Speidi Talks Brody Jenner and Hannah Brown!


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I think she's like the best Bachelorette ever and I just didn't watch four episodes today which was very challenging because garnered is not like the bachelor. You got going for George so anyways. I couldn't believe that Jed got as far as he did. He was like the worst of everybody on the cast. I was so oh shocked <hes> yeah. It was just like pretty crazy and then I had no idea I thought Peter was the shoe and I was like Oh. She loves Peter Ter- totally make sense. She's going to be with him. They have like the closest connection they were in. The fantasy sue eat together everything <hes> so. I thought that was GONNA happen. where's this red wine from Heidi as a French wine? This wine is from France support. Does it really I'm Mr and get a pallet so yeah. I thought that Luke was going to be in anyways back to the BACHELORETTE. I totally thought okay so it's going to be Peter. It wasn't repeater than I thought it was going to be Luke and then jed totally ruin that for Luke and Mike already sold with the water and then I've never seen somebody sabotage themselves so crazy when Luke like said I'm going home. If you slept with someone else it's like oh my gosh so judgmental you yeah no it this show is you know what it's about and you're telling her national television that she was just being like slutty and then yeah the whole thing was just crazy and many were like retracted at all and then she liked convicted him of things that he was dealing with it was just crazy <hes> and then I thought for sure it was going to be tyler an when it got down to gentiles because jet almost went home like every time and I thought it was like one of the worst ever <hes> and and then after Tyler went wit home I was like don't do it Hannah but it seems like Tyler and Hannah are back together. I just love when there's something original that happens on the Bachelorette because I love the show look look even if it's a cookie cutter Formula I love it but this one was crazy and then she fell when she got a car and it was so dramatic I thought Mehanna was just so good how honest and upfront and authentic she was she was like silly and funny but like dramatic and Dan stood up for herself and it was really cool to see her find herself through it also because it seemed like she just was getting stronger and stronger and more comfortable with herself and that that's what I Love Reality T._V.. When it actually does stretch you as a person and makes you be confronted with certain situations that you might avoid void in real life and have to face it and look at it and be like okay? What is this look like what is going on? How is this situation like? There was such each big stakes. I think it really helped transform. Her and I thought that was really cool as well so that's all you thought I paid the bachelor producer to drop church bachelor such a young like tour hip. I'm Joyce Meyer seats live at her life <hes> yeah I can't even believe I really was a straight face thought he was GONNA go judge hand frigging Alabama straight up like that. Are you kidding me. Have you not watch this show. You're trying to win the the freaky show you don't go. Oh if you have social those all our guys auto. You'll never be together. Sake Bra Ser rapper you yeah. Did you really say this to me. She doesn't need him judging her. If he felt that way he polar side or they could talk about different current time but like to convict her on national television and was so she was right like my husband would never say that to me and you are right girl because that that was not cool that was like him putting himself I in his <hes> you know right or wrong. It doesn't matter you don't say that so I was is pretty shocked. We had our first big. That's it tell you like what about what do you think's can happen for batch. I thought we watch four episodes to a whole podcast about this here. You're Oh i WanNa hear you break down like Oh shoutout the A._B._C.'s new podcast <hes>. I'm a little of suffer our friend Kaitlyn Bristowe that she's now competing for scoops for her podcast with A._B._C.. You see pushing all the contestants prior directly onto this new podcast. They're doing with those hosts that they big alley and I don yes. She forgot who else so that was that Allie but yeah so there have a podcast out so so cool Oh podcasts are they're all being Kaitlyn Bristowe. I felt like she was the original Bachelorette podcast and they were like Oh good idea idea we should ever own bachelor podcast okay little little late but whatever off the vines all. I'm listening to that only one the only one that matters hello <hes> but I I couldn't believe it. This whole season was so good of it and I just felt like I really thought Peter was GonNa win. Especially because they had the fantasy Sweden and shoot they were the only ones that like were intimate and he had such a good attitude and it was like so easy going and nice and <hes> she didn't go in the fantasy suites with tyler she. I don't know where she's doing giant. I felt like he is a warlock or something. I knew he was on there to promote his music. His her parents basically said that his parents said that like Oh yeah. He's all about his music and eh you know you're not really in the picture. We can't see him proposing. It's like girl. Listen to them. Listen to what everyone saying to you. They're not trying to hate on you. Everyone just sees something and then he had the girlfriend but the one thing that threw me off. I couldn't even focus when the scene with the with the fantasy suite swim off. I was like Oh my gosh. 