The 5 Ws of Marketing and Making Money


If you had a site that looks like this, and you were trying to sell us speaker, something or whatever it is. You wanna sell? I would move the object to the side here. And I'd put a video right here. I'd have it from five twenty minutes, depending on the price, and you need people to understand what you are selling. People fly through a series of steps. Their first step is do we respect the authority of this person on a police officer pulls you over first thing, you do is look for a badge or look for a gun. You're not gonna if so a random person tries to pull your car over. You're not gonna stop. You're not going to change your behavior because someone is driving next to you and yelling out. No pullover, man. In fact, if they do that, you're probably gonna drive away faster. So you can't just have a website. You're not apple you're not Amazon. You don't have a forty. So you have to explain yourself. So the only way you'd be a Ignace. Now, the only way you'd be able to pull someone over is. If you said, hey, listen, you don't know me, my name's tie. But I notice you have a flat tire. Listen to me, you need to pull over this car or you might crash on an auto mechanic. And I notice your brake pads are noticed your wheels are. Out of alignment or something's about to go wrong in your car. So that's what a video does on your website. If you're trying to sell stuff if you're trying to sell books, if you're trying to sell clothing online and t-shirts if you're trying to sell knives or household items trying to sell pet products people have to know why you because if they don't know why you they're gonna pick someone they trust. And a lot of people are just going to go to Amazon and buy without you. Now teach a little trick and second you can actually sell on Amazon. So you get the authority and respect than Amazon has, but they actually are buying from you because many years ago Amazon started allowing other people to sell it's not just Amazon selling so number two. How did you make a good video? Let me show you some stuff one of the things here's what I do. And there's different opinions on how to do this. This is a video that I have on my blog here. Let me just pick a random YouTube one. If you watch how I do this video here behind me, you'll notice. It's very simple. There's nothing fancy there in this video. I'm not even looking into the camera. I'm talking to other people, and it's a six minute video. Okay. And this video does very well. Let me look I haven't looked on YouTube. You can watch it on YouTube. Thirty thousand views or something if you go here, we'll pick another one this is a slightly different type of video. If you go here, this is me, speaking into the camera selfie style. Though. This one's twenty two minutes, and this video actually did better than the other one this video. I haven't had this video up for long. But let me see. So this video are we doing to fail? Yeah. I've had it up. I don't know two thousand likes on it. I like this style I've had videos that get millions of us fifty million views and stuff like this. So my main thing, and I want to show you is when I say us video. Just do it. Like Nike says don't overthinking don't try to make video spend fifty thousand dollars on a camera, crew and complicated editing. You could see there. I do this world's simplest videos, and I've made tens of millions of dollars from that approach. So if you had a site that looked like this, and you were trying to sell a speaker, something or whatever it is. You wanna sell? I would just put a video I would move the object to the side here. And I'd put a video right here. I'd have it from five twenty minutes, depending on the price the more expensive the product or trying to sell the higher the price. Okay. And you need people to understand what you are saying. I mean, what you are selling so many people in this world just expect building a website, there's millions and billions of web pages. Now a web page alone. Doesn't stand out sell yourself. People by you, not everybody likes me. But a lot of people do and those people buy for me and the people who don't like me they go buy from someone else. Everybody likes somebody. There's not one even the grumpiest person you ever meet like somebody and gets along with somebody. This video is huge like in the next three years. Probably eighty to ninety percent of all use of the internet is going to be watching videos. It's already kind of that way with net flicks. And YouTube just think about your internet activity, even now people are used to watching videos, so like ten years ago, even to me this is outdated website because apple soon is going to have video on their homepage. Let's pick a product let's build a business. I'm going to build a business with you right now before I go off line from scratch show. You guys let's pick any product. What's something? I always recommend start with something around your house. What's something around your house, guys? What are you guys? Have tell me I'm going to read the comments here. Hover boards cowboy boots gloves. I like gloves. Let's do gloves depending on where you live in the world. It's always win or somewhere pretty much because or at least half the time because if you're south of the equator into winter the opposite time, so let's do gloves. So the first thing you want to do. So we're going to build a business