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Crude. Oil is crude. Natural gas is pure. That's why Pennzoil's based oil is made from natural gas, not crowed, gives you unbeatable engine protection. The proof is in the pennzoil based on sequence for aware test using sap five W. thirty. Cried Passion then pattern tree of college. Football leaves here. The Paul Finebaum show our three podcast. We welcome back great to have you here. We'll be heading to a next guest here. In a couple of moments, mortgage phone phone calls at eight, five, five, two, four, two, seven, two, eight, five, some really very strong calls today, and we would do we. We appreciate all of them and encourage you to give us a ring. Let's continue with more calls and. Jennifer is up next hello. Jennifer. Jennifer! I am doing great, thank you. I wanted to say hey. Hey there. How are you? I'm doing well I'm a graduate of the University of Tennessee ninety five and I wanted you to let me know what you thought about our hopes of winning games this year. I think. It's funny in fact, We're about to talk about Tennessee with an our next guest I think if I think Philip. Philip former made a great decision a couple of years ago, and and bring in Jeremy Pruitt and I think that's been backed up especially. In the recruiting for David I've been joins us from the athletic. He covers that beat so. David caller was just asking about the Tennessee evolves Before we get to some of the meatier issues. on the table It has been an extraordinary couple months for Jeremy Pruitt, him. It has been solely good vibe since the one in four star. You know you win six games in a row. Close strong, top ten recruiting class, and now they're sending the top by trying to hang onto. That bought the twenty twenty one class. So the roster is indisputably a lot better than it was. What two and a half years ago and now you just got to make wins I. think that jump from five to eight is not that hard. I think a lot of programs make that eight to ten, a little harder ten to twelve and thirteen ninety. Make that and so step one of the Jerry Ferrara I. Suppose is done, but encouraging signs who two years. David Want I want to get to a couple of things it'd be before we get to the issues that Phillip Fulmer and everyone there has. I know coach former made a statement a few weeks ago. About his optimism of the season I've heard it disseminated at many many ways. You may know more than I do. And also, in relation to his hope that there would be full stadiums that comment got a lot of attention around the country. I don't know how much of it was justified Can you address that for a second because I'm sure you've had an opportunity to to learn more about it than I have. Yeah, I mean I thought some of the uproar about that was a little bit silly. Because ultimately Tennessee is just not going to entertain the idea that the season is not to be anything other than twelve games full season until it's officially not that's not about being reckless, or you know bullheaded about the realities facing, but I think you know just from what I understand it since financial decision because they believe they can get refunds to their ticket holders a lot easier than well. We only sold thirty thousand, and now we're allowed to put sixty. Sixty thousand people in the stadium. We got sell thirty thousand tickets in two weeks. They know that then near impossibility, so I think until things were officially. They weren't gonNA publicly entertain the idea, but they've been dealing with contingencies behind the scenes. You know for quite a while but yeah. I thought some of the uproar. Some of the you know some about that was probably not great, but I do think the interesting question and not specifically former explicitly, but the interesting question is how much because a lot of schools took that. Approach, how much that idea of everything is normal contributed to sort of the laws airfare attitude toward the virus that we've seen for a lot of folks. Haven't taken it quite as seriously as maybe you would've liked I. Don't know the answer to that question I I think it's an interesting one but you know I think as we have the element of time. We can look back on this I. Think we're GONNA hopefully learn a lot of lessons, and emerge with a wiser society ideally. And that's a big topic here. David not to drag you into it, but but there there there does seem to be this. This two states of mind out there the one that. Will be a twelve game season. One hundred thousand people will fill Neilan stadium and then the ones that that we we hear hear often There won't be a season, and there's no chance to in in the world that it will happen, and it's really hard to to make the to meet. It is I mean I think You know for a long time. I was pretty optimistic about the Games are going to be played. Fans will see. It might be different one week to another from state to state. You just don't know but now I think is. You're seeing the rise in cases, and so many states, and you're seeing you know obviously Greg, thank. You talked a little bit about the politicization of of all this stuff, and obviously that they need the cases they go down and I don't know that you're going to have a local governments do much between now on the season to to sparked something like that. I. Mean I honestly have not been? You know this sort of pessimistic about the idea of the season happening. Then I've been in a long time I think in. March felt so far away. They'll figure