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But for now, we'll get you started on the transition to this week twelve game with our conversation and next up on bleeding green nation podcast. You'll be hearing for myself and Mark Scofield as we take an in depth look at ally Manning's game as we do for every enemy quarterback each week on the QB SCO show. So keep an eye out for that before we get to this conversation would be just a quick reminder that ratings and reviews really helped new people find the show. So if you like an enjoy what we're doing here at bleeding green. Nation and want to help more people. Discover the show please leave a five star rating and a written review on apple podcasts, if they're funny or especially complimentary of me, and Ben especially me, and Ben will probably read them soon on the kissing so lecturer so get those in get a shout out from us and help us out. We really do. Appreciate it. Okay. Enough of that. Let's kick it over to my conversation with Ed Valentine from big blue view dot com. So Ed how you doing brother? It's been awhile since we spoke good, Michael good. How are you not doing too great as you know, things in Philadelphia aren't fantastic. Our offensive coordinator has lit the world on fire by basically, stating his inability to get golden Tate involved in the offense and the offense going seven points against New Orleans. Saints us not too not too. Great here. Philadelphia that you guys your offense is doing much better. The it's kind of amazing. It's a relative places. It not. I mean, the eagles are the eagles are still four and six as bad as things are. And the giants are are three and seven, and and it feels like they're top of the world right now because they've won two weeks in a row. So it's a it's a relative world. I guess -solutely. Yeah. We're gonna preview this for listeners of both shows. We're going to have this up on our respective podcasts. Feeds and everything like that. But we just wanted to have a conversation about this game. And so if the formats little bit, we're no one's really hosting it. We're just kind of bouncing things back and forth. Each other. I wanted to hit you up with with a major question. I though about the quarterback play for the New York Giants and quarterbacks on the year against the Tampa Bay. Buccaneers have combined for a seventy four point seven completion rate twenty five touchdowns one interceptions and a quarterback rating of one twenty four point nine marks. Go field that big blue view actually brought that to my attention. So those numbers are like worthy of MVP consideration. And I don't think it's a secret that Tampa Bay buccaneer secondary not a like the eagles secondary right now. So this may not even matter, but that they're they're a little bit beat up fielding not a complete team that said you still have to execute and ally manning did that against the buccaneers seven for eighteen two hundred thirty one yards two touchdowns zero interceptions and one fifty five point eight quarterback rating. That is a single game highest since October eleven two thousand nine in a game where he only through ten passes against the Oakland Raiders. So that makes three in the last four games where he is at a quarterback rating over one hundred after going five of six games under before that. So the question is Ed is all of this Mirage or he has has taken a significant stride forward in his play this year that is sustainable over the long term. Well, I I mean can we rent the Tampa Bay defense and have the giants play against every week? Can can we do that? Nice. If we could do that for our startling offense seven points to stream the Tim Bay Buccaneers defensive amazing. Well, let's let's put it this way. The big obviously, ally manning and his future and how much longer his tenure with the giants is going to last is a big big question. A lot of giants fans to be honest have been done with ally for a while now. But when I look at this giants team specially what we've seen the last two weeks. And even if you go back to I think it was week three when the giants beat the the Houston Texans. Ally was twenty five of twenty nine in net game the giants scored twenty seven points. He led a fourth quarter comeback in net game. What I think we've seen especially the last two weeks when the giants have really begun to to get their offensive line straightened out a little bit. Is we're beginning to see what the giants kind of drew up in the off season what they hoped to create. They hope to create a situation when they drafted sa- Kwan Barclay, first and foremost where they would be able to run the football and on Sunday against the buccaneers. They ran the football very efficiently. Barclays given them big plays here near all year. But if you use the the advanced metrics giants were the least officiant running team in football going into Sunday. And yet they ran the ball straight ahead. They didn't have negative place. They were able to get what they wanted and what they needed on the ground. The other part of that is protecting you lion. Yes. He he was sacked four times. But when he wasn't sect over the last two weeks that pocket was often cleaned. He was able to stand there and survey the fee. Field and look and make the reads that he wanted to make he wasn't simply checking the ball down and getting rid of it as quickly as he could to avoid sex for me. This is what the giants drew up what they hoped to see that situation where they'd be able to run the football. And then have Eli be able to serve a and look at the weapons that he has in the passing game with Barclay who's a tremendous pass receiver may be better receiver than he is a runner Odal Beckham and Graham, sterling shepherd, and then you have ANSA Leary receivers like like Rhett Ellison. And it's that kind of situation where you look at that. And you look, okay. You're veteran quarterback