from scratch. You guys can steal this idea. I'm gonna do it on the fly. I'm gonna show you how easy it is. To get started not to make a million bucks immediately. Although I've seen people in their first year do a million dollars in sales. No problem. Here's why like gloves somebody said that. So when it just pick gloves. Why gloves? I don't know. Why not people use them? I use them when it's cold. I like to sell stuff, I use all wear gloves all the time. But when it's cold out, I'll wear gloves. So first thing you gotta do you need a name. How do you pick a name? And then third thing you need to do some research, and these can be an any order, so well, let's do the research, and then we'll do the name. All right. So here's what I do. Go over to Amazon. It's the biggest research free re- research website in history put in word gloves. Now if you live somewhere where it's cold. That's great. And if not you can just sell the people who are the other part of the globe. Okay. So I like to go here. Do you? Go to gloves. You can search by relevance. What you want ideally to start with stuff that's under a hundred bucks. Okay. So we're looking for stuff that's under less than one hundred dollars to start selling why it's just easier to get inventory. It's less marketing costs upfront. It's an easier by next thing. We're looking for is I like to so you can go here to research. Also, I like to look at things like price hide alot like what's the most expensive gloves? I like to do a little research. Okay. Boxing gloves. I mean, sorry baseball mitt twenty two thousand dollars. What the hell this can't be? Right. Somebody's trying to not sell a glove. Okay. Don't start by selling twenty two thousand dollar baseball gloves. Baseball mitts here. You have more time gloves for thirteen grant. I don't know. What the hell is up? All right. Zack you need to get this glove. This is a glove chair. Please I want you to be an expert in selling these. There are six thousand dollars. And what's the best part? There's only two reviews, and they got a the har-. Okay. Guys. If you wanna know what not to do to make money start by selling couch glove that people don't like it's temporarily out of stock. Okay. So let's go to the first common sense thing here. That's not too expensive. It looks like they randomly have in here. Peter to Homa gloves. Okay. This looks like. So the high end here fourteen hundred dollars. It says best deal that's an Amazon best deal. Let's see if we want. We need some reviews to kind of get a feel for this. Yeah. There's no reviews. That's not a good sign. You don't wanna sell things that have no reviews guys. So let's switch what we're searching for. This is a kind of bizarre. Let's look average customer review. That's good. What's getting a lot of good reviews? What are these alien gloves? Man. Look at this. Hey, here you go. This is actually a good business idea. I can already tell even though it looks like alien gloves. So these are twelve dollar gloves. You can remember you don't have to manufacture the gloves yourself. You can buy the gloves wholesale and raise you could be a reseller. These are handgrips would. To the ice cream handgrips strengthener. So basically, it looks like you wear these gloves, but you go like this all day to try to get stronger hands. So here's what I like about that. It's a niche I like niche things not everybody wants strong hands. But like bodybuilders probably would or people who, you know. I don't know people in the massage industry people and construction maybe, and here's what I like about it, it it has a good amount of reviews, but not too many. It's got about two hundred customer reviews. David a five star assuming they're not fake reviews. That means that people are buying them. They're in stock. They're not too expensive. They're under one hundred bucks. Like, I said this is what else I like, I think I can do something better than them. Why? Oh, here we go. Here's I like to read the reviews to see if they're real. So this one by Lauren looks pretty real. I had surgery when I was twenty two that left my hands fairly numb. Oh, yeah. You could sell these physical therapist. Okay. I'm giving you guys literally a business like this can make one hundred thousand to a million bucks a year guarantee. You guarantee you look there's grip strengthener as you can have some upsells where you sell people other stuff. So I like to do my research already found out something I hadn't thought of which is you. You can sell these two freakin, you know, people who had surgery on their hand, physical therapist. You could sell this to hospitals, and it's not too expensive. If they're selling these for twelve bucks, plus seven dollars shipping, you can probably buy these wholesale for like three bucks or something which is cool, which means you if you're doing drop shipping, you won't have to come out of pocket, but even you could buy one hundred of these for three hundred bucks and get started on Mike million dollar business. Now, we did our research. I like this. I would try to go right after I would either contact this company or find a competitor to this company. Okay. We don't have time not going to do the full research right now name we need a name. So why don't now I was thinking more gloves. But now face them, my research, I might make a different website. So go, by the way, I'm giving you guys literally one of us going to