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Okay. I think I'm recording. Do I sound good on your end amazing and nice? Harry go right? All right. We'll see what happens. Wow. Are you ready? Bonus episode ten American family physician podcast, the musical episode eve, Bill Phoenix Knoxville. Let's do the first song go. That's a studio version of the physical exam song. Originally performed live in our second live show in Kansas City, bonus episode five after our physical exam maneuvers that matter segment. Yeah. Who needs a cat scan for atherosclerosis Bill? Thanks for coming on AFP podcast, while a junior faculty in Phoenix. You helped us start AFP podcast way. Back in twenty fifteen. It's hard to believe. We're going to go through all the songs of, if p podcast on this bonus episode all eleven of them. Yeah. Bills are musical creator. You've heard his name on the credits of all eighty plus shows so far over three years. Bill tells us what you're up to now in Knoxville. So I'm a core. Faculty member at the family medicine residency here in Knoxville where part of the university of Tennessee system with the graduate school of medicine, and I head up the clerkship for family medicine students across the state. Yeah. Very cool. So we'll talk more. But let's I play the original version of our theme song recorded in my living room and then we'll talk about it a bit. No. On a miss. Even the best American family physician on a mess. John in the best of Manley's disaster. On a mess. The best American family physician on a mission, the best front American jam any. But. Stab. On a mission? Limor in the best American exists on a mission. The best. Rob american. I'm fairly confident that my mother doesn't even like that version. I think was literally packing up. My car headed out of town, busy. Tennessee record that. And if you listen really carefully I think that your dog was actually jingling. It's collar, which we sub for tampering there for a while. Yeah. You can hear her jingle collar for sure. So literally that was you and Ryan who writes resident our program, Andy Orion Evans, also equally musically talented, he was a year behind me in residency, and we met through the Red Sea program became fast friends found a mutual of music together over the our time in Phoenix. So why, why do you feel like that version is so cringe? You know, just listening to it. It's terrible. I think that that's actually only reason y'all have a one-star zero star rating. On. I did we will talk about some of the reviews of that song later. And you know, unite over the decade, we've known each other have had some more far out there ideas. And I had no idea how this podcast was going to go. And I think we gave the good old college try that I go round. But the polish version which you'll hear later, I'm a little more proud of. Yeah. And I think part of it was that we had no idea that anyone who's gonna listen. And so, hey, there's only one word that rhymes with physician and its mission. And you know what we made it work. And honestly, we stood true to the form changed a few Lear IX around, but overall, the structure was there from the beginning, we have a special message from a friend of the pod, and some special music low, HUD, this is Jay w Lee family medicine revolutionary bringing your positive vibes from the great state of Cal. -fornia. Thank you. Jay le- family, doctor, and cellist. You can hear our interview with Dr Lee on episode four my favorite advice from Jay become the doctor, you wrote about in your personal statement. In addition to our theme song and music for our two live shows periodically. I'll text Bill and say, hey, I haven't idea can you come up with a song for that, like the prevention priorities game. Here's a couple of clips from episode thirty two welcome to the twenty seventeen prevention priorities game. But how. Examining. Versus outcomes. Explain. In the Jin priorities gay. The winner of our first prevention priorities game is Evan. So Tyler tell Evan what he's one winners of the prevention priorities game. Take home a four pack of Numa Bax, ten years supply of fecal, occult blood test kits and a copy of the prevention priorities home game. Congratulations evan. Examining calls versus outcomes. You explain. And the engine priorities gay. So then a couple years ago when flu season was so bad and winter approaching Steve asked me to come up with something flu shot related, which my buddy and colleague here in Knoxville. Justin Jenkins and I recorded for episode forty eight to get your flu shot yet. Now, I never get the flu shot. Nixon fatigue, not the way it's been. Save gets after the Brig limited on the Sean. Unless you. Zone. Better. Bill. How do you sit down and write a song, I think it depends on the message. So for some of the jingles, you've asked me to do like to channel my inner Paul Shaffer. We were you'll Letterman or Leno guy Letterman certainly Holdaway Paul Shaffer. I side as a true inspiration for some of these songs. And I think figuring out how to write a catchy jingle and convey, whatever we're trying to, to tell or to accomplish those short seconds, it, it's quite a project, and it's a fun, little puzzle trying to put in words and, and melodies into short songs. I think that the way I start I figure out the main point. So, for example, you've sent me articles occasionally with key medical. Journey the nerdy thing. And so I'll sit down and kind of get a rhyming dictionary out and see what rhymes with physician or mission or atherosclerosis or whatever. So you play you play a few instruments. Yeah. Primarily the piano, and the key tar, which I'm pretty proud of it's very, the keytar is highly underappreciated. It certainly is. Thank