something out, or you know this they'll. It'll come together somehow I think I've always felt like so much money at stake. They're just GONNA. Push through and do what they can, but now you're seeing sort of the baby steps toward fewer and fewer games it's it's looking bleak fall. It's looking bleak. And That's a good word. and you wrote about that in your in your latest. Because you know, this is almost a death by a thousand cuts. We learned that may not happen. That game may not happen then who knows how many will happen? But what is going on, Charlotte was the first game as a huge payday for an ascending program program. Is really someone come out of nowhere? And you know even though Sankey said yesterday that has not been determined yet. Very few people believed games like that are going to be played. Yeah it is and I think it's it's GonNa, be interesting, you know. There's so many of those paycheck. Games that you know result a lot of gate revenue, and of course TV revenue for the bigger schools, but those checks are really important to smaller program. That's why those games get played and why? There's so many people lining up to to get that seven-figure payday and I wrote about how genesee. Contracts specifically cites a pandemic as a reason for they can be able to walk away from that contract now the interesting thing about this Paul I've had I've heard from more lawyers than I. Probably would have liked heard from in in the last. Thirty six hours story ran and one idea that they threw by me. Because obviously, the smaller schools are going to be really really desperate for money there's going to be. Everyone's going to be dealing with a budget crunch. and one thing that brought up was well maybe. Some of these smaller schools are going to to pursue that money anyway and say well the reason for these games, not being cancelled not because of the pandemic because of local government failure and point to around the globe will they're playing sports? They're playing sports. The NBA Playing Baseball Slang, and yet we can't play. It's not the pandemic solved the government's fault and that's not. Not covered. It's provocative strategy, but you know when these schools are getting desperate and you've got lawyers. I can't say that I'd be shocked if you heard something like that I. Don't know if you know necessarily. Tennessee would be dealing with something like that, but you know there's so many of these games, so many of these contracts. Some of them are bound to get messy. And just the one the US looked into I. Mean we always hear the conversation about money games, but? How much? Are these games worth. A lot I mean you talk about pretty good chunks in percentages of schools revenue? I mean so Charlotte sign for one point. Three million dollars troy one point four million dollars German as an SDS school, five hundred thousand dollars to come to Neilan stadium and play. Those are pretty typical numbers. Those kind of slowly risen you know ten years ago fifteen years ago, the seven digits weren't quite popular, but now that's pretty much market value for for those games, so that's a lot of money, and if you're a for Charlotte or a troy. You can't just scrounge up. You know one point three million dollars out of thin air. You don't have sort of magic booster that some of these schools do even they're dealing with the financial implications of of doing with the virus so I mean it's just. You wake up every morning and it just it bad for everyone every single person in the country and in the globe. Nobody's winning here. Just lose. Lose lose everywhere and again. You know not to Belabor the the the point, but it's just. It's just bleak everywhere. Finally before you go David it is bleak, and and you know we. We were trying to figure this all day yesterday and Twenty four hours later. We're still in the same spot Do you have any better understanding? Where the SEC is to single them out in terms of the next two or three weeks. What are they? What are they looking to determine is in a season is at a conference play or is it? To be continued. I mean I think it's everything that they can. You know I think it's. It was interesting when Chris! You're saying he was talking about that. They're gonNA take into. It's not so much for the last six months or or along with. A lot of the conversations. How many cases are on your roster? It was interesting when he talks about. It's more about for the community and the surrounding area, and so when you look at the numbers, and you're looking all these cases rising and hospitalizations rising, it's. you know. I. It feels like a fourth and fifteen situation, and they're hoping that maybe something really good can happen, and maybe you know people are changing their behavior and helping some of these numbers go down, but unless things are sort of mandated by local government, but I don't know that that's going to happen and I think you know if you're starting roll back. Some of these phases and lockdown more and more things you know especially in in in places around the south I don't think that's GonNa play very well, and when you have so many politicians as well that. Are you know turning the page and looking at reelection and? What two months you know. They're not gonNA WANNA. Make their constituency in furious at them even if that means costing them football. You know it's just again. Nobody's GonNa win here. and I you know you hope against hope that football can be played the season's GonNa get off, and at least