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Tonight several developing stories as we come on the air president biden landing in the uk just a short time ago making news already addressing american troops. What he said about our allies that the united states is back and what he said about vladimir putin with his upcoming face to face meeting after the russia based cyber attacks in the us affecting gas prices and the us meat supply. Cecilia vega traveling with the president in england. The coronavirus in the us. Will we meet that fourth of july goal. A reality check right here. Tonight and dr jaw with us on the concerning delta variant first seen in india now the dominant strain in the uk. It's being seen here in the us. Already americans need to know and the doctor of the big difference. How effective the vaccines are against this variant. After one dose versus both doses of the vaccine the dangerous storms moving across the northeast and the record heatwave in the mid west. It'll feel like one hundred degrees in minneapolis. When does this end. Rob marciano with a slide time. This out there is also news tonight about the crippling drought across multiple states. The alarming images tonight of lake mead at the hoover dam part of the colorado river system. The water supply for forty million americans. Matchup at the hoover dam tonight the new report from the inspector general at the interior department. That finds lafayette park was not cleared out for that photo op with former president trump holding that bible. So why was it clear. Giancarlo was here tonight here in new york city the bus on a busy street crashing into cars then veering curb. Slamming right into a building. Tonight cured the video inside the bus of the driver leading to many new questions. We have reported here on the cicadas showing up after seventeen years tonight causing this accident the mayor of cincinnati and the police there with the new warning and america strong tonight the principal brave enough to sing. I will always love you in front of hundreds to make a point from. Abc news world headquarters. And you more. This is world news tonight with deal. Good evening it's great to have you with us here at wednesday night and we begin tonight with president by on the world stage his first foreign trip since taking office landing this afternoon in the uk three countries in eight days meetings with allies with queen elizabeth and that high stakes face-to-face summit with vladimir putin. The president and first lady arrived in england on air force. One late today. I stop speaking to a thousand american troops and their family members. The president saying his trip is to reaffirm our alliances telling our allies. The us is back and telling autocrats. The democracies of the world are standing together and on vladimir putin. the president saying he will quote. let putin. no what i wanted to know. Of course the upcoming meeting with putin comes after those crippling russian based cyber attacks in the us affecting gas prices and the us meat supply but the list he'll bring with putin is law abc's chief white house correspondent cecilia. Vega in cornwall england. Tonight traveling with the president tonight. President biden kicking off his first trip abroad with a visit to troops and a blunt message for both allies and adversaries heading to the g seven then to the nato ministerial and then to meet with mr putin to let them know what i want him to know. President immediately drawing a stark contrast with former president trump's tense relationship with america's european allies. We're gonna make clear that. The united states is back and democracies of the world are standing together to tackle the toughest challenges and the issues that matter most to our future trump bash needle from the very beginning questioning the value of the alliance itself president by now making it clear these relationships matter our lives as worm built by coercion or maintain by threats. They're grounded on democratic ideals shared risen to junior and where every voice matters the president then turning to that high stakes meeting with vladimir putin. I'll travel geneva to sit down with a man. I've spent time with before president vladimir putin on the table russia's efforts to meddle in the us election the recent ransomware attack on the colonial pipeline that led to gas shortages and price spikes and the cyber attack on the nation's largest beef producer both believed to have originated in russia. Also on the agenda shared issues like arms control. We're not seeking conflict with russian. Want a stable predictable relationship. But i've been clear. The united states will respond in a robust and meaningful way on the russian government. Engages in harmful activities and to celia vega with us. Tonight from cornwall and cecilia president. Vines message was clear. They're saying that. America is back ready to lead but of course one of the questions tonight are. Us allies fully ready for that. It really seems like they are in fact the president has already heard from a number of them in their praising. In words for president biden. Reengaging bring america back to the world stage but make no mistake. This is not going to be an easy task president biden. He says this is just the beginning of these conversations to rebuild america's