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Tom Brady leaving the Patriots


Thanks for listening to the heard podcast. Be sure to catch US live every weekday from twelve to three eastern nine to noon Pacific on Fox, sports, radio and F S One. Find your local station for the hurt at Fox, sports radio DOT, com or stream it live every day on the iheartradio APP by searching heard. You're listening to Fox sports radio. Here we go. Live in Los Angeles. On a crazy. Tuesday. This is the her. Wherever you may be and however you may be listening. We're all over Iheartradio all over Fox sports radio. All over our social media platforms all over channel eighty three Sirius Xm. What a day! I'm driving in this morning. On, the four Oh five in Los Angeles. and. I'm doing it from a radio studio this week. And so just about the area where I turn off to foxsports television. Against announced on the radio and I, think wow. In a week in a month that has given us a lot of sad and frightening days for a radio guy. This is a gift. Tom Brady. Will Not Be Patriot. Congrats the TJ Hirschman Zodda on our show. Good for Jeff Darlington a buddy of friend good who called this? Am I surprised? Yes, I, am I, said you know seventy five percent. I think it's hard to leave smart heartily. Friends hardly family. Tom Brady is family to me. It's all set up, but there were signs I mean we said listen. He put his house up for sale. Is Trainer put his house up for sale? you know? AM. I surprised yeah. Shocked. Shocked. Is Seeing OJ Simpson in a Bronco on the four? Oh, five with cops in front of him, and hind him that shocking, okay, shocking, not shocked much in sports. Listen my number. One wish for Tom Brady from the start has always been rapid up. Retire Abon it. I do not want to see him. With a pirate flag on his helmet, wearing orange. Slash Pewter I. DON'T WANNA. See that. I don't WanNa. See them wearing silver and black. With an eye patch on the logo in Vegas. I WanNa see that I don't WanNa. See Him and a half empty stadium in L. A. With a coach to me. I don't know if he's good. And for a team, the chargers renting the stadium from the other team I don't want to see any of it. I. WanNa see Jeeter here. RBI Walk off single Yankee Stadium seacrest out. I want to see Koby dropped sixty drop the MIC. I WanNA, see elway. I? Don't WANNA see. The Johnny United's thing I. Don't WanNa, see. Wobble in over to a franchise. That's the second biggest in their own city. But two things we know. Number One. We watched Tom Brady last year. Yell and scream at teammates. He's unhappy. We saw the documentary. He's unhappy. Okay, that's why there was any possibility. He would leave. You leave when you're unhappy and the second thing. I don't think it is a coincidence. That Tom Brady leaves and makes a decision you know ten hours after Stefan Dig signs with Buffalo. Okay I'm not Tom Brady, but I've left cross country four times. Every single time. I'm fifty fifty. And I waited for a sign. Tom Brady was fifty fifty or you want to announce this a week ago two weeks ago. He was on the fence and he waited for a sign. They needed tight. End Cleveland paid for it. They needed a wide receiver buffalo. Stefan Digs Arizona de'andre. Hopkins paid for it. Tom Waited for it. I absolutely believe. Stefan digs is a patriot. This morning Tom Stays. At two. Or three good backs center returns Tom's like all right. Again. It's not analogous to Tom Brady four times. I've left each time. I waited for a sign from my bosses. When I left ESPN, I walked Dune Office. John Wild, Hack Nice Guy Athletic Director now at Syracuse Wonderful Man had dinner a couple of weeks earlier. Told my wife. I'm going to a meeting. All do and I get out all have an answer. We talked for two minutes. He said something I didn't WanNa, hear texted my wife before I got under the elevator eight feet from him. I said we're going to. L. A. Less role. Tom Just waited. Deandra Hopkins they could've had him for a second rounder. Well, the Patriots. They get one. They always do they give him second rounders. They'd probably give him a first. They could have done it. They could have done it. Dallas keeps paying everybody one hundred million dollars. They done it. It's not like Dallas is using a band a bank in Switzerland. Tom Brady kept waiting and waiting I. Don't think it's a coincidence March sixteenth to eighteenth. We all knew that was the date. Didn't didn't know the people that come on my show. They were going to thread the needle. New England's got to figure out thread. The needle can nate the the needle. Can they sign this so here? We are March seventeenth so march sixteenth. Yesterday was a crazy day. Everybody signing Lotta skill people, a lotta receivers Randall Cobb goes here. Amari Cooper resigns. The Hopkins goes here slot wide receivers, changing teams Tom Sat and waited. Bills Better, Baltimore Cleveland got better. Colts look like they're getting better. Tom Waited and waited. And he sought top tight end and wide receiver talent the kind. He yelled at teammates last year, because they weren't as good as those players sign elsewhere. And I don't think it's a coincidence that eight hours after Stefan digs in the Andre. Hopkins specifically digs moves. Mike? Reese reports this. Tom Brady initiated contact late last night and came over. Why late last night! So if you look at when he contacted him. Oh. A couple of hours after dig signed with Buffalo. You go into this I do not. I do not. This idea there tom new. Tom I've done it four times for all of you. Listening men and women who have moved. It's not easy to move. Nobody really wants to move. We're all creatures of habit. You don't want to move you. Don't you like your coaches, you know ballot check straight Josh. mcdaniels works. You know the system you know the language old dogs new tricks. You know the story. We don't WANNA learn them. But you're weight I lines. You're on the fence you wait, and you wait and your weight and the thing we need receivers tight ends. There are available Greg Olsen Austin Cobras devan digs beyond hopkins to a lesser extent Amari. Cooper your wait, you wait. Your weight digs gets traded Tom two hours later. Meets craft meaning. He played called them ninety minutes earlier. So if you met him late last night, when did he call and set it up? It's not like you walk over Robert Kraft House. Hello. Yes, Tom, I thought I'd stop by unannounced. Tom Sot got on the phone called craft got an SUV drove over told him. I mean the Hopkins. You gotTA gotten in for a second round. PICK HELL THEIR COACH BILL! O'Brien a former Patriot OC. Bella check knows it. Could you have his phone number? Tom Brady. You have his phone number. So. I If, you've never moved around the country. If you always lived kind of in the same area, I can only tell you the way it works for me four times, and I've discussed this with a lot of buddies who have moved. Nobody wants to move you don't it's a pain in the ass it really is. That salty language for you. West Coast early people. But we're all home anyway. You're watching Netflix sworn that thing nonstop. This. On another network apparently Robert Kraft was watching this morning. And called the show during the commercial break. And told the people on that show. Like to be very clear. If Tom Brady wanted to stay, we worked it out, Tom. Brady wanted to leave. No he didn't. What he wanted was wide receivers and tight ends hidden leave. This is what's known as protecting the enterprise. By the way Bill Belichick. WHO's not a big? I'm going to release a lengthy. Pr. Sheet did this morning protecting the enterprise. Bella check went on to say. I'll just give you. The best lines. Tom Was not just a player who bought into the program. He was one of the original creators. He lived in perpetuated our culture on a daily basis. He was a tone setter in a bar razor. Tom And I will always have a great relationship built on love, admiration, respect and appreciation. Sometimes in life it takes time to pass the truly appreciate something or somebody. But that's not been the case with Tom. Special person in the greatest quarterback of all time. He finally said it. A COINCIDENCE! You're telling me there's a Lotta coincidences. Our after dig signs. Calls craft at the House. Bella check can't bring himself to give Brady a game ball. It was uncomfortable when he did it this year. And the reason craft and the reason. Bella checker doing this because Tom going to win this divorce in the short term. Tom's going to go to let's say. The chargers, five and eleven. You think they're going to be five and eleven Tom. I'm going to say no. He's going to go to Tampa Bay. With all those weapons, seven and nine think they're going to be seven nine with Tommy Know Tom's going to have better stats than last year. And the narrative is gonNA. Be in Belichick, knows it. Oh, hell! Tom had left stuff left in the take. Oh my God Keenan. Allen Mike Williams they may just re-signed. Melvin Gordon I'm told Austin et cler hunter Henry Tomstone throwing for forty eight hundred yards tubs, going to have thirty nine touchdowns in seven picks. Trade Turner solve the guard. They drafted left tackle. If he goes to. The chargers are to Tampa Thomas put up numbers baby. He's putting up. peyton manning Denver first year numbers remember that. They know it. Tom's witness divorced short-term now in seven years. Bella check may have and under Super Bowl. But when you know, you're going to lose divorce, you put on a happy face. Right. You know. Your wife leaves you. Start dating a stud you go to the gym hair feel great. Look at me, weights coming off. You know. New England no short-term. Tom's winning this thing. New England's got Jarrett Stidham. My bad, they may get Andy Dalton. They have no weapons. They have no quarterback. They have good running backs, not great as you saw last year when the line in front of them and the fullback was hurt. So when you know you're going to lose a divorce. Short term and I would argue new. England today quarterback tight end wide receiver worse weapons in the League I. don't even think it's arguable you tell me he was worse. Tom's going. He's going to Cherry. Pick the weapons. chargers have to be considered. Tampa Bay. On reading this morning. People are saying. The colts are out of it. Culture going to get Philip rivers. Why wouldn't he go to the colts? They have a weapon issue. Eric Hebron left running backs or be guys receiver one. He's going Tom's going to a place. That's got weapons. Could. Tom Tom will sacrifice a little old line. He's not going. He wants to go to a place and go. Oh Tom Got Lost Saas left. So when you know that craft calls a television show this morning during a break. And owner of an NFL team. I talked to the host. How often does that happen to anybody ever? Let's start with. It doesn't and work. Our way up. And then Belichick. He doesn't even know where the PR department is in Foxborough. He hasn't walked past it. They come to him this morning. He rushes into the office. Does a lengthy heartfelt love you? All coincidences. When you'RE GONNA, lose divorce. You hit the gym. Makes her words out. You're doing great finally. Got River. Look at me. Do what I want. All Right? There are options. and You keep telling me. I don't even know why I listen to you, people you keep telling me. The one place that's the best fit won't happen. I. Want to double down on it. You keep telling me. And I keep listening to you now. My audience is bright. Just check them off the list. Audiences pry right. Well, what do I know? Despite having amazing sources. And being America's media icon, what do I know nothing? I'm going to listen to my audience. I'm not listening to you. I'm divorcing you I'm telling you. We're going. Next be sure to catch live additions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine am Pacific on Fox Sports Radio One and the iheartradio APP. When you're buying a car, the process can be overwhelming. There's a better way with truecar. Go to Truecar to build your car and compare models by options from discovering to pricing to reviews. Get everything you need. With the new TRUECAR's so this is very interesting. I just got a text. And I'm texting as we do this. Okay folks because I got. A hold on, just stick with me a second i. just got a text that Tom's made his decision. Obviously the second I get it right. I'll give you give it to you obviously. There's no real bonus in keeping this for myself, right? This is not like a really delicious warm cookie out of the oven. This is one of those signs where you tease us with it and don't say anything no been known to do that that listen. These are charges. I am hold on, just you just have to hold on folks. I know you're in your cars. I'm tedious to begin with. This is got to be ridiculous to stick with me on this stuff. Okay? Okay. Okay. There's a bunch of teams being mentioned. The chargers want him. The owner wants him. They've made a pitch. That has been sourced. That is true. I've made the calls on this. Tampa Bay wants him I used to work. There I have it sourced. They've made a pitch. The two places I. Know that made a pitch. Are The chargers. And the Tampa Bay buccaneers? Now! There are places like Chicago. No salary cap space, but interesting Dallas Hello Fun, but they've paid everybody in the NFL except Brady. It is it is. The colts I'm told it's not going to happen. They're moving toward Philip rivers. I believe it's down. I never bought into the