Champions League: Manchester United Confuse Again, Glorious Gladbach and More


Back here again. Okay sorry hello welcome back to study. Studying part cost see. I missed conga. I'm ryan hon. Right how you doing. I'm alright thanks. I think we'll be under the weather. Shut down the lockdown lights code. I think it's probably being a man in november about this is this is the end of silty much. A i've got some sniffles resolve Yes listen. I've gotta say considering. We're on lockdown in berlin doesn't feel very locked resort yesterday where for one and a lot of places open like cafes. A semi open accomplished shops. And i like that because it doesn't feel overwhelming or oppressive like another places a shot but it just it just feels like a kind of like a sunday went for a little bit of a war just quickly last night before the second champions league games kicked off and that was quite weird because everything was show on my block apart from beatty. I mean you do live in the internet. I mean sorry sorry. I did even slightly live here live. Our town has to be said about Never sleeps up this way you anyway. Good good ones you cooking channel stein knocking this. Can i say this is the thing. I absolutely fine because all know week. Many well if we're gonna Archetypes you on and vice versa. So just very quickly says that the other day you have to call the spices because that was a lot. Yeah there's a lot it was big. It was a big deal of the incident knows how hard to major events that people were following. This week was the us election in moussa's spice updates cooking adventures mba desktop spice spice. Yeah actual spice but yeah. You hanging in disavowed. You voted out. Yeah i'm very good. Cupcakes company case in the chamber. So be fine the so sweet absolutely full tweet money in the bank. Well before we get today show wanna say oversee. We hope everyone's doing okay. It's a pre nali week for people and them. I always feel a bit weird when this happens because we're in europe and it can be pretty stressful time for people. We hope everyone's doing alright anthem. Like we mentioned last week varies posse europe but now into lockdown as well. So if you're in europe and you're looking down. We hope treating you not to dreadfully. Saw we'll try and do a few things down help. Just kill some time. Maybe like we did the first time around. We actually did post a playlist on wednesday night which we made on spotify just a quick twenty twenty chain to our switching off playlist even if it provides some background music. If you follow this study out chose on spotify you'll find in there along with all of our the playlists. Maybe you should do the study session soon as well. Yeah i think so. They try and keep people company. Is you'll piece up for the ring. it's going up is going up a time you've heard this right. Yes should be should be a piece about rome. Madrid's y- nice chat the ring dot com forward slash. Talk also right. His house so to went up on wednesday it was very very wholesome. Yeah great fun. You're on that with genetic caught. Jae an right. It was his birthday a really good episode. Much-needed smiles spent the whole time. Listen to it. Smiling that's great. that's always. I'm trying to think of any other ottoman mussa Think nah not shake nine. Yeah we all right and said today. We're going to do a champions league episode again guided by the questions. The questions guide us through this murky. Nonsense feel away is full of champions. League cat fishery. Oh my goodness yeah so yeah. We'll get into after this all right mind. God is going to have to start with monday night again out me. No we don't have to you know we don't have to. I mean we probably should. We don't have to really have to be remedied into wants it. A classic fixture of football. He's saying that us akshay a manchester united wasn't a classic of pimple. Yes i'm saying that it was it was a fixture and it was a classic win professor extremes so from that perspective i want to talk about in that perspective and de opening goal is brilliant. You know it's funny like so. Deba- has obviously school to the most pivotal breakaway goals. In recent football one was obviously the chelsea one against liverpool for we to mari lewis said no question really becoming talk about data. Yes when question. Because they're getting. I wanted to talk about it from his perspective and also debbie balls to he is an excellent finisher and he has just had a great career has pretty much always turn on and off the field. I mean even with the whole thing about when the french came out and talked about africa Testing vaccines and data. Just came straight out messiah politically just on the case and was really passionate talk about racism effects africans even now. So he's someone that's like stood up off the field but on the field to minimal breakway goals of recent times in both cases had a lot to do so look at the chelsea liverpool breakaway. The to nell feel that basically startling for winning a year he had a lot to do after getting through off the jarrow slip and here when he gets to through the chest control. If lost touch on the halfway line doesn't get. It's not getting enough props. I'm seeing the commentary that i hops. That takes away from the outstanding a great finish and he's like thirty five now. I mean to be fair. He could have done a couple of pickups and still had a career on a goal. Yeah you say that. But the car was gaining on him and he he was ready his body. Like there's something about when you go to strike. Have the experience to get your body between the chasing player on the bowl. An i just think when he retires he is going to have the best arrangements of breath of stories of the best like old boy beat parties because he's played like everywhere right like in really interesting regions of the world as well. Like if i'm both shanghai newcastle london. I mean wow. Denver palmer respects basin. Great what's groups. a demo. Denver's did jeremy. jeremy went to. Yeah he's