How To Achieve Body Freedom With Amber Romaniuk


The foaming podcast is a deer media. Production Hey guys. I'm Whitney port and this with wet a lot of you may unknown from reality. TV and the reality is a lot's happened since the hills with the which is dedicated to having real raw and occasionally ridiculous conversations and with the people who have had a profound impact on me. Life changing moments life-changing people because on with web very little is off limits. Hi guys welcome to with with. Today I'm having with Amber Romania. As soon as we were introduced I knew I had to bring her on. Amber amber is an emotional eating digestive hormone expert who helps professional women achieve optimal health. Through mindful eating self care and overcoming self sabotage with food. Ambro overcame her own emotional eating after gaining and losing more than a thousand pounds and spending over fifty thousand dollars on binge foods and spending spending five years balancing her hormones digestion now she helps others achieve body freedom so they have the confidence in health to create amazing lives. You can hear more more from her on her podcast. The no sugar coating podcast. We are about to learn a lot. Here is amber thank you so much for having me so happy. So you're here. You're all the way in from Canada. Yes well thank you so much for traveling here. It means so much to me. I think that your messaging so powerful and something that so many people people struggle with on a daily basis. I mean food is something that has to be a part of our lives and so it's very natural for people to have unhealthy relationships with it because the results of eating too much or not eating enough whatever. It is have a huge impact on how you look your self esteem. It's just such a powerful thing so I i WanNa start with just your story and how you became an emotional eating expert because it is something very rare and unique us us. Oh and thank you for asking. Because it's something that evolved and I never expected it to happen. It was through my personal experience of from a very young age like struggling with body image. I mean a couple of memorable moments that really impacted my life. Were the first one I was five and it was my first going on the school bus and I got on the bus and and I was so excited and the older boys right away. We're like Oh look at her. She's fat she's an. I broke inside. I'm sure and was just like they must be telling the truth because they don't know me And so from there I became very shy. Definitely didn't want have any any guys as friends just like they're gonNA call me names. Judge me and food was something that never call me. Names never hurt me. It always tasted good. It made me feel. Oh good so growing up. That relationship with food evolved at a young age partially because of that and partially because my mom was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis before I was born. And so some of the things that you know you do with your mom. I couldn't do like walk really far. Gopher Day of shopping so part of her way to compensate was food. So we'd go and get my favorite foods. You always have my favorite foods at home and as I grew up I really witness that she actually also had a very emotional relationship with food and her body so I just really early like obsessed with like. I've got to look a certain way. I really want to have the perfect body. If I'm like thin and have this perfect body everything will be perfect. And I'll be happy and so I went through a very very strong period of restriction like under eating exercising to ours a Dan. I lost weight really fast and I really thought that it was going to be the answer but the irony of it is I actually became more critical of my sophos. Picking my body apart more became very arrogant. And also you know physically like my hormones started to decline my energy dropped. My cycle disappeared like all these things were happening. And one day I just said this is too difficult for me to attain and so then the switch flip in. It's like I won't way the other way and now here. I am spending my days off working retail driving around the city. You know buying six cupcakes and GM and driving to the drive through and getting a pizza and eating my car Her just like you know eating all the things I wasn't allowing myself to have and then here I go gaining sixty pounds in four months and now I'm the heaviest I've ever been in. I'm embarrassed embarrass right right. So you're isolating at home and now I'm like I don't hang out with my friends. I don't want people to see me because I've gained all this way. Like what are they gonNA think of me right but then you're just sitting at home eating your feelings and making it easy hours. Yep So would you consider this kind of like an addiction. Yeah it was definitely an addiction because does do good for a while and hop on the next diet right and then he came losing the weight again. I'm gaining control back but then something would trigger me you to go back to the food but it was like a crappy day at work. In native interaction with a co-worker family stress cravings like my sugar cravings were so bad so it would be like I'd obsess about sugar all day and then by the end of the day. It's like I've got to get to the store. I need ice cream. I need that cookie but then it turned into you know. Well if I'M GONNA the have one I might as well buy it all because this is the last time I'm going to do this because tomorrow I have to get back on the Diet. I've