Joel Embiid, Donovan Mitchell & The Sacramento Kangz


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Credit is only able to the first one thousand people redeem in code no dunks and it expires at the end of the year December. Thirty first twenty nine thousand nine hundred. That's very soon so make moves quick and swore a last minute tickets breath. When we was younger we would go smoke crack? Welcome to no dunks. I'm tasked Melles with me here. The bearded one Trey Kerby. You got to join in now short today and making all the magic happen that is Jason. Don't hello oh no skeets no lead today. Don't worry they will be back very very soon. The team is still together. But it's US right now after the holiday break. We're just trickling in just a few of us we are here. We decided that we would do a winners and losers from the holiday break because there are some things we want to talk about over the last week. We didn't get to talk about the Christmas Day Games but we'll keep it current possible because that's what we do on the show usually it's daily but we're gonNA take advantage of this this week that we had we had some shows for you there we gotta we gotta take it for the full full space here Tassie because I have been driving arriving a lot and then you know seeing a lot of signs on the road. This is a hands Free State and it's Free Tennessee. Twenty nineteen so. I wasn't able to have my league pass. Fired fired up while I was crushing nine hours on the road yesterday from Metropolis Illinois all the way to Atlanta but you know the highlights are always there So we'll we'll let you talk about Christmas Day and all that Trae we'll get into. I think we're GONNA go heavy on the winners. I think as we're a little bit still in that Christmas spirit. We can be grumpy in January. Uh Yeah Twenty twenty. We're going to be a lot more negative. Most people like to change things around be positive in the New Year not us. We're going the other way that happens after Korea leaks and everybody gets nasty. We'll get to a tweet of the night a little bit later on. It's a non basketball. He won but it's still a good one. My favorite. Yeah it'll be a good one and I will start with the winners. trae get started. What's your big winner from the the weekend the weekend? This is GonNa be Weird Tassie considering the weekend but I got Joel. EMBIID need as a winner mostly for his performance on Christmas Day. Thirty one points in two thousand nine minutes against the bucks and the thing that has me calling hauling Joel embiid a winner as that for the first time this season I think people are ready to talk about embiid as one of the best players in the game. You heard it on a lot of podcast if you're spending spending sixteen hours on the road you're listening to a lot of basketball podcast in multiple ones. You're hearing embiid be called one of the five or six guys who could be the best player in the League. It's obviously not the case night tonight with him and it hasn't been so far but ever since Barclay and shack criticized him on inside light ever since. He said he needs to be having more fun. EMBIID has been great that Christmas Day game. It was awesome to see how he was guarding. Janas how he was able to be such a difference maker on the defensive end. Sticking with the honest drives like embiid is such a big guy that you kind of just think of him as a rim defender which is clearly what is strength is but to be able to stick with a guy I like Janas. Give him the threes honest one over seven from three on Christmas Day embiid played a perfectly and as soon as that happened everybody was like hey the the sixers are for real. It was weird for wanting exactly right. 'cause everybody was watching that's the thing and it was. It was a great performance for the sixers but it was nice to see embiid and the sixers remind everybody that this is a team that a lot of people picked me and you to go to the finals this year and I think seeing them beat the bucks even though they went onto lose against Orlando and Miami by a total of two points. I mean it's not terrible even though they lost those games. I'm still considering the sixers as a championship contender. I still think they can win. The title there behind the Bucks. The Lakers and the clippers to me. But they're right there with the rockets as a team that if everything everything falls correctly if peak at the right time they could win the championship. This year I am totally with you. There are big winners from this week. Even though they take that game and then they loose the Orlando Magic right after it. It's it's sort of a typical sixers thing. They don't play up to their competition. They play down to their competition. They do play up to the competition Asian but sometimes they just lay eggs. That being said we've been waiting for Philly to make their mark and show that they are a championship team and on Christmas Day. They did exactly clear that and EMBIID said it a couple of days ago. A lot of people forgotten. I guess who I am and it's true You know we've kind of just put him in sort of not the top top tier of the League of players because he hasn't been that great but then he goes up against the honest and even though they play different positions Jaanus makes his mark at the Rim and he was trying to get there every single time. And there's only a couple of guys who can really guard him and Joel Embiid is one of them and when Philly went and signed Al Horford we thought okay. Horford can actually defend defend him pretty well as we saw in that Boston Milwaukee series and the second round last year plus. Joel embiid this team. I go to the ship and yes. CAMPA was one of nine when Joel embiid was guarding him on Christmas Day. I kinda hate that staff because there's a lot of noise in it but but Mike O'Connor of the athletic broke down. Every a single play Joel. EMBIID