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And and we have Keith Davidson, he's the lawyer for stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal both of the women who made headlines during the presidential campaign as having a relationship with President Trump or then Mr. Trump to it should be exciting show. Let I I want to bring in our senior editorial producer, John Santa Chee who has been covering the Trump family since the campaign and our first guest, David Bossie. Trump's former deputy campaign manager is also co host of the podcast David Corey from deep. In the swamp. He does that with former Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewin, douse Katie now, Dave is the CEO of citizens. United a conservative nonprofit known for winning the landmark two thousand ten case that allowed corporations and unions unlimited independent political ad spending. But back during the Clinton administration. He was a chief congressional investigator. Dave, thanks for being with us. Let's get right to it. So we'll see. I have known each other. This is now the third person we've had on this podcast that I've known for at least twenty five years that says you're old. I don't know. What else you got older, you have more gray hair, though? Dave. You're older. Have a lot more stress. Well, and actually all we had John Podesta. We had Lanny Davis. We wanted to have you on because back during the Clinton days, you were the was the chief investigator. Yeah. She investigator on the house oversight committee, which is the committee now that Elijah Cummings is now the chairman, correct. So you were the guy going after a White House? I think during the Clinton years, we did some very good work, but we also became so focused, and so dedicated to the end result, which real thought would be impeachment that we we we really we over. We overstepped we overreached. The investigative needs of what was going on. Look we had the star operation in what they were doing. And we ran a completely parallel investigation. I think the American people one of the reasons that Bill. Clinton is popular today is because of the backlash against the overreach of our committee, and what we did. And I think that that is what I look at this today. I think that I see some of the same patterns and practices going on. These guys are dedicated to the destruction of the president. And I'll just say it. They hate this present more than they love the country. They said that about you. Right. Of course, they did. Well, they never actually said that. But they thought that there were no written about you. Well, there were plenty articles written about they never they know they know that you know, what I'm saying is that the Clinton White House called you the same thing we were far from out of control. But we were we were dedicated to our mission. And that is what I see happening today on the democrat side. And and I think I I'm encouraging them to continue down this path because the American people are very smart. They rejected what we did in twenty years ago. And they will reject this twenty years later because the American people will see it for what it is. They're single focus on on the Muller report when it comes out, whatever it is. We don't none of us know when it will be and what it will say. But if it says there was no collusion. There was no cooperation no coordination, which I know. No that that's what it's going to say. Because there wasn't any is that the American people will say, okay. Where are we? What are we doing now to benefit America? How are we getting back to business? What are we doing to move on from it? And instead the Democrats instead of having a. An agenda for the American people will have an agenda for more investment way. Way way. We put on our podcast last episode tie Cobb the president's residents. Former lawyer said called Bob Muller, an American hero and said this was not a witch hunt which got enormous play all around the country. What do you think about mullet? Look. Bob Muller is a is somebody who has lived his life in the public arena. He is whether you served in the military, or you know, at the department of Justice FBI is in American hero. I I don't qualify. Many. Look, that's not my those are not my words. I'm not gonna play the word game with you on him. I believe that he from his report. I I give I I really believe that we're going to see and I call for the report to be made public as much as humanly. Possible. We all understand the grand jury components. Right. The testimony and the evidence that is grand jury. We won't be able to see that. And maybe we will later just like with the star operation, we they had to go back, and and make that public after the fact we'll see, but I'm interested in the two sets of rules of Bob Muller. And the two sets of rules are one set of rules for the anybody with the Trump operation and anybody else why were the decisions made by the FBI by people working for Muller to to not have a continuous investigation into Hillary, Houma Abidine all of those things fell under his purview. Well, but hold on a second, though, they they really didn't the purpose of the special counsel to investigate Russian collusion as it relates from just hit it on the head. So how does Paul Manafort Roger stone, all of these tangential people? Include whom Abidine Hillary Clinton. That's not a part of what this investigation was. Of course, it out John he had to look at what Komi did he had to look at what the FBI did as it relates to the Russian investigation. Was he dedicated just to adversely affect the president want to take you back up to Capitol Hill. This is your area of expertise. So many people were commenting after