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Hour 2: 2/18/19


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The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by capital. One capital. One is reimagining banking offering account with no fees or minimums that can be opened in only five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet, Capital One and a? Pride passion and patterns re of college football lives here. This is the Paul finebaum show. Our to podcast, we are back the second hour of the program live with it would be anything. Glad you're here. Jones in Jay Bilas to to. Different being careful when I say here, very different basketball, commentators one the most brilliant in the game. And then Jay Bilas. Let's get to the calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight five. Always great to have James in Harlan Kentucky on the phone. Hello, james. Welcome to our show. How are you doing today? We doing great. Thank you. That's good. Yeah. Just wanted. I got a question that I'm glad that Kentucky won the game Saturday, but they could cut the Kentucky. You don't need to be too high up right now because they they try back to Tennessee. And they could be possibility that they could be turned around the same thing to them. Yeah. Yeah. I think so listen. I mean JJ made a good point. I mean, all of these games are important because they affect the seating. But if Tennessee and Kentucky's for it, it's it's a wash and Tennessee right now. I mean, Tennessee still has to do with LSU. They still have a schedule that that is going to be important. But I don't think anything was decided the other night except Tennessee's winning streak was ended in the odds of Tennessee being number one the rest of the year are gone. Maybe that's good. Maybe the pressure is off you go from. Thank you do a whole lot better this year, but through determined to it everything. But like I said, you know, they they kebob me beat them into tournament. And also Kentucky Tennessee, kebab EMT. Listen, you're absolutely right about that. Good to have you on. Thank you. Let's go to Tennessee. Andy is up next. Hello, andy. Hey, can you want me to call? You back. I'm got fan. Got back to great glad to have you. I think that what goes bar and said that they just didn't play together. They played this individuals too much. That's a problem when your basketball team. Never thing. They'd been his to to slack on their bounds. There. Well, I mean, don't forget, Andy. And I know, you know, you're not I mean they were up against a really good team. That felt like it had something to prove at home. Try. I remember way back in repor coach that the few times at Kentucky lost game was to Tennessee was one one of the few teams. It would beat them now, especially how the conference well. When did you first are watching college basketball? Not nineteen forty six forty six somewhere along in their bid forty. Yeah. And coke. I want to Serbian school over UT and the forty nine okay after I got out of the service right only got to go one year. Down here. Clocked out because I've been out of school. So I'm three years out of high school and as too far behind. Well. Yeah, I mean, listen, you're you're in the service. He didn't have much sound worry about studies. We'll have I really enjoyed the game. Anyway. But I think the boys were just little bit all and I noticed see the season different teams have days in am. I think that's partly part of it. It's not a perfect science playing basketball or for that matter. During debates was they you know, they they were up and down. Yeah. I know, sir. I know that. Admiral air speed times there. He he didn't score and all of the games. Hardly. No because he had bad in that bad days in then the crowd up. There was terrifically really hard on that called him losing team. Well, hey, listen. That's not an easy place to win. Motiva- from a motivational standpoint losing to LSU, you just have to wonder what that did to Kentucky. I mean, it seems like they came out possessed. Yes. Especially we get a trace both pretty soon. So. I think we're going to win some more games. Oh, I too much data about that. Andy, no, concerns. It's only said were eighteenth. Well, I'm looking forward to watch football coming back in this next year, hoping we can improve. To on that. So let me sum be. You in school in the mid forties. So what was that seventy? The seniors Maxine would have been my senior year was as Johnny majors was a charity. Major. Johnny played Johnny played win. He played in the mid fifty nine hundred nineteen fifty three. I know. Well, yeah. Yeah. I think he I think he played fifty six he was from the Heisman and fifty six to Paul Horning. Yeah. Yeah. He was he played he played. He just little little Faradis earning sixty five pounds. Yeah. G wasn't very big to know coach majors when I was at Tennessee. He was the coach and what a character. Yeah. He was a character then too. You can imagine. Because we always called it lean seeing a wing they played back, then give them Kenmore ten extra yards. That's trainer semi bet that ten yards back to the to the tailback him. He had to run ten years to get to the Atlanta scrimmage didn't intend to get it. I I forgot we talked to you that you told me how old were you? Mattie, one ninety one. Yeah. Made me feel young. I'm a day older now or you're. Oh. You don't just like