gotta get back into the weight loss trained to look perfect again so it would be like all out like I kid you not. It would be a basket full of food every time like bags of chips ice cream. Chocolate bars cookies. Bacon sandwiches like carbs. You know I could eat a whole block of cheese like to look back and think of how much I used to eat and I have some videos where I show up but it's I'm like I don't even know how I had the capacity acidy to take all this to do and a word only Yeah I mean like I've definitely struggled with body issues issues in the past I think part of it was being on. TV and seeing myself on TV and then just like judging myself. But I can't even imagine how hard it it is to do something that you literally feel like you have no control over. What made you really hit rock bottom like what made you hit the point where you were like I? I cannot do this anymore. I need to figure out what is going to save. And that's a great question and it still makes me emotional because I had finished a binge and I throw in the rest of the garbage and I was laying on the couch just crying kind of fearing for my life because the pain I was the physical pain was causing my body. I was so bloated. Every day was exhausted being up and down twenty pounds every other month. That's not healthy for your body and so I was laying there going. I'm not going to be here for very long if I keep this up. My Body can't handle this and so about an hour later after you know just laying there in pain and fear it's like this part of my brain lights up and goes. Oh but the cookies you through all the food up you gopher another cookie and so I literally found myself walking into my kitchen opening the door digging through the garbage judge grabbing the cookie and eating it and then I just sat on the floor and started to cry again because it was like I just ate out of a garbage can right like the level of demoratic probably just struck you like. Oh my God what is going on and the embarrassment and like nobody knows. I don't WanNa tell anybody like I just ate it of a garbage can and even one time. It got so bad that I went out into the dumpster to dig. And that's when it hit me and I'm like I don't want this to be my life life. This is not meant to be my life just knew it so deep down I have no idea how the heck I'm going to change it but I need to figure this out because this is not working for me right and so that was really the rock bottom moment and from there. It's like the fear of food not being a comfort zone anymore was smaller than the suffering offering that was happening and I think that's what happens for so many people is it's like I'm done with the suffering I'm done with the `isolation and from there. I really started to learn a lot about about my body and like my digestion Y so sensitive why my bloated all the time right. Why why do I feel puffy and why are we so tired and you know wire none of these diets working working? Why can't I lose weight and keep it off so I started to read more about food in particular starting with sugar because I was like why do I keep losing control with it? And why are my craving so bad and when I started to read about like refined sugar and how you know it can excite the same parts of the brain as a hard drug and you're an dopamine get boosting and you know your your blood sugar goes outta whack and it just impact so many things in the body that can increase your appetite levels so then I read about that. Wow Cam not crazy. There's actually aspects of food that I just haven't realized how the impact me and my brain chemistry in my body and I feel like each time I learned a piece of something about food or my body and became more aware where I was able to start making some changes like. Okay you know maybe I will try to limit Irish. Find sugar intake in US more natural sweeteners. Because I was so addicted to sugar like I personally they had to cut it out for four years. Because that's what I needed to do to get over it and I- different for everyone. But I feel like my case was very intense so it was things like that and then realizing glazing Iowa dairy allergy and they really don't make me feel only make. My skin breakout so you know learning gluten free dairy free in the kitchen and like changing the way that eight and it was kind of becoming an adventure at that point but what was bigger that I didn't realize yet was that I didn't know what Self Love was. I didn't love myself and so so learning that there was a very emotional aspect and there was a void that I was trying to fill with food really opened my eyes. Because I'm like I don't know how to cope with my emotions. I Dunno to cope a stress. All I've known as to eat and now your I'm learning how to eat differently. But what is it even feel like right off right. Eight how even navigate life as an adult has. We're just having this quick fix all the time. He didn't probably even know how to problem. Solve not at all did anyone. You won't ever try to step in because I had situations before were there have been people in my life that I've wanted to step in and say you know it's time to think about this and then then once I do it. I'm like Oh. Was it worth it. Because I can't forces person to do it like it has their own journey. It has to be their own. Rock bottom has has to be like you feeling like okay. It's time for me to love myself again. It can't be someone else wanting me to do it. That's going to push me to do it so did did anyone ever step in and try to have a talk with you and did it ever work or is it really just you needing to do this for yourself. That got you you to change. Yeah so I literally didn't tell anyone that I had gone through any of it until one on my S- my website when I started my business so I've literally on my own. I always wonder the people think there's something going on. 