raiders either believe it's down. To the LA chargers. There are things I love about the chargers. Not that I live here, it's a big city the weapons. If Tom One with the chargers, he would get credit for it. It wouldn't be the coach. It wouldn't be the I mean. They weren't very good last year. Wouldn't. It wouldn't be the owner. It wouldn't be the coach. It would be Tom. And under stamp, which has very good weapons, a veteran offensive head coach. You know it's it's not A. POW City but Tom. Does want to be as close to his family as he can be. So when you look at all these offers the two hour flight to New York City where his family is. Is Tampa. If you say weapons. What's left chargers Tampa? Weapons chargers Tampa's are good proximity. Tampa? I have somebody telling me this morning. In fact, this is very interesting. This is not a football source. It's A. ICON source. It is somebody in Tom Stratosphere. Tom. That is a famous person. And says Tampa. That's what he's telling me. I am contacting teams. That is what I'm hearing. I'm hearing Tampa Bay. Now other reports are saying Tom's going to Tom's going to. He's undecided. Everybody's saying that. I still think the chargers are a better fit. That's my opinion. I think the charges were a better fit. You know it something, and then I got this text. One of the things. That's interesting about this. Again there's just a lot of different places he could go. I thought to myself what I've tried to do. As a sportscaster for years is what would I do? Now. I'm obviously not a superstar athlete, but. What would I do? I still contend the Dallas cowboys I. mean they everybody except our quarterback I'd go to I'd go to Dallas. That's what I would do. That's right go. Is the biggest brand I'd be guaranteed success with those weapons that back in that offensive line. I got Mike. McCarthy's been a super bowl winning head coach. Jerry Jones Mantra is, don't settle. His Yacht has two helicopter landing pads, not one to. His stadium the world's best. Dak feels like settling. Does Dak feels like settling. Zeke's not settling. Amar is not settling left tackle tyron. Smith isn't settling Jalen. Smith isn't settling. Jerry doesn't want to settle anymore. Dak feels like settling. Mike McCarthy won a super bowl didn't feel like settling. We Lincoln Riley. What do we know? But if you say it out loud, offensive line, top five, running back top five brand number, one owner, aggressive head coach super. Bowl title offensive coordinator young. You can control wide receiver. Two good ones division winnable. Hell Carson wentz gets hurt a lot by week six. You're facing dwayne. Haskins Daniel Jones and the eagles backup. Just. To me if it was me, go to Dallas, I get on the phone and say interested. Paid everybody except AC. And I also think. How do you get rid of a popular winning quarterback that you don't believe in long term? You have Tibo Peyton Manning. You have old Peyton Manning. Get Andrew Luck Dak.. If Tom. Brady signed there. It would dental I'd go if I if I was ready I'd I'd go to Dallas online weapons yeah, two year deal. That's that's what I would do. But I got Texas morning. Tampa Bay. It is not a football source. It is not a football source. So I when I. I'll just tell you. In the history of my career, I use basketball sources for basketball and football sources for football. This is a non football source. It is a celebrity source. Very interesting. Veteran Newsman John July. This is the headline news? So speaking of the Cowboys Amari Cooper and the cowboys reached a five year one hundred million dollar deal last night. The deal makes Amari Cooper. The second highest paid receiver in the League behind Julio Jones. Maury did technically become a free agent wants the franchise tag deadline pass, and they obviously give their franchise tag deck. and. He was reportedly heavily pursued by the Washington. Redskins that sounds to me like a division rival, driving up the price for the cowboys and think they knew the cobbler's. We're GONNA, pay him. Count I'm cobwebs Fan I like Amari Huber. I think is a very good receiver. I don't know that he is a one hundred million dollars second highest paid REC-. He's a number one, but he's not one of the top five number one and listen to this right now. The cowboys have the second highest paid receiver in the League, the highest paid defensive end up the highest paid running back up the second highest paid offensive line outside of Oakland. Okay. Again so now DAX deal. Could. If the number back wants would make him like the second highest paid quarterback at some point. Are they using a Swiss Bank I. Don't get this by the way this is the model. The rams used seven rockstars, and you have no depth and this morning. The Rams would pay people to get out of Todd Gurley Brandon Cook Contracts. They would pay people to get out of it well, and we're seeing the effect. Who with the cowboys? We'll get to this later, but they lost Byron Jones the dolphins and they just lost Robert Quinn actually signed a deal pass. rusher lead them Sax. Last year. He signed a deal with the pair, so their cap space is being eaten off and they're going to have no depth. That's for sure. Okay so yesterday we had NFL. Fox Nfl insider Jay Glazer on the show after the De'andre Hopkins Straight and he said there was another deal coming. You pressed him. He would not even tell you what conference the trade was going to happen in shortly after he said that those to fund digs tweeted. It's time for a new beginning. Last night it all made sense. The Vikings sent their receivers to fund digs to the bills for a first round, pick along with a fifth and a six this year and a fourth in twenty twenty one. Digs time in with the vikings a little bumpy. He's been rumored to be traded out of Minnesota Multiple Times midseason. We thought he was yeah. Patriots. He started deleting everything on his instagram account that involved him in the Vikings uniform. He now goes to buffalo that made the playoffs. Last year has a good young quarterback has a really good coaching staff. They got a quarterback that can throw the ball. A mile digs can run deep. are the bills now the favorite to win the AFC. Oh yeah for the first time since Jim Kelly. Well, let's be fair now. They made the playoffs two times the last three years. We've said last year. We love their coach. We love their GM. and. We liked their quarterback although I still think he's being coached up. I think right now. He's not as good as his results. I think the coaching staff. Presumably, he's getting better. He was he was at Wyoming. He's not getting great coaching at Wyoming no offense now he's got. You have cold Veasley of us. We have a nice slot receiver. They can run the ball. And now you have a number one. One receiver. Everybody loves this move by Buffalo. Everybody's like buffalo got the bond digs a deep threats. Don't matter generally December January in Buffalo. Be Digs gets hurt a lot although I like him a lot. and buffalo gave up a bunch of picks now fifth round after the after the fourth round. Really of I did. They gave him a first round. Pick for an some you know later picks that. MINNESOTA SMART GM in. Minnesota will probably use the bunch those get a third round pick so I think buffalo can say. We got a guy that changes are vertical passing game and I think Minnesota can say he wasn't happy. We got a bunch of weapons and we got draft capital site I think both teams want I. Think we too often. Is trying to win the trade. I don't think anybody one this trade. And finally there's been a lot of speculation all off season about what the panthers are going to do with Cam, Newton some thought they might keep him because he's actually he's one year left on his deal, and it's a pretty affordable quarterback contract other side. They'RE GONNA go for a total rebuild. We now kind of an answer according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network Cams Agent, and the panthers have mutually agreed to let cam seek a trade Is Only. You only makes nineteen million dollars this year now. One year left on his deal. He's a very affordable quarterback and he's probably worth more than that. If he is healthy, I've been. What team would you like to see? Go get cam I wouldn't be interested in Cam. I said before Baker Mayfield was undrafted I was the GM though not undrafted in the league. Cam Newton is not acquire -able if I'm GM. Though there's a spot for him in the League I think he's a much higher maintenance than the media's. Ever let on. I've had multiple people inside that. Tell me. He's tough and plays hurt lot of drama twenty four seven. I'm not interested in Cam Newton I. think There's a market for him. I think it's smaller than people think. Veteran Newsman John Goulet. Well. That's the news. Thanks for stopping. All right album rare, the Monday morning quarterback dot com at Albert Breyer somebody. We rely on so I'm just going to tell you Albert in my career of doing this twenty thirty years. I use football sources for football stories, basketball sources for basketball, stories and college. People for college stories. For, the first time in my career this morning I got A. Text from somebody outside of football that that is close to Tom. Knows Tom. And they just told me he's going to Tampa Bay. It came down to Miami the chargers in Tampa again. Used a non. A source not involved with a sport I cover, but we live in a world now where celebrities and you know, tom is Thomas beyond a football player. Tom Is at transcendent iconic American celebrity so I'll just start with that. I I am hedging my bet because I've never used a source outside of a sport for a story, but as I say that to you. What is your initial reaction? It makes sense, and I a couple reasons why number one one of his greatest frustration. Last year was what was around him. and that wouldn't be a problem. Tampa with Mike Evans and Chris. Godwin and OJ Howard camp rate. There's still weapons there the number. Two thing is flexibility within an offense You know I think Bruce Arians although radio, the best fit for areas offense 'cause. That's a downfield offense where you're going to take a ton of hits, areas I think has been through foreign can adjust and so I think being able to adjust the offense offenses number two number three. I do think Bruce Arians. you know previous experience, older, quarterbacks and particular Carson Palmer. Selling point there and that works and number four and I don't think you know underrate this one. the fact that it's actually a plane ride like they're gonNA private jet. You can probably get there. The two to three hours from Tampa to New York. I think it'd be a factor based on who they were going up against the chargers, and so you know I I think you're all for those things in the one in Tampa does make some sense even if they aren't the sort of brand name franchises I think he was probably hoping to go to in the beginning. If I would not of told you that. Yeah, where were you leaning? I actually thought Tampa. You know because I. Think the other. The other element here here called is. That? The respect was a factor, and you know I think after twenty years of being in that unrelenting right now It's tough, it's. The! It's demanding. There's all these different elements about being a Patriot that very very difficult. Wear on people, and he was there longer than anybody else undergo Bella check. you know I? Think there's part of it that just you know wanting to be wooed lying to to get the respect that you've earned over twenty years and You know I think the fact that Tampa. Caves has been coming so strong isn't factor in all of this and the fact that Tampa is saying we. We are willing to build around you and make this about you the same way kimber made it about Peyton manning in two thousand twelve. That's absolutely a factor you know and I think. The chargers offer a lot of good things to. Talk to you charter. Charter Own but I do think distance factor there like an I do think if there was a tie breaker the fact that he's going to settle his family in New York. The fact that he's got a son who lives in New York that. They can't move I. think those are more important factors sent. Some people may realize. Yeah. Albert Breyer the Monday morning quarterback. Interesting, the I said last night I have not analogous Tom Obviously Albert but I've moved cross country four times. And I've left four good companies. They were all really good companies. And you wait for signs and I, and I said I don't think it's a coincidence. Stefan digs goes to buffalo de'andre. Hopkins could be had for a second rounder. And Tom about an hour and a half after digs goes to buffalo calls craft goes to his house I. Think I think Tom would have stayed if digs is a Patriot today and maybe Greg Olsen as a Patriot am I. Am I wrong on that no I think. Eighty would've stayed under certain circumstances. I I that I can tell you that as fat like I, if certain things had lined up I think he would have been very open to it. The other piece of this is you know I? I think you know. The Patriots did work on that, and they did explore all options and I can tell you that over the last two weeks. They've been very active in talking to different teams about receivers about tight ends of that. Campbell was upset. and so yes. They talked to Houston about the Andre Hopkins. Yes, they talked to Minnesota about stuff on big. you know, but they're in a complex that the situation