FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: The Palpably Unfair Podcast analyzes SF-AZ


Sports betting dime DOT COM provides the coverage fans need to bet with confidence every time find the best odds, track key trends and make smarter bets on all your favorite sports check it out at sports betting dime DOT com. The following segment is from the palpably unfair podcast on the ESPN. NFL Show we're discussing your favorite team subscribe to the SP nation. NFL. Show to make sure you don't miss conversations like this. Let's go to the the last topic here we're going to go to something near and dear to Kyle's heart we're going to talk about the San Francisco Forty niners and the Arizona cardinals the forty niners defense against the cardinals offense specifically, which is something that we talked. About, on the podcast number one, I said that this is an intriguing match-up from me because the improvements that we saw from the cardinals from year to year one historically great from year to year from the cardinals cuyler Murray, very good quarterback and he proved it on Sunday. So when when you saw the way that the cardinals attacked the the forty niners, how did you see that unfold? Why were the cardinals successful in European? So deandre Hopkins is very good football. Art with that and the forty niners for whatever reason did not make life difficult for Hopkins at all they did not really press him at the line of scrimmage. It seemed like they came into the game assuming that Hopkins would lineup on the opposite side of Richard Sherman and they would be content with that that did not happen. Clippings rated a very good job of just moving hopkins around the formation because the forty niners their way of saying that was for Sherman who usually lines up on the left side to sometimes play the field and he did that quite a bit. But that wasn't enough like the cardinals figure that out within three plays. And able to adjust. So they had the nickel corner on happens they were able to use motion short splits just get him open and where he was able to Kinda sit down and zones cuyler had I mean it helps when you have a quarterback that can make all the throws specifically some throws at most quarterbacks cannot make he had a he threw a fifteen yard out route from the far Hash. That is just like, wow, man that you just can't do much about that. But those are the type of plays that the cardinals were creating in the forty niners defense is constructed where they have to get pressure upfront that did not happen there. Was Nick Bosa and pretty much nobody else. They have a lot invested in their defensive line between air arm said seventy five, million dollar contract deformed eighty-five million dollars contract and they put up donuts man and that's his can't happen. So our did very good job and he does run into pressure, but he also escapes a lot of pressure I mean we just saw what it looks like when a four three athlete is playing quarterback with a rocket arm he's he's a very good player. So I'm going to leverage your expertise some news that drop today since we actually get a chance to react to something before the other shows shows do there's News that Deebo Samuel is probably more in trouble with his foot than expected, there's been a setback and there's also been assigning. Do you WanNa updating give your take on what's going down with that? Yes. So Samuel was supposed to come back week one. Now that's what we've saying he was his goal was to return week one he had a setback last week and that's why he went on the I. R. The forty niners are gonNA travel. So there was no real reason for Samuel to remain on the active roster so they can open up a roster spot so to replace him and the expectation for Samuel to return return week four against the So, that'll be fun on Monday night game I believe but they signed muhammed new and we're going see what he can do because the offense without Samuel and they did not. They just didn't look like they can do much more. We talked about Garoppolo and garages looked like a player that really didn't know where to go the football. He did not look like a player that was on the pocket at all and he just missed receive rafter receiver. It was maddening to the point where there was consecutive. Plays where receivers are jumping up and down waving their arms and he's nope. nope. Just you know spending in the pocket, which is beautiful like he says, he's giving people so much material to make fun of him and it's it's all justified because he's not playing well, and yes, it was one game but it was also against the cardinals and the cardinal do not have a good pass defense. So we're GONNA see what Hamas new can bring. Yes. He's played with Kyle Shanahan he is supposed to be. A big slot receiver I don't know if that's the type of receiver that they need right now he's a veteran, he knows it but I mean I don't I, don't know what he can do that somebody else on the on the roster cannot do I'm GonNa hit you with another impromptu question because I saw a rookie really struggle in that game from the cardinals despite them getting a win the first round rookie for the Cardinals Isaiah Simmons is there anybody in the League better at picking at linebackers? And them show their butts than Kyle Shannon, and because it was a rough day for Simmons from what I saw. I felt bad for him man as as soon as he took the field like he was barbecue chicken, there is nothing that he could do. so He's this big crazy athlete and that's why he got draft. That's why he got drafted so high but if you like really watched him and you could tell it, he's not guy that's going to succeed in man coverage and the cardinals what do. They do they put him in Maine covered. So I like one of the initial plays was most running little. Texas row where he is in the Backfield is GonNa run at an angle act like he's going one direction gonna cut to the inside. Simmons over pursued like he did plenty of times I remember this play against North Carolina specifically where he did that but he did it again and he's toast you're not gonNA catch most I don't care who you are and then he did it a couple. Of other times where he ended up playing eighteen snaps and he got benched like they didn't put him back into the game and that's really what turned the game around for the cardinals because nine having a lot of success underneath on these quakes landslides quick throws the running backs and tight ends, and then Simmons leaves they running man covers they revert to more of a soft zone and the forty niners really didn't have an answer yet. You get this rambunctious wet behind the ears rookie in there that thinks. He can cover coming out of college and gotTa Shanahan told the expose them give them something to go watch and say watch that film young man and we'll see if you improve the next time around it was tough leading up to the game they're calling him the kittles stopper. Yeah. They might have to lower those expectations a little bit I. Think Simmons is going to be fine but man, that's a tough draw like we talked about trump draws with Andrew Thomas get like you know but depre- TJ. Wipe the first game like that's tough. Any linebacker going up against CAL Shanahan and trust me I know I'm fearing it for like Gary in Philadelphia when they come to town any linebacker going up against cal, Shanahan has gone to have his hands full and it's a it's a shame that that's your first game as a rookie the letter get in your head. Isaiah, you'll be fine. All right. Make sure you don't miss our next conversation by subscribing to the SBA nation NFL show wherever you get your podcasts. This week show is brought to you by sports betting dime dot com your source for the latest odds betting trends, matchup analysis, and advice sports betting DOT COM provides the coverage fans need to bear with confidence every time follow along for breaking news and explore tools that make it easy to find the biggest money makers and best odds their future trackers cover every major league and more. 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