take this idea that I give you if you're smart last time, I did this. I did a business. And so what was the last one? We did with Alex. What was that? Oh, you whereas here Mel was your forget what business, but oh no way was vegan snacks vegan snack mart. Somebody bought the domain. I gave them the idea. So here's how I like to pick a name. I don't know. You can be funny gloves of doom loves of death. That probably would not be good. Let's see that's available. It's a valuable nobody by that. You could have a little fun in life gloves of death dot org or I should buy the dot org. It's a charity. No. But how about this glove of steel that's a little less, dramatic gloves of death? Look, you can get gloves. I'm just giving you this. You could buy these for ten damn dollars. I shouldn't even be giving you guys as business, but I'm going to. So you got better go, by the way. I don't work for go daddy kung FU Gripper's police said. Grip. You could have a lot of funny names around grip? Zach do you want to improve your grip? Why do you want improve grip? He said he'll tell Zach say he'll tell us later what he wants to sound. Like, what was that? From is that from Princess bride? I'll tell you later. That's it when he does the clearly I cannot take the glasses in front of me. Hey, what does that tell you later? Okay. Rehab gloves. You could call it. Okay. Let's see if that's available rehab gloves. We got all the serious people that don't like my that's a veil of that you can buy it. It's in an auction. So minimum offer you could probably get that name for a thousand bucks. I I recommend you buy the dot com. Okay. So you pick one of these names. Now, the next thing you, do you can go to click funnels or you can go to shop a fi you go here to click funnels. I don't own this company. So I'm not promoting it not trying to make money off you I know the guy who's doing it. So you can literally start for free look at that fourteen dollars. And look what he has Russell Brunson. They have a video this is a website builder. Webs company. So you can go here sign. Takes less than sixty seconds, you go and you'll get access to as. There we go. We've got a video going right there. We turn it off. Let's see something. All right, so zero dollars or like one hundred bucks a month, if the trial you can try you can also go to this company right here. Shop affi-, they're huge company, and you can get started on how much shop affi- costs to start. I built my own website because this used to not what nineteen other they have a free trial right here to you, enter your Email address. And you get started not bad. You can see all the people with their websites. So now, we've got our website built. So let's draw this out here. Here's you today. Maybe you're like me, you started out broke. I had less than one hundred bucks my Bank account, and I figured out how to make you know, ten million bucks more or more a year. Just online a lot more than that. But I like to understate and stuff. So here's you today. You're worried about money. But you do a little research you buy a domain name you go to one shop a fire. Click funnels you build a website. You can do it. Literally today. You could be building it it used to take a six months to build a website. Now, it takes sixty minutes or less you go here. You can start out by drop shipping. That means you don't have to buy in the case of the gloves. You could just ship them from have them shipped directly from the factory either in China or in the US directly to people. So you don't have to keep you don't have to like buy a whole bunch of gloves up front and put them in your house. And then we do the marketing you got to build some marketing you can start with Facebook ads. They're very simple you can star for five dollars a day. And then you need to start testing. Because your first idea might not be that good. Maybe the glove idea doesn't work then as you test. You can also build out another second store on Amazon. So you can have your. Own website, but you can also sell on Amazon because some people like to buy Amazon that don't want to buy from website, they trust Amazon. They already have their card numbers saved there might as well sell fifty to one hundred million people or more who already have their credit card stored on Amazon, and then we'll talk about that's for more advanced stuff. I'm teaching you guys what I call levels zero. Then at the end of this. I'm gonna put a link if you wanna get in level one that level one is like more teaching we'll show you even more. There's multiple levels about three levels. You can go through. It's kinda like high school undergrad degree bachelor's master's PHD today. I'm doing the highschool version for those you going to get in the program, you can be someone who gets in the bachelor's degree. It's not actually a bachelor's degree. But it's an analogy. Okay. Gloves of strength. Somebody said love club strong, head glove, guerrilla gloves. Hey, that's a good name guerrilla gloves. I feel like dudes. I don't know if that will appeal to women as much do a lot of women want to have gorilla hands. We have a woman here. Khloe not to interrupt you texting or anything. Would you like to have gorilla hands is that a goal of yours? Okay. So if your target market is men gorilla hands would work, what would be an ideal glove. If you had hurt your hands, and you want to rehab your hands. What do you call