that facing complex because they're getting older and a lot of spots because they haven't drafted very well over the last eight years. Because they've got a little bit of a cat, problem and so. The Andre Hopkins because of their close relationships with the Houston Organization on the because a big part of that trade was because there was a personality for twenty dol- Brian and Andre. I knew a little too much like they knew that Hopkins wasn't. GonNa practice a lot of the week that Hopkins. was you know in certain ways a little bit of a different personality, and so they looked at that plus the money they were GonNa, have to spend passed on it, and I think with digs who they talked to the Vikings about on Monday It was simply draft. Capital was just. I mean way more than they were willing to spend because they know they need to. To get younger and they know that they need draft picks to try to reviews the roster what they with us after having a string of a few bad drafts in a row and so I mean look they try. They absolutely try, but I think maybe over the last few days. VALUJET's radio silence to the to the Brady camp was a little bit of an acknowledgement that maybe the best thing for everybody to move on unless he wanted to come back on on on what the Patriots. Last week by the way this one makes me happy. And I. We've been rooting for this. Teddy Bridgewater to Carolina's a story this. It's it's. It's interesting because you know I think one of the things that if you're Matt Role, you WanNa do is. You you. You're not just putting players in different position. Group rooms because they're because they can do the job. You're bringing guys in and putting them in a different position group rooms because they know what you're trying to teach, and they can in a certain way be messengers for you and so teddy bridgewater falls right along those lines. Rabat rules what he's trying to build a Carolina. He's got background with He's obviously background with was Joe Brady's new offense coordinator there and so having Teddy Bridgewater in there as a as a bridge type of quarterback of the very least in a guy who can help piece the other quarterbacks who could help keep the other. Side of the ball what he's trying to get across I think very very valuable thing. It makes all the sense of the world you know. Obviously a piece of this is is moving on from can't do but I. don't think that that. I put it this way the decision to move on from Cam Newton isn't purely about the type of player us, I, think this has lost some of the logistics of his contract situation, and whether or not he'd be willing to to be there and be a good soldier in a contract year when it was clear that his future was going to be somewhere, else Albert great stuff. Thanks man. Boston thanks call. Albert Breyer I just got text on the Brady situation. I'll have that coming up. Be Short catch live editions of the heard Weekdays at noon eastern not am Pacific Guys it's bobby bones host the bobby bones show and I'm pretty much always sleep because I wake up at three o'clock in the morning a couple of hours later I get all my friends together, so we get into a room and we do a radio show. Wish our allies. We tell our stories. We try to find as much good in the world. Possibly can, and we looked through the news of the day that you'll care. Care about also your favorite country artists are always stopping by to hang out and share their lives and music, too, so wake up with a bunch of my friends I ninety eight point seven, W M Q in Washington DC, or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio APP computer systems in cars, the normal advanced tech like touchscreen displays in sensors are expensive to fix, and they will break go to carshield dot com code heard. Save ten percent or call eight hundred car. Six thousand same code deductible may apply. So you know one of my rules in life is. People show you and tell you what they are. Believe them. We would all agree New England smart. So. I'm not going to allow them to get conveniently. Dumb. Deflate Gate. We've got no idea what happened not yeah. Come A-. And people that always seem a step ahead in life similarly to being smart. Always have a plan. It's in their DNA. It's their nature. New England. This morning. Is Shocked. Tom Brady's leaving. New England always has a plan. Now I think for the next year Tom Brady wins the divorce. But if I said to you, what is the smartest NBA franchise over the last five years. Golden State. When Kevin Durant left, they were not shocked. They had a plan. What are the warriors doing this year? Taking. The Dynasty is going to get the number one pick in the draft. Vanoy let him go Jamie Collins. Let him go. Brady let him go succession plan. Don't have one just read a story. They were never interested in Teddy Bridgewater. Next year. They built up so much equity just like the warriors new. England goes Oh and sixteen. What you think, the stadiums empty. They're still selling tickets in San Francisco. When you succeed like the warriors did when you succeed like New England has. You build up so much equity with your fan base. I remember after Jordan left the Bulls. They sold the place out for like four years, and they were terrible. Because you've built up so much equity, it becomes part of people's lives Foxborough, Sunday Tuesday night Friday night, go onto a warriors game for five or six years. It becomes part of your life. You don't think New England's got a plan. You don't you think New England just caught off guard. The warriors were just shocked by Kevin. Durant, they weren't. They thought about it. They had multiple meetings Kevin durant leaves. You know it'd be nice you. We built up a lot of equity. Now I don't think they plan steph curry getting hurt, but the minute he got hurt. What do they do? Out here. Very early. We're like Klay. Thompson could be backed by now. Probably won't play. It's very interesting, isn't it? So just to remind you of what happened about five minutes ago. Well actually it happened about. Twenty five minutes ago, I got a text. Generally if I get a text from somebody tech, somebody else that they double source that I. Go with it I got a text a non football text for a football story. That Brady's made a decision in his Tampa Bay. Albert came on the show ten minutes ago. I asked him. Based on what I'm hearing. Does he think it's possible? Albert Breyer said if I had yesterday I would guess Tampa. Ian Rapoport has also reported very trustable. We've had him on the show before. Tampa has made an offer for thirty million. That's what I'm hearing. On wrong on wrong I've never used an out of sport source. I do not believe. That Tom Brady's family would move the Tampa I. Think it's a short flight. and. Because Miami is probably the most international city in the United States. You could certainly by property on the beach in Miami and that's where the family would hang out. They would be. Tom Would buy a place in Miami, he's got a place in New York, so it's either a two hour ten minute flight if it's that Tampa to New York to our fifteen, or it's A. Two hour drive. OR WHATEVER IT IS TAMPA MIAMI. What is it a three hour drive? All right. This is quite a day. Jason Whitlock around the corner. Further record. You know what I saw last night. The Miami Dolphins. You talk about stealing a page for Bella check in the Patriots. If you're in Miami that, you have to be excited. They are literally move by Move Copying Belichick twenty years ago. Our two. Next one more heard the heard streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio APP search her to listen live or on demand whenever you like. Our. We are live in Los, Angeles. Wet Cold Los Angeles most of this week. This is the heard wherever you may be in however may be listening. We're on iheartradio. Fox Sports Radio. Xm Sirius Channel Eighty three. And putting stuff all over my twitter account. Just told, Tom, Brady and Tampa Bay talked Monday afternoon. The GM of the buccaneers says no deal in place. That doesn't mean Tom. Brady has not made a decision. For the record what MY ROOTING FOR DALLAS! Because I am in the business. Of Tire, fires, it I've said before I. Don't root for. Do you think I root for teams? You think I root for players. I root for drama. Drama means good ratings. I hit my. My Bonuses I root for tire fires, secondly I know guys with the chargers. They let me in their draft room I'd love to see him with chargers. I'd love for Tom to that a little condo right next to me in Manhattan beach. That'd be great. But you know it's I've made a lot of these life changing decisions, and it's with Brady who is very much family. I'm going to tell you my guess is. He could put his family in Miami International Giselle. International Wife. Place in new. York place in Miami would make sense to me. A further record I just WANNA. Say this Miami had a very good day yesterday the dolphins. They got a lot of cap space in a lot of draft capital. If, you live in Miami right now. You have to be excited about Brian. Flores who used to be a Patriot underbelly check. What did they go? Spend money on yesterday Miami cornerbacks. What's the one position? Bella check will spend money on. cornerbacks. I mean listen Brian Flora's. Had A mentor mentors. Bella check you. Follow the mentor in your first job. So. What's the first thing last year Brian floors did accumulate draft picks. Oh, how Bella check in. I mean I. Just think about this, so the first thing Florez does accumulate draft picks. Very, check in second thing. Finally as some money to spend, he spends it on corners. They now have the most expensive cornerback tandem in the NFL third thing he does. Got A veteran quarterback Ryan. Fitzpatrick and we'll draft one. Bella check had drew bledsoe drafted Brady. Brian floors has done are very new England. Last year. What did he keeps saying? It sounded very New England. Every day counts. Nobody's job is safe. Got To create a competitive culture. It feels so new England to me. So Byron Jones of the cowboys signs with Miami. That is that is bill? Belichick gets draft picks. When he takes over. New. England has a veteran quarterback to T. young guy drafts a young quarterback. And they spend money on corners. They've never been shy about that. I was just told. Jason Whitlock is joining me. Speak for yourself off this week. So you're a busy guy. You're not listening to me. I was told thirty five minutes ago Jason You want to hear what I was told. Go ahead. Tom Brady signs tomorrow at Tampa, Bay wow. has made a decision. He talked to Tampa Bay yesterday. He was willing to resign with New England, but he watched Stefan. Digs in De'andre Hopkins. Go to franchises. And the then call Robert Kraft. Now or and a half later talks to Robert Kraft and says I'm out Robert Craft knowledge that that Robert Kraft, this morning acknowledged Tom called me last night and came over I. Don't think it's a coincidence. It was asked for after. Stefan digs had signed in division. And he also yesterday. You know you could do this. Talk to Tampa Bay Tampa. Bay says we don't have a deal I am told Tampa is the choice and he will sign tomorrow. Nah. Now I will an amazing store now it is not a football source jason. In for the for this, it is not a football source. It is a source. Of Wealth and celebrity connected to sports. That knows TOM SO I. If. I have a basketball scoop Jason I. Use Basketball People. Okay, but you know days and tell me on hero reporter. Have you ever used a non sports source to break story? I'd have to think about. It would probably yes look. Would Matt Damon and Ben Affleck maybe no better. Than other people, maybe who knows where this story could break from, but yeah, I don't discount it. I think that you know. Bruce Arians. All the weapons they have I kind of liked their defensive personnel last year. I mean it seems crazy. That Brady would go to the Tampa Bay buccaneers, but look I was in Kansas City and it seemed crazy. The Joe Montana would leave San Francisco for Middle America in Kansas City they. went to the jets. Johnny United's goes to the chargers. Where people go mi Michael Jordan went to the wizards. I think at the test of You know even at forty two. Tom Brady has supreme confidence in himself. And you know for those people and I I was Kinda skeptical the people that felt like that Brady kind of had a chip on his shoulder and wanted to prove he can do without Bella check. Of You. Know I think those people are right. I think you know again. Tampa has got personnel. They got a code sues. You know had success in this league and particularly? Offensive, success. Oh, it's it's only because you know the Tampa brand. Because of the way the franchise started as bad but this decision. Actually I think makes a Lotta Sense. Also Albert brewer came on last hour and said it's a two hour flight to New, York. And also I was texted something about ten minutes ago. Somebody said don't forget gazelles done business in Miami. which is you know a short car? Ride or flight from Tampa? So Tom Perhaps has a production company in California doesn't mean he wants to live six hour flight away from his family is very much a family guy. So, what was your initial reaction? Tom Leaving Jason Whitlock joining us well. My initial reaction was just excitement. Because I think it's going to be a great story next year. How much success he has! How much success Bella check in the Patriot Tab i. just think it's great for us that talk about