about debris as he was talking about some of the linebackers in this draft. And he said he really likes budget pre and he thinks depressed due for a breakout. So we'll see if it happens if it doesn't happen nonetheless. I don't think people should be home. Rush on the the Steelers for picking up that option. They haven't for one more year if he plays. Well, they can again if he doesn't they can cut ties with them and be done. So I think it was a pretty easy decision. Just like, I think already burns decision is very easy. You pick up Steven Nelson you draft Justin lane in the third round of the NFL draft from Michigan state, you kind of her setting yourself up for life without already burn. So there you have that. Let's see here Reza's Frank Clark who just signed. He was the one that was traded from Seattle to Kansas City's making twenty point eight million dollars years a pass rusher. So perspective is just some perspective. In terms of the nine million budget pres gonna make compared to some of the other starting Outside Linebackers. You look at what TJ watts going to get another going to pick up TJ watts fifth year option next year for the following season. When he has that as a as is available, but at the same time, I think a depre- it's kind of. A steel in my opinion, if he plays. Well, great if not like, I said, you cut ties you move on Jesse ass here. He says I was hoping Ben Rothlisberger wasn't going to want Russell Nelson money. But clearly, he did this is a great segue. Said at the beginning of this case you joined us late if you have not listened to Lance Williams. Yeah. I said at this week, please do he spends a lot of time breaking down saying essentially that if you thought that Rothlisberger was going to give this a hometown discount, your foolish, and he doesn't just say opinion. He goes into the numbers. He looks at other salaries why he was paid that much and to be honest with you again, I said this in so many different other shows if you're mad at you can't be mad at Rothlisberger for getting thirty million year towards the salary cap. Be mad at the Baltimore Ravens for when they gave Joe flacco that huge inflated deal. Be mad at the Minnesota. Vikings forgiving Kirk cousins as much as he makes. And it's all guaranteed all these contracts for his bad at Matthew Stafford for the Detroit, Lions and other one all these contracts that are so inflated. They changed the game. Completely changes the game. So when the minute that Kirk cousins got that guaranteed contract with the Minnesota Vikings. What did it do it 'cause the ripple effect and all these other players that were looking for contracts or saying he got all this guaranteed money? I want all this guaranteed money changes the landscape guy like Kirk cousins is making Liz a twenty six point eight million dollars a year a guy like Ben Rothlisberger is gonna say he's making twenty six point eight I've been to three Super Bowls in one two of them. He can barely win a playoff game. I want twenty six point eight plus up. And so this is his final contracts in the National Football League. Let's assume and he he wants to get paid one last time. It's stuff to argue against it. Yes fan, you want him to say, you know, I'll just take twenty two twenty three which is about his salary cap hit right now. I think he's up to twenty six this year because they deferred so much money back to the end of his contract. But still you could. Hey, I'm fine with twenty four twenty five or keeping the same twenty six eight went for thirty. And he got thirty next year when this really kicks in it went Antonio Brown's money comes off the books the Sears will provide they'll be fine. Trust me. It'll be fine. So. Ollie's Tom Brady gets it his salaries and underrated aspect of the New England success in his arms opinion here something that I did not know, but it has been reported on that has been swept under the rug is that everyone talks about how Tom Brady gives his team hometown discount. How about the New England Patriots pay Tom Brady threw his TB twelve program. This is true Simon Chester who is my deputy editor for violence, so curtain dot com actually was telling me about this. And sent me a link to some articles from like, the Boston Globe and things like that. Where the Tom Brady is getting paid. He is getting paid a lot of money. And there was an investigation, and it didn't last very long, and it's a National Football League. And he is the golden goose of the football. And so the investigation kind of went dry. He is getting paid folks. Don't let them fool you. He's getting paid. Okay. So let's see here. Go through here. Juice was all that Tyler Medicaid, which top of the cage is a player that could be without a job coming up with the signing of Ulysses. Gilbert what a name Ulysses Giller. I I must say it should be. I think I'm gonna just gonna call him you Liz grant to make it easier. But he's a really athlete inside linebacker from Akron, and Jerry Sandusky after he was drafted talked about how he has good football roots in Ohio is a football hot bed. Just like Pennsylvania's of football hotbed, just like Florida is a football hot bed, and that he really is going to be a very good player for a good special teams player. That's what's how Medicaid which is. He's nothing but a last ditch resort player on the inside. And on top of all that he is a guy that plays special teams. Well, but I'm not saying that that's going to be like, the he's the be all end all to the special teams unities. Replaceable. So all right. Ryan gave us to use the super Chad feature gave us ten bucks. Thank you Ryan appreciated. He's going to give this money to the go fund may descend internal Brown to English class, but he left so it's yours. Now. Love your Chad sayings, Ryan, thank you very much. We really appreciate that. And intern your Browns Oakland's problem now, he can tweet all he wants. But really they can enjoy him over there on the west coast. I'm not gonna miss him at all to be honest. I might MRs production on the football field. But that's about it. And here's a question. I'm just kind of stick bowling here. The end of the show does anyone else? Remember the play and trying to that Heinz field and Ben Rothlisberger. Scrambled in for a touchdown. If might have been the Cleveland game, I'm trying 'cause the Cleveland game was the game. They were their throwback uniforms. And if you watch this, and you were there or you remember this game. Brothers were scrambled end scored a touchdown. He's getting a be celebrating with his family failing. Basically sale is brotherhood the broad band of brothers. He celebrated his linemen that he scored a touchdown. And he turns and looks at Antonio Brown who said something to him. And he said in a in a edit this stop being a blanking baby. And I I remember seeing that thinking oh man that that's there's trouble in paradise when that's happening on the football field. And I wasn't alone. I got a text message from my dad at that time and said, he's a did you just see that what he said, I said absolutely Salvatti said, and that's all's me would interning Brown was