standing on that world stage. David he says the timing could not be more crucial for this country and these allies given repeated threats from adversaries like russia. All right. cecilia. Vega leading us off tonight. She'll be with us here every night. Following this. and this is celia mentioned president vines strips of busy one. It will end with that face to face meeting with vladimir putin and i'll be right there with our political team next wednesday our coverage throughout the day here on abc and on world news tonight. Next tuesday and wednesday night. We'll see then but the news does continue tonight. And we move on now to the other major headlines the corona virus here in the us the vaccination rate is slowing down so the question tonight will the us meet that fourth of july goal. A reality check here so far. Thirteen states have reached that benchmark seventy percent of adults with at least one dose at the other end of the scale. Six states are at less than fifty percent mississippi. The lowest of all at forty four percent of adults with one shot and doctor shaw with us right here tonight on the concerning delta variant first seen in india now the dominant strain in the uk. It's being seen here in the. Us already the doctor here on the big difference in how effective vaccines against this variant after one dose or after two doses of the vaccine marcus more from mississippi tonight tonight with vaccine demand slowing the us news that unused johnson and johnson one dose. Vaccines are do expire. At the end of the month. The company would suffered setbacks in early april due to safety concerns about blood. Clots in a very small number of women sang today. It's working to try to extend the shelf. Life of its doses. We still believe that we are going to be very relevant. In terms of getting back needed around the world this coming amid president biden's announcement that the us will by five hundred million doses of pfizer to provide to poor nations the race vaccinate the us facing challenges even as concerns grow about the highly contagious delta variant first detected in india that strain now dominant in the uk with transmission rising among twelve to twenty year olds raising concerns for experts. Here in the us out. They're really pushing and beating the bushes and trying to get people to understand why it's so important for them to get vaccinated on average about three hundred fifty seven thousand. Us adults have gotten at least one shot every day in the last week. That's down nearly twenty percent far short of the approximately five hundred forty thousand needed daily to hit president. Biden's july fourth goal of seventy percent in oklahoma where vaccinations have plummeted. The health department saying it may have to throw out tens of thousands of vaccines six states now reporting that half of their adults still have not received at least one shot at just over forty four percent. Mississippi ranks last two is horrifying in the small town of forest pasture od is trying to encourage people to get vaccinated after he nearly died from colbert in april. Eight days in the house eighty days. I didn't know whether i was in the world out of the world and two percent chance to chance. Survive into marcus morris. With now and marcus we know this. Fourth of july goal of having seventy percent of americans with at least one dose of the vaccine isn't just a goal authorities say. There's an obvious reason for this. A real correlation with what they're seeing as far as new hospitalizations in counties and states where they're not even close to meeting these numbers and abc news as looked into the numbers. Yeah that's right an abc analysis. David looked at the counties with the lowest percentage rates of vaccinations of residents and it found that hospitalizations in those areas actually when more than double compared to the counties where they had the highest rates. Vaccinations david marcus more on the virus tonight and as you heard marcus report their concern over this delta variant. The very first scene in india is growing tonight given what they're now seeing in the uk and what we're beginning to see here in the us. So let's bring in. Dr she shaw dean of the brown university school of public health. Doctors are going to have you with us. We know this very from india is now the dominant strain in the uk. I know they're very troubled there by what they're seeing. Young people were now beginning to see this variant in the us president biden that rare warning about the variant the last twenty four hours and we heard dr fauci say we cannot let this happen in the united states. So let me ask you. Is it a possibility that we're going to see this. Spread in the us. And what concerns you most about this variant david. Thank you for having me back in. Fortunately it is a possibility. We still have almost half of americans not yet vaccinated about a third of adults get vaccinated and what concerns me. Most about this is how incredibly contagious. It is it's the most contagious variant. We have seen so far and it is really caused devastation in country after country after it has taken off so we have to really take this seriously even though we're seeing cases plummet in the us. That's the good news but we still have to keep our eye on on these other headlines including this variant. We