Mark them off like a kind of. Pineapple tree on a castaway island. Do you know one more day? No, I've got a beard hangs, Dan election close back in. See I thank September episode. I didn't wanna shave for a while and mixed thing. You know, I had a big long beard. How long is it? Now. It's about three inches from the Chen is. Three three. You're going to say it goes away ram. Melton around massad burns, you trim it or. One time and played Santa Claus with. Or did you? Sure. So are you going to shave it at any point? Or are you just going to let it grow like? I have to take hair clippers to it. I. Got one get tired everytime. I've just got a little bit too. Lazy to get to shave. Hey, eighty at ninety one year entitled to not shape for awhile. Well, I'm not dating anymore right now, you take it. So you're taking a breather from dating. Yeah. B's it from marrying into my lap put to integrate on an old. Thank I don't wanna put him more in. No, let me do did you date until recently. No, I didn't. I did started dating my wife and were married in nineteen seventy mean, I seventy nine years old when we made seventy nine she she she bad lace may they okay, I'm sorry. It'd be too early to start dating again I'll read anyway. I don't know what the what the statute of limitations is on that. But. This. Now, we're we're I asked you this the other day, but I forgot where Knoxville we're in Tennessee. Do you live? Elliot locks real I was born and raised right here in. Ma'am. You're knoxville. Okay. Spell in Clinton. It went is head his funeral on the way home. He picked up a girlfriend, and they went and got married. From the funeral. I know I've been out to Clinton before one of my college buddies live out there. That's a nice area. I worked at Oak Ridge for thirty three years outweigh. Oh, yeah. Sure. Fokkers pretty famous play. I'm also a cold cold. More patriot go, right, right? I understand Andy you keep calling us. We always enjoy talking to you. And and you'd be well, my friend. All right. Okay. How could he do we go from day? Thank you ninety one year old to a young, man. I'm an is up next. Thanks for taking my call. That was a great call from for Mandy their problem. I tell you what it ninety one. I think he started dating right now. Yeah. No. I I didn't want to interrupt. But you know, he's taken almost nine months off. I wouldn't let it get too much farther or those great call in and then forties. Did the basket have a hole in the bottom of it? Somebody three then. The ball back on the court. It was a peach basket, that's one. I was thinking, you know. In ninety one. I mean, we've got callers, you know, people having birthdays every day. Oh, yeah. And we got a seventy four year old. It hasn't dated in in seventy four years. No. I I think that's a fair statement. Yeah. And if angry just took break from dating, anyway, let's move on you know, reading, you know, the Twitter the Twitter, the Twitter, they're doing all the tweeden and stuff they raised a little Kaine last week, and I was reading some of them and one of them said that when Matt Jones comes on. He's always so biased. He you know, because I could tell by the way he was typing. This way turned say isn't ever call her and every tweet kind of icefall most of them are. Yeah. Most of them are imagine that you know this. I mean, I mean, I don't see a lot of tweets because people blocked me on Twitter, whatever. And then, you know, I've been blocked so it doesn't really matter. I mean, welcome to the club. That's what that's what the James gang said. Joe walsh. Welcome to the club. You know, Paul president horn chair. Oh, happy presidents day, by the way. Yeah. Do you have a favorite president? I don't know. You know what? I don't want to go against the grain. But I thought this was a better holiday when we were celebrating, Washington and Lincoln. Yeah. I did want to celebrate all forty five presidents. I don't give a rip about some of them. I I want to celebrate the father of our country and the man who saved the union. Yeah. Yeah. And you know. Millard Fillmore or Jane? Would that's like going through the bane while Jayme? And that's like going through the Tuscaloosa baseball team waiting for Jim come out on the court. And he didn't come out. I mean, you know, because he wasn't on thing. But anyway, but, but but let me ask you this politically about free now to piers. Yeah. He he's my favorite. He's good Mayan. He's good my in having to like Millard Fillmore. You know, if if that's your guy that she'll guy I mean, I I am currently working on a biography of Millard. I did he actually have bumper stickers for cars or whether just wagons. Remember what Millard did? All right. And that's so you go back in time like, you know, to about the fourth or fifth president did you put your bumper sticker the wagon or you jackasses ass, you, you know, the problem with Millard Fillmore. What's that? He was from upstate New York. Yeah. And you know, there's not really many Miller's in the classroom anymore. You know? So president orange hair said that Mexico was gonna pay for the wall, a Wienand, the United States Mexico. Well, I haven't I haven't seen the wall built here. Yeah. But who's going to be paying for this wall with I've decided to pay for it myself. You are. You must inherited something from Millard. Hi, Paulette breakneck. Thank you very much. As far as I'm concerned this