was pushed out of the way on the first possession. Yannis drove to the ramp like everybody does then the next possession. He took it in the chest and alternate-shot then the third one he got a block. And that's why you honest wasn't that great because Joel Embiid is that good and I think it's sort of like the sixers. I think that those few possessions or sort of I've emblematic of what the sixers are. Like you gotTa Push Him. You gotTa wake them up and then boom here they are. They're a championship team. I would have definitely taken them as a winner. Even and despite those those couple losses over the weekend which again were nasty In Orlando and Miami. Joel embiid did the Jimmy. I thought you were going to mention that. He did the Jimmy Butler Jimmy Butler on Saturday night he did the sidesteps Jimmy Butler under a minute left and nailed it. A AH seven footer. Two hundred sixty pounds or hover. Big As you should not be able to do that. So that was pretty cool to see. And then he gave the ball away with with dump. Possession very hung onto the ball forever. But this is that the game against the box. Great sign that they're coming along and they're not gonNA make make a franchise tying twenty-one threes like they did but at least they know how to win and that they can beat the bucks and it's a bonus to us because that was the first time that there are the first time that they play this season. There's three more games this season that they play so I'm looking forward to to all those coming up through the next few months. Even though there's going to be some dead time in March march were re we will really be crusty and angry But we'll see what were we going to get to be. Go at it again. And that's that's the matchup so weird because he honestly doesn't line up against embiid but al Horford goes and takes Brook Lopez on the perimeter and then Gansta just. It's like they line up. It's like Yannis Genesis coming down the lane and beat is there and it's a it's a cool matchup to see. I WanNa see them in the playoffs. I mean who knows how it will all shake out. It could be a second round or it could being the conference finals but Jaanus was dominant against the sixers last year. So the addition of Al Horford Simmons is obviously a great defender. embiid is doing his thing. I'm Josh Richardson is out there. They've got a lot of guys who are going to be able to help this year on the honest and I wonder what the bucks will do to attack Philadelphia because the thing that it usually kills the sixers as like a small shifty guard. I suppose. That's Eric Bledsoe a for the bucks but as he always reliable in the playoffs I don't I don't know about that. EMBIID is rounding in the shape though. He's twenty five twelve and a half three and a half assists on fifty percent shooting during the month of December. The guy gets compared to shack. All the time shack played himself into shape during seasons. And maybe that's what's happening with embiid but as glad to see him back in the public consciousness for being a good player for sure. Yeah and You know teams go by the spirit of their lead player and as you said Joel embiid kind of played himself into shape. It's totally true. I think he's ready to peak in the in the playoffs. And so that's why we probably haven't seen peak sixers to this point and that's why they're sitting at fifth in the Eastern Conference which you know they're not far off from MM second at all they're pretty close. It would have been. It would've helped if they beat the second place team. The Miami Heat in that game that went to overtime on Saturday night. But like you I said I still believe I can still see them in the eastern conference final at least and giving the bucks a a run for the money looking forward to the postseason with them. Let's move on to another another winter the Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City. We're talking about thirty seven fifteen. They've won six of seven eleven seven and four in their last fifteen. They sit seventh in the West. They beat Charlotte then. They went into Toronto and beat the Champ on Sunday night. Canadian Shea Gilders Alexander. Alexander had thirty two points tying his career high in Canada and it was Kinda neat to see him. Do a post game interview Chris. Paul kind of jumped in and it was like hey give of him some credit is he's doing it at home and she gives us Alexander. Probably the loudest. I've ever heard him talk. Say Hey Buddy you're taking my limelight. which is Kinda cool to see? I like like He. They are over achieving. No doubt at this point being in the playoffs people consider them about bubble team. People said Hey. Neither starters are good. But what about their bench you know the start as a CPA three. Shay goes Alexander Danila. Gonorrhea Stephen Adams and Terence Ferguson is their small Ford that impress oppressed people but their bench actually has been great outscore opponents in seventy five percent of their games three quarters of their games. They're benches outscore their opponents. And that's a big part is Dennis Schroder Ruder. Who's had five consecutive? Twenty Point Games off the bench fifteen or more points as a reserve in fourteenth straight games. Those are both team records now. Are they a winner. Because they're in the playoffs. Yes that's part of it but I think there are also a winner because the question they have to answer is are they going to keep this team together. Which is fine if they want to go to the playoffs and make run for it? That's great but also on the other side there are winner because they could be trading a bunch of these guys and they have played themselves into great trade trade value positions Chris. Paul he's got a huge contract but still plane. While Stephen Adams can always trade him Dennis shooter who you know to me he. He was questionable to play on Friday. And I I to me hasn't