the testimony Michael Cohen, the Republicans were not doing the best job possible. It was their first time. Let's just be honest. These are these are things you you're not going to be perfect on the first day. You're going to have a baseline in you're gonna fit differently. I would have attacked Michael Cohen's credibility a lot more than they did. They they they did a decent job at it. But I think they could have gone much harder. Santa Republican script that hearing the well, here's the in your opinion. Well, first of all the did not do a good job with the witness. They did. Do not have a well orchestrated message that was going to be their goal of the day. Mr. Whittaker himself, you know, and I don't know the I've literally only met him a couple of times, I respect them. But I don't know him. And is I don't think he came in with the right mentality of how to deal with being combative witness. Look, I think it was funny doing the you're five minutes is up. Right. That was a that was a laugh out loud kind of by. But it didn't. But it didn't help for the setting the stage for the day. Okay. And in my opinion. So those are the things that you don't want to see happen. But the look the staff didn't have I don't think the staffing and the members when you are running a committee like this. You have to have the members in the seats for the hearing. If you looked around the room one, many there weren't many Republicans sitting in the seats. That's very dangerous thing if you're the. Ranking member because you don't have any cavalry to help you at all to that as the expert on those. I mean, have you offered your services to these committees have gone up there and help them in any way? You know, I I'm a I'm a guy who is happy to provide a any type of advice and counsel, and and historical perspective. If they ask have I yes, I had a five you provided. Well, what I've tried to do. Yes. Of course, I have talked to. Members of those committees, including you know, the leadership of both of those committees judiciary and over San oversight. Yes, sir. And so, and and I just think that you know, they see the world in the right way. I think that this is moving very quickly. You're not going to be perfect on day one. And I think that what they learned kind of in a good way. If you're judiciary without really much harm to anyone you learned what your strengths and what your weaknesses were. And how to get better for the next time. Because on the heels of that. Now, we see the Eighty-one letters going out if I'm one of those Eighty-one people if I'm one of those Eighty-one entities. I don't answer. I I tell I would tell them never to never to respond. How about the White House is the White House ready for the for the you know, what the onslaughts going to be? You know, how all these subpoenas in these battles? I would I would say you're never ready enough. Okay. I'm just a guy who wants to make sure that you control every aspect of everything. So you know, what's coming you see around corners? Do I see a killer team that is ready for the impeachment proceedings that are potentially coming? And I and I see that's where these Democrats are headed we are headed to impeachment. So do I think the White House is ready from a staff standpoint? I would say no today. Do I believe they are in the process of getting ready? Yes. Going back to our old history in the Clinton White House was very smart of having two separate groups Molly occur, Mike McCurry dealt with the briefings. And then they had a whole legal team with Lanny Davis. I think it's very important in and I do think they should they had an inside outside operation that was beyond the pale. They were incredibly good the best not not not second best. Not like runners up the best. There are people out there. Okay. Lawyers. Former members. Doesn't exist. Now, though, I'm not I'm this could happen. Now this good. I mean impeach. No, no, Chris. You're exactly right in peer not Redlands very quickly. You know? And I and and you know, I Don I don't know that I have the the dates in front of me, but you know. It was basically early partisan may be September. Ninth. That Ken Starr filed his report it was about December nineteenth that the house voted on impeachment. Okay. So report to to actual impeachment was was ten eleven weeks. Then trial started in January ninth or tenth and the vote to acquit in the Senate was mid February. So it was only about five week trial. So. You have to be ready that this thing is not going to be a slow roll. Okay. It has a potential not to be a slow roll. Let me say this is ready for that. What is his state of mind right now is is it is it impacting his ability to lead this country, the Muller probe all these subpoenas. No, it's not he's fine. Even for a second. Not even I it's not bothering him at all first of all as he's talking about. All president's all presidents. Not all presidents have had Twitter. Okay. Because it didn't exist. Okay. We get to see inside the president ahead on a regular basis. Would be pretty scary to have been inside President Clinton's head in the nineties. If Twitter it existed, but every president whether they're going through Iran contra, whether they're going through nine eleven in whether whatever they're going through, whether it's a crisis, whether it's a scandal there there, the president of the United States, they're taking care of their business. And these things you have a team around you that you need to to be. Are there to work on whatever that issue is of the day? How is this going to impact twenty twenty? Well, you know, I think. I think the president has the potential to benefit from all of this. This is where I was headed which is where we