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Eight million frigging viewers we need to have fantasy suites for the single people like our new season into cast members will one of single but people magazine's soon to be reporting that we know for <hes> you know sources saying that now caitlyn Lynn Brody's ex girlfriend from the hills new beginnings on M._t._v. has a boyfriend already. It's incredible so that makes me thing. How long have they been? A broken. Token up as T._M._Z. reported today on T._M._Z. dot com the brody and gala were never legally married so I think that's why wasn't invited to the imaginary. Wedding that I knew never happened up. Tears cheers red wine SIP. It's fascinating that I felt like they try to say digs eggs at us about like farage certain things on the show and it's like we've been together for almost thirteen years. We have been through Multiple Reality T._v.. T._V. shows and you're being weird about us like we're not trying to say anything about your relationship so I felt like there. Was this really weird underlying you're lying thing that everyone had talked about on this hill season. That's not being aired really about their wedding and their marriage and it was like very much out there could be coming up. You know those scenes in different places and schedules so you could becoming up. We don't soon to be tune in because it's definitely I feel like there is footage of everything yeah. I Sadhana sizzle Reel Super Dis <hes> shadow the daily mail has the screen shots. I sent a few people about Caitlin saying you're telling me we have an open marriage was. She confused 'cause he. She was I what you're telling. People were married. I'm not that I'm rethinking that whole caption on Daily Mail <hes> that could have been shocker. Yeah I think the problem is brody was very open about their open marriage and there weren't married according to T._M._Z. dot com honey relationship you know and he did like interviews about it and was very open about it in public and I don't think she she really was so that must be challenging and you know reality T._v.. Is Hard and I don't wish that on any relationship I think all relationships are hard and you always want the best and you know sometimes the best is not being without person so for them if that's what's best for them than I think that's a you know I fully support that helped they both find true happiness and love or whatever they're looking for but it is curious how how long they have any other because it was kind of weird like they're very secretive on camera about their relationship not really off camera but I'm just blown away I now I wanNA know if she has a boyfriend like what part of the season did they break up and who wear this guy come from that bass. was she really like if that's true and you know what we're GonNa read. I'm pretty sure people magazine is that <hes> it seemed like they were fighting a lot like I don't feel like there is a lot of underground things going on like at the you know. I don't know we'll see on the show on M._T._v.. Hills Beginnings Car for what he did sleeping. I did sleep sleep in a car. That's I wish them both the best and I hope they both are returning to oh my gosh season to Kaitlin her new boyfriend brody single without having to say he doesn't drink out Tuesday's see that makes me think they were together at that time because single brody brody would have never said I'm not drinking the pool party or they were just fighting so crazy that it wasn't worth it to him at that point because he did say like Caitlin told me not to so who knows what's really going on in a relationship except the two people and it but who knows <hes> it is just interesting interesting. I didn't really see that coming though I kinda thought they had like extreme up and downs and I didn't know it would end like that but who knows maybe in a future though get back together. My Crystal Ball says that's I mean they only were allegedly fake married for one year. PER MAGAZINE DOT Com so the headline is brody. Ridiculing Carter Split One year after wedding. We're never legally married so just did interview and Brody's like Oh. The show made a stronger than ever in this not like so that was just like a lie that interviews from the beginning of the season a lot's happened in six episodes. This is is I mind blown but are yeah I definitely I'm not surprised I felt like I've kept saying this season. Yeah I know comes off like he's just not parting what it felt like is. This just isn't the brody that I didn't like. I think season two we're GONNA get to see real brody and the show so is GonNa be fricking incredible. I think he has way more find his way less intensive feel like he has a lot going on obviously based off what he's talking about on the show so I hope we get to see relaxed. Brody have fun barbecue for Real Brody so that I look forward to. I think there'll be a lot of success in brody didn't feel I felt like He. I feel like I've said