been a guy that I've loved since he left Atlanta but when he was questionable on Friday played score. Twenty four Chris. Paul said after game. Dennis Man. He's a trooper. You saw early in the game. He was limping then he just turned it on and that reminded me of how people thought of him when he was with the Hong. It was just an up and coming star. And then things went downhill. Things went downhill with his club here in Atlanta D. S. seventeen workout whatsoever. But he got into the starting role he butted heads with. I think a lot of his teammates and with coach Boone Holzer but now he's in this reserve role and he's got another year on his contract. He's tradeable And maybe this is the peak dentist route or maybe this is the perfect role for him in a bench role. But maybe there's a team out there who would give up some things for them. I think there's a possibility liberty. He could be Detroit's new Reggie Jackson. I think because they treat your keeps shuffling through old thunder point guards backups. Yeah that's totally true. And also I mean it by Reggie. Jackson hasn't really worked out in Detroit and I think you're taking a chance on finisher also not working out if they were to trade him. But there's I. I went through the train machine. There's some packages to be had if if the thunder WANNA give up on Dennis Schroder especially because they've got shake Alexander and you can always use to you ball handlers. So maybe they want to go forward with him and Dennis shooter as their future. But there's you could trade for you know take a chance on thon maker from the Pistons. Sekou boom boom. Who is? I'm not sure if I'm saying his name right. But he's their first round pick and A and a first round pick money that could definitely get. Dennis shooter terrific some combination of that so their winters because they're being talked about during the playoffs because this team is actually pretty fun to watch but also because they've got assets to be had right now. There's there's definitely there's a lot of guys that can help other teams and go to watch him Gallinari Nerlens. Noel has been really solid off the bench as a defender an impact guy with blocks and steals in you know just Duncan everything that he can. That's a guy that could help teams to and it's such an interesting interesting question because this is now I think season twelve in. Okay See For the thunder. They have made the playoffs nine of those seasons the first year. They didn't make it because they were still fill a bad team. Everyone has grown. They had the year when everybody was hurt and they couldn't. They didn't make it to the playoffs. But they're in the playoffs every other season. So does Sam Prestige had the stomach to say. Hey we're in the playoffs right now. But the team isn't going to win the championship. This is not a finals conference finals. Contending team I don't think so I mean the correct future move is to sell off those guys to bring in assets to be ready to have a good team when as a little bit older and you've put some pieces around him but maybe the business move is to get back to the playoffs because your fans are used to go into the playoffs and it's hard to say. Hey We're good now. We're selling everything off. I remember the Chicago. White Sox did that years and years ago. The white flag trade. See You later Wilson Alvarez sentenced to the Florida Marlins. If I'm not mistaken. Did he helped them win. A world series title. I think I think he might have actually gotten a championship. The MARLINS won a couple of worlds here. And then they sell off all their guys and they're terrible self same prestige dealer dealer. But I hear you. I hear here. He could help them stick around or go to the playoffs by having them stick around and then maybe in the off season saying all right you teams. That aren't getting free agents because there's not allowed free agents to be at. Hey you want Dennis shooter. He's a decent guy who's made a traffic come on. Yeah we'll give you an even Steven Adams we we're sitting here doing the show here in Atlanta that you have to drive to yesterday trae from Chicago and Steven Adams would be fantastic on the Atlanta Hawks. He'd be absolutely perfect. And how many more incredible years the Stephen Adams have in them you know. He's this year eight in the league. Yeah if SAM press the I duNno I duNno. It's just it's is an odd odd situation because you've got you have to extremes with the roster you have the very young good players and and she goes Alexander and then rate at sort of the end of their crest crest Chris Paul Steven Adams and Danilo Golan are so crazy still got it though he is still a good player. And that's the thing is that his contract is so big and and runs for so long that even if you are trading away atoms and Gallinari and Schreuder. You still have Chris Paul which maybe too good to really be in the in the Tanking sort of bad teams. You know. He'll still have this team challenging for the playoffs and it seems like he's not a guy that's going to be able to be moved this year though. Maybe that's just big talk and and we're trying to get some offers out on the table so I don't know if you trade Stephen Adams Gal Anare Schreuder and Chris Paul is still there. Your team is still competitive. You still got shea. He's still a really solid player so maybe they can have it both ways. Maybe they can trade those guys and still make a run at the eighth seed. Yeah Chris Paul if he's traded. I think this team and falls off. They don't make the playoffs. I highly doubt he is even though we sort of skip over him because he's sort of been a constant in this league for so long he has been really really good and and some of Shea gilders Alexander's rise definitely has to go to Chris Paul Credit to him and he's been healthy the entire season he. I don't know how long that can last. Can he