them? You like closes the'll. All right. I'm telling you gloves steel is a damn good. Did anyone by it yet? Let's see last time. I shared this live somebody else bought it in like ten minutes. Somebody bought it. Khloe? You should have bought it faster. Don't play me. She's blaming me for those of you who miss out, by the way. I kid you not some people don't believe me because we live in a hyper cynical world. I can't tell you. How many people come up to me even this weekend this event I had in my house? People are like dude, I was broke now making those yesterday. I want is still on my step chat right now. Those two kids they were like tie one or two years ago. We started following you. What are they selling? Do you? Remember, I don't even remember now, and they're gonna make oh they started a marketing agency, and they do marketing, and they're making twenty five grand a month this month twenty five thousand dollars in most of its profit. Okay. That's a lot of money for people, especially for a beginner twenty five grand change your life. That's in one month. So how do they do it? They're not so cynical. They listen, and they just go out there and do stuff is that really what you were doing khloe trying to buy. Why didn't you let me buy it? Please tell me someone bought gloves of death because that's just a fun. Funny name it might get you in trouble with the police or something is getting accused of every strangulation murder. Somebody bought gloves of dead. Somebody. I gotta stop that. Somebody bought gloves of death and gloves as feel and somebody over here was trying to buy it. And she lost it. You snooze you lose. Now. The key thing is door. If gloves a death gloves a steal somebody bought to the key is demonstration marketing demonstration marketing. Remember this the problem school system? It just lectures, you you have to show people not lecture people tie. Why do you show Lamborghinis and Ferraris because I'm demonstrating why you wanna put in the work to learn and build businesses. So you get the reward. What do you think I should do? That's the way marketing should be think how much you would learn in school if they would have showed you the fruits of your labor first versus just saying memorize this and take a test. It's so stupid that I even have to talk about this. It's basic psychology when you are selling if you've got something like Amazon or apple here you want to demonstrate. Have a video demonstrating the product most people, don't listen, if you don't show them, the reward marble, fitness at absolutely hus- office that if anybody wants to buy gloves of steel, hey, he owns them. He's selling them. He's on YouTube. This one huddles hustler. Zac. Let's talk about your sleep. We were at a movie last night. And you were snoring was that movie. It was the laundering earth. Zach was fading in and out of consciousness, which made me wonder are you getting enough steep? There's a Harvard and John Hopkins steady chronic sleep deprivation has been shown to lead to depression, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease that would explain it. That was explained did that movie increase your odds of having depression, diabetes, obesity, the wandering earth wasn't so bad. It wasn't so good. Either of been wondering why been depressed and becoming obese? And you're not obese all those things you need because there's hours of sleep. You got two of them in the movie last. Did you go home and sleep six more? There's no how many I've been trying to do that Leonardo da Vinci thing where you sleep fifteen minutes every three hours. I saw ardor to Leonardo Di Caprio no Davinci. I saw Kramer talk about it on Seinfeld. Because Kramer, absolute expert. Do you listen to the Leonardo da Vinci? Podcast or he explains is exact ways. How would you know that about Leonardo, you know, but I will look into that listening. Thanksgiving be searching Leonardo davinci's actual podcast was told. He was way of his time. He did come up with the helicopter subway submarine. Okay. What is one of the biggest sleep problems? I will give you three guesses ready. Go. Night tremors. No. Wedding the bed leading the venue as an adult male. No, me chills making four friend. Okay. My friend told me. No. The actual answer is temperature. It's hard to get good sleep. If you're hot or cold. So let me tell you about something. It's called the pod by eight sleep the pod. Not to be confused with podcast. It is a high tech bed designed specifically to help you achieve optimal, sleep, fitness. So as developed by leading sleep researchers after track dean yet this forty three million hours of sleep. Now you as a Leo or approaching forty three million Zach as a Leo if you believe in astrology things Zach we went to the zoo yesterday with one hundred one hundred gram, and my grandma we get to the lions it's like the best part of the zoo. What are they doing that? The lions do not need the pod. I've never been so jealous of animals in my life as a Tanner air to insecurities. Sack. Always try every time we go to the zoo. He starts the twitch when I bring up. Let's not go there aid that anyway, so forty-three millionaires asleep. They tested, so they got a combines dynamic temperature regulations. Sleep track to enhance your restaurant covered. It learns your sleep habits and unjust in just the temperature automatically. I don't think it will help your bed wedding back. But