'cause my weight was alright so actually waiting so extremely. Yeah but no one ever said anything and so yeah for me. The only experience I I had one time I went in. I mustered up some money to go and see like a therapist or psychologist to like talk about it. 'cause they can help me and my experience unfortunately finally wasn't very uplifting and it's okay because it was a learning but I went and she essentially was just like you need to just not go to the store and buy the food and you need to learn how to love yourself and so that was like the only experience ahead of like telling someone and then getting their feedback so for me. It was like I had just this feeling like I need to do on my own. I don't know why but obviously really I just have this feeling that I need to figure it out. And how will the ups and downs of the experiences and now obviously I know why to to serve and help other people but I I agree with you. I think it's so so important that the person who is struggling with this they need to choose to want to share or to you know go okay. You know I'm ready to get help. Hope you can't force this can't say to someone. Oh you're struggling to get help. It's gotTa be when you're ready right because otherwise you can push people to shut down and or if they're not ready than they just may not have the success that they're you know wanting to have to gain freedom from emotional eating or food addiction or stress eating. You know it could be very smaller. It could be you know very extreme but whatever it is I just think it's so important to eight no you're not alone And be don't be embarrassed about it right right a right. It's it's so hard though. It's so hard how it feels like I can picture you know the imagery of you sitting with all that food like it can feel probably so shameful and to have to share that with other people is almost like two overwhelming so then the alternative Dave is just a continue to do it and live in this isolation yes. I think it so commendable that you like did this for yourself like I. I really don't think in many people have the strength to do that. And I'm so happy that you're on because I think that you are an example to so many people out there that even even if you do feel alone like it only really does take you to actually do something and now a word from our brand partner. I am so excited to talk. Do you guys about skin say. Skin say is spelled S. K. I. N. S. E.. I in case you're wondering because when I first heard it I was like wait. What how can I picture picture that anyways skin say is amazing it's truly personalized? They have gone through thousands of formulations ingredients to select and create. Exactly what's needed not just for age or skin type. Also lifestyle factors that may not traditionally be considered as important so go onto their site. You take a diagnostic quiz. It will ask you various types of questions based on your nutrition exercise. Sleep your environment all these things that may influence your skin. How but that you? I don't really even realize are influencing it and obviously there are so many experts out there constantly telling us what we should be using. But they don't really know what our skin in is like so you take this quiz and then they recommend routine that is completely tailored for you for me. They noticed that I was really dehydrated. Because has I was very truthful in my quiz and I told them how much water I drink which is very minimal and they also told me that I needed something with higher. SPF instead live in Los Angeles. Listen I'm actually out in the sun a lot more. I sent in a Selfie picture of myself to show them to a little bit more of my skin because obviously see the more information they have the more personalized they can really get. They have only the highest quality ingredients which are Vegan microbiome friendly friendly and powered by probiotic and plant. Extracts plus the pricing is extremely accessible. skin-care should not be something that you can't afford especially especially when it's something that you're using every single day all right. So here's the deal go online to skin say dot com slash twit. That's S. K. I. N. S. E. ON YOUR mobile device or your computer whatever's easiest for you take their skin diagnostic tests and use the Promo Code Whit to get twenty. He percents off your first order again to get started. Go to skin say dot com slash twit get a free diagnostic and twenty percent. Offer your first order with code wit and now back to our chat. So what did you turn to. What sources of education? What sources of of support like what were those things that you immediately turned to to get the help? Yeah so one of the first things that I needed to figure out was all the the different things that were triggering me to go to food like okay if I over exercise if I don't eat enough if I have too much refined food if I don't have a good sleep if I'm dehydrated like I was accumulating relating missile list and printed it and put it in every room of my house because sometimes they forget to check with my triggers first before going to the food so that was a huge pivotal point for amusement really really