you protect him. He'll find the mismatch. Is it sustainable for me? I think that's what we find out. What the giants over the second half of the season. And I have made the case in and I'm kind of going on and on here. A little bit of made the case at big blue view with the lie. We've been talking about for eleven years no ever since I started at big blue view. So so I can go on forever. But but just say this I made the case that if he plays. Well, if the giants make progress on offense in the second half of the year he has a contract for next season. You're probably not going into week one with a rookie starting quarterback. You're probably going into next season with a placeholder if he plays. Well, the next six games or however. Long. He's in the lineup before they may be take a look at Kyle Letta. Why can't he be the the quote unquote placeholder quarterback next season the mentor for whoever they bring in if they're having success on offense and making progress? I don't know why they would be in a rush to move on. And you made some interesting points there because a stat I have for you pro football focus does their offensive line pass blocking efficiency metric for the season. The giants ranked twenty eighth tied for twenty eighth in the league for pass blocking efficiency in the last three weeks. However, they rank eleventh if you isolate those three weeks and what I saw against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That was really impressive. You're able to run the ball effectively on early downs. And then they were able to utilize play action from those condense splits those reduced from the wide receivers really opened up the field for your weapons now with Odell Beckham the eagles will likely counter by doing what they did to Dell when they last met which is. Is going to be what's called the cone bracket. So you're gonna have a defensive back with outside leverage up close to the line on him. He'll play a trail technique, and then you're gonna have a safety deeper and to the inside. And that really limited what Dell could do against the eagles in the first matchup with that. Being the case. I think you guys just got Ingram BAC and sterling Shepard mates mates in place. But who do you who would you expect to if the eagles are able to do that to Beckham who would you expect to have a big game for the giants in the passing game? Because I did see you guys opened up a little bit more with Barkley, and I still have to look at more. But you know, we didn't really see him on wheel routes early on the season. I chart like his first thirty five receptions, not one of them was a wheel. It was like eighty seven percent. Check down stuff flat routes curl routes swing route stuff like that. A so who goes off in the passing game for the giants. If the eagles jump in all those resources stopping Dell like they did last time. Oh, I think the two guys who. You mentioned Michael suk-won Barkley in Evans Ingraham are actually keys to that. And you're absolutely right. The the amazing frustrating crazy part of when you look at suk-won Barclays pass catching numbers is the fact that that he's caught a ton of passes. I think it's sixty two passes. I don't have it in front of me. But it's awful. He he's caught all of these passes. And until the last two weeks. It was almost all checked down. It was almost all behind the line of scrimmage dump off kind of stuff. But in the last two games in the game winning drive against San Francisco. We saw a wheel route for a big play. We saw an angle route that put them down in the red zone. With seeing the giants do the kinds of things that I watched in training camp in the preseason that they were trying to set up where they were using him as a weapon any other thing is on Sunday against Tampa Bay when they needed a play Evans Ingraham has not been playing as many snaps, but when they needed a play at the end of the game. What did they draw up? They drew up a play action pass where they slid Evanston grim passed a linebacker. Down the middle of the field where he can use his speed just to out run these guys. And and that's the kind of thing that we just haven't seen enough from the giants. And I think, you know, those kinds of things are your answer to this this bracket coverage, you know, it was one of the reasons they drafted Ingram. A couple of years ago was to be a weapon against this type of defense. And we haven't seen it enough. But now, I think if if the protection holds up they have enough weapons that they should be able to to attack that kind of defense, you know, as I said, provided that ally has the time to identify the mismatch and figure out where the ball needs to go ancestors because we're gonna talk a lot about the last match up in how it translates to this one. But I feel like these teams are on two completely different trajectories with how they are playing. The giants. Of sort of figure things out and they've gotten things rolling on offense. The eagles offense was stifled for two consecutive weeks. Coming off a bye can't figure out how to use gold titan affective manner with their other weapons there. It's been an issue for them. Carson Wentz coming off his worst game as a pro juxtaposed to alive man in coming off his highest rated quarterback in game in in about nine years. So definitely two different teams than what we saw last time that they played. However, I will say, you know, the the giants defense is still something that I think the eagles should be able to exploit on paper. You know? That's why they play the games. So the giants have in allowed a team under twenty points this year. And I look at this linebacking corps and UCLA about algal tree BJ. Goodson guys it I think in really be exploited in coverage. And then you look at the secondary in one guy that stands out for me on type in you. Tell me if you agree with this. But a guy that the eagles can attack. Jack