Millard Fillmore day, we are going to take a break. More of your phone calls after this to listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Let me tell you about Pete who loved hockey and always wanted to play in the NHL Pete Glades since he was three and begged his mom to let him stay on the ice play some nights, he even slept in his hockey skates. Pete practiced and practiced until one day when he was forty seven Pete realized he just wasn't that good. So he threw his skates in the trash. But then you heard how DIKO proud partner of NHL good save money on car insurance. So he switched and saved a bunch. So it all worked out. Pride passion, then patrons re of college football leaves here. This is the Paul finebaum show. Our to podcast. Our program. Glad you're here. And let's move right along and talk to Harry, how are you airy? Hey, Paul graphing on afternoon. Just a quick comment. Ball is any reason John is blam self today. Or is this going to be a new format? No. It's just a in the chaos of of the of the holiday a lot of people are off to. I got you call anyway, Friday, Paul TI. I didn't I didn't bring this up because I thought it would be unfair. I wanted to give Tennessee a chance to threw me wrong. But. They didn't. But now I'm going to bring up today poll and see what you think about it right before a call show Friday. I've learned that Tennessee had not played on a tone it after December nights who was in the top thirty in the country. And and and I didn't know, you know, whether or not that was going to have a big affect and I'm wondering now, you know, do you think that that that that saying something to us or do we have to wait a little bit longer? Listen, I I don't know. I think their their resume is questionable. But I still think they're a great basketball team. They just had I'm going to trust Jay Bilas. He was courtside. I wasn't. They had a bad night. It's what they do. Now that will define them. Not the one game against Kentucky. Right. I forty was very kind to to put Tennessee Kentucky despite the loss. But we'll see him. He sure knows a lot more than I do. But I was just curious as to whether you thought that that's agile was a little more meaningful. And and I thought it might be. But you you you answered that Paul and great show so full, and I'm gonna enjoy the rest of it today. Thank you very much, by the way, ceasefire you're throwing shade. At at at Tennessee. We looked at up ceasefires last game at kneeland stadium in twenty twenty fifteen sixteen twenty he he lost his last game, Tennessee at South Carolina. Of course, he didn't play them in in the seven in the fifteen twenty third in the fifteen season because he quit early on before the game. But his last game williams-brice, he lost Tennessee and overtime. Mark. And his last game in twenty th his last game at kneeland was played in front of ninety five thousand people and he lost that one too picked another team, but throw shade it just saying. Dennis is in Missouri. Hello dennis. Go right ahead. Hey, Paul oh. My way back onto Kentucky through promote cla Hoban. I'm going through Rallo. So Hello Milli. Oh wonder how? I I'll tell you. I thought the game was going to be a little bit closer Saturday night and Tennessee is not overrated, and I have to agree with John. They called him, Tennessee. And I've been down to Thompson bowling before Tennessee fans. I mean, it's a big rivalry. But I've always been treated with respect and everything down there during the game. And I think when Kentucky goes in two weeks, they're gonna have their hands full. Now. Hope it's a closer game. I hope Kentucky wins. But they don't you know, what sun will come up the next day. If it does, you know, and I just have one thing say, though, war, daddy, you know, he's for months. He's been saying that we all been crying and Kentucky, and and depressed, and I just want to say, I I hope he can find a good grief counselor. 'cause I know we store up today. Maybe they can also be a match Becker for him have a good day. All thank you very much. This Kentucky game has certainly sparked some attention to day. Shane is also calling about that in Kentucky. Hey, Paul Shane afternoon. Enjoy your show. Thank you. Thank you. I just want to say I'm a evolve fan for lot not live here in the bluegrass region. So I can't check all the time over the Tokyo Wildcats, but to me this year Tennessee's got a better team the Kentucky they they didn't show the other night. I haven't seen look that sloppy the entire season. But to me they're still there team this year on paper and just watching the game have Kentucky played a good game and hit more shots than I've seen them all year hit some lucky charts to me, but we didn't play good defense. And they just they just outcome for the, you know, I think that that coach Barnes if he'd a call maybe a timeout when it was like twelve to five and got the boys kind of settled into the team play, then might have been a different outcome. But if you just built up from there, but he's kinda hard to watch. I would agree with you on that. It was difficult to watch very much. Thank you very much for the call. Great to have you on. Let's go to Karl lot of Kentucky callers in Ashton Kentucky. Hello carl. Thank all how you doing. I just gone. I wanna talk about Kentucky basketball, the reason that. You know, it wouldn't have mattered who came in to rub