there. It wasn't just a locker room thing. It was actually a on field thing too. So take that for what it's worth all. He says a Hibs Dana mccullers is gone. I don't think that. Well. He's his contract is such that, honestly, he could be cut at any time. And it's going to be a huge, you know, salary cap hit just like when John Boston was recently released at right after this dealer sign their undrafted free agents after the NFL draft finished up. They announced it they were terminated his contract. And the reason why is probably several reasons that they had to get there. They had to get off season roster to ninety players. And that's also why the day after Ryan shazier is put on the physically unable to perform reserve list us he won't play this year, and he won't count towards the roster spot. But also, I think they're doing him a solid Bostick by saying look we understand we're moving on. We have this draft. Pick Devin Bush traded up to get him me, obviously, he's a big players, but a big part of our future when it gives you a chance to go try to find a new home. So we're going to give you that this time in the offseason. Hey, if he goes up and get signed by team. I don't know say the Jacksonville Jaguars. He'll have time to go down. There will be there for their off-season. Workouts. I think they were doing masala there. But I think the Dana MacOS is a guy that could absolutely be in the same exact path that they look and say we really need this guy would just as Ahah bugs was just a drafted defensive end tackles. I've guy to really need him. He's going to have to earn his spot is what I'm saying. He's going to have to earn his spot. Holy crap. Someone just said I can't wait for the preseason. I think that might be a first people were excited for the preseason. I excited for the preseason for a lot of reasons. I like to see like the quarterbacks, you know. We've all seen Ben Rothlisberger played for fifteen years. But I wanna see how Joshua dog. How does Mason Rudolph? Look how does my Tomlin handle the quarterbacks? I wanna see some of these players get on the football field, and this sometimes it's the only chance you get to see big about Mason Rudolph last year. He played in a preseason those it hasn't played since. So they there's that someone getting bet with Bo which by the way, though. Before I forget got the photos. It looked like your parents who attended he he was the winner of our we give gave way those two tickets to Steelers draft party where they announced the draft picks. Everything it look like your parents had an awesome time, they met rocky Bleier had pictures taken advanced McDonald. I think exact banner was another one super pumped. We're gonna share those on our social media platforms probably tomorrow. So that was awesome. Glad they hope they had a really good time. We appreciate siennas fetters of. But he said he's hype for the Michigan state or back. That's just lane. There's everything I've read everything I've watched about him says it absolutely you should be excited about Justin laying he's he's long. He's a former wide receiver. So he has good ball skills. That's something that you haven't had a long time. And I think that he someone that can really learn in this rookie season ends up meeting. He's not gonna play. But he learn about the. This is some in learn galley Joe Haden who rubble being one of his players. You grew up in Cleveland was the Browns fan. So it's going to be really interesting how how that works out. So. Alley says Jeffers ready to see James Washington pres. I'm excited to see gene Washington, period. I'm executive read about his OTA work. How these doing there how he's doing in training camp? Because MandA they need this guy. They they need to hit on Jane's Washington. As a second year former second round pick. They need him to step up in a big way for a lot of reasons. Mainly that Antonio Brown's gonna juju Smith Schuster need some help on the outside tonight. I had well actually we're a little bit later tonight because I had a softball game. I play adult softball, and I was talking to another player of mind. And he said all you guys are going to be done. He's a ravens fan years are dominating. Tony brown. That's out think. So James Washington needs to play. Well for them to have a good passing. I think Moncrieff is going to be there. But if they can have to outside weapons, so the juju can move to the slide. It'd be versatile move around. They get match ups. That's when this offense will be really. Really dangerous. Okay. Last question. Here you ever is Bryan Switzer who gets at spot. I do think in some of the day's goof you'll pointed out after the draft when they took the Johnson. And we all thought there's not going to be space for them. I think they can keep both. I really think they can keep a I like Switzer a lot. He showed tremendous toughness last year going over the middle. He's a decent return guy. I think that they can keep both like allied Rogers as well. So we'll see how that goes that's going to be a camp battle for shore to keep an eye on. So with that said, I think everyone for watching if you communicated with me in the live chat. I really appreciate it. Because sometimes if I if I didn't get questions, it'd be a really short show. So the Steelers burning question will Devin Bush live up to the hype I want to know, what do you think? Good YouTube leave a comment like it. Subscribe to our channel if you haven't yet, and I'm curious to hear what you. Think about Devon Bush. Will he lit up to the hype into dozen nineteen if you're listening to this or watching this on behind so curtain dot com. Go to the comments action. Let us know what you think as well. It's a discussion piece for a lot of people, and it's good to talk about it. So with that said, I appreciate all the help in the live chat. I appreciate all. Your over listening makes you join us tomorrow night for now live episode of the Steelers preview will see next week. Another episode of the Steelers, Bernie, my name is Spencer hall by name is Jason Kirk. My name is Ryan nanny combined. We form the shutdown. Full stran- kick telling you novel from this forecast is technically a college football podcast. But it's also a show about care disase regional grocery stores. We live Tennessee Batman homeowners. Associations, bears video games. Pittsburgh Batman the hell of being drafted a group. Text unreliable legal advice. I mean, there's also some actual full. Discussion like about coaches, having used contracts or coaches making terrible decisions or coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double A's saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dome. Beautiful sport like time Arkansas decided to use a captured feral hog as a mascot, and it escaped and it wound up killing seven rattlesnakes a pig and a Coyote, sometimes we talk about okay village, it with if you wanna take college football exactly as seriously as it deserves to be taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts like this one the forecast, it's not voltron unless it is.

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