play. Eighty two games Chris. Paul has been phenomenal though. And maybe it's time to cash in those chips if if there's somebody out there to take ticket all right trey what is another winner for you on the docket. My next winter is Mike Malone who got a contract extension on Christmas Eve. What a Christmas present isn't that is? He's extended with the nuggets through the twenty two twenty three season. He's gotten extensions in back to back years. I don't know if that qualifies back to back. Jack expanded fastback checks. which is all right? The win total for the nuggets have gone up every single season that Malone has been coaching their thirty three to forty two forty six to fifty four wins and and despite the fact that the nuggets haven't looked as great as everybody was assuming they would there still second in the western conference they have nine losses. They are a top five of defense which is more of a Mike Malone signature than lights out offense creeping up on the offensive rating as well. They're up to tenth now and I like the the nuggets are saying look. There are expectations for this team. We may not have met these expectations. Those are just media expectations. The team is still good. They're still growing together. We saw Michael Porter Jr. a great night in his first start so I think the nuggets just appreciate the stability the growth and the culture that Malone is setting there that was what was happening with Malone in Sacramento. And they said see you later buddy and they haven't really been able to get back to. I guess the heights that they were or the consistency. I didn't see that they were were they at least competing every single night I also liked Mike Malone on Christmas when his team was losing came to the third quarter interview and then he said think a few of of our guys just enjoy Christmas morning too much that's kind of validated. Every thought I've ever had about Christmas 'cause anytime somebody plays poorly Christmas. I think he'd rather be opening presents. Amihai rather be snacking on chocolate orange smashing on the table breaking down some slices so if a coach things that I don't feel quite as dumb for thinking that a player would rather be with their families. It's a tough to play on Christmas but yeah the nuggets are looking good even though they're not looking exactly how we expected it to be. I think that when I watch any team basically on any day around Christmas like the twenty six twenty seventh. I'm just like oh they have the Christmas. Yeah exactly I thought the magic would lose to the sixers because the sixers played on Christmas and the magic didn't magic. Had I think three four three at least three days off I thought over for Christmas. You get you get to go way to go do your thing. I thought they'd be fat for sure but then they want but yeah that's always my excuse the nuggets though we we have really killed Nikolay okay this season but maybe he's playing himself in the shape he's been awesome lately and they're nine one over the last ten and they deserve just credit for a team that yeah we expected to be great right out of the gate but who the heck cares now that you know they they got by A on a lot of these wins by the skin of their teeth. And they're still continuing to do that. They even did that Sunday night. When when as you said Michael Porter Jr. made his his first career start but who cares? They're twenty three nine and they're fairly close to the Lakers and the number one seed and they could easily be the two seat at the end of the season because yeah they're turning it on and they've got a great defense unequally. Yokich is finally getting to his better best self and they're just so deep so yeah I'm I'm happy to say the nuggets are good. Yeah and Yokich is GONNA finish the month at basically what he played at for his averages last season twenty-one almost ten rebounds a game almost eight assists a game. That's that's where he was last year when he was an MVP candidate it's just taking a little bit to Kinda to get them into their chemistry right there there flow right. They're still figuring out rotations -tations. They're trying to work Michael Porter Jr. because he's a guy that can really raise their ceiling. Somebody else who can put the ball in the basket while not taking things off the table defensively so so yeah I mean you know an underwhelming. I would say first fifteen games of the season but they've really turned it on and they're looking good so Kudos to Malone Kudos to all those nuggets for figuring it out even when you know we were thinking you guys should be way better. They're still very good Speaking of underwhelming my last winter here actually no I got. I got more winners my my next winter I'm just positive Peter Utah Jazz very similar vein. The Denver Nuggets did not come out of the gate flying but just like the nuggets. They're hot. They've won seven of Eight. They went into L. A.. And beat the clippers on Saturday. And I don't care if everyone on the team says Oh. They're sick of the Los Angeles Clippers Locker. Everyone's saying we weren't feeling good l.. Docks de they know they own some of these guys. Only quiet only played because Paul George sick or the other way round. Whoever everybody's sick it seems like they lost the jazz are now the six seed? And they're creeping up there three games out of the to see they're not far off. I think they're they're totally meeting expectations. Even though they had ETA slow start their next seven games against sub five hundred teams. And then after that. There's even a few that trickle in they could be popping up the standings right quick and Donovan Mitchell. Thirty points against the clippers on Saturday. He's looking like the number one option. He's playing the point guard really with Mike Conley out. Joe Ingles is working in the starting lineup. Their defense what's that we all expect it to be. Good is coming around Jordan Clarkson who they traded for a while we were gone has been fine bench yet. A nineteen point nine against the clippers. Nine before that Jordan Clarkson esque you're going to get the highs you're going to get the lows But now they have an interesting predicament. When Mike Conley does come back because he's been out for an extended period period obviously hadn't been working with the Utah Jazz all that well but he could come in and take the place of Royce? O.