it maybe hasn't aired yet but Eddie almost was like a hostage felt like us trying to tell me like get me out me out area interesting and then <hes> Whitney and and Caitlyn. We're just seem together. That's that's what my google. I got a lot of Google alerts not either their names but it hits my time line. I get tagged in a lot. The things I gotTA LOTTA AWESOME NOT GONNA call on spies a network a network of resources. They're almost like publicists <music> but maybe even better team. It's a web spider web and they keep me posted on a lot of until IDA block speaking of that until at a block look what I thought was a former person that I I liked. I feel like they have changed a lot <hes> but I I supported their podcast and you know you're cracking some jokes about stuff. You know I looked at how many followers down I was like. Oh I can't go this low with the beef so you know I'm not gonNA knowledge or name or give any more details but it's just thank you again for my investigative team for keeping me up today with you know things. I don't see or hear yours. Boy's help out so I really appreciate that well. My biggest question about this whole Kalem Brody split is. Where is she going to live because where she lives is going to pack she she becomes? That's why she should choose wisely with apartments DOT COM so I don't know if she's going to end up in Hollywood New York New Hampshire where she's from. I don't know but apartments DOT COM has the most listings for apartments townhomes condos and houses to choose from so she can ever variety of it live where and how you want with apartments dot com somebody give her the memo go to the site and check out their custom search tools. If you have pets or one easy commute to work they can help you find whatever you want. 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Oh thank you M._t._v.'s got it. Oh you guys were watching shot. A love shot up Pauly D. and vinnie. That's great but the original bachelor before A._B._C. A._B._C. had one his name is Brody Jenner and he's back and you've heard of bromance. He had a show once where he guys tried to <hes> be wrote his best friend but now I feel like it's going to be like girls trying to be his best friend and it'd be really great because Brandon can double date. I don't think Justin Bobby it'll be going on dates because <hes> allegedly people are tagging me and stories that he's got a girlfriend or whatever you know. This is on the Internet. I can't repeat things that a year so <hes> yeah. I'm not going to talk about another. One of our cast members has been in the press for some insane eighteen God's in our prayers some d._M._Z.. Drama Whoa so our so many cast members now which one but you'll you have to figure out you know the one that you're like disgusted by what I realized. Though is brody is a Kardashian. He has the crazy drama like they do. I feel like that's how they've been so relevant and famous <hes> not just because they're you know so beautiful and have the best businesses and so smart and savvy and amazing because they are on top of that. They've just stayed so relevant with crazy unbelievable achievable twist and turn stories like monumental life. Changing things and brody is right there. This is such groundbreaking crazy news so extra extra read all about it as I'm trying to read all about it gave us the breaking news on US Weekly. <hes> video popped up it was like why cold and Underwood COSC- Randolph aren't rushing engagement cer- problem of being in the Bachelor Bachelorette game like Dang like once your seasons up like we're only talking. I only thought <hes> Hannah Forget Alabama's is this right now and they're trying to be like Oh. We're rushing engagement well. We're WANNA know it's going to happened with Hannah and tyler right. Now is like <hes> it's a hard game. Sorry I'll pray for you guys so true. It's like of course they're not rushing in because you jumped over the fence and she didn't want to be with you and that's why you're not rushing into engagement because she you know in real life which if somebody has to jump over fence either way and now one prisons not like Oh my God thank you for jumping a fence or both like it's a irap jumped back over the fence or the person that didn't jump the fence and doesn't want defense find offense jump like gin in danger zone. I got a friend in danger zone and I'm like your danger zone Bro. You need to watch out people are self saboteurs. I if you're listening yourself salvator sure stop being one is like it's it's crazy like how you just WanNa keep destroying your life as so you WanNa know why why fascinating that was like <hes> Lupi he just totally was a self saboteur at the end of the bachelor. It's like you made it to the end. She has fought for you left and right. She is stuck up for you in the whole house was against you said your love true set you made it to the end your final l. four she made an exception is only supposed to be final three and then you took yourself out of the game. They must not shown like the guys being like we both Blah Blah Blah about somebody got in his ear producer no bragging about sleeping with her oh okay because he looked fired tired of us. We can't wait to sleep with her. We can't on the show Oh miss clip. I highly binge-watching in sale so he was like how dare you talk