The 12 farts of Rudy's Christmas, Christmas Cockeral, Chocolate auditing, Holy Boxer briefs


Aw by butler yet again. And he believed that the the stamina stamina Second over the course of anti weekend. While you know what i didn't have i'm gonna make it through my hair and mera and as a wild hair up to date lagging. There's a cow hat today. Frost got to the head the calendar. It's is absolutely awful. I normally make myself look rather lovely atkins to my fresh fresh nebraska avid nice king para socks on starch death. Caller i mean. That's that's that's really what i do constantly when it when it comes to looking wonderful for you ladies mantlepieces fantastic to have you here. That is episode number. Four two and busy busy program today as we As we glorious sleigh ride into the custom season here and keep coming politics cheese some of the things that we may or may not be told me about. Today is rudy. Giuliani was cold. I mean this gentleman stars truly hated over the years and now he is faulting in front with a young lawyer in court and she lives out. -solutely disgusted we'll be looking at maybe possibly reenacting it. We did have saved the redhead for christmas savage into christmas. Some rascal is giving me some sort of level of shoudan freud. The course of the last week and game to let you know what that is. There's also a seven hundred million drug hole in thailand lavatory tena I don't even know after that. Really hiding drugs in the laboratory. I mean i don't even think dosimeter. Yet trump bleach with with kill the gems unscarred knows on the drugs lavatory. Also coming along the way here how offset sitting for long hours cycle can be so if you're sitting at a desk long amount of time then fidgeting apparently very good for you deep We discussed it and we discussed the christmas cockerel but the The top foodies. This christmas person. Why happiness keeps you bryan young and we never even covered the whole stilton prices because it gives kobe still to make is getting the blues plans crumble over kobe the stilton cheese the some of the rest professed restaurant christmas dinner boxes and i don't think we have does my dog love me or is he an f. adjusted food the greedy dorm of does get stock on intrinsic escape from this hatch Also counting the contents at quality street ten qualities readers. A candy with lots which loved goodies. Chocolate toffees talk soup coffee crimson. There as well for those who on skien on the air on the best selection which is toffee. All those little mosit- wrangles are absolutely delicious. We're also going to be having a game of historical tender a enigmatic english-eccentric will be popping along the way well during the course of the calls the program. Shane macgowan accents with poems at pronounced. Our accent required subtitles phrase crooked gulch. How did she's a snap. What is the least unhealthy option. And also we're going to be examining some of the worst christmas movies in the world. Could they be the best. So it's gonna be a cracker or crap this and we're going to be pulling an absolute delta crackle later on today With with this new feature. It's crackup all crackpot when it comes to a holiday movies at an identity how i think it's almost impossible to watch more than one. Hallmark holiday movie is like having is like having hot chocolate With karen malina and then you put marshmallows on top and and then squatty sugary cream. It's too much it's too much. Sugar is too much saccharin. Movie is too much to bat without down. Just a quick question feud lovelies out there Now i know back in the wartime will very christie and we use the donna salk. So if you go to hold on the song you would you would try to repair. It could won't gain these times with the thrifty times and we're trying to save money now. I'm just wondering is. Is there any anything out there where i can actually Repair hold in my under ruse. My boxer shorts might boxer briefs. Is it possible. Because i'm finding i. I just removed fifteen boxer shorts with all sorts of i mean some of these caverns would like like the grand canyon. The there was so many holes It was like the it was honestly like the black hole and they rule in my boxer shows. I have to throw away fifteen pass old in the crotch area i mean i don't i mean i'm innocent butler. A walk goes on when when when when his holes in the box issues. I mean this. Many i mean that could even wear them. I mean the gossip is split. There's so many holes. I mean you can't i can't even i mean it'd be decent to wear them. It really would be nederland. Weatherman covid mosque. Which i have done on occasion. I do a prefer thong at to a holy pair of boxer shorts When i say holy a not wholly as in holy christmas holiday christmas i'm talking about lots of that is almost like a piece of swiss cheese. Honestly seven hundred million drug hole in thailand was