`Neil in the starting lineup. which would make the most sense dance recently? Neil being the least productive offensive player. But keep Joe Ingles in the starting lineup in a and maybe it's time that we look at Mike. Conley SORTA as more of a role player on this team and in his career. I guess I should say because he's thirty two years old and that's great for the Utah Jazz. They look good in general they have an offense. They have a defense. They have bench and they look like a basketball team that's capable on in all facets. They've they've quietly put this thing together. Winning seven of Eight and jazz fans always say just give it time. The quin Snyder playbook it's so deep it takes forever to read it takes forever to learn and maybe that's exactly what's happening. Because they had a slow start to the season it feels like every every single season then they turn it on as they meld together. Get the defense cracking up and beat a lot of bad teams. But they're also able to handle a clippers team. which like you're saying isn't a full-strength full-strength Clippers team but if they're out there playing you got to beat them so they're gonNA feast a little bit on some bad teams here? As well. The Pistons the Bulls the magic. The pelicans the Knicks the Hornets the wizards words. They've got all in a row. They're going to be in the top four in the western conference by the end of two weeks from now and we're just looking right back at the jazz the way they always are incredible regular season team. Who is tough to beat night in and night out because they do the right things they play defense and their guys kind of just do what they're supposed to do? You know they made the move for Jordan Clarkson which to me is almost like a little bit of a white flag trade in itself. Because you're like we gotta get somebody. Well Jordan Clarkson can score I saw that with the Cleveland Cavaliers when they tried to trade for him as they're they're a little boost during the season and you know you'll get you'll get the highs in nineteen point game and the lows of the nine like you're saying task you can't necessarily rely on him but they needed somebody else. Who can dribble? Who can make plays and Clarkson? Can Dan do that. He perhaps will be a little bit better for them than Jeff. Green was who they just released. WHO's cleared waivers? If anybody out there wants Jeff Green throw some money at them maybe maybe they just needed another guard especially with calmly going down somebody else to handle the ball so you know same old same old with the jazz. It's kind of like the Spurs. Are you going to pick them to miss the playoffs or you start worrying about the jazz. You can't do it. In December wait until I dunno March yes It's really interesting team when you start looking at their players just a bunch of guys that could maybe maybe perform and be great like Donovan Mitchell. Who is really coming into his own? Buoyant mcdonagh choose been awesome this year. Rudy Gobert Joe Ingles. Who's got a serious range of great to and not so great? But he's been very good in the starting lineup. Mike Conley Jordan Clarkson Emmanuel Moody a I think they yeah. I think they're finding it and I would keep keep join US starting lineup Mike. Conley probably goes in there as well. I doubt you have a thirty million dollar man coming off the bench but I think it shaken can out real real well as you said next few weeks they'll be up there my last winter here. It is my last winter. The holiday family the holiday Bros for the first time in NBA history. Three brothers played in the same game. When Indiana played New Orleans on Saturday Pacers Aaron Holiday and Justin holiday lined up against bro Bro? Drew of the Pelicans a few weeks ago the Kubo brothers Jaanus Manassas and Costa. They were all suited up but only one of them played. I don't think even played. You're right now. Actually remember that. Yuck thank you. Costa definitely didn't play so just just one plate so that's the first time and another family twist in the Pelicans Pacers Game Pelicans assistant coach. Jim McMillan is the son of Pacers. Coach Nate McMillan. Lot of holiday. Left there so that was was kind of strange to see that like the the plumbing never did it because they they had a bunch of rose. I guess that would have been tough since all the plumbers are like the exact same position to see the three of them out. There runs Nash and into each other but yeah very cool. It's just unfortunate. It couldn't have happened on an actual holiday. That would have had incredible. Maybe maybe next season all right. We'll get to our losers but first a word from our sponsor. I'm not proud of what I'm about to tell you. I had apple pie for breakfast this morning. Yeah I was the last of the Christmas leftovers. Did I have to pile two scoops of ice cream on it. That's debatable. The point is I gotta get Outta this holiday eating tailspin. All I brought for lunch today as Terry's chocolate orange I'm looking down the barrel at full blown diabetes time to fire up the door dash at all I have to do is hit the healthy icon at the top and and it shows me dozens of options to start the New Year right plus right now our listeners get five dollars off their first order of fifty dollars or more when you download oh the door dash APP and enter the Promo Code. No doubts that's five dollars off your first