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#B124 (bidirectional to bifurcate)


Hello words welcome to this episode of the podcast called the dictionary. I don't know what is happening with my voice right now okay. The first word is Bi Directional B. I D I R E C T I O N A L. It is an adjective from nineteen twenty eight involving moving or taking place in two usually opposite directions like if a train leaves station a at going at going. That is a sign that I need to move on so we have an example bi directional flow also another example bi directional replication of D. N. A. By directionally is an adverb. Now we have. This is a French word so I will probably say it. Weird be don't be don't veal. B. I D. O. N. V. I L. L. E. It is a noun from one thousand nine hundred eighty to a settlement of Jerry built dwellings on the outskirts of a city. As in France or North America North Africa Jerry built by the way is J. E. R. R. Y. I reminded me when you sort of throw something together. What do you call it like Jerry rigged or something? I don't know if those are related So I'm guessing these are maybe not very well built dwellings. That's just what I'm gathering from this This is French from baton. Which means metal can or drum plus veal means city. The picture in my mind I'm getting is like in South Africa. You know. What's that movie district nine. The sci-fi movie You know there's this very they've got such class issues with with apartheid in everything. There's the whole section of the city that is you know mental walls and terrible living conditions. So that's sort of the the idea that I get from B veal moving on to bid up two words transitive verb from eighteen sixty four to raise the price of as property at auction by a succession of offers. You can only bid up you can bid down next. We HAVE BE I. E all caps abbreviation for Bachelor of Industrial Engineering Next Rehab Beater Mir be Dir Mir capital b. i. e. d. e. R. M. E. E. R. Or no actually. It's a bitter Meyer. I don't know why I read that wrong. This is an adjective from nineteen zero five of a style of UN ostentatious furniture and interior decoration popular especially with the class in early nineteenth century Germany. This is from gottlieb Beater Meyer. Who is oh it's a satirical name for an uninspired German bourgeois so it's a fake name I guess now we have biennial. It is an adjective from fifteen sixty to one occurring every two years number two continuing or lasting for two years specifically growing veget- Vegetative -Ly Vegetative Louis during the first year and fruiting and dying during the second usage says see the prefix by biennial is a noun and by any Lee is an adverb. Now we have biennium. It is a noun from eighteen ninety nine a period of two years. Okay we have beer or is it bur- it looks like beer. The pronunciation guide doesn't have a long EASTBOUND BE I e R. It is a noun from before the twelfth century. One is archaic a framework for carrying number two a stand on which a corpse or coffin is placed. Also a coffin together with its stand had no idea that was called a beer This is from middle English bearer B. e. r. e. from old English Mayor Akin to the old English Baron which means to carry and there's more at the word Baer B. E. A. R. Next we have by face. It's the word face with by the front. It is a noun from nineteen thirty four a by facial stone tool what is by facial it is our next word is an adjective from circa eighteen. Forty seven having opposite sides or faces worked on to form an edge for cutting or scraping by facially is an adverb. Next we have biff. It is a noun from Circa Eighteen. Eighty seven and it is the name of the villain in the back to the future movies. No I mean it is. But that's not what it says. Here we JUST HAVE THE SYNONYMS. Wack and blow biff is also a transitive verb. Now we have. It'd be I F adjective from sixteen sixty one divided into two equal lobes or parts by a median cleft. As in a leaf this is from Latin by fish or bifida probably from by plus fitness which means fitted with the suffix. Fid next we have by filer by filer adverb adjective from eighteen. Forty six one involving two threads or wires. As in by filer suspension of a pendulum number two involving a single thread or wire doubled back upon itself as in a by filer resistor by Filori. No by filer. Lee is an adverb. Who Uses this word? I don't let's see this is from by plus the Latin film which means thread. And there's more at the word file F. I L. E. News. We have bi flagellate or bi flagellate adjective from eighteen. Fifty six having to fly Gela as in by fled bought. Now I can't even say the word by flagellate game meets. Bi flagellate gimmes. That's the example. Next we have by focal. It is the I form adjective from eighteen eighty eight one having to focal lengths number two having one part that corrects for near vision and one for distant vision as in a by focal. Eyeglass Lens I do not have by focal eyeglass lenses. I do have glass lenses recently. We had Bubba what are these things called him? Face Why am I blanking on the word be spectacle? That was the word So I don't have bifocals. But eventually one day. I'm sure I will have bifocals. Maybe even trifocals. That's a that's a good goal to strive for trifocals. Next we have the second form of bifocals. From eight thousand. Nine thousand nine. One is plural. So bifocals eyeglasses with by focal lenses. Number two a by focal glass or Lens. Next is by fold adjective from nineteen twenty nine designed to fold twice as in Bi fold doors also is in a Bi fold wallet. Next is by functional. It is an adjective from nineteen twenty nine having two functions especially the synonym die functional. So die can sometimes also mean to and now. We have the last word for this episode. It is by for Kate or by. Forget no maybe it's just by for Kate. F. R C E verb from Sixteen fifteen to cause to divide into two branches or parts that was the transitive definition. Now we have the in transitive definition to divide into two branches or parts by for. Kate is Pronounced a few ways. That is an adjective. This is from middle. Latin Byford catis which is from the Verb Byford Carre which is from the Latin word by focus which means two pronged which is from the by prefix plus furka which means fork so the the first example. I can think of would be a snake's tongue or maybe other in other lizards or reptiles have those similar tongues where the end is forked. There have been some humans who have decided to bifurcated their tongue because the tongue is made up of two muscles And so basically they have a doctor cut cut the muscles apart from each other and so they can move the two muscles sort of independently like a lake reptiles tongue. I'm not GONNA do that. So that was it for all the the words Let us pick. Let's pick be. Don't feel as the word of the episode because it's fun to say it's from another language. It took some special brain power to say it correctly. And it also sounds like you know. Sometimes you know if I'm reading this correctly Oftentimes maybe there are people who were living there who are of a lower class to put it in an easy way and me you know. Maybe they could use some help. Maybe maybe that I don't know it's hard. I I struggle when I'm talking about something. That is either political or whatever because I am not a word wizard. I'm not I don't have the best vocabulary. I have good intentions but I'm not always sure what exactly to say So I want to bring some attention to groups of people who might be living in that is it. I'm going to stop talking because I get myself in trouble. Probably Somehow this has been spencer dispensing information goodbye.

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