understanding my triggers. Then it was also learning about what is self care and how is self care helping me to connect with myself. How is self care helping being me to learn how to listen to my body and actually give her what she needs versus? Get all overwhelmed and end up again. Going to the food so for me. Meditation then became very important. Yoga became important. Deep breathing. journaling writing about how I'm feeling Like dancing and getting out and doing mindful movement not forcing myself to go to the gym and do crazy extreme workouts. Because I hide right ditching. The exercise that I didn't like was so important to and it was also learning to practice being nice to myself so starting to catch negative self talk and or the want to go on an obsess about the scale or that. I'm not this clothing being size yet. start to catch that. Ingo no like right now. I am enough. This is something I like about myself. And I'm actually grateful eightfold because my body is giving me the chance to you know work on healing from this and I think that really homies to build gratitude and then I started my business. Yes and I think that was huge for me because I started to share my story then and that's when I really started to realize I am not alone and there's so many people so many women that I would have never ever expected going through the exact same or something so similar and it. It really made me go. I WANNA share the story with a world just to let people people know that they're not alone that these women are not alone and you know that and getting into my business it really helped me grow. It helped me as well learn a lot about myself. I self and in managing like balancing my schedule to make sure I'm monitoring my body and not just go go going with all of that so I think that was a huge piece too because what I really learned was was. I had an experience where my hormones were really significantly out of walks still after recovering from the food addiction. An irony of it was I was still the Gogo going in my schedule and I was really tired and still move exercising lot and I was gaining weight. And I'm laying. What the heck is going on right? I'm I'm not binging anymore and this is happening and so it's literally like I had a great year in my business and there's so many positive things happening and I looked at myself in the mirror and I said if this is the way that I meant to be right now I fully love and accept myself and this and it's like something clicked in that moment of evolution of doing all these things for myself and the irony of it is then. I quit the gym and really really committed to arresting and honoring my body. And it's like I refer to it as protection. Really feel like the body hangs onto protection when she doesn't feel safe. It's like it just melted off without meat doing anything on it right. So that's the power of what happens when we build the healthy relationship with food food. We learn how to listen to our bodies we deal with a gain those other physical aspects because there's so many hormones digestive going on with people and other things so when you can learn about those things and then take Carib them you really can sit back and breathe them and let your body. Just moved whatever's natural regarding that weight. I I think something that you said really rings true for me like the negative self talk I think is something that we all subconsciously. Do so much that we don't even realize that we're doing and if you can really like try to train your brain not to do that and then tell yourself amazing nice things yourself as funny as it sounds when you say it in your head like I really do think that that will then have an effect on on your body on your chemistry like the other day. When I was was in Yoga we were sitting at the end? And I was saying to myself like Whitney you are. You're amazing like you're going to get through This week you are going to be filled with energy you are not going to feel exhausted but if you do feel exhausted like don't beat yourself up and you're GONNA be there for Timmy and and you're GonNa be a rock for him and I was like. It was kind of the first time I had done that in a really long time and I walked out of there like feeling a sense of celebrity. Like a lightness and I really feel like as silly as it sounds sometimes to do is I mean obviously so important right yes. It's so needed and I think what seem so foreign at first is because we get so used to that negative self talk in putting ourselves down that if feels weird and awkward to shift. I am because we're stepping out of the comfort zone of negativity and stepping into the uncomfortable. which is the unknown and I always say we all have this ego that self sabotaging mindset that that wants to come up and take us out of our power? But what's so valuable is the more aware you can become that voice and Kinda go. Oh this is what it feels like when I give my power away or when I start to talk doc negatively to myself you can catch it and you can go into that positive self talk and encourage yourself in and have gratitude for things and and do just as you did and it up lifts you when you get energized and it pulls you back into your power and it's like okay. Yeah you know what had a moment but I can move on now and I think it's so important to embrace that that first weirdness or awkwardness that can come along with it. Because I really agree with you. And I believe that our cells listened to our thoughts and that plays a huge role on our