reported last night here on that new study in the uk that showed that the pfizer vaccine was only thirty three percent effective against this delta variant after one dose and eighty eight percent. Effective after two doses. So i gather it's really important to encourage folks to get that second shop absolutely. Everybody needs a second shot. And if you've missed it you can still go get it. Being delayed is not a huge problem. It's absolutely critical. Everybody got their second shot. Whether it's pfizer or madonna and doctor before we let you go tonight. The president has set these goals before these benchmarks. We've hit them as a country but seventy percent of adults with at least one shot by the fourth of july. Are we gonna meet this goal. David is looking harder and harder every day and we really are going to have to redouble our efforts. Were not on pace right now but i think if we try new. That's really reach out to people make it accessible. We can get there but it's gonna be a lot of work all right. We'll continue to track dr jaw with us tonight. Thank you we turn next to the dangerous storms. Moving through parts of the northeast tonight again. Fueled by heat and in the mid west. It'll feel like one hundred degrees in. Minneapolis them yet. But it is coming. And see your meteorologist rob marciano with us again tonight. Hey rob hi david. We broke a couple of records here in minneapolis reaching a high temperature of ninety six degrees. Maybe making it. The earliest seven day stretch with highs above the ninety degree mark. And i think we're gonna make it a take a look at this. This is climate change in your face with the humidity is going to feel like a hundred degrees in minneapolis. Lincoln nebraska sioux falls. We are cooling down in the northeast but believe numbers on friday. Seventy s that is going to feel different but the flooding. that's not changing arkansas alabama. That's gonna last at least another day as will this heat. David barseguian with us from minneapolis. Tonight rob thank you. There is also news tonight about the crippling drought across multiple states. The alarming images tonight of lake mead at the hoover dam it's part of the colorado river system. The water supply for forty million. Americans are chief national correspondent. Matt governor tonight at the hoover dam tonight. The images of this mega drought across the south west landscape bathtub rings around reservoirs show where the water once was. But marinas and fields bone-dry experts say lake mead part of the colorado river system that provides water to some forty million people in seven states is at just thirty. Seven percent capacity officials say it'll dip into its lowest level ever recorded tomorrow over the past two decades or so. The water level here at lake mead has decreased by about one hundred and thirty feet. That's like a thirteen storey building revealing islands. That used to be completely submerged and the water from this lake makes agriculture possible in the desert southwest. Were farmers are struggling. It's an economic disaster. We don't plant crops. We don't have jobs and as we saw during the pandemic you know. This industry is essential for everyone. Lick me hoover dam provides hydroelectric power to the region but the dwindling water supply forcing the dams output to be cut by nearly twenty five percent at at some point officials warn. It could be forced to stop producing altogether. Nearly three hundred thousand miles of the southwest are in exceptional drought in area. Bigger than the state of texas last year was the worst fire season in this year even drier and experts as being driven by climate change really important to stay on this and math. The federal government could soon be forced to take some unprecedented steps. Here their major steps david for the first time this summer the federal government is set to announce a water shortage along the lower colorado river that triggers automatic cuts to water in nevada and in arizona. Starting as early as next year david with a lot of people got and thank you and next the new report tonight from the inspector general at the interior department that found that lafayette park was not cleared out for that photo op with former president trump holding bible. Here's our chief. Washington correspondent. Jonathan call now donald trump's infamous photo op holding that bible in front of saint. John's church last summer began just twenty. One minutes after the surrounding area was forcefully cleared by. Us park police and other law enforcement at the time and appeared. The protesters were forced out to make room for the president's visit but a new report today by the internal investigator at the department of interior. Says there is no evidence. The operation had anything to do with trump's visit. We did not find evidence that potential presidential visit to the park or saint. John's church influenced the park. Police is decision making or their deployment. Instead the report says protesters were cleared out to allow contractors to build defense in response to damage done during the previous two nights of rioting. The report says the park. Police didn't even know about the president's plans until hours after it began planning their operation operation to remove peaceful. Protesters became violent. Many people were