started. Let's just close the circle with congressional over each with over zealous prosecutions with the American people are very smart. They they saw what happened to Bill Clinton and in the mirror image. You can see this playing out again in its reverse. The Democrats are paying us back for what we did to Bill Clinton. There is a piece of that as part of their motivation here, the we will see the American people respond to these investigations, whether they believe that congress is over zealous. If there is a congressional over each the boomerang effect is is the ability to help the president. That's where the Democrats have to play this, very smart. But is it a distraction, though, do you think that the president will have a hard time not paying attention to it? Right. Look you have to pay attention there. Nobody's saying that. It's not going to be something that the president and his team will be focused on it is simply that I it's not going to dominate his mind. He's out there working every day. I've seen him over the last several years during the campaign and in this White House where he's able to compartmentalize all presidents do that. That's what you're paid to do as president is focused on the big pictures, and then get to the other things as needed. So. Yes, or no Trump is going to be reelected hundred percent, Dave. Thanks. Thanks for having me. It's great to have Dave who's very close to team Trump giving insight into how they're thinking and how they plan to manage the special counsel investigation and all the investigations that may follow. And as always we look forward to hearing different viewpoints from all the principal players as we continue covering the investigation. Now coming up we're going to hear from Keith Davidson, the lawyer who negotiated those hush money. Deals for adult film star. Stormy Daniels and playboy playmate. Karen mcdougal? It was supposed to be the easiest deal in the in the history of map what he says motivated Trump to pay up and Cohen to flip in just a moment. When it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot com. Get started today at indeed dot com slash ABC. That's indeed dot com slash ABC capital. One is building a better Bank one that feels and acts nothing like typical Bank. That's why they're reimagining banking and building something completely different. They offer accounts with no fees or minimums Capital One. This is banking reimagined. What's in your wallet capital? One. In a welcome back to the investigation. I'm here with our chief national fares. Correspondent Tom yomas who just interviewed the former attorney for stormy Daniels Keith Davidson, which is already made a lot of headlines around the country, but actually Keith has decided to come back here for the podcast and the three of us are going to kind of dive a little deeper into what didn't air on TV. And I think there was a lot of this. Shoes that you covered. You don't Chris? I think what was interesting about. This interview is key sort of took us into the negotiations as much as he could because of attorney client privilege of how the whole thing went down with Michael Cohen, stormy Daniels. And I think what the biggest headline out of this interview was the catalyst. Why Michael Cohen eventually decided to pay stormy Daniels and to negotiate with Keith Davidson because as he'll tell you they came to an agreement. But Michael Cohen initially missed the first payment. I'll let you take it from there. Glad to be here guys. And that's exactly right. What I think has been missed about the story over the last year is the catalyst for the payment. And and how it came to be. And you cannot talk about the stormy Daniels settlement without talking about the access Hollywood tape, and and really that was the catalyst, and what was happening like take me back, so stormy essentially doesn't get paid. She's getting upset you're getting upset. Yes. First payment. Yes. I mean, look there was a lengthy contract. That was. Signed an executed. There was a funding deadline and of the funding deadline was missed. So the contract was cancelled. There was no deal. And it was shortly. After that contract was misses the access Hollywood tape aired and it was almost immediately after the access Hollywood tape. Aired the the settlement came came back on. And then there was a second agreement that was signed in reacts cute, but let me play devil's advocate here just say if I'm Malania Trump, and I see the the access Hollywood tape. I'm already if I'm Donald Trump. I'm already is so much more beautiful than you. But I know, but but it's it's IB. The argument is whether he's trying to keep it private for personal reasons for Malania or for political reasons. So can't he still make the expert explanation now that hey, guys I wanted to pay it off? And I got crazy to want to pay it off. I didn't want to get a Mony. Jiang more angry. I was protecting the fail. Yeah. Well, I think that's a natural argument. I think that's the argument that that one would make right. That's the John Edwards defense. And now, I think in retrospect, and in the way that the southern district of New York, I believe looked at it was that, you know, this affair if it happened. And there's no reason to think that it didn't that stormy Daniels gave an interview to intouch magazine in two thousand eleven so even if what you're saying is true that Trump and his team knew about this in certainly two thousand seven two thousand eleven and twelve and thirteen and fourteen and fifteen and sixteen all those years they knew about it when he declared to become president. They knew about it when he became the Republican nominee, and it wasn't until after the access Hollywood tape