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Good evening and welcome to chicago tonight. I'm parachutes and i'm brandon friedman on the show tonight we expect to receive twenty three thousand doses other vaccine starting next week. The city's public health. Commissioner joins us with what to expect from. Chicago's rollout of covid nineteen vaccine. The airline industry has been devastated by the pandemic losing flyers and billions of dollars. We'll vaccine be enough to revive it. All of us will remember who was protecting us which business owners and businesses are spotlight. Politics team on the governor's reaction to violations to the states. Covid nineteen restrictions change positive change. We have to do things differently. The role of women in the legislature with springfield on the brink of a big cultural shift. When people say oh my god you guys are trying to do so much is because inglewood needs so much business. Owners and community organizers in englewood. Talk about what's next six months after widespread civil unrest in the neighborhood concert at lyric opera of chicago. Unlike anything you've ever heard the first some of today's top stories pfizer's covid vaccine could be in the possession of all thirty four city hospitals by next week. Chicago is set to receive twenty three thousand doses of the pfizer vaccine in. Its initial shipment. It could come soon after and if fda approval happens tomorrow lightfoot says the cdc will determine who gets the first batches she says the city will eventually set up public mass vaccination sites but chicago public health director. Dr allison arwady says that cooperation from community and health organizations will be key to the city's distribution plan. We will be working as soon as we are able to pushback. Seen two partners are full. Goal is to push this vaccine to as many vaccinating partners as we can so our goal will be that people will actually be able to get their vaccine through their provider. And we'll be asking them to prioritize outreach to their patients who are over sixty-five who have these underlying conditions both mayor lightfoot and dr are would he cautioned that widespread distribution of the vaccine is still months away and dr are would he will join us on the program in just a few moments. Meanwhile illinois health officials are reporting more than eighty two hundred new cova cases and one hundred seventy nine additional deaths in the last twenty four hours that makes for a total of eight hundred twelve thousand cases and thirteen thousand six hundred. Sixty six deaths. The test positive across the state right now is eleven point four percent and life would says she's spoken with forty fourth ward alderman. Tom tunney and says she's quote deeply disappointed. The alderman acknowledged he allowed indoor dining. At and sather's the restaurant he always. I'm belmont and lakeview city. Officials are investigating and could issue sunny. A ten thousand dollar fine for violating city kovin protocols lightfoot says she expects there will be consequences the minoza he did wrong. He will absolutely be held accountable zero exceptions for that But i understand the anger and the frustration because this has been such an incredibly hard year more on this story with our spotlight politics team just a bit later in the program. Some buzz around chicago native mellody the business executive and philanthropist. We'll become chair of the board of starbucks. Non executive chair hobson has been on the board for fifteen years. There and co-ceo chicago-based ariel investments. She's also mary to star wars creator. George lucas and now back to brandis. And chicago's top. Dr brandis paris. Thank you and as you just reported. Officials are detailing their covid vaccine. Rollout planned today. An initial shipment of twenty three thousand doses is expected in chicago as soon as next week with healthcare workers receiving vaccine. I joining us with more. About chicago's covid vaccine plan. Is dr allison arwady commissioner of the chicago department of public health. Dr arnn thanks for fitting us in again. So i please remind us what are the recommendations on who should receive this vaccine. I or so we have to follow the cdc recommendations which put in the first priority healthcare workers and long term facility both workers and residents. And so that's what the whole first part of phases healthcare workers were starting with hospitals. But then we'll be expanding out from there and that's all kinds of healthcare workers. We're talking home health. Aides were talking dentist. It's a wide range. That will be talking but it starts Probably as soon as next week potentially with our hospitals. And we'll this first shipment be enough for all of the healthcare workers in chicago. Who need it not at all so we estimate we have about four hundred thousand healthcare workers in the city of chicago using that broad definition so twenty. Three thousand will be the first week and then we'll be getting more week after week after week and pushing it to help their workers to launch him care facilities and then following up and it's going to take a while for sure to get through that group but we're really excited to get started assuming the fda gives the emergency use authorization and the cdc recommends actually starting destination and then who's next after healthcare workers. So we will be waiting to hear the formal guidance of from the advisory committee on immunization practices through the cdc. They've signaled likely next. Group will include essential workers as well as people over sixty five and people with underlying conditions. That obviously is a lot of chicago. And so even as we're waiting to hear some more details about potential sub prioritisation within that. We're already planning thinking about for people who are over. Sixty-five with underlying conditions will be working closely with for example many many many Doctors offices and outpatient practices across chicago will be asking them to be reaching out to their partners. Sorry to their patients so that people who are older with conditions will especially be able to get it through their doctors offices and then we'll be working on the essential workers side with employers will be doing outreach. In communities of where the virus has hit hardest to ensure that as essential workers lived in those neighborhoods for example they know how to get vaccinated. And then we'll be having some mass vaccination sites they'll be by appointment initially and we'll start with healthcare workers. But