like something, and maybe you can play a conference only schedule and hope that's the case, but you know you start looking at where things are now the trend line. You're asking yourself. How does this game better I? Don't know the answer to that. Question is one thing that anybody's willing to do right now. Great Conversation David thanks for coming on. Really appreciate it. Thank you very very much. Thank fall. Sorry to drag the showdown, but That's GonNa Right. We're glad to hear from you. I'm David covers Tennessee for the athletic and If you think he dragged it down, wait for our next guest Pete Tamil joining us in an hour. He wrote the other day. That college football is a four touchdown underdog in terms of getting the season and we'll take a break. Join just later. Your phone calls continue. Listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. 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Most respected college football writers in the country. Logan is up next in North Carolina. Logan. Paul. How are you doing today? We are doing great things. Actually today's a big day in our old stomping grounds the old heart of Dixie I. Guess What is it? Tommy Tupperware burst. But Yeah I really I must say as a political myself I I regret not doing a local show in Alabama today. That would be pretty exciting. I mean it. It's going to be huge I'm actually as a former resident I actually under to see what what's happening, but I wanted to talk to you about a little bit about a caller. You had a few few calls. he was talking about. You. Know College kids making the decision to play. and. I think that's. That's a bit much to expect. Might that's what eighteen to twenty, two, Eighteen, twenty, one? Whatever the age? To make that decision I mean they have to have an advocate I think probably ninety five percent of the people that team probably think that are gonNA. Make the pros. So, of course, they're going to play. They don't WanNA lose the season. so that was kind of weird that they got. All this Logan and you just first of all I think we ought to hear from young people but we know the answer before we call. Everyone that's part of this decision has a vested interest. That's one of the issues I think that we have and was a decision this important. it would be. I would like to see some neutrality, and that's why I hope. That when conferences rely on the when they when they talked to medical people, we're going to talk to an epidemiologist tomorrow, so listen to these people and say what is your best recommendation had not not. Can we do it? How can we do it safely? Exactly? I think that that that's probably a big deal and that's one thing. I I I was kind of happy to hear a Greg thank you say. I mean. At least if they try to go to the season now, they'll have uniform testing. And you know I've heard some stuff when your show. The Guy was talking to their day about maybe staggering the season. Two weeks. A lot of good ideas now they're all so. I would be happy at the season lasted for eight months. Logan I mean college. Football is pretty important all of us, but I think I think you have to leave some room. That's why you're eliminating the the money. Games because you have to have a spot on your schedule. If things. Change I talked to somebody today. WHO said that Assuming! We get to September. I mean you literally could have a reboot of schedules every couple of weeks. So. The reason I say that is when you get your fill. Steele's magazine today the schedule he has in there won't be the schedule. We haven't a couple of weeks. I can almost guarantee that it's really interesting. That was a great interview with Kinky He's he should run for office the because he's a good politician. He was definitely avoiding. Showing his hand yesterday, so I thought. I mean. It's a challenge to interview. Someone like that. My goal is is to get information Be Respectful, but when you're in his position. And everything you say magnified. You better be careful. Yeah exactly I mean I thought you did a great job. It was definitely a little bit more enlightening than the Mardi McGee interview. When I would, I would like more than anything. in somebody has one. I would like taper the meeting yesterday. Between the Commissioner of the eighties, I would really like to. Here as a win around the room, what people were saying? Yeah well. Maybe they made. He's like Nixon and he records that. We get. Not Not to not to play Watergate Can you top this, but I I bet? We bet if something was said we would have an eighteen and a half minute gap. Here and guaranteeing you the the more popular in the South Any Watergate hearings so that would be low. You're no, have you on? Thank you very. You Bet John is up next. Hey John Great to have you with us. Hey John Good afternoon. John did not answer the Bell Joe. How about another John? This one's in Mississippi Hey John. Powell. Don. Yeah, I'm I'm glad to hear that dear John. The Mississippi Junior College Athletic Association canceled. Foul football this year. I did hear that. In Mississippi has one of the most you know. Active junior college programs in the country. Yes no question about that. But they plan to play. A spring sched- you. Yeah I think some schools just really have no choice but to put it off. I mean some leagues. And and I would say the junior colleges. It's going to be I don't know the ramifications of that, but could be pretty severe. understand that the junior college is play. With hardly any gate receipts