you for recognising. I also played the trumpet in the marching band 'cause it's kinda hard to March piano, and I do enjoy playing guitars while two excellent. And before you are a doctor, you were actually planning on being a rockstar or were you actually kind of Iraq star? I think it's a little bit of an overstatement, but I did have a, a pretty good career touring with a rock band throughout college. And actually after graduation before I went to medical school. I think in my personal statement, I told the joke what's the difference between a jazz musician? I play jazz music time, jazz musician in a I think it was a large pepperoni pizza. And the punchline is the pepperoni pizza can feed a family of four. And so. That's also thanks to my mom, but recognizing you know, there probably wasn't a future self sustaining career for a guy who wanted to have a family one day and recognizing the medicine was my, my true. Love's sent me at a different direction yet. We'll talk a little bit more about your music later. Let's play two more songs. We wrote for games at our live shows. Here's a clip from our first live show, episode eighteen for our name that drug segment, featuring Bill and Ryan on vocals, and guitar and whistling in harmony. So one of the things about a podcast and doing a medical podcast is there are often drugs that are very difficult to know. We have a new game American family physician present name that drug. Miscommunication can ruin dictation. How do you say the pharmaceutical? It's Don phonics for pharma tonics. It's your favorite new game name that drug. This occasion in ru dictation outta you say Armagh suit at gall. It's up. For your exit your favorite new game name that. For the record, I've always wanted to write a whistle song. And you gave me that outlet. So thank you. You nailed it, but you are not at our second life show. No. And that's a very good thing because my wife gave birth to my daughter Maggie the night before y'all recorded it. Yeah. July of twenty seventeen amazing and she's adorable. I agree. So, yeah. So just an Ryan performed a song that justed wrote for the medical demonic audience participation game. Bonus episode five. Here's our new Monica looks like we have to contestant so far. All right. So there's so much to learn medicine. Sometimes you need a memory trick or pneumonic to help you remember things. So we thought we'd have our first ever live show, pneumonic contest. I was tired of my old ways. I've been reading for. With an empty. I like how this fit. When it pumped into my. There's a way to remember. Everything that I just read. A easy on your brain. If you can't remember. All sounds of saying. Street through the night too. Come on down here into. That's your pain. Also sometimes on both live shows, we just had to shovel some papers to prepare for the next segment, again, my Interpal Shaffer. We're just gonna shuffles some papers here for second build, you have any paper shuffling, music. We pay. Jump in bay. The famed burgers for now. For them. The paper. Definitely exceeded my expectations. Should we gotta Shuffler papers? Jeff Burs, our chef chef. Paper, shuffling papers shelves shift, shoveled and played. All these we have had yet. Win by Seipat seventeen bird shackle. In pay. We've had two songs on the podcasts that I didn't right? Yeah. Here's primary care dreams from medical student Jamie ituna episode twenty nine we talked to her on that episode also. And she sent us an update which after the song, Jamie is definitely not throwing away her shot. Foot in the doors. About my beginning my training path been chasing. No more waiting. I think it's just the type of doctor that planning to family bed because the front lines called me. I want to the to the change. I want to. But when I say, this most PCP's disagree, they say, no, I don't think that's what you want to pursue notion of what I do is misconstrued paperwork, are what I tend to in lieu of patients. I feel like I'm wasting my training and amassed a lot of bit throughout my education for insurance and referrals to be my occupation. It's not health. It's recording information. It's complacent. You don't want a lifetime, frustration doc. That's exactly why I need to do it. We need people pursue it to improve it, and renew it for those primary care, can you imagine? What happened? We need to make these doctors can be happy and be paid adequate way invested here. Alternately helps the industry city if we can honor these doctors and stimulate incentives. It'll foster to resist that encourages prevention. No. That I have to get involved with all the problems. Never get resolved in a position to make perfect system. But believe it, I speak into existence as Dr incident, it's crucial that we do this lay the blueprints, I put the work in produce don't give up hope the system thrives on submission. It's time we take our healthcare back from your recruits politicians. Hi, af podcast. This is Jamie. Thanks for listening to my song, which I recorded like over two years ago. Now I just finished my second year of medical school. And I'm off to rotations this summer in school of gotten involved with research around type two diabetes and OBI city and fasting and other nutrition related things. So I fired to focus on these things as a family medicine physician in the future. So I absolutely still have those primary care dreams. Thanks for listening, go future, Dr Kaduna. We also got a great musical submission from some friends in Brazil. Here's a few words from them, and a song they wrote for us all I saw that social. But zoo, we are doctors from wiseass Eberhardt from religion. They do we are family physicians. Haas senior the biggest and most beautiful. For Brazil, we