about her like that. You know and they they were totally talking about her like that and you know he was like that's disgusting. I don't appreciate you talking about my future wife like that so on a whole side note why you know I'm just seeing all the breaking news is still seeing looking for the hills Monday nights new beginnings drawing so Julianne Huff. I'm this is is amazing. She just announced with her women's health cover that let me not miss a quote because a lot of headlines. I don't want that. She told her I thought it was is her husband wrong brooks. You know I'm not straight right and he was like I'm sorry and she said a report and I was like I'm not but I choose to be with you so that's awesome the Juliana of and she also I've read somewhere that she made sure that she had to be naked with. Nothing covered up <hes>. I'm going to cover so give you getting you know Sean your personal transformation growth bom. That's just he supports doing. You're just really kill that. That's a great great post. I hope you're coming back. Janssen the stars now. It's the Games while the Games while games wildly. I think she ever Miley Cyrus. I'm just saying we don't need to she just like molly. I just said listen L.. So yeah I don't know of Women's health is I. We should have it like be like L.. I could be wrong. I WANNA be on the governor themselves so I'm Sir Women being bisexual or however you feel or whatever it is and I don't think it should shame lives dot wannabe wives and like lake being housewives and WanNa be that so that's challenging because I feel like everyone should be able to be proud of what what they want to be in like one thing shouldn't be shamed works. I feel like there's a weird thing going on. I'm not just a housewife. It's like well what's wrong with people who do want to be a housewife in like Yup. Maybe you're not that way but don't put down women who do value that in love that and Jillian have didn't just do that. Heidi is going on vintage L. Cover. That's like three weeks now. That's not breaking news so it's just keeping you updated here. Does I know I hear you but Julian and I don't think had no comments about being a housewife okay she. She's Yeah I don't the for you like. I think she knows who you are. She sees you now. She sees your come. Forgive Women's naked. I'm being covered aw that Yom more body all day long way more body. They eat a lot drink ally a little overweight <unk> by I'm loving Denise Richards Makeover for the housewives of Beverly Hills. She is lip singing on red carpets. She is his full hair and makeup done like so freaking funny. I loved Denise Richards when she used used to come up and talk to us when she'd be working out in about two thousand eight on the beach low Raja's nice but recently I was right next to her. I told you you at Georgios for mother's Day and she has a lot going on. She definitely didn't even smile or wave but it's okay no expectations totally so we had a huge photo shoot for Protti crystals roles we had three big models and that was so exciting they are like top models in the industry and Dan. We had an amazing photographer and our friend. Katie let us use her house in Hollywood hills so a lot went into a lot of expenses went into it. We had an amazing stylists Sienna. It was great. We did I guess today we went there. The photos were on believable. Everything looks so beautiful and then they were like in the pool and the bikinis and I said okay for the last shot have we discover they have like Neville covers on everything everything but anyways they have like the gorgeous crystals on their bracelets on their wrists and their next and everything and it was amazing so very very excited for those photos coming soon make sure they checked the hour even planning that photo shoot for like a month and then we're headed to Santa Barbara <hes> next week back to do a photo shoot with horses on the beach. which would we really find so the reason I plan this whole vo shoes because I bought a hot and boots and Aspen and I was like okay? I'm going to shoot around this and Gunnar loves horses and I just thought it'd be something original for a Pratt. Daddy also an incorporating grading different elements and more of a lifestyle photo shoot yes and <hes> one of our tigers reached out news very concerned. He's you know there's a lot of women empowerment right now. You know these girls are very little closing some issues in Vegas. You Miss my GPS. Sorry where I'm just filming the C._E._O.. Woman Empower Heidi to designing and producing the shoe in the euro back. Oh Oh you're very true and that's like back to why we had this conversation last podcast. Why how do you see you because women empowerment? Our company is all pretty pretty much run by women making a million dollar forgive monthly business as women empowerment why when we have a woman for C._E._O.. So so yes that's why don't want any responsibility except for tell people the new drip just dropped. That's and making sure that I love all the crystals that's it. I definitely helped the photo shoot direction ran. 