order when you download the door shop from the APP store and enter the Promo Code no doc. Don't forget Promo Code. No dogs five dollars off your first quarter Jordache. I know my holiday eating has been terrible brutal so you know I don't actually when I'm doing it. I'm thinking it's fly. I think I'm a huge quantity because I get on the scale. I'm a scaled checker decker. Cereal scale checker and it just keeps ticking up and up so I'm kind of surprised when I see happening but I'm glad I'm actually glad to be back in the office because he. This is twenty six minutes of not eating anything longest time. God I know Laura and I were like I cannot wait to just eat rice like I can't wait to the eat rice and vegetables. I think I saw two pieces of green while I was back home. Plus eight on the season after the holidays. That's about where I am two plus minus plus. There's a lot of noise in that status but it's coming through right now all right. Let's get to the losers trae Kick Asaf tough losers the break the Sacramento Kings seven straight losses. Even worse are the bad vibes. I Duane deadman. Wants wants out. Okay Dwayne deadman walks out. He's fallen out of the rotation. He was a guy who performed pretty well for the hawks. Luke Walton doesn't seem to be a big DWAYNE deadman and fan. So if you're interested in Dwayne give him a ring second part. That's bad news for them but he healed has been struggling during this losing streak. He's been shooting under thirty thirty percent from the field and from three. He got benched a couple of times and immediately said I guess we trust you. Trust issues. The coaches don't trust trust the players. I know I've been struggling. But you gotta ride that wave now. Apparently he apologized before practice. They're trying to put that all behind him but I'm just reminded of during the preseason buddy. He'll be talking in the locker room about how he needed to get his extension. Now he's talking about how the coaches don't trust them he could just be an emotional guy and he's just responding to the the situation around him but he don't like one of your top three players to be Smashing the team every couple of months even if he's apologizing talking to the team the media's seeing that part of it there's just seeing the compliance and the trust issues so that's another bad vibe and then third. Marvin Bagley is out again again with a sprained foot. They said the next few games. Nobody really knows what that means. That's pretty inconclusive. But to have a trade request a complaint about coaching and an injury in a week is pretty tough. The kings had a lot of promise coming into the season they were great last year. They caught a lot of teams off guard. And it hasn't doesn't happen like this. It feels like this is going to be a bit of a law season for the king's yet again deer and foxes been in and out of the lineup with injuries. As we know Bagley really that guy those are there real future the the Westbrook durant if you will of the Sacramento Kings to see them struggling to even play to even string together. Games is tough for a king's team that has been fun to watch occasionally. Yeah I'm glad you brought them up because a lot of have a lot of things going on buddy healed he just needs some media training just honestly. That's strictly what he needs. It's great that he is a vocal guy and he says what he wants and speaks up but it doesn't bode well for the team. You're you're totally. I immediately thought of that contract extension talk to and this is not a good look not a good the idea period. I think we gotta give Kudos to here on Fox for coming back and playing hurt on Sunday and he played pretty well despite the back spasms that knocked him out for basically two games of this seven game losing streak same game. Marvin Bagley was knocked out. But you know that's sort of just an excuse. You gotta find a way to win a game or two of the seven game streak. They've lost to teams that they should have beat the Grizzlies Wolves game where the guy got knocked out. The sons you know is debatable one. But they didn't play Darren Fox both and Marvin Bagley and so. There's I think a lot of a lot of ingredients here that lead up to that equal out to a lot of defeats defeats and that other one. Other one you mentioned Dwayne deadman's and interesting when they signed him to be sort of a glue guy and now he's complaining because we're Sean. Holmes is taking his minutes Andrey Radim of all people you know a guy who's a journeyman in this league requesting a trade after signing on monster deal definitely the biggest contract that he'll ever receive and the NBA and it's strange because you know the Atlanta Hawks team that he came from CA- desperately use him so I don't know if there's a trade there to be worked out but DWAYNE deadman hasn't worked out so so well the other guys like Cory Joseph who is the same sort of Dwayne deadman signing. Ah Glue Guy that would be behind the the Russell Westbrook the deer and Fox of this WESTBROOK and Durant Combo Indian Fox. He's been fine Trevor ever reasons been not as fine but the homes has been good. They're like fifty fifty on veteran signings. which is about as good as you can hope but but I guess that just leaves one guy out of the picture Kurt? Helen basketball talk tweeted due to injuries. Sacramento's three young stars Fox Bagley unhealed have played a total of forty nine in minutes together. This season Jay Mars said that is point zero three percent of total minutes that the kings have played this season that they're three best players. The three guys is there building around have actually been on the court playing together. You can't even figure out what you have if the guys are not. They're very good point all that set there two games out of Because the West is so wild softy. Yeah that eight spot is sub five hundred with the Portland Trailblazers. So