Podcast Hijack - Who Is This Guy?!


Welcome to the podcast. I'm not David Hooper. This episode will not be edited why short show there won't be too many mistakes. There's not enough time for my verbal tics to wear on you most importantly, it's just me and I'm working outline. But that works for the show most podcasts are not like this your show might be the perfect twenty two minute length or might even be longer which would be better. We might have a special guest, and you're not able to work off an outline to edit or not to add it. It's actually not a question. It's the choice. Of course, if you figured out who I am. Then you know that unbiased, and I think everybody should choose to edit their podcast. But there are reasons for podcasters to choose not to edit here. They are they want to keep it real. And that works for shows or friends or shooting the about beer, Dr Who but this not, okay. If your podcast is a representation of your brand number two. You might choose not to edit for ethical reasons I can argue with that. But it will have you ponder. This thought. What does it hurt? If you remove some excessive. Yeah. So if you take that stuff out would a listener actually think you're pulling a fast one on them number three. You can't afford to hire editor. And you just don't have the time to do it yourself. I totally understand. I'm with you on this one planning ahead can help. But if you just can't then weigh out the pros and cons for putting out stuff. Like, it is or maybe delay the release. So he can get it done. But the fourth reason is probably the most common, and then we refer back to number one. But keep it real reason. It's an excuse to be lazy. Yeah. Lazy? No, David Hooper. Didn't call you lazy. I'm not David Hooper just called you lazy. Listen, your listeners deserve better. So here are four really good reasons for why you should edit your podcast number one. It helps your audience follow the content better. If your show has no crutch words in that means, there's no mental stumbling blocks for the brain cells that are trying to absorb everything you or your. I is saying. Number two your show. Sounds more professional in two major ways the first is to your audience. The second is to your guest, those are major. And here's what I mean. Over time. Those missing stumbling blocks subconsciously add up in the minds of your listener, the show becomes more valuable. They don't understand why it just seems better because there's less brain cells needed to consume your awesome, content or mentioned to a potential guest. You have an editor who will clean all this up for us. It makes them realize you're serious about producing good shell even if that editor is you or your buddy? And here's a bonus just happened to mention to potential sponsor that you have an editor think about it. Number three editing your show makes you sound smarter. Sounds reasonable doesn't it. But I didn't say it, and Dave Huber didn't say it. Dan, Lewis talks about an editing feature that can make people sound smarter in episode seventy of the density podcasts, go check it out. And finally number four a lot of your competition is editing their content. So I ask you to reconsider. If you choose not to edit your podcast, but things in place, so that you will be able to get your podcast or drafting outline prep, your guests. So there's not so much editing to do download David Hooper's audience attraction cheat sheet twenty five templates to help you prepare and be ready to make an awesome big podcast. Choose to make your podcast better and stand above the rest who don't add it. And don't misunderstand. I'm not saying that editing is more important than content content is still king, but rather than working with a speech therapist as Prince Albert Duke of York did just edit. Thanks, David Hooper for me. Keys on this podcast on April Fools day. If you haven't yet subscribed big podcast. What are you waiting for your obviously listened to show? So if you're not driving your car, then find the subscribe button right there on your device or on your computer. You're listening to and subscribe. I don't know if David will be back tomorrow. I guess you'll just have to subscribe to find out happy April Fool's day.

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