a lavatory cleaner. Clear the gotora mom. The thai government is admitted that eleven point five tons of chemical seized by anti-narcotics place a not drugs worth more than seven hundred million but hamas stain removers somsak fixing. The justice minister admitted that rather than twenty nine billion baht was seven hundred and fifty million pounds with ketamine. narcotics control. board is seed funders be five sacks of try sodium phosphate legal chemical uses food additives and cleaning agent. The mistake occurred off the seizure. The bags from a warehouse in thailand. This discovery is only the beginning. Said mr somsak as an unfortunate name. something leases bullets and the triumphant press conference there will be further investigations to seize. Ill-gotten gains connected to drug smuggling the chemical turned out to be a testing solution purple as does ketamine but thorough investigation revealed. The same effect is calls by try citing phosphate which is actually in laboratory cleaners as a city in regulation foods only sixty six of the forty five sacks of being checked and testing continues in the legal chemical case and Pounded could be being used haydn. Illicit one the authorities to recognize however that they've made an embarrassing era so they basically they basically see tons and tons of toilet duck that does basically what it is all that will the blue thing you put in the toilet that you can flush a million times and nepotism pez and makes the water. Blue is also sitting discretions. That's basically what the thai the thai police found stashed toilet basically Absolutely fantastic I wonder if they had to stash it plunges. Laura or rob a stiff toilet brushes. Well brush flu madame. So how to offset sitting the long hours cycling beer fidgets. I take up. Cycling blood to the legs is reduced. When we sit over time that can lead to stiff. Blood vessels hardening and narrowing of the arteries and the greater risk of heart disease although fit people not immune from these effects. Endurance exercise can help in one trial. Researches it huzzah university in tokyo. Compared a group of mel cyclists massimo and three hundred miles a week in the saddle with a group of men who did know endurance training to general daily activity of the sitting three hours. I just want to i. I mean i think for these cyclists out there. It'd be a more rigorous exercise if they instead of cycling on the path occasionally went up to the grass to let duggal. 'cause free without being ran over i mean they could give them even more exercise ravin. The broth Look to roy. And i have to move in a to ravenous hounds to the side and and let the cyclists pass anyway the drop in blood for a fruit. The Assery which runs the length of the leg was reduced in both groups while sitting but this was more significant in a non cyclist this suggests that germans actively limits the damage caused by sitting projected. Buryats also fidget. Wally said this isn't a problem for me on a big I have lance my pants. So i would have my pants if they have so many holes in the dance escape Breaks in sitting time shown to improve the body's glucose and insulin responses as well as a boost blood flow but even restless movements found to counteract with some of the harmful effects setting and also squatting. So is it except to scotland neil when watching tv executives scott in front of the tv identify as many discovered during lockdown as an easy way to spend the majority of the day sitting in lack of movement and slump in muscle metabolism have shown raisin risk of cardiovascular disease however nailing will squatting involves high levels of muscle activity than chess sitting. I mean i some bad knees as i would want to. Maybe have a cup of cushions other things. You like knee kneepads. You can get so if you only need a lot. Which you know as we wearing coded sounds a little bit like bullying school activity Loss of kneepads there. But so yeah. I mean i don't squatting maybe the i how. How long can you squat full. I mean what's the average squatted. Time i would. I would ask this question. But anyway the keys to fidget in a get the toes tingling and tinkling does get the hands move and get everything moving disfigured around a little bit. When you get back into the office you'll get some bravo strange. Looks i think slow ladies. Gentlemen let's introduce the christmas cawkell. This year has taught the foodi. Smoldering attack is perfect for now and the demand is already high every year I go through the same discussion about many because ms day. Somebody wants to turkey in wants. Goose disappoint you about the history of greece laser by the way this year. Though i hit on the perfect compromise a cocoa they give him chicken. It provides some of the drama and deeper flavors of generic cousin but without the threat of meeting with leftovers into march a typical