we're doing planning in all of these streams we can handle all of the vaccine that is given to us by the federal government. And we've got plans that flex very large or very small depending on what that supply chain looks like now. During this afternoon's press conference we also heard from dr helene gayle. The chicago community. Trust us speaking specifically about equity. Tell us how equity for communities of color factor into your vaccination plan so we have thought about equity and actually put it at the center of every phase of his vaccination plan. You've heard us talk a lot about equity already on the case side on testing side and we're being more serious about it on the vaccine side because this is how we're eventually gonna get past covid i and so for example where even from the beginning where we're thinking about healthcare workers This is not just doctors and the nurses this is also thinking about people who are nurses aides people who are working sometimes in some of the more support roles which may be lower paid and which we know in chicago. A lot of black chicagoans lat next chicagoans fill those roles will be specifically doing outreach And working to make sure that they know they can get vaccinated and that once pulled especially moving into some outpatient provider side will be thinking about some of the lower paid healthcare workers and trying to prioritize them for appointments for vaccine in our mass vaccination sites. And it'll go on from there We have to follow the federal guidance. But we implement that and so we'll be pushing to make sure than some of our neighborhoods and particularly in black chicago where we've seen more deaths still than in any other group. We wanna make sure that there's good messaging about the safety of the vaccine advocacy of the vaccine. We're doing everything we can to remove barriers so that people are excited about getting. This seems to protect their communities. It also will be a free of charge to chicagoans no today in the uk public health officials. There are warning people who have a history of allergic reactions to medicine To skip the vaccine because of the case of a couple of people who received they're having those reactions of how do you how do you rectify that here. How do you deal with that here. Yes so actually for all vaccines We always have a plan for what's called. Nfl axis this allergic reaction. Even if i'm giving a single dose of a vaccine i have in my in my container The medicine use in case. Somebody has a allergic reaction so it is something we planned for. I think in this case with a new vaccine certainly what. The recommendation in the uk was. Was that anyone who has history of serious allergic reactions enough where they need to carry an abbey pen. For example it asks them to delay vaccination while they explore this And this is exactly what will happen as as we roll out a new vaccine we will be looking Really understanding harder things we need to be prepared for and if we need to change some of the guidance around who will be getting vaccine right at the beginning. Were ready to do that. Point five percent of the people in the visor. Trial had some kind of allergic reaction. It was actually very similar to the group that got the placebo. Not the real vaccine but again as the vaccine is available in the real world we also have a lot more opportunity to collect information about side effects or any concerns other robust plans for doing that. at the city level at the state level and at the federal level. We want to be transparent. Make sure people have the information they need to secure in their decision to hopefully become vaccinated when a vaccine is available for them and dr already. They're still a lot of people who are still resistant to getting this vaccine. Once it becomes available to them perhaps even some health care workers but for some folks. It's a matter of mistrust in the medical community. What do you say to that. Yeah so. I'd say there is a long history here that we want to acknowledge. I think particularly. We're talking with black chicagoans really acknowledging the racist history that is absolutely part of the medical system in the public health system. This vaccine and our recommendations around it are absolutely based insci- the fact that this visor vaccine in particular which were now able to share data about ninety five percent protective that is an amazingly effective vaccine and the advocacy was the same across different race. Ethnicity groups ages genders people with underlying conditions We wanna make sure that there has been good representation of both black and latinx acts americans in these trials and here in chicago. We've seen that by and large and we'll be wanting to share that data in details that people really can feel secure that this vaccine has had the appropriate testing That the trials have not skipped stops which they have not that we are watching close. Leave for side effects. We were able to share today. Some of the data around side effects. Things like store harms on things like people feeling fatigued and having headaches the came out of those trials we will be making more that data available on the website and really sharing That as we are on the one hand talking about how effective this vaccine is were thrilled that there were not any serious safety concerns identified. What we want to understand that there will probably be some of these lower level side effects to be inspected all right. Dr allison arwady. We look forward to having you back again in the future as this continues to roll out. Thanks again for joining us. Thank you and now back to paris for a look at whether the availability of vaccines will be enough to revive the airline industry. Paris brennan's the airline industry has been devastated by the pandemic major. Us carriers are losing millions of dollars each day and the losses could total one hundred eighteen billion dollars by the end of this year and has big ramifications for chicago. Airlines are hopeful for a twenty twenty one recovery as the nation begins the vaccination process and joining us to share their assessment of the outlook for the industry are tracy rosinsky chicago-based aviation correspondent four thompson reuters and joe sweeter men professor in the school for public service department of public policy and a sustainable urban development program at depaul university and a specialist on transportation policy. Welcome back both of you To chicago tonight. I joe are the mayor yesterday announced plans for covid nineteen testing for