it. Almost all of their funding comes from the college, budget. So. That's not an issue. Yeah. I guess my point is what does it mean to the players? Though I guess they play in the spring. They'll still have an opportunity to To get to a college, but the problem is the. They'll be getting there late. I. Think that will make any difference actually? Okay well listen I do appreciate you calling and be well. Jim is up next. Hey, Jim, thanks for the call. Welcome to the program. Able Fall Hey. Here's my question for you. If if both seasons are canceled, Collagen and high school. Do you give the grant an extra year for the High School? Kids and college kid in his soul. As a high school parent, you encourage your kids to stay one more year high school, or do you encourage them to go college? And then it's so. How does that affect the recruiting process? Yeah, that's A. That's a great question. I think in I, think in college. You're going to have to give some leniency for those who want it. I don't know how you do it in high school, though I if your if your son theoretically is a senior and he does his. He does his work, but doesn't play football I mean. How can you keep them there another year? So he will do like dual enrollment, you know. Why he's in high school, I guess the or at least at one more semester. So, yeah, I, just I do not understand. What High School statutes are like but I I would be pretty surprised if If, they let a senior. Come back for another you would, you would just have an. A glut of players. Would you not? Yeah, but then does that affect him. 'cause like say if he's to. Clemson and they needed a quarterback. Whatever trevor leave well now. They don't need one trip state. Like how does how do you think all of that well? Yeah, I mean here's. College college is different for the player. I mean most most coaches whether it's dabbling. Sweeney or Sabin or anyone else want their players there. In January for obvious reasons. They want them to go through off season workouts. They want them to be there for spring That's the new normal. It's not for everyone. I mean there are some players that show up late, but that's not the way the best coaches prefer it, so if you're in high school you probably are, and you're a good player You're probably getting out of there as fast as possible. I appreciate it Paul Hey. Thank you great to have you on We have another ninety minutes ago. We look forward to talking to all of you when we come back. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. For businesses around the world, today isn't a restart. It's a rethink that's why they're partnering with IBM to Change. How they were from supply chains to customer service. Let's put smart to work visit IBKR DOT com slash smart to learn more. We welcome you back. It's great to have you only mentioned a couple of hours ago. that Scott Stricklin. Announced earlier today to his staff, he is the athletic director. At the University of Florida that he had tested positive earlier for Cova doing great In fact, it is in the past He also met the media. He had come number of things to say earlier today when he met with the media in Gainesville. We have to balance the importance of their wellbeing along with our mental wellbeing, and the thing that I took from that and some other conversations is student athletes. They do WANNA play games. And You know there's a lot of challenges in front of us right now and how we make that happen. but we you know we. Use a baseball analogy we owe it to athletes to try to run out every ground ball to figure out a way that we can get to the point where we can't play games and we can't have competition from them. But understanding. We're not gonNA. Do that until we get the point. That we are their health and wellbeing and safety is in his good environment as we can, we can make and we discussed on there. Let's get back to call. Get to. Hit the right buttons. Ken is in Philadelphia Hey. Can I grab you on? Thank you. Mr Fane Bomb. Yes good afternoon. Good afternoon! This is Ken from Philadelphia. You know I've been listening so many times talking about the school, but think of the small community that this is going to affect. If they cannot have. If, they cannot have college football. It's going to really affect the small town Knoxville the Schools of I mean Oxford in Starkville The towns will go under. They depend on college football You know d like eighty percent sixty to eighty percent of their revenue for the year. what's going to happen to these towns? No one's really understanding the financial impact. It's GonNa have on these communities the airports restaurants everything is there to be any kind of stimulus package that we can obviously give to these people at these. Small mom and pop stores, mom and pop restaurants. I know many of their going under. They're really going to go under. If we do not find a way to have some kind of sports, think about college football going, but the college basketball they can't survive. They just cannot survive. You can I think you're right? I, mean there. And I don't want to minimize. The damage that's already Infected so many people in this country we all know it. and I and my heart went out to the gentleman that called in earlier. WHO's in the food business? Because that is one of the hardest hit we all we all try to support. Our favorite places, but it's not easy to do right now. There's only so much TAKEOUT does not pay the bills like sitting in a restaurant. And ordering. Items, but