three kilogram bird will say six and has tradition on the side and to the arrival of the token the sixteenth century. Caulker was a common side effects. The table i use was. I may not be loading alabama ocean packaging free range staff jail in. Uk said that demand already outstripped. Boston has even with a month ago. Tomko paseo turkeys in caucus on the family farm in bochum reports orders. The christmas cockrel are up eighty percent so it must be fun. You know the the christmas kach is is tasty in its pros early. Maybe didn't have to get it in the oven so early. You can have some resting time. That's robin icing christmas morning. You don't have to get the call of his quickly. As turkey was earliest tacky. I mean. Do you have the base the bird do you have to do to rebel sorts of oil in goodness in get that you know a nice oil oil up. The cockle is much as a turkey. These big questions when all told me about tough oh buds that has spent several years servicing hands in the family back yard. He's a male chickens and they're being killed at the customer maturity anything from fifteen to twenty six weeks The reward for the famous patients of the mesa by which is still beautifully moist with extra fat. So there we go extra fat oily. Bud very moist. Everyone's a winner. We're accustomed to be supremely land nemec chickens in our country The cocoon is a delicious fleshes firm. So you could offense smash talk. Wishes got real character. Described as gamy would describe game is sets but it's full of deeper flavors fuller and deeper for the christmas cockerel especially in the legs. An at the restaurants typically says abreast in the leg breast in the leg said he'd get the kaku talks breast and a nebraskan. Even be poached on the rare case. They might use water buffalo competing duck fat and the leg royston slowly home the heroes the hall would just salt and pepper and a few sprigs of time. That's when you know it's good quality so there you go. Let's let's try the christmas cockerel this and it's got natural moisture and you don't have to worry about basing it to an inch of his life. anybody's anybody tried to chris cox role this year old often. Let me know. Love also postcard you know i want to know is is is a tough old bird aura. Or is it more flavors and then okay so christmas continues on key common cauliflower cheese with still toolmakers get the blues. As christmas plans crumbled the covid for sensors at been stateless british christmas but the love of blue stilton. Cheese may need something else to come that with a glossy pull this year. Renowned is a village cheeses on account of blue veins and a long association with critic. Hunting bodies in the shires. Stoughton is facing a blue family after production stoppages caused by karenna virus lockdowns and then unpredictable into mom. I think a lot of shots may well find themselves in a position where rationing is going to be a strategy said. Jason hines a sales director. Neil young dare in london. While mass-produce supermarkets of stilton have proved less susceptible to the fluctuating demand gomez he would never consider doing that. Festive shop in us goes might be in for a shop croppies. The high end blue. Jesus have ended a miserable. You have trying to second-guess lockdown restrictions weeks in advance. When the first lockdown began in march many cheesemakers who are left large amounts stock summit defer cheese away. Oh my god furniture to bring it over the head. Loaded up on a horse and cart and bring me the blue vein stilton love it. The distinctive bang's generated by the penicillin. Forty mauled need at least eight weeks to develop cheeses destined for christmas consumption. This yet needed to produce by mid october concern over a second way of the virus with its height. Sorry i want to make a mountain out of cheese. Then have another locked down. Just we had jay snyder who uses traditional techniques to the distinctive blue cheese from unpasteurised milk at star shelton. A dairy not an share that would kneecap all sales. So since coming. Out of the lockdown the dairies trying to make up a shortfall diseases. Much possible it requires said he was sending this annual sales in the seven weeks leading up to christmas is still applies do route. British consumers may find alternatives lacking gorgonzola produce the netflix and had some problems briefly. Run a rockford. Cheese suggested that penicillin for himal might help combat covid nineteen so. I didn't know this people like spreading cheese alot. Like all these lucia things as a as a gif chosen in no time either hospital spread me spread blue cheese. Eleven me and i'll be fine. Maybe put me under the grill and white me out when i'm denise in any event Charlotte advise customers to get it in a game is still early. A really fine pieces still on the table chested also noted in a sonnet stilton cheese