employees and travelers at chicago airports. How's that going to work breakthroughs this week and testing guy chicago. Rollout this plan. They're going to be a terminal to have ticketing. If you're ticketed. Pasture employer eligible uses service. And the be both rapid testing and today testing. Start sheep maybe one hundred fifty dollars a bit more but it's going to pass just some confidence that they know where to go to get tested thinking bribed here are the early and mid way is going to be close Closer to the parking garage. Cpa station it's a pretty big news story this week and there's also going to be that city testing site near the garage. Midway tracy sqi let health experts were worried about a busy travel. Week during thanksgiving. And whether there'd be breakouts tied to folks in airports and on airplanes is there any data suggest to suggest any of that materialized well and just to clarify that there really have not been any any outbreaks tied to air travel at all An terms of i mean to say is on airplanes or at but it's a little too soon to tell whether that thanksgiving travel in and of itself led to a spike in cases. Are joe swetering. We mentioned the the terrible financial for the industry does twenty twenty one. Look like a rebound here on a roller coaster. A pair of september. The airlines are optimistic. The added lots of schedules That didn't pan out. They scale back. Thanksgiving was so so Head bashed delta just announced that he's seeing flat lining for quite a while. I think though just the last day or two all felt a little bit of excitement First of all A southwest their bond rating got improve We're seeing the vaccine. Excitement spread everywhere. So i think finally. We're seeing some confidence in the public. That we're getting the vaccine and testing system down enough. So people contacting back to the skies tracy rozanski. What are the financials look like for the big players in this industry american united delta south west. Could we see a major carrier. Go out of business. I don't think we'll see a major here. You're going to business They are each burning between twelve million and thirty million dollars every single day of cash. So it's a large sum of money but they have also raised a lot of capital and they all say that that should get them through at least twenty twenty one What happens after that really depends on strength of the recovery next year and it also may depend on what further assistance they get from the government government joe sweeter men should airlines and the industry anticipate anything out of this latest stimulus bill. That is being negotiated they do. The news is spreading fast. And we're getting close to a deal. I said that before airlines did well in that first round you call with the payroll protection that kept employs on board. That allowed them to keep a lot of flights in the area. Even though the economics sport were good that ended in october. So now we're waiting for round two of this and The sense that airlines are going to do quite as well as they did. The first time but all transportation's position really well and we now know of course that the big four probably okay to skirt bankruptcy but some of these smaller airlines legion frontier sun country. They're really in a tough spot. And if something does give congress who knows what's going to happen to their ability to fly and some of those airlines have had trouble for years tracy brzezinski what about vaccine distribution. You have carriers like american saying they. They wanna distribute the vaccine. How would that work logistically. How does that play into airlines recovery. Well all there is enough vaccine distribution business to go around for all of the major carriers and this is going to not only be a big part of their cargo business a as soon as these vaccines are approved but going into next year as well and they're hoping that that that axing distribution can also help them open up some of the passenger routes that have been closed as well as the that bridge to place in which people can start traveling rural. You're done and just weird and let's let's bring this back local you know o.'hare midway thousands of jobs. The city relies on the tax revenue. That comes through their the tourism. that comes through their. how has this impacted. chicago's airports. And and what does the future look. Like for o'hare redevelopment as we do no one one is going to be down. Other some sense that things could start to Approach normalcy next summer or perhaps eighty percent of pre pandemic volumes But we know the winner and springer probably going to be pretty rough but that means fewer personal facility charges less parking revenue all those things which has got to be tough for the city. And they're gonna situation. They gotta decide how quickly to proceed with. The you know the massive o'hare twenty one plan the new terminals terminal to rebel the satellite terminals and The bond ratings are got nervous about all airports right now. So i think the good news is. We're still only in the design. Planning stage of that were not Least the terminal to project had a little time but it's going to be some tough decisions whether does whether to slow things down presents ski. Are there deals out there for passengers and will there be going forward in two thousand twenty one just given the state of the industry i yes. There are deals. If if you book ahead of time i think the closer you get your travel dave the higher the fares are because the fact is there just aren't a lot of flights out there right now. Airlines have reduced their capacity by about fifty percents. So it it. It's a tough call. They are offering low fares to entice people to get on board to start flying again but the says until people really feel comfortable traveling. They don't expect Those those troubles to to return to what they were before the pandemic all right. We're gonna have to it. There are lots to talk about. Our thanks to tracy resents ski and joseph peterman for the first time in decades. There's no clear answer to the question who will be the next speaker of the illinois house longtime speaker. Michael madigan still wants that job. But at least nineteen of his fellow. Democrats say they won't support him for another term. Amanda finicky spoke with some of the first legislators to take that position and she joins us now. Amanda would you find out. House speaker is a powerful job. And really it's been crafted into one largely by madigan. Who's held the post for all but a blips since the early eighties