on Saturday the ways I mean, they were fired that law for mill is she? It was done and over with before the game. They were they were just hired up. I mean, if you go back and watch the game. I mean, those, you know Williams coming into, you know, PJ Washington and everybody hitting them they they'd co down and hit the ground. You know? I mean, it was a physical ball game. And it was over before gain. You know, it was just a physical ballgame. And they just had the mindset that they were gonna win in, you know, Tennessee's great pain, you know. But you know, there's a Naven play when basketball, and you know, just kind of goes, but Kentucky was just real fired up for that game. Really great to have you on Daniel in Louisiana. You're on the air. Go right ahead. Daniel. I'm sorry. Yeah. This is Dell. Thank potato McCall. Thank you, Daryl. I'm sorry. Go right ahead. Yeah. I was on. I'll realize you cover and Kentucky a lot of people calling in about Kentucky and Tennessee, which is two great teams. I'll follow them watched as many games as possible the could this year. But I think a reason I called in hails alone. Is I think LSU's is primarily on the rated team. We've kind of find their radar and we're not getting any recognition which is fine with me. But I'm seventy nine I know basketball a little bit. I I had one time I had sixteen seized as village you games. And I you know, I don't have that. Now. I'm fortunate enough. I'm able to see most of them on TV. And but I think we. I think LSU needs a little more recognition. They advocators helium. They got we got a great coach. I mean, I really great coach. And we'll let me let me. I would agree. It just seems like LSU. But even with the win over Kentucky the only conversation last Wednesday morning was should they have won the game. Even Jay Bilas was with us earlier saying it was a bad call. But but I think Saturday now some of the luster has been taken off not a lot. But I think I think Tennessee coming into town next Saturday afternoon is a huge opportunity for LA shoot approve. I mean, you you beat Kentucky, and you beat Tennessee. And I think you're you're you're well on your way. So that that's going to be the game that I think helps to find LSU before the tournament. That's really the biggest game left. And you know, it's possible always you could sneak in with with a conference championship because they have the best road. And ultimately what they do in March is is going to be how we frame it. I mean, they were kind of late to the party a lot of people didn't think they had played a very good schedule. Then they go up to Rupp and win. And the next thing, you know, we're talking about Tennessee and Kentucky. Absolutely. I think he you ride on what you're saying. I if if you think about it, you know, we made one mistake I point guard made a pass it. He shouldn't. They could have good dribble. A ball out. They'd had a foul him. As only a few say that in Arkansas game that was at home, and we should have won that game beat. We'd be the men Walton rain up and Arkansas, and we definitely should have won that game. We could be setting on the feeder right now SAC. So I mean LSU I want you to if you have a chance so you get if you tape it or something and watch it later this watch I athletic LS. She is a they just have some ball as it can jump out of Jim. I mean a on believable. They got one kid six four, and he just he jumps way up pay the baskets too with your kids, and as Walter as Walter skid out think might be the best poem God, maybe in in the SEC, maybe in a nation. He's really really good. Really? Thank you. Well, listen, we appreciate call. We had coach wait on one. Was that Thursday night? Really great conversation with him. So we're all in on LSU basketball. We're up against a break here. More of your phone calls at eight five five to four to seven to eight five conversation about Alabama's new staff coming up later, it is president's day. And you've our callers you think would ever make a good president. No. He's too opinionated. We don't want a president who knows everything to listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Pride packing, then patterns three of college football leaves here. This is the Paul finebaum show. Our to podcast. Pudding next row. Welcome back to the program. Glad you are with us Daniel in Louisiana. Hello daniel. Thanks. Thank you. This is so cool. I'm just cutting Tom of basketball and everything and. You have to have a wonderful just being able to do what you do. You know, I appreciate you saying that. I mean, I try to think I try not to think about that very often. But. This program is a is kind of the glue. That keeps all of us together keeps keeps me sane, right? You know, so many times we don't appreciate what we got going. It's just repetitious spread s got to be wonderful. What you do? Well. Thank you very much for saying that I'm I will when I have when I wake up and go I can't can't believe after do this today. I'm going to think about this. Call. Will motivate me and get me going. Well, I know you you're probably self motivated. Well, but anyway, Matt Jones, I kinda have a real problem with site in that it would have bad Paul at Kentucky. Yeah. There's a ball had to be inside of a cylinder or can it just be off the rim. I thought it had to be inside. But you know, I've I've talked to people that claim that whether