sports every day, so there was that. That excitement the I love the classy respectful way. He exited, and you know I'm going to be rooting for Brady more than I am Bella Chick I. Want Brady to have success. Want him to prove that he was more than system quarterback and bill. Belichick having said that I love the ballot. Check system the Patriot way. No one is bigger than the team and for people that thought all bill belichick wooden lead Tom Brady go the same way. Tyler Richard Seymour any of the other. Patriot guys, it just proves Bella. Check the Patriots way football, you know no one is above. No one's bigger than the system. No one's bigger than franchise I love it. I'll throw something else at you. My role in life is smart. People don't get conveniently dumb. New England smart. They have a plan for everything. Forget just games. They've got a plan for everything. Do like the warriors. We've built a lot of equity with our fan base. We don't have a plan because we want to go one in sixteen or one in fifteen, and it's to all time quarterback talents coming out of college. They'll probably be a really good quarterback. And they're officially Carolina's no longer tanking. They have teddy bridgewater. I mean if you look around the League Jacksonville and New England if new. England doesn't have a quarterback. New England didn't have the weapons Jason Score. They. Just don't have the weapons. In my crazy to think you know what do a golden state, Kevin. Durant leaves the minute Steph gets hurt. Shut him down for the season. Get into the lottery. New England has a plan. We've heard I. Don't believe. Andy, Dalton's the plan. DOA Jarret Stidham. You built up equity. Is that crazy? I just don't see Bill Bella check not going into season thinking of going into a season, not thinking about winning. And winning the ultimate thing and I don't know if he's built for the kind rebuild. You're talking about and going to and fourteen to three and thirteen, or even five and eleven I think that'd be very tough for Bill Belichick at this point. I think they have a plan. But you know I think bill belichick believes in his system and believes in his ability to find a quarterback, even if it's at the end of the first round or second round I think he can find. He feels like he can find another quarterback and hell he may believe. Give Me Andy Dalton and I'll get a piece or two some personnel, and and we'll make it work. Jason Whitlock joining us one of the things that you and I have in common. And I noticed this when we were doing. Speak for yourself, which by the way he's had an incredible six month. Run in ratings with. You and Marcellus. that you and I always had in common you and I rarely root for the the athlete to get rich, although we're happy. Does we generally are okay rooting for the company stay Nimble. I I. I have no problem doesn't get paid. It doesn't bother me I i. think he's average. Like like you said you like and I've always liked us about new. England, nobody's bigger then the team. In a world, Jason where everybody feels, they're bigger than the team and I see a lot of young media out there and they are. They are just. Oh, they're not even covering their rooting for their athletes. Get Rich. I'm always rooting for the team to stay nimble. Guys great late mahomes. You pay him of course. Russell Wilson Pam, but it is interesting. Most media root for the athlete to break the bank. I think you and I are different that way. Maybe it's generational. I I root for systems all the time. Well I think the NFL system is making everybody rich now there's degrees and there are guys like you. Said Patrick Mahomes paying whatever he wants. But when you're Dak Prescott, and it's crystal clear that the system and the personnel around you is all necessary for you to have success. Why break the Bank for that guy why? You know why. Why overpay why make the same mistakes other? The rams made with Jared Goff that you know to a lesser degree. Jacksonville may with Nick foles. Why overpay for a guy who's not really driving the car and driving the engine, and so it's not I'm not remotely against that Prescott. But I am if Jerry Jones wants to have some economic discipline and try to explain it that they just had Amari. Cooper turned down more money elsewhere to stay with Dallas. And I I. I think that's being put out there. It's kind of a message today that. Hey Man. You know you and your agent. Because I think this is more about todd. France and I don't WanNa. Be Tied France. He's doing his job. He's wrong with any agent do, but but I think this is about him being able to recruit more potential clients. Prayed that if he doesn't sign back to a record deal that. It's going to be used against him. In the recruitment of other quarterbacks and I I just don't blame Jerry Jones for not bending by the way Amari Cooper is now the second highest paid receiver in the League Zeke is the highest paid running back. demarcus Lawrence, the highest paid albeit barely defensive end. The offensive line is the second highest paid the cowboys to me. Jason are chasing the LA. Rams model which is seven rockstar contracts, no depth and the rams. This morning would pay somebody to get rid of Todd Gurley and Brandin cooks. And when I look at what the it's a vanity way to build a football franchise and Tyron Smith now can't play sixteen games whereas a leg brace on his arm. Byron Jones has gone, so their defense got worse. It's not a great cornerback draft. They lost their slot receiver. Randall COBB who had seven eight hundred yards last year. I look at Dallas Right now and. I gotta be honest. I like Jerry Jones. It feels like they're chasing the La Rams model and don't get me wrong rams to a super bowl, but are perilously thin, and are I saw a story last night there begging people they they want out of the girly, and the Brandin cooks contracts. What do you make of everybody except Dak getting these monster contracts? It's interesting what you bring up. I think that it speaks to. Look Tyron Smith at one point was the best left tackle football. He's no longer that Zeke Elliot. You could argue best running back on football you know. demarcus Lawrence really upper top five defensive in. I just don't think that has ever been a top ten quarterback. So why would anybody pain like? He's a top five or the best quarterback deserved that whitlock he. He's you know that's what everybody's and I always say. It's not a deserve leak it's how good are you today? What can I pay you today league? Well for me with that is, it's like he has the most value with the cowboys I. Don't if that kit the open market I don't think he would get a deal. Over thirty two million dollars a year I just don't. And so I I think someone would step out there from twenty eight twenty nine, maybe thirty, but but the money. He's asking for thirty five thirty six. Nobody's giving him that and Dallas and the people that are acting like Dallas Owl's that are crazy in my opinion. Boy this is. Great Day of Football. News It's just incredible. By the way I'm not a cam. Fan I've been I've had it source for years that he's a lot of maintenance in the building. The Carolina has hidden a lot of that. Ron. Rivera is an old pro. He doesn't let much distract him. cameras tough. He plays injuries but this morning teddy. Bridgewater is a Carolina Panther. I Love Teddy I. Think he's The opposite. Of Cam Low, maintenance? Very few. Poor decisions but a very limited athlete. What do you make a bridgewater to Carolina? Not. That big on it I. Do we know the details on what he got paid three years sixty million? Still working on it, but it's still. Love that Mu Yeah? That's why they didn't really really break the bank so I think that's a great move and. Look Cam Newton. Is. I think he's terrific competitor. And a terrific. Ashley and had the potential to be an all time. Great quarterback. His his competitive deal, though doesn't extend to the details of playing quarterback in position, and so even though I'm calling him a great competitor. Great competitors eventually figure out that the details really really matter and Cam may figure that out too late now that his body starting to break down, and so it won't matter. but but. I I would take if I'm the chargers. I might take a swing and Cam Newton. Cam 'cause again cam. Newton at his best at Auburn. The whole world was against the whole college. Football media was taking a dump on the guy and he took on. That challenge played one of the greatest seasons. We've ever seen college quarterback play. He's GonNa be backed up against the wall in next year I. Don't know if maybe our next season. I don't know. Maybe he's made too much money and it doesn't matter to him anymore, but I'd like cam backed. Backed up against the wall I liked him being humbled by Carolina basically saying hey, man, figure out a way to get out of here. We're good. We're going to sign Teddy Bridgewater I I. Love All of that and so I like him in this position back against the wall. People doubting him. This is when you have a chance to see the best cam, but it may be too late. His body may not support what his mind may want to do. The stuff is so fascinating to me. You know I. It's We Love Football Jason. What locks joining us at at whitlock Jason. It's we're both NBA I think we're football guys I, but we love the NBA. I, said. Last week I? Think it was Thursday came on the air and I said I. Don't know anything about the virus. But I've talked with to CEO's one in New York and one Seattle bumped into skiing. And both said the same thing. This is not a three week story. This is a spring deep into the summer story. If that is the case for social distancing is going to be a four or five month deal. When you're going to have to cancel the NBA season and Lebron's just gonNA throw the season away which just? Boy How many great years does he have lefty? What do you put the odds? What would you make? The NBA canceled this year. We've had some great stories in this year doesn't even exist for Lebron with. I May, I'm known as a Lebron critic I'm really not I just go wherever his actions take me so I'm known as a critic. This would be a tragedy if he's denied an opportunity to get a four championship this season. When he did this season to me was phenomenal and I think if the season end I think he's going to be, the MVP should be a hell of a reward yes. Oh, God, yes, Elborough, but he needed that championship I think. Maybe he can claim a mythical. Go back to the old college football. You can claim a mythical NBA championship well. He would've wanted the last time we saw him. They destroyed the La Clippers and blah blah. Blah but I think it's a tragedy that we're denied. 'cause this could have been Lebron sticking the landing in his seventeenth season, winning a championship winning MVP, and don't you think cowherd? He's GonNa. He's GonNa, be the MVP. Oh, I, think he. I think that weekend against Milwaukee, and the clippers cemented it. You know I come down to this. The we always want. WHO's the next Tiger Woods got if I had to hear another rory mcilroy story I'm over it. There is no other tiger woods. There is no other Ali. There is no other. Lebron James Janas can't shoot. He is good, but can be marginalized. Listen, it's even today. Seventeenth Year Lebron's better passer, Lebron's a better ball handler. Lebron's a better shooter and this team. Milwaukee had a winning record when you honest didn't play when Lebron left the floor for this Laker team Anthony Davis plus minus was minus. They were a losing team when Lebron went to the bench. That's with Anthony Davis I I think he's been MVP but I think Jason You, and I complain about this. The story is better if it's the new story than the old story and writers like new stories. Well I think Lebron's been the story of the NBA this year. Even starting with the terrible not got off to on China to just seeing this Lakers team exceed expectations, and then starting to recognize like Damn Lebron. Expectations and that's really hard for him to do. Because our expectations are really high and then to see him just skyrocketing, become the MVP of Lee and to have people like me who fought? There's just no way they can beat the clippers all that depth. And I still kind of. That But I'll say let's say the NBA started in late May and said you know we're going to have a playoffs. We're GONNA, take the top four teams from each conference or the top two teams, who just had some sort of playoff? I? Feel am not there that the Lakers would beat the clippers in a series. But I am I would lean that direction. I guess because all that load management that collided would be rendered irrelevant and be fresh for the. Lebron would be as fresh as anybody, and so it kind of makes me if they did somehow has some sort of playoff series in May or June. The Lakers Lebron with I. IF I had to bet I'd probably bet on Bron. Jason Whitlock. We may bring you on again this week. I just absolutely loved this loved it. Appreciate it anytime. Jason Whitlock more on Tom Brady around the Corner Charlie. Wise will join us this hour to be sure to catch live. Editions of the Heard Weekdays at noon, eastern nine am Pacific on Fox, sports radio s one and the iheartradio APP I'm Richard. Blaze and I'm a chef and restaurant tour who has judged or competed on nearly every cooking show, and now I found a way to judge on a podcast every week. A new podcast food court with Richard Blaze. I invite some of the world's most opinionated chefs, Comedians, writers and actors into my court to make their cases then settle their food arguments once and for all. All think blue cheeses. 