but it is is not the only reason why madigan is frequently referred to as one of if not the most powerful politician in illinois us also chair of the democratic party of illinois and democrats ruled the roost in this state which is why freshman state representative tara. Kosta howard running for a second term. This november says she had a lot of soul-searching to do this summer after madigan was identified in federal court papers in which comment admitted to a long running scheme to bribe him. She said she'd already been frustrated. That madigan hadn't been doing enough as illinois was fighting pandemic. I am an attorney. I am a former public defender. So you are innocent until proven guilty and for me. This wasn't about whether you know he's guilty of a crime or not. This says this doesn't feel right. This is wrong. Casa howard in july became the first democrat to essentially abandoned madigan announcing that. If she were re elected she would not support him for another term as speaker. Let me tell you. The impact was much greater than than people realize particularly because this occurred in the middle of my campaign as speaker and democratic party chairman. It doesn't matter who raises bid bucks and then uses it to send money as well as support staff polling in campaign brochures to democrats to help them get elected but kosta howard told me in an interview that she was essentially punished for her stance. It has huge ramifications for me. When i decided that i needed to say and to speak out that i would not support him. Ramifications like what while the largest ramification was fundraising. I mean i was essentially While i was basically cut off from from the typical large donors she says some changes were subtle for example. The party did send a worker to help her with the race. But this worker was inexperienced and she says not a good fit. Unlike the season campaign worker who the democratic party had sent to help her in eighteen and the party did offer to help with polling but kosta howard says that came too late in the process and also she says the party refused to let her ask on that poll. A question about madigan. It's a very fine line right because nothing you don't want any want anything to look retaliatory return. Excuse me so. I think that there was a fine line. That was walked. Kosta howard said. She didn't end up doing her own poll and she did ask about madigan again. It showed the speaker less popular with voters in her district. Them president donald trump. So all her decisions may have been controversial in political circles. That stance on madigan may have helped with voters. Well howard says she didn't accept money for madigan she did however receive and take money from campaign committees that he controls according to the democratic party of illinois money totalling about a half million dollars a dpi spokesperson says kosta. Howard faced no repercussions rather. She says it was pulling that showed. It was clear that kosta howard's race against former republican representative. Peter brin wasn't all that tight cost howard was pulling away so money was shifted to raises. That were tighter. This spokesperson saying that. Supporting strong female candidates remains a dpi priority. But retribution can come in other forms. It is a big deal. And i don't think people really understand outside of those of us who are living at every day really understand what it's like to come out and say i will not be supporting him. As a legislator we have a responsibility to pass legislation that that hopefully benefits are districts and your legislation could be held up and it could be something that you've worked on and it's important. It could mean what committee assignments it could mean on projects that come out to your district. While custom howard was the first to have previously backed madigan. Men defected democratic representative installed. A murray of naperville refused to vote for madigan as speaker two years ago. She says she did get legislation passed. Despite that i mean. I think it's a couple of things number one. I don't think this should be discounted in the metoo move. Man is his chief of staff. Tim makes was taken out of our. And from what i understand. He would have been the ringleader in quote unquote making my life. A living how she also says she may not have been punished given the reason that she opposed him as expand opposition to sexual harassment incidents in springfield. I don't think the other women and the caucus would have looked very fondly upon him very openly having retribution against someone who was who was standing up against that still summary says the for two years. She requested meetings with madigan and he never responded. Now come the twenty twenty one legislature women. Democrats will number mill democrats in the house and stop. Maria says that that's something that should be considered as democrats in the caucus battle out. Who will be the next house speaker. A seven murray says she does expect more democrats to join in the nineteen who have already said that. They will not support for another role as speaker even if they're not going to come out and say so in public. She says she doesn't necessarily feel vindicated. She says she feels grateful. We have to point out madigan nonsmoking publicly since the comrade deferred prosecution agreement was announced but he has issued statements continually denying any role in the com add scandal and denying wrongdoing. He has presented himself as democrats best choice as illinois faces. Some big budget woes. Paris lot of shaking out that needs to happen between now and late january. All right amanda. We'll see later in the program for spotlight politics. But i a unique virtual concert from lyric opera of chicago. And that's right. After this latinos who make up one third of the population continue to power. The city that works. These are the people that are working three jobs knowing that covert is out there and the people that need the help we should help them and we still have much more ahead on the show including of public official caught breaking the state's covert restrictions and other stories in this week's spotlight politics but i this sunday lyric opera of chicago is having a virtual concert. Unlike anything they've ever had before arts correspondent angel edo takes us to lyric opera which opened its doors for the first time since june. Two film. this virtual concert today. I had the joy of recording a duet. Mckee us with david petillo. And he's a beautiful tenor and We've never sung together so