like. I think he's like one of football's ankles there so we need to an uncle eleven. Footballs alternate uncles. The kind of ankle. that's i always brings suites. Are the kids doing always checks in some heavy as netease move with that energy. Still bigger uncle to heavy is as the guy who's always in control of the grill going to start start never delegates nailed. Don that's nailed delegates. Grew you kinda go near. If we have any listeners. From argentina. I just say the coach of grilling so we have a on team. Martine martine locke but he grills you count off ability not go near the growth of forty. Five minutes is that is just off is absolutely. It's like an influence like radius barrier to close go. Yes yeah yeah you're right. He definitely has touched grill. Energy talks by grill. All right played the microbes. The whole rights languages girl get away from them but back to share so they won two one against manchester united and shos job is another week in the fixture in the way that j. de la another day and other hostile. Yeah absolutely this was a great win for them to take away from that huge results and united just looked a bit shape plus spit formless. Brennan does is in a slump. I think we can safely say that has been one for while fee. Didn't know why well well when you lost the thirty four times. What what about that when when when he plays with matter. She normally like that. Because matt gives order to the chaos and bananas kind of runs. Well i think actually you know. We saw an element of how that works gets newcastle but against teams that are not so respectful and with midfielder salat mobile. You get blown away when you play with matter and fernandez matter not being obviously not mobile none of his full and fernandez who doesn't have the kind of tactical he likes to wonder and let's take risks if you've got those two in midfield than other midfielders have to be absolutely incredible positionally and physically and you have managed that and actually manage a lot of heat. It's all for being picked. Same wasn't fellini's for being picked it just the wrong configuration of players and that was never going to work against the team that puts pressure on you. It was never gonna work jemaine. Genus made a good point on Afterwards where he was saying. This is kind of what managers do when they know they're struggling will try to save job is that they they try these different configurations because he switched about to forty three one right with rochford plane left. He did but the problem was not so much the it wasn't the problem wasn't the formation formations the personnel. You have freedom thomas. I'm going unconvinced field. That's one thing. Van bacon madij as a double pivot. Not his didn't play badly but madij you've got to have legs behind behind matter. You have to have legs behind. It doesn't work otherwise this too much. One thing does give you yeah. Well what if one of many things. Actually i think i'm fairly am. We're gonna talk about the defending the first goal. You don't have to recant Lovely metaphors flying around. We had a couple right was open. Borders yours is free jazz. Which are down on the after and said I report the video instead. Manchester united's defending his pure modular synthesis. After sprayed that. Because i saw it. And i thought that looks amazing by she talked taught him about she means well then followed up saying i do realize that across we fully budget stuff is probably quite small so this is essentially a way of electronic synthesis but using separate modules that you can connect together and posh by cables is essentially a signal in a second this triggered and it goes through each module and it kind of comes its own thing so for example if i sat down here with a modular system and create something it would probably be impossible to create again because it's all dependent on the circuitry and depending on how big your modular setup is you know each time you turn a number diallo potch something because you have low patch both as you can patch cables it changes the circuitry in the formation of the signal travels and therefore it's really hard to to make the exact same thing again so it's kind of like part goes just it just goes at its at it kind of becomes its own life. There are people who were like you guys. Well and i was like well. Yes dabbled but like. I've already collect records either need to than stop dino modular geico's i'll i'll never forget gilford never again. It's funny because you. I love the so much. Because when i saw the defending adhered explanation was like it definitely became. I'm being thing is. You've got like each monday night player. There is essentially a module but someone is trick the signal just handle the dials. It is all over the place. You literally music actually. I've never heard anything. Which is so structured sound so shapeless what it takes talent it takes. Talent takes talent to create something shapeless as what we saw for manchester united you to coach a team and to tell everyone to do a certain thing. Untapped them disintegrate got early. It is almost by design is almost by design. And here's the thing as well. I don't know if that configuration of players has played together before. I don't think the mattis invented with falente with flanders matter dot is a completely assortment doesn't work It doesn't work in any context at it's not matches fold story does it doesn't work that way. I mean would have made more sense to have poked with their because he's played alongside message consistently and knows what he likes to hate. What poker in double pivot hate. It hated certain context. Yeah i think in a game. Fish s i think it would have been okay. I think more lex. More matt limerick says can mussa. Why mrs specifically while while she beef my wow. Hey listen symphony could not to read this out. Can mussa suggests the tactical setup manchester united incorporates their best players and their strengths. And why isn't ali using it. While thanks for