that was a bad call or not it's debatable that there were two previous non calls that should have been called against Kentucky. Well, that's home court advantage. I get in the same in the same sequence. But you know, what Daniel talking about a call in a basketball game. A week later is a waste of time. Now football you you can call can change your entire season a call in February is not going to change your season. Now, if it's the final game, or if it costs you getting to the next round in the NC double A, then it's a big deal. That was not a big deal. Right. You know, I don't think it is just you know, in credit for case on what is actually go to. Yeah. Well, it's very interpretive. Right. Right. And it's not reviewable so anything that's not reviewable becomes a disaster. I guess so. But I I will tell you this and I'm not I'm not a rules official. But if you went back in head a review, I think Kentucky would have been called for goaltending before LSU would have been called game over. Wow. Okay. Okay. Well, I said it's you know, you you win some you lose some get rained out. So you just gotta go with you are so correct. Daniel. Thank you very much appreciates converts. Great to have you on. Tim is in Austin, Texas. Hello, tim. Jimmy there. Yeah. I hear the race. Thanks for thanks for taking my call. I've been a sports fan for seventy five years, and I moved here Austin. And you know, they really don't like the SCC here in Austin and the newspaper here real rarely ever cares. So I'm really. Happy to tune into your show, so often on news about this. He see since I am a SEC plan of seventy five years a Florida fan too, by the way, and I did want to comment you mentioned about Steve Spurrier, remember the famous Peyton Manning never beats per. Yeah. I do remember that. And also does taking the two were talking about the final one that caused Florida the championship had the worst call of of football game I've ever witness now. I can't I don't remember. Well, yeah, it was right near the end of the game. They called the Florida guy. Who was definitely filed the game here in two thousand and one right? Yeah. And actually they win. And you know, it's like every. Time. There's a the protest something they never change anything. Well, Tennessee went on to become the national championship. And therefore, it was okay that they didn't for for the game or do whatever they supposed to, you know, but they did finally chess as the official for not making the call, right? And he was banned from ever officiating in the state of Florida or Florida game. If few you probably don't remember that. But I do. I do not really how I have good friends at Tennessee in followed their football. Just almost. Well, as I did Florida's thanks again for taking my call. And I really appreciate your. It's not Tim. It's ten. Okay. Glider from it. We'll we'll go through that December two thousand and one Tennessee Florida game as soon as we come back. Kyle is in Kentucky, and you are next up. Hey, kyle. Hey, what's going on? We are doing what? Well, thank you very much. Yeah. I just can't about that big game in the bluegrass Saturday between the Tennessee and Kentucky. Of course. I'm huge. Big blue Kentucky, all the way and Tennessee's or real good team this year. I mean, there's number one four reason, but they just ran into a buzzsaw Saturday at Rupp. I mean contest he just dominated physicality, you know, offense this making shots that always have. They just own the boards on offense offensive boards in defense boards. I mean, they just offered the lineup. They just they just ruled the day in that game. And Tennessee can't they didn't really have an answer for, you know, come out the second half. So whether they're gonna make the run and Kentucky was the team that might run. What was eighteen run to start the second half? My goodness. That was amazing. On me. And I I got a lot of the first two three minutes of a half are the most important. Well, there you go. Yeah. I mean, I got a lot of can't see friends up here that you know, that hard orange. I it makes you wonder what happened at halftime in Tennessee locker room. Yeah. You think you think he's probably ripped them and stuff. But whatever he says short it and work. So I'm hoping when we go down the Knoxville that I know I will be the same same topic game. I said it'll be close. They'll be ready. Their fans would be ready. But whatever he said half time. This this go around hope he says the halftime down there, and we had the same outcome. I mean, you know, I got quite a few fans here here in big blue country. I mean lease it Payton Yemi Trent. But one the big on just one Tennessee volunteers on Rodney would play them. No, I've never heard more Tennessee fans in Kentucky in my life. Somebody needs to educate me on how that happened. We are up against the break. More of your phone calls at eight five five two four to seven to eight hundred number of guests as well as we continue to honor president's day. You're welcome to tell us your favorite president as long as he's at Millersville to and listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Pride packing, then patron three of college football leaves here. This is the Paul finebaum show. Our to podcast. Glad you better. Let's continue more here at eight five five four two seven two eight five. It's been a busy show in Charlie is up next in