to have that. Experience was was really beautiful hosted by puerto rican soprano anna maria martinez with musical accompaniment. By craig terry for the first time ever. Lyric opera of chicago is hosting a concert. Entirely sung in spanish in pacione. Listen featuring students from the ryan opera center. Each singer tried to choose songs that were best reflective of their talents. Those news again for third year. Baritone ricardo rivera. It was about singing songs that reflected his upbringing in puerto rico. This songs that were danced to almost every night in certain places and there are recognized immediately by people off maybe one or two generation per two hours immediately and it's almost like a sense of going back home originally from oaxaca mexico first-year soprano. Denise villas has been a practicing singer for the past eleven years old. Georgina eighty postpartum me. As i am missy way afford to nara a the work untidiness buying your e most threatened he. Kinda is presentiment that stuck on while its virtual i for lyric and more ways than one. The artists say they're grateful to bring the community together during this time. What their love for the language did madina latin passion. And i think that there's a lot of joy and strengthen in passion some will be familiar. Some will be new discoveries. And i think the language will be the common thread and i've i've always thought that person's favourite word or the one that will open their heart the most is their own name and i think after that it's their mother tongue so i am very hopeful that everyone will rejoice who speaks spanish in this presentation but also those that don't speak it. They'll they'll see the beauty and here the beauty in it for chicago tonight. I'm angel edo on latina premieres this sunday evening at six on the lyric opera of chicago facebook and youtube channels with closed captions available in both english and spanish. Visit our website for more information and their parents who go back to you. Thanks brandis and still to come on chicago tonight. How black owned businesses and chicago's would community are managing six months. After civil unrest in the area. Recall we'll bring the state some accountability plus their spotlight. Politics team looks at the push to pass a recall measure in the state which could affect speaker madigan. But i some more of today's top stories. The fbi chicago offices asking for tips leading to the arrest of a man seen firing a rifle at a metro station. The suspect seen here in this video from the f. b. i. allegedly fired around from collapsible rifle at the mccormick place. Metra stop on december first. The fbi says the suspect is believed to be five foot eight and of medium or slender billed. The public is urged to call the chicago. Fbi office or go to website with tips and state public health officials report more than eighty two hundred new cases of covid nineteen in the last twenty four hours with one hundred seventy nine additional deaths that makes a total of more than eight hundred and twelve thousand cases and thirteen thousand six hundred sixty six deaths. The test positivity rate is eleven point four percent the cubs could be getting a tax break from the city due to covid nineteen a city council committee voted unanimously to wave two hundred fifty thousand dollar annual bill. The team is normally required to pay each year for the renovations on wrigley field. The cubs argued that they deserve the break because they were not allowed to have fans or hold concerts depriving them of major sources of their revenue. The team is expected to resume paying those yearly fees. Starting in two thousand twenty one this month. Btw news checking in on neighborhoods across chicago where civil unrest occurred this summer including instances of looting and property damage. Our next stop is englewood on the south side where businesses experienced extensive damage along commercial quarters like sixty third street and ashland avenue six months later chicago. Tonight's quinn myers. Checks in with community organizers and business owners to see how they're holding on. And what's next. I got ill to my stomach. Husband was felt ill to stomach of just the whole situation. Hacia butler is the executive director of the resident association of greater englewood or rage a group dedicated to community engagement in the south side neighborhood. This summer butler watched as businesses near her home were broken into and looted just one portion of widespread damage in the neighborhood. That's long struggled with disinvestment. Our community has been looted for the last forty fifty years. When you just turn around in front of an abandoned school you look across the street. It's abandoned homes and talking about years of segregation years of Targeting black folks out of their homes contract by making it difficult for african americans to get loans to open businesses after the civil unrest butler says people reached out to her eager to support black owned businesses and englewood but didn't have a centralized way to find them so her organization began putting together a directory. One business on the list is would hardware on sixty third street. Owner jared hicks worked here in high school and came back to buy the place a couple years ago. Got limited black ministers. They used to have here. You know years ago. When i was coming up it was. You know all down through here. Hopefully they'll those are all businesses sixty third and fifth. I mean this everywhere. You went with printshop. Somebody was always one stockton down. Sixty third street near ashland is another black owned business included in the directory clothing and apparel store. Englewood branded owner corey luckett says most of the surrounding businesses were damaged during the summer civil unrest but his store was left untouched. In fact people were coming by asking. He always everything. Okay good i have people willing to stand outside the store to protect it. I just felt that was great. Let me know that did something right. Look it says his englewood. T shirts and hoodies are about taking pride in the positive aspects of his community. Ones that don't get much attention on the six o'clock news. You can be your own business your own boss you can grow. You can help the community. You can do this all at the same time. Without having any negative surroundings or backlash with its that attitude butler and a host of other community groups like the inner city muslim action network or iman have applied to ambitious project called. Go green on