coming in there. And i'm gonna be josey messina. I actually think that he's already used that. He used against newcastle. Don't think actually. I don't think paul pogba on former's mantis not his best eleven on full hypothetical but the best united i've seen so far is still the manchester newcastle. That's still the best one because the balance of everything was right. I think that's the best eleven. And i think the poker has to do with van debate because well He came on as a sub which is showing him in that. There's no shame coming into a difference. There's a lot of push right now for liverpool to get diego charter as irregular started. I think well. I don't know i'm i think. Sometimes people like get distracted by shiny new toys and exciting new players. There's no shave and being part of a great rotation an easy yourself in overtime The diamond look good for united's are like that. I like poker. And that's if you'll if absolutely peacful my think you start with marshall in russia up front with poked the left side of the diamond van dyke at the top of it or fernandez and let him take risks than anyone. One of like terminator of shuttling midfielders. I have a question. Do you think that united could play three amid filled with. Fred is the as the six. Fred good enough for that. His policies give now. What if he's flanked by safe fernandez. Monday bake not as two of the grit record them for united. Because they've got like love decent pieces that fit into one system or another button brady together Coaching staff i think. Yeah maybe i mean for example I was thinking well. What would a midfield say. Look like if you had scott thomas a six with undertake and polka either side is as promising with tomlin housing. The positional exactly basically. Oh yeah fred's go Dominates got their mattis globe of this. Which kind of ties you to playing either. A double piphat or one of them in the diamond also is more is so the another player in the diamond is more conservative. Yeah or just reinvents himself. One summer as a ridiculous. Gm they think. I'm going to say this. You know. Because i think he has the skill set to do this. If the right coach in his ear. I think he would take on a lot more responsibility in wise up call. Ankara says about how Advice as like invites the pressure. Yes he doesn't do that. Great under pressing. Which is what you need six to do. But i think he's got the tools to be able to do that. I just think he's not used to playing that position because he's always at someone next to him who is dot kind of role. He's a funny one. I think with a guy like him. You either the basic midfield or the very top. I'd almost have him as a second striker and just be like run riot. Run riot as a kind of now. Yeah because if you look with. Pope has been devastating. The humiliated kemmish. Against jeremy two sixteen out on the flank isolates in the final third. He's devastating. I would just go unique toughest many touches as possible. The final after his training session off you should match be like poll. Why didn't you touch the ball. Thirty times in the final third and be on his case. Like all my go bosnia's none other car ganal third and stay there. I'm not interested no excuses. Oh only shot twice today. Oh sorry no no no. No poggi's shoe fulltime. Get your shots off. And i basically like completely. You see what gerard was. When jared played off notaries public could be that he could be tomorrow actually and he was that tomorrow he'd be devastating. But it's going. Yeah but coachman. That's going to get any these. That's what i did with him. Let's go really quick. I'll be laps sick to one a deserved it i thought. Psg were to records compelled by one was saw. Thomas oh come on. I absolutely beserk about that. It's a really immature red card. That's funny you could happen. That's about this because of the wit way that the players are behaving you could have two coaches on the market. This summer i agree matching. That took lynn putsch. Tino that has to generational coaches out for higher and he looked frustrated in the press conference without him by name. But still sometimes. Psg's ill-disciplined has really cost them the last couple of years and this the one thing. I think it's almost like it's a bit of arrogance. bought him. I think to degree. I think no. I thought so really underrated. the front. Three last night was definitely going to win. Sarabia cain de maria that is very front three moisture canes been good landings goods on wednesday as well and he just looks like he's landed. Someone is if i if if tokyo goes. then i think they go for parsh- ex players well and actually of all if the huge clubs. I think that makes more sense for example than you did. I mean it makes so much sense from a personal and professional perspective. You know the great thing is. I'm doing work. Yeah i think they will because of because of his connections to the club. Eleven does work. Yeah but livestock were goodman yet. They deserved it. I think and they could have actually have more but that group is really live up. Now say this about to quickly before we go on their best while about them as the interplay because they didn't have volume goal scores eleven and so they rely on the quality of their play in the final fedecamaras intercut and as impressive as anyone donny. Olmo great to concur was fantastic. The way that they move is some impressive and angelina to just combine say well. That's that's nicholson knuckles. Men that leipzig squad is. It's funny it's it's Simultaneously underrated overstretched like bell performing about like a lot of coaches. Most coaches in europe could not get the performances from that sick team. He cut it. It's funny because you've got the best set of defendants in europe. The moment not in the best form cannot independent connor. But that's a kind of a thing. But he's got some ridic- starting pieces. That and i just think with enough one more goal scorer delicate We'll see we'll see. Ls quality group. G basler to