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Tell me what is my mind is blown that somebody really with a freaking typed this. I I really thought you were going to let them do for a show swab babies for a day I told you I know you've never told me this Al told this show never told me about this. This girl twitter MIA so some girl not some. I know who it is. Whatever this person twitted me? Hey let's swap babies for <hes> the show. I was like I would never ever feel come to roll swapping gene children with you for a day. I wouldn't do that for a million dollars. Not Giving You my son million she a billions your former professional national hater troll this for years. You think we'd swim. Let the Miracle Taller freaking anywhere people are nuts nets message via breaky frigging news people lost it out here totally want a screen shot. I would response you. Get Out of here pretty much owner report you can. I have your kid and to M._T._v.'s P._R.. She didn't say what show it's for. It's like which is really not giving you my child precious playing I would would I give you my outfits Abby Trine for like two months straight being here every day and feel uncomfortable during Avraham only left her for one hour or less and then only hours yeah for months and after for three hours and I didn't let her change diapers for like five months like no I have not giving you my fricking child. That is is the depth semi being. I don't think so and I'm not being hypersensitive. Things happened to children and that's not a matter even even I I would trust. There's other humans that I would let Gunnar go do anything with besides Abbey are but this person that they thought what I wanted right back. Who Do you think we are that we will let you take our frightened kid I barely would talk to you wouldn't like gonorrhea area with other people like Shrek Jen okay? Oh what did you think of the episode because I didn't get to see. It still haven't haven't seen it. Why don't you buy Apple T._V.? Right now. I don't know just about four of us as a bachelor. Watch so where you're rolling on the floor I know I had to watch the bachelor. I definitely think Peter is going to be the next bachelor just saying they said it's. It's tyler tire is dating Henry. Now you things change a lot. Brody was just allegedly married supposedly an episode on Monday night trump frigging the hills. I definitely message the producers and Jose K hope there's stuff that can fit in the story that you know can connect to what's going on. I know that sounds like season two P. grade. If there's some things you guys already filmed that we throw into the show oh now now it's like I'm sure he has filmed a lot of footage of them. I bet you got some good stuff. Now that there little story line of where the best marriage spencer my wife wouldn't approve of this. I can't drink while we're filming on a Tuesday or the hills really <hes> okay that script you got that is passed I want to say maybe they get that whole scene out of the show for you because now it's clear you just played yourself so here podcasting guess he's snapped adding while we're probably Kassian. She's in multi media content for machine. We got a big call with major company that works with Kylie Jenner obviously the billionaire to take Pratt daddy to the billion dollar world psych in spoke highly. What a what an entrepreneur self made billionaire so that's exciting as legally it is did celebrity weddings going off this hold on celebrity thing <hes> so the other night we had a very a president of a company take us to dinner and he was like where where do you WanNa go on us and I was actually Jim Carrey in dumb and dumber? I was pretty much like put it on CIBA's CIBA's pain is what he he said he'd like the most expensive Sushi because the president's buying you know right off for them business meeting and of course I go to the Sushi chef that we're GonNa do the what is it in Zoa. What's no choice? I Dunno no choice where they just <music> send you what they their artistry and he has I large beer for you and for me and every Sushi chef was like twelve of them look at me like we all gear and I'm looking over the president and I know he's not and I'm like yeah everyone gets beers so they all got large beers and it was just an incredible moment and we obviously order everything on the menu the best years of our lives and as relieving of course everyone has such e IOS attitudes in L._A.. And they all gave me some dirty look as I was like getting up. I don't know why maybe I just felt. I felt attacked. Energetically these uptight like <hes> so great people and all sudden every single Sushi she says sees me and let the free all the patrons didn't know that I used our presidents credit card guy to <music> by everyone the beers so they all lived up their beers and like yeah like there's some game of thrones you know braveheart energy in the whole restaurant strong was like who is that guy. It was a magical moment. That's why this isn't makes. Famous Gaffe felt famous. This is Spidey podcasts on podcast August. One spade work knitted again. We're we're back Paparazzi out front that I didn't call fell many <hes> you know a lot of bras you trying to find emme Rhino. They want my WanNa know my thoughts on this alleged marriage. That wasn't a marriage. If I knew will see on MTV The hills you know I definitely definitely say everything I always know in all my scenes all my testament I keep in one hundred percent real so the footage is always there if they choose to you know you never know I was barely on episode