not only our emotional L. Health but our physical as well You obviously learned so much and it turned into a passion and it became a career. Sure and you have developed this term body freedom so tell me what your what your job looks like like what Your Life Looks Mike on a daily basis and helping others and what like body freedom is all about. Yeah so for me. I connect with all of my clients online They're all female of course kind of all over the world. So they find me from podcasts or website or wherever social media and so I support them and work with them about about three days a week and so I work very closely with my clients. Were connecting every week or every. Other week I find. They need that close knit support because again it can be so vulnerable to go from that diet too emotional eating mentality. And so then when I'm not doing that. In Mount Lake in meetings or networking I'm talking to my team. Developing new content like videos or podcasts casts to share right to help educate and inform my audience and then of course starting to do a little bit more travel especially things like this is so fun to get out in in connect and a gain share share the story and the voice so and then for me. My kind of work like balance is really important when it comes to like you know. I'm done work at this time. Then it self care having my connection time With my boyfriend or like weekends are very important to like get into nature just like really chill taking care of myself because I found in the beginning of my business. I didn't have that and I started to resent my passion is so important and not and then body freedom to me. It's really it's a light fight. You feel confident you. It's like you get these butterflies in your chest when you think about yourself instead of thinking about a loved one and getting that like uplifting. Happy Feeling it's when you think about yourself and it's like I'm so grateful for my body and everything she does for me I think body freedom is also about you. Know any symptoms that you used to have so say you're really tired or you know you struggle certain digestive issues or or again that body Mitch. Peace and it's not accepting. That is your normal because I think one of the things that that has happened in society is accepting you know feeling under the weather accepting all these massive. PMS menopause symptoms as normal. And it's like no you can totally totally have body freedom by building that healthy relationship with food learning how to love and rediscover who you are and also being freer really minimizing those physical symptoms right that to me is the epitome of body. Freedom is both physical and emotional right well. That's what I was just going to ask is. What is the difference? France between emotional and physical hunger. You know because sometimes we can feel hungry but that may be like our brains way of tracking us into feeling like we need something when we actually don't to fill a void. So what is that difference. Yeah so there's a few different ways to tell I find emotional is any reason to eat other than physical hunger. So it's like you've already eaten. And then you want a snack or their stress sending gain. You're going to that food you're thirsty. Your body is actually hydrated but your body signaling for you to eat in hopes that you'll go for water rich foods so there can be some physical aspects that come to that But physically accuser. Going to be your stomach's grumbling your blood sugars low so your son feel that energy drop brain fog. Maybe your memories not working as good gigabit hang green in yes and then. Ideally you're getting the hunger signal so you get this feeling that kind of comes up from your stomach kinda going okay. I think I need to eat now for some people. They don't get get that signal and that can be for many reasons metabolism hormones etc.. But if you're going you know what I never get any feeling that I'm hungry. Perhaps you're not eating enough either. So that's another thing to look for is if you're not eating enough you're getting hungry right so fascinating though. Because I find a lot of my clients with thyroid trade imbalances like an undrafted thyroid. They never have that signal but once we get things going and we balance there you know eating and get them in a healthy relationship with food and they start to get that signal. It's mind blowing for them because it's something maybe the first time in their life they're experiencing. Wow and now a word from our brand Dan partner you guys engagement season is in full swing right now. It is actually the most popular time to pop the question. I'm not surprised surprise. Everyone's feeling all warm and romantic right. 