Dynamo kiev dynamo. Kief one twenty game. This strange watching there was a moment watching a messy free kick. That made me feel quite signs. Beautiful say by the kief goalkeeper. Freakish didn't have that power and the commentate the way the compensated cold it was like yeah like perfect placement but just lacking the and it was. He didn't use it. The power and i was just freaky wasn't hit hard. But it just felt like he was saying lacking the power volt and abbott every time i see messy messy doesn't score from open play. I just think macy's in his later years even you know even though he was actually pretty good the other day he wasn't i think he's been playing. Okay yeah i think so yeah. He's pretty catan. I just think this boss at the moment. I think it's just until they can figure out something that really genuinely works as long as they win. That's all they can really hope. For the moment. Bush guys hanging on hanging on hanging in there. He s he s there. The game and not group uday won four one in budapest against furnish fire to forgive our murata second was glorious. He's onside bless his heart. There's a moment who's running through the first goal. And he saw him holding his run again. You could see you this time via damn uva on my gosh to horrible identical mistakes by the virus. Keep photobiology goals to put the ball. Actually look apologetic. Arthur breakthrough them off the second in particular. He was just lying. almost. I'm sorry. But i could see him like yeah. I'm into. I'm into headband. deli owner. I think i love this guy. And i think yeah me too. He looks he looks about fourteen years old. Though the moment someone had a great tweet someone said how is it. The talkin hazard looks younger. Mobile just playing for. I think i think tomorrow is the same. Be like a michael j. fox five energy. Yeah dad chow. Yeah well bossert. Group played three one three. Ev second on six points to go through on the. yeah yeah Let's see speaking dormant. They bruised three nell in brutish light. Work light work. Talk about alien hall and a k so ellen in scored fourteen champions league goals eleven matches to give you a rundown the players that he's now scored more goals than this was from a tweet from bt spoiled call us Dimitar berbatov vattimo foul cow the veggie route josiah rome kaku mike eleven data coster kristin vieira and he's played eleven. Trump is game. I think it took ronaldo and messi cristiano renaldo in leo messy. I think. I think it was messy. Was i think was thirty. Two games were policies if the numbers wrong. It was early thirties for him to score. Twelve chomping at fourteen champions league ghosts and rinaldo. I think was in the in. The case is wicketless. Both mess corey accelerated renowned ones teams had built around them but holden's scoring is astonishing. It's not the it's not like it's just an easy era he's genuinely. I don't know how many more people have to hear this. But he has absolutely the real deal a moment. We scores his first goal and he was so determined to school. That goal was wanting to throw a tarp poland over off into smuggle and smother the ball into the net by cable. And the thing about him is. He's not fill up most by him as a football is he's not vain he he's not too vain to sco dark. Rico why go. I love that because he will score floated chip and he will score the fakes. The keep to the ground. He will school thirty yards across boats. But at the same time he'll go in and just hammer in from two yards. Yes he was great. I love about this while about dominating this game was you know. Put this game to bed. Early very early in half an hour. Shot up before on any any. Bruce lessons club. Bruges that play. You've got that emmanuel dennis. Oh dot is a beautiful this man the footwork and the guys early twenty s. I was like this. This guy has got to be some heat on this guy. That's going to be some interest on this play because he's he looked super impressive. Logger plays come from that club. Well as well. But i'm not really good win for dortmund ahead of the classical. Well don't buy on the weekend ego prediction for the concert. I'm no fool fullerton It's funny because weirdo by buying the looking. Resilient i hesitate to say that looking transcendent because southbound mccray southwick. Everyone could came ashley. Besides bankrupt for rattler lenny anyone. It's hard to draw conclusions. No predictions on this one I learned my lesson of failing. No are not going to publicly announce it. Now i can. I can feel the energy to toss those at the other game. That group zenit drew will with lot. Lonzo senate go was gorgeous. Always sounds like they're about million people in the senate stadium. Yeah fulsome dominance. Help it out group. Which is good considering. They had that disappointing loss in in rome to year. Lassio is still struggling with about. What was it fifteen cova cases or something like that. Yeah the second. Five points bruges on fed on full. We need to talk about something quite serious. Yup i'm going to let this question from yen's onto a to do the talking. Is it time to press the panic button on atalanta and into already especially because of how good milan sasser napoli looked so. Atalanta were demolished liverpool midweek. They're officially in trouble yet. The finely oiled machine when your plan. A is so good but you've never dated a plan. We haven't needed plan. B for couple of years on people stop gaming the system gaming the system. Yeah that's what that's what happened to them like And people keep spring. The trump people have seen it. Now some doria have seen it. Napoli of seen it and liverpool have seen and the bees all very simla defeats for atlanta which must concern them uneven against i xe they struggled went down. People are hitting them early hitting them hard. hit him in transition. They've got so many players. The line is so permanent knee-high. Are they just all been trained like play play. Play forward the opposite united but united actually. Don't play forward