and the bugs kinda picked on. Especially in the first half was BWI the outside corner there what I be right in that assessment as one of their major weak spots in the secondaries or something that I'm missing there as well. Just by not having not seen enough yet. Well, I think that the interesting thing about the secondary be w Webb is pretty much a journeyman type player. The giants brought him in to compete, basically as roster depth to perhaps be their slot corner. When they traded ally apple to the New Orleans Saints BW, web moved to the outside. I do not think that BW web is any sort of a long-term answer out there. He's done. An adequate job made an interception at the end of the game Neo the day. But he's he's not a shutdown guy. He's he's probably in an ideal situation. He's your third or four. Corner. But the giants just don't have that ideal situation right now that neither neither the eagles to be honest with you see all the injuries going on with us. You know, the other thing I'll say the giants drafted Sam Bill in the supplemental draft, which was really a two thousand nineteen type of pick. They picked up Tony lip it out of off of free agency a few weeks ago, but he's coming back from an achilles injury. And I think he's probably more of a two thousand nineteen projection. So they know they have worked to do in that secondary. And they're there. I look at that defense right now on I think they're just trying to get by that that makes a lot of signs because the depth is definitely not there in the DEP was something that concerned me coming into the season with the giants. And it certainly has reared reared. It said like you said your move on from apple I I didn't think he was gonna pay out as the starter. Anyway. So then it forces you to make other moves, and it does remind me of what's going on with the ego. Secondary. 'cause you have guys playing out of position. I mean, we have a fourth round nickel corner was supposed to be Avantis Matic's playing as the starting safety for us. And we've gotten to the point where we've activated in our giving significant playing time two Cornerbacks. Devante Bosley who couldn't make the team in the offseason, you know, safety. Trae Sullivan, cornerback in Sullivan, and those guys have been really key for us. We just got back Sidney Jones from a hamstring injury. Jalen mills is dealing with a foot. Ronald Darby is down for the year with ACL Malcolm Jenkins has really been the only consistent in that secondary forest. So I do worry about the matchup in the passing game with the guys that you mentioned was shepherd with Evan Ingram with all of the weapons that you guys have. And you guys finally figuring out how to use saquon Barkley in the passing game is definitely gotta be huge. But as far as the eagles run defense, they were solid coming in to the saints game there there one of the better units in the league in what you look at what? The giants have been able to do well again, especially against you know, you look at the bucks. And you know, the eagles are better run defense in the bucks. But they also have a problem with their second DT spot next to Fletcher Cox, you got guys like TY McGill in there. Because a lot of Alati note. I can't not I can't stay healthy. Timmy, Jernigan is still been out for a while. So yeah, I do worry about getting gashed up a little up the middle of little bit that defensive line rotation isn't as robust as it has been. So that's something that I think that the giants can definitely take advantage of is is the run game in that work in the playoffs off of it. And you don't necessarily need the run game to bump to work the play action. But it certainly does help in both or bump in. That's for sure shirt. Does you know, it's interesting that that you talk about that defense because I'm thinking back to the first matchup end in the secondary is something that I thought at that point in time that the giants were going to be able to take advantage of. And obviously that just didn't happen. But you know, I need to ask you something about this eagle team a new when the eagles and giants played the first time, I think it was week six I thought the giants might have an opportunity there because the eagles were struggling a little bit. But the reality of it was I think the giants were a little shell shocked coming into that game. They had just gotten beaten four days prior by Carolina on a sixty three yard game in field goal, which is which is kind of familiar. You know? You know, I don't know what it is about the giants in game ending sixty plus yard field goals. But but you should feel good. When you see the other team lineup for those. But you know, when you're the giants, you kinda cringe at this point is like no can we kick it from fifty. Can we move it to an extra point? Maybe I don't know. But but here's the thing that game was a lopsided thirty four to thirteen game. That was probably not even that close. And I looked at it. And I had always thought. Okay. The eagles are the defending Super Bowl champion sooner or later. Hopefully later, we're going to see them begin to actually look like the defending Super Bowl champion. And I thought from that game forward that that might be what happened, but it obviously hasn't happened. So I mean, the the very. Simple. Basic question is at the bottom of it is what the heck is going on. You know, it's interesting. There's a lot of different theories being thrown around as you say that the giants win. I think that that's when everybody on our side. Okay. They figured it out put together a complete sixty minute game, which they hadn't done all year. And then they come out against the Carolina Panthers. And they dominate them for three quarters. And then they let them back into a game and lose twenty one to seventeen after being up seventeen nothing. And then they get they play the Jacksonville Jaguars tight. And then