stilton thou should tradit- living at this hour. Inland has need of the. And so have i so. Somebody got me back in the week. A couple of weeks ago. I was talking about dog walking and the whole Of having to carry a dog poop bag for like two miles because there's no rubbish bins no trash cans anymore. They've been taken away so thinking about the stealthy move with this flicking wrist flicking the bag into escape construction skit. Nobody looking to subtly over the shoulder dropping a golf ball out of the rough dropping that into that skipping walking away quickly looking ahead looking back so my trash is picked up the other day and i noticed that Somebody fictive doke shit bag in deny trash into my rubbish rubbish. Be taken away. Somebody won't along with a dog so am i. rubbish bin out and flicks the excrement. The doggy poo poo into my so. I fate bitten in the bottom again after me. Joking about that sean. Freud has truly struck back in the champions so the big question is does my dog love me or she just in it for the food do dogs me or they in it for the kibble dogs have a range of complex emotions and conditions like us says philip to do she at the university of denver. We want to be careful not to recall. The dogs have to have human emotions for us to recognize them. So yes dogs. Cam lov as in certain sense of the word but we human still have to be half that we don't expect our pets to actual think like people the way god's function and think is very different to how humans do but in some ways to dishing explains their brains do work similarly to ask dog shan much the same neurological structures and use the same positive brain as people do when feeding love and affection. He cites a recent study. Done to see how dog sprang respond to the voices of the people in their lives. They found that when parts of the dog's brain light up when they hear that person all the same posture activated brains. When we have voices of people we love some experts argue. How however that we can't necessarily tribute near logic response to love. Unfortunately the field currently just doesn't have sophisticated enough methodologies to provide a definitive answer to the question however the answers we do have certainly indicate that dogs are capable of formed strong bonds with that with their own Studied the showing that when humans kudu adults oxytocin the love hormone is released into their bodies which means when we pet them. They're getting an amazing body. Snuggle high that when we snuggled in his also they're getting the same high research suggests that when we pedaled dogs kind of oxytocin feedback loop is created similar to the one created between child. So i mean we all the dogs parents basically. I've got two daughters. But then i've three hands as well george. The cali maggie to colby and jackson terrier ten. Jack loves mailing. is that sort of relationship. More likely seven. The garden of eden sometimes with nasty nipping a nasty bite in a sting in the town as well. I think but is is recognized. I mean dogs man's best friend and they all say absolutely wonderful companions. Okay so we have another little session of trump all trombone when we're looking at some of the probably the worst headline crimes of the week and essang if the trump or indeed a trombone so this week we We as always. We seem to have constant constant news about the about the loch ness monster. But this is more nessie news. Pint-size nessie living in wells could survive off. Eating sheep says research the sightings of the so-called tegel in tech rid Wakes back and dates back to nineteen seventy five over a seminar nessie looking creature on a much smaller scale. Tag is being spotted multiple times embolic wiles. The loch ness monster draws in thousands of torres. But it might not be the only based hiding in britain's deep water bay suburban with andy mcgraw has looked into seven chilling eyewitness accounts of and i'm fabian. Twelve foot long in wells lodges deepest lake. Bala lake in snowdonia National park the slashings techy of lynn ticket with a date back to nineteen seventy five or a seminary looking creature described greyish brown or black and cala and typically eight to twelve. Long mysterious item is believed to have one or two humps long neck. Roundish full-size head with crocodiles. Now sounds absolutely doesn't it. I think nessie could be swimming around a doing butterfly stroke with elvis elvis's law seat cited in law as well and lord lucan on a back with the best friend being a duck billed platypus. The next on trump trombone we have man council contents equality street ten and these people absolutely fuming a tweet showing the ratio of each raunchy chocolates inside the ten of quality street English candy is gone. Viral twitter racking up thirty thousand likes people left. Fiercely divided by the results. december's in touching