one last week. Whatever which is great and you tell him not on episode all my tweets and D._m._z. are so positive because then people will realize there's way worse people on this cast that me and they shouldn't hate me so the less I'm on sometimes the header show you should be on because Correo? Real World Makes Betty famous again is brought to you by M._T._v.'s the real world Atlanta streaming now only on facebook watch the the original reality show is back in string now only on facebook watch spencer you would be so good on this because you're one of the people who stopped being fake and starts getting real. M._T._v.'s the real world is the next story of seven strangers pick to live in a house and to have their hook-up scripts apologies faced hears voices live streams games exclusively on facebook watch. Don't get me started because I need to be on the real world all that land. I Love Trap Music sp like my favorite music is from Atlanta. I would just be down with the city and M._t._V.'s surreal world Atlanta is all new reality experience with content dropping daily and new episodes every Thursday and and you know spiders all content that fresh frigging breaking content so find out what happens when the next generation stops being polite and starts getting real again in facebook click on the facebook watch icon and searched the real world on Watch M._T._v.'s the real world world Atlanta streaming now only on facebook watch. I love doing podcasts adds so much. I realize it was one of my favorite things about commercials. I think I watched so much T._v.. Growing up as a kid that I love commercials. There's still that one guy there's certain commercials I wanNA even say them because they're not part of our podcast their commercials that were part of my life they just ran all the time all my favorite shows so I loved always the voices so you guys enjoy US reading ADS ADS. You should know I truly do not just because it makes it so steve can continue to produce an edit and upload this itunes but <hes> yeah. I just love ads I._D.'s. I was trying to get some breaking news. Google alerts about all the stories that were breaking Amish fighting famous again podcast and Mike where all my google and I realized that I left my computer accredited H._Q.. And they logged into the Pratt daddy email so now I'm like this is why I have all these e mails from customers about things and questions why some people ask me about things that aren't about me. Being famous Amos very confusing but just go go. I will say Katy Perry got busted breaking news for jacking it Christian Rap Song. I'm GONNA play Filipovic because it's on Youtube. Live Steve can follow this is Christian rap music from two thousand eight listen to even the intro you don't even know which one is which you you can't even tell the producers problem and fault not hers here as GonNa wake him up with the music. There's no way oh I talked to my friend Ryan that owns a lucky Lama carpentry and he has three kids and use. I isn't it the the best thing ever and I'll say yes definitely she's got to have more. I'm like hey you're just harleys. I it's like having your own. They say unit or like however rewarded it but it was so like signed. Wow that's super positive bro. I like that. It is like you're on team. I do feel that governor. Obviously Heidi sprayed is Ben writer died team era but like loves us that much already are number one teammate ever I and now he's hugging. He squeezes on I having I really WanNa thank curious. George I think it's curious George toys holding onto to rewatch the shows the always holding onto the guy with the hat I think we hugged him so much love him and kiss him and give him so much affection old enough to reciprocate it. I think also it's important important to not be codependent on him. So that's what I'm learning even like when my little my feelings hurt if he wants to be with view or whatever it's like you know what this is really good learning for me not to be co dependent on him too because when your kids get older. Are you working on that. Are you saying I'm working on it. When you starting that right every day every day he be right how Oh you put the lotion on you put so many divers on put his pants on all the annoying stuff but I feel like if I'm gone all day here you still? You're going to turn the T._V.. Off a yours to this of it. I don't WanNa do I <hes> yeah. It is the latest with your sleep training to hope you paid her. One consultation tation scare how much it cries alongs voice memo on the history of the world. There's people that use voice. I was listening to a podcast this great podcast we should have on the podcast obviously and just to hear it all out everything she was saying was very helpful for other people have a little bit more than you in them my solution at the beach because when we're up at the beach he sleeps seven seven hours straight. I don't know what the frigate is. Skipper said the ocean air is of course it's the ocean There's two nights in a row so it's it is something magical. I don't it's insane. I'm like okay. What's my sleep? Solution moved to the beach but that's why I mean your mom is like why are you to stay three months up there. It's like why can't move into Costa Rica Nicaragua Costa Rica Money Nicaragua's like could we could do soon but Costa