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It's like Holistic for me even though the schooling was great but I really pride myself off the personal experience because I just think that that was like a ten year experience of like the depths of the the food addiction and the negative self with the body image in the fight with the exercise and trying every diet way and then also going along with you know the digestive in hormone piecyk learned so much about my deliver in my large intestines and food sensitivities and hormone imbalances. You name it. I had them like my cortisol was five times too high. I had the underactive thyroid. I had the estrogen dominance. That's where your estrogen is way too high in your projections. Way Too low so you know going through all that which of course was created from the food addiction and balancing it all will really. I started attracting just like all these women with similar things going on and so it really helped me to do my research but then also from that personal experience of seeing you know different things that work for different people in a lot easier to support my clients with those pieces right right so interesting yeah. It's fascinating I mean. I do think it's so powerful that it's something that specifically happened to you because I have always thought about. Gosh I wish I could go to therapists. That like had similar problems that they had and they got through them so that I could know that like what they're telling me to do actually worked so not that I wish this upon anyone or that. I'm happy it happened to you but I think vet for so many people probably gives them such a profound sense of you know comfort knowing that you have been there to one hundred percent so is most of your work you said the year skyping with people talking with people on a regular basis. You're basically like the emotional support system for people that are trying to like get over this unhealthy relationship with food right. You're essentially like a therapist for people with eating. Yeah order is eating disorder even even like a term that people views I find it to be very permanent label but I'd say the unhealthy relationship with food or the relationship ship food and yeah so it's like I'm really supporting them and helping them learn how to listen to their bodies with what's triggering them to continue to eat in that diet mentality. I'm helping them undue do those old mentalities and create new so it is a lot of mindset work and then along with that. I'm also helping them. You know with their balancing their digestion. Yeah so it's like if you have acid reflux or a gase in your pancer fitting type by the end of the day like those are all things to pay attention to you because by the end of a term of someone working with me. There's it's no more of symptoms like that and then you know we're looking at hormones and I'm just making like game very basic but berry profound recommendations that are going to help someone. Naturally you know balancer Sir Cortisol or a or help with the thyroid So I do make a lot of food recommendations cheese and then from the lifestyle aspect. It's a lot of self care of mindset inset work And then again you know just helping them understand they have an ego in that their egos really been in control and once they learn about that and they learned that there's a difference between the true threw them in the self sabotaging part of them. Then they can start to use the tools in the coaching to help them go. You know what I'm not in my power right now. I've been triggered and I need to go go and journal about this or meditate or you know what I am actually physically hungry so I need to actually go and eat my food. mindfully right. Hopefully without any distractions and just help me digest properly and move on right right so so I feel like we live in a world right now. I mean if you like. It's been like this for a while but people are so overstressed verdant and with that comes a lot of unhealthy relationships with food just because one there may not be enough time to make healthy food or they may be turning food because they are overstressed. And then there's guilt and shame the next day so like if you could give us just some couple quick tips chiefs for maintaining a healthy relationship with food while undergoing a lot of stress like a lot of people do daily the basis. What would you say like what are just some quick tips or click mantras? We can ourselves. I think the first thing always have healthy snacks to take with you on the go. So whether it's like a bag of nuts or of your favorite bar fruit Veggie bags like I think it's important to just take a few minutes to prep your snacks at least Because that's going to help to support you. Through the day stay hydrated have a water bottle. Take it with you everywhere. I think that's so important because it's again going to help your energy level stays stable and I also think that it's important to either dedicate etiquette bit of time to food. Prep every week or get some support whether it's like you're getting a delivery service or where you're working every day you have access to healthy food because it sets so you up for success right. What hormone imbalances contribute to like low energy or weight gain or brain fog because I have been feeling like super foggy really low energy? Sometimes I just tell myself it's because I have a two year old and my life life is busy and I've got you know a million different jobs But I feel then at other times there may be some things that are going on that. I'm unaware of my my body so tell us a little bit about. Though a huge one is cortisol cortisol stress hormone produce it when you have a stress response response. So it's essentially like that Adrenalin rush but the problem is is that we have them all the time and and the way that it's meant to work from the caveman days is you're out. You're hunting you. You see a bear you go into fighter flight to run away to help save you but it's like you get cut off in traffic or at traffic jam and then there's like work stress and personal stuff going on and so what happens is you produce too much cortisol all the time and those elevated levels in your blood or for some people it gets too low. I'm it starts to them. You know produce the stress response. That's