enough from the fence midfield area because maybe it's enough at it yet or whatever. The greatest strength has been exploited and become the greatest weakness the desire to always play full. The desire to always have highline place of not ten to fifteen goes Six games in all competitions and one of those gains against crotone with only conceded one one of those gains was a clean sheet against land. Yes that's a problem there. I mean they do have the resources to go out and get an amazing defend a couple of defenders and it's funny because i look at leipzig can just go invest in one or two of those players when investment like invest in some of covers a load of ground. If you're gonna leave that many that much room in behind you didn't incredible defenders and it's something you can they can do it But yeah they need to rethink they go. They go into a home on the weekend. Massive game with them as personnel change. The story play which is fine. But you're creeping the defensive averages has to be of level hot chauffeured yoga trotter. Great e. coli alert. Because i said what he thought wide and you said no he coming for familiar and he came in for familiar and he did really well are like him. Yeah i dislike him as a link player and he can finish. He's just a great footballer. We had a question from the biz on twitter. What to do with johnson now was there. Optimal eleven for Fit players and what you think. The prediction while predictions for sunday and city. I don't think it winds sunday. Actually i don't think you'll start and i like that was the dre line. Just chill to the next episode. Just show like shiny new pieces. O- start the shining ep. Dino bike sometimes keep is nice having the option mandate came on was brilliant if he gets new also went back to the bench as a great. That's how a squad works when united won. The treble had those four britons. Strike is in rotation social sharing when the bent imagine social media now with united. They'd be like oh my goodness weather these pleasant bench because that's how inundate team works. It was like the oslo game the other day when they saw the starting lineup party in midfield and everyone was just replying to the also lineup announcement tweets being going on. Everyone's losing their mind and then as soon as the game finished yeah exactly scrambling to these three saved just like the digital equivalent of shred. Do quick rake there the way. I don't know for some reason why this just popped into my head ravens. Leaving afo with please. To lead the tweets the raven smuggling smuggling drafts. We never supported by king. There's no evidence get out. I always thought bronze should yes. Her hooked ravens ridiculous. I think it was. I just i really love that. With the fell ravens football to a imagine show him being banned like serandon came up to the community. Cut officio by raven. Kim jon snow at. Dm it's adobo pithy. That would be amazing dinner. We've now gotten if there's like a comic relief thing. One day or sport relief they have to do. A game of thrones full. We're going to do that. We're going to do with rodents eleven now god. We came at thrones football in the why we have to do footballing. Game of thrones. We have to. It's actually ridiculous that we haven't done it to be honest key matching if the mountain at centerback. Nobody was any of that. Let's know now. I'm thinking about it. Perfect anyway football. Game of thrones right so little This is was this statement with people about god. It's like another week another propaganda victory. Everyone's going after the republicans as they want to be going after young deg black roger stone's dotty like slaves subtle any. It's just like austin hit lots costing. Yeah ooh locked up this statement. Victory statement victory people be cousins that connect for statement victory yet. Musa says the statement. Victory not even playing connect four anymore. They're playing connect takes this. Okay so okay good. Because i was already groggy where we started. And this is the victory i think definitely are managing the chaos and i think this territory said like jarkko dig jutta. Almost the two plays most perfectly suited or thriving in the cavs. The moment tiago was come right in and just looked immediately at home now three pivotal performances chef united west ham in atlanta like essential in three ready phenomenal. I'm so yeah. Congratulations to him on the way he's just come in a basic does a great quote him going all you pay the career and he says i'm paying the best team of my career. And he was a great and he's like i've been that guy off been that guy for a while. I loved that shasta to managing a very of problematic period of cova cases and announce second in the group on goal difference. Yeah let's have another question. See okay here we go. It's saving this one. We had one question from jason debris and as you said more. I in quivalent of more cal. I acts more okay. It's time racer chronicles stir. We have to talk about borussia moenchengladbach. Yes yes yes yes. I take your statement victory. I raise you a six nelly choctaw. Do you know what was a statement. Victory because i got excited text from sasha best friends in berlin and indeed the world. Amazing being sasha's birthday recently. Happy about this asha at six no victory and he was so excited. We're changing techs about it and if you look glovebox performances this is the one i think most socialists excited because ever since the tiny maybe it's the two two against inter that was the beginning of it but ever since then they've been a little run of games where they haven't won every game but they've looked so they've been the best team in each of those lost four games to draws wanna get into one against royale win over logic huge when this win now against shock taw and just so impressive so fluid and attack player to ramp. Didn't they remind me of their mommy. She with enough. If if if his dad's team palmer this clapback team have very much should palmer uefa cup late