distance. And that means that our diets go down the pan eighty percent chocolate without zero percent guilt. Advocaat is begin. A colon Caterpillar puts on santa's hat in preparation the big day and tens of chocolate provide round the clock snacking without the disappointment of among sunk. It inside for those who opt for ten of quality street might be left a bit frustrated after one. Chocolate fan counted the number of each variety. Inside lighting. The findings stephen hull a head of digital ally. Tv news found that. The tim contained title eighty-five chocolates. But just full. With the daphne most delicious. They're only four so there are only four of the green triangle which i mentioned earlier which is the best. The north set triangle. The karaoke up on the orange cream and toffee penny on the other hand Starting eleven so there's a camel the orange cream the toffee Pennies good eleven eleven only floor or the green triangles and caramel Aren't cream toffee penny. Were eleven so. I mean the great. The green triangle is is best but just full puzzles. Which is the the caramel chocolate covered caramel with a with a hazelnut inside and yet another a number eleven to the orange one so never type of orange chocolate there are eleven of those and he any titled at hashtag inquiry street without a doubt. Avas wanted to check the working for themselves. So take davis added disowned calculations to the report. Fan the purple ones in the green triangle. The game to be the lowest quantity and the chocolate strawberry to be the most beneficial the orange in the chocolate. Strobe resign bomani. They need to get rid of those. The chocolate audit left. Some raging is one replied. That's all kinds of wrong orange. Cream should be in the bloody mix let alone staging a bloody takeover is mike. Okay nyoni surprised by that. Blatty dolls off Anyway so a. I need a job being chocolate auditor for a stock. Probably the best jump in the world and one of them. I think people should be able to start an online sweet swapping candy triton you would swap you least favorite with another persons who might might be the favorite said the coffee cray will the orange swallow whatever it is could be. Somebody's five. It could be at least favorite so you start swapping them. They must be people. Just adore coffee creamed but hate the hate. The green triangles. That had the has to be out. So i i think we do it. Do it a chocolate or candy. Sweet swap shop and We we swap least favorites and find people. She actually dole those ones and installing swazis. So there we go. Thank you very much baby trump for that little interjection there. Yeah so right now anyway so next on drums trombone. We we. We look at the christmas tree. Wilton stock across mystery wilting. So let's Let's have figure around. How do you keep those needle from november to the end of december. Experts in has green goblin. Santa christmas shopping. Kolkata into reveal what you should be doing to keep. You'll tree looking as fresh as it did. When i bought it so in an attempt to spread the festive joys brits have been decking holes with many ornaments is deemed appropriate before delivering results resemble sounds grotto. There's nothing worse than the look of wilton christmas tree especially when we expect it and putting up a sooner atta keeping tree. Fresh and moist seems to be running to the boss keeping bring fresh moist but this is the tree not the Not the cockerel The whole holiday season can be a little bit tricky but not anymore ladies and gentlemen that with a hack that revived it can reach the pots that of cannot be reached. Something along those lines is the seven up. The seven up is apparently Apparently revitalizing will liza wilting. Decrepit flaccid trees other than checking your trees water level every day to make sure it's two inches of water at the base of the tree. Hanley's garden sentence. Christmas joel says that you should be watching with a with seven up. The fizzy lemon lime drink is a key to the hydrated to hydrating the tree three pots water in one pot. Seven expanding the method behind the madness godless at the sugar in the seventh will help feed the tree and keep it fresh and living longer. So the guy who said that. Keep coming cauliflower. Cheese isn't a useful. Podcast and gives you some top tips. I wonder though if the sugar would stock if the tree would start getting a sugar high would decrease dot spinning baubles bouncing and would they have the coal santer into performing evergreen exorcism and finally a coin removed for man's nose after being stuck in from oldham fifty s. A man finally his coin removed or coin removed from his off stuck for more than half a century The fifty nine year old on russia man was a just six when you wasted money into its right nostril too scared to tell it struck maverick bounded and later for got the man how you