they come out lay stinger gets Dallas Cowboys team. Just feels like a team that wasn't ready for the season to start. They weren't ready for the two thousand seventeen season to end which made them late when it came to the two thousand eighteen season. And that's you know, I in certain circumstances. That's fine. As long as you get things rolling a little bit of a late start with a team that was banged up. Like the eagles were Nick foles a quarterback that really didn't concern us too. Much. But you know, right now, we just haven't been able to find a rhythm whatsoever. Teams are giving us their best punch weekend week out and were flat. And you know, we're at talented team still even all the injuries in the secondary and whatnot. It hasn't been that all season. But you know, we've been our offense can't get rolling in pretty much, you know, at full strength for the most part. We even traded for a guy like golden Tate. So yeah. And you know, you look at things like you can criticize Doug Peterson for his book tour in the off season guys like Bill checked onto that in everything that was said in the off season. You know, the eagles have fun. And you know, the lane Johnson said that in and whatnot. It's all kind of coming back to haunt us now, and it really does feel like this this team. Just never started the two thousand eighteen season in time. And that's been a major thing for us. We are not hustling teams, we are not playing teams. We aren't having fun on the field. That's for sure we saw the New Orleans Saints up. You know, beating are. By forty one points, dancing, all over the place and whatnot. I don't take any umbrage with that. Because the eagles were doing exactly that last year. I just hate that. It's flipped around to that point. Where now we're the team, you know, getting beat up like that when we're better team than that. So yeah, it is. It is frustrating and you start to lose faith at some point. You can't say anymore. Okay. This is the game where they get it together. This is the game or the offense starts rolling because they haven't shown that they can put together sixty minutes. Only one time against the giants. And it's just it's gotten worse from there. So yeah, I mean, I think that's a that's a very valid point. They aren't playing the defending Super Bowl champions. It's interesting because it was a long time ago now, but I can remember feeling the same way about the giants after the two thousand eleven season to be honest with you. They won you know, they win the Super Bowl that year. And then they come back the next the next year, and they weren't awful, but they just didn't play like the defending Super Bowl champions that have it. They were expecting that that magic that happened the year before to happen again just because it did. And it's not a light source said, no, it's not a light. Switch and the amazing thing is in two thousand twelve the giants finish with the same overall record that they did in two thousand eleven and that time it wasn't good enough to make the playoffs. Yeah. Because they that year. That's right. And they had to go on the road to get to the Super Bowl. You'll have to put it together relate. It doesn't happen. It doesn't happen. One year. Just because it happened the year prior. And and maybe that's a little bit of what you're going. Through in in Philly and part of it to from from week to week we were dealing with a rolling wave of injuries. And I'm not using that as an excuse. But it's part is it's part of the equation. And the eagles had the same thing. A lot of the same thing last year. They ranked low in just two games lost and everything, but you know, as they went from week to week and they lost guy like Jason Peters. And they lost the guy like Jordan Hicks was a guy like Darren sproles. It didn't impact us as much because we just kept winning this team is suffering the same amount of injuries and more, and they are just not rolling through it. It seems like they're just stuck in mud and this. I think whatever message Doug Peterson is sending to the team. And I know he's gotta keep hammering at home until it hits home is just not resonating with the team right now. And I can't tell you why that is I'm not in the building. But I can tell you that. This is definitely not the same team with the same Agic with the same effort the same accountability than it was last year. And that's at sucks to see. Because you get a quarterback that's young. And you have that window. Or you can spend some money because his on that rookie contract. And you're just not able to put together a season that's playoff worthy in that window. Let me let me ask you this Michael one of the things that happens when a team reaches the top of the mountain like the eagles did. And you have you know, young up and coming assistant coaches is that your staff gets raided. Did we did we all under estimate or just sort of? Look past the the idea that the that the eagles lost Frank Reich to the colts in John D Filipo to the Vikings. And and not really recognized that that those losses were going to have an impact to the eagles on the field. Yeah. I think when you look back on it now in we certainly we didn't feel this way at the time. But we did kind of fear it, and, you know, hiring those internal candidates. I'm not sure if they looked outside of that. But the different definitely didn't announce promoted from within didn't make a whole lot of noise about it. But you know, Frank Reich is doing a bang-up job in Indianapolis. And he's doing a fantastic job to with with Andrew lock in flying to his strengths. And they don't have a whole lot of playmakers. Everybody's making it work. They've got a running back by committee. They use a lot of two tight end sets like the eagles like like to do you see a lot of the similar concepts execution has better the protecting. Andrew luck much better via their designs which