the Blazers Spurs Grizzly sons in kings. This even the wolves. Pelicans I don't know Basically everybody but the warriors they still have hope to make the postseason playoffs off the warriors are GonNa get curry back at some appointed. Can't count him out yet. They've been on fire anyway. That's it is a wild picture but it's play picture but this is the type of year where the kings should should be making the playoffs. This young team should be finally capitalizing on all that youth and making it my next loser. It's a weird one but Kelly oubre of the Phoenix expense has nothing to do with basketball. But in my uneducated opinion Kelly Oubre coolest looking guy in the league I think he rocks it but he has some competition competition because we mentioned Michael Porter Jr. made his first career start and I think Michael Porter Jr. is coming for that title now getting some minutes. I know Gary Harris I was out in. That's why Michael Porter Jr. really got his first career start. But I think I think M P J Michael Jay's he's he's got a nickname he just rocks you know he's he's just a cool looking guy bit of heartthrob look at and he's finally playing I. I don't watch college so I had no idea who Michael Porter. Jr. All this hype coming out of Missouri was last year because he sat out the entire year last year and now he had his career high on Sunday with nineteen points because this is the first season he's planned. I starting over two years really because he hasn't started since he played at Missouri but I Dunno buying the combined. The game that athleticism is is real yet a huge put back dunk on a ball where he was just hanging in the rim. He was He was up there really. Just just hanging just chilling space jam thing man like the low camera angle or you just saw him. I'm just almost like forehead against the remnant found the ball and just dunked it was a really cool shot so Kelly oubre. He's coming for your spot man. Michael Porter Jr. just quick loser there nothing nothing more and stuff. He didn't do anything to relinquish that. But there's a lot of cool looking dudes out there MPG. As one of them. Yeah I guess maybe Kelly Oubre is still in the mix for a most improved player. which is I guess where he should focus his energy? Now that we've got this other handsome guy. Dunk it everywhere. You got another loser another loser. The Charlotte Hornets have lost five straight games but the true loser is Terry Rozier. Who at the end of a game against Oklahoma City Thunder Ninety four ninety four? The Hornets get stop. Rosiere grabs the ball. The clock has wound down. The BUZZER has gone off. The game is over. Terriers Chuck the ball into the stands. But you know it was ninety four ninety four. No the game not technically over. That's technical foul for Terry Rosiere. Who who then sees Chris Paul to the line hit a free throw the start? The overtime period the Hornets go on to lose in overtime. And then Terry Rozier fined twenty five thousand dollars for throwing the ball into the stands. He thought he was celebrating. GotTa check the score. Really Weird that that Throw came at the beginning of overtime. That's lucky lucky. Lucky like would the referees have the guts to say you know what technical foul right the fourth quarter to win the game that would have been bonkers. But yeah I guess it makes sense the Buzzer went. But I've never seen A. I don't think I've ever seen a free throw to start an overtime period just to clarify if you heard that. That was my foot squeaking on my chair. That was a chair foot fart. Not An actual part but Yeah it was shades of Michael Ruffin and Morris Peterson Chuck the ball on the air. And then Peterson got it. and knocked down the shot. Obviously that was an actual buzzer beater. I wonder if you're if you're right. It would have been zero point. One seconds then would have had to do the technical file during the fourth with quarter but just a very strange thing to happen. I can't remember that ever happening. especially like you see just looking around like what I just do. The ball in the stands. uh-huh not a big deal. You know we just won the game. Ninety four ninety four is not a win. Tough one for Terry all right. Let's move on to the tweet of the nate. Don't tweet over now took off. I said it's a non basketball one on and I met we're going to the. NFL for tweeted. A Nice Guy. I know I know. Maybe I'm in playoff mode here with the NFL. I don't know anything anything about the league and I know I'm sure you don't allow you out there. Don't care about it whatsoever. Except for the bills they're great Cheer on I guess so. Yeah other play Offs Offs Baby. Actually I've read. I read a preview of the buffalo bills. Going into Sunday's game and the game meant nothing because they had already locked up a playoff spot. That's weird stuff anyways Last night I watched impassioned speech from veteran charges chargers qb Philip rivers who may have just played his last game for the organization is Asian. Take a list I can say I gave it everything I had. I mean every week and maybe it means an interception on fourth and eighteen. When you're down because I don't care that it's going to say to interceptions options so you know I really don't I just like in quit so I think that I think that So many guys over fourteen ears and go to the locker room win or lose and that can say we're short. We thought we fell short. But or we won you know shoot. I couldn't try harder okay. A lot of great things about that speech. He's vs emotional. This could be the end of thirty eight year olds career. With the chargers. He's played fourteen. Years is there charges. Haven't put a good team around my read through tweets. But he's been obviously been great second. Good thing he kinda sounds like Garth Brooks. We didn't have garth brooks the top of the show so it's good to get in that accent right right now