where you're draining your energy depleting your B. Vitamins and the B.. Vitamins are the energy vitamins. And I find a lot of my clients also have a low vitamin B twelve which is the specific energy vitamin men. And that's because the more stress you are again if you're burning through those vitamins. Real burning through a lot of magnesium which is a great natural relaxant of Elba sleep in muscle relaxation nations zone. Those things are getting depleted in. Your Cortisol is getting too high it contributes to that. What is that brain fog and poor memory and putting the milk in the cupboard in the Israel in the fridge? Kind of mentality And so those to hire Shula Cortisol says one. Another one is definitely I find a lot of women are having issues is with underactive thyroid so sluggish thyroid and that brain fog having troubles really waking up in the morning and you're going to be another sign hair loss cold hands and feet as well uh-huh and then iron so I find for a lot of people. If they're deficient in iron they will have lower energy so that can definitely be a contributing factor and then for some women progesterone so I find if progesterone is really low that again can contribute about low energy and brain fog so often do encourage you know just anyone in general. Who's listening if if you've never had a good hormone you know blood work done like get it done because you think? Oh well yeah. I don't need to do it because you know I'm a certain age. I'm too young among trust me out of everyone. I've worked with over the last six years. I've only had one person come back with blood work. That looked good off the marrow. It's like mind blowing to see some of the numbers that happen so I just think that that's like a really important and like simple aspect to look at if you're having those symptoms and if you're sleeping twelve hours a day in your waking not feeling rested that is just like such a red flag that there is either some kind of hormoner other symptoms going on in the body that you know. I really believe the body talks to US symptoms. And she's trying to say hey. I've got the stuff going on. Can you take some action to investigate it so that we can get feeling better right right right. I mean and that's one of those things things that feels kind of like an easy solution like their vitamins and supplements we can turn to to help us. Like have more of those those things in our bodies obviously the cortisol like releasing the stress is something that we have to actually do and have control over but it is so important that people think about getting some some extra vitamins and supplements into their routines. Yes and you know what's so interesting wrote supplements is when we are stressed the nines and if we're not absorbing properly through our digestive system we can just end up with really expensive key right sometimes like it's good to to do that supplementation but if your digestion is also to balanced balanced I could be contributing to the High Court is also we've got to deal with your stomach acid we've gotta deal with food sensitivities and a big one is gut flora so often find for a lot of my clients their Gut Flora Laura is out of balance so there's a supposed to be a balance of happy healthy bacteria in your large intestine and then just a small imbalance of bad if you've ever had to take antibiotics you've drank alcohol Paul. Eaton sugar had an unhealthy relationship with food at Kim. Just go off very easily. And so that is a twenty four hour stressor in the body all those unhealthy bugs and so that again can can contribute to that brain fog and and really tired feeling and so whilst they think it's great to get testing done in like or look at certain symptoms. I think it's so important to look at the full aspect because again like some people go and get these recommendations and they're like okay. I'm taking all the stuff that how come. I'm not feeling better. And there may be a whole other a piece of the puzzle right distress management. That still needs to be addressed. And that's how I see the digestive piece being such a key part of that. Because then people are absorbing better and then all of a sudden the supplements working better or now. They're getting more from their food because everything's just functioning more easily. Wow so so much good information. Will you've been so amazing. I've learned so much from you. Where can everybody find you on instagram? Your podcast fast or website. Talent so you can find me on my website at Amer approved dot C. A. Amber approved. Yes Dot C. A.. And if you're curious if you're struggling with emotional eating yeah I have a quiz there. You can easily schedule and talk to me. I have my podcast which is called the no sugar coating podcasts available on all podcast APP. Amazing and then you can find me on instagram. It's my name Amber Romantic so R. O. M. A. N. K. amazing. Well thank you so much for coming all the way from Canada to talk to. Oh thank you so much for having me. It was so worth the trip. Thank you guys so much for listening. I hope you loved this episode. Don't forget to subscribe Gripe rate and review. I'd love to hear what you think and anything more or even less you'd want to hear about tune in every Tuesday for a new episode. If you want to know more about what I'm up to so you can find me on Instagram at Whitney or my website Whitney Port Dot Com and my youtube channel Whitney port piece in the streets the.

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