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There was a contingency plan Andrew. Luck Joe Montana. Steve Young Brett farve Aaron Rodgers. With New England. None. In New England. I say this Brady's the most committed professional athlete of all time and don't tell me Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan was smoking cigars, drinking wine and plan golf. Tom Won't have a beer in season. He eats vegetable ice cream. Came I. Michael Jordan at a steakhouse. Tom Brady has pajamas. That make you sleep better. Braise the most committed athlete of my life. And ask anybody who owns a business or runs one. You're always seeking employees who are totally committed. There's a lot of talented people out. There are a lot of smart people out there, but are they committed to your business? Thompson was committed athlete of all time. Knowing, I'm supposed to believe has no contingency plan. It's called ten. Veteran Newsman John Goulet. This is the headline news. Okay Colin, one veteran quarterback, who is not leaving his drew brees, he signed a two year fifty million dollar deal to remain with the saints The deal is basically the same deal. As he previously had. Although in a way, it's a better deal for the saints, because the price of quarterbacks keeps going up and breezes does not. He has repeatedly said he's not going to play for another team. It'll be the saints or retirement. You are saying where Tom Brady is going I'm telling you what my non-football sources source is saying he's going. To Tampa. That's the same division as the saints that would give to Breeze Brady matchups a year. That's a lot of fun. No. Well, yeah, I mean! It's it's. That's the one team right off the off the option for Brady that we kind of look at is the chargers, but man that puts him in a division with Patrick Mahomes that might be tough to see a brady breeze game twice a year, and not to be really. His only competition in aging drew brees. That's probably one of the selling points for Brady ongoing. Tampa is that that's the only team you have to get through as saints to get to win the division listen. Dallas is my favorite choice. Mine to chargers I. Think is the best choice near House. Why not but Tampa is where I'm being told these going, so let me make it clear. Dallas is what I'm rooting for the chargers I think's the best fit. And Tampa is where I'm told he's going. So, that's, that's a that. You got everything I believe in one sentence. Speaking of the cowboys, their former cornerback Byron Jones is now the highest paid corner in the NFL Jones signed a five year eighty, two and a half million dollar deal with the Miami Dolphins, leaving the cowboys was expected. They didn't have the money to match anywhere near that kind of offer after Franchising deck and giving Amari Cooper. One hundred million dollars Byron Jones a very good coroner. The one knock on him is he doesn't really take the ball away. He has two career interceptions in five years. Yeah, he's a great. He keeps the ball away from the receiver, but he's not a playmaker, not necessarily yeah. He's not like Ed Reed. Was it safety? He's not direct Rivas. End a year with six pick. It's just not how he plays. GonNa end was a ton deflections, and you're going to have a very low completion percentage throwing against him. Yeah, the dolphins now basically have to the highest paid corners in the League as you mentioned before they're. They're clearly going with. We're GONNA shut down the receivers and we'll figure out the rest later. Later, but that's where they're clearly starting. This is the problem with the cowboys giving Wales kind of money. They've now lost their best secondary player in Byron. Jones and Robert Quinn. Who they got for nothing had for one year he signed a big deal with the bears, so a bad defense just lost their leading sack guy and their best secondary player. That's not great. And finally the Indianapolis Colts have acquired defensive tackle deforest buckner from the forty niners seven yesterday they gave the niners thirteenth overall pick in this year's draft. Buckner has already agreed to a new deal with the colts that makes him the second highest paid defensive tackle behind only Aaron. Donald going to make twenty one million a year. The straight middle makes a lot of sense for both teams. The forty niners were low on top graphics right. They have their first rounder. They had nothing after that for a couple rounds. This gives them two first rounders, the ability to trade back and they have a ton of defensive line talented be. Be Fine the colts. This also tells you what they're planning to do a quarterback. They'RE GONNA go Philip Rivers, because of trading away that thirteenth. Pick that says you're not gonNA, draft a quarterback and making your starter. So what do you think about the trade? And what do you think about them pretty much? This has to guarantee. They must know that Philip rivers is going. Be a Colt right? Yeah I. think that that's Tom was not gonNA I. Don't think indy was a perfect fit for tone. They have weapons issues as well. It's T. Y., Hilton, Cross your fingers Eric Hebron left, and their backs are good, but not special. I love their line and their GM and their coach but I always forget the Peyton manning thing the chargers and the buccaneers and the cowboys have the weapons. Yeah, but Dallas isn't going to happen now because it just money, but if you're just talking, we're Tom can go in warm weather and throw a bunch of really talented people. It's the chargers one in the bucks to. That's the news. Veteran Newsman John Goulet. Well, that's the news and thanks for stopping by third lying news I am texting some very funny people right now. Hold on. Hold on one second folks after. All right hold on real quick. Sorry I apologize limp. Wasn't. When you are America's media icon, You'll get a lot of texts. Charlie Weis. Buddy at Tom Brady next be sure to catch live editions of the heard Weekdays at noon eastern nine am Pacific good and Charlie Weis a former Patriot assistant coach. Offensive Coordinator Lottery rings but Notre, Dame as well I listen to him in the morning opening drive with Bob Papa and Avenue Tardy and I text occasionally. But Charlie is joining us this morning well. Charlie your first reaction to Tom Leaving New England. What was the first sixty second emotional reaction for you? Well actually I was. I can't say I was shocked. Okay but I know the first thing I said was. When I saw it, I, said I'm I'm a little stunned because it was like the it's Kinda. Like even when you know that this might happen. It's getting that I. Slap in the face. It was like it was like wow, like a slap in the face to face of reality, disette actually happened. You know, but you know for about the last month. You know I've been I've been saying that. Although I hope he goes back to New England life from to go back to New England. Close the further and further along you're getting. You know the less. The possibility was that that was going to happen. And the two, the two people were dance that looking for dance partners I really thought. We're tapping and the chargers and here we are. It looks like there's a to to look for dance partner well. I was told an hour ago. I got a text from what I would call an iconic source. Brady's going to Tampa. Their weapons. Could definitely see that I could. Definitely. I could definitely see that and when I brought up Tampa month ago. I got laughed at by a lot of people, and then I went on to give the reason why. I mean they're loaded with offense. Skill people. Okay they. They have a head coach. That is versatile enough. To adapt to a veteran, quarterback and Kinda, let them integrate you know, be be part of the integration of the of the offense. Okay. He's not in the AFC I wasn't too fired up about him being in the AFC west don't say the chargers and going against homes. Yeah, you know the the reason why. I thought the chargers would would go hard. After is because I think that the charges really needed them to sell see they do that. That's indisputable Dean Spanos wants him that that I don't know if everybody else in the chargers, organization does Spanos does. Why, but that's the reason why I thought that they would get. You know they now. They also have weapons. Yeah, no, know they they do. They do have weapons and you know, but you know you gotta go against Mahomes twice a year I mean Kansas City's too prohibitive favorites, but just last year at this time at this very time. To team sitting twelve and four and everyone's looking at looking at them as one of the best teams in football. Now granted fell apart, but I. that's why I thought the chargers charges were viable alternative, but I thought that you know if I Tommy I'd get out of the AFC go if I were leaving I. Get to the NFC and go somewhere where they got a bunch of weapons that you might be able to do some serious damage with Gary Myers wrote a book called Brady Versus Manning and Tom Senior had told. Gary Myers that bell check didn't have a personal relationship because bill. Tried to stay emotionally distant knowing one day to tell Tom to move on, so bill knew this day was coming. You know I I've said before. I wish bill would put his arm around him occasionally. But it you know you've been a head coach I mean. Did Bill in your opinion? Stay a little bit away emotionally because of today. Well people people would see it a players. All saw the personal side of the bill. But. Bill is probably more matter of fact business than just about any coach I've seen. You know and you know he's a he's A. He's the Bester Best I've ever seen best. You know. There might have been coach better than him before I was born. But of my news goes I've seen in part of that is the fact that he can separate church and state and business is business and personal personal. You're right, I you know. I'm more emotional. God I mean I'm. You know in in that case and. That could be a detriment case, but I think Tom. Seniors not that not that wrong and the fact that although will always be on friendly terms. It'll never be buddy buddy. How much does Tom have left? I? Mean you give him Mike Edward Evans. That's that's a great player. I mean how much does Tom have left in your opinion? If he can stand in the pocket. He could Santa pocket and throwing the ball down the field. He could play for a couple of years. I mean I. Mean because he's never been an he's never been. That's what you and I both know that that's not not as deal. Okay. He's as good as I've ever seen it moving within the pocket. He learned that from watching Dan Marino to. Dan Marino, when when he was young, we used to watch Dan Marino tapes all the time about his movement in the pocket, cool and then work on drilled movement in the pocket. Tommy still can move into pocket. He issues more moving from the pocket, but that's not his deal and no one in the league can read coverages any faster and go through progressions any better and still be able to throw accurate passes. Yeah Charlie Weis is joining me. The. Tom's career. Do you talk to Tom at all anymore. I mean he's listening so yeah. WE'RE WE'RE TECHNOLOGY H. All text as you know, you know. We we text often. Do you know a matter of fact, not fact last last week, he got me in trouble. You know we're. We're text conversation. And I'll say to him I, said well, my man. Everyone knows where you're what you're doing. He goes. No one knows anything and he. And he didn't used the word anything. Okay. No one knows anything. I say well I mean I'm watching him I'm watching him. He goes well then cleaning up. He goes. Why don't you go and clean that up? So that morning. I went on the air and said looking. For All you, people who are listening to all the experts say they know well, they don't know. Because I, the hurt courses now has informed me that no one knows anything. Yeah, so you know I. Really I really don't believe you as as recently as yesterday. He knew for sure what he was. That's Charlie I said it this morning. He wanted to see if they could make a deal for us. Default digs, or at the Andre Hopkins, and I believe this morning, if Stefan dig signed with New England elements A to sin, three Nikiel Harry's before. I think he could stay I've I've left a job four times. You wait for signs. You don't know it's too good there to just know two months ago I think Tom Waited for signs, and when a lot of the weapons left the market, he said I don't want to do last year over again. Yeah, I think they need a number one wide receiver. And a frontline tight end. That's the now I think that that's one thing that's still missing because that's security. When you know I, think the Gronkowski not being there. Last year was such a big blow that you know the. Understated to how big a loss it was Gronkowski, not being his other security blanket also left, was with was Welker. It didn't have another guy that could be your go to guy. So you're right. I think that if the Hopkins I mean it looks to me like she had to throw in a ham sandwich and you could've gotten him. Yeah, I mean that was highway robbery. Right there I mean so I mean so. He's a guy that was very gettable, but I think if they could have gotten a frontline, wide receiver and tight in. Maybe he's been different, but we don't know that because we