Korea. I want to get that veil compound money like Amish. They're still on the jungle streak and all like tour on the beach you you know like we didn't leave a four seasons property those houses we looked all still in for seasons gated community. There's definitely the laws before we do that. I feel like there's a lot of dangerous things. They're just learned you cannot fly on a private jet with firearms. I would not don't live in another country without firearms yeah but if you have a business there you remember that guy said you can license so we're getting a compound on the beach <unk> scanners and I love the ocean air <hes>. It's going to be amazing. We're getting Kylie Jenner money really soon here. It is happening before our very very own is is miracles happen. I mean solid now pushing almost ten years praying straight and you you know spend a blessing while the good thing about having a beach house in like Santa Barbara or somewhere like that is you can drive there for two hours and come back. It's like close three guy. You have have to get on a plane. You have to be there for seven hours. You're to have more plan time than you have to get back. It's like it's just way more realistic for a lifestyle to have something being closer well then honey. Kabo is only two hours we kid and we could get a compound on the Pacific excite where they just built that new harbour you know in the last eight years now and it's where we are married for ceremony because <music> as Brody's todd everyone you can't get more marry foreign country and have a V legally come here get nice license. Whatever <hes> somebody message me brody's mud? Somebody will give her credit because she has podcast and always you know people I love him. He was supposed to be on a podcast. If they understood how how hard it is to sit down for one hour to do our own podcast when people are like come on my mic. Can I send you emails and texts from Steve Like Hey one we upload the podcast make Steve. That is a magic trick. <hes> it's Kate Cassie said <hes> since brody was never really married. He never really disinvited you to his wedding hashtag upside <hes> arrow. I knew this. I said Hi this is you said it's actually pretty brilliant imagine the money he saved well. I think he watched Oh. He's saving money. She just one dollars zero dollars from him. She definitely would check you. They're married for one year only now so I wonder what California law is because I think she dismissed the boat. It's seven years and then you no matter what in the state of California get like half a whilst yeah but I I think he could argue that. She didn't live there for seven years because he or she had her own apartment in Hollywood until about a month ago that for some reason has not been discussed us which whatever I guess it was just for her to get ready. Someone does ask didn't they just break up before the hills knows like well so you tell me I just love it. It's so good for the show. The show is GonNa get so frigging real right now and they're going to have so much more footage that makes more sense because when people are playing pretend then there's stuff that seems really real but different than the pretend now we can fit in the real in with people acting acting yeah I mean there's just so many stories going on and every car comes with its share of stories the Ding in your bumper. When you get picked at your first date the luxury luxury package you go after a big promotion or the mileage you save by riding your bike all summer? You can't put a price tag on your stories none of these stories but with truecar you can find out what your car is worth when it's time to sell or time to trade in which we are about to do ourselves and we're so excited to get the new ooh x seven so go to truecar which is where we're GonNa go and your license plate number and watch your car's details pop up then just answer a few questions once you're finished. You'll take a true cash offer sent in minutes which you can take to local certified dealer to cash out. We're trading so when you're ready to experience a better way to sell or trade in your car. CHECK OUT TRUECAR today to cash offer not available in all all areas am three hello x seven yes so we are going to trade it and we're GONNA check out truecar see what are other three is worth and get the car that we want because I had the story of the m three Spencer got it with out here license plate. That was such a monumental time in our lives. We're getting back in L._A.. L._A.. And now I need more of a family sports car while we are exhausted. We're going to get ready for retire. Are you tired yeah. First of all it's eleven eleven thirty anyone working right mice decided he's been up in three years yeah well. We barely podcasts it. I want to shadow powers must have more time more wine marlene more time so I'm going to go to bed. I don't what's what's the date. What's your own podcast season? He's in to pick up. I have no no no time but if not she's do ills big you got <music> so excited I just booked our house for crested butte and Aspen for the fall house on a river. Oh Yeah Yeah I WANNA do some frigging rock-throwing loves to throw rocks in the water to be credible and birthday aiming at the gem show your birthdays and like Chinese do that occurs curse. I hate getting older. I