nineties energy where they just pay this beautiful fluid style and it was as much about the collective the individual pieces and it sinasi players like kramer thriving chris. Craven had the injury probably kept about the world cup. Final hoffman. sakaria is just a great playtime. That squad i mean. They've got clapback. Just have a gorgeous football team. And i've said this many times. If i had a men's team in germany would be gladbach just joy. They're really lovely football club. And and the thing. The thing i really loved about this was when players hat trick goal went to vr and then given to rams response they were stood next to each other and taran looked genuinely over the moon and picked him up enough. It and i just thought that there's a really really great chemistry between that dot group of s. This really special. Yeah there's a very good vibe around gladbach oriented very much at the halfway point of the group stages. They are top of a group that consists of choctaw round madrid. An inter and to be honest they should be further out in front. They should well three. They should've went over three. I'm really excited about the fun with three games. In this group. I think actually in terms of a group. This is my favorite to watch the moment because gladbach face shocked on next at home and if they beat them at home with interim real madrid plan again they're going to pull further in front of they. Could ferry could give himselves a cushion. Then yeah yeah. Which would be massive. Because i could see them picking up. I could see them beating either out or into one of those final two games and if they be shocked i think that's all they'll need dream scenario. We got a vaccine champions league games. Have some fans back. i'm glad back. Some of the atmosphere for a late run and it becomes a kind of just a delightful delightful team to watch him just to have them. Having some people supporting the amazing some point this season because they just plain glorious football and rosa is getting. It's funny this isn't this. This'll be cutbacks. Best season but this is some of the best football of singapore. Play on this. Is maybe the best team. I've seen since arriving in germany it just has so many is is the balance thing is the balance of players. You have. I mean you mentioned noisy house nor the flurry they have like. The captain was unbelievable. They just have these guys who are just consistently seven ten. Yes and these people It's the natural memorial theory domain. They never get sue behind because they just consistent. They have these consistent players with a little bit of lying magic up talk but all of them can chip in with some individual berlin when they need to what we saw with the house thing a couple of weeks ago the past lost indo steps up numerous times kristof chroma even though to but he can step in and show some responsibility. We see marcus tram absolutely destroy tailing out over the last year or so and the same without some player like play. Getting out triple at leipzig last year. With the unbelievable go know. Even benza buying a benz bind. Oh my god. He's that guy is a done. Their deep like they're eleven is deep like in terms of quality. Playmaking yet they can overcome. They could or something. Yeah yeah yeah. And i just i love marker rose while i mean we've people who've only found since we come to the wringer this is been. My agenda has for a long time now. Just serious macher rosa. I in a sporting sense on yes but by much like beautiful man i mean. I was joking in day saint will wednesday saying. Oh tuesday wasn't it saying. I'm going to stop the the month. Democra- rose to manchester united hodler. Or it's like the guy with the butterflies. Let me mark arose. it's much united. Why fly little rupa butterfly but widely with a question from leeann hopkinson. Who said if social whit to lose his job would mark arose a viable candidate alongside maurizio patina. Now my exact words were and this is a little bit mischievous of me. I think manchester united should go after maka rosa. I don't think maka registered go dot c. Saw would say. I agree with that. Absolutely like what. He's building clock. Back is something so exciting and it solo ganic on the humidity there. If you look at the place they remind me of. I could imagine hunting. You could imagine tony up to training grounds. I do bump into some of their biggest plays. They wouldn't tell you they among they might meet a dinner party or something and they wouldn't tell you the work ethic sunday will tell you. They paid up front for grad back at the radio humble. And why would you leave environment like that. A town light club like that to go to united. Because you you wouldn't deserve hitting you wouldn't deserve all the impatience aggression you'd get you serve. Any of it is on dortmund shortlist apparent. Wow i feel about it. Should he should be an excellent yes. I don't think mark arose these much nicer jet. I just don't see why. Bring cr the him. I think rose is one of those guys who he doesn't have the c. v. to command respect that someone at manchester united need just to restore bevelled exactly to nominate subsidy right even though he's brilliant. Those size of played against punch. They know what he's like the know how difficult was to play against his side's even though push hasn't won a trophy as a manager. I think he could come on that kind of respect. Yeah currently we didn't talk about row. Madrid into real madrid. Being into three to without rummler cocker Sergio ramos scored his hundredth goal from richard. Frankly wild the most. Smith's real madrid victory ever. Yeah tudela pegged back to to to martinez in paris. Switch gang into back into a number audrey with ten minutes to go. Let's see this is the most real madrid victory. Ever okay benza. Capitalizing on defensive. Error check routed. Bingo ramos towering header from corner. Check fleet-footed brazilian. Winger scores brilliant check. It's like this could have happened. This was all could