don't know the terms we don't know. We don't know the ramifications why you know why he decided to go i. mean so it'll eventually it'll all come out eventually, but I don't think it'd be anytime soon. Charlie Weis. Great talking to you again. Love Hearing Your Voice I. Miss Him my man. Could talk and Charlie. Pet Care. One here's something amazing. Discover matches all the cash back earning your credit to your first year. Even more amazing because discovers. At over ninety five percent of the places in the US take credit cards go to discover dot com slash. Yes, limitations apply. Oh Lordy what a day! What a day, so we've had Albert breer I told him what I heard about. Tampa, he did not disagree. Charlie Weis said just now. He mentioned Tampa three weeks ago and people laughed at him. Go look at the Tampa Bay. buccaneers offensive depth chart online. It's silly. I mean. They got to star receivers. tied end out of Alabama, I loved who was the number one tied into the country and high school and college. They've got backs. And they got how draft picks. They got a bunch. Know Bruce. Arians knows offensive personnel. They're not done. Building aligns okay. Todd Bowles running defense. I liked Todd Bowles. I liked Todd Bowles and that divisions winnable breezes old. Carolina's got Teddy Bridgewater. Atlanta's got. You know. Matt Ryan Winnable Division Warm Weather Division we keep hearing warm weather matters. chargers Tampa feels like those are the two I'm being told Tampa. Mark? Dominik former Tampa Bay buccaneer GM. Still has ties there joining us live our three next. Be Sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon. Eastern nine am Pacific. Hour number three live in Los Angeles this is the heard. Wherever, you may be in. However, you may be listening. We're on Iheartradio, Fox, sports, radio and F, S Wan. Said guys are great at pickup lines. But there allows the breaking up. Dies are great at building their careers. But they don't know how to retire alyx. elegantly, guys get us into wars. They can never get us out of wars. You know we. We are great at getting into stuff. We're not great at getting out of stuff. Tom Brady is leaving the New England patriots. It's not going to be perfect. Multiple sources saying chargers box are the leaders. I'm being told colts leaning to Philip. Rivers Carolina's already INC deal with Teddy Bridgewater. Drew brees going back to the saints. There's just not that many openings Mario gets picked up by. Was it the raiders? There are not many teams that need a quarterback. Tampa has moved off Jameis reportedly. They're looking for one with weapons. The chargers don't have starting quarterback Vega at a bunch of weapons. There, you go I'm told it's Tampa. From the very beginning, what I was truly rooting for was retirement. I mean the the four tires it's that were perfect. Elway jeeter Colby. And Brady would be perfect I. Don't want him like United States. I don't want to limit around I. Don't I don't WanNa. See a Brett Farve to the jets I wanna see that stuff. I'm not interested. Tom Brady has had to decisions to make the first one he's made. I'm not staying in New England. The second decision is where do I go? I retire, it would make me very happy. You could just rap an absolute bone it. I mean it would just be seventy seven percent of games he played. He won seventeen division titles for Super Bowl MVP's nine appearances six super. Bowl wins twenty years. Thanks for flying united. It would be perfect. Just it would be jeeter. Be covy be elway. Threw a pick six and his last throw winners. Don't care about that. You think Michael Jordan remembers his last jumper. That's that's a loser's paradise. You're not. Nobody's defining Tom Brady's career off. Pick six against Tennessee. It is interesting. I was reading yesterday. The Patriots don't have a ton of CAP space. They had like thirty two million. We'll Devin mccourty counts his ten Joe Thune. He got fifteen. Matt slater got three Adam Butler. Three point two six now wasn't a lot left for Brady. Then don't have any weapons now. That Brady's gone. AFC East is getting better. They just I mean. Let's be honest about it. New England doesn't have much offense so I. Don't buy into this. They think they can beat Baltimore. Baltimore's better today if you look at personnel in the AFC Baltimore's way better Kansas, city's way better, a Houston's better. Cleveland's better, Pittsburgh's better. I, don't I by the way I've seen bill belichick without Tom, Brady, thirty, six and forty four in Cleveland. And five and thirteen in new. England I've seen well. Matt Cassel won eleven games. They were sixteen know. The year before and a favorite in the super bowl. Tom Left for year couldn't make the playoffs did not win. The division didn't make the playoffs. And had were blown out against Matt Castle. But when whenever I hear well, he won eleven when you have the best team arguably of all time one year the following year. You don't make the playoffs. Remember. A lot of those eleven wins came against the crappy. AFC EAST YOU'RE GONNA win a matter of Games on Bella checks coaching. So! It's an athletic quarterback driven league a weapons. League and we see it all the time. The NBA used to be a big man league. Then it's a wing league now. It's a shooters leak. It doesn't matter if you're a Sennar. It doesn't matter if you're Luca doesn't matter if you're steph curry. It's a shooters league. The NFL used to be a running back league. Two Coaches League. It's a now. It is an athletic quarterback and a weapons league. You saw the money being handed out yesterday. You saw the people. This is a great wide receiver draft, and yet Buffalo's very smart front office. Look what they gave up I upon digs. WHO's often hurt? I mean it is A. It is a quarterback that can move and a weapons lead. You know it used to be in baseball I've argued Dave kingman I grew up with Dave kingman. He played It was like the New York. Mets kingman was home, run or a strikeout. He'd be so incredibly value valuable today Dave. Kingman was marked because he struck out too much, too many men on base today. Nobody cares they just don't want you to hit. Ground Balls Dave kingman. Today would be getting three hundred million dollars. He was considered odd. Reliability. SORT OF A. One dimensional player Dave kingman today is a Rockstar. So sports change. Sports Changed Very. Boxing may not change. Mono Mono two guys in the ring. But almost everything changes team sports all change baseball now homerun strikeouts. Nobody wants ground balls. Bullpen as valuable as starters. Defense of ships NBA just to be able to shoot can't have two guys on the floor. Who can't shoot doesn't matter how good they are. They have two of them. Cling Cappella good player Houston out. NFL Weapons League. Why because you can't touch anybody? You can't touch the quarterback. You can't hit the wide receiver and non catches. In the last year. Legislation changed non catches are now catches. And you can't. You can't touch anybody at the line. You can't jam that Great Ray. Lewis Baltimore Raven Defense Twenty years ago wouldn't exist today. Be All penalty flags. You'd spread it out in force. Ray Lewis to cover people in space, which was never a strength wouldn't be nearly the defense. So. You're seeing what New England got no weapons. Umbrella like I don't want to be part of it. Albert came on earlier today and I told him I said Albert. A non football source a celebrity source way up the food chain texting me this morning. And said it's GonNa. Be Tampa, and it's going to be tomorrow in Albert Breyer. I asked him. I said Okay I. You know I've had sources be wrong before. And I'm not a I'm not feet on the ground like all these other reporters, but my source is way up the food chain and. I said Albert, he says. Tampa here was Albert's response. It makes sense and I. There are a couple reasons why number one one of his greatest frustration. Last year was what was around him, and that wouldn't be a problem in Tampa. The number two thing is flexibility within an offense number three I. do think Bruce Arians tweet experience with older quarterbacks in particular Carson, Palmer is a selling point there at number four and I don't think over. Over underrate this one, the fact that it's actually a plane ride. They two three hours from Tampa to New York I think it would be a factor based on who they were going up against the chargers, and so you're all for those things into one. A Tampa does make some sense. I asked Albert. I said I if I said you know before I told you this. Who Were you leaning with? And he was an pride Tampa. I also believe this to be true because I've moved around the country four times. Is that you really? It's very hard to leave success it really is. Mean I've said it before. It was not easy to leave ESPN. It wasn't. It was I had a lot of money. Ton Of success helped build me up. I was a being. They were starbucks. It was great it was hard to leave, even though and I kept waiting for signs and signs and signs and signs and signs, and finally got one in a meeting with a manager. Who's now Gone Nice, man? And I was looking for him to say something. He didn't I walked out of that room I was waiting for a sign. Nobody wants to leave success. Anybody man woman anybody. Anybody listening right now. That's ever changed jobs. If you're in a good place, you're kind of praying. You're good. Place takes care of you. Nobody wants to move their family. Nobody is hard. We're all creatures of habit I mean Brady's a huge creature of habit. And he was waiting for Stefan Pigs De'andre Hopkins weapons because we saw him yell. All last year was tired of it. He wanted weapons I mean I'm not. That's well documented. I'm not telling you any information you don't know. So. I do believe. Tom Sat around watched ifan digs go in division, and said I'm done called Robert Kraft which has been confirmed by kraft went over to his house last night. About an hour after that move two hours after that move. You know he's a Robert Kraft's house. I don't think it's a coincidence and Albert. Breyer, he agrees that. Tom Would have stayed in New England if they made the right move with weapons or eight hundred state under certain circumstances I that I can tell you that is fact like I if certain things had lined up I, think he would have been very open to it. The other piece of this is you know I, think you know the Patriots did work on that and they did explore all options and I can tell you that over the last two weeks. They've been very active in talking to different teams about receivers about tight ends of that Campbell was. Albert Breyer's pretty good source. Agreed with me. Thomas stayed got sign left. This is hard to explain to somebody. If you've had one job, or you've stayed in your hometown, a lot of people do forty percent of Americans. Never leave the area code they grew up in. Wants to close to mom dad grandparents, whatever, but if you're one of the sixty percent that have left and part of the fifteen percent that's left the times. You know it's hardly good easy to leave crappy. I used to work in Tampa crappy. TV station easiest place I ever left harder to leave Portland well run heartedly. ESPN had a lot of success I had great success in Vegas great owner recently passed away hard elite places that are that are even though I knew my career would. Benefit. Hard heartily France. Heartily. Good bosses, hardly smart people easily crap. So New England Thomas Waiting for signs, he didn't get him. His signed went to Buffalo. It'll catch like eighty catches and twelve touchdowns from Josh Allen. Mark Dominik friend follow bucks GM, joining us next. Be sure to catch live additions of the heard weekdays at noon. Eastern nine am Pacific on Fox sports radio F S, one and the iheartradio. APP, spring cleaning that underwear drawer toss out the ratty stuff. Upgrade the Tommy John Revolutionary Men's underwear brand and women's Redefining Comfort Tommy John Dot Com. Code Heard H. E. R. Twenty percent off used to work with Mark Dominik former GM at the Tampa Bay buccaneers a city I was in. In for a few years, he was the bucks director of scouting for four years then he was the GM for a long time, a decade or more than a decade and we used to work together. One of the nicest guys have worked with Mark Dominik is joining us so mark first of all. It's great to talk to you I I from day one. I said I thought. The chargers made a lot of sense but I thought he would stay in New England. because. It's hard to leave smart. It's hard to leave successful. It's heartily friends and family I. Just read a story this morning. That Robert Kraft thought last night mark. When tom knocked on his door, he was gonna tell him he was staying. And they sat and cried and it was highly emotional. were. You shocked that. Tom Announced this morning via social media. He was leaving. I was a little bit Colin. Because I thought the same thing you did, I really thought Indian. Players stay with one organization one franchise, but the war I started digging into it over the last two weeks. The more you felt a lot of. I would say a little bit of disrespect of what he's been to the franchise. person's what they've ever offered him. And that's always been something that it hasn't been. Hey, look I. it's because I need more money. It's because just has been a lack of respect I think Tom sees he has, and he knows it going out there in free agency to record it and so. So to see this