injured and beaten. Something that is not addressed by the report. The report does find tear. Gas and other chemical irritants were used against protesters and most of the crowd could not hear the audio warnings. Issued by the police at the area was about to be cleared out. Donald trump issued a statement today. The inspector general saying that the report totally exonerates him from ordering the removal of those protesters. Although david at the time he actually praised the actions of the police to get the protesters out of the area around this church saying that they had done a great job. Jonathan karl tonight. Thanks john here in new york city tonight. There are many new questions after new video from inside and mta. Bus of the driver after that bus crashed into cars and then slammed into a building. Here's gio benitez tonight. Authorities investigating this shocking new video from inside and new york city bus showing driver crashing into several vehicles jumping a curb and then slamming into an apartment building. The violent wreck in brooklyn monday injuring at least sixteen people and forcing all residents out of that building officials with the metropolitan transportation authority initially investigating reports that the driver's foot may have become stuck between the brake and accelerator but the video inside the bus raising new questions. The mta calling it disturbing on many levels. Investigators citing numerous apparent violations including the bus driver using a cell phone. While driving deactivating the buses break before closing the drivers protective barrier or buckling his seat belt and having two bags in the bus driver area while driving with one of them at his feet and david tonight officials are concerned that basic safety rules might not have been followed here. The bus is still stuck in that building because if not the structure may collapse david. Thank you when we come back here tonight. The important recall involving baby food. And we've reported here on the catos now leading to a car accident new warning tonight okay. So you're staring at the wall. The one that's looking kinda sad. You know the one and you know you need a painted but what are. The trendy colors does read work with wood. Floors is blue to bold with this couch. will beige field to blah. How do i even choose a color. 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Trained in over forty specialties including anxiety depression relationships and more your therapists can help you set and achieve your goals talks basis secure and private using the latest end to end bank grade. Encryption technology to store client information and complying with the latest hip regulations as a listener of this. Podcast you'll get one hundred dollars off of your first month with talks base to match with a licensed therapist. Today go to talks. Space dot com. Make sure to use the code tonight to get one hundred dollars off of your first month. That's code tonight at talks base dot com tonight here. The latest headline involving the so-called takeda invasion list-serve You've likely heard it yourself that familiar sound from billions. Say or more of route. Ten cicadas coming back after seventeen years underground and in cincinnati an accident. They say the driver blaming the swarm of cicadas. Some coming right into the car hitting him. In the face of the mayor police now warning drivers to be mindful of the cicadas to the antics of other news in beech-nut issuing the voluntary recall for some of its baby rice cereal. The company saying it will no longer sell the brands single grain rice cereal because they say could contain high levels of arsenic above. Fda limits no illnesses related to the serial have been reported finally tonight the principal and his solo graduation day at t wingate andrews high school in high point north carolina. Marcus gos- principal and he is loved by his students and what it was time for principal gos- to say goodbye. He knew exactly how he wanted to do it. The way whitney houston did singing. Love you principal with us tonight. I david principle loss on his nerves. And on the song. I written and performed by dolly parton. Of course there's a nervousness because nobody seems behind whitney houston in the great slight valley part in both the lyrics Really what. I was trying to portray to massoud heyday the graduating senior. Mccown mcrae mr gov. Singing to us was something i will never forget. He is a big part of wyant ryan today the principal and his message and we didn't make him sing it one of the things that the pandemic as really told us is that we need more love the students know that we love and care for them we love. I'll see tomorrow. Connect who was up everybody. This is l z. Granderson here to tell about my new podcast. Adc audio called life out loud. This show is all about preserving the history and honoring the contributions of the lgbtq community. Each week. i'll talk to some of the most fascinating people paving the way for the more inclusive world these conversations can get heavy but this show is also going to be filled with so much joy. And i mean after we are called gay people right so gotta be some happiness in there somewhere checkout life out loud with me. L z granderson. Wherever you get your podcast.

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