forget a coining up united is obeyed my case you could probably fit. You know maybe roller coins. The the mana pay apparently manage to live for the next fifty years unimpeded by the blockage until recently started pay at his right nostril. You went to the hospital in was given a scan which showed the unexpected albeit tennis. Nasal passage ronald stones in the nasal cavity formed around the coin. Constricting the ability to brave medicare data out at endoscopic surgery and a genuine sediq removing stones and retrieving the soviet. One cut that coin from his nose off to fifty three years. I wonder if it had to stalin on it. You know could have one of the great dictator. I mean you gotta let one those installing bomb something along those lines But i mean could you soak the coin. Incoming we talked about seven up but could the coining spunk lit up back to mint condition. I mean i do believe that. If i had a fortune i could use my usa as the snout safe. You know. keep keep money out there. And keep as bank of england Keep most of the bank of england at my nostrils on the docks naughty web. The currency would be bogey. All boga bitcoin day we have another enigmatic extension. So william archibald spooner is forever locked into history. The linguistic phenomena spinners is named often spooner ism involves accidental sometimes intentional swapping letters words vows and the sentence for example. Go and shake tower. Meaning go and take a shower. Spooner was a professor at oxford and he became so famous for spinner 'isms that people would attend his election. Just ahead make a mistake. He was not pleased about the publicity that surrounded him as he. The death is attitude softened gave interviews to the press. Scooting got his words wrong. You'll sound wrote to fuller professor to ask him to come to help them solve a problem at the end of the letter. He added the postscript that the matter had been resolved. I need come. Some spooner assumes attributed to spooner all maldini padam pioneers. Can i say to shoot colony. Modern the occupied can. I you seat lettuce. Plays are acids to the quarrel dane raise losses could do queen will have the hacks flung out flex out. There's enigmatically these executive audible. Spooner ho hulme. So some of the eagles at didn't make it into trump trombone. This week Uk's autism as own to wander wellman. Christmas tree bang display for his hundredth yet. A treat bolt by woolworths in nineteen twenty one tone to survive his bombs and eight house moves to become a treasured. Founded joke became a contender for the most owned or underwhelming festive In the land k. Ashton at the battery which is held together by sticky tape survived being bombed by the blitz. It cost two shillings when it was born in nineteen twenty is actually just a piece of family history. A joke now. Have you got to tweet out yet. I mean this. You talk about the charlie brown christmas tree. This is even worse than it is held together by as she said sticky type. Why do we always fantasize about the hourglass fu bottom. Christmas tree that kim kardashian of christmas trees there are much less and feed needles to fall off an anorexic christmas tree and you got she put more ornaments on it and make it look even more goldie and Check golden pig ornaments. Get him off for. Covid christmas Check christmas ultimate makers added a tiny moss to the country's traditional golden pigs which is said to arrive in the homes of good children. Who fos before. Christmas family feasts the glass ornaments which can be hung from. Christmas tree have proved to be very very popular. The company owner ramona via decided to moss pigs in september to reflect how the checks doubted for christmas this year. We used to have bows and flowers to them this year. But we've added vice mossy. We hope the next year we can decorate them. A little bit more cheerfully. According to the cost in the pigs bring good luck and happiness. The moss pig ornaments have proved so popular. Jakova said that Making little l. c.'s day. They've been a massive hit now. We're not doing anything else. But instead of making piglets out of gold in Inundate face moss. I wanted golden poke at the christmas to hang on my tree I wish i could By a few of them and And and and add socially distant troughs and socially distance di. I also wanted if you rub the golden pig on your i could get rid of. The stuff is on the. I and the modified mom finds malfunctioning. Frozen elsa make an x. Rated noises among showed a clip. The old noise coming from adult elsa frozen dole on tiktok and was horrified. That view is said. It should be immediately. The woman discovered. It was a frozen kid's toy that belonged to a little girl's a river nathan. The noise it was coming out of the mouth was off from appropriate to children. She immediately filmed the dolls inappropriate sounds in shed them. And