you're correct You know just in the SEC alone. The smaller towns in particular. The TUSCALOOSA, the Oxford's the stark falls. And some of the bigger cities can maybe do a little better the capitals like Nashville obviously and Baton Rouge But this. The small towns are going to have a very hard time. Well Oliver Hotel which is located in Knoxville. It's a wonderful Boutique Hotel. They're worried because they can't. They cannot make it. They just aren't going to be able to make it. There's usually booked solid by this time for the football. Season has to as of today there. They don't have any bookings at all. And that is a sad sad situation. Blackberry in blackberry, harm and wall in Tennessee is usually mazing. No No, I've. been to blackberries, one of the one of the coolest places I've ever been to. It's not happening Mr Finebaum for them, and they are worried sick. They are worried, very. It's GonNa. Push them all to the end. And I know there's other main things to worry about, but my goodness gracious we've got to do. Something looks like we could find some. Listen I mean I I'm. I'm proud to work for a very large. Company that's that's global, but we're all suffering and I'm particularly concerned because we we're in the radio business. I mean we're. We're on sports stations all over the country What's going to happen there? It's the same thing no matter where you go. It affects people and it affects jobs, and it affects it, and that's why Rightly or wrongly so many public officials have worked so hard to try to get this country open we. We talked to five governors. In the state of In the months of May about the reopening, and every one of them was excited and energetic, and and felt like they were doing the right thing. Well, thank you very much for taking my phone call I just say a prayer every night for these for this whole thing, it's just it's just so incredibly devastating for the for the people. I feel so sorry for the people. Thank you, Mr Bond make. You can always great to hear from you Daryl is up next Daryl. Thanks great to have you on. Thank, Paul how how're you doing? I am well. I hope you are. On Great Bill Listening until you late eighty. Oh my goodness! Well, thank you, thank you, Sir putting up with me all those years. I'm the one that ran into Bob Marley son after we beat Miami for no, do remember that call. That was great. Yeah, that's been a long time, but I had a question I haven't really heard anything about the covid spread among military. And Dolly raising I bring that up is because. Not Comparing football some the our servicemen and women, but They're confined in a space and. That would be what would happen if ball started right. I mean I I have seen some conversation about military and I mean they I, mean they. They have the same issues and everyone i. don't think it's Fortunately, I don't think it's been as severe. but I. Don't know those numbers very well and I'm not sure any of us do. Right and I mean I was just wondering because you know never here, you know this only army, cadets or whoever Tested positive or whatever which is really really important, but I was trying to see. If maybe there was a reason, they're not getting it and other people are now I know all of Alabama players are spread out and other colleges, but you know Alabama I naturally are spread throughout the country so are. Are we saying that after a football game with no fans in the stadium? That many bryce young can't hug his mother after the game. Yeah I mean that's to me is a real issue because? I I understand the frustration. I understand the reality that young people are doing considerably better with this than than any other age group. Right. But young people have parents and grandparents, and and that's to me where it comes down, I don't know young I I know a lot of football. Players for a past and present. And I don't know one that wants to Make anyone else sick Family. And they're from all over the country. That's your thing. You can't say we're GONNA. Play just in the south because. we're going to stay in the south because a lot of our players are from California Hawaii Maryland. Yeah, here, here's. Where here's the thing I don't I don't know the protocol for that I. Think if you go back to what the commissioner said yesterday. know he talked about testing and and that that is the issue. I think to get a protocol in that that is going to be successful. But I I would. I would think another protocol would be the you're not going to be able to. You, you're going to have to you know, stay fairly confined. And I I don't know how many parents are going to be allowed at these games I mean I have no idea right now. I wouldn't think very many. I've got a suggestion. bring back the dorms. Table that are positive are on the upper floor or two. People that are a symptomatic are on the next to people that are nine. To the tested negative on the bottom floor. So that day, everybody on the first floor goes out in the second and third or third stays in the room. Yeah well. I'm sure they're they're. They're working on that. Hey, thank you very much for the call. Do appreciate it. John is calling next in Florida John. Thanks great to have you on. That was my fault I've not learned how to hit buttons. After thirty years in Radio John is up next. Hello John. John you there. I hear people but I. Don't hear John. We'll try. Another caller David is up next. David Go right ahead. Well. Thank you Paul. Thank you Yeah, you know. Everybody's wringing their