and the last thing. He used the word DAG government. which we don't hear too often uh-huh I never hear it? I rarely hear it. I just don't so hurt again. Jd and I wanted to wartime. That's a good. I think that's a very very good Drop if we ever squeezed that day. gummy just don't hear that too often. I was trying to think of an skeets. I was was really the leader of this guy but there is a show Fishing show is the only other guy I've heard say dadgum it in the last decade for me. It was my high school football coach. Who was from Tennessee? Much like bill dance. He was a Dadgum at Dag. NAB IT Kinda guy all all the time big Bobby Bennett. Not a great coach but a great quote cleaning respect that exactly. I saw somebody tweeting about out this speech last night there like Dadgum. It is exactly what you say if you have ten kids like Philip rivers. Yeah he's got a million he's gotTa keep it clean keep it clean keep it southern Dadgum it. I hope I see Philip Rivers on another team next year that I won't be watching but he deserves better than what he got with the San Diego Slash Los Angeles chargers. He's retired title. No no no no you may not be retiring. He may be moving onto another team. Oh this may be the end with the chargers. He hasn't said there's a chance he retired retires. Because he's thirty eight years old but he may go somewhere and hang on Joe Montana and the chiefs if you will think somebody should give them a starting job. I saw the dolphins ends are playing WHO's the former bill's guy Fitzpatrick Oh yeah yeah. He should take his job. Why totally Colin Kaepernick should take both jobs? Philip Rivers Drunk Filbert. He can have another job. Come to play for the bears man. Dan gumming up there all right. Let's let's get to our picking pay off. This segment is brought to you by cash on the number one finance in the APP store. CASH APP is the easiest way to send. Send money to your friends like when you need to settle up after some shelves with the Bros.. A real scenario. I participated in over the holiday break but cash APP does way more than that cash up also comes with the cash card a free debit card that comes with boosts which are like instant rewards for shopping at the places you already love. I could use some boosts at the gas station. Stop so many times. It should be getting paid for. Furthermore we're also excited to be working with cash APP to support one of our favorite organizations the ACLU when you sign up for cash APP and use the Promo Code No dunks one word. Not only will you receive ten dollars. Cash F- also donate ten bucks doc the ACLU. That's very nice. Don't forget Promo Code. No dumps that's one word also could spell it not punks and Odu N que. Es is that code when you download cash up from the APP store or Google play store. Today we're going back. December twentieth was the last day we do the pick and pay off. It was the Pelicans of the warriors. SKEETS LEIGH GOTTA wrong. Because they pick the pels trained myself we got it right now only two days remaining here so the records very very important because the loser at the end of the month has to do something embarrassing. I'm in the clear at the top but the other three guys they're in it Leah's at eight and seven trains skeets tied behind him at seven and eight so tonight's game of Milwaukee at Chicago very important the Bulls also getting eight and a half points plus eight and a half so they can lose by eight or less win obviously to get the win skeets and Lee have sent in their picks. They're taking the bucket so trade doesn't have to take. The bullet could come down to tomorrow night. Because he's Taiwa skeets there at the the bottom mother standings but what do you think trae you're gonna go go with your boys and against skeets there. This is a tough one. 'cause I looked at the schedule tomorrow the balls don't play tomorrow so if I'M GONNA lose this month I would rather lose with the Bulls But then they're playing the bucks that's tough to begin with the bucks third game in four nights. It's maybe they're slacking. Maybe honest doesn't play. He's questionable right now but the problem is it seems like The Bulls have seven guys on their injury report. A lot of them are sick. I was in Chicago for the past week. It's actually nice there. It was like fifty to sixty degrees on Christmas Day. So these guys should be healthy. The big I'm not they finish for teaser. Lauri Markkanen shooting forty percent from three in December. He is questionable with an illness but I've heard he's been taking a lot of zinc getting that vitamin C.. Going he's playing and he's leading the Bulls to a seven point loss cover. I'll go with the balls of Louis I'd rather be with a team Audible sue thanks. Man Yeah I like it splits up on the The full screen the the graphic that we put on social media the show our picks. And it's a very strange line. It's already dwindled down to six and a a half and so yes. I'm guessing won't play but I assume that would be why everybody I think is on the Bulls right now because he's questionable and so that's why the line is shrinking which is really really strange. So it's GonNa come down could be tonight could be the end of it. I guess the the other person who loses night we'll have a chance to tie it up on December thirty first because we're back baby we're doing shows each and every night fantastic stuff. We will be back at the guys. I'm sure we'll be back very sued. Dude that's the word as so. Don't worry the team is still together. Just like the Clipper Browser. Take it away boys. You heard it here. I have a great time. Turn up love you guys awesome. Thanks for joining us and remember the big. I don't have rolling ours and finish in the Google. Translate definitely did that means L. A. T.'s. Oh in Finnish we'll see my folks Free it's been so long wanted to rain

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