the reaction on tiktok Bracing twins to show follows what happens when the power begins to run out the amusement amused. Mother wrote imagine my confusion. When i heard this sound coming out of the toy elsa really does need to date. Come down the toy. She usually speaks and moves to be running out of batteries and it was heard. Repeating words are really need. I really need a really need zig zag. Aw batteries again. Flat or the house is haunted. She writes alongside the the hilarious clip. So i think this was. This was this is elsa. Heh this is this. Is this live. Live action report from elsa as apparently the with the batteries running out there so old elsa was doing was indeed just letting it go letting it go at least. It proves that the ice queen wasn't frigid. And thank god. The notion mannequins the rain or indeed. I last night man's popsicle and only in australia escape. Sheet wanders into hotel and waits for the elevator. A hotel in welsh shed a video of a sheep that wanted into a and was found standing in a whole way. Why pay to be waiting for nevada. The primary posted on facebook showing the sheep a nickname the sydney by the hotels you off his australian shape It was the most sheepish looking guest. We've ever seen If an all had been in the hotel they would have taken it back to the room and she hid it allegedly alsi. You can go and get a wax and anger issues shared at the same time. So is a real bird special on kitgum telephone christmas bird. The story behind the christmas goose is a prize. Turkey at screwed sensiti action. The end of the christmas carol but the goose was the original. Send a piece on. Crutches menu shown to screech by the ghost of christmas present. There was never such a goose's tend to slay the size and shape this weather themes of universal operation. The modern day american family will sit down to a meal of turkey. Ham beef is christmas but a goose remains the traditional christmas music. Choice for many and was long before dickens wrote of its succulents the juice has been perfectly created to make for the ideal christmas feast giza ready to be eaten twice a year. Once a young agreed in the summer and again when their fantasy wikileaks towards the end of the of the having feasted all the fallen core the fat turns the liquid on acoustic one hundred eleven degrees fahrenheit compared to dot fat hundred and twenty six degrees easier to consume trod on. Pants gives greece on pancakes about that. They will use as a centerpiece nicholas. Feast day celebrated during the middle ages which fell on the winter solstice and all at the end of the harvest and change in the season earlier than the roast goes on offering to oland thor insects to the harvest. It was also route eaten. In ancient greek culture too old to ensure the months to come was also natural for the to become the royston. Everybody's choice at christmas which eventually took place of winter solstice festivals. For the american settlers turkey took the goose's place because what they what happened to be living a new home and we'll new home soil and they wanted a different type of the tweet at christmas celebrations. Here are some of the facts about the majestic used to chat about as you dine on its rich. S fy dot. Meat sixteenth century scholar gills sees a quote to descend geese lower their heads in order to pass under the bridge no matter how high its arches on and leg zonta the historical novels and gastronomic storyteller. Said they have so much foresight that when they pause the mount taurus which abounds in eagles. Each will take a stone in a speak. Knowing what chatterboxes we are ensure this constraint and solve would net the sounds and then cause enemies to discover them and then apparently according to according to demoss a french chemist. Who saw a sore goose actually attending on a spit Use tanning spit whilst the turkey was roasting. She was holding the end of the spit in beak mistaking out and pulling back in that produce the same effect of the use of an arm or she needed was to be given a drink from time to time and have you dined on glory of goose. What's your preparation. Goose of choice. And you really want to use that goose fat to roast up all those lovelies listeners. Potatoes don't use honey. They use a honey on the roasters. Use the goose fat any report. The biggest news. I'm keith common. Cheese rudy giuliani appeared to pass wind during a michigan. Harry regarding alleged voter fraud on wednesday giuliani president. Trump's personal lawyer epidural at the flatulence rip at least twice during the Nearly five hour hearing before State legislature on in lansing michigan. He was in the midst of heated exchange with re representatives darren. Calamar confronted giuliani over the times. Article pardoning claiming the lobby trump for preemptive. Pardon i will ask that. They be disciplined for that