the eagles are not doing for Carson Wentz right now. And you look at what? John de Filippo had a fantastic relationship with Carson Wentz. And you wonder if that element the Carson sitting down with John Filipo in the film room and them ironing out things 'cause defo's a brilliant. Dude. You know, if if that's there's a disconnect with him in groceries just not the guy that Defilipo is. So that certainly coming into focus right now for the fan base. I've already mentioned grow a few times now. But then also the information being disseminated to Doug Peterson might not be on the same level that it was last year in that, you know, that kind of everything on that front too. Yeah. I think that wasn't underrated aspect in the off season that we were probably quietly concerned about and it's really starting to become the focus of what people are looking at right now. I guess the other thing that that we have to talk about is, you know, as we record this. It's Tuesday a couple of days before thanksgiving, and you know, neither one of our teams has winning record at this point. And yet we're ten games in and yet, it's not time to pack it in for either one of us. I mean, I don't know about you. But if you're if you're a giants fan, I mean, thank God, you're team plays in the NFC east. Yeah. Big time, and Alex Smith goes down with that gruesome injury, which is which is terrible thirty three years to the day from win to these men went down, which is so bizarre. And you know, all of a sudden wiring that creepy to that thighs men was in this was in the stadium Sunday to for that game. It was like the same yard line to like there's so many different weird parallels to that. It's it's fascinating. But yet you feel awful for Alex Smith, but you know, their offense was decimated before that. Now, Alex Smith goes down in everything is absolutely wide open, and the and you may feel a little bit better than I do right now. Because like I said, you know, the trending different ways. But one game could definitely change that the doors definitely opened for the Dallas Cowboys right now because they have been trending up since the acquisition of Amari Cooper. And they've started to figure out, you know, figure out things on offense and put some winds together. Which is big for them. But yeah, it's definitely not over for either team. What what matters for this game? Is you know, the eagles have to get back on track. And the giants have to just continue what they've been doing for the last couple of weeks. So with that. And I'm gonna I'm gonna ask you. I'm gonna throw the throw the line out for you. And I I wanna I want you to make a prediction will kind of go from there. But the eagles are favored by six points right now with over under at forty six points. So we're playing so they're playing in Philadelphia. The giants are on the replying for that alpha. What do you think do the giants cover do they win? What's your prediction for this game? I will definitely Michael I will definitely take the giants to cover and as much as I I want to believe that they can go into Philadelphia at n win this game. I don't think I could actually objectively pick them to do it at this point. I just don't think that I. Can because in the back of my mind. You know, it comes back to the eagles are still the defending Super Bowl champions. If you go position by position up and down the fifty three man roster. They're going to be a better more talented fifty three men roster than what the giants put together at this point. The giants are making progress in a huge part of that progress a huge part of taking a step forward in becoming a good football team would be to go into Philadelphia in win a game like this. I just can't. I think it's possible. Oh, yeah. I just can't if if I was going to put money on the game. I just can't put money on the giants doing it. So I think you'll see a lot of good things out of the giants. I think you'll see a competitive football game. I just. Can't pick them to win it. I mean that that's fair. And you figure it's closer than a lot of people might think just on the surface. I will concede that. And I appreciate the honesty. I think you know, the giants definitely have a path to win this game in it comes to their playmakers. If they can saquon Barkley is is good for a crazy Ron or or catch per game. If he can put a couple of those together if Dell takes a slant to the house or just straight up beats one of our dues, which is totally possible. They can definitely put points on the board. And then it becomes a question of can the eagles offense right now that is struggling but has weapons can they put together a complete game in keep pace if it becomes a boat race. So I will say, you know, with these defenses right now, I'm gonna put some faith in the eagles offense. And I'm also going to put some faith in the giants defense to able to score on this banged up. Secondary put it at thirty one twenty seven I'll say that the giants cover. But like you said there is definitely a path for the for the giants to win. It's gonna be a tough hard heart. Fought divisional game. I don't see it being the type of blow out that it was last time for sure man, I think that pretty much covers anything that. You wanted to ask me about this game or talk about or? No, I think we covered most of it. I'm looking forward to it. You know last year. I was last year. I was able to be in Philly for that game. Which was my first time at the link in that was a crazy experience. I really didn't need to experience losing a game on a sixty one yard field goal in Philly. But you know, but I don't know. But so this year, I'm not going to subject myself to that. I'm going to stay home. That sounds good. That sounds like a plan at man, it's always a pleasure talking with all talk to again soon. Okay. All right. Take care. Hey, guys. 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