aired that the case ultimately settled so did you ever put to into together or was this when the prosecutors from the southern district put you in there, and they grilled you for fifteen hours and ask for fifteen hundred documents. I mean, did you put two together or was when they started. About the time timeline access Hollywood that you're like, okay. Wait a minute. This this may make sense well sitting down with the southern district for so long, and and the the the competence on that team cannot be understated. I mean, they they are extremely efficient bright targeted focused. No nonsense. And and it's a a stressful event to sit down with any federal prosecutor in federal agents under the penalty of Twenty-eight USC one thousand one in false statements to a federal federal officer. But it became clear to me as the hours went on that the anticipation of an Ed or John Edwards defense was clear. And and it was the the access Hollywood tape that provided the catalyst for settlement and sort of defeated that anticipated John Edwards defo's. So your argument is that before the access Hollywood he would have had the John Edwards defense. But after access Hollywood, it becomes clear that political. I mean, look nothing's ever really black and white know especially in the law, but I think it became it certainly a vital piece of evidence in order to defeat that you said this interview the the prosecutors, and maybe you alleged as well. The Trump campaign could have survived access Hollywood. They could not have survived access Hollywood and sex with a porn star. Well, who knows I mean, we're now living in in upside down world upside down and write his left, and it's like go deacs tapes hit like a bomb? I mean, I mean Ryan's Priebus has been reported reported that Trump should get out of the race. I mean that that hit like a bomb agree. Do you think though looking now that the southern district is investigating? Do you think this is an impeachable offense? I, you know, that's above my pay grade impeachment is a political process on I think I just as a casual observer of of the process, and as it's going on the numbers just don't seem to add up. I don't wanna get into the whole can the president being. Guided if he's a sitting president, but let me ask you a question Keith after all the questions, they asked you for those fifteen hours. Do you think the president would be indicted? If he wasn't in the White House. Well, I think all you have to do is look at at Michael Cohen's plea agreement and an indictment. I mean, it's it's clear that they allege that he was part of a criminal conspiracy to commit campaign finance laws and by definition conspiracy must involve more than one person. And so who who else could it be? But you know, one person that's we're not talking enough about. I think in the first interview that you know, you've done on GM a is Karen McDougal. I mean, you also did that deal, right? Yes. With a my. That's correct. She seems to kind of float above it. I mean what what's your perception on that? I mean, this whole idea of catching kill and David pecker. That's a big part of him trying to keep it quiet during the campaign now. I think so. But I think if you're a prosecutor, it's it's much more difficult. I mean, it's one one step removed that deal was not done with Cohen, or with Trump at the was it was a a really a personal services agreement between Karen McDougal, and am I but all those people got immunity, right? I mean, David pecker Dylan Howard, all those people got immunity, right? Because they admitted that they were working with Michael Cohen. They would protect the president admitted this to prosecutors, and you had a very incredible moment, which you mentioned to us in our interview where you decided to talk to David Packer because your client Karen McDougal said he wasn't honoring the contract take us through that. So there was there was a time where Karen believe that that the AM I was not fulfilling terms of their their contract. There are certain public appearances that were necessary articles magazine covers and so forth because you had negotiated. She would not tell about her affair if she sold her life story two AM, I which AM I did pick up. But in return, they. Also promised this publicity. They would put her out there in the magazines. Correct. Correct. And so when when she believed that the I was not fulfilling the terms of that deal. She was upset and we scheduled a meeting with him. I we went into met with David pecker. And it was it was an incredible meeting. And there were even further promises that were major her at that. And that meeting so the situation actually became worse, not better. And that was really a great source of frustration for everyone involved on our side. And and when you when we know now what what David pecker allegedly admitted to with prosecutors in the southern district working with Coen to protect the president. There was a phrase he used and something he's told Karen at that lunch. You said in our interview, and what was that they said die. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. I wanted to out of respect to you. Karen, get you here in in New York. I wanted to look in the eye and and have a face. As meeting, and I wanna thank you very much. And I wanna thank you for your loyalty. What trove David pecker to do? All this. You know? I don't know. I think you'd have to ask him. But it was pretty clear to me, you know, both at the time. And then you even retrospectively looking back that they had already announced, you know, their endorsement of Donald Trump if you will. And I think that there's you know, it's been well reported that there was a close personal relationship between David pecker, Donald Trump. Yeah. Keeps you sort of have a legal specialty of people don't know your background. You're familiar with catch and kill we use that phrase a lot now in the air of Trump. What is that for people who don't really understand it? But catching kill is. Nothing new. I mean, catching kills been going on for one hundred years and catch and kill is when a story is acquired and not run. And oftentimes, you know, throughout the decades, it's been used as sort of maybe bartering. So if there's a negative story about a celebrity that's about to run, you know, oftentimes, a publication or or entity. He would not run the story in return for access. All right. And now, let's go to the man of the moment. Michael cohen. Yes. I mean, you've no Michael along time. Right. What do you think of this whole situation overall when you see where he's at he's about to jail for three years? Yeah. I don't wish. I don't wish something like that. Really on anyone, you know, or anyone's family, I think, you know, it's a very tough time for him, obviously. And and I finally how did you get to become close with Michael Cohen because you guys essentially, you told me that our interview the first time he ever called. You was back in twenty eleven when when he threatened to crawl up an office in your body and ruin you, essentially, those are your words, not mine. So how do you go from there to flash forward doing an NDA with his hero, his boss? The guy's gonna take a bullet for and then him confiding in you about his feelings about the president. You know, I've thought about that a lot and one of the things that you know, I've I've thought about was. When you deal with subject matters that we were dealing with confidential matters. There's not too many people to speak with about it. And so because we had done the steel and spoken about confidential matters. I feel like a, you know, some of the the ordinary protections, you know, in in human relationships sort of dissipated, and and it it there was a lot of conferences that were shared, and you guys were talking a lot right? You guys ended up talking all the time probably hundred two hundred times this what do people what do we don't know about? Michael Cohen, the people that don't have to deal with them every day. He likes to talk, right? Oh, he loves to talk. He loves to talk. Yeah. And he loved his association with Donald Trump, and that was a front and center as to who he was it was a life identity really was really was and and he embraced that in he embraced his role in Donald Trump's life as being Donald Trump's protector, and and and he. Never lacked an opportunity to remind you of that and win. He you mentioned in the TV interview about that. He was despondent or or sad that he was left behind that. He wasn't going to be chief of staff or attorney general. I mean, how bad was it? How sad was he he called you on the phone? I think you said he was crying or or emotional. Yeah. It was I think he was highly despondent, and he wasn't crying that that that I know of. But yeah, I recall the the day vividly, and it was after the election, but before the inauguration it was shortly before Christmas and it was a weekend day. And I was shopping for my kids at a department store and the the phone rang. I took the phone call. And I remember it was a prolonged discussion, and he he was very very upset. Very despondent. Just just couldn't believe the fact that he was not going to Washington, and I know you've been dealing with this since the election you've. Thought about this since the election. Do you think if Michael Cohen would have never paid you think if they would have just skipped that second deadline and just said, okay, forget it access Hollywood tape hit this things over do. You think Michael Cohen would be going to prison. You think his life would be this upside down was that the biggest mistake he ever made it in his life. From an outsider looking in. It certainly looks like that. And and I think it's fair to say that that that payment. Stormy Daniels was was the spark that lit the fire, which is is now out of control. I mean, it's it's a wildfire of historic proportions. And and I think it's evident to me. And I think most people that that it was the stormy Daniels payment that was the the spark for this tire conflagration. And when you see I know you you you you parted from stormy Daniels Michael Benatti took over. I mean, what do you think when you see the two of them kind of making a business out of this? And I asked you only Michael Kennedy was seen for a while there as a hero, and you were being trashed repeatedly both on cable, news and social media. We'll look I as you know, I'm a lawyer. I respect the process I was in the middle of. Cooperating with their southern district. They asked me to refrain from making any public comment. And I felt that it was my duty not just as a lawyer. But my duty as an American just to let the wheels of Justice progress. So it wasn't easy to sit back and take take some jabs. And I caught a lot of black is I don't think you discussed in the interview to there was a third client that you had or it came up. And or did you do it in the about Elliott Brady? And there was this whole suggestion that this woman was impregnated Republican fundraiser Republican fundraiser. But when you watched all that going on, what's what's the what's the record on that set the record straight on that? Well, what I can say is that you know, there's documents that have been filed as an ongoing, litigation, and and it's it's clear that in those publicly filed documents that that folks should not believe everything they read and the rumor mill of you know, who the father. Is