morning to actually know for fact that he's leaving and moving on is a surprise to some extent, but I thought charges were always an interesting mix as well. The only problem I have gone to the charge of the fact that you do is great times the goat. You're still at best the second best quarterback that division alone and so to make the postseason. You'RE GONNA have to at least be a wildcard. That's hard enough so I. I think that I could see why. The NFC would be more appealing. Yeah and boy between Baltimore's upgrades and Kansas, city and You in Tampa and I lived there. I I, heard Tampa. My takeaway was He's Thomas. Brand is so damn big Tampa's. I mean they're not the dolphins as a brand. I don't even know I I never really bought into it. I was texted this morning and I've set it on the air. From not a football source a celebrity source. That knows Tom that he's going to Tampa now. Mark Tampa acknowledges their GM they have talked to Tom or his agent. They've got weapons. It's warm weather. It's a winnable division. Listen it's this is what I'm being told this morning. I never thought it would be Tampa, but when you line it all up two hour flight to New York with his kids. Doesn't it. Make a little sense. it makes a lot of sense I mean if you can't go to Miami because quite frankly Miami is sadly from a talent perspective, not attractive enough. I think for Tom Brady to go to. Clearly the division of the easiest to win right, you say you look around and there's just the collective quarterbacks that will be in. That visit could be just Sam Darnold. Josh Allen, you're going to have to go to division. That's probably GONNA have. Obviously. It sounds like Teddy Bridgewater. Be In Carolina and we've got drew. Brees Matt Ryan but Tom Brady and I felt Tampa because you don't look. At Bucks or nineteen years I know the owners very very well. I know splash means something. They've been down in the dumps for a long time. Sadly, it's been you know a decade. Since we went ten games back in two thousand ten and I could see them saying. Hey, look, we need something to get energized again. That's GONNA. Change the franchise, and this is where I think James Winston and his representation might have overstepped their bounds a little bit in terms of what their value is. And I think there's opened up the door for Tampa say. Let's explore why in this doesn't stop Tampa from drafting a quarterback somewhere a couple of bring your, but it also sits there and says maybe in the first time they take. Jonathan Taylor two out of Wisconsin and you sit there with. Tom Brady and Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and no Ajay Howard and camera great, maybe Jonathan Taylor running back. Wow, you know that's that's a lot of firepower in a in a quarterback coach for a head. Coach likes older quarterbacks. He's coaxed younger quarterbacks, but he's always appreciated what Carson Palmer did for his career Jason Light knows that they they need to win it all winds up to me to make a lot of sense. And they have the room to do it. And I think you'd see a uniform change with. Jason Light I don't. I said this couple of years ago. I like him as a drafter. He's done very well offensive pieces. Tell my audience about Jason, light. Would would would. What would he do if if Tom Brady announces tomorrow which I'm told, Tampa tomorrow is the place. What would he then do with this draft? I, think you you go with offense tackles a big thought process going into it right away at the right. Tackle position. I think interior line is pretty set in terms of who they have, but I do think the right tackle spot with the MARKUPS. He's been there for over a decade They may be looking to move him. I also think the running backs in play just because they want. They featured running back in that system, and they haven't been able to find that guy ever last. You know X. amount of years. And so I think running back would be in place I think you would see you early on it. You're going to see a a running back in tackle. Come off the board, and then I think he's GonNa shipped all over the defense. Trying to you know, continue to add weapons the defense aside to get to the quarterback. Attacking dies to go sector. They franchise tag so You know I would I would do everything. I can make sure Tom, Brady's upright, healthy and to me. That's having a good run game, and that's obviously a little more protection online. The Glazer families interesting, one of the things I was told very early because I do think. The chargers of always felt like a natural fit, although they are the second, I mean this town's got so many big brands dodgers Lakers. Now Rams. Football chargers are really very apathetic. City I live in terms of the chargers. They're not selling tickets. I was told Dean Spanos was very interested. In Brady, he solves a quarterback issue and he sells tickets. He makes them relevant in a city. Everybody's fighting for the front page of The Times. Similarly the Glazer family I know them I like them I didn't see Mr, Glazer much I saw the kids a lot. You said they like a splash. Explain that to my audience your experience with them. I think that's what they do is. They are saw. As time went on with me as GM if you could sign one big named free agent. That's kind of what your fans are looking for. They want at least one thing to sit a. Look at that we they. They signed just player that player you know through. They brought him and I think that's the name recognition that they're looking for its talent, but it's also a first line talent I. It's Kinda. Terrible analogy gone, but It's like if you've ever collected baseball cards, right, let's say you loved baseball cards and you know. What it was in nineteen, eighty, nine, nine, thousand, nine, hundred. You could have five Griffey nineteen ninety upper decks. Parts. They look good where you can have one eighty nine predict rookie. What's going to have more value and so that's the way they look to talk to him like we could buy four or five to lead players. Or you can get a ten dollar one dollar player's GonNa. Make an incident Pakistan's. Around that, so that's what I mean by an incident packed and I do think that. because. The capitalism because of the fit and I also think because of the simple fact that I can see where Tom be more intrigued there, and that can also sit there and say the chargers financially art in the same spot. Family is from a financial standpoint. The team isn't and also you know the charges sitting with six pick going when we can take a young quarterback there instead we're campus not quite in that same position for a little bit further back in the draft and so. To me, it lines up really good. It's kind of started talking about about a week ago. I thought this is a real possibility that closer to the more I realized that I heard more information coming onto maitland that. I think he was just ready to move on and go to somewhere else that was you know loved him a little bit more from a different perspective? Yeah? The explained something to me, so the cowboys have the second highest paid offensive line, the highest paid running back the second highest paid wide receiver this morning, the highest paid defensive end. Unless they're using a Swiss bank that I'm not aware of it feels very much like the rams vanity model, and are now begging to get out of the girly contract and the Brandin. Cooks contract. I don't love it. I, don't they are getting. They look perils perilously top heavy to me. What do you make of signing? Everybody to these massive deals and yet jack has been franchise tag. What what does that tell you? told me that they were trying to play. who've it I've got your rights. I've got you by the great value I can afford to keep all these other players football team right now because of it. And therefore, if I keep you at your minimum salary last your your your salary and your fourth year rookie contract I. Still The franchise take over for two more years. I've got complete control over this contract. So what's the rush of me doing it because I'm going to be paying market value for all those years and If it goes and plays out the kirk cousins way and you know I get six years out of you, you leave. That's the way it's going to be. I think the one thing with Dallas. Good as the opposite line has been. I think the disciplines hard where you have to realize as much as you like all five. In this day and age even to the CAP, it's almost two hundred million dollars now to pay more than three offensive. It's very difficult very hard and Dallas paid a lot over time. That's come back to haunt them a little bit. But you know. I think that they're going to have a good conversation Dak Prescott I think there is a chance that they'll get that contract done, but it won't be until we get closer to summer. By the way I. How big is the market for Cam Newton today? Not Great. It's really not I, think it's the same market James. At because when you start the Teddy, bridgewater does into Carolina. You start to go. Who are the teams that are really looking for a quarterback that really need it. I mean I think. The raiders turned around and took Marcus Mariota just to make sure that they're number two settled in a musical chair, not going to end well for a couple of players. It's just not because there's just not enough spots out there. I've got add this quarterback that I don't know if you know where James Winston ends up, you know just from that simple fact that don't know Cam. Newton ends up because you can put them on the trade bloc. But it's it's hard to find that team at your is that there's this is the guy they're gonNA build around I. Don't you know every time you look at New England? We'll check you know is that the fit with bill wants my gut. Instinct is no and so. I think. There's GONNA be a couple of quarterbacks. It'd be sitting there in about a week now going, wow! This is a weird year. The first time I've ever seen a glut of quarterbacks where Philip rivers is trying to figure out. Chicago's really in the right place to be the number two. Because you've got a chance to get started. Tripathi struggled. You know if those are the things that. I think it'd be very interesting to see over the next. You obviously forty eight to seventy two hours. Do you live down in Tampa's now. We moved to national, so we live in Nashville now, but you still have a lot of connections in Tampa. Yes, I, do yeah lots. Very tight. Won't you get on the phone there and start tech than him about thing I heard. Your Little Texas. You you've got a little information. Yeah! I, told Brady signed with Tampa tomorrow. That's what I'm told, and it's a non football. Source is a wealthy celebrity source. You know how to. Get your number. Yes, I'll do some digging out texture a little later. That's pretty good. That sounds like a deal. Hope you and your family are great. Everybody talking to you all right Mark Dominik. Listen people say you don't like Cam Newton. Nobody, does apparently. Tell me where the market is. Carolina's said not interested. They know him better than anybody. They're not interested. You're always worried about what I think. What are the teams think? Carolina's not interested in Cam. He's too much drama. I've been to I've been telling you this for years. Like Jay Cutler too much drama jameis Winston Baker Baker Mayfield. The lease gets very short. What once once you're wearing people out in a room when Baker Mayfield rip the medical, staff. I was told inside that building. Even Dorsey was passed like John. Dorsey drafted him Dorsey was furious. Like so when John Dorsey. Is Thinking of about had it. WHAT'S THE NEW GM thing? They have no loyalty all to Baker. They went out and got case keenum yesterday. So. Behind the scenes cams got so much going on in his personal life. That's not public. It's just a lot of drama. Veteran! Newsman and he's French John Guli. The News. This is the third line news so I'll get to cam in a second because he. He said something this morning. But? I according to ESPN's Chris. Mortensen Teddy Bridgewater is working on a three-year sixty million dollar deal with the Carolina Panthers. He Anti Cam- Yes deal not done yet, but it seems inevitable or just working on some of the details forever. He has a connection with their new offensive coordinator Joe Brady. Brady was with the saints when Bridgewater was there before he went to Lsu and obviously became the greatest offensive line of all. All Time. You are you love bridgewater? He's the eye on him than most yeah, he is. I was higher on Garoppolo most higher bridgewater unlike Cam. He's totally focused on football. He doesn't throw picks. He is accurate He's a very good audible or at the line of scrimmage. You can get a highly complex offense and tell you in and out of place I've heard. He's one of these guys that walks in like Andrew Lock. Two weeks later, he's got the playbook down. So you're talking about a guy that's grown up. He's mature and he and he doesn't let he's not gonNA take hits. Teddy's one of these guys knows his limitations whereas Cam can go big time over the top. Yep, Teddy doesn't Teddy Teddy's very much. Alex Smith I don't think he's quite as athletic as Alex Smith. You know what you're getting with him and I think I love this, and you're going to get a bargain on. You're getting twenty million and here's the other thing you could still draft quarterback Teddy's a good mentor Alex Smith. He's a grownup. You just I've