besides that do you like cool or hot when you sleep cool? How cool like fons you'll cry like grou- Jane Burke wool was like liquid like Han solo Empire Strikes Back. Cool. Definitely. No, no. Actually, I think it depends on the time of year. If it's winter I like to put a hairdryer in the bed. Yeah. We actually story went in Vegas with Zach and keep listening very dissect story, we're trying to go gambles acts like I'll meet you there. I'm gonna go quick shower. So after an hour don't hear from our and a half. And I'm like, we should go up and does not and see what's up. We get up there. Nothing. He's not answering. We listen. We put our ear to the door. We hear a drug hairdryer billowing off just nonstop running. And I go, oh, my God Zack must've fallen taken a shower hit his head while he was blow drying his hair, and we gotta get in there. So we go down we get the we get the light emergency them to open up the door. We get ins access sleep on the bed with the hairdryer next to his head. I go Zach what are you doing? Where you do. Exactly what I was trying to have a cell constant sound going because white noise anywhere you almost set fire the Venetian hotel. Now, it wasn't close. Your. I haven't heard the blanket, we're the Maitland's white noise. Remember, I had my phone across the room to plug it into. I didn't have my phone charger. So I had to do a USB port and the only one was on the other side of the room. So turn it up louder. It was too distant as bogus though Suu sweets. You have two options you can get the PA by eight sleep or you can have a fire hazard and run a air dryer nonstop anyway. So it combines dynamic temperature regulation all this stuff learners to it means if you like the bed cool and your partner likes the bed warm now you can both have it at the same time. So Zack and know cuddling know cuddling because it's a very comfortable bed sleep longer and deeper. So you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the world's. So here's the deal draw for one hundred nights, not ninety nine. But not one hundred one you take this thing run on one day. It's over send the police, and if you don't love it. It will refund purchase and arrange range free pickup. So for a limited time get a hundred and fifty bucks off your purchase. When you go to eight sleep dot com slash tie. That's E. I G H T the word sleep. So not the number do by e t sleep dot com slash T A my name, eight sleep dot com slash tie. That will get one hundred fifty bucks off. I like the idea I do think like everybody house reading like Sigmund? Freud to one of these guys actually sitting them forty civilizations. Discontents talking about how humans like variation in their life saying how you stick your leg out. Like you. Don't want us to hot under the covers in leg out that your body Thermo regulating. So this eight sleep pod does that for you? And you get one hundred days that's a serious like window to work with see if you like something or not don't be buying it for one hundred days Senate back and then calling him a week later with the different all my name is. Zeke cookman I need one hundred day test. It's Zak with an h this time time, oh, my name is that's Copan. Yeah. So see you guys over there. Let me know how the bed works for you. We'll see help Zac grow hair back zak's. Primary main goal of any commercial. I ever do from podcast pod, sir. Should be permanently. Zags like, what does this do to my hair? He's been do. They have a special hair pod. Let temperatures helped me grow hair on the top of back as you're going to be like on the Jefferson. Remember, they used to go to the hairdresser. And put those big glass things over the edge that we saw it on them. Helmet infrared they'll grow needs. All right guys, see over on the website. So let's talk about something that is talked about once in a while and business but not enough. I was talking with Alex, my business partner about scaling this new business, we've launched and he of course, is always a little bit more. How do I put it gung ho than I am about scaling? And so he's like, let's go let's go. Let's go. Let's get the company of an animal. I quoted of something that I read I can't remember the exact words now, basically said you can only scale business as quickly as you can hire you can scale hiring. And there's a lot of truth that because I don't care what business you're in. The hardest part is not product development. It's not marketing marketing, a good product is easy. You know, if you can't market it. It's usually because your product is in good. Nobody wants it. You know, you can't sell underwater basket weaving to the world. No matter how good your marketing skills. Are if you pick something that people want like Uber. Pick something that people wanted it just sold because you know, Uber and lift people want to have to get a taxi and they went up on cards. So if product and marketing is not in the heart of business, especially when you want to scale, what is the hard part in my opinion. It is growing your employee base your assistance, your marketing team, you know, you're right hand, man or woman, you're COO getting good accounting. Bookkeepers like this is usually has twenty nineteen on being really good at hiring. And one of the reasons that I partnered, you know, all my show with ZipRecruiter is just because it's a powerful tool because they actually unlike most job sites ZipRecruiter finds qualified campaigns for you. And that's that's unfortunately, like Warren Buffett said when he graduated from Wharton he thought it was gonna be real. Hard to make a lot of money because there'd be so many talented people in the world. And then he said he went out in the real world. And it was like, wait. Is there wasn't that many good people? And for that reason if you can use technology like what ZipRecruiter has to narrow down the needle in the haystack in twenty nineteen that's gonna be when you look back on twenty nine thousand nine you'll be like the domino that you pushed that made all the other dominos fall in place was efficient hiring. So you can start off this year strong. It is go to ZipRecruiter dot com slash tie. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash TI tire. The right people. They have this powerful matching technology scouts scans thousands of resumes to identify people with the right skills education experience, and it actively invites them to apply to your job. So you get qualified candidates fast. And you know, that's why ZipRecruiter's rated number one by employers in the US and that rating come from hiring sites on trust pilot Chaz. I think over a thousand reviews, so so and oh, by the way, my listeners right now, you can try ZipRecruiter for free, but you got to go to this website URL, ZipRecruiter dot com slash my name tie, ZipRecruiter dot com slash ta. I if you love this show, so your show your support and support for Zip Recruiter, not really supporting ZipRecruiter supporting your own business by using ZipRecruiter by going to ZipRecruiter dot com slash t. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash TI. It's the smartest way to hire. Demonstration marketing you need to show people. Why the gloves are good? A and number two. Why they should trust you. Now. Why should they trust? You. So member people need a why? So this is basic marketing, but not so basic because people forget this why should people by so from you is the first thing so member this who what where when what wear when that's what you remember learning that in school the five or the four ws or whatever who what where when and why and they also said for what reason is another one. But that's kind of like why? So let's go through this. Make sure your video covers this who who are they buying from say a little bit about yourself you. I'm like, hey, it's titled buzz here. I was born in LA. I grow up a little bit of North Carolina. My dad, and my mom was a single mom. I live in a mobile home as a teenager. I moved back to California when I was in my twenties, and I built different businesses. And this is why you should buy from me. Here's my life. I show. Here's my friends. Here's my friends Zach. Here's my garage. Here's some books on reading. Here's where I live. Here's what I do. When I go out for fun. Here's my buddy, Rome. Like, here's me working. Now. That's like all about the who your video can have that about your gloves. Make it interesting. There's no reason most marketing and TV commercials are so stupid even the Super Bowl. I was watching some of them. I this is some Super Bowl commercials member. These are supposed to be the best commercials. Some of them were awesome. But some of them were so bad. It's like what the hell is wrong with you. They forgot the who, you know. Now what you need to explain what you're selling. So in this hypothetical business. You gotta explain yo I got some gloves. The average person who has has added an injury your hands. When weakened or just sitting at a job nine to five doing your, computer. You got hand problems. You need a strong grip in life. It's the basis they build your whole forearm. Strength. It allows you to be. I do Bach. I do jujitsu if you ever get in the street fight you want strong hands. If you are somebody actually strong hands and building muscle of protect you from carpal tunnel. A lot of people texting all day while people on a keyboard? So having strong hands. It's good in business you save somebody's hands. They respect. You got a freaking handshake. If you've got a little girlie little handshake, not I'm not talking about men or women. But if you got a week can't shake people are gonna perceive you as weak. So that's the what in the video then wear you say, look, you can buy them right here. I've got them here on my website, my shop afire click on a website, there's a button below or you can go over to Amazon if you already got your credit card there, and you can follow this link to buy them on Amazon when give people a reason to buy now say look your first time visitor my site. I'm running a special right now, you get two sets of gloves for one. If you ever watched TV infomercials, they always got like a win. They're trying to put a clock to it. Because people are procrastinator. As you need to give them a little nudge. And then why you need to say why they should buy from you because they might just say, well, I saw other people selling these JJ handgrips, you say, listen, the reason you want to buy from me is number one. I'm giving you two sets for the price of one number two. Here's my home phone number. Call me if you have a problem number three. Here's my wife and kids where a family business, you know, give people like a reason to like you. That's psychologists call this liking and disliking bias. It's a very powerful bias. And when you understand it, you