racine. The initiative hopes to revitalize the entire intersection at sixty third street and racine avenue including a fresh produce market the business incubator and a resource center for people. Returning from incarceration work iman has already been doing in the community for years. Essential piece of the project is the closed green line station here at sixty third in racine which organizers say they're advocating to get reopened so for us just like having a vacant school is unacceptable having a vacant green line stop that just rolls past residents is unacceptable at the future fresh market on sixty third street. We met jake hat. Who's working on the team renovating the space. This is like a starting point for the community. We're trying to better this community Making more comfortable making more lovable hatton. Who grew up on the west side says he sees the project as a model to take to other neighborhoods across chicago. I don't want this to stop. I wanna continue on this road. And i want others to join us and become a part of this family that like i say i'm from the west side of chicago so i'm out here but i plan to bring back out and give others opportunities just like i get for chicago tonight. I'm quinn myers. And w w news is continuing our series through the month of december checking it on different communities months after civil unrest next up in this series. We'll be live tomorrow. From chicago's pilsen neighborhood has part of our chicago tonight. In your neighborhood series still to come are spotlight. Politics team looks at repercussions for alderman. Tom tunney who serve customers indoors at his and slather restaurant but first we're in chicago. Tonight's december pledge right now and we have a matching grant that will make your contribution. Go farther when you call tonight. You're matching gift will be supporting the w. t. w. fund for independent news. This new initiative will provide ongoing financial support for the quality journalism. 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From the presidential inauguration there will be much to report on between now and then and we'll be sure to keep you up to date on everything that's happening even though our political reporting increases during an election season. It's really an extension of the work we do every day. That's because we put a high priority on our political and public policy coverage we know every city likes to think their political landscape is unique but in chicago. We know that's true and during these times our political coverage takes on new urgency will keep reporting important stories. But we can't do it alone running a strong newsroom takes financial resources. That's why we're asking for your help to support this essential public service and tonight. The challenge grant sponsored by jim in k. Maybe we'll double the impact of your gift doesn't take much to make a difference but it does take the help of everyone who values what we provide here at w. w. news and chicago. Tonight you can make a matching contribution by calling seven seven three five eight eight eleven eleven or go online at. Www dot com and next our spotlight politics team tackles the latest battle against speaker. Mike madigan but first we take a look at the weather illinois house speaker. Michael madigan floats an income tax hike. Meanwhile alderman. Tom tunney rolled for serving diners indoors at his restaurant. Here with all that and much. More are are spotlight. Politics team of amanda finicky heather sharon and parachutes so embattled speaker michael madigan. He's floating this tax increases of course after governor pritzker so called fair tax amendment. The graduated income tax amendment failed at the ballot box manda so of the wealthier paying more. Does this mean we all pay more. Oh that was always going to be one of the possibilities especially with the failure of the graduated income tax illinois needs to do something particularly if governor jb pritzker is going to fulfill his promise to get illinois back on the past to having balanced budgets. There's going to be some sort of a solution cuts tax increase. They've kind of done a whole lot of the easy stuff. What madigan told this was reporting from the chicago sun times with madigan told a private meeting that was then leaked of the black caucus as he sought their support for another term speaker was been he would help to get that done. Should the governor asked for it. We really don't have a whole lot of details yet. But yeah it's it's a possibility. How much does he want to get. This done manda. I'm not sure that there is any politician who wants to vote for a tax increase. Then again madigan certainly has plenty else going on to worry about. His district has sought to even with the veil of corruption. And he said he'd done nothing wrong. But regardless his district has sought to send him back to springfield repeatedly so presumably not a big issue for him but again. The the really aren't a whole lot of choices here. If you need revenue a flat tax and increase along those lines is surely one of the key ways to do it. Heather is their support for a tax hike in the general assembly. We don't really know because we don't really know what the federal government is going to come forward with is as part of relief package. If there's no relief package it's going. The tax hike is going to be on on unavoidable. Just because simply the whole is too big to fill otherwise if the package includes aid to states which means illinois will benefit. It's possible that cuts and sort of more sort of borrowing could fill the gap but that's a completely unknown at this point however You know this is crunch time really for the state's budget There is no more low hanging fruit to pick off. These are all going to be really tough. Decisions and governor pritzker has said that he will not allow those cuts to fall hardest on the poorest illinois ins which means that all of us will probably have to pay a little bit more somewhere along the line. Heather should lawmakers then consider putting this tax hike off until they do know what they're getting from washington. Yes i think that we will know by the end of the year. So by december thirty first weather a relief package path. The gop controlled senate. So that will mean that they will have a little bit more information when they convene in january and then they'll be able to say well. How long can we wait for an additional package. After president-elect biden takes office and perhaps even has control of the senate if pending the outcome of the