giuliani fodder calamari when the first fart noises hud around ninety seconds to the microphone picked up a similar sound head by trump's legal adviser. Jen alyce sat next to during the herring The answer that i gave you was that they didn't bother to interview. A single witness. Giuliani said refusing to stop the discussion with Calamari ls head snaps. Back will giuliani gives him a steady knowing stay. A small smug looked ready to escape but she focused their attention back to the proceedings. All ls quickly regained bearings after giuliani Pity break when the internet run but the footage and chat jokes online So isn't the things online beyond bizarre. I want i laughing. Jenas face rudy faulting so loudly that the might picked it up and janika betty. Holdback law is peak. Twenty twenty. go on you sad. You refuse to wear a mask and then and then. Rex chapman said a k. Shut it all down. really johnny. Just faulted check out the side. I from the l. seated next to him the second. Has you discount right this stuff. Okay give all of giuliani's chaos over the last five years takes the cake all the cheese. All the fought he wrote. beyond bezos. one laughing is face crying emojis And then giuliani just fought checking outside i though i think giuliani We to have recording guiliani Trying to get into the christmas spirit and some as his slash lynn's set to music. You could actually say it was a lot of christmas. Thank you so much for listening to the podcast this week. Keep common cheese forty two. I keep cheese on twitter. Ke come colorful cheese on instagram. Love to hear from yet Also Postcards to champion towers always reaches. May it's like santa claus getting notes up the chimney from children you can always send notes correspondences or a general discourse to champion towels and we finished today with lovely poem by henry wadsworth. Longfellow the three kings. The three kings came riding from faraway melchiot and gas spa outta three wise men out of the they were. They travel by night and they slept by day for their guide was beautiful wonderful star. The star was so beautiful lodge and clear. All the stars of the sky. The came a white mist in the atmosphere. And by this. They knew they were coming. From net of the prince's foretold in the prophecy three caskets they bore on saddle bows three of gold with golden keys robes wiggles crimson silk with rosa bells and pomegranates and fed clouds and turbans like blessing almond trees and so the three kings road into the west through the dusk of the night over hell and dal and sometimes they nodded bid on breast and sometimes toll to pools to rest with the people they met on some way. Would well of the child that is born about as good people. I pray you tell us. News for in the east to seen his star anthony ridden fast and ridden faa defined in worship the king of the jews and the people on said you ask in vain we know not of the king. Herod the great. They thought the wise men went insane as they spurred the horses across the plain. Like ride is in haste. That cannot wait and when they came to jerusalem herod the great who had the thing sent for the wise men in question go down to bethlehem and bring me tidings of the new king so they wrote away in stocks did still the only one in the gray mon. Yes it stopped. Stood still of his own free. Well run over bethlehem on the hill. The city of david with christ was born and the three kings road for the gate in the god through the and street to the horse's turn and night as they ended the great in yob. The wind is closed. Doors with bob and only light in stable burned in cradled in the scented high in the sweet by the breath of keen the little child in the manger lay the child that would be king one day of kingdom not human but divine his mother. Mary cassatt watching besides his place of rest watching the even flavors breath through the joy of life and the terror of death would mingle together. They laid their offerings his feet. The gold was attributed to king. The frankencense was sweet. Sweet was for the priest and also the power gate the murph the bodies burying and the mother wounded unbowed bowed ahead and sat still on the statue. Stone hot was troubled yet comforted. Remember what the angel had said. On the end just ryan of david's throne. When the kings road out of the city gate with a clatter of booze out array but they did not go back to herod the great for they knew as mollison fit as a return to their homes by another way. Thank you for listening to the podcast. It was lovely to have. You had lovely for your company. And i look forward to seeing you again next week towards the end of the week. And we're going to try to fit into more podcasts. By the end of the week. Lovely to have you here and God speed and i'll talk to you again next week to leave for now.

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