make more money this simple thing. Nobody does go to almost any website. And people forget one of these things, you gotta just follow the basics, the fundamentals, you know, in boxing, you need to know how to do a Jap a right cross a left hook, maybe an uppercut, maybe a body blow. That's about it and maybe shot to the liver. You know, there's like six. Basic moves you need to know how to slip and just some basic stuff. So when it comes to business people make this thing, so hard, and I know why it's because the school system didn't teach us to this teaches this growing up. So we subconsciously go. Oh, they didn't teach it because it was so hard. It was too hard to teach when I was twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen so they save it to go to Harvard Business School at twenty five years old. Well, forget that that's a bunch of BS. It's a bunch of BS. You can learn this. I've got kids that are have there. They can't even sign for all the money. They're making their parents have to sign I've as young as there was a ten year old here with his dad who's making one hundred bucks a month with his app at ten years old. He's already made a couple of grand this year at ten just think of the law exponential. Don't you wish all of us had been taught how to make money online when we were ten years old better? Your financial situation will be well good news is what? Ever age. You are right now, you should start sell something think of it this way. Even if it doesn't work out and you don't make a ton of money. Who cares? This to do everything. I said today you could buy it on the name on go. Daddy for ten bucks. You can do a free trial on click phones or shop. So that's zero now Amazon marketing, I mean Facebook ads will show you can start for five bucks a day. Do you have five bucks sitting around you can build a Facebook campaign for five dollars? If you don't have five dollars, you can build a campaign around your personal Facebook, your personal YouTube, your personal Snapchat Instagram it costs nothing we live in the most spoil generation because everything's there right at your fingertips. But the one thing that's missing is the know how you gotta have the know-how in life. And that's what I'm trying to do right now. Because no one gave me this. Growing up. So you recommend selling specific items rather than having a range of items to start with yet. The yes, and here's why if you don't agree with my logic. I'll kinda back it up. Jeff bezos. Who's now the richest man in history in absolute dollars, not inflation adjusted, but he was up to one hundred twenty billion dollars. He started out. Amazon was just about books when it started see now. Amazon sells everything they call it. The everything store but back in nineteen Ninety-four Rome wasn't built in a day. He started out selling books, and then he expanded out some people are too, greedy. They want to do everything at once. They forget that Confucius said the man who chases two rabbits catches, none. You can't chase to rabbits guys star with one. If it doesn't work. Swap it out with another one. Sometimes it doesn't work. I've sold stuff that didn't work out doesn't just let it roll off your back move onto the next thing. Who cares? The main goal is to increase your income tie because this apply to the music industry is. Well, like with selling hip hop beats. Yeah. There's a website that I bought some beets. From to us. It's called Geagea. It's a good website. But man, you could they could improve their website. It's a good concept with a horrible website of this website. First of all you're going to enable adobe fly. It's like this website. No offense to these guys. Because I like what they're doing. And I'm not a hater. But if this is making the money, they make so much more money. First of all, there's no there's no video oops. I'd like to see a video that goes over the who what why where and where why should I buy from this? You know, like it's got this two hundred thousand likes that's kind of good. They have some social proof. They're they've got some pictures who they've worked with. I know I know some of these guys what the heck. They crazy bone AAC on. I'm gonna music AAC on us my house here for a music video that I'm actually in embarrassingly funny. But. What you know? Adrian just laughed at me and came. So there's an example. Where you can use it to build music for sure what are you drinking? It looks good dude this company I wish I could buy this is the best coconut water. Full disclosure. I don't own any of it. So this is unbiased whoever owns this. I want to buy this company is best coconut water. I've found you should resell. This you make a website called coconut coke here. I'm going to give you one last bonus. You make a damn website called coconut water reviews. Right reviews. I swear this isn't even better idea than the glove one. Look at that. It is all it's taken doesn't matter watch this. Let me take s off. Okay. Still taking coconut water ratings. You just go to the thesaurus come up with another one. Oh, look at that. Coconut water ratings close going to try to buy. I'm giving you guys another business idea coconut water ratings. You make a website, and you rate all the different coconut water. You use my formula that I have for videos. So that you explain, and then you put a link to an Amazon store that you own which has all the different coconut waters, and