the I think it's pretty clear in the filings and to everyone who's involved in that case that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. How is it? Keep because it is sort of so coincidental. If you will or it's not you represent stormy Daniels represent Karen McDougal, you get involved in this Elliott Brody saga as well. How do these clients find you? I mean, do they Google you? I mean, what what what type of connections? Do you have because people may look at this and say you and Michael Cohen did all these deals together. It's a little strange. I, you know, I don't think so it's it's a small universe of folks that that that do this kind of work. I receive a lot of referrals from other attorneys because you've carve out a niche business in Hollywood and really around the country when it comes to these types of situations. Well, they they seem to find me these cases, and sometimes you handle one or two cases and you develop sort of an expertise in that area. And whatever it is insurance claims or I just happened to be the the NDA guy ROY expected to see your name pop up in the Jeff Bezos scandal. But it didn't. But he took a reverse. He decided not to play the catch and kill game right in that situation. The Jeff Bezos and Amazon with with am. I right. He put it all out there. I and I think that's a maybe a new trend. And look, I think, you know, what's what's also interesting from a societal effect of last year is the effect that the the hashtag metoo movement has had on. These events. The Karen McDougal stormy Daniels matter and and really. All india. You know, you wonder if Andy as are there's legislation pending legislation all over the country to make any as unlawful. One more point. Because a lot of people have talked about this. You know, people say don't Trump was so rich at the time so much money. Stormy Daniels settle for one hundred thirty thousand dollars. She later decided she according to our sources wanted more. Her attorney, Michael Noddy has said that you know, he wanted the truth to come out. She said that as well. She's since written a book and went on sixty minutes. Do you think if that number was higher if it was maybe five hundred thousand a million dollars? She would have just gone away. And we would have never heard from her again, you know, who knows who knows. But I can tell you that for for folks that say that one hundred thirty thousand dollars wasn't enough. I think you need to look at that moment in time. He he wasn't president of the United States on the odds are he wasn't going to be president of the United States that was the conventional wisdom. I mean, I think even on election night if we can all just bring ourselves back there. I think you know, the majority of America was shocked that that it occurred. So you wonder how much of that case have been worth a day after the election or or two days after the election. If he didn't win probably would have been worth nothing and at number to be clear, you did not come up with that number. I did not come up with that number. Okay. And and if I came up with that number would have been a hell of a lot higher Trump's I didn't come up with that number. The Trump's I did not come up that number. I asked you, what did you think you think if this never would've occurred, it if Trump would have still won the election of Karen, McDougal, and stormy Daniels. If that that information actually had come out what he still be president. You know, who knows I can tell you what I think is is clear everyone now that that they thought that he would not have become president because they paid it. They had the opportunity to purchase the story in two thousand eleven all the way through two thousand sixteen. We actually had a written. Contract the first contract and they failed to fund it. So but it hasn't. But it has kept you up at night. It's kept me up many nights. Chris, you know, politics. I mean, what do you think I mean access Hollywood plus the Christian right was so behind President Trump if it was the access Hollywood a playboy playmate and a porn star. If all of that would come out. Do you think it would have made a difference over the campaign? I don't know. I mean, you know, and I think with Donald Trump he defies all the normal rules. I mean, you he should have been a John McCain story could have removed him from the election. So who knows he seems to tap lawn? It was tough on on on a lot of issues. But number presidents would have read their candidates would have resigned and gone home. So he's he's remarkable that way I think at the time to there during the campaign there was sixteen or so women that came forward and said that they were somehow mistreated. So would this bend the straw that broke the camel's back or or not, you know, who knows I think it's maybe one of the benefits of having a crisis every so. Single day. Is that you forget the crisis yesterday. Well, that's right. Have have any other women contacted you with allegations against the president? And are you currently representing anyone the answer is no to both questions? Thank you for joining us for another episode of the investigation, be sure to hit subscribe and leave us a rating. Thanks to our producers, Trevor Hastings and Shannon Crawford. And for my colleagues, cure Phillips, John Santa Chee, Matt mosque and Tom yomas. We'll see an ex time on the investigation. Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash ABC. That's indeed dot com slash ABC. Double one is reimagining banking by offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened from anywhere in five minutes. Capital one. What's in your wallet capital? One in a.

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