have happened to any point. In the last ten years you know like an algorithm created and of course against the great european rival a new interim trouble when conte wrapped up in track. Do you know this if we're talking about clothing we're gonna get into that. I mentioned on twitter those. Psg jackets they were wearing. Oh my god. I didn't find him. I went on social media. Confined went on their website. Confined the wearing these colored light light blue long down jackets sub saharan strong. They looked next. Expect to coney expect to see one of those. In a ben zimmer. Instagram story at some point. One of his boys. To spend zimmer ati guy though no one of his boys will tell just lounge in the background of every boy will just be in the back. Live with the whole full link to that i respect. This is a really good game. I'm really glad. I watched row Into the game actually. I'm enjoying watching real madrid games. This as a because they kind of they go from being like really shit to genuinely amazing in the space of a few minutes bin the piece i wrote. I said good the actually you could argue that in each gained the season if these the game the four one victory rail the least interesting of the two that like the straighten. Straighten out in the comedy you know. Batman beyond targeting is always the protagonist announced that an article that games the bracy. Bruce wayne turning up to every fight the released interesting chat but they end up within the win and this is how they are this year. Which is a credit to them because they just super resilient actually communities route madrid. He's do they always house always wins. That's courtesy quickly. Porto beat marseille three mossy with dreadful. Vs bars was not happy. after afterwards. Nuttal man city to like goes olympia cost three now a fairly uneventful game. I fully playing out for the packers. The occasional comedy. But that's just play out the back you get those now. Again of self-destruct my mississippi have football comedy. Come in monday called playing out from the back shoulder. oh my goodness just. We're giving the stuff away for free. All right god will repay quickly lokomotiv moscow. One athletic one. I think athleti deserve to win. The game can really get over the line. Rotel felix felix. When he looked very gnarly joined his foot. Work is just all my goodness. He's starting to basically tweed. Like i know we got that thing about anikin last week. But he's actually genuinely signed to believe you can see that he's like oh actually i am this good. He's realized how good he actually is now. He's a player. They just never so you know doug don't make the mistake of the don't it's like the same neville by wral never so felix the play how people to be on us to feed invested in suggests. That's their intention. Sell him but will soon as a really nice relationship developing between him and simione as well yes like since they keep cutting for reactions when jaw felix. Does something amazing and you can just tell the symbionese just like this kid is. Our love is with the limited amount. The ball he has he creates much standardly tat to clear out of this world. He's well shout out to the kind of scouting division. Who understood exactly how he into. Team the metrics. They must have run in the amount of money they paid. Mutual sat there and been like. He's he's worth it because he's the god will knit together. An ultra defensive team and make them look vigorous attack. I think john felix is actually underrated. Oh their aids every everyone we have two weeks from now turn to tell him into a number eight. Could actually now. He's not night. The other game that group bind destruction of salzburg six to which wasn't really destruction because solo specs. Were intel. Walk ten minutes to go to this. Durable site in weld football. Eleven disclosed a late goal when he finally gets with eleven off. You get some scoresheet his face while everyone else is having now i get fun too but he looks but i mean he. He called the penalty alien. But it's open players different like his face is just different. Way way celebrates way like rooks with this so funny very strange game this because of salzburg can take a huge amount of positivity and confidence this game because they were genuinely really really good. Yeah they were and then by just pulled away from four goals in the last. Eleven minutes. Scouting is amazing. They just keep finding like great nine great players like that that that can see what jesse is of interest because there's such a great like a perfect playground for coaches with innovative ideas. binds up the group. Athleti seconds locomotive the two points behind us lot. Cnn salzburg bomb the grape Let's do a chelsea three run nil to penalties team van. Too many penalties man actually shouts grace robinson she. She literally tweeted that. There's too many too many penalties moment on lucky. The apartment condo saudi unlucky with him. Yeah yeah. I agree then those. Psg with garioch basically cortex but the one for the second one fits the second penalty like dulbecco send offer it for second yellow. He basically gave way to go to yellows but yeah. The yellow for the second one was so harsh. I thought i thought. I mean they both were that given but it was like i mean chelsea were good chelsea what zodiac literally coat actually yes super shock super sharp could and should have scored but doesn't rematch and towns the flow of the game. He's a big asset to them riddick's to plan at chelsea conceded. A goal in five games. Go really impressive. Says they drew thrill with southampton concede a single goal to silva's that good and also zia gives the attacking thrust in the final for dot like is clear about defending starting from the front but he occupies defendant isn't a different way and just his movement. His quality takes pressure off the whole of the rest of the team. I mean they go a bit of luck oversee with the penalty. The second one specifically by this is a really impressive win for