you rank them, and you have like video testimony was not some cheesy review site of telling you people they should've taught us in school. It's a wide open world, you can buy this stuff wholesale and resell it now some of them you need permission to do it. But if you start moving up stuff, they're going to give you permission give you permission someone's going to buy that, it's eleven dollar domain name. It's probably gone by the time you watch this. Yeah. There you go here. Let me see that. Here's your first review. This is such a good business. I just give these away. So all you people who are complaining on five charges money. Fuck you give all this shit away for free. What are you talking about dumb ass? Here you go right there. Here's you got to coconut waters, given million dollar business ideas away for those you say I'd charged for everything. Fuck you. I'm giving a best business your mom and dad, and your schoolteacher to never give you a business idea is good for free. What are you ever done for me? Mostly just follow me on social media and ship for me. So don't bitch. All you whiny bitches shut up the world got enough of that go out and make your own destiny. Make a website review, coconut waters and make money on all of them. Really stop whining at what point in the timeline of building business to you. Go to legalzoom to get your LLC. You know, what I saw legalzoom doing a thing like under one hundred bucks. I would start your LLC pretty early. Just take the name if you own whoever bought coconut water ratings dot com. You if you wanna turn it into a LLC or S Corp, which I recommend you do in the United States. Then you go to a company like legalzoom, they'll help you. I'm not a lawyer. So I can't tell you exactly how to do it. But that's what I do. I form LLC's pick a state like Delaware, Nevada. Those are two very well known ones. But there's other states. I've done them in Florida. I've done them in North Carolina. I got a California one I got him out of the US. But that's for later. Keep it simple stupid Goethe's company. There's a couple of companies legalzoom's one of them. So Ty feel like embarrassed to say I'm gonna negative situation. Feel like a failure told my kid I've had extremely negative thought about giving up an ending myself. I haven't expressed my self to anyone but your program really has my attention. I'm gonna horrible situation. So Jonathan, you know, look, man life tough. Some people say life is about suffering that adverage person all. Us will have one disaster every three months for the rest of our life. And that's just part of his game a life. I don't I didn't make the rules. So you kinda gotta play by them. And sometimes you people feel you know, if you're truly feeling suicidal. You gotta talk to some that's not my specialty. You should talk to somebody who specializes in that. If you're just feeling, you know, discouraged what I can tell you is part of the game to feel discouraged. If you feel it every minute of every day for a long time, you probably need a doctor if as a temporary thing sometimes you just got to plow through it, man. We all have been there. I don't want people to think that my life has always perfect. It's not I've made a lot of mistakes and business part of the reason I teach this stuff is so that other people don't have to make the same stupid mistakes that I've made. I've made things too complicated in life. I've looked back in time like a lot of life. It ain't that. It's like a lot of common sense. It's like, okay. Why do people get fat? It doesn't have to be on huge mystery. Like, if you eat more food than you, burn bor- energy in you, get fat what else happens when you're fat you lose energy. So you don't wanna work out. So you get fatter quicker than you look yourself in the mirror, and you get kind of like, oh, I don't like look so same with business and money. It's like, okay. You grow up in a school system. You do not taught about how to make money. So then we get thrown out into the modern world and people don't aren't good at making money. Well, that's kind of common sense. If you don't learn and have somebody teach you owe foreign language or someone teach you martial arts or someone teach you, you know, how to cook. Or how to fix a car you don't naturally? Learn this stuff. So if you're discouraged about your financial situation, a lot of it's common sense. So you just got to reverse the common sense. So if it's common sense. That you're not you don't know how to fix your car because no one ever showed you then you've got to find somebody who was show you how to fix a car. If you don't know how to make money you got to reverse it. Why do we not know how to make money because no one ever showed us? So you have to find somebody to show you. It's not that. Sometimes people argue with me on that point. I'm like what is wrong with you more? Like, no, you should just learn from your own experience. We'll do you just learn from your own experience out of fix a car. You just walk in a garage with a wrench and you just start ripping stuff apart. That'll take you thirty years to learn how to fix a car you've got a shadow somebody who's already knows how to fix the car. And then you can learn it in like, six months or three months or one year or whatever. But it's if you learn the slow way, that's when you get discouraged.

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