are very excited to participate in this podcast. Thank you to our Brazilian family medicine colleagues. Bill, you mentioned before that. You're a faculty member of a residency, that is true. What do you think makes a great teacher of family medicine? I think honestly being passionate about our profession and what we do. I think that you can be guru in evidence, based medicine, or you can be out there on the streets advocating being out there showing that you care about your patient population in providing great medicine to whomever. It might be an inspiring those young learners. I think supporting our students is they look forward into their future careers and helping them realize that primary care is truly the future of our, our country and family medicine is really at the heartbeat of that mission really paying attention to the learner for who they are. I'm super proud. That are graduates, always report, when they leave our program that we care about their development, not only his family physician, but also who they are as a person. And I think trying to connect as teacher with who your learner is, as a person is hugely important for them. You know, learning a ton and, and hooking onto that passion that you're talking about. I totally agree. I'm really inspired to teach family medicine because our country truly needs more family doctors. Yeah. Are specialties? The only specialty shown to improve the triple aim better healthcare experience improve population health at decreased overall cost, so Justin, and Ryan, and I were inspired by that mission, and this podcast and actually recorded a song at your request of to that end. I heard on episode seventy three here's everybody needs a family doctor. Everybody needs a family. Doctor to take your over sons and daughters five. Of the lake. Every place across the nation in. Bus. Everybody needs a family doctor to take over sons and. Five. Thank you. Thank you of the nation. Replace across the nation. Is not as. Everybody. Family. Everybody. Everybody. Ever find. I love that song, Bill. You are doctor who creates our listeners should definitely check out at doctors create on Twitter and doctors who create dot com. The ideas that nurturing our creativity and writing arts and humanities makes us better, doctors and supports our wellbeing. So you're busy attending physician father. How does music fit in your life now and how do your passions for music and medicine impact each other music is still a major part of my life. But if it's in smaller and smaller portions of my life at this point now. I've been fortunate moving back to Tennessee to moved to a city that truly has its own unique musical identity a part of that. There are several Dr bands in the area. So in our residency Justin, I in several of the residents have founded a band called doctors zoster, and the pox and we actually compete with these other doctor bands for fundraising events battle bands for local charities. It allows me to get back on stage play that keytar every once in a while and not only support the organizations in patients that raising money for. But also support our residents and other members of our department and helping them be better people as well. Okay. We're wrapping things up here. I wanna talk a little bit about our theme song. We've played it a lot. Now, as you mentioned before we did have some comments on, I tunes. I believe one was less theme song. Please and actually one person wrote in and said after the Brazilians played that song and said, could you just have the Brazilian music be your theme song from now on? And so I kind of wondered, you know, was this really the song that we wanted to go forward with for over long podcast goes on for, and then I ran into a board member from the society of teachers of family medicine, and she was in Puerto Rico with residents and medical students doing disaster relief, and they were driving around Puerto Rico, listening to our podcast and singing along to the song. And she says, Steve, you can't get rid of that song. It's conic. That's incredible. I've had similar situations here in the south. So I'm a good fifteen hundred two thousand miles from you in Phoenix. Now, I have run into people here who have no idea that I'm at all connected with Irizawa thing, and they are shocked. When I say that I. Even know at the podcast is, and then they actually are able to sing the song. It's one of those ear worms, I guess. Yes. So I thought it would be fun for us all to hear the full version again. Brought to you by Bill Ryan and Justin, our family physician musicians. On a mission? The best American. The best again. Choose. Invention. We on a mission to living in the best American position. The best. All right. That's steve. That's all of our songs so far, there's more to come in the future. So stay tuned. Yes. Thanks bill. Who knows what you'll have in store for future episodes. We're out row credits. This is Bill Deb's from Knoxville Tennessee, the university of Tennessee. Graduate school of medicine, family medicine, residency, please industry thoughts by emailing us at AARP podcasts at af dot org or tweeting at if pe- podcast. Please subscribe and rate us on, I tunes, our podcast team is Sean Abreu, Jake Anderson, Steve Brown Jenner Buchanan's here. Kohl's Kim Koo gate and Joe Sealdah are sound in technical. Guru is Tyler Coles are theme song is written and recorded by family physicians. Me Ryan Evans and Justin Jenkins. This podcast is brought to you by the residents and faculty of the university of Arizona college of medicine Phoenix family medicine residency. We'll talk to you soon for the next of the American family physician podcast.

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