chelsea because there was no she tested positive for covid before and rent good football team it was a cruise chelsea and actually since they started getting everyone back fit. The new guys is settling into a little bit stein to look really good. I'm still not one hundred percents. Sold on what their best system is and how lumpar can really do it from a tactical perspective against the top but when you go ingredients that good. He is working with elite pieces that yes. that's be. let's be real about that. The chelsea team has basis next level inability to win the premier league to win the championship. It can their their coaches. Who'd look at that squad and be like i could win everything with this. Yeah it is good and that is the challenge. That's the standard to which over time. Maybe not merely it. Because they're integrating over time. That is the anthracnose Ship expecting a primarily title with that squirts or champions league. That good enough. That just simply could not talent wise. They've got the other game in. That group was amazed three cross the to severe uh. I think the caught fishing but they managed to stave off accusations of catfish for another week because they came out with a word to down after twenty one minutes put about two to two and then eventually won the game. After hayes is. I was sent off in stoppage time. The end of the first pitch with a gorgeous hedda to start the comeback. I'm glad he's about that. You know roy keane energy that head of the comeback latino down. Get ahead yeah. I'm glad he's back there as a really important win for severe that because they could have been in trouble in that group if they hadn't have crossed dr beaten them then they would have been level on points with the at the halfway stage as it is chelsea severe looking good in that group yup. Yup we don't all champions league. I think that's outing pretty right. It's finished on a couple of questions. First of all we need to talk about. Vivian made emma who got four in the county cup game mid week against london's And whilst not the most elite opposition the awesome will face just need to shout me tomorrow again because she is a dawn. Do you know what's funny do reminds me of and it's funny because Ian mentioned among the writers house podcast robbie fowler like made. Never pats noises your position. That time reminds her getting full. The context reminds determined fowler. Went to philemon go five or that of his homeland. What showpiece got old five in the five zero win and let when van baston five against motor oil. Five in the qualifies. And it's like they're just those strikers who have the ability to reset off every go. This is a really random reach but it was the qualifies for champion speaker. Think and live like total network solutions. something and jericho. Big shout fatiha. Nash turns up. I think john hat trick and he turned up. The turtle network solutions players were raving afterwards again. It was absolutely amazing. he turned up. He didn't patronize us. He was workload gave them the full gerardo. I love meter is. She gave that team the full experience. And sometimes a thrashing is a compliment right and it's a compliment. Someone brings a game to you. Don't just mail in which you could expect to do. A couple of goals and go off. She actually every time. I see how she's fully nocturne a not a wig as a complement your position if that makes sense a one hundred percent light. There's no there's no step in with me. So they've got a complimentary thrashing cathartic defeat. Was it the shout to the no dunks kerr who formerly the starter as they came up with the gentleman. Sweep in the nba. Which is the full one. How i love that is so good so amazing that great. Those guys Women's superleague pretends this weekend. It's manchester united against also on sunday. One pm is a big game that because also talked with fifteen points in manchester united second and third on thirteen. Having played a game more than chelsea a win for months. she's not take them above. Awesome on the table which is wild off the six games yeah full round league fixtures this weekend's but recommend everyone checking out the room soup leak as we always site because it's a Great league it is all right. Let's finish on this one from john larkin. we'll study. I'll be having a christmas pie. Our goodness and if so what will the ideal choice of menu bay basically. We might be the only people. We could have christmas with this year. It's true you know. I think there might be some roast elements going on there because not be able to go back to the uk of if if we have to stay here for christmas. Are all out english christmas dinner. Yeah to vegan option to meet option. Yeah french Taryn give vegan. The problem we can do that too. We can do both prep the script loads of great many plenty of time to get the dishes salted. dc megan stuff as well was trading places. Christmas movies and sweaters. Emma christmas i started wearing a november. The time energy Yeah i think we will do chris. We'll probably do during podcast while because we managed to do last year. That was noticed. Just basically crisp was dinner with some friends before we all went hook george. The george daguin so great georgian restaurant prenzlau valid and we had a record. The bulk cast got that we were putting up the next day and we kinda of people could tell though we go pete behind the curtain tree pros ego ever pros to gavitt has to check your piece on the ring dot com for slash soccer. Make sure he writes house as well. Yeah yeah anything else With with all the kind of turbulence at the moment just honestly just take cove difficult look out for each other. Look out for yourself if you want to get in touch. Studying jima dot com. You can tweet that studio or a study of football instagram. And we're playing out this week. Chuck by victor. American dread have a great weekend. Everyone stay will take us. You know the scientists you monday.

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