georgia senate runoff. So a lot is sort of really up in the air. And i think that state lawmakers will be sort of hoping in crossing their fingers that they won't have to take a vote to hike taxes but it may be inevitable. Paris republican house leader. Jim durkin wants spending cuts. Could that mean more layoffs. It could mean more layoffs brands. But it's important to remember that it's hard to find big wholesale cuts in the state budget because the state is statutorily obligated to make certain payments like the pension payments. It's it has to fund education at a certain level has to fund social services at a certain level and it seems like there's this game of chicken being played right now governor. Pritzker says okay. Well why don't you show us. What cuts you're talking about and Reportedly minority leader durkan hasn't really unveiled. What exactly he wanna cut. So you know i. It is politically popular to say. We don't want tax hikes. We want cuts. But then it becomes less politically popular when you go out and say exactly what you wanna cut and what kind of layoffs that might mean so this weekend amanda just mentioned mike madigan told the black caucus that they should support him for house speaker in spite of his waning support and house. We know that nineteen representatives have said they will not support his bid for speaker He talked about you. Know his strong leadership and about his ability to steer through a possible tax increase And guiding the remapping process amanda. What does his support. Look like in the blackhawks. It's hard to gauge that. We didn't get any comment or endorsement. To after that weekend meeting again privately held. Why didn't we get any sort of announcement from the black caucus dorsey. What had been expected to be mad again. Well it may be again because some of that audio got leaked and time to tax increase. Not particularly a popular thing again. As we've been talking about that could be part of it. I do think. Redistricting is key for example in speaking with both of representatives that were featured in the story that i did earlier. Custom howard instead of murray. They're both from the suburbs. Madigan is a big deal. There brewers don't like him. It is certainly very different in many districts. Particularly those in chicago those represented by members of the black caucus. Who don't really give that big a hoot about who is leading the illinois house. They just want other measures passed things that the black caucus promoting do have to add. There has been at least one member of the black caucus. That's marines west out of the rockford area. Who has said he does not support madigan. but he's a bit of an outlier in terms of just his district and many of his possessions. In light of the state's history of corruption to republicans have proposed a recall measure senator adjacent berkman of bloomington and representative mark baton. Nick of plainfield wanna make it easier to recall more elected officials take a look people illinois have been shut out too long. They are done with corruption. They are done with machine politics and they're done with speaker. Madigan recall will bring the state some accountability when the majority party seems to have little now paris after rod blagojevich's indictment recall measure passed. But that was just for governor. Is this proposed bill targeted at madigan. It certainly seems that way and right now you know piling on the madigan train is politically. It pays dividends for republicans you saw how it impacted the election tying speaker madigan to justice kilbride and to the graduated income tax amendments so any little opening they see to sort of tie democrats as speaker meeting and keep madigan in the news. They will All caution and say that with state representatives. It's a little bit different than the governor. They serve two year terms so there are constantly primaries and they're constantly challenges talking about running maybe makes a little more sense for a recall for a four year term But when there's a two year term it's like amanda said speaker madigan adage all the time. There are term limits already. They're called elections. I want to get to kobe. But does this have legs. Could it pass. I don't think that it is going to get to that point. It's sponsored by republicans. They're not in control in. In addition to some of the poems at paris noted constitutional questions. I don't think we're going to get to this point anytime young so not one. But two lawmakers were caught violating the states copa nineteen restrictions. Let's start with the democrat. One of the mayor's key leaders forty fourth ward alderman. Tom tunney also owns the end. Say the restaurant in lakeview. There's been dispute over how that's actually pronounced. We'll get back to that But heather what happened at his restaurant. And what's the city doing in the way of fines. Well he was allowing longtime he diners at his late. You read a restaurant. pulling in sather's i'm not gonna argue with brandis you to sign enrolls cycle which he was letting them in to dine thirty eight days into this ban imposed by governor pritzker and he was essentially caught out and there were complaints made to the cities. He's now facing two citations. Which if it's held responsible for could mean that he needs to pay ten thousand five hundred dollars to the city and it was a real embarrassment for the mayor and she said today she was quote deeply disappointed in alderman tiny and she said that she he would be held responsible and not made an exception. This is ben a clash between mayor. Lightfoot governor pritzker since almost the beginning of the pandemic mayor lightfoot wants restaurants to be able to reopen. The governor has said this is where coded is spreading. This just couldn't have been sort of a more hot button. Issue to snare one of the mayor's closest allies now governor pritzker spoke out against alderman. Tom tiny about his restaurant violations but also against republican holiday party with dozens of unmasked people. A look at what he had to say to the host state representative brad. Halbrook shame on him. Shame on him for having people in a room packed together not wearing a mask. He knows better. He should know better. If he doesn't maybe shouldn't be in the general assembly. Amanda could representative helper punishment to. I don't know how what that punishment would be. More likely the venue that hosted this event in arthur illinois is sort of a bit different given that helper is a tough thing when you have politicians not practicing