been I've been told for years by people in the building and Carolina. He War people out. There's a lot of drama I. Mean Ask yourself if you're listening to me right now. Had A cousin. You ever had a friend that you like but God, there are a lot of drama. Cams got just stuff that wears you out over time. Speaking of Cam, drama boy, so the bridgewater news comes out the earlier in the kind of makes sense. Because earlier this morning it came out that the panthers and Cams Reps had decided that he could mutually agreed he could seek a trade. Cam However was not happy about the way that was portrayed to the media he said on Instagram stop with the word play. I never asked for it. There is no dodging this one I love the panthers to death, and will always love you. Guys do not try and play me or manipulate the narrative and act like I wanted this. You Force me into this love. Yeah, they're over him and I will defend cam on that. They're over him and. That's defending Cam. Defending the Panther Yeah. I mean they're just. They're there by the way. Going out and getting Teddy Bridgewater tells you what drove them crazy about cam. Yeah, they don't want to worry about the quarterback. Our draft Teddy, you're good. Yeah, and it's not just that. Though by by seeking bridgewater, the pendulum is swinging. They're telling you. We want low maintenance, perhaps limited offensively in terms of talent, but somebody that can. Be Dependable and accurate. He is the opposite of Cam I. Love It after you date the party girl. That's right, the librarian. That's right because you gotta get some sleep some right now. Pro Bowl tight end Greg Olsen member. His his departure from the panthers was not all that smooth. He responded to the comments on Instagram. Saying sounds familiar. Listen this to me. Sounds like the panthers players, the old guard the Cam Greg Olsen they didn't that they fired Rivera. They know they're everyone's getting. This is a team going for a rebuild. This is going to happen. Players are going to have to leave before they wanted to just part of the deal. And finally the browns continue to make smart and sensible moves to improve their offense. Yesterday we talked about how they signed tied Austin Hooper then later in the day they signed. Titans right tackle Jack Conklin to a three year deal. This is what teams do when they're trying to help a young quarterback, you protect him on the offensive line, and you get him a slot receiver or a tight end that can get opened quickly, and you can throw the ball to him kind of like a safety blanket. does how do you like these moves for Baker first of all well I think. Can't hurt. The all had to get better. You had to do something I think they're a better team. Next year. I didn't like their GM didn't like their coach. Baker still wears me out, but I like the personnel I think. In fact I would make the argument that one of the things I worry about is. They have so many weapons now offensively to good back to star receivers. Receivers to good tight ends. They may want to pair off one of them and get more online. Help and Secondary Hill without also Senate linebacker now. That's what I was gonNA. Suggest if you look at the moves, Stefanski reading ran the vikings offense very run centric. Yes, as he's running the browns offense, you okay, they're working on the old line tight end. They have great running backs. Do you need Lovie J., or is that a great piece to trade to solidify? If they're gonNA go with A, we have a good defense and we're going to run the ball and running to play ball control offense. What is Oh, BJ BRINGTON? That's not what he does. He's a deep threat guy. They said they weren't in the market to trade him, but the Texans also said they weren't trading deandre Hopkins, so it doesn't. It doesn't really mean much yeah. Veteran Newsman John Delaying. Well. That's the news. Thanks for stopping by. Lying. All right hold on a John. I've got TA I've got a text. I have to answer from a reliable source. If you could. While I'm texting, could you offer something for the audience? I wish people could see today. Know How much you've been on the phone during the show. I'm generally not on the phone. You're basically schefter just constantly checking sources. So when John Plays this. That is me America's media icon. Talking to a highly placed source. All right I'm done. I have had so much fun. Doing. These radio shows that I got I wouldn't miss this for the world today. Some thoughts on the Texans getting badgered and why we need to scale back. And the very latest text I got on Brady. Be sure to catch live additions of the heard weekdays at noon, eastern, not A. Pacific They got plans this weekend. You got plans I got plans. Make sure you can see through the windshield. Michelin Endurance X, T silicone wiper. Blades Walmart Times longer than other blades. I'm. This is what I'm told from a non football source Tom Brady's GONNA Tampa. He announces it tomorrow. My what I was hoping for was the Dallas. Cowboys what I think is the best fit. IS THE LA chargers? But I'm being told it's Tampa Bay. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, I'll still be on the air tomorrow. this is I never took Tampa seriously i. didn't think it was a fit I lived in Tampa, it's nice, but it's not Tom. Brady it I didn't think feels like him. And by the way I talked to Albert Brera, earlier and I, said, this is what I'm hearing. Know I'm not an NFL reporter. I'm not Jay Glazer but I'm here in Tampa. Here's what Albert Brewer said to me. It makes sense and I think there are a couple of reasons why number one one of his greatest frustration away last year was what was around him, and that wouldn't be a problem. In Tampa, the number two thing is sparks ability within an offense number. Three I do think Bruce Arians tweet experience with older quarterbacks in particular Carson. Palmer is selling point there at number four and I. Don't think you know for underrate this one the fact that it's actually a plane ride they to three hours from Tampa to New York. I think it'd be a factor based on who they were going up against the chargers and so wrong for those things in the one in. Tampa does make some sense. Now I. I also know that Dean Spanos wants him I think the chargers are a great fit I. Think L. A. feels more like Tom Brady. So of tomorrow the chargers announced they have Brady I. Won't be shocked and I said before I'm I'm kind of hedging my bet? I got a non football source that said Tom. Announcing Tampa it came out of the chargers Tampa Bay, and he considered the Miami Dolphins. That's what I was told. He considered the dolphins. He like Brian Flora's. He likes the direction, but it's a rebuilding team and the roster's not close Tampa Bay's roster offensively is great. The chargers roster is very good. So. This is what I'm being told I. Also said this and I believe this definitively, having left four different corporations Thomas State. If you'd assigned Stefan Digs I, think he would've stayed I really do and Breyer talked about that. Is that Tom Absolutely? was on the fence and I don't think it's a coincidence after dig signs with Buffalo and his division. I think Tom called up the owner and said can we meet in two hours? Eighty would've stayed under certain circumstances. I that I can tell you that as fat like if certain things had lined up I think he would have very open to it. The other piece of this is you know I. Think you know the Patriots did work on that, and they did explore all options and I can tell you that over the last two weeks. They've been very active in talking to different teams about receivers about tight ends of Campbell was. So. That's where we're at. The GM Tampa said. We have talked to Tom. So he acknowledged it I have so. That's been confirmed I've been told that they talked yesterday yesterday afternoon. So. When I say I've changed companies enough Tom Dudes. You know he's forty and I'm in the fifties, but you know. We, both are professionally driven in into family that similarity and I've moved a bunch of times and I'm telling you I know how you think you're looking for signs, and I think Thomas assigned if they would added a greg. Olsen and Estefan Digs I. Think Thomas State it's hard to leave success. It's heartily smart. It's hardly winning it is. It was hard for me to leave ESPN. It was I'd had a great ten years. I'd I had. I had great people around me I. had friends I'm a creature of habit. I was hard, but I kept waiting for signs. I had some misgivings. Just like Brady. My last year was frustrating and I waited for signs, and I had an interview and somebody said something I didn't WanNa. Hear and I got on the phone twelve seconds later before. I hit the elevator until my wife. Literal, La. And that's how it works and I. Don't think it's a coincidence that Tom after two high profile receivers deandre Hopkins went to Arizona for a deck chair and Stefan digs goes into vision. And I think they're looking. They're thinking Tom's like all right. I'm waiting for a sign March sixteenth eighteen. That's the tiny window we get. A sneak moves in. For the record both craft and Bella check of come out today saying they love Tom. Could have done that earlier bill. The first time ever Bella checks like he's a goat. Late. By the way the Texans. freaking out. Oh my God they let go at the. First of all the Texans as of this morning have willfuller Kenny stills in Randall Cobb receiver to Shawn Watson at quarterback Carlos Hyde and do Johnson running back. Darren felt very good tight end. They're not going to lose because they can't score. Why pay huge money for a receiver? If you have a legitimate star quarterback, you gotTa Pay Russell Wilson Brady and Aaron Rodgers and Carson Wentz make their receivers. The receivers don't make them. That's what the great quarterbacks do. If look to Shawn. Watson is great. Moving off. DIOP IS A. Pain. Manning made his receivers that didn't make him. Now do I want more than a second round. Pick yes. Should the Texans receive more than a second round pick? Yes, got a second and a fourth. If they would have gotten a second and another second, I would've been I would've liked the idea and the execution. I like the idea I get the idea. I didn't like the execution. Well. They also add to incur a very expensive contract for a year. And they're they're gonNA. David. Johnson I said do Johnson. They're going to resign. David Johnson next year. If he has a great year, which means the deal wasn't as bad as everybody claims. Did Yeah wouldn't cut him but I mean they're going to have to pay a lot for one year while the need more running back, help anyway. But the idea of moving. Hopkins. WHO's winning super bowls? It's generally not the team with the best. Wide, RECEIVER And they got to pay de Shawn Watson and Laremy Tunsil and they're like we're not gonNA. Pay a star wide receiver. And, it's a huge wide receiver draft, and we got a second pick and we got a fourth round pick. And we got a running back for one year before to fire backfield. They're not gonNA lose because of offense. The Texans are not gonNA lose because of offense. They're gonNA lose because again. Stop anybody. They can't Stop Kansas City Your Baltimore or Cleveland or whoever? They were up twenty four nothing. Good stop offense issue. So moving off a great receiver will fuller. Kenny stills, and now they acquired Randall Cobb that is top six wide receiving groups in the NFL, and I going to lose because of that. The idea, they just gotten another pick. They should have gotten a second, not a fourth two seconds I'm all in on it a I on it a second, the fourth man, not so much. But they keep getting to the playoffs. Bill O'Brien's not a great GM. He's not but I. do think a better than average coach. There's a lot of stiffs out there. Tom Brady's no longer a patriot. What a pleasure it was to do today show. Albert Breyer Charlie Wise. Mark Dominik We lined up. Dave Quello our guest booker. We got a former Tampa Bay buccaneer GM based on my little tip, Charlie. Weis, Albert Breyer Jason Whitlock. April fifteenth. What'd you say? April fifteenth? Two thousand. Last time Brady wasn't a patriot. Good Lord, I. You know it's one of those. Where were you when you heard the news? I was driving on the four zero five north. I would have. Jersey just drove past the exit. I usually take to be on TV I. DON'T HAVE TV this week. F S One is not on not broadcasting this week. That's where I was. I. Remember the Brown Couch I was on during. I won't even get into it. There's been a lot of massive tragedies and a lot of massive stories. I remember colors places where I was I. Think I'm going to remember the Brady News. I literally just went. Wow! I mean it was like in my car by myself. I think I said wow. But we knew this was the window. We knew March sixteenth eighteenth. We knew it was the window this. This is where they had the threat. I would like to thank everybody who listened. We will put out the PODCAST ASAP. And your beloved radio host will be back tomorrow on. iheartradio Fox sports radio. Twitter. See You tomorrow third. Made Vincent Van. Gogh one of the greatest painters and most tortured souls of all time was Harry Houdini predestined to become the great escape. Artists based on his family's great escape. I'm Dr Gail Saltz and on my new podcast personality I'll be joined by amazing experts to delve into the minds of famous historical figures. 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