Alabama. Hello, charlie. How you doing man we are doing? Well. Thank you very much. Hey, listen. I I don't want to sound like I'm not a big fan because I am. But I'm it's come of every list for non of living standards to the way. And I just cannot understand how come out blaze of glory the first part of the season. And now they have like the football team just kind of like fizzled out. Well, your pets away my mind, you know, Charlie was with wildly and some others. So I'm not making excuses. Bruce paroles here about a week and a half ago. And he said that was an issue, but they don't seem to be playing at the same level know, they got to win the other night. But they're they're up against the wall right now in terms of getting back to the tournament and that they don't make the tournament. It would be considered a colossal disappointment. Well, here getting live I live in a realistic board and other tenets immoral that they they make determine, hey, I'm all gung ho, but I don't expect him to now know and a lot. Trouble right now. Alabama is another one. Hey, thank you. Charlie. Great to have you here. Let's move along. And talk to Tony in Kentucky. Hello, tony. Go right ahead. Well, Hello, Paul the first time caller. Thank you very much. And I just want to say that you're gentlemen, a scholar in this. And I've tried to reach you or your show several times and very very busy and hard to reach. But I see why the word fine in your last name to be Paul fine, gentlemen. Thank you very much. We'll find find his mean good in German, which is suggestion name. I have more of a comment, by the way, the only word, I know in German, but that's. I understand and I have more of a comment than any. I'm sorry. Other than logger. Got to very much on that. I have more of a comment than any questions because it's about the great state of Tennessee. I followed Kentucky football for decades and can and their basketball, of course, follow sports in general. But I'm the coach of the wheelchair basketball team, the Louisville junior Mustang. We really yes, sir. Yes, sir. And we travel and we traveled to Murphy's borough to play at the middle state Tennessee auditorium rec center, and we played teams this past weekend Saturday and Sunday there's far away. San Antonio, Texas, Nebraska. They had a second or third ranked in the nation wheelchair basketball team, and we played teams from Charlotte. But so I just wanted to comment love sports and love the commodity, and we have gone through Tennessee. And where we stay. I I'll tell you why the the folks out of out of Tennessee. Salt of the earth. I just wanna comment. That's a great state great great down to earth people. And just very proud of who we leave when we travel I'm interested. How how did you have you done this long? Tony how did you get involved? Well, my wife, and I we adopted our little our son eleven years eleven years ago out of the hospital in Louisville, and he has spina bifida. So long story short several several elections in and did not know if he would leave the hospital years ago, he has a birthday coming up in March. But a lot of afflictions and Levin half years later. He's now on the basketball team. He's with the Special Olympics here in Spencer county Kentucky and swim team plays special needs baseball. He was a voice scouts. So long story short. I've been doing it about six years. It's all momentary work. So I've seen these kids from five and six years old were they could not dribble. They were afraid of the basketball. And we are the juniors that are aged between say nine years old, and they tap out at thirteen to go to the varsity and then onto the men's national team or something of that nature, depending if they stay with basketball, but I've been doing it about six years fall to answer your question that is really amazing will Tony that. That's a that's marvelous story. And and I'm sure it must be unbelievably rewarding to to do what you're doing. I'll I'll tell you. Why it's a it's a game changer. You know, we hit the lottery when we were able to adopt. This little boy Levin half years ago. It's a definite game changer. We we feel that it's it's it's better than hitting any lottery. I it just it just I don't know. It just absolutely makes you really appreciate. Everything and just to see these kids some have afflictions with no lakes. No, physical deformities. And and you know, just to see them put it out there, and they are and they're in all their parents, those folks that are, you know, have the opportunity to raise kids with special needs. It's just a feel good. We just look forward to it. So everything else is gravy as I say, Paul when it comes to a lot of this sports. And like I said, I I didn't get to watch much of the Kentucky Tennessee game because we were playing up to latter part of Saturday night there Murphy's borough which caught the tail end of it. But it's it's just like I said I wanted to comment all the great people of Tennessee, a Kentucky fan love sports in general. And as it would just tell you how that that works fall into keep it again, I'm sorry to be long winded. But the team. Out of Nebraska was second or third in the nation, and they played we we played to the finals ourselves. We want our three games on Saturday. And this is from us. We're like the bad news bears. Turn tony. I had to jump in. 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