love it. I Love I love A._J.. John I wanna live forever but <hes> also it's stressful spoke for your birthday. Eat Mexican food down Antonio's or Delgado's or whatever whatever so fine yeah I just need back onto culet we since Iraq Tequila I think once their retirement is working with my bra. We needed to do like in notes. What did we talk about last week? Is it all blurs it all blurs there's but live just keeps getting better and better as well as crazier and crazier <hes> we went from literally watching waves as break for about seven years and just trying to figure out where we're going to record speedo lot options and now we have more going on a one day then we'd do in one year. It's I'm not even exaggeration. I'm not heaving kidding so trying to keep up with everything. Everything is like oh my gosh I know there's you out there like win win win but trust me. It's more than you think over here for Spidey on as Jose Way Way I will say they're high class problems. I love them all but it's still dang is it's it's way more than just eating pie. My best friend Lee who lives in Santa Barbara and grew up their whole life was like I go to L._A.. And it takes me days to recover how crazy it is. How how intense it is just driving through and the people she's like? I pray for you so much because it's really hard to go there. I can't imagine how how intense it is. Living in their end it is true. It's a whole different pays. We lived in Santa Barbara for almost seven years and that was our lifestyle style. That's where we were in most of our marriage and then I love L.. A. And I do love the fast pace of it and everything but it is a lot and it is really intense and all the added layers on top so it's not just us I mean some people take days to like recover from being here for a few days so yeah I am. I'm ready to retire. It's time to get a billion dollars Sir <hes> it's right on the clock. It's I see it. I just feel it as see'ums. Hello billions hello days. Where are you ben as King Kevin? My friend says `I energetically am owed to a lot of back pay. It took a lot of heat energetically a lot of bodies buried for people. Just oh my Gosh I was the fall guy and now it's time to rise and get was due and it's so exciting psych. Thank you here. We go well. That's it. I'm we went ahead to bed. It's really late. Thank you all for listening and tuning in. I still need to ice my back so he's you're working working out again. Yeah that's positive or he also. Did you hear that they faked their wedding that tiny and not what's this is name Jake Paul How's fake now yep who's breaking that story Daily Mail just married for content A. and that's their quote now they are paid fifty grand to fake a wedding <hes> I mean you pay me fifty grand winning right now as brody and killing his fake to season filming wing as husband and wife for way more than fifty grand. It's looking like is now. I don't believe anything Oh. I didn't know that girl Huzzah M._t._v. show they just filmed it for. I think it's the first season Oh it says shaking officially exclusive so I guess for me I believe we just take the openness of our relationship into the openness of marriage right. There's a whole deal. It's you know Julianne huff would say to her. I picked you you or whatever so you know miley would say she's like that. You know just a whole new I we we're not hip to how marriages work in the media anymore more and how you get press so this is the new generation but you're in the best marriage in the world <music> by eighty sacred. I'M GONNA go have some more delicious French red wine and just so thankful for our incredible belives and and I hope to get hours of sleep hours isn't tonight not tonight but when we got the Beach Josh One day one day he'll get sleep in the beach mansion okay. I hope you're having a great morning afternoon night. Whatever and you're very blessed tonight and <hes> energetically protected from all the devil ause work is he's out here? Attacking voles also watch. I'll watch al and so many message. How do I get five stars or leave a comment at the you need to go into itunes quicken store and I think it's a comment? I don't know Steve gave me the notes. I forgot but five stars when I told C. we need to have a little tutorial Andy. 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Real protection is professionally installed smart home security backed by twenty four seven monitoring our team will help you customize a system for your home including eating video doorbells indoor and outdoor cameras smart locks and lights that could be controlled from the A._T.. APP or the sound of your voice you can even help keep your loved one safe on the go oh location sharing driving activity alerts and emergency S._O._S. button through the A._T.. Go APP that's A._D._T.. Real protection off collapse. I'm Tim Maguire with Tapie. Newsmen at a woman is dead for the people hurt two critically when a sandstone bluff overlooking a beach California gave way this afternoon State Parks Captain Brian Koetter tells Kate G._D._p.. People should stay away from the bluff. We have signs on most of our beaches say stay back from the playoffs just because it is so active and we never know when these things are going to happen. The the beach has been closed a

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