hands thing. What can we do we do? Well there's. Possibilities, I don't know you may think my is a crazy, but. What if we limited ten minutes? At the stadiums. Required wearing masks. That would still generate revenue for the colleges. That was still keep television providers such as ESPN CBS ABC. Televising a game, right? Well let me make something clear The Games are going to be televised whether there are whether there's one hundred thousand people in the or nobody understands. Well. If, they were limited fans and they had to wear masks. Well I know the cost of tickets. Allow me to jump in for one thing. I I think he I don't think fans are anywhere near the near the conversation and trying to get college football. I frankly think it's pretty I. don't mean to offend anyone, but I'm going to I. Don't think fans are high on the priority list right now. I think making sure that players are safe is number one and the people around the players and I know this fan. Conversation was big two or three months ago. I don't think it's part of the conversation right now. If we get off, we get off and have some success, and then, and then I think fans become a bigger part of the conversation, but. You bring the fans into it and you're ratcheting up the concerns of these schools I. Think Right now. They would just like to stage a football game. with to two football teams, and the fans will come later I mean I know that You're racing NASCAR, bringing fans back at a pretty high number how they manage i. we'll take a break We are back with much more. After this. You're listening to Paul. FINEBAUM show podcast. For businesses around the world. Today isn't a restart. It's a rethink that's why they're partnering with IBM to Change How they were from supply chains to customer service. Let's put smart to work visit. IBM DOT COM slash smart to learn more, and we welcome. You back is great to have all of you here and Thamel joining us with the top of the next hour. Let's check out bill? Who is in Florida hey bill. How're you doing today? We're doing great. I think probably my opinion is going to be contrary to most people, but I just don't feel. that. Football is the most important thing on the table right now. The most important thing is curing this country. From this corona virus. And It's just We've kind of lost focus on. What is the most important thing? And Let me. Let me let me jump in here for a second I. Agree it is pretty important, but there's really some great news out today About vaccines and antibodies I mean there are million pharmaceutical companies working on it but in terms of what. Fourteen athletic directors and our commissioner of this league and every other league. I mean what what are. What are they supposed to be doing right now? You know I mean I don't mean to minimize it. They supposed to be out there, handing out water, or or are they supposed to be doing their jobs trying to figure out? had a salvage their own athletic departments. Well I understand what you're saying I mean you. You know you're being paid to do a job and when I say you I'm talking about. These these commissioners coaches etcetera. And It's just that I don't know. Here's the commerce, but once I mean at some point you may be right because the testing issue is critical and. Then you get into the conversation bill. Are The test for the professional athletes for the college athletes for the the the. NFL is taking away from from you and me. But until that point I think. Everyone is entitled to try to. Make their own their own situations workout just like I am and I mean I'm I work every day It's not the it's not as easy as it was for months ago to put this show on, but we're doing it We have some bumps along the way, but everyone has to adjust whether you own a restaurant doing out or or convenience, store or anything else. I understand that but well. You know I've heard a lot of criticism about. European countries. Have defeated this to a much greater degree than we have. and. It's very simple why. If. You've never been to Europe. He wouldn't understand this with the people over. There have a much greater respect for the law. And when A. Law says you don't do this. They don't do that. Bill Bill let me ask you this I agree with you. been to Europe and it's it's an incredible place. I happen to like living here better though. My question to you though is who's breaking the law right now. Well. Okay there. Hasn't been any eight thing. As far as legislating you can't do this. You can't do that. But the issue the issue bill the issues. If governors the governor, Florida has an issued a mask mandate. Alabama they put out. Suggestions but if these these are I mean where I live. You have to wear a mask when you go out. And we're still having problems. But I, don't I it the the the the issue with leadership. It's not with the public The public If if if I don't have to do something by law, why should I do it? I mean I? Don't mean it that way. I understand the health benefits, but but I think you know in terms of. People disregarding the law I. Don't think that's happening I. Think people are just simply disregarding science right now. Well you know everyone has rights. But evidently not too. Many of them have responsibilities to go along with it. Well again. I don't want to argue I mean I. Think we'll, we'll save it for constitutional law class one on one which begins right after the sugar was off the air, we'll be right back.

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