what they preach when it comes to the corona virus representative. Halbrook is not one of those who've been preaching about it. He has openly said that he disagrees with the actions. That pritzker has taken. Use it as an overreach is allied with representative darren bailey. Who's been behind all of these lawsuits so this is really in keeping with hell brooks beliefs. Though it may not be safe for you'll annoyance particularly those who attended this bash now pairs. You broke the story yesterday that eleanor lawmakers want billions back from private health. Insurers tell us more about that well a brandis. These are two lawmakers one in the house. One of the senate democrats and and basically they're saying in the medicaid system in illinois. It's run as a managed care system so basically the state pays a sum billions of dollars every year. Half of that by the way is reimbursed in federal taxes to these private organizations that manage medicaid for two plus million low income residents in illinois. And what they're saying is most of these companies are big healthcare companies that are making huge profits in covid companies like meridian companies. Like blue cross blue shield. Also they say that because of ovid utilization rates are down so fewer people are going to the doctor for big elective surgeries meaning. They're using fewer insurance claims so the lawmakers are saying. Well what are you doing with that pile of money. We think you're sitting on a pile of money and frankly we think you should give that back to the state to redirect to critical care hospitals like mercy hospital. The thing is to keep that federal matching a dollar those dollars that come in from the federal government for medicaid. They have to keep this in the healthcare system so they said we don't want this when he going overwhelmingly to these big healthcare companies. Let's let's send them to hospitals now. Amanda i'm sure the hospitals are going to lobby the general assembly about this. No doubt what's going to happen lawsuits in the future. A yes for sure. If anything like this were to pass which don't necessarily expect particularly at this degree think would raise about three billion dollars. That's the equivalent of what the graduated income tax constitutional amendment would have done so makes it sound quite easy to basically plug the budget hole. But i don't think it is going to be that there certainly is going to be a lot of negotiating around healthcare and there are issues around these mc organizations period when those contracts are up but given both federal and state law. I don't think that this is something that will readily fly. Heather raw manual continues to make his case for biden's transportation secretary you've written extensively about this Now the former mayor's facing a good bit of pushback from liberals who oppose his nomination or potential nomination over the way he handled the liquid mcdonald case. Tell us about your story. well i just. I wanted to look back at his eight years in office to really figure out if the case that he's making for himself that his legacy in chicago as a transportation focused mayor didn't what did that. Tell us about what he would do at in abidjan cabinet and really he focused primarily on two areas o'hare and the cpa and nobody can deny that he really sort of positioned o'hare once the pandemic is over to be expanded by nearly forty percent more flights and sort of securing. Its place like a mobile hub in the united states also he. He directed nearly eight billion dollars. This eta rebuilding all sorts of train lines. But the question is i think is worse those decisions made equitably and i think if you talk to people on the south side so they'll say they're still waiting for the red line extension to one hundred thirty th street and that bus ridership really drop during his tenure and buses are what you know. Poor chicagoans rely on. So it's he definitely had an ambitious agenda but in some ways. It was clouded with some of those equity issues. That were talking so much about in the wake of george floyd staff in police custody and after as part of the black lives matter movement and had her husband's name also been floated for us. Trade representative yes and we found out today that he will not be getting that job so it seems like transportation secretary or bust and we will be waiting to hear if he is named to. Joe biden's cabinet along with illinois senator. Tammy duckworth who is believed to be a leading contender to lead the veterans affairs department. So we're all on pins and needles or at least i am vacancy. See for governor pritzker two point in the senate if that happens a man we've got about twenty seconds left five politicians talking about running for secretary of state. who are they. Is it early. Who i don't know if i'm going to get them all in the clerk. Karen yarbrough city clerk in valencia former state treasurer alexi genucel. Elliot's of ultimate. Run out of getting somebody. That won't be the like thing. Everybody wants this job jesse white. His said before that he was going to retire. Never actually done it. He says he actually means it. It is going to be a hot contest. Should be fun to watch for those of us. Who enjoy watching it. My thanks our spotlight. Politics team periods shuts heather serono and amanda energy. And you can visit our website for more on the stories discussed tonight with our spotlight politics team. And while you're there make sure to check on our died for things to know about the state's plan for a covid nineteen vaccine that's all it. Wtt w dot com slash news. And that's our show for this wednesday night don't forget to stay connected with us by signing up for our daily briefing and you can get chicago. Tonight streamed on facebook youtube and our website. Wtt w dot com slash news can also give the show via podcast and the pbs video. App please join us tomorrow night. Live at seven. We visit pilsen and its businesses and community leaders for next in your neighborhood and an update on the long awaited final stretch of the lakefront trail which the city hopes to complete by year's end. And we leave you tonight with some more of the lyric opera's pass the own latina performance now for all of us here at chicago tonight. I'm brandon